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nct’s doyoung


relationship timeline: october 2018 - december 2019 (1 year & 2 months)

did dispatch exposed them?: nope (never went public)

are they talking?: yes but very complicated

reason for breakup: doyoung wanted the both of them to focus on their career

relationship summary

seul never really thought about dating doyoung, she always thought of him as an older brother. but after being in 127 with him, she grew feelings for him.

they were constantly texting each other rather talking in person so the members wouldn’t find out. nctzens always thought that he was taking care of her because she was the only female member and she was a part of the maknae line. fans also knew that seul’s love language was touch so there were lots of hand holding, clinging onto doyoung’s arm, etc.

nct 127 signed with capitol music group around april 2019 so that’s when they started to become very busy.

seul received a role for a-teen 2 so she wasn’t able to participate in the we are superhuman promotions. she also wasn’t able to go on tour with them for neo city. while doyoung was on tour, that’s when they started to drift apart due to the time differences.

once a-teen 2 finished around the european leg of the tour and that’s when seul began to get therapy for her anxiety. she went back home to busan where he family lived.

while she was in busan, her family didn’t welcome her at all and belittled her. she went back three days earlier and spent the last few days at the dorm crying.

around the 4th week of july was when sm announced that seul was going on a hiatus. once the other members found out, they were blowing up her phone but she didn’t have the heart to answer them, doyoung calling the most obviously. over the next few days his calls and texts started to diminish.

and that’s when they began to fully fall apart. when they came back from the singapore leg of the tour, seul tried her best to hang out with him again and suggest to go on late night dates but that’s when doyoung fully grew cold on her.

the members quickly caught on the tension between the two of them and how seul would always be ignored by the older. taeyong and jaehyun tried to talk to him to see what was going on but was brushed off. johnny was able to get a hold of seul and she broke down in his arms, telling everything that happened.

doyoung officially broke things off with seul a week before they went to the japan leg of the neo city tour. since seul was still on hiatus, she stayed behind and stayed with the dreamies.


actor kim donghee


relationship timeline: february 2020 - july 2020 (5 months)

did dispatch exposed them?: nope (went public after fans found evidence)

are they talking?: yes, still very close

reason for breakup: donghee didn’t have feelings her towards the end and didn’t want to lead her on

relationship summary

they first met on the set of a-teen 2 where she played cha ahyoung. they grew close quickly since their characters had interest in each other and had a lot of scenes together.

donghee first asked her out on a date after a night of filming, they had a lot of fun and officially started dating

all of the scenes that they had together had great chemistry and people on set actually thought they were together. which was revealed very quickly after bomin caught them kissing in between films. bomin didn’t tell anyone but he grew very invested and teased the two of them a lot which lead to other figuring out. all of their dates happened on set while they were filming and other locations such as a restaurant and cafés.

after a-teen 2, donghee got a lead role for extracurricular which caused him to get busy. seul was able to visit him on set while they were filming.

one day when she was visiting, donghee realized that his feelings for her weren’t there anymore and came to the conclusion that he only had feelings for her because their characters in a-teen had a thing for each other.

he broke up with her after a lunch visit. there weren’t any hard feelings since seul noticed right away after what happened with doyoung. they’re still in contact with each other and text from time to time, checking in with each other.

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winwin 4k laptop wallpaper!! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・☆

there was no good nct 4k wallpaper lock screens I could find, so I just took it upon myself to make my own lol

feel free to use just like or reblog if u do :)) <333

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[10:51am] “y-you guys voted on us?” you whispered, barely believing the cruel reality of society. ever since rumor has spread that you had a crush on class president!jung jaehyun, everyone viewed you as a villain. your classmates antagonized you and isolated you. now they were comparing you with the most popular girl in school by voting.

for the most popular girl in class, she must feel so accomplished and great. just take a look at the chalkboard, not a single stroke lay under your name. meanwhile, her name, written in beautiful twirls, seemed to shimmer with the support of the lines beneath it. each line represented a vote, a person, and not one person felt that you were enough?

this was a war that you can never win, not when everyone was on her side. you quickly wiped off the last stray tear from your eyes and turned to leave this war field.

just as you turned left at the doorway, a hard wall came out of nowhere and stopped you in your tracks. looking upwards at what you rammed into, your round, wet eyes sparked at the sight of jung jaehyun. despite it all, his pearly square eyes were still the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever looked into.

although they were beautiful and you didn’t mind looking at them closer, it didn’t help that he crossed his arms and voluntarily stepped foward, as if daring you to get a closer examination. you walked backwards, as carefully and quickly as your body could beat. you felt eyes burning into your back and heard hushed laughter from all around.

“w-what do you want? i get it, i’m not good enough, you guys already,” you swallowed, “already voted.”

your voice had faded into a small whisper. jaehyun’s gaze had pinned in into you since the doorway. what did he want? what does everyone want? damn it, you just wanted to dig a hole and stay in there forever. call it a grave, if you will.

you let your eyes fall onto the ground and watched as jaehyun’s feet wandered away from your line of sight. in the middle of your sigh, you heard the small creak and screech of chalk.

you flipped your head up now, only to be inches away from jaehyun’s face. he was leaning down, to match his height with you. his eyes scrunched up into crescent moons, “you have my vote, always and forever.”

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spidey’s #1 simp @missinghaechan
dude have you SEEN spiderman’s ASS in that red spandex??? i could bounce a quarter off those cheeks he got hella cake lemme at it

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[1:04 pm] Sunlight sparked down on you and Jeno as you walked amongst the vibrant flowers hand in hand. The glow illuminated Jeno’s skin, highlighting ever detail softly. The trees that surrounded the small flower patch secluded the area, and the small, cobblestone tower made the scene feel even more like a fairytale. Just for you and your prince.

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Cute Boy’s friend must say something to him about Lucas staring because he looks over at him with his straw inches from his mouth and a curious tilt to his head. Lucas feels a little stupid as he offers him a wave and a bright smile but cute boy returns it readily and Lucas finds himself falling in love with the sweet curve of his eyes and his smile. He’s adorable and it’s enough for Lucas to skate across the street to go say ‘hi’.

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The fridge in the corner of the store, the one Xuxi knows is stocked with the Arizona iced teas, leaks in heavy drops. He thinks it’s because it shares a wall with the freezer stocked high with bags of ice but he’s not paid to think, he’s paid to sit behind the counter overnight in the bodega—corner store, Kun insists, but the owner is a pretty Mexican woman and her Korean spouse so Xuxi is going to call it the bodega that it is—mind his business, and play his Switch when there’s no one in the store.

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“You ever love someone so much that you want to give them your clothes?” Mark asks, idly running in circles in his Animal Crossing island so he doesn’t stare at how beautiful Yukhei looks on the floor beside him.

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Lee Donghyuck’s dignity definitely means more to him than some senior tutor who’s been assigned to raise his chemistry grades. This is why he stays resolutely silent, even as Mark demands an answer to why the paper on the library table between them sports a bright, cheerful C.

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There’s a Ten spot left for the Neo Renaissance Collab!! ✨‼️

if you are interested pls message either @heartyyjeno or @neojaems :)) there’s some really amazing writers on this collab, so pls join and you can be a part of the beautiful roster! 💕

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“I feel like Mark Lee despite being one of the best idols out their, he is the just right when it comes to popularity because he has just the right amount of love and recognition and attention etc without unnecessary hate? If that makes sense cuz soo many idols who get cross that line of recognition etc get hate but he in my opinion is quite stable”

[neither the opinion nor the picture are mine]

~ thoughts?

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ANON I FUCKING LOVE YOU (platonically ofc😘)

Like this is what ive been stressing, i think the same. Im not invovled with fandoms as such either. Im have a few close moots, i go on twitter to consume the content for all my different groups (im a multi) that’s usually paid for but i cant afford, and i write fics though thats mainly on here. I dont get invovled with the bad side of things anymore. I don’t let the bad side of things affect my adoration for the groups.

Of course there are some things that are bad considered toxic but need to be spoken about like racism and saesangs but fanwars my groups better than your group. i hate your group because they win all the awards. I hate you fav idol bc i think they look ugly all that bullshit i just dont listen to and don’t let the reflect on my groups.

Wait to add to this paragraph above ive spoken to someone who has genuine trauma like they been attacked viciously multiple times for having a honest non problematic personal preference about some songs. They said that they feel terrible when they listen to the songs that they were attacked over. Not going to dieclose their full details but it was very nasty and very traumatic for them. However they still have love for the groups and understand the fandom and group are 2 seperate things. The persons situations is very valid thats the type of thing i can accept.

what i cant accept is people deciding they dont like the fandom theyre gonna unstan, use that as an excuse to shit on the group, believe the fandom reflects the group, and claim they can’t listen to their songs anymore because of the horror they say but never got to experience like the person i spoke to.

This is why i don’t understand how some people do. 2 mins ago you saying that group saved your life, now you unstanning and saying youve got some kinda of problem with their music as you associating it to the toxic things the fandom did so now you cant even listen to that groups music anymore. make it make sense bro why would you do that would you let other peoples shitty actions make you feel like you can’t even like your group anymore.

(although i learnt that i have a different definition of Stanning that what most kpop fans do so i suppose that is where the line have been getting crossed between me and some other people.)

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yay! another one! of course I can, and sorry if it doesn’t come out the way you wanted it to or if you didn’t like it.



Jaehyun comes home pissed, he fired several of his employees at work, he had coffee spilt on him, several meetings that he had were canceled last minute when things were printed. “Honey, I’m home.” He shouted just like people would say back in the days. “Welcome home, sir.” That pet name, you only call him that during sex. “What’re you up to?” He asked suspiciously. “Oh, nothing!” You slowly walked down the stairs and greeted him.

You greeted him in his favorite lingerie set that he had just bought you a few days ago. “Is that the new set you got?” You nodded and spun around just to tease him. “I could sense you had a bad day because you weren’t answering any of my calls and messages.” You frowned. “I had a terrible day.” He said taking off his jacket and then his blazer. “Wanna talk about it?” He shakes his head. “I’d rather fuck your brains out.” He looks at you with dark heavy eyes.

Do it. I’m right here, I’m all yours. Do it.” You let out a giggle when he snatches you by the waist and carries you upstairs to the room. He throws you on the bed and takes of his tie. He puts the tie around your head and tightens it around your neck. “Pretty. My pretty girl.” He says pecking your lips once before ripping of your panties. “Hey! Those were new!” You pouted forgetting he was your sugar daddy. “I can get you new ones. I’ll get you every color in that set.” He said throwing the panties aside.



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