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Tumblr media
MEMBER | jaehyun x (f) reader
GENRE | some pretty angsty stuff, kinda fwb to lovers, a lil fluffy stuff
WARNINGS | implied smut, slow burn, y/n naturally is very scared to be in a relationship with jaehyun, mentions of insecurity
SUMMARY | Three years ago, you had a summer fling with Jung Jaehyun, and what was simply sex turned into more after you caught feelings for him. Then, you find out he has a girlfriend, and decide to call it quits. Three years later, he’s back in town, trying to come back in your life, and most importantly trying to come back into your heart, but you’re a little hesitant to let him.
WORD COUNT | 14.5k
PLAYLIST | The Weekend - SZA | Garden (Say It Like Dat) - SZA | Love Galore - SZA, Travis Scott | Drew Barrymore - SZA | Could’ve Been - H.E.R, Bryson Tiller | I Hate U - SZA | Try Again, Jaehyun
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EXTRA | can yall tell I love SZA? this was originally a series, but i do not have the dedication to write continuously something over such a long period of time and I felt guilty so i turned it into oneshot, so enjoy! + pls leave feedback, I love to hear your thoughts
Tumblr media
“Not fair.”
“It’s very much fair, Jaemin.”
“How come the blueberry head gives you shit on the house? I asked him for a free coffee and he told me the only way I was getting coffee for free was if he splashed it on my face. Very unprofessional. I demand the manager.”
You want to tell him that the manager would just suck up to Taeyong in private because the customer is always wrong, but something in you tells you to be quiet.
“Saved his life,” you shrug, digging a fork into your pie.
“Saved his life?” Jaemin repeats, wide-eyed, “you just said that like it was the most normal thing ever.”
“I don’t think he would have actually died,” you mutter, but decide to tell the tale anyway, “You remember when I told you I was taking a two-week vacation out of town because Yeri invited me and some of her friends to her stepdad’s beach house?” Jaemin nods, “Well Taeyong was one of those friends. Saved him from drowning in the pool, and ever since he thinks he owes me his life, so he gives me a lifetime worth of stuff on the house.”
You consider Jaemin your best friend, although him not physically being with you for the past three years was the reason why he’s unaware of some minor details of your life during those years. Of course, he knew about the vacation—you had so much fun that you told him nearly every damn detail of it—but there were still some things you kept to yourself. Such as how you saved Taeyong from drowning. You thought that you’d look like a praise-seeker for bringing that up anyway.
You scan the room for Taeyong (the blueberry head) and once your eyes find him, you wave and wink. He waves back and smiles bashfully, before tending to one of his customers. You also think that Taeyong might have a little crush on you, but that’s not relevant at the moment.
“Oh wow. I guess not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes wear pie crumbs on their mouths.”
You wipe the corner of your mouth with a napkin then squeeze it into a ball to throw at Jaemin, making him gasp dramatically and start rambling about how you shouldn’t treat the best friend you haven’t seen in three years like this, but the chime of the cafe door distracts you. Your face falls in horror, and you’re still as a statue as it all races back. The pain, the memories, the emotions, everything you gave him that you can’t take back.
“I have to go,” you say, but Jaemin grabs your wrist.
His voice is filled to the brim with concern, “What’s wrong?”
Where you do even start? You sigh, ducking your head on the table in an attempt to cover your face the best that you can. The past is intertwining with the present and you do not enjoy it one bit. Fortunately, he sits away from you and doesn’t seem to acknowledge your presence in the room, but it’s just your luck that for the first time you’re seeing him in almost three years, he chooses to show up right here, right now.
“See that guy that just walked in?”
Jaemin nods with reluctance, subtly scanning said guy with his eyes, “Yeah, what about him?”
With a deep breath, you brace yourself for uncovering a part of your past that you’d rather keep ancient history, “Remember that fling I told you about from the vacation? That was him. And I never told you this, but we didn’t exactly end on the best of terms. I called it quits when I found out that he had a girlfriend.”
Another one of the vay-cay details that you kept to yourself. Technically, you did tell him about the fling, but it was nothing too specific aside from the fact that you were getting dicked down. You never told him about the way things abruptly ended, and you sure as hell never told him that you caught feelings for a cheater.
Jaemin’s face falls, and you’re not sure why. You think that he’s offended because you never told him about something so huge (and he is, but the two of you have bigger fish to fry at the moment so he decides it best to complain later).
Eyebrows furrowed, you ask, “What’s wrong?”
“Jaehyun is…” he pauses, and your lips part to ask how he knows his name until, “Jaehyun is my roommate.”
If you had the energy, you would sigh. Of course, Jaehyun also happens to move back in town and ultimately transfer back into your college for the second semester. You had to be a criminal in your past life, what else could you have possibly done to deserve something like this?
Taeyong walks over to your table, wearing a discontent frown, “Jaehyun’s here, do you want me to distract him so that you can leave without him noticing?”
“No way the blueberry head knew about this before me.” Ah, there it goes.
Taeyong glares, but he doesn’t say anything, instead locking his eyes on you to catch your response and his face softens when he does.
“Please,” you sigh in relief, “Thanks Tae, you’re a lifesaver.”
Taeyong smiles at the weight of your words, “It’s the least I could do. Now you two get out of here.”
It isn’t something that you need to be told twice, Taeyong goes to distract Jaehyun and you two bolt the fuck out of there. Though even out of sight, Jaehyun isn’t out of mind. In the beginning you knew it was nothing serious, Jaehyun had other girls that he fucked. But the fact that he was cheating on some poor, innocent girl was more than you could handle, and it would be selfish of you to risk getting caught up in that mess.
For a while, you and Jaemin ride in near silence. It’s your car, but he claims you aren’t in the right headspace to drive and you didn’t argue. You don’t feel the best at the moment.
“Is this a bad time to invite you to my roommate’s Summer Break Kick-off party this Friday,” Jaemin asks over the radio, his voice cutting through the SHINee song playing lowly.
“Kinda,” you snort. “Is he coming?”
“Probably, yeah. I mean, he was invited. But my roommate’s other house is pretty big and it’s been forever since we last partied.”
You blink. Why does your roommate…
“Don’t question it. I don’t know either.”
You fight the urge to laugh. Instead, you weigh out the pros and cons. Technically, you and Jaemin could always find another place to party if you wanted to so badly, and even if the house was big, there’s still a fair chance of you running into the one man you dread ever seeing again. You aren’t too sure if that’s something that you’re ready to risk right now.
You sigh again, pressing your face against the car window. “I’ll think about it.”
Tumblr media
You haven’t stepped foot in a place this expensive-looking since Yeri invited you on that little summer vacation to her stepdad’s beach house (three years ago.)
Jaemin somehow managed to convince you to show up by pinky promising to do a week’s worth of your assignments next semester, and you’d be a fool for turning that offer down. It isn’t clear from the outside, but academically Jaemin is sharp. So now, you’re searching for Jaemin in a sea full of red plastic cups. He was right, the house is humongous, and now you’re really beginning to question why someone with this kind of fortune at their fingertips lives with three presumably broke college students.
At least they’re playing SHINee. That way you can sing along to your favorite boy band while you simultaneously search for your best friend.
It might be harder for him to spot you. You chose to wear something dull, deciding against standing out too much just in case Jaehyun wanted confrontation, so looking for you is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You two could have just spent the night karaoking with Jaemin in your living room just like the good ‘ole days, for heaven’s sake.
Na Jaemin, when I find you, you groan. He doesn’t answer your calls or texts, and just for this you should make him do your homework for two weeks. Three if you bump into Jaehyun. You stop at an empty spot to catch your breath.
“God, what are these guys’ parents? The CEO’s of Samsung?” you mutter, to yourself.
“Aw, so close.”
Not expecting an actual answer, you jump and turn in the direction of the voice. You find a tall, handsome man smiling at you. His teeth are so white that it looks like he eats Colgate for breakfast.
“Kai, I’m the host of the party,” he grins, yet then his expression falters, “do I know you from somewhere?”
“I was thinking the same thing!” You laugh, analyzing his face. He does look a bit familiar.
You tell him your name, and the way he repeats it once more then blinks a few times concerns you a little. It’s not that you have a bad reputation, but did he know you from something bad?
His eyes widen. “You’re Johnny’s ex-girlfriend.”
That, you are. Back in high school you and Johnny dated for some time, broke up after a while since you drifted apart from one another, but agreed to stay friends so you’re both cool. You’re relieved that’s all, but you still don’t remember where you know Kai from, and you’re almost one-hundred percent sure it isn’t high school. You don’t even think you went two to the same high school.
“That’s me,” you confirm with a nod, “I still don’t know where I remember you from, though.”
If this were a cartoon, Kai would have a thought bubble above his head, and moments later it would transform into a lightbulb, “Are you friend’s with Yerim?” he guesses, and you nod, “she’s my step-sister. She probably told you about me.”
Oh. Well now the dots are connecting. Yeri did in fact tell you about him, mentioning that his family is the one her mom married into when explaining how filthily rich she became—because her brand new step-dad is indeed a CEO.
You make an O with your mouth, “Small world.”
“I know, right?” Kai, or as you know him from Yeri (also why you didn’t recognize him immediately), Jongin, laughs, “Care to dance?”
At that, you frown, “I’d love to, but I should really find Jaemin. He’s my best friend and we’re supposed to be spending time together because he just moved back in town recently.”
Kai looks a little sad by the rejection but handles it well, nodding in understanding, “Good luck. Last time I saw him he was over there,” he points, “losing a drinking game.”
That could mean nothing good. That meant wherever he was, Jaemin was more than likely going to be shitfaced by the end of the night. You sigh internally, almost wishing he’d go back to being the shy and introverted boy you knew in high school.
You met Jaemin in your sophomore year, at a party his friends forced him to go to, and you had a couple of mutual friends, but until then you two were nothing more than strangers. Speaking of which, that’s how you bonded, even though it was a fight getting him to say more than five words at a time. You were sure your friends Sicheng and Yuta had a thing for each other, whereas he hadn’t suspected a thing. So you made a bet, and only a couple minutes later, they were found making out against a wall. He owed you 50 bucks.
When Jaemin is still nowhere to be found, you’re ready to cave in to defeat. You feel like you’re in a maze, walking around in circles and it shows in the ache in your feet. You’re about to give up and turn around, until you walk into something, or someone, and all audible to you is the sound of splashing before someone yells shit, I’m sorry!
Oh, you’ll make sure they’re sorry. You’re not sure what you should focus on. How your top is now soaked, or how familiar their voice is. Until you look back up and see a walking, breathing and unfortunately talking, nightmare.
He calls out your name.
Like before, you turn and walk away.
He says it again, louder, and follows you.
“I don’t want to talk to you, Jaehyun.”
Still, he tails behind you like a lost puppy, despite you obviously trying to stay far, far away, “Can’t you hear me out? It’s been three years.”
“Three very peaceful years,” you stop dead in your tracks and finally turn to face him. It hurts you to look at his face, because the memories wash over you like waves, yet you do it anyway. You want to show him that you’re strong without him, not weakness and vulnerability, “and I told you three years ago that I want nothing to do with you.”
Jaehyun’s no good for you, you know that. You know that all he’s ever wanted to do is get inside your pants, that he’s never cared for you. So why are you tempted to hear him out?
No, you refuse, you will not let nostalgia win you over. That’s all it is. You miss what you had, but you don’t know if you miss him as a person.
“At least let me help you dry your shirt, it’s my fault that it’s ruined,” he tries again, but you’re hell-bent on making him feel as miserable as he did you.
“No means no, Jaehyun,” another voice cuts in, and while it isn’t the one you’ve been looking for, you’re thankful nonetheless. Beside you stands Kai, tall, angry, and intimidating, “you gonna make her tell you to fuck off?”
Jaehyun glances at you, and you see the emotion in his eyes, but you don’t fall for them. Not anymore. He’s already caused your heart to feel enough pain that you can’t bother to try and carry the burden that is his own. So he gives up and walks off, finally leaving you alone.
And you let out an exhausted breath.
“Show’s over, mind your business,” Kai tells the audience you hadn’t even known formed, and not willing to risk going against him, everyone returns to their previous activity. He looks at you, and all the anger is washed with concern. “You okay?”
Are you okay? You don’t know anymore. Nostalgia is kicking your ass, and though you try not to think about him, you can’t help but reminisce.
“Yeah,” you’re not really sure, but you don’t want him to worry, “thanks. A lot.”
“Yeah.” You say, but you’re not too sure. “Thanks. A lot.”
Kai shrugs, “No biggie. Do you think you and Yerim match sizes? You can use the bathroom in my bedroom to change because no one’s dumb enough to go in there.”
You sigh in relief. Chivalry isn’t dead. “Yes. Thank you.”
Kai leads you upstairs to Yeri’s room, or at least the one she stays in when she’s here, and let’s you choose a shirt. It isn’t an easy decision with Yeri being the epitome of fashion, but you pick quickly to spare Kai’s time, even though he tells you that he doesn’t mind. He then takes you to the bathroom in his room because according to him, Yeri’s one is under repair.
Even though Kai is guarding the door with his life and you know he wouldn’t just barge in there without your say-so, you lock the door. You meet your gaze in the mirror, eyeing yourself closely. Everyone is insecure sometimes, but after things ended between you and Jaehyun, you were extremely self-conscious for months.
To anyone who had never been in your shoes, it might’ve made more sense than anything for you to feel better about yourself knowing that even though Jaehyun had a girl, he kept coming back to you. Yet who’s to say you were the only one? To this day, you’re still convinced that the only reason he keeps trying to win you back is because him losing you plus you being the one to end it put a major dent in his ego.
You hate that he had that kind of power over you, to the point where he made you doubt yourself. You hate that a man like him made you cry so many goddamn tears and now he expects you to dry his own.
Reminding yourself that Kai is waiting, you tear your gaze from your own before tears have the chance to spill, and wipe yourself dry so that you can put on your - or Yeri’s - shirt. Now that you think about it, it’s too cute to return. You might take it. She’s too rich to notice, and even if she does, she’s still rich. She can easily replace it.
Kai greets you with a smile as you step back inside his room, and you find yourself smiling back at him. He’s been treating you so kindly this whole time, and now that you think about it, you’ve never heard a single bad thing about the man. Yeri clearly doesn’t mention him very often, but it’s never been anything bad when she does, and even when Jaemin was telling you about his roommates, he described Kai as “the funny one that called his mom a lot.”
“Ready to join the party?”
And then you frown. “I don’t know.”
Kai quirks a brow, “Well don’t tell me you look this good just to not show yourself off.”
Amused, you scoff. Kai’s been smooth from the beginning, yet now he’s unabashedly flirting with you. “Are you flirting with me, Kim Jongin?”
Confusion spells itself out on his face. You have never once said his name tonight, and the one time you do, it’s his government. “How do you know my name?”
“Yeri,” you shrug, “but if you want me to just call you Kai then I understand.”
“Well, usually I reserve my real name for my close friends and family,” he grins, and God he looks devilishly handsome when he does, “but it sounds so nice on your tongue that I’ll make an exception.”
It’s painfully obvious that you don’t know how to react, eyes a little round and your lips parting, yet nothing coming from in between. It makes Jongin laugh.
“And yes, I was flirting with you,” he winks, “but anyways, if you really don’t wanna go back out there, which is totally fine, we can just chill in here. You seem like a nice person, and I’d like to get to know you.”
“Get to know me?” You quip, finding enough balance to play into his game after being knocked down by his charm briefly, “or my body?”
He arches a brow in amusement. “That feels like a trick question.”
You shrug. “Be honest. I might feel the same way.”
Maybe it’s a good thing that tonight didn’t go as planned. Kai’s had you since the moment he introduced himself, and it seems every five minutes he gets better.
“Well, I don’t see why I can’t multitask,” He purrs, taking your words as an invitation. An invitation that he was accepting.
You giggle. He eyes you gently, noticing the way you slowly inch closer to him, “I like you.”
It’s an initiation, turning the keys and putting the car in drive, and you want to see if Jongin will take the wheel. And it seems that to your fortune, he does.
“Guess it’s a good thing I like you, too.” Jongin chuckles, and he’s so close. You can feel his breath on your skin, tickling your neck, and it makes something in you crawl with arousal.
And the gap between you closes.
Tumblr media
You already liked Kai last night, but you definitely like him this morning.
You woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon, and not just any kind of pancakes, but chocolate chip pancakes, your favorite. If anything can make you like someone, it’s chocolate chip pancakes.
“How’d you know chocolate chip was my fave?” you giggle, not expecting a serious response, but after the whole scenario with him yesterday, you should have already known he would have one.
“Yerim’s told me about you, too, you know,” Jongin replies, “It wasn’t even too long ago, it was winter break. We were all staying at my dad’s house for a couple of days, and she invited you over one morning. Everyone was gone but me and her when I went downstairs, and I saw her making chocolate chip pancakes. It blew me, because she’s an avid hater of chocolate. Then she told me they were for her best friend, because you love them, and after last night I learned that the best friend in question happened to be you.”
You and Jongin learned a lot about one another last evening. After you had sex, you didn’t expect to hit it off like you did, yet you spent a great deal of the night talking on his silk sheets. For starters, he’s a wonderful man. Funny, polite, respectful, thoughtful, caring, and he has an amazing personality. The sole flaw you could find in him was that he likes Hawaiian pizza. What kind of sick person enjoys Hawaiian pizza?
And you fell asleep in his arms. It was perfect, almost too good to be true. You considered the possibility of a relationship with him, you enjoyed his company and he was shameless to admit that he enjoyed yours. And yet still, you couldn’t help but think of Jaehyun.
The way he had also made you feel the same way, all those years ago. How he never fucked you and then shoved you away, but he talked to you until the sun came up, or spooned you to sleep. It was ridiculous, and you can’t believe that one encounter with Jaehyun had you acting like a teenager in love for the first time again. Not to mention the encounter in question was horrible. Jaehyun isn’t good for you, but for some reason your heart seems to still want him.
“If you wanna know so bad, just ask.”
“What?” Kai blinks, unaware that you’ve noticed the way he looks at you, not just now but ever since that encounter with Jaehyun. The longing in his eyes to say something, yet he resisted.
“I know you’re curious about me and Jaehyun,” truth be told, it isn’t just for him, but for you. Maybe if you remind yourself of what Jaehyun’s done to you, hear it aloud, you’ll snap out of it and shake this weird feeling. “So go ahead. Ask.”
Jongin’s surprised at how well you read him, and you can only hope that he doesn’t read you just as well.
“I figured you didn’t want to talk about it, and I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries.” How utterly Kai of him. And honestly, he’s right. You don’t want to, but at this point it’s a need.
“It’s okay,” you assure.
“Are you sure?”
“If you don’t want to talk about it, then that’s okay, you know. I understa—”
“Kim Jongin,” you say, and he pauses, a part of being because he still hasn’t gotten used to you calling him by his government name, yet he loves it when you do, “I am not about to beg you to ask me. I promise you, it’s alright.”
Jongin hesitates, but gives in reluctantly, “Okay, so… what happened for Jaehyun to be so intent on talking to you last night? Break-up?”
“Not really,” you say, trying to keep your voice level and flat. You weren’t the girl Jaehyun was in a relationship with, “It wasn’t a romantic relationship. Just sex, no strings attached.”
Jongin nods, “Ah, so a fling?”
“Mm-hm. I met him when Yeri invited her best friends to your dad’s beach house for a fun summer vacation during break. We hit it off well and it wasn’t much longer that he had me in his sheets. It really was fun, so we agreed to keep fucking around. And then some months later, I found out he had a girlfriend the whole time.”
He makes an understanding face, familiar with Yeri’s Pal-Cations (as she likes to call them.)
“Yerim didn’t tell you he was dating someone?”
“No one knew about us. He wanted to keep things secret,” you chuckle softly, “and that’s when I found out why.”
Silence falls over Jongin, and you sit there and let him ponder. Being able to say it all like this makes it seem so simple, and perhaps it should be. Jaehyun fucked up, and you owe him nothing. If he broke up with his girlfriend, maybe things would have been different, but he didn’t and that’s why he should leave you alone.
“Do you think he’s changed?” You shouldn’t ask. It doesn’t matter what Kai thinks, he doesn’t know Jaehyun like you do and he hasn’t known him for nearly as long. His opinion doesn’t matter.
Kai blinks. “I mean, you know what they say. Once a cheater, always a cheater.”
“But I’m asking for your opinion.”
You’ve never seen Kai so speechless. He’s always had something on the tip of his tongue, always. That’s when you consider that you’re probably dumping a shit ton of unwarranted info on him, especially since you had to practically coerce him into even asking you about Jaehyun. Before you have the chance to apologize, he answers.
“I don’t know him nearly as well as you probably do, but from what I’ve seen in the past 2 weeks, he’s nothing like some stupid, immature fuck boy. He carries himself well, cracks his jokes but he’s respectful and doesn’t push his limits, and I’ve never seen him with a girl,” Jongin says. “Come to think of it, he’s single. The boys discussed our dating situations and relationship statuses just so that we wouldn’t be surprised if we got up in the middle of the night and saw some stranger. Said he was single and wasn’t looking for sex.”
And you sigh in defeat, because the only thing that’s changed about Jaehyun according to that description is that he’s apparently single now and isn’t looking for sex.
Or maybe he was some stupid, immature fuckboy. You don’t know. And ever since you found out about her, you haven’t been sure if you’ve ever known him like you thought you did. You haven’t been sure about anything.
“Do you want him back?”
The questions catchs you off-guard. It isn’t exactly new, but you’ve never had anyone ask you this other than yourself. It’s all that you can think about. Do you really want him back? Or do you just miss what you had? What if it’s both?
“I don’t know,” you answer. And trust, you’ve been thinking about it since that whole ordeal at the cafe Monday. Even if you do, you shouldn’t. You don’t know Jaehyun’s motive, and there are plenty of other guys that can provide you everything he was giving you. One is literally looking you dead in the eye. He’s replaceable, you tell yourself. You don’t need him.
But that sure as hell has nothing to do with you wanting him.
“You don’t know?” Kai lifts his brow, “Or are you simply in denial?”
You feel like he’s your therapist, and the thought almost makes you laugh. Everything reminds you of Jaehyun. How sometimes, you’d play therapist for each other after you had sex, either directly afterwards or in the morning like now. It was so much more than sex, you think. To you, anyways. And that’s likely how you caught feelings.
Oh, dear god.
Even after three years, maybe those feelings you had for him still linger.
“I realized something,” you really don’t have to say anything, it’s written all over your face.
Jongin makes the conclusion, “You want him.”
Slowly, you nod. You think that you shouldn’t, but you do, and Jongin was right about you being in denial. You guess he really does read you just as well as you do him.
“I’m not gonna sit here and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do because it’s your choice to make at the end of the day, but let’s take everything into account,” Jongin starts, voice sterner than it’s been all morning, “I’m not saying age is an excuse, but he was eighteen. All eighteen-year-old boys are stupid. Take it from someone who’s been there. But he’s twenty-one now, and it’s been years. That’s plenty enough time for him to grow and change.”
You nod along. That’s true, and while you could never be too careful because who’s to say he’s changed, who’s to say he hasn’t?
Kai adds, “If you want to take the risk, take it. If you don’t, then don’t. He made an inexcusable mistake. But he’s human, and all humans make mistakes. You don’t owe him anything, especially not forgiveness, but be a little open-minded.”
The decision is yours. You can hear Jaehyun out and try to salvage your relationship, or you can continue to shut him out. You don’t owe him a second chance, but god, you must admit that you’ve always secretly longed to give him one, just so that you could go back to what you had.
Whenever you contemplate giving him a second chance, you think about her. You try to put yourself in her shoes, wondering how she must’ve felt, if she ever knew that the man she loved was fucking around with another woman. Maybe that’s how they broke up. Days ago, the thought would have made you run further and further away from him. But now, it’s almost like you’re rooted in place, bumping into dead-ends.
If you were her, you’d be unforgiving. But you’re not her, you never will be her, and that makes you want to be a little more selfish.
That makes you want him.
“Thanks, Kai,” you say, truly grateful to have his unbiased opinion. Usually you wouldn’t trust people you met less than twenty-four hours ago with your personal business, but all the shit you and Kai exchanged last night makes you willing to permit an exception. And then, you feel bad because even after the kind things he’s done for you since last night, he’s still sitting here advising you on your complicated you-problems. “And I’m so sorry for dumping all my problems on you, you’ve been so sweet and the least I could do—”
“Hey, no worries. If you ever need to talk, I’m here,” Kai interjects, “and if you want me to do a bit of snooping around…”
You shake your head. “No way. You’ve already done enough for me, and I don’t want you to get caught up in my drama. I can handle it.”
“Sure, you can. But I don’t want a girl like you to wind up heartbroken, especially over a possible jackass, and at very least you should see if you can trust him before you, well, trust him,” As though he can sense you about to object, he adds, “No buts. I’m going to keep a few tabs on him and alert you if there’s anything suspicious.”
You sigh, and don’t argue because it’s obvious he isn’t changing his mind. You’re grateful.
You smile. “Thank you.”
“Of course. And if he breaks your heart, I’m here.”
You scoff, “Flirting with me again, Kim Jongin?”
“Oh, baby,” he growls, “Keep saying my name like that and I’ll make you forget he ever existed.”
Ten minutes ago, that would have been tempting. But now you know what you want, and you’re determined to have it.
Tumblr media
Yeri thinks it’s a bad idea.
Taeyong thinks it’s a terrible idea.
Jaemin thinks you’ve had better ideas, but he’s willing to cooperate nonetheless.
“I don’t get it,” Taeyong shakes his head, “That guy broke your heart.”
“He wasn’t trying to,” you mutter.
“And he still did, that’s the crazy part.”
“It was three years ago. To be fair, all of us were stupid at eighteen.”
“Not all of us were cheating on our partners with a girl we met on summer break, though,” Taeyong quips, incredulous that he’s even having this discussion with you. You’ve always been on the same page, what changed?
You groan, “God, Taeyong. Sure, he cheated. Duh, he was in the wrong. But it wasn’t me that he cheated on and it’s not like we were ever in a relationship. He couldn’t have known how I felt about him when I did everything in my power to hide my feelings. And what if he’s changed?”
“And what if he hasn’t?” Taeyong retorts quickly.
The silence in the room is deadly. Taeyong can’t believe that he’s having to talk some sense into you, all while your other two friends sit quietly observing your argument. Is he the only one thinking around here? Why aren’t they helping?
Then, Yeri speaks up from the other side of the room, “Instead of arguing, let’s just put Jaehyun to the test.”
“And how do you plan on going about that?” Taeyong grumbles.
“Letting her talk to him, dimwit, how else?” Yeri rolls her eyes, “I know that you probably think that allowing him within a ten-foot radius of her is going to break her heart, but you’re greatly underestimating my best friend’s strength. She isn’t stupid, she can identify red flags.”
“Ease up on the fighting words,” Jaemin chuckles, “but I dunno, Yeri’s right. The only way she’ll know if he’s changed is to see for herself. If she notices anything odd, she can give him the boot. It’s not rocket science.”
You glance at Taeyong. Truthfully, you don’t need his permission, and both of you know that. But it would be nice to feel validated by your best friends, especially the overprotective one.
Taeyong glances back at you, and his expression softens. He’s always had a soft spot for you, and it’s hard to tell you no. Plus, he doesn’t want to be the token villain when everyone else is telling you to go for it. To chase what you want.
And in all honesty, Taeyong wishes he could chase what he wants. But the last thing he is is selfish, so maybe now is the time he lets you go.
Finally, he groans, “Alright, fine. Whatever. Talk to Jaehyun, see if he’s really ready to commit. But if this guy breaks your heart, I’m going to quote-unquote accidentally spill the hottest coffee on his face, just to give him a taste of the fire that is hell, where he will burn for eternity.”
Jaemin shivers, having flashbacks to the first time he spoke to Taeyong, “You love a good coffee threat, don’t you? So many fighting words.”
Taeyong doesn’t reply, just glares at Jaemin sharply.
“Hostile, but I’m with him,” Yeri nods, “Mark my words, that man will die a slow, painful death if he makes one more mistake.”
“Yep!” Jaemin agrees, “Don’t worry, babes. We got your back.”
At that, you smile. Your friends are on your side. Now, here comes the real trouble.
Mustering the ability to talk to Jaehyun.
Tumblr media
Fortunately, Yerim’s annual Pal-Cation was right around the corner, and would extend until the end of the week.
Last two years, Jaehyun didn’t attend.
Correction: he wasn’t invited.
Yeri and Jaehyun haven’t been on amazing terms since she became aware of everything, which put a dent in their relationship. This year, she’s invited him in favor of playing Cupid.
You’re a little nervous, anxious about being in the same space as Jaehyun for more than three minutes after all these years. You’re scared and you’re not sure of what, because if Jaehyun’s really as changed as he implies he is, the result should be predictable.
Then again, you don’t really know Jaehyun’s reason for wanting to talk to you, and that makes you all the more panicked. Of course, he wants you to hear him out, but what does he want to come out of that? A second chance? At what? To you, your relationship was so much more than sex. But what if it wasn’t to him? What if he just wants to get inside your pants?
“Girl, please,” Jaemin scoffs, crashing against your hotel bed like he owns the place. He’s in comfortable awe, and probably wouldn’t think twice if someone told him the beds were made out of marshmallows, “you were defending his life choices like yesterday—god damn, these beds are soft—and now you’re having second thoughts? Since when do you back down from things?”
You throw a pillow at him, “I was not defending him!”
“I talked to him earlier, when he asked me if I was sure about wanting him here,” Yeri states, sitting on the seat in front of the mirror. “Told him that there’s no way in hell he’d be here right now if I didn’t want him to be. He laughed and promised me he wouldn’t do anything stupid, and I told him know, because if he does do something stupid it’s off with his motherfuckin’ head.”
Jaemin smiles, satisfied, “Yeah, that should do it. I’d be scared half to death, you could probably pay someone to kill him and no one would suspect a thing.”
“Enough about killing him,” you grimace, “I’m just, I dunno, nervous, I guess. What if he just wants to get in my pants?”
“Guess you better go find out, and tonight is the perfect opportunity. I reserved the pool, so we have the entire area to ourselves until midnight.”
“Yeah, and that wouldn’t be so bad anyways. When was the last time you got laid?” Jaemin adds.
You sneer and flip him off, “For your information, I got laid at that party Friday night when you left me for dead to go get drunk. And that’s why your ass was hungover. And Yeri, you never told me that your step-brother was so fucking hot.”
Yeri exclaims, “You slept with Jongin?”
“You slept with her brother?”
And that’s where you conclude that you’ve overshared, and it’s time for everyone to have some time to themselves, “Alright, everybody out,” you push and pull them both out, until they’re standing outside your door, “I’ll see you guys tonight.”
Then you shut the door, and lie on your bed, sighing with comfort. Jaemin’s right, the beds really are comfortable. You’re feeling drowsy already and decide to rest your eyes. There’s hours until it’s Pool Time.
Tumblr media
Pool Time comes faster than you wished.
You’re antsy, but Yeri has SHINee’s Punch Drunk Love playing, so you feel more at ease. It also serves as a reminder that you’re going to need a drink or two to get through the night.
It doesn’t help that you had a dream about Jaehyun while you were trying to rest your eyes, about the night when you first met him. You were at Yeri’s step-father’s beach house, and the dream was specifically when you made out in the middle of the pool. I’d never let you drown, baby. You shake the memory away.
You glance around, and see everyone’s here. Yeri’s talking to her friend Mark who obviously has a crush on her, Jaemin’s engaging in conversation with Taeyong who for once doesn’t look like he wants to rip Jaemin’s head off, Yeri’s other friends are playing in the pool, and—Jaehyun.
Jaehyun’s seated at the bar, looking dead at you, which is exactly where you need to be but your lunch and your stomach seem to not be getting along suddenly. You tear your gaze, and glance back at Yeri. You need her help, one last push or words of encouragement, but you’re not selfish enough to interrupt Mark’s attempts at flirting with your friend and getting some.
Well fuck, you groan. You’re all alone this time, and deciding you look stupid standing there by yourself, you march to the bar and hoist yourself on the stool beside Jaehyun, ignoring the increasing speed of your heartbeat. It doesn’t help that this place only has two barstools.
“What can I get you, sweetheart?” The bartender asks you. She’s pretty, got long dark hair and a nice face. You wonder if Jaehyun flirting with her is the reason she’s been smiling so hard since before you sat down, trying to stifle a giggle.
And you frown at your own thoughts. Leave it to you to automatically assume the worst.
“No idea. Surprise me,” you sigh, and with a nod she gets to work.
It’s difficult, more like impossible to ignore Jaehyun’s presence beside you. He isn’t saying anything, isn’t doing anything as far as you can tell without looking at him, but the knowledge that he’s there has you on your toes.
The bartender brings back your drink, tells you to enjoy and you say thank you before having a taste. You need this before you dare say a word to him.
And then he dare speaks, “Hi.”
You can feel your heart racing and you don’t know why, but you do know that you don’t like it. There’s no reason to feel like this, you heard Jaehyun talk at the party. You somehow manage to chirp back quietly, “Hi.”
“Aren’t you gonna look at me?”
It feels like he’s challenging you, almost to say you’re too much of a pussy to look him dead in the face, and you know you’re more than likely making that up but Jaehyun’s the first person to know that you’re last person to back down from a challenge, so you do turn to look at him.
It takes everything in you to stay rational when you do. You get the chance to look at him, to really look at him, and you’re taken aback by his features. He looks the same, but different all at once, obviously a little older.
Beside you is no longer the teenage boy with the cute, high-pitched voice, but a man with a deep and matured sound to his voice. He’s smiling a little wildly at you. It’s the first time you’ve seen him smile in years.
You take a sip from your drink so that you don’t smile back and say, “I’m looking.”
“See something you like?”
“Nope,” you lie, as though you weren’t obvious checking him out seconds ago, “just you.”
“Aww, don’t be like that,” Jaehyun grins playfully, “smile a little, won’t you?”
“Let’s cut to the chase, Jaehyun,” you change the subject. You refuse to let his little games work on you. “Didn’t you want me to hear you out? Hop to it or I’m leaving.”
He blinks. “Here?”
Well no one can hear you other than the bartender, but it’s a personal issue that deserves the utmost privacy and it’s not like you’re willing to share your personal business with a stranger, so you agree to walk around the pool with him. Close enough so that you’re not bumping into walls, distant enough to not be overheard.
You glance at him, “So?”
Jaehyun sighs, “Rather than defending myself, I think I should apologize. For not telling you I was in a relationship, for risking dragging you into drama, it was selfish. I was selfish.”
It was selfish. He couldn’t have been thinking of your feelings, or even her feelings.
“There’s no excuse for what I did, and I can’t imagine how belittled it made you feel. You don’t have to forgive me, and I know you’re probably gonna hate me forever for this and I don’t blame you. But I want you to know that I’m sorry,” he gives you those emotional eyes, the same dejected gleam in them, “Sincerely. And if there’s anything I can do to make it up to you…”
“Tell me why,” you want the answers that you’ve been searching for all these years. Not exactly closure, but you don’t want to live in doubt, wondering maybe you were never enough, and that’s why you were always the side piece.
“Why I did it?”
You nod, and he’s silent for a moment.
“I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know why eighteen-year-old me did the shit I did, but I know that I did it and I can’t take it back. I’ve looked back so many times and I still can’t fathom…” Jaehyun trails off, then starts shaking his head, “you know what? Maybe I do know why.”
Don’t cry, you tell yourself. You’re stronger than this. You’re blinking back tears, attempting to keep your voice level as you whisper, “Why then, Jaehyun?”
“It’s not the shocking, life-changing reason I always thought it would be,” he chuckles sadly, “it’s because I was stupid. And careless. I wasn’t thinking, but at the same time I thought I had the world at my feet, and I guess I did but then I…” Jaehyun stops to take a breath after he realizes he’s rambling. “But then I lost you. And that’s when I realized that this, the lying, the cheating, the going behind your backs—it was stupid.”
“It was stupid,” you agree, and he laughs a little more. “But let me ask you one more thing…” you say. He doesn’t reply, but his eyes tell you to go ahead. “Did you love her?” Or did you love me?
Jaehyun nods lazily. “At one point.”
You bite your lip, unsatisfied.
“Did you love me?”
That catches him off-guard. You almost expect him to stop walking the way he’s frozen, and you feel your stomach churning in regret.
“Nevermind, forget I asked that—”
“When you first left, I was unaffected,” Jaehyun interjects. “Like I said, I thought I had the world at my feet, so I thought you were replaceable. I tried replacing you. But it wasn’t the same, no matter how many times I tried, it was never, ever the same,” his eyes muse at you, “No one looked at me the way you did, no one talked to me all night and made me laugh like you did, no one ran circles through my mind like you, no one was like you. So I knew I needed you back, but by the time I realized you were already gone. And that’s when I knew I had fucked up.”
He adds, “So, yeah. I did love you. Maybe it was at the wrong time, maybe it was too late for me to love you, maybe I wasn’t supposed to, but I did and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped.”
Jaehyun’s thumb runs over your eyes, wiping a string of tears that you hadn’t even know you cried. He doesn’t say anything about it, just pulls you closer to his chest.
“What about you?” He asks.
“What about me?”
“Did you love me?”
Now it’s your turn to freeze, and then you almost laugh. Of course, you loved him. You were in love with him. Hopelessly.
“Can I be honest?”
Jaehyun nods. “Mm-hm. That’s what this is all about, right?”
You exhale a sharp breath, preparing to tell one of your deepest, darkest secrets to the one person that was never supposed to know, “When I told you the reason I wanted to end things was because of you cheating on her, that wasn’t the whole truth. It was part of it, and though I’m no homewrecker, there’s another reason. I was in love with you—hopelessly, helplessly, utterly—and I couldn’t stand the thought that you never felt the same, that I was just a plaything to you.”
“Let me finish,” you order, “I left to take care of me. I thought it would have been disrespectful towards myself to stay in that position, when from my understanding, I loved you yet you loved her,” you feel another trail of tears coming, and wipe them away before they have the chance to spill. “At that moment, when I found out you already had someone, I felt like I didn’t know you anymore. I thought that maybe you never really cared, and I was the only one that felt it.”
It, the love. The spark. The connection. The butterflies in your stomach when he held you close, or called you cute pet names. The emotion whenever he was deep inside you.
“It felt like I had given my heart to a stranger,” you laugh humorlessly, “because for all I knew, who’s to say I was the only one you were fucking behind her back? I felt so, so stupid. Like I was never enough. And when I first saw your face again after all these years, all of that hurt came back. But at the same time,” you look him in his eyes, “all my feelings for you came back, too.”
It’s silent for a moment, but it isn’t awkward. You’ve just confessed your feelings for one another, not only now, but for the you of two years ago. For the you of eighteen who never thought you’d ever have this chance.
And you can’t believe Jaehyun’s actually had feelings for you, too. It always seemed like some fairytale thing, but hearing one another out like responsible adults instead of immature teens changes things.
“Wow,” Jaehyun whispers in surprise, “Wow. I was such a fool. I made a simple thing so fucking complicated. Imagine where we’d be if I would have just broken up with her and realized my feelings sooner.”
Together. You’d be together, as one.
“Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, didn’t,” you say lightheartedly, “There’s no use in worrying about that. You’ve apologized. And I forgive you.”
“You forgive me?” Jaehyun gawks. “Why? I thought you’d hate me forever or something.”
“I kinda still hate the you of two years ago, he’s an asshole,” you giggle, “but the you standing next to me right now, today, is a changed man who knows his mistake and won’t do that shit ever a-fucking-gain. Or else.”
Jaehyun snorts. “Of course not. I wouldn’t dare.”
You smile, “Good.”
“Good. So do we address our relationship too, or…”
“Later, please,” you groan. “Come sit by the water with me.”
Jaehyun agrees, and so now you’re sitting at the edge of the pool, your head resting on his shoulder.
“Is SHINee still your favorite band?” He asks.
“Yeah,” you mumble, heart warming at the fact that he even still remembers that.
Then he teases, “Do you still swoon over Lee Taemin?”
You give him a very, very icy glare, “Shut up. I’ll push you into the pool right now.”
“You wouldn’t,” Jaehyun challenges.
Wrong move, you smirk. You love a challenge.
So in one swift movement, you do push him into the pool, and the sound of him yelling and the water splashing is like music to your ears. You giggle, watching as he comes back up, hair heavy and soaked as it sticks to him like a second skin. You also take notice of his white t-shirt, or his abs through the soaked cotton. Six pack. Toned. Stupid dumb crazy hot. Damn, sometimes you forget why you kept coming back to him.
He sneers, unamused. “Not funny.”
“It’s a little funny,” you disagree with a smile.
“Oh yeah?” he says, “Look, Lee Taemin!”
You turn without fully processing his statement yet, “Wha—agh!”
In an even swifter motion, Jaehyun’s pulled your ankles, and now a distracted you falls into the pool with a splash. Not to mention, your bikini cover-up is still on. This, unfortunately, is karma. Inconvenience aside, you’re getting deja vu, a distant memory seeping back into your mind.
You whine, “Not fair.”
“It’s a little fair,” he mocks, and you can’t help but roll your eyes.
“You’re lucky I know how to swim,” you wring out your hair, “You would have had an lawsuit against you if I didn’t.”
You wonder if he’s taken the hint, if he’s gonna say it. You remember that exact moment, being so close to his face and feeling so warm. I’d never let you drown, baby.
And like a rehearsed line, he says perfectly, “I’d never let you drown, baby.”
“You remember.” Your tone is like a question, but it’s a statement.
“I remember a lot of things about you,” Jaehyun states, and perfectly timed, the current song fades into your all-time personal favorite—SHINee’s 1 of 1. “For instance, is this still your favorite SHINee song?”
One glance in Yeri’s direction confirms your suspicion that this is all her doing, as you see her giggling at you, phone in hand. It was already suspicious of her to play SHINee when she’s an Ariana Grande girl, but now you definitely see through her crystal-clear intentions.
“Yeah,” you mutter, but as you turn back around you notice he’s definitely close enough to hear you. Your noses are almost touching, and you can feel your heart racing. You feel like a teenager in love all over again, blood pumping, your heart beating in your ears. Deja vu.
Jaehyun must be feeling it too, because he asks, “Can I kiss you?”
Yet again, you blush. “Sure.”
And on cue, his lips are against yours. Jaehyun’s still an amazing kisser, he feels gentle yet he’s so fierce, gripping your waist as your fingers tangle in his hair. You know for a fact he’d be even rougher if you weren’t inside of a pool.
His lips feel better than you remember, and then he bites your lip. You moan, lips parting and he darts his tongue in your mouth. You can taste his drink on his tongue, faint remnants of whatever he had in his cup.
Fuck, you forgot how high kissing him makes you feel. It’s like an addictive drug, and you can feel nothing but your heartbeat and his lips on yours. You don’t want him to stop.
And then, to your misfortune, he does stop. You whimper, not really taking notice of how out of breath you are as you’re overcome with greed.
“Why’d you stop?” You frown.
“You need to breathe, babe. You wanna almost drown in the pool like Taeyong?” He laughs.
Speaking of Taeyong, you check on him with your eyes. To your surprise, he’s still talking and laughing with Jaemin, the pair obviously hitting it off and super into one another. It makes you smile. That boy’s had a huge crush on you that you both know you can’t reciprocate for years, and it’s time he lets you go.
“Hello… Earth to y/n? You look like the cute puppy eyes emoji.”
Your eyes snap at Jaehyun, “Shut up,” you reply, “And kiss me.”
“Bossy,” Jaehyun teases, but he must like that about you, because moments later he’s kissing you again, even more passionately than before.
Then, follows Tuesday.
“Oh, c’mon!”
Yeri giggles, “Sorry, y/n. The majority rules!”
For the second day of your California vacation, Yeri’s decided to take everyone to an amusement park an hour out from the hotel. You asked her why she didn’t do Disney Land this year, but she said it was reserved for her first Bae-Cation.
You roll your eyes. What happened to chicks over dicks?
The point is, you wanted to separate into groups, considering it would be easier to keep up with everyone. However, everyone else wanted to do pairs, arguing that there was more freedom and it’d be easier to come towards a mutual decision instead of arguing over what to ride.
So everyone grabs their partners, and you’re shocked when you see Jaemin and Taeyong step beside one another. You’re incredulous. Jaemin’s just been abandoning you left and right ever since he came back.
“You two in love or some shit now?” You fold your arms, eyes pointing at them accusingly. “What happened to those coffee threats, Yong? I thought you said Jaem was annoying. And Jaemin? You said he was scary!”
Jaemin shrugs coolly. “He was, but then I realized something. Taeyong’s like an egg, he has a hard shell—” Taeyong glares, “—nevermind, he doesn’t like that comparison very much. Taeyong’s like a smore, hard on the outside yet warm and soft on the inside. Oh, and very deli—ow!”
Jaemin holds his stomach dramatically, looking at Taeyong who stands with a satisfied grin on his face. Perhaps, Taeyong still is a little scary.
“Jaem! Yong!”
“Ooh, that reminds me,” Jaemin eyes twinkle, “I think our ship name should be Jaeyong.”
Taeyong disagrees, “No way. It should be Taemin.”
“First of all, you two will never be Taemin,” you interject with a scowl. “Anyways, you two figure that out. I’ll go be with my partner.”
And you stomp away to spot Jaehyun waiting for you with a cheeky grin. You’re optionless, you suppose. Yeri’s with Mark again, Taeyong and Jaemin are obviously a thing now, Seulgi’s with Winter and Jennie’s with Nayeon.
It’s not even like last night ended poorly. Last night couldn’t have been better, you spent your time making out and drinking with Jaehyun in the pool until midnight. It was too good to be true, you felt like Cinderella, having to slip back into her normal life by the time the clock struck twelve.
Now though, you have to be alone with Jaehyun. Okay technically, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of people, and depending on where you go your friends may or may not be accompanying you, though still. It isn’t that you don’t trust him, but isn’t it natural to feel uneasy?
Jaehyun calls, “C’mon, princess! Let’s go get hotdogs. I’m hungry.”
“We ate at the hotel,” you snort.
“So? That was an hour ago. Plus the time it took for us to get through that crazy ass line. If you’re not hungry, I’ll buy you a lemonade or something.”
A lemonade does sound good, you ponder. It’s summertime, and no amount of sunglasses and mosquito-repellent sunscreen is going to help you beat this heat. It’s ninety-something degrees.
“Fine,” you give in, and an eternity later (curse these never-ending lines) you’re sitting down at a bench, you sipping on your humongous cup of lemonade and Jaehyun eating a hotdog.
To be honest, you really didn’t need the largest size that they had. You were just testing his reaction for the fun of it, expecting to have a giggle or two, but he totally surprised you, buying it and insisting you should have it even after you told him that you were just playing.
The Jaehyun you knew three years ago was many things, and rich was not one of them.
“Let’s talk,” he says after discarding his hotdog in the bin. Oh of course, Jaehyun’s brain cannot function when he’s running low on food.
Playing dumb, you ask, “About what?”
“Us,” he answers simply.
“In the middle of an amusement park?”
“It’s important,” Jaehyun grins, “You don’t trust me.”
Perplexity is written all over your face. You trust Jaehyun on the basic level, you feel safe around him and in his embrace. But you’re not sure if you trust him with your heart just yet, and after everything he did, you have the right to be scared.
“And I understand why. I hurt you once, you’re scared I might do it again. So let’s start over,” he concludes, and you blink. “From scratch. Past aside. I want you to get to know me, and I wanna get to know you. I’m sure there’s plenty of things I don’t know about you now.”
I mean, you know the gist. You didn’t say that aloud, of course. Through a discussion last night, he still knows your favorite color and your undying love for pie and SHINee, especially Taemin, your birthday, your mom’s birthday, even your dog’s birthday—okay, maybe he knows too much. Or you overshared. Who knows.
And you still remember a lot of facts about him, but at the same time, there’s still so much you don’t know about one another.
“Right,” you agree, “So by starting over, you mean…”
“Completely,” he answers quick. “Let’s re-introduce ourselves.”
Your lips don’t quiver, drawn into a line. “You gotta be kidding.”
“I’m serious!” Jaehyun claims. “C’mon, I’ll even go first.”
“Aht, aht! You’re not supposed to know my name,” Jaehyun chides. “Hi, my name’s Jaehyun, I’m twenty-one, and I like Cigarettes After Sex. The band, I mean. I don’t smoke.”
You roll your eyes. There was no need for him to explain, because literally everybody knows Jaehyun likes Cigarettes After Sex, the same way everyone knows you like SHINee. But for the sake of placating him and getting this over with, you refuse to make any comments.
“This is so corny.”
“The longer you wait the longer it takes.”
Reluctantly you give in, but not without a groan. “Hi, Jaehyun. My name’s y/n, I’m also twenty-one, and I like SHINee.”
Jaehyun claps dramatically, “Bravo! Was that so hard?”
“Yes, actually.”
He giggles, tells you to stop being dramatic and you two begin your mission to ride every ride that you can within the span of a few hours. You get more snacks in between, sharing a container of butter-y delicious popcorn and double-dating some rides with the other pairs (which unfortunately happens to lead to you witnessing Mark throwing up in a bush.)
Unfortunately, time flies by fast when you’re having fun, and when Yeri texts the Pal-Cation Pals group chat to meet up by the first popcorn stand in fifteen minutes, you know you have little time remaining, enough for one last ride.
The Ferris Wheel.
Last but not least, the Ferris Wheel. You and Jaehyun have been saving it for last, agreeing the full experience is at dark night, when the colorful lights illuminate the indigo sky.
“Let’s go!” You pull him into a cart, and he laughs at your enthusiasm.
When the ride starts, Jaehyun holds your hand and you rest your head on his shoulder. It feels nice and comfortable, and you quickly realize you miss having him like this. Close to you. And it’s silent for a moment. You and Jaehyun have always had these moments together, where you’re not talking one another’s ears off, but holding each other in warm silence. You have always valued the other’s company.
You watch as the world gets smaller underneath your feet, how the Ferris wheel lights twinkle in vibrant colors, and shine on its surroundings. You see how the other rides glow in the dark, appearing so close yet so far away.
It’s beautiful. Your eyes flare different colors—red, blue, pink, green—as you gawk in wonder. If you could, you’d stay like this forever, watching this astonishing sight with Jaehyun at your side.
“You look pretty in the light,” Jaehyun marvels, snapping you out of your daze. The butterflies and their flapping wings come back, and he’s always been able to make you feel like this so easily.
Warmth fills your cheeks, and you turn around so that he doesn’t notice. “Don’t I always? Or are you saying I only look pretty in the light?”
Jaehyun rolls his eyes, “You’re still impossible. I’m trying to flirt with you.”
“Then do so,” you smile. “Keep telling me about how pretty I am.”
“Look at me,” Jaehyun whispers, but it’s loud and clear to you. Slowly, you do look at him, noticing the way his lips curl into a soft grin, and how the purple light casts on his gorgeous skin and features. “Your lips are pretty, too.”
Next, he’ll call your bones pretty and you’ll still feel your face flush with heat.
Jaehyun kissed you for hours last night, but when his lips collide with yours again you know that you’ll never get used to the feeling. Your fingers card through his hair while his gravitate towards your skin, cold hands sending a shiver down your spine as they mesh with the evening warmth.
You bite at his lip this time, wallowing in the sound of his moan as it tumbles from between his parted lips. He can feel you smiling, the corners of your lips spreading apart as you stifle a laugh.
It feels like fire consumes you, like you’re melting, melting into his touch, like candle wax as his fingertips trace your skin. Like a bomb’s ignited inside you, like you’re exploding, and the more you feel him the more you desire him. The more you crave him, the more your body yearns for him.
You know you have him when you move for his neck, marking a trail of red lipstick stains that look purple in the light. He takes it as a challenge, retaliating with a bite at your neck that makes you sigh in pleasure, and this is definitely why you get along so well—you’re compatible.
“When we get back,” you gasp, ignoring the complacent look he casts at you, “Meet me in my room.”
“What about the others?”
“They saw us making out in the pool, Jaehyun, literally nobody cares,” you roll your eyes. “No more sneaking around shit, right?”
He smiles, “Right. Can’t anyways, your lipstick is all over my throat.”
You giggle, and bring him back in for another kiss as the ride begins to slow to an end.
Tumblr media
The next couple of days are equally eventful, yet fly by far too quickly for your liking. You hit the beach and unfortunately witness a woman being stung by a jellyfish, visit some museums, the zoo, and even hike near the Hollywood sign. You also make sure to spend Yeri’s money on some souvenirs, and Jaehyun buys you matching necklaces. You have his J, he has your first initial.
Today is Saturday—already. Tomorrow you will return home, and you’re not sure if you’re ready or not. You sigh as you scroll through your camera roll. You’ve had so much fun this week, there’s the pictures of Mark’s scared face on the roller coaster, Taeyong buried alive into the sand, Yeri and the girls trying on humongous sun glasses at the mall, and the video of Jaemin and Jaehyun arm-wrestling to determine who’s the better Jae to prove it (Jaehyun won).
Like a normal Saturday, today’s the one chill day. The whole week has been chaotic in a fun way, but Yeri had nothing else planned, so she told everyone to take a day to wind down and feel free to venture out to wrap up the vacation.
Which leads you to now.
Jaehyun and you agreed to visit the park, just walking around and talking, and perhaps doing some making out in between. You’ve been doing that a lot lately, and you’re pretty sure you’re addicted. It’s like there’s a kind of crack in his lips that cannot simply be fixed with chapstick.
“It’s hot,” you complain.
Jaehyun snorts. “We’re in California, babe. Imagine Yeri took us to Florida.”
You wince. You’re barely beating the Californian heat, there’s no way you’ll survive down south in Florida. It doesn’t even snow there.
“I thought you were gonna say some fake-romantic shit, like I’ll reach into the sky and throw the sun into the freezer, princess, just say the word,” you mimic his voice exaggeratedly.
Jaehyun rolls his eyes, but laughs nonetheless, “No can do, princess,” he teases, “but I can get us some ice cream from that stand over there. Stay put, I’ll be right back.”
“Wait!” You shout. “You even know what I want?”
He says your favorite flavor, and even your preferred container to consume it in, “Right?”
A smile spreads on your lips, and your heart flutters. He remembers. “Right.”
Jaehyun shoots you a smile then jogs over to the ice cream stand, pulling his wallet from his pockets. You gotta remember to ask him where he’s getting all this money from, this man could be a drug dealer for all you know.
Nonetheless, you sit at a nearby bench and pull out your phone. Nothing beats checking up on your Animal Crossing island while you wait.
You notice the presence of someone sitting beside you but don’t bat an eye, knowing without looking that it isn’t Jaehyun. And who are you to shoo away a stranger if they want to rest their feet?
“You must be y/n,” hearing your name, your eyes snap to the side instinctively.
And that’s when you realize that this stranger may not be as unknown as you initially thought.
Your eyes widen, “You…”
“I am, Jaehyun’s ex-girlfriend,” she, Victoria announces proudly, like it’s some achievement to be clipped onto the fridge.
You never met her, but you’ll never forget her name, or her face for that matter. It’s kind of stupid, how you found out. You were on Instagram, and you saw Jaehyun’s account in the replies of Yeri’s post. You clicked his profile, because you had never exchanged accounts before, and you quickly saw why.
He didn’t post her often, amongst all the flaunting images of himself, but when he did he made it crystal clear that she was his girlfriend, and what sole other woman would he continuously post onto his page?
“What are you doing here?” You ask, an obviously bitter edge to your voice. It isn’t she that you should be bitter towards, but you can’t help but feel slightly defensive.
“Relax, darling, I’m not stalking you on whatever summer vacation he’s had the courtesy to whisk you away on,” Victoria giggles. Of course not, that would be obsessive. “It’s actually a coincidence to see you, but since we’re here, let’s talk.”
Disinterested, you reply, “There’s nothing for you and I to discuss.”
“Of course, there is! You were fucking with him while he was with me, right?” she gives you a picture-perfect smile that makes you want to grit your teeth, yet you compose yourself. She sighs, “You know that, and yet you’re like what, dating him now? I’m telling you now, once a cheater, always a cheater. You might think he loves you now, but I promise you, he’ll stab you in the back the moment you aren’t looking.”
Victoria misjudges your silence as you giving her the go-ahead to continue, “I know that you know, and I know you’re trying to convince yourself that he’s changed, but he’s still the same old bastard he was three years ago. I mean just look at him, he’s even flirting with that lady now.”
With furrowed brows, you turn in Jaehyun’s direction, eyes finding that he actually is flirting with the ice cream lady. You can’t believe your eyes. Really? The fucking ice cream woman? He isn’t trying to be subtle with it, either.
She tilts her head as she speaks in your ear, “See? He doesn’t give a fuck. Not about you, not about her, not about any of us. You’re just yet another notch in his belt.”
And suddenly, all those doubts come back, the ones that you had pushed away and replaced with your growing feelings for him. Yet now that they’re existing within the same space, it’s even more terrifying, it’s exactly what you feared.
What if Jaehyun never really cared? What if all this is just some big act? What if he’s just been playing with your emotions this entire time? What if you don’t really know Jaehyun like you thought?
You want him, but what if he doesn’t really want you?
Jaehyun walks over, seemingly not noticing his ex-girlfriend’s presence, “I got the ice cream. Who’s th—Victoria?”
“Hello, Jaehyun,” she waves, offering him a smile. “We were just talking about you.”
“What the fuck did you tell her?” Jaehyun scowls, taking notice of your silence and the empty, unhappy gaze you shoot at him. You don’t even smile, hardly even blink.
Victoria shrugs. “Nothing she doesn’t already know.”
“I’m walking back to the hotel,” you announce, sliding your phone back into your pocket and peeling yourself off of the bench.
He calls out your name.
For the third time, you turn and walk away.
This time, though, he’s not letting you walk away. Not without putting up a fight first.
“Why are we doing this again?” Jaehyun yells. “Why? Did I do something? We can just talk this out, you know. What happened to no more secrets?”
You retort, “You fucking tell me, Jaehyun! How am I supposed to know that you don’t have secrets?”
“The same goddamn way I know you don’t have any! Trust!” And the realization hits him hard. He knows that it’s only been some days, but what could Victoria have said to make you back out so hastily? “Is that what it is? You don’t trust me?”
Tears sting your eyes. “Trust you? You want me to trust you? With you being the kind of person you are? You’re out of luck.”
That burned Jaehyun. After all of the bonding you’ve done lately, he would’ve thought that you would trust him a little more, but he sees clearly now. He sees that he’s done all he can do, and now it’s time for you to do your part.
“What kind of person am I, y/n?” He asks coldly, shoving his hands in his pockets.
You spit, “You’re an asshole.”
“Yeah?” Jaehyun laughs tonelessly, “Well frankly I think you’re an asshole, too. So when you’re ready to be assholes together, let me know.”
And this time, Jaehyun’s the one that walks away. This time, you understand his pain, as you have those tear-stung eyes and that quivering voice. That empty feeling inside, the pang in your heart. The way it’s killing you inside, but you don’t have it in you to move, to chase him. All you can do for now is let it eat at you slowly.
Maybe Victoria was wrong. Maybe you’re planting the knife in your own back.
Sunday comes slowly, and you’re glad you didn’t ride the same van as Jaehyun. You still have to deal with the curious stares your friends shoot at you, but it’s better than confronting your emotions, or at least you think it is.
You’re not ready yet.
When you get home, the first time you do is order Panda Express via Uber Eats so that you don’t starve as you sulk in your room. The next thing you do is flop against your bed and sob.
A few days go by like this, in pure brutal agony. You drowning in your thoughts, the maybes and the what if’s. You feel like a teenage girl experiencing her first break-up, lost and confused and unsure of how to deal with the hurt. It’s no one’s fault but yours though, and it’s your job to fix it or forever hold your peace.
Love is hard. You know that. You accept that. If you couldn’t, then it would be wrong of you to try to be in a real relationship. But loving, as a verb, is easy. Too easy. So easy, to the point where sometimes, you don’t realize you’re doing it until it’s too late. What’s harder is accepting the fact that love isn’t a choice, but a feeling. If it was, you would have chosen to stop loving Jaehyun years ago. You would have chosen to fall in love with Taeyong, or maybe even Kai.
But your heart chose Jung Jaehyun, and it must have a mind of it’s own, because no matter how much you tell it to let go, it doesn’t listen.
That’s why as the days go by, they’re slow and empty. Because Jaehyun’s not there. Not with you. And a little voice in the back of your head is saying he’s with another girl, but your heart is telling you to have faith. You are severely conflicted.
Just when you think you might just spend the rest of your life rotting here, you’re quickly proven wrong by the dedication and genuine care and concern of your best friends.
“Hey, bitch,” Jaemin strolls in casually, as though this is his room, “New guy already?”
“Some guy opened the door,” he replies, flopping against your bean-bag cough.
You blink, gears turning in your mind as you try to decipher what man could possibly be inside of your house—oh. You roll your eyes, “That’s my roommate’s boyfriend, you dumbass.”
“Oh,” Jaemin mumbles, then his eyes twinkle as he makes a move for your desk, “Ooh, Panda Express.”
Suddenly, Yeri storms inside your bedroom, flickering on the lights inside your very dim and deprived of life, sunshine and happiness room, chanting vigorously the lyrics to Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s The Light is Coming, “The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole!”
You groan, yanking the sheets and comforter over your face to block out the light like a vampire, “You guys, please leave me alone.”
“Nope,” says Taeyong, who follows suit after your other friends, venturing into your room. You fight, you tugging the covers towards you while he attempts at pulling them off. It’s a quick battle which you lose, and you soon accept defeat. “You’ve been suffering in silence—and darkness—for far too long. So, fess up. What did that punk do? Do I need to prepare the coffee?”
You sigh, Saturday seeping back into your memory. “He didn’t do anything.”
Jaemin blinks. “What do you mean? Why else have you been sulking in your bedroom for the past four days like a divorced man whose ex-wife took the kids and the TV? Shit, all you’re missing is a bar and some alcohol at this point.”
You roll your eyes, “I mean, I was the one that fucked up this time.”
They all gasp involuntarily, and if you had it in you, you would roll your eyes at the chorus of what’s.
That day rewinds in your head, how it was so warm then so cold within a matter of moments. Your eyes water as you recall everything that happened, Victoria, your public altercation, walking back to the hotel alone while it felt like there was a rain cloud above your head, despite the piping hot conditions outdoors.
It isn’t like you don’t want to let Jaehyun in. You do, but you’re terrified of granting him that permission, of giving him your heart when he’s broken it before. But this way, you’re only breaking your heart more, and breaking his, too.
“I did something stupid. I assumed the worst when I shouldn’t have, and then I got scared. So I ran,” you want to bury yourself underneath the covers and sink into the earth to be forgotten, but you have to deal with your mistakes. “And I broke his heart. Now I need to fix it, but I don’t fucking know how.”
Yeri thinks you’re dumb.
Taeyong thinks you’re stupid.
Jaemin thinks you’re out of your fucking mind and an absolute fool for letting your thoughts destroy you, but he’ll do whatever he can to help.
“Talk to him, duh,” Yeri says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and it is, but easier said than done.
“How? I bet he doesn’t even want to see my face.”
“Are you kidding?” Jaemin gawks. “He’s been moping around the apartment like literally all week, and me and Jongin haven’t said anything because we thought it was his fault! He also has divorced man syndrome!”
Oh. You feel extra stupid now, and you can’t believe you let Victoria get in your head. Collapsing onto your pillow, you groan, “I really am an asshole.”
“Maybe, yeah,” Taeyong agrees, “but so is he, you guys are a match made in heaven.”
“Or hell,” Jaemin chimes in.
Taeyong glares. “With that being said—and I mean this in the friendliest way possible—get your head out of your ass and go talk to him.”
And you smile softly at that. If Taeyong’s giving you the push, you know that everyone’s right and you need to do something. Now.
You nod and whip out your phone with a sigh, opening iMessage. Can we talk?
Tumblr media
Antsy, you’re fidgeting. Your anxiety is spiking and you can feel your heartbeat directly in your eardrums, but this time your fears won’t scare you off. You wait for Jaehyun, feet tapping against the ground restlessly, until you see him nearing.
He walks over to your side, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets and you feel your heart wrenching a little when you notice that he doesn’t give you his wild grin he usually shoots whenever he sees you. His face is inscrutable, and you bite back the urge to run, because you know now that no matter how fast you run, you’ll never be able to hide from your feelings.
“Hey,” your voice is giving up on you, but you refuse to let it. Get a grip.
“Hey,” Jaehyun whispers back. His eyes are dark and empty, and that’s how you know you cut him deep. There’s always a gleam to his eyes, whether sad or blissful.
You can do this, you tell yourself. You’ve talked to him about much worse before, this should be nothing. But still, it’s never been quite like this. You’ve never made this bad of a mistake.
“About Saturday,” you begin, still fidgeting but managing to look at him, “I’m sorry. I jumped to conclusions instead of asking you, instead of trusting you, and I let Victoria get in my head—”
“Yeah, what the hell was that about?” Jaehyun interjects. “Sorry for interrupting you, but I’m still confused. Did I do something?”
“She pointed out that you were flirting with the ice cream lady. What was that?”
Jaehyun blinks, processing your statement, and when he does he begins shaking his head, “Seriously? You’re telling me this is all over the fucking ice cream? I was only flirting with her to get free ice cream! You know they was trying to charge me fifteen dollars for 4 scoops?”
“It’s not just that!” You exclaim. “Like, yeah, that triggered it, but—fuck, Jaehyun, I was scared, I was so fucking scared. I was overthinking, and all my doubts and fears came back, that what if you never cared, what if you don’t want me like I want you, what if I don’t know you like I think I do? I was scared to trust you, scared that I love you because I don’t want to lose you again—”
If Jaehyun was a dog, his ears would perk up. “You love me?”
“Yes,” you answer boldly. “I love you, Jaehyun. I’m in love with you, and up until now that scared me half to death, because I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to know that you love me, too,” and especially enough to stay. “But now I know. I trust you, Jaehyun. I love you, I want you, and I’m gonna be honest, I’m still a little scared. But that’s what love is, trusting someone to not break your heart. It’s a risk I’m ready to take for you.”
Jaehyun is silently stunned. He doesn’t have much to say, taken aback by your confession and the fact that this actually happening. “You mean that?”
You nod, smiling. “Every word.”
In seconds, Jaehyun has you pinned to the wall, his lips against yours. God, you missed this feeling. The feeling of his plush lips against yours, his hands on your body. You miss kissing him irresistibly, every hour of every day, for moments at a time until you were breathless.
Jaehyun seems to have missed it just as much, kissing you with a passion—hungrily; greedily. He kisses you like he can’t have enough, like his lips have an insatiable hunger.
And you can’t believe you’re making out with him behind your apartment, but you’re willing to try new things for him.
Jaehyun taps your thighs, and by now you know that that meets to jump, so you do, shrieking a little, yet he doesn’t let you fall. “I got you,” he whispers in between kisses, breath tickling your skin, “and I won’t ever let you go.”
Tumblr media
This Friday, Jongin throws another party, and you and the Pal-Cation crew are sure to be there. Mark and Yeri are a thing, Jaemin and Taeyong are actually a thing, much to your shock, and while you’re happy for them, you’re missing your own label. In spite of your feelings and actions, Jaehyun hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend.
“Hey,” Jongin greets, slipping onto the empty spot on the couch beside you. It’s been a while since you’ve last seen him, AKA that morning when he gave you five-star advice.
You wave, “Hey.”
“So… you and Jaehyun together? I’m guessing, since he stopped moping around the apartment.”
Oh, Jung Jaehyun. The man that can make you and your heart smile at as little as the mere thought of him. He’s somewhere around here, obviously up to something (he wasn’t very subtle when he told you he had to go do something and he’d be right back a couple of minutes ago) though you never questioned what specifically.
Then you frown in realization—together. Are you and Jaehyun together? You don’t mean to be picky, but after all you two have been through, the least you could have is a proper label. You kiss, you make out, you talk and make out some more, you love each other, so there’s no way that you couldn’t be together, or a couple.
“He hasn’t asked me yet,” you mutter.
Jongin furrows his brows. “He hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet? I’d say he’s terrible but who knows, maybe he’s saving to take you on an expensive romantic date or something.”
No, Jaehyun has plenty money. I think he’s a drug dealer, you think, but don’t say. You just nod along, agreeing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
And that’s when you hear it. You could sense it from miles away, it’s like you have a super sense when that song comes on—1 of 1. Only, that voice starting off in the outro is not your Taemin, and that’s when you remember tonight’s theme is karaoke. You stand up curiously and let your eyes lead you to the stage, wondering which fool had the audacity to cover—oh.
Your fool had the audacity to cover your favorite SHINee song.
And he sounds pretty darn good, too. You’ve always loved the fact that Jaehyun can sing, he has the most soothing voice you’ve ever heard.
“There she is!” Jaehyun shouts into the mic, pointing towards you, “My 1 of 1 girl!”
Oh, god. How much did he have to drink? Actually, Jaehyun’s tolerance is pretty high. You’re gonna have to interrogate Jongin about what’s inside those drinks, rather.
“How much did you have to drink?” You shriek over the music. You’re red in the face, aware of all the eyes on you, but after all the altercations you two have had, this should be nothing.
Jaehyun shouts back, “I’m perfectly sober, babe!”
You don’t want to buy it. Even drunk though, Jaehyun isn’t this embarrassing, but if he’s sober that means he’s embarrassing the both of you for literally no good reason at all.
He’s unphased though, singing the lyrics to SHINee’s 1 of 1 like he wrote them himself, especially for you. Thanks to all the times you’ve played the song, he knows every lyric.
“Come join me!”
“What? No—Jaehyun!” He pulls you onto the stage before your can argue, and suddenly you’re standing there, stiff, though making sure to shoot him the iciest glare possible.
“I know you don’t like me right now for this, but listen to me,” Jaehyun says, thumb on your chin as he looks you in your eyes. “There’s actually no other girl in this world I’d get on this stage and sing and dance for, besides you. I should have taken a shot before I did this, but I didn’t. Because I want to be sober when I ask you this.”
You blink. “Ask me what?”
“I have no planned build-up for this, I just wanna get to the point,” get to the point then you jerk, you almost roll your eyes. He shouts, and points the mic in your direction, “Will you be my girlfriend?”
Your cheeks burn, and your blood is pumping. “I should say no just to embarrass you.”
“That would make you an asshole.”
“You’re an asshole for waiting this long to ask me to be your girlfriend!” You retaliate.
“Does that mean you finally wanna be assholes together?” Jaehyun asks, a cheeky grin on his face. No one really understands what that means except for you two, and that makes the moment feel so much more special.
You turn to look at your audience, yet among them all you only see four people. Yeri and Jaemin mouthing say yes!, the latter a bit more enthusiastically, Kai giving you a thumbs up, and Taeyong nodding before doing a drum roll.
And you’re sure now. You took the risk of listening to your heart and shutting out the thoughts that tried to scare you away. You’ve never been more sure about anything in your life.
“Yes!” You’re smiling so hard your cheeks begin to hurt. “Yes, yes, yesyes yes—” he has to cut you off with his lips, and you melt into kiss.
The crowd erupts in noise, and you feel like a bride on her wedding day. If you and Jaehyun do get married, you already know who you’re inviting and who will be your bridesmaids and men of honor. That day is far, far ahead, but you smile at the thought and at the present.
Slow and steady. One thing at a time.
“I love you,” Jaehyun engulfs you in a warm, comfortable hug, “And only you.”
When he says it, you trust him. You believe him. Because the Jung Jaehyun you know and love today is a man of his word, and that means you get to love him with no fears, and no worries.
Love is a challenge. And in this moment and the next, it’s safe to say that you’ve won. “I love you, more.”
Jaehyun protests, “No, I love you more!”
“No, I love you more!”
“Get a room!”
You and Jaehyun giggle. You sigh comfortably against his chest. This is love. This is what Jaehyun loving you is like. And god, it feels so fucking good.
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vrvzi · 2 days ago
★ NCT DREAM : how they hold your hand !
cw. none
headcanons, fluff, listen
Tumblr media
— vrvzi, all rights reserved, do not translate / copy.
Tumblr media
MARK LEE. he likes to grab your hand out of nowhere; catching you off guard with the sudden grip his hand has on your own. he finds the smile that envelops your face when you look down at the connection to be absolutely adorable <3 squeezes your hand if he thinks you’re nervous too :3
HUANG RENJUN. wherever, whenever, he just wants to hold your hand all the time; he loves the feeling of being close to you. sometimes he holds just your pointer finger because he thinks it’s really cute — takes a picture and posts it on instagram hehe
LEE JENO. intertwines your fingers and brings your hand up to his lips to give it a quick peck before dropping both your hands back down to your sides. squeezes your hand every now and then. sometimes caresses your hand with his thumb :’)
LEE HAECHAN. when you first started dating, he would hold your hand so loosely in fear of making you uncomfortable, or even hurting you if he ends up squeezing too hard. now, he grabs your hand out of nowhere and keeps it in his hold until you practically beg him to let go because you need to use the bathroom. he’s always sad when he has to let go of you :’(
NA JAEMIN. asks permission !! you guys could be dating for months and he’d still always ask, especially if you have a history of trouble showing affection. when you let him take your hand into his, he intertwines your fingers sweetly and gazes down at the connection. his cheeks dust a light pink shade and you tease him but he doesn’t care
ZHONG CHENLE. grabs your hand and brings it up to his mouth, and you think he’s gonna kiss it, but he ends up pretending to literally eat it. you sit there in silence for a second, and you push him off you playfully. “no! y/n, come back, please, oh my gosh” places multiple pecks on your hand to get you to stay
PARK JISUNG. i feel like we all know this, but he /still/ gets shy when holding your hand — he likes you so much and showing affection towards you always makes him feel all fuzzy inside. his cheeks probably turn red and his hand might be a little shaky. you find it adorable, though, sitting and watching your boyfriend silently freak over holding someone’s hand like a schoolboy.
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iced-nct · a day ago
*Pairing* Camboy!Haechan x Reader
*Word Count* 1.5k
*Warnings* Smut, Camboy Hyuck, Public Sex, Masturbation (f receiving) language, Minors DNI
*Synopsis* It was just a link, It wasn't supposed to be anything serious. But you made a real impression on chat, one that Haechan just wasn't willing to let go. He HAD to find you.
Tumblr media
Now it was never your intention to end up on that website, but after a link had been sent out to what seemed to be the entire campus you couldn’t help but be curious. That email had led you to where you were now, holed up in your room with your laptop open waiting for the show to begin. With your screen illuminating your small bedroom the video finally started. On your screen sat a very nude Haechan, the sight of him on your screen making you blush furiously. He began greeting people who were talking to him in the chat, so you decided to type a short ‘Hi’. He would never know it was you, especially since you could hide behind your screen name.
“Hello, Peaches” He drawled out your screen name, something about the way he said it made your mouth water.
He began getting himself off while degrading the chat, and you couldn’t deny how hot it was. The sight of him pleasuring himself so publicly and shamelessly was infatuating. Joining in on the chat seemed like it would be much more fun than just watching and being sexually frustrated the whole time.
‘You would look better with me riding you’ You typed to him.
He stopped what he was doing when he read your message, half smirking into the camera. “I dare you to say that to my face, Peaches.” He licked his lips.
The flirty and degrading banter continued until the early morning hours. And though you knew you would be tired, it was fully worth it to watch Hyuck pleasure himself to your filthy messages.
You were sat in the library the next day studying for an English Lit exam you had in a few days when you felt someone drop themselves on the chair across from you. There in all his glory sat Haechan, who paid you no mind while you drank in his disheveled appearance. It was obvious by the dark bags under his eyes that he had been up late, and you knew exactly why. When you remembered the banter the two of you had going last night a blush crept across your cheeks. Haechan looked up to meet your eyes and his brows furrowed in confusion.
“You know it’s impolite to stare, right?” He raised a questioning brow at you. The action only making you blush harder.
You went back to taking notes for your exam, only glancing up when Haechan’s loud group of friends bumbled to your table. They immediately struck up conversation of his latest stream with no care in the world for all the ears that suddenly tuned into the chat, including your own.  You were taking a sip of water when you heard your screen name mentioned and almost choked.
“Yeah man, Peaches seems wild. You’ve gotta find out who they are” Jeno patted his friends’ shoulder encouragingly.
“I already tried going through every IP address that clicked the link. But holy fuck dude you were popular last night” Renjun huffed in annoyance.
Haechan bobbed his head up and down, agreeing with his friends about getting to the bottom of who Peaches was. The thought both thrilled and terrified you of him finding out the truth. Would he even want anything, or would he hate that it was you? Haechan and his group didn’t even know your name.
The evening went by in an uneventful breeze when you heard your computer ping and a private message accompanying it. ‘Be on the stream tonight, Peaches -Hyuck’ attached to the message was a link for his live stream. Excitement flowed through your veins at the invitation, but a slight sense of hesitation lingered. Why did Hyuck want to know who you were so badly? What difference did it make? With the moment of hesitation passing, you clicked the link and hung in a sense of anticipation. The wait for the stream seemed to take forever, but then he appeared in all his glory and began his routine of greeting chat. People flooded his chat with dirty suggestions of things for Hyuck to do, but he seemed to pay the chat no mind until you sent your message in.
Peaches: No luck finding me yet dirty boy. You’ll have to try harder if you want me to please you ; )
Haechan sucked in a sharp breath as he read your message, he smiled slightly before a confused look appeared on his face. “How do you know I’m looking for you, Peaches?” He asked point blank.
In a panic you exited the stream and closed your laptop. It was an unbelievable fuck up, only the few people in the library this morning whilst he and his friends spoke about your online persona. By this time tomorrow you were certain that between himself and his group they would put two and two together. Deciding it was best to sleep it off you climbed into bed, only to toss and turn for hours before you finally fell asleep.
The afternoon sun shined through the sheer curtains of your room and straight into your eyes. Haphazardly reaching out to the nightstand to grab your phone and check the time, only for your eyes to widen at the notifications on your phone. All of Hyuck’s friends and himself had followed you on your social media, and as you scrolled through to the bottom of the notifications there was a text from an unknown number.
“Meet me in the library at 6pm.” Was all it read, the current time was 4:30 which only gave you enough time to get ready and leave.
The library seemed emptier than it usually did, and the nerves in your system were left on high alert. Obviously Hyuck had figured it out, you knew he would. But it still begs the question, why did he want to see you? You took a seat on a couch that faced the entrance, knowing that you were early but he would likely be here any minute.
“So, it’s you, huh (y/n)?” a pair of strong hands rested on your shoulders, causing you to freeze.
Sure enough Haechan stood behind you staring down at you intently. His gaze was a mixture of lust and confusion. You could only manage to nod your head in response. His hands squeezed your shoulders before he moved to take a seat next to you.
“For someone who looks so innocent, you sure are naughty aren’t you Peaches” he emphasized your username to gauge your reaction.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Hyuck” Your gaze shifted away from his to look down at your hands.
His hand grabbed your chin to force you to look at him. “Oh, but babe, I think you do. I recall daring you to say something to my face (y/n). And I'm not leaving until you do.”
You knew exactly what he wanted to hear, he wanted you to say that he would look better with you on top of him. The way he was speaking to you right now was exactly how you listened to him degrade his viewers, and it turned you on so much. Haechan leaned forward to run his tongue along your neck to your jawline.
“Just say it. I dare you” He whispered huskily into your ear.
“You would look better with me riding you” You whined to him.
Hyuck pulled away to grin at you before sliding his hand down the waistband of your joggers, making you gasp. He shushed you before he continued, pushing his fingers against your clothed heat.
“My my. So wet for me already, hmm? You like being submissive?” He smirked at you.
You wiggled against his fingers, wanting so much more. He chucked before pushing his fingers into you, you moaned softly. Hyuck pulled you into him to kiss you hungrily while the pace of his fingers quickened. You spread your legs wider to allow him more access and he responded by circling your clit with his thumb. You moaned against his lips, which allowed his tongue to mix with yours. The high he was giving you on the couch in the library was extraordinary, and knowing that someone could come in at any time was thrilling. Hyuck took you to your high in the middle of the library, helping you ride it out on his fingers until you were a whiny mess for him. Just how he liked it.
Haechan pulled his fingers away from you and put them into his own mouth to taste you. His tongue licking up all of your juices from his hand.
“I see why you call yourself Peaches.” He smiled at you while getting up from the couch and starting to walk away.
You sat there absolutely gob smacked and in utter disbelief as Hyuck walked away from you. He got to the doors before turning around to look at you.
“Well, are you coming? I believe you still owe me a ride, Peaches” He winked at you.
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cherrybyunss · 2 days ago
Dangerous Woman Pt. 2
Ship: Mark Lee (NCT) x female reader Word Count: 3.6k Tags: Explicit Sexual Content, Dirty Talking, Oral (M and F receiving), Fingering, Overstimulation, Protected Sex
Dangeorus Woman Pt. 1 Ridin’ Club! Masterlist cheryybyunss Masterlist
You shook your head to clear the thought again. And Mark raised a brow in question.
“Well,” You said. “I guess I’ll go and try to sleep now.”
Mark blinked at you. “Sure.” He said.
And you pursed your lips, there was something in the air that you were sure you’d regret letting go the moment you walk into your room, but you didn’t know what else you could’ve done.
“Uh, y/n?”                                                            
You looked up at the male in question.
“I actually have something for you.”
And your eyes widened a little in surprise. “Um?”
“Wait here.” He said and walked towards his room before disappearing into it.
When he returned, he was holding a huge box wrapped up super prettily. “What the…”
“I thought I’d give it to you once the renovation was done, but right now felt like a pretty good time.”
You furrowed your eyebrows, trying to hold back a smile, as Mark handed it to you.
You carried the box to the dining table, and placed it on the table top, before carefully removing the wrapping paper.
And your eyes widened when you realized what it was.
It was a beautifully framed photograph of the eight of you in front of your cars, smiling and laughing together.
You turned to look at Mark, who had a tiny sheepish smile on his face.
“Like it?”
You felt like you’d cry. “Mark, I love it! What the fuck?!”
Mark just smiled warmly at you. “I’m glad.”
And you felt your entire being heat up.
Your body moved on its own as you scurried towards the older and threw your arms around his neck, enveloping him in the tightest hug. And his hands instinctively went around your waist, tightening the hug as if it was even possible.
You took in a deep breath and , not caring that he’d notice how warm your skin probably felt against his touch. And he nuzzled into your neck.
You sighed, your voice quiet. “Thank you for everything.”
And he hummed, just as quietly, and you shuddered as his breath hit the warm skin of your neck.
Your heart picked up a dangerous pace as you realized the position you were in – one definitely too intimate for two people who were just friends.
But being in Mark’s embrace felt like holding the world, and you didn’t wanna let go yet.
You tip-toed and buried your face into the crook of his neck, and God, how you wished you could stay there like that forever.
You felt his hands move against your waist, and your heart broke a little when you guessed he’d break away, but he nuzzled in closer, and his hands slowly moved up the sides of your waist before the grip strengthened, and you gasped at the touch.
You hand instinctively went to his nape, and he took in a deep breath, making you go weak in the knees.
You felt your mind haze up a little, the vulnerability of the moment a bit too much to take.
You wondered if you were allowed to let yourself revel in the feeling for this long, or at all.
You wondered if it was so wrong to just…
You felt Mark move a little against you, before you felt his lips against your neck, and you took in a deep breath as your grip on him tightened at the feeling.
“Mark…” You let out with a shaky breath.
Mark slowly pulled away, probably just as scared, and you were sure your heart would beat out of your chest at the prospect of looking at him right then.
But with your faces merely centimeters away from each other, lidded eyes, parted lips and deep breaths… you forgot to think altogether.
He looked at you with searching eyes, before his eyes travelled down to your lips for a split second, and that was it. You let yourself want him.
Bringing your hands to rest on his chest, you leaned in a little, and Mark closed the rest of the distance, pressing your lips together, as your eyes fell close and you felt warmth travel across your entire being.
There was no going back now.
Mark was gentle, yet passionate. His hands on your waist tightened. He kissed you like it was the last thing he’d ever do. And you kissed him like it’s all you’d ever wanted to do.
And maybe it was.
Mark’s hands gently cupped your face, as he sucked on your lower lip, soothing it with his tongue right after, and you felt butterflies in the pit of your stomach.
You felt like you were starting to lose your mind. You pulled him impossibly closer, and deepened the kiss. You swore if you’d known kissing Mark would feel this good, you would’ve never waited this long.
You both breathed heavy when you pulled away, his eyes lidded, and lips red and swollen. And he looked so sinful, every second you spent not kissing him felt like a crime.
So you leaned in again.
And Mark was just as desperate.
Never breaking away, he grabbed your waist, closing the small distance between you and the dining table, and pinned you against it, earning a gasp from you, that he kissed away.
You loved that Mark looked like he couldn’t get enough. ‘Cause neither could you.
By the time Mark pulled away, both of you were out of breath. He looked at you with gentle eyes, caressing your cheek with his thumb. And you leaned into the touch, looking at him like he held the power to break you into pieces in that moment, with you hoping, praying he wouldn’t.
Mark took in a deep breath, before giving in and resting his head on your shoulder.
“Fuck.” He whispered in a low voice.
“Mark…” You spoke weakly, holding onto the hem of his t-shirt.
And Mark groaned, turning into the crook of your neck before breathing out. “I’ll go feral if you keep saying my name like that.”
You froze, but only for a second, for Mark’s lips pressed against the sensitive skin of your neck, and your hand flew to his shoulder as you gasped at how fucking good it felt.
And Mark realized that. His hand cupped the other side of your neck as he continued trailing the most sinful kisses down your neck.
“Ah…” You moaned when he came across a particularly sensitive spot, and he caught on.
He latched his lips onto the spot and sucked. And you threw your head back in response.
“Fuck…” You managed to say, though it came out like a moan.
“Feel good, baby?” Mark spoke against your skin, caressing the skin under your ear on the other side, and you shuddered.
“Yes.” You breathed out.
Mark pulled away, making you miss the feeling instantly, and straightened up.
You looked up at him, looking at you almost as if he wanted to break you. And it turned you on way more than you’d ever care to admit.
Fuck, Mark was hot.
He leaned in again, and your eyes fell close, but this time he pressed his lips against your forehead. And you wanted to cry when he did.
When he kissed you again, he hooked his hands under your thighs and pushed you on top of the table, his hands staying on your legs, as yours went around his neck again.
He kissed down your jaw with painful heat, and your breath hitched. He trailed his kisses down to your neck, onto your collarbones, and you were sure he left marks on your skin.
Your fingers found their way to his hair, as some sort of relief, and grabbed it, and he hissed against your skin.
And something in you turned dark when he did.
“I’ll go feral if you keep saying my name like that.” His words played in your mind again.
And you felt yourself clench around nothing, because fuck, you wanted Mark to lose his mind because of you, like you were because of him.
You pulled him away with your grasp on his hair, chin up. And he breathed out when your eyes met.
Mark was fucking handsome. And fucking hot.
You leaned in till he could feel your breath against is lips, never letting go of him, as you felt his own grip on your hips tighten.
“Mark…” You said again, licking a tiny strip across his bottom lip. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me so hard, for so long.”
His eyes fell shut at your words, and something inside you felt so deeply satisfied, as you dove in to leave marks on his pretty neck.
“I need you to fuck me, please.” You breathed heavy against his jaw as you pleaded. “Will you please do it for me?”
He snapped his eyes open, and you about moaned at how dark they looked. And you kissed him, slow and dangerous.
Your heart skipped several beats when he picked you up, your legs wrapped around his hips, but his lips caught the gasp that left yours, as he kissed you with intent that made heat pool in your stomach.
You could feel his hard on against your clothed core, and it made you dizzy with desire.
You grinded against him, the groan that left his lips making you feel things you’d never say out loud.
He threw you onto his bed and wasted no time climbing on top of you and kissing you again.
A part of you marveled at the prospect of what was happening – you were under Mark, your hands in his hair, and he was kissing you like a man starved.
But Mark bit your lower lip, and soothed it with his tongue, and any semblance of caution left in you, was thrown out the window as you snaked your arms around him, and attempted to pull him impossibly closer.
“Fuck, baby.” He said and you moaned, just from his voice.
You felt Mark press his knee between your legs, up against your core, and you instinctively made way for the newfound pressure, and grinded down on it, the pleasure making you throw your head back and squirm under Mark.
Mark hissed at the sight. Making you look at him getting drunk on you. And that combined with the way his knew massaged your core, drew out the whiniest moan from you.
Mark visibly snapped, pulling you up from the mattress and pulling your top over your head and discarding it, and kissing you while his hands go behind your back, unclasping your bra and getting it off and out of the way.
He pushed you back down, and took in your form for an instance, before pulling his own t-shirt over his head, making you drool at his toned torso.
It wasn’t your fist time looking at the tattoo on his chest, or his sleek dog tag necklace, but those things had definitely never made your head spin this way with lust before.
You wanted him. He knew that.
He dove back in and captured your lips with his again, diligently swallowing the moans it earned from you, before trailing his kisses down to your jaw.
By now, he knew the spots that made you go haywire, and made sure you knew he did.
You cried with every mark he left on your skin – sucking, teasing, abusing the most sensitive areas of your neck and collarbones, before he moved further down, and made your toes curl in anticipation.
You gasped when his lips closed down on one of your nipples, his fingers going to the other, before he swirled his tongue against it, making you squirm, and arch your back against him.
“Ah–” You cried.
Mark flicked his tongue against the swollen bud one last time before moving onto the other, and you positively lost your mind.
“Mark, please fuck me, I need you right now.”
Mark pulled away to look down at you, and you gulped as you came down from your body feeling as if it was on fire.
You could feel your soaked up panties against your core as heat pooled down there yet again, from you just being under him. And you about whined at how stupidly attractive Mark was.
“Patience baby.” Mark said, his voice raspy. “I promise I’ll make you feel so good.”
You took in a deep breath at his words.
“You want that right, baby?”
You nodded, desperate.
“Yes, what?”
“I want you to make me feel good, Mark.” You breathed out.
“Good. Then, be a good girl.”
Your hands clutched the sheets. This was your first time seeing this side of Mark, and to say you were loving every bit of it would’ve been an understatement.
Mark pressed his lips to your belly, and gently traced them, leaving fluttering kisses on your skin, and you whimpered. It felt amazing.
He stopped at a particular spot, latched his lips onto it, and sucked. You moaned his name as your finger went to grab his hair. He continued the assault on your skin till he was satisfied with how dark the skin turned, moving onto another and repeating the process, and you were left squirming under him.
When he sat back up, you shot up, and pull him smack onto yourself, kissing him like your life depended on it.
His hands travelled down your body, inside your shorts and panties, and you moaned when his fingers parted your soaked folds and ran between them.
“Mark, please–”
“So wet for me.” Mark groaned.
He pushed a finger inside, and you clenched around him, desperate for any kind of relief.
Mark hummed against your jaw, a smirk apparent in his voice. And if he wasn’t making you feel this good right now, you would’ve felt sheepish.
He pulled his finger out, adding another one this time, and the delicious stretch made you hold onto him for dear life as you hissed.
Mark curled his fingers up and you gasped when it hit your g-spot, but he refused to move, earning a whine from you.
He pulled away to look at you with a smile, giving the spot a light teasing rub, and pulling his fingers out and slowly teasing the entrance again.
You whined for him to stop teasing you. And he snickered at how desperate you were.
Deciding to finally have mercy on you, he withdrew his hand entirely, hooked his fingers into the band of your shorts and panties, and got rid of them at once, letting the cold air hit your hot core, and making you gasp.
He lowered himself between your legs, and you shuddered in anticipation, before he kissed your thigh, and then your folds, licking one long stripe against your slit. He looked up at you, and kissed your folds once again before pulling away.
The teasing was killing you.
But his fingers found your heat right away, sliding slowly against your slit, and slowly driving you over the edge.
Your body jolted when he circled your slit, rubbing small circles on it right after, making your breathing get heavier as you felt your orgasm build up in your stomach.
But he let go and slid his finger down to your entrance again, before he rammed his fingers inside and made you scream in pleasure.
He did it again, and then again until you were screaming his name, asking him to not stop.
He lowered himself on you again, and parting the folds with his free hand, took your clit in his mouth, and sucked.
You writhed in ecstasy as he continued his ministrations on you, swirling his tongue around your clit, flicking it every now and then, as his fingers pounded into you ruthlessly, driving you fucking insane.
“I-I’m close!” You managed to form.
Mark hummed against your core, making you whine in desperation, before he curled your fingers one last time, and you saw stars.
Your orgasm crashed over you in waves of pleasure.
But Mark didn’t let you ride it out. He didn’t stop or slow down at all.
“Mark!!” You yelled. But the sound fell on deaf years as Mark drove you to overstimulation with his tongue and fingers still working your sensitive heat. “Fuck!”
Mark pulled away, letting the torment of his tongue come to a halt, but only momentarily as his free thumb took its place right away, pressing down onto the swollen bud, and making your jolt under him.
“Mark, please! Ah–”
Mark cut you off with a particularly hard thrust as he sat back up.
“Come on baby, you can do it.” He breathed out. “Come for me once again.”
And you swore if he wasn’t driving you crazy with his fingers, you would’ve absolutely lost your mind at the way he looked right there.
The metal chain against his toned tattooed torso, marked up neck, swollen lips, and eyes feeding off of your writhing state.
Fuck, Mark was dangerous.
“You look so beautiful right now.” Mark spoke with hooded eyes. “Come for me baby.”
And his words combined with his fingers threw you over the edge the second time that night. Your eyes fluttered shut as you saw white and with Mark letting you ride it out this time, you swore the high took an infinity to come down from.
You collapsed onto the bed as you did, you breath labored and body tired.
Mark climbed on top of you again, smiling as he placed a kiss on your forehead, followed by a light peck on your lips. “You did so well.”
You smiled back at him, but you knew you were far from done yet.
You pushed him up as your sat up yourself, and decided to let your actions answer his questioning gaze, as you traced your fingers down his torso, almost drooling as you did, before leaning forward to place long, soft kisses where your fingers had been.
He took in a deep breath at the sensation, making you smile a little.
You pulled away to look at him with want flooding your being, as your hand traveled dangerously low, down onto his hard on, and his lips parted as you palmed him over his sweats.
You leaned forward and took his lower lip between your lips, and sucked, before placing a soft kiss on his lips.
“That was the best orgasm of my life.” You said against his lips, hooking your fingers into his waistband. “Let me take care of you now.”
You pushed him down onto the mattress and removed his sweatpants along with his boxers, and took in a deep breath at the sight before you.
Mark was huge.
You looked at his anticipating eyes, before you leaned down to press a kiss to the leaking tip, and took him in your hands, before taking the head into your mouth and swirling your tongue against it, making his breath hitch.
He groaned when you sank further down and sucked, a sound traveled straight to your core.
You felt him support himself on one elbow as the other hand grabbed your hair in a ponytail, encouraging you to continue.
You moved up and down against him, fastening your pace with his growing grunts of pleasure. Tears formed in your eyes as his dick hit the back of your throat, and you moaned with him still inside your mouth.
“Fuck.” He groaned. And your own fingers traveled down to your sensitive clit again.
Mark pulled you away, and pushed you down onto the mattress again, hovering over you with labored breath.
He reached for his night stand and grabbed a condom from the top drawer, tearing the packet and rolling it on, before guiding his dick to your heat.
He teased your wet folds with the tip, making you whimper when he touched the clit. But he stopped at the entrance, depriving both of you of what you wanted the most.
“Tell me what you want baby.” Mark said against your ear, and you shuddered.
Your breath hitched yet again when you realized what Mark was waiting for.
“Do you not me to fuck you?”
“I do!” You whined.
“I want you to fuck me so hard, Mark!”
And as if on command, Mark rammed his length inside you. And you screamed his name like it was the only thing you knew.
He pounded into you like a man on fire, his length filling you up deliciously and every single thrust made your toes curl with pleasure.
His mouth latched onto your nipple as he was sending you over the edge with his dick.
“Fuck, Mark!”
“That’s right.” He pulled away before he breathed against your jaw. “Tell me baby, who’s fucking you this good?”
“You are!”
And with one hard thrust by the man sending you over, your third orgasm for the night washed over you cried.
“Fuck.” Mark groaned as your walls clenched down on him, sending him over the edge right after.
Both of you stayed that way for a moment, breathing heavy. But then Mark peppered your face with kisses, before pulling away, and getting up to clean the two of you up.
You pulled the blanket over yourself. Mark put his sweatpants back on again.
“Come back.” You said to him, who you already knew was returning.
And Mark smiled. “Right away.”
He got under the covers and let you cuddle upto him, smiling fondly at your figure.
You nuzzled in closer. “Let me borrow one of your shirts.”
Mark kissed the top of your head, and caressed your hair as he replied. – “Whatever you want tonight.”
Dangeorus Woman Pt. 1 Ridin’ Club! Masterlist cheryybyunss Masterlist
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najaemism · 2 days ago
‘tis the damn season [20]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
FINAL. | prev / masterlist / next
Tumblr media
NOTE. AAAAA IT’S THE END BESTIES 🥺❤️ thank u so much for reading this au (which was originally only supposed to be 10 parts and also supposed to be super angsty 🥴🥴) i hope u all enjoyed reading, and i will see u in the next smau 😁👍🏼
TAGLIST. @radiorenjun @bluejaem @pink-but-rosie @renjun-pretty @holdinbacksecrets @rynshyuckies @jelllyjae @jenyongcas @whyisquill @beemarkie @morkxlee @hibuki-chan @keijikunn @emvrd @boiolay @bbnana @moonwalkun @lyyhyuck @baekhyunstruly @minahoeshi @grassbutneo @bearseulgs @markzitos @mocheesekimbap @strang-ersclub @haechans-sunflower @geeisaclown @leagreenly @kyeohaz @ukiyoneo @morkleetrash @wordholic @lilacdreams-00 @jaeminslut @luvenshiti @le-chenle @cwsana @keemburley @lokideadontheinside @resceluwu @notting-new @junglewoos @dandelionxgal @todomaniac @drvrslcense @ridinhyuck @gyujunhans @najaeminluvbot @renjunn1es @diestheticu @daegalfangirl
EXTENDED TAGLIST. @enhacolor @jeon-jungkook-is-actually-god @imagining-constantly @heavenstocharlee @mrkleelvr @jiye0n0 @rensiu @pudulee @wildxdreamer @jkprkerz @stoatwashere @itzsora
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armysantiny · 2 days ago
...soft bf!Jeno turns and smiles when he sees you dozing off on his bed, the video game on his PC screen suddenly much less interesting than it originally was. Saying goodbye to the others - while Hyuck yells at him for ditching them - and shutting the game off, he climbs into bed, arms wrapped around you.
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nctsplug02 · a day ago
Can I request sunday morning slow sex with mark 👉👈 thank you!
genre: smut and fluff
Mark had a wet dream about you riding him so when he woke up, he woke up to a hard morning log. He tried everything to wake you up but nothing worked.
3 years into the relationship and mark was still scared to wake you up with his cock inside you. You had given him full consent to do so but he had always wimped out.
He sighed and decided that he’d take of it himself and slowly climbed out of bed. You felt the bed slowly rise up so you reached behind you and reached out for mark but ended up grabbing his morning log. “Fuck—!” He whimpered and grabbed your wrist.
“Don’t go, stay with me.” You whispered tiredly, your voice nearly croaking. Mark inhales sharply and decides that he’s gonna try out what you had consented him to do.
He gets rid of his briefs and tosses it off the bed, it was a pain. Then slides off your panties, throwing it behind him as well. His fingers traveled down to your heat and slowly, he dipped a finger in your cunt.
A quiet whimper let you as he starts thrusting his finger. You quickly got wet which caused a squelching noise to be heard from under the sheets.
He pulled his finger out and turned your body to the side so that your ass would be facing his crotch. He sits up and then grabs his cock, slowly he slides himself inside your wet cunt.
A moan is heard from you as he bottoms you out. “M—mark?” You moan, face slightly scrunched up. “Stay still for me, baby.” He whispers, hands on your ass and thigh as he rocks his hips.
Your arms hugging the pillow above you as he slowly rocks his hips against yours. Mark could hear soft moans leave your parted lips as he fucked you. “Fuck,” mark sighed and ran his hands down your hip to your waist.
Mark rested his weight on you and began chasing his high, rocking his hips faster than before and then spilling his seeds into you.
Mark stays in his place for a few seconds before pulling out and watching his cum seep out of your pussy.
He leans down and kisses your temple. “I love you, you did so well for me.” You hum in response. Mark climbs off the bed and leaves the room, coming back with a cloth in his hand.
He slowly spreads your legs and gently cleans you up, using the wash cloth to wipe away your wetness and his cum.
he gives you a kiss before leaving the room and going to the kitchen where he had made breakfast. burnt breakfast.
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icedcappujaeno · 2 days ago
kingdom come | masterlist.
Tumblr media
Jaehyun remembers you, and he hopes that you remember him as well.
genre: mafia!au | fluff | angst | smut pair: Jaehyun & reader general warnings: language, sexual content, drugs, blood and violence, guns
Tumblr media
→ Prologue
→ Chapter 1: Void
→ Chapter 2: Apparition
→ Chapter 3: Denial
→ Chapter 4: Familiarity
→ Chapter 5: Coincidence 
→ Chapter 6: Slowly
→ Chapter 7: coming soon...
Tumblr media
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lavendernavi · 7 hours ago
Your Move [M] Part 1A
Tumblr media
Preview:“I bet I am the only girl who you haven’t slept with in school yet. You know why?”
Mark tilts his head to the side and crosses his arms. “Why?”
You then walk up and get in his face, figuring out that he is just a few inches taller before going on with your rant.
“Because I am not attracted to you, never will deal with you, and know that the only thing you want from a girl is what’s in her pants. I see you Mark Lee, and I am disgusted, appalled, and put off every time I see you.”
Word Count: 5,183
Warnings: Mark is a bad boy/ delinquent/pissant who enjoys getting underneath the skin of the reader. Talk of sex, squirting, and mild dirty thoughts/arousal of reader. Oh and lots of cursing! Mark says “vanilla” :P but we know better.
You scream into your backpack as your best friend Yuna tries to calm you down. She strokes your back, knowing just how bad this situation is for you. The city bus bumps a little, masking the kicks that you dish out to the empty seat in front of you. You were about to rip your hair out as your eyes teared for the fifth time today.
 If he had left you alone, this wouldn't have happened. Everyday Mark picked on you for being about school, not having a boyfriend, and not looking like the resident school sluts. The argument all started when Mark decided he was going to trip you, but when he tried, you ended up falling on him. 
 Your breasts were sitting up in your canary yellow long-sleeved crop top, and your ass fell right on his lap in your black high wasted distressed jeans. You stare at each other.
 And then… you slapped him. 
 You slap Mark Lee so hard that he doesn’t just fall back on his desk; he falls out on the floor with blood on his lip.
 “Bet you’ll think twice next time before tripping me, huh?” You say with your hands on your hips.
 Mark grits his teeth as he wipes the blood from his lip and his friends help him up. “Didn’t have to make me bleed, you crazy bitch!”
 “Didn’t have to put your foot in my path, you narcissistic fuck wad!”
 You two give each other every single insult from your mama jokes to your daddy jokes, fat jokes, and even insult each other’s clothing. You stomp your combat boots out of anger, getting ready to lunge before Yuna holds you back, but... trouble arrives.
  You were on the city bus, en route to the area in which Mark Lee lives, so that you could be his private tutor; Why must you endure such suffering?
 You scream once again in your backpack, and groan as you stomp your boots on the floor, moaning and groaning in despair as Yuna continues to stroke your back to ease your mind. 
Yuna sighs, “I see it now. ‘And in tonight’s news, two high school teens kill one another in a battle royale; more details at 10’.”
 You shake your head at your friend’s sense of humor, running your fingers through your hair. You didn’t know what was worse, tutoring Mark Lee or having to tutor him in his home instead of your own; Did everything have to blow up? 
 Things could’ve had gone a different direction if Mark Lee would’ve left you alone, but this tyrant was inescapable.
 You glance over and there is a big smile on Yuna’s face while she texts on her phone. Once she sees you eyeing her, she finishes her text and puts it away as if you didn’t notice what she was doing. The expression on your face makes Yuna gulp, causing you to scowl at her before she gives up and passes the phone to you. 
 Seeing who she is talking to and you give back the phone before pouting.
 “Oh, come on Y/N,” she holds her phone, checking if she has a reply yet from the last person you thought she would be with.
 “Nope. How could you?! Here I am, hoping that you give a damn about what is happening, and you are dating a close friend of tyrant Mark Lee, behind my back?!” you click your tongue before feeling a pinch to your arm and wince in pain.
“Don’t get mad at me because your temper got the best of you; Jaehyun and I don’t have to join in your feuding because we are your friends.” She has a finger in your face.
 You resist the urge to snap at it like a dog, but you decide to let her have this one; she may be right, but the whole thing hurts you. Yuna sighs in defeat before tapping your arm to get your attention, but your eyes are tearing up.
  “Stop it, ok?! Jaehyun and I are an official couple; have been for some time. He’s been telling me I should tell you, and he has wanted to get you, I, and Mark together hoping we can all get along and be friends.”
 You don’t buy it for a second, but why would your best friend lie to you, of all people? Sure, she and Jaehyun were dating, but he had done nothing to you but smiled and always kept Mark from making a bigger mess with you. 
 Now it was all making sense as Yuna’s phone rang.
 “Hi baby,” Yuna answers, a little too cute for your taste as she presses speakerphone.
 “How are you beautiful?” Jaehyun has a sexy tone that has the power to melt a girl. You watch as they both exchange details about their day across the line, and soon you get pulled into the conversation.
 “Is she right next to you?” Jaehyun’s tone is hopeful, which makes you curious. “Am I on speaker?”
 Yuna begs you to be civil as you sigh in defeat and take the phone. 
 “Hi Y/N, how are you? I’m uh... sorry for how Mark acted today.” It wasn’t Jaehyun’s place, but at least he knows what kind of person he was.
 “No need to apologize; it’s not like you meant for that to happen.”
 “No, not at all! If I had known he would’ve acted like that before, I would have stopped it, but Mark is impulsive; like... he uses his brain for everything except making better decisions.”
 You stifle a chuckle and make Yuna smile before Jaehyun finishes. “But hey, I only called Yuna because I figured you may be with her. Mark told me not to give you his address, but I will anyway; because he doesn’t run me, and he needs to face you outside of school for a change.”
 You scowl at that.
 “You don't have to.”
 “Yes, I do Y/N. Mark has no excuse for how he treats you. Your tutoring sessions may teach him a bit of respect and humility. I mean... Mark has either scared away, seduced, or lied to his last previous tutors that his parents hired, but having someone that he knows a bit more about may block any ill intention for once.”
 Scared away, seduced, or lied on? Jeez…. you weren't dealing with a school tyrant anymore. This kid was as bratty outside of school as he was in it. Yuna notices your expression and asks if you want her to let him go, but you shake your head to refuse.
 “So, what’s the address?” you curse. 
 Jaehyun says he’ll text the address to Yuna’s phone in a few minutes so she can forward it to you, but there is a loud bang and screaming in the background about old food on the table.
Jaehyun groans, explaining how it wasn’t he who did it, but the other male has already threatened to commit murder on everyone there if no one fesses up. 
 The line hangs up, and seconds later a text with the address and some words makes you both question what will happen to Jaehyun by tomorrow.
Sorry. This may be the last time you hear from me. Good luck Y/N. I hope it all works out, and if you find out about a body found in the Han River...it’s mine. Bye!
 You can’t help but laugh at that, but your laugh falters once Yuna sends the address to your phone. You enter it in your GPS.
After talking with Yuna some more, you reach your drop off point and grab your backpack before standing up and waiting for the driver to come to a stop.
 “Might not be so bad; what could go wrong? The second the tyrant makes me upset or uncomfortable, I’m leaving.”
 Yuna nods her head and gives you a hug before pushing your hair behind your ear. “Call if anything happens. I’ll pick you up when I have the car later.”
 Before you leave the bus, you nod and smile. Yuna gives you a thumbs up and wave to you as the bus leaves.
 You soon stop in front of a white gate. It is open, and after enough deliberation, you decide to go in. Your eyes widen at the sight before you, a beautiful modern home with a wooden and stone exterior surrounded by different trees and bushes. It’s like you have walked into a movie as you approach the house.
 Did Mark Lee live here? You text Yuna, telling her you made it, but you aren’t sure if you found the right place.
 Jaehyun says that there should be a skateboard by the gate before you enter. That means that Mark is home. Do you see it?
 None in sight, but this house is...wow.
 Jae, Yuyu
 Jae: Did she find the house?
 Yuyu: Yeah, but she says there is no skateboard Jae.
 Jae: That kid is not home yet; he was with Jeno, seeing as how he came home, too. He only lives a few houses away from him.
 Me: Should I wait here or…?
 Jae: Yea Y/N, wait there. I’ll text him you are there.
 Me: Thanks Jae. You get a boyfriend who is nice to me for once.
 Yuyu: -.-
 Jae: :P No problem, love.
Your patience wears thin; waiting for Mark outside the gate would be better. You make your way out to the street and decide to use snapchat. You do your signature face and sneer while puckering your lips, lip syncing to one of your favorite songs. The sound of skateboard wheels coming closer isn't something you notice while looking through recent snaps. You chuckle and giggle at some of your friends’ snaps back home, messaging how much you miss them before you look up and scream when you see a boy on a skateboard coming straight for you.
 You duck for cover, but when you notice you are still standing, you open your eyes. As you look at who almost crashed into you, you stand up straight and make sure you’re still alive. You assume an all too familiar position with your hands on your hips as the dirty blonde-haired boy steps one foot off of his skateboard and picks it up with one hand. The air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. As he walks through the gate of his house, you scowl at him, earning an eye roll. 
 “Let’s get this over with cause I’ve got better things to do and better people to see.” His tone is bitter.
 He slides the front door to the side, jerking his head as if to say that you can go first.
 He has some manners? Is what you think, but Mark retorts.
 “Got to lock the door after I let you in. It’s not me being nice.”
 Your eyes wander around the house and marvel over the interior decorating. Mark snaps his fingers to get your attention.
 “No shoes,” he states as he points to your feet. He mutters something that you couldn’t hear, but you think he said something about not being house trained. You decide to let it slide as you untie your boot laces and slip your feet out of them. 
 You allow him to take your shoes. He grimaces once he takes them from you.
 “One mark on my boots, and I will make sure you see them from heaven during your funeral.”
 Mark scoffs at your threat before placing the shoes in a cupboard right by the door. You feel something hit your ankle.
 “Huh?” You pick up a purple ball and look to see a set of bright eyes looking at you from around the corner of a hallway. You crouch and hold out the ball with a smile to show you are not a bad person.
 A little boy comes scampering towards you and accepts the ball back. 
 “Hi,” you greet, as the boy waves at you while cradling the ball.
 “My name is Y/N, what is yours?”
 The boy shows you his two front teeth in a gummy smile. “Jun.”
 “That’s a cute name. It’s nice to meet you Jun. I like your ball.”
 “Purple is my favorite color.”
 You can’t help being charmed by the cuteness of the boy and his adorable face in front of you. You forget about Mark standing there as you converse with tiny little Jun.
 “Purple is my second favorite color, next to yellow, that is.”
 Jun gets closer “Is that why you are wearing a yellow shirt?”
 You nod before Jun comes up to your ear and whispers something, “Are you my brother’s new girlfriend?”
 “I can hear you twerp!” Mark barks, only for the younger to stick his tongue out.
 You giggle. "No, we’re only school friends."
  Jun then gets close and whispers in your ear, making your eyes widen as you blush and cover your mouth.
 Jun nods before looking at Mark, who rolls his eyes and goes upstairs to what you assume is his room and slams the door. Jun flinches a little, a sad look appearing on his face.
 “Hey, don’t be sad. He’s like that towards me, too.”
 Jun looks up at the stairs to make sure Mark can’t hear him. “Did you come to play with Markie… like his other girlfriends?”
 You gag hearing such words from an innocent child.
 You shake your head “No. I am going to help him get good grades in school.”
 “Well, good luck. Mom and Dad have tried everything. They even got other people from other countries to help him, but they always ended up leaving. He’s not so nice to them… or me.”
 The poor baby’s story breaks your heart as you tip his chin up and see tears in his eyes. “Put a smile on that cute little face.”
 Jun sniffles, and a beautiful smile follows. 
 “That’s a good boy. I believe I saw a corner store down the street. Are you old enough to leave the house by yourself?”
 Jun nods with a smile as you take your wallet from your bag and give him some money. “Go buy yourself something sweet on me. After today, I promise I will do everything I can to make your brother be nice to you.”
 Jun nods his head before giving you a hug.
 “Thank you Y/N! I hope my brother makes you his girlfriend, then we can all play together!”
 You curse yourself for loving small children. You notice Mark hasn’t come back down and decide that maybe he is doing something more important.
 “Guess I’ll wait here then.”
 You sit down on the couch and go through your phone to pass the time. After about 5 minutes, you hear footsteps on the stairs and look to see Mark raising his eyebrow at you.
 “Why haven't you come up, dummy?”
 “Excuse me?” you fire back, as Mark mimics you.
 “You heard what I said. I’m not repeating myself.”
 You stand up and cross your arms, showing off your trademark sass.
 “First, you leave while I’m talking to your adorable little brother. Second, you never came back.”
 Mark mimics you with a hand puppet and mouths everything you say while rolling his eyes.
  “And third, there is a thing called kuh-myoo-nee-kay-shun; you little prick.”
 Mark continues to mimic you before realizing you are mocking him. “There is also a thing called pay-eeng ah-ten-shun. Stupid.”
 Jun then walks in licking on an ice cream cone “Says the one who has a hard time following die-reck-shuns and pay-eeng ah-ten-shun. Haha.”
 “You wanna die?!” Jun runs away and leaves you holding your stomach in raucous laughter. Mark puts his sights back on you.
  “Sounds to me like your lovely charms don’t work so well at home, hey, Markie?”
 “You call me that again, and I will make sure you regret it. Now shut up and get up here.”
 You make your way up the stairs and wink at Jun. Mark is waiting for you at a door with a sign that reads “KEEP CALM AND BEWARE OF THE BEAST WITHIN” hanging on the front. He jerks his head, gesturing for you to come in before closing the door and walking past you. 
 He sits In a gaming chair and puts on headphones before grabbing a Xbox controller.
 “Yeah, I’m back. No, it’s nothing important; got distracted. I’m still good to play.”
 You roll your eyes as you look around the room; the smell of styling gel and AXE body spray is strong. Posters of artists like Drake, Kanye, and other rappers fill the walls. You see what looks to be a small home studio setup and a notebook with lyrics inside of it. There is an Iron Man comforter on his bed and you can’t help but snicker.
 “Hold on, guys. The fuck are you laughing at?” You shake your head. You look around for somewhere to sit down, but don’t see a chair anywhere near, so you decide to just stand.
 “You gonna keep standing there like an idiot?”
 He points to his bed. You walk over and sit on the bed while holding bag close. Mark notices your demeanor plans something devious.
 “So, Sowon came over yesterday, right? Yeah, Kim Sojung.”
 Wondering what the hell he was on about, you keep listening. He speaks of how she is a pro and even though she is a virgin, he still wanted to score. You cannot believe what you are hearing, but still wanted to know more.
 “Man, she almost choked. Yeah, omg she was so damn ready for me I couldn’t say no. We kissed a few times, nothing too intimate, and then she took off her shirt. She has got some small ones, but I managed.”
 You hold your bag tighter and tighter, hearing each detail, not even noticing that Mark is side eyeing you; he gauges your reaction before deciding to take it up a notch.
 “So she’s on top right not facing me, but she’s so wet and loves how much it feels that she ends up squirting on my bed. Bro... I could’ve drowned if I hadn’t pushed her off.”
 The moment you hear squirting and bed in the same sentence, you snap your eyes to the comforter. Was Mark such an asshole that he would let you sit in another girl’s fluids? All you did was slap him — he needed it — but damn, how disgusting and foul could a guy be?
 “So I take her from behind,” you hear Mark as your heartbeat quickens. “I’m pounding, pounding, and pounding into her. Like bro, I’m trying to make her not only say my name but wanna have my kids at this pont. We keep going and going until she screams that is she is cumming for me, and again she squirts all over the bed!”
 Your head spins as Mark’s words echo in your head. You feel a sensation in between your legs, cleaning them together. The words coming from this asshole’s mouth appal you, although it arouses you.
 You let out a low groan. Could this get any worse?
 “Oh, and guess what?”
 “I still haven’t washed the comforter since it happened. The stain is still there and everything.”
 You rise and head over to the door.
 “Whoa, where are you going?” a coy tone with a devious smirk. His smirk fades when you turn around and giving him a clear view of your flushed face. 
A lot of anger, a hint of disgust, and maybe, if Mark was more perceptive, a bit of envy and lust.
 How could you let him get to you like this? How could you allow him to break you down? You were a fool to think maybe things would be different, but guys like Mark live for nothing but childish games; hurting the feelings of good people. You refuse to play games that were pointless.
 “Home.” Your tone is bitter yet calm, which makes Mark hurry and speak into his headset, and if you didn’t know any better... he sounded nervous.
 “Hey bro, I gotta hop off. Something, uh… happened.”
 He turns off the Xbox and TV before standing up to face you. “What’s wrong? Was it something I said?” There goes that damn sarcasm again, making you want to do more than slap him.
 “It was everything you said! You’d allow me to sit in another girl’s filth after having fucked her?! You are such a dick, and I don’t know why I even listened to Jaehyun—”
 “Wait… Jaehyun? As in my friend Jaehyun? The hell did he say—”
 “That’s none of your damn business!”
  You wanted to mention what Jun whispered to you earlier also, but this has nothing to do with him; you won’t let Mark hurt him because of you.
 “If you hate me then ok fine, but don’t you ever put me in the same boat as one of your fuck toys! I am not one of your mindless sluts that let you treat them like fast food!”
 Your words stun Mark, but he knows he can’t humor you by showing any emotion.
 “I am NOT about to waste my time with a spoiled, pretentious, arrogant, chauvinistic, womanizing, obnoxious, skateboarding brat that can’t keep his dick in his pants whenever a short skirt and big tits pass by!”
 Mark’s expression remains passive, but it is clear your words affect him. You huff before running your hands through your hair.
 “I bet I am the only girl who you haven’t slept with in school yet. You know why?”
 Mark tilts his head to the side and crosses his arms. “Why?”
 You then walk up and get in his face, figuring out that he is just a few inches taller before going on with your rant.
 “Because I am not attracted to you, never will deal with you, and know that the only thing you want from a girl is what’s in her pants. I see you Mark Lee, and I am disgusted, appalled, and put off every time I see you.”
 “Oh?” Mark moves forward, making you back up.
 He smirks as you move until your back is against the door. 
 “It’s about time you fought back. I thought you were all bark and no bite. Now, I’m glad I get to see how you get. — slapping me was your first mistake.”
 “Should have never messed with me. You wouldn’t get this side of me if you showed some respect.”
 “That’s a tall order. Y/N, if I didn’t respect you, I wouldn’t mess with you at all,” Mark states as he looks down at you, putting his hands up on the door on both sides of you.
  “You got a mouth, and I like that. Makes it fun when it’s time to break girls like you down. I’m a bit of a sadist, everyone, but you knows that, until now.”
 “Get over yourself. The only way someone will ever break me is willingly; I’m difficult.”
 Mark chuckles “You’re funny...”
 “You are about to find me hilarious if you don’t back away.”
 “Make me back away,” he spouts.
 You scowl at him, wanting to slap that smug look off his face. He smiles at you, his eyes lighting up.
 “So then, you are confident that there is no way that I will ever attract you Y/N?” He looks you in your eyes.
 “Yes. I am nothing but confident, Mark.”
 Mark then licks his lips before backing up and giving you space. “Ok then ‘Miss Confident’. So how about you put your money where your mouth is?”
 You knit your brows as you glare at him “Excuse me?”
 “Let’s make this interesting,” he voices before sitting at the foot of his bed. 
 You raise your brow. “I’m listening.”
 Mark looks pleased. “How about we bet on it? You know about you never being attracted to me?”
 You raise your eyebrow, your interest now piqued. 
 “Go on.”
 Mark smiles before stroking his chin. “Today is Friday, right? Which means 3 weeks from now, the Spring Dance will happen.”
 I did not know. You continue to glare at Mark.
 “OK, so?”
 “So… I bet I can make you not only have sex with me, but fall for me the night of the Spring Dance.”
 You curl your lip. “You can’t be serious?”
 “Dead serious. By April 8, I will have you in my bed, screaming my name, and telling me how much you want me to take… you… down.”
 “And what are you willing to wager on this ‘little’ bet, Lee? What makes you think I will agree to it?”
 Mark takes some time to think before walking over to his nightstand, pulling out a blue jar. 
 “How about we sweeten the pot? No fun without cash involved.”
 “I’m listening,” he has your total attention.
 “Within the 3 weeks, I will tease you, and in return, you can also tease me. If you get the better of me, I’ll drop $5 in the jar, and vice versa. “
 You nod your head and think it over, wondering if you both could pull this whole thing off, but you were never one to shy away from a challenge.
 “You tease me, I tease you? Are there conditions for this?” you inquire.
 “Conditions like?”
 You look elsewhere “I don’t know, conditions like: ‘How far can we go with the teasing before the Spring Dance’? Let’s try that.”
 Mark thinks for a second, “We could keep it vanilla, with clothes on; not like I need much to turn a girl on.”
 His words offend you as you lean down to him. 
 “These are pretty high stakes for this to just be vanilla. You sure you want to lose 3 weeks’ worth of money like that? I told you, I’m difficult.”
 Mark shrugs, which makes him look all the cuter as he sets the jar down. “Then what have you got to lose except money? If you are not into me, conditions or not, you’ll ace this.” 
 You think about it a little more while biting your thumb, pacing for a minute before you sit on the bed, but you tense up when you think about what Mark said earlier while playing the game. He notices your body language.
 “I didn’t have sex with her.”
 “You expect me to believe that?”
 Mark rolls his eyes. “Look, I may be an asshole towards you, but I‘m not a total ass. ”
 You’re unconvinced. “So then, how far do we go with the teasing?”
 Mark sits next to you on the bed, looking at you with a serious face. “From today till April 8, you and I will enter a turn on battle. The goal is to do intermediate level things that could get us to be attracted to the other. They don’t have to be sexual — seeing as how you are a goody two shoes — they can be PG-13.”
 “PG-13?” you muse.
 “Yeah, like making out, feeling each other up, dry humping; sorry to say I won’t be so inhibited.”
 “Fine then, but I want a safe word for when things get too heated between us. If I say it, we stop.”
 “Hmm, sounds kinky, but if you can’t do anything but tell me you want me, that won’t bode well.” He wiggles his eyebrows.
 “Yeah, sure,” you roll your eyes.
 “Then it’s settled. If nothing I do phases you and we don’t end up having sex, then I will tell the principal to hold me back and never bother you again, but…” he raises his finger as if these were contract conditions.
 He gets closer to you and causes you to lean back a little. “If you have sex with me before the 3 weeks are over, or April 8 11:59pm, then you have to help me pass so I can graduate this year...”
 His next words make your eyes widen. “And you will have to admit that I got the better of you.. to everyone.”
 You look over your shoulder at Mark, biting your lip, and he looks sexy right now as he gazes at you, wondering what your answer will be. 
 “No one is holding a gun to your head. If you don’t want to do it, then ok, but I refuse to let you tutor me otherwise.”
 “And why is that?” you furrow your brows before the skateboarder lays back on his bed. 
 “This isn’t some movie where I change my ways. I am still going to be the same Mark Lee who does whatever the hell he wants. I’m not changing for anyone, especially you.”
 A thought comes into your mind, and then a sly smirk appears on your face as you lean against the door.
 “Then let’s make it even more interesting.”
 Mark raises his brow. “More interesting?”
 “Yeah,” you start as you put your arms behind your back. “Like you said, I have nothing to lose.”
 Mark smiles a little at that, liking the fact that you are into this just as much as he is, but what you say next not only raises the stakes, but seals the deal.
 “If you and I don’t have sex by the 11:59pm on April 8, like you predicted…” you hesitate a bit as you lick your lips, battling the slow, creeping anxiety. Now or never Y/N.
 “Then you have to change your ways and stop giving everyone a hard time.”
 Mark sits up and gives you that signature look. “Define ‘everyone’?” He stands up and comes closer to you, lessening the space between you. “Your parents, your brother, and me.”
  He is now mere inches from your face, gauging your reaction as he brings his hand up and places his palm against the door above your head. You feel so small as you avert his gaze, but you know have to be stronger as you lock eyes with him.
 “If I win this bet, you not only have to let me tutor you, but you have to be nicer towards Jun and your parents. If you win, then I’ll admit that you broke me to everyone... over the morning announcements at school.”
 Mark purses his lips, poking his cheek with his tongue, but then he gives you that same smirk before speaking against your lips in an almost whisper.
 You both stare at one another before you’re spun around, chest pressed against the door. Your head spins as you look to see Mark standing behind you, holding your hands together above your head. Things have escalated way more quickly hangout expected, but it isn’t until you feel your ass being squeezed that you now are thinking twice.
 “W-What are you doing?”
 You feel Mark’s hands roam your body as he squeezes your thigh and grips your hair before pulling your head back and whispering in your ear.
 “Making my move. Let the games begin.”
A/N: I hope you all enjoyed part 1. Those who wanted to be tagged are listed below; I hope it was worth the wait, more coming soon!
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jaeminsbebu · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: smut
pairing: boyfriend Jeno x girlfriend reader
warnings: unprotected sex (y/n is on pill), public sex, library sex, dirty talk, creampie
Jeno is your genius but not-so-innocent boyfriend who definitely aces all his classes, a teacher's pet and everyone see him as the "good boy" type of guy but only you can see the other side of him.
He can also be that kind of boyfriend who can definitely drag you to the secluded part of the library during your lunch break. He's a very horny person but only for you.
"You made me so hard by wearing that short skirt of yours, baby" he whispered while massaging your ass. You're facing his back and he's grinding his hard big dick in your ass.
Not up for even a foreplay, he drags your panty down while taking his cock out of his school pants.
"Oh you stretch me so well, Jeno" you moan as you feel him getting inside of you.
"Fuck yeah you're so tight doll" he whispers as he bite your ear while massaging your breast. You didn't even realized that your blouse is now unbutton.
You're both in a hurry to release before the lunch break ends. So he started to fuck you hard and rough from the back which earns a loud gasps and moans from you.
"Hush it down, doll. We're in a library" you can definitely see his smirk as you look back and yes he's mocking you. He knows how loud you can be so he drag you into a kiss.
"I am the only one allowed to hear that loud moans of yours" while you two are kissing messily.
You're trying to hold yourself up as Jeno starts speeding up as he fucks you deep, rough and hard.
"Fuck. This tight pussy's only mine" he said while broking the kiss and hold your hips as he felt you clenched around him.
"You like it, doll? You like me fucking you inside the library where everyone can see us hmm? What a bad girl huh" his words are making you come faster.
"Jeno shit I'm cumming please don't stop" you moan loudly not even caring if anyone can hear you at this state.
"Yes, doll. Come for me. Cream my dick. Make a mess in me fuck" and you did. You came so fucking much as your moans are muffled on Jeno's hands that is on your mouth.
"I am cumming inside of you, baby. You will take it all and let it drip out of you until our classes ends" still fucking your senstive pussy from behind.
Three thrusts and you feel him cumming inside of you.
It took a while for him to take his still-hard dick out of your pussy. You face him and kissed passionately.
"You did so well, y/n. I love you so much" he said that made you smile.
"I love you more, Jeno" you both fixed yourselves and heard the bell rings. A sign that the lunch break is done.
a/n: my first ever short smut. how was it?? :) hope y'all like it!
- it's A 🦋
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daegall · a day ago
Books and miracles
pairing: friend!jaemin (who tries to court) x reader
genre: fluff
warnings: a breakup???
word count: 908 words
a/n: for @ficscafe 's trope event!! tropes heart broken x patiently waits for them to heal and book lover x doesn’t read books but asks them to read it out loud because they like the sound of their voice
networks/taglist: @neoturtles @knet-bakery @kflixnet @ficscafe + @soobin-chois <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Na Jaemin likes you a lot, you knows this. You also know that he loves reading, much to your surprise. The first time you met him, he literally had his head in his hands, his red eyes glaring at his computer screen, where an article laid out for him to read and analyze for a class.
Maybe he just likes fiction. You think he does, because when you found him he was practically drowning in a pool of words, whereas now he was taking a nice swim in the words of the book he reads now.
He looks great in all angles, you realize, because usually when someone lays their head on someone's lap and looks up at them they would see a double chin. Not Jaemin, apparently.
Instead, all you see is his small content smile as he flips through the pages of his book, and the reflection of each sentence through his eyes. He must really like the book, because his eyes widen, and eagerly reads each line faster.
"Jaem," You mumble out, tapping his knee. Jaemin only responds with a hum, shifting his eyes to look into yours.
Perhaps you were just extremely sleepy, or it was because you haven't heard him speak in an hour, but you really want to hear his voice.
"Read it out loud, please?"
The curl at the corner of his lips says he agrees to do so, before his eyes are back on his novel, his hand moving from the top of your head to your hands, entangling them softly.
He then proceeds to read each word softly, barely above a whisper, adding tones and exclamations fit for each dialogue, each scene written. You can imagine each sentence he mutters gently to you, and find it very entertaining to do so.
This feels very nice. Nostalgic, like those nap times where your teacher would read out a fairytale or story for the class to listen to while they slip slowly back to sleep.
Jaemin feels like that, nostalgic, loving, warm, he feels like home.
After about 3 chapters, Jaemin stops for a moment, and comes to the realization that you're not paying that much attention anymore, you're dozing off, just at the brink of sleep.
He takes his hand from yours, gently patting your hand, before closing the book and setting it by his side. Now all his attention is on you, your peaceful expressions and quiet breaths you heave as you rest.
He wants so bad to call you his.
For weeks now, he's been trying to swoon you and get you to fall for him. He's confessed once, and that was about 3 weeks ago, when you told him you weren't ready to be in love. Not after your last relationship. It ended so suddenly, with an explanation that came only months after.
Jaemin understands, he understands completely, and will always be ready to finally take you into his arms, to treat you the way you've always deserved to be treated.
But, he's getting a bit desperate. The more you two get closer, the more he wants you.
"Y/n," Jaemin softly says.
Your eyes open slowly, and blink up at him in reply, leaning into the palm of his hand.
God, why did you always have to be so cute?
At first, he hesitates.
You looks so content right now, and to have that broken just because he wants to confess again? Maybe it isn't worth it.
However, his mouth runs on it's own, which he thinks is absolute baloney. "I know you said you wanted time but I really can't hold it in anymore..."
At this point, you don't look to disturbed, though you surely look much more awake.
"I really, really like you. You don't even know how much I do. And I understand if you need more time, because I would too, but just know that my feelings for you won't change. And I promise, Y/n, that I will not break your heart. You have the permission if to punch me if I ever hurt-"
Jaemin didn't even realize you were calling out his name until you clasped your hands up to press against his cheeks, stopping his words.
"Jaemin, you're rambling," You chuckle.
Heat floods all over him, his stomach flipping at the sight of your smile. "Sorry." He whispers.
You shake your head with a small smile, relaxing your hold on his face. "It's fine,"
After that, it's silence that floods over the both of you. It's a lot quieter than usual, especially when you're in the library, and it's a tiny bit awkward.
"You know," Your voice breaks the silence, though it's extremely quiet, "I really like you too,"
You do, you really do. Na Jaemin was someone in your life whom you would have never guess would be here right now, with you, confessing his feelings for you.
You're glad it's Na Jaemin, you wouldn't have it be anyone else other than him.
"and I think I've had enough time."
Jaemin's thrilled to hear that, so thrilled that he leans down and leaves a big kiss on your forehead, before he's hugging you as tight as he can. You can feel how genuine he is with his arms that tighten around you, and you feel tenfolds of love crashing through you when he whispers words of thankfulness in your ear.
Yeah, you're so glad it's Na Jaemin.
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suhnshinehaos · a day ago
❛ wrong door ❜
pairing : mark lee x gn!reader genre/s : non-idol + neighbors au, fluff, drabble wc : 0.6k
Tumblr media
the last thing you expected to find after a long day of work was a random boy standing in front of your apartment door. his brows forming a deep crease between them, quiet grunts escaping from his pouted lips, and hands aggressively trying to twist on the doorknob.
you approach cautiously, “uh- hi? what are you doing?”
“what- oh, hi!” he jumps at the sound of your voice, eyes growing wide and very clearly startled. the sound of keys falling to the floor fill the empty hallway. the stranger fumbles trying to pick them up, cheeks turning the lightest shade of pink and mumbling more to himself than to you, “i’ve been having trouble entering my apartment, keys don’t seem to fit.”
“of course your keys won’t fit.” you tilt your head to the side, trying — and failing — not to let a few chuckles moves past your lips, “that’s not your apartment. it’s mine.”
mark turns to face you, heart hammering in his chest. he’s more than aware that he probably looks like a deer in the headlights, wide-eyed and blinking back at you slowly, trying to process your words as best he can. well, truth be told, he did understand. mark just wished it wasn’t true.
he stares back at you, lips parting, but no sound dared to come out. his gaze takes in your amused features, the light in your eyes and the way the corners of your mouth quirked upwards. at least, it doesn’t seem like you’re that mad at him.
“this is so embarrassing.” mark scratches the back of his head, the pink tint in his cheeks turning darker and darker with each passing second, “can we just pretend this never happened?”
“oh no, i’m never letting you live this down.” you shake your head, a teasing tone enveloping each and every one of your words. gesturing towards the door, you change your tone into a more gentle one, “they’re replacing the labels on the doors so you’re going to have to count for now. this is 3b.”
“i just moved in, i’m supposed to be in 3d.”
“yours should be just down the hall then.”
“messing up in front of the cute new neighbor was not on the plan today.” mark mumbles to himself, unintentionally loud enough for you to hear. his eyes screw shut, features contorting to a mixture of embarrassment and discomfort — wanting nothing more than to disappear from the face of the earth.
nothing but complete and utter surprise floods his veins when you still reach a hand out for him to shake. mark’s eyes dart back and forth from your hand to the small smile that spread across your face.
“yn, your cute new neighbor.”
he takes your hand, noting the way it felt in his own. his blush growing more intense when you send him a wink, looking down at his feet in hopes that you don’t notice. “mark. and i’m really sorry for accidentally trying to break into your place.”
“don’t worry about it, really nice to meet you.”
mark lets go of your hand and takes a couple of steps back, “is there- uh, is there any way i can make it up to you? do you have plans tonight? i can take you our for dinner if you want- not like a date, i’ll just buy you food…we don’t even have to talk-”
you cut off his rambling by placing your hands on his shoulders, “i’d love to have dinner with you.”
you don’t think you’ve ever seen anyone’s eyes light up that much.
Tumblr media
from reese, with love <3 the way mark lee lives in my head rent free?? unmatched sigh sigh he's a dork nd i love him ;-; ty for reading, hope you're doing well!!
Tumblr media
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doyoungflower · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
5 ᴛɪᴍᴇꜱ ɪ ʀᴇᴀʟɪᴢᴇᴅ ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇᴅ ʏᴏᴜ
Tumblr media
1. When you whine it's cold as a hint for me to cuddle you.
It doesn't matter if it's summer, nor if it's winter and you're already under the warm covers, if you want to cuddle that's the first sign you give. Sometimes, I pretend I don't get it, I pretend confusion until you finally nag at me and say with full words "please hold me". But most of the time, I don't wait for another second to hug you tight against my chest and nuzzle my face into your neck, breathing in your scent and melting in your warmth. Moments like this, when you disarm all your defenses and make yourself vulnerable to ask for something as simple as this, make me realize I love you. Because it doesn't matter how much of a tough girl you like to seem, when you're in my arms, I want to be the only one to see through all your walls, the one that gets to see all of you, to relish all your best parts.
2. When you came running to my dorm because I said I had back pain.
We were on facetime when I made the first comment about it, your brows furrowing as you saw me massaging the upper part of my back. You hung up almost immediately, claiming you forget a thing on the stove and not many minutes later you appeared in front of my door, a bag full of snacks and medicine in your hands. And for the rest of the night, you made sure to baby me in all ways possible. Kisses all over my face and especially my lips, making the boys scrunch their faces in disgust. All my favorite snacks were fed to me by your graceful hands, that always chose the best pieces and bites to make sure I ate enough. And finally, when the night came, with scented candles and oils, you massaged my back while I laid in my bed, your warm hands sending me into an oozy state of meditation. Then, I realized that I loved you because I knew you'd take for me no matter the situation, no matter how bad I felt, you were always going to be there to give me a helping hand.
3. When you proved to me you knew my Starbucks order from memory.
It was the simplest thing, there weren't that many ingredients inside it, and yet when I watched you order it, saying every detail to perfection, my heart raced. I almost forgot we were in public, a sudden urge to kiss your entire face and tell you how amazing and cute you are almost slipping out of me. But I resisted, only giving you a closed-mouth smile as you paid for our drinks. Later, when we arrived in the safety of our car tho, I hugged you so tightly I could hear your breath being taken and your bones crushing. I rested my chin against your head and closed my eyes, trying to transmit all my emotions through my body. It was when I realized I loved you because I didn't need to tell you everything about myself in words. I didn't need to tell you the things I liked or hated, you knew all of them, because you were interested enough to observe me and learn all my peculiarities, no matter if you understood them or not.
4. When your smile made me forget how tired I was.
It was a tough week leading to a new dreamies comeback. There were shoots, practice, and overall stress over the possibilities of the song doing well or not. You understood that, so it didn't matter how you missed me you never pressured me into making promises we both knew I couldn't make. Still, I would constantly apologize for not being so present from time to time, and you would glare at me every time saying how I was dumb for thinking I needed to say sorry. This time was like that too. I was so stressed, so tired but I needed to see you. You argued with me, told me I should rest, and almost prohibited my entrance into your apartment until I told you that seeing your smile was everything I needed to be okay. And it was through because while walking in the streets on my way to your house I realized I loved you because no matter how tired I was, your presence could make all the bad things disappear in an instance.
5. Every time you hide your pain afraid I'd get worried.
It took time for me to learn you weren't happy all the time, it took me time to start to learn the signs before a breakdown. But finally, I learned. I learned that you didn't hide your worries because you didn't trust me but because you loved me so much you didn't want me to suffer on your behalf. The first time I learned that, was when I also learned something about myself. That I would everything in my power to always remind you you were not alone, that yes you were a strong girl but even the strongest of warriors needed to ask for help from time to time and I was there. I would always be there. Not to be the prince in shining armor to save you, but to be your sidekick to help you kick any ass you needed to.
Note: This is a repost from my old blog. Just as this one, all my works will be moved to this account with rewrites and in a "new format". Hope you'll enjoy this new era just as much as I am excited to bring it to you <3
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iced-nct · 2 days ago
What Lingerie NCT 127 Prefers on You:
Warnings: Suggestive content & language.
Please enjoy :)
He insists his favourite colour is black, but none of your black lace ever brought him to his knees like you hoped. So you switch up tactics. You wear an innocent pastel yellow set with a small baby pink bow between your breasts, and this man LOSES IT. He’s practically fully hard and you haven’t even touched him yet. Something about the way the colour makes you look so sweet, and yet so sexy. He can hardly contain himself when his hands are exploring your body.
“Maybe my favourite colour is yellow, because you sure make it look good” he hums into your chest.
Two words. Black. Leather. Johnny will go absolutely feral seeing you in a black leather bodysuit. The way it hugs your curves and holds your breasts up. He wants to savour this. Despite how much the sight of you in this has gotten him going, he’s in control. Don’t worry, he won’t let you forget. You might start off on top, but you will always end up submitting to him. And boy does he ever love making you work for it and teasing you.
“My princess did this for me? You know I think I have a whip that matches, maybe we should use it. Hmm?”
He loves to see you in anything, you could wear a tracksuit and he would think you are the prettiest girl he’s ever seen. But the second he sees you in a light pink lace set, all of his rational thoughts are out the window. The only thought this man is having is how he’s going to spend the night pleasing you as payment for this surprise. This colour on you basically short circuited his brain. All he wants to do is pull you onto his lap and make you feel good.
“My girl looks so pretty, hm? How do you want me to please you tonight?”
There is nothing this man loves more than the sight of your naked body laying on his bed. But if he had to choose, he loves when you wear red. Opting for a red and black lace bodysuit and sitting on your knees on his bed, he loses his marbles when he sees you. He leaves the room and closes the door, then comes back just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Once he’s confirmed it’s real, it’s over for you babe. He’s going to spend the entire night fucking you like it is a dream.
“My sweet baby, I am going to absolutely ruin you tonight, okay?”
When he sees you walk into his bedroom in a light blue baby doll outfit his eyes practically jump out of his head. He tried to convince himself he wasn’t into the whole “lingerie” thing, but damn does he ever get it now. Seeing you in that outfit makes him want to do unspeakable things to you. So he pins you underneath him on the bed and proceeds to do just that, showing you how much he enjoyed your surprise.
“I’m going to repay you very well. Now lay back and enjoy my love.”
Stupidly this man tried to tell you he had no preference, only to go feral when he sees you in a white silk set with delicate blue flowers. He is absolutely torn, does he want to appreciate you in the set or strip it off you. Ultimately he chooses to pleasure you while keeping the set on, admiring how the fabric looks against your skin. He ends up not being able to hold it together and the set is tossed aside and forgotten about so he can get to the good stuff.
“Don’t worry baby, you can put it back on when we’re done so I can take it off and do it again.”
He definitely has a preference and will absolutely make it known. He came shopping with you and picked out what you would be wearing. Yet somehow even though he knew what to expect, seeing you in that lilac velvet one piece was breathtaking. This man will take his time appreciating what a goddess you look like. There is so much fore play you are whining for him to get on with it, which is exactly what he wants to hear from you. He loves making you into a whiny mess, like it was payback for taking his breath away.
“See sweetheart, I know exactly what looks good on you. Now I’m going to enjoy it”
Mark & Haechan:
Read Here
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cherrybyunss · 2 days ago
Dangerous Woman Pt.1
Ship: Mark Lee (NCT) x female reader Word Count: 3.5k Tags: Fluff, Suggestive, basically what leads to the smut in the second part :)
Dangeorus Woman Pt. 2 Ridin’ Club! Masterlist cheryybyunss Masterlist
Mark was the first friend you’d ever had.
You knew what friendship meant because you knew him. You knew what it meant for your heart to break just because someone else’s was breaking because you knew him.
You knew what it meant for someone to say they’d do anything for you and mean it because you knew Mark.
Even though you loved each one of the boys, some part of you had continued to see everything  as the two of you against the world. And you never questioned why.
Mark was also your first love.
You were fourteen, and Mark came home and told you a girl had asked him out in school and he’d said yes.
You remembered crying yourself to sleep that night.
You told yourself you’d move on in no time, but then at sixteen, you started dating some guy from school, and your heart broke a little yet again when Mark looked genuinely happy for you.
Soon, you’d learned to push your feelings for him inside and bury them into a corner of your brain you knew you’d never visit again. Mark was family, and that mattered a lot more to you than your stupid juvenile feelings.
And here you were, over ten years later, at twenty seven, with the ache in your heart long gone and forgotten.
Mark was your family, your home away from home.
It was a Monday, and you were lying on Mark’s couch playing video games on your phone. – It’s what you did when you were bored, the fact that Mark and you lived in the same apartments working out conveniently for you.
“Weren’t you gonna go to the clubhouse today?” Mark said, emerging from the kitchen with a packet of your favorite ships and throwing it at you before taking a seat on the other end of the couch.
“Mondays are boring.” You said, picking the chips up from where they’d fallen to the side and beaming at Mark. “We’ll all be there later today anyways. Let Renjun do his job for now.”
“Kind and considerate, as always.” Mark smiled.
“Excuse me, I’m plenty kind.”
“I’m sure.”
You made a face at him, and then looked back at the screen, then flashing a ‘Game Over’.
Mark burst into laughter at the change of your expression, having guessed you lost. And you wanted to punch his face.
“I lost because of you!”
“No, you lost ‘cause you suck.”
“Mark Lee, I swear to god!” You said, trying to be quick to jump on him but familiar with the attack, Mark was equally quick to grab both your wrists mid air, letting the two of your struggle for dominance.
“Give up.” He laughed with his nose scrunched.
And you hated that he looked like he was barely putting in effort, so you did. And heaved a sigh. “I’ll let you win this time.”
“Is that so?” He raised a cocky brow and spun you around from where he was holding your wrist, almost onto his lap, and waged a tickle battle against you.
You squealed. “Mark! This is foul!” You whined in the middle of trying to hold your voice down.
But he didn’t stop even when you were teary eyed, and red in your face.
“Fine, you win!” You said, too exasperated to punch him for the amusement on his face.
“Don’t start fights you can’t win, baby.”
“Shut the fuck up.”
You collapsed onto the couch, trying to catch your breath, and broke into a small smile at the silliness of everything.
You wondered sometimes if Mark and you had ever even grown up.
“Obviously you’d smile.”
“This place is nice, man.” You smiled, not thinking too much about what you meant.
“You literally have almost the exact same place.” Mark deadpanned. You knew you could always trust him with being an idiot.
“Which reminds me, did you think about my offer?”
You blinked up at him.
The thing was: there were a few things that needed fixing at your place, some very desperately so, but you didn’t want to deal with having to come back home to a part disheveled place to rest or sleep yet. You knew it’d take away the last bit of sanity you had left.
You’d told Mark all about that. And naturally, he’d offered for you to stay over at his the first thing.
To that, you’d said you’d think about it and let him know. And you had thought about it.
Being honest, you had no real reason to not take the offer up. You’d had several movie nights and sleepovers and trips with the boys, and even just Mark in the past, and so you knew Mark was a wonderful person to be roommates with.
But something told you staying with him would mean teetering dangerous territories, whatever that meant.
“I did.” You said.
You sighed. “Are you sure you wouldn’t mind the intrusion?”
Mark looked at you blankly. Which was honestly very well deserved.
If this was your attempt to look for a way to get out of the situation, it was an astonishingly atrocious one.
“Are you being serious?”
“Well…” You said, and sighed. “Fine, you’re right. I need to stop procrastinating.”
“Yes, you do.”
“Thanks for letting me stay.” You whined, as if complaining, and hugged Mark’s waist where he was sitting.
And he laughed, caressing your hair in return. “Lemme know when you’ll move in.”
You went to the clubhouse later that day. And as you’d expected, not a lot of business to handle.
“I might move in with Mark.” You told Renjun in the office.
“Finally.” He replied.
And you about lost it. “What?”
And Renjun’s face turned questioning when your bewildered expression stayed.
“Wait, you’re not dating yet?”
“‘Yet’?! No, Renjun, what the fuck? Why would we date?”
Renjun just pursed his lips in silence.
And you were pretty sure confusion took over your entire being.
“My bad.” He said.
And that just did not cut it at all.
But Renjun refused to elaborate further.
Soon enough, it was time for you to move.
“It’ll be a couple weeks.”
“Stay as long as you’d like.”
The first few days were peaceful. Mark really was a wonderful person to share a place with. He asked you if you needed something every night before coming back home, and made you breakfast every morning. That was not only more than you could ask for in a roommate, but an actual dreamland.
You shook your head every time you thought of how you could really get used to it.
You were in the kitchen trying to grab the packet of popcorn from the top shelf for the movie night. You stretched your arms out, even jumped, but nothing seemed to work.
But before the struggle could get too frustrating, you felt a drop of water fall onto your neck making you shiver, as another arm reached out and grabbed it for you.
You looked back to find your roommate, wearing a pair of pajamas and nothing but a towel thrown over his shoulders on top, standing right behind you.
He’d walked right out of the shower. And the proximity, combined with the scent of his shampoo from his wet hair made you feel a little dizzy.
You breathed in as you turned around, trying not to look anywhere but his eyes. And felt almost annoyed when he didn’t instantly back off.
“Here you go.” He said, placing the packet behind you on the counter, almost trapping you in. And your eyes went a little wide when you felt butterflies in your stomach.
What the fuck?
You’d seen Mark shirtless innumerable times, it made no sense for it to affect you like this.
You shook your head and looked away, and proceeded to feel like an idiot when Mark tilted his head a little.
“Are you blushing?” You asked with surprise and the tiniest hint of teasing in his voice.
And if you weren’t already, you definitely went red at that. “Shut the fuck up and put some clothes on.”
You couldn’t have put your abhorrence towards the amusement that laced Mark’s face, into words if you tried. “Seriously, y/n?”
“I’m not blushing! What the fuck is your problem?” You spat, and turned around, grabbing the god forsaken packet of popcorn. “Go away.”
Mark had the audacity to just walk over to the other side of the counter, leaning against it with his arms crossed against his chest, and watch you.
You looked over with disbelief. “What do you want?”
Mark scoffed, letting laughter follow closely. “I’ll take care of the popcorn.” He said. “Go take a shower.”
You blinked at him. “Oh.” You spoke. “Well, okay Thanks.”
You practically ran out of the kitchen into your room, and slammed the door shut as quietly as you could. And took a deep breath.
Now what the actual fuck was that?
You came out of the shower and flopped down almost on top of Mark in front of his couch.
You knew putting distance between the two of you after what happened would not end well for any of you, so you decided to do the exact opposite.
“What movie are we watching?”
“I was thinking Avatar.” Mark said putting an arm around you.
“Mm.” You hummed in approval. “Sure.”
“Someone’s clingy today.” Mark had a small smile in his voice.
And you grabbed the popcorn bowl, and placed it on your lap. “Put the movie on.”
“Right.” Mark laughed, endeared. And you tried not to blush.
Throughout the course of the movie, you were hyperaware of all the places your body was touching Mark’s. And  that made concentrating on the movie next to impossible.
“Is everything okay?” Mark asked when you couldn’t stop shifting, his voice so quiet it made you jump.
“Yeah…” Your voice just as quiet, “I feel sleepy.” You said, honestly.
Mark smiled and let the gentlest of his fingertips caress the hair adorning a side of your face, making you take in a breath at the comforting touch. “Go to sleep then.” He whispered.
And almost as if your body took his words as a command, you fell asleep.
You woke up in the guest room, where you were staying, nicely tucked under a blanket, and sat up as soon as you gained enough consciousness to remember the previous night.
You turned slightly red when you realized Mark must’ve carried you there.
“Oh my gosh…”
Staying with Mark was really proving to be dangerous.
Mark was in the kitchen when you walked out.
“Hey.” You called out to him.
And he turned around, right before flashing the softest, brightest smile, and you felt your heart go weak for a second. “Morning, slept well?”
“Yeah…” You said. “Did you carry me to the room?”
And Mark, yet again, looked amused at your concerned tone. “No, y/n. You got teleported.”
And you rolled your eyes, taking a seat at the island counter. “You’re the funniest.”
Mark smiled, placing pancakes in front of you, and laughing when your eyes gleamed.
“Thank you for the food!” You said. “And seriously, let me cook breakfast someday?”
“You’ll have to wake up before me for that.”
You frowned and pouted at that. Now that was a lot of work. But you felt determined to do it, so there was that.
“And yes, I did.”
You blinked up at him. “Ah.” And then realized and looked down at the pancakes, picking up the fork to compose yourself. “Thanks, and sorry.”
“Stop acting like a stranger, Jesus.” Mark said with disgust, cracking you up a little.
Mark was good for your nerves. But you couldn’t help but ask the next question anyways. “Did I say or do anything weird?”
Mark stared at you blankly before pretending to think. “I mean, you nuzzled into my neck and asked me to not leave, if that counts.”
You went red. And he burst into laughter.
The audacity.
“Stop fucking with me, oh my gosh!”
“Hey! It’s true, it’s just that your reaction is unwarranted as fuck and it’s ridiculous.” He said, still in the middle of laughing.
And you puffed your cheeks, stood up, picked up your plate and walked out to sit at the dining table instead.
“Hey, are you mad right now?” Mark asked, still amused, and you wanted nothing more than to punch him into his disappearance.
Later that evening, you felt like your back was breaking.
You’d had business to handle and the renovation to monitor for the last few days, leaving really less time for rest, and your back, and shoulders, hadn’t taken it well.
Mark looked concerned when you couldn’t walk straight without flinching, but you reassured him, saying you just needed rest.
He asked you to not work the next day. You told him you’d let him know how you felt about that in the morning.
You felt a little guilty for making Mark worry. He was already helping you out so much. The concerned look in his eyes wasn’t your favorite.
His smile really probably was.
So when he smiled at you, and patted the space in front of him for you to come sit, you did.
“You really look like you could use a massage.” He said, gently resting his hand on your shoulders.
Now, the problem with massages was that Mark was really good at them. It was almost inhuman. And if he were to bless you with them while you were in pain, you were sure you’d tear up in relief.
But Mark knew that, and was offering despite it.
So you gave in.
And let him press into your shoulders in a manner that made the pain dissipate into pleasure.
Your eyes fell close, and you sighed at the amazing feeling.
When he felt you were satisfied with that much, his hands went onto your lower back, and his thumbs massaged their way up your spine. And that motion made took away any form of restrain you had in you.
“Ah…” you let out a shaky moan as your back arched away from his touch.
But he continued, carefully observing which points felt the best for you, and focusing on them.
“Fuck, Mark…” You whispered, your face down.
But Mark pressed onto a point right below the nape of your neck, and you gasped, throwing your head back as you shuddered, your hand finding rest right next to you to help you keep balance.
You would’ve felt sheepish if you weren’t currently on the receiving end of the mind blowing massage. Which made you wonder why Mark hadn’t backed away from you reacting so well to him yet.
But the thought got lost somewhere when he worked his palms up your back once again.
Mark was crazy good at this. And you were but a weak woman.
“Mark… You’re really good.” You managed to form your first proper sentence in the middle of several shaky breaths, desperately wanting to give him encouragement.
And actual chills travelled down your skin when you heard Mark’s voice against your ear. “Feel good?”
“Yes.” You breathed out, holding yourself back from moaning uninhibitedly.
Something about that moment was so fragile, you were scared it would break apart the moment it was over. Your best friend was making you feel amazing, and you wanted it to never stop.
But you knew where things might end up escalating to if you didn’t stop them right there, and you knew better than to let it happen.
So you did what you knew best – dip.
“Thanks, Mark. I think I’m fine now,” You said, your voice still not having entirely recovered.
And Mark paused for a second before withdrawing his hands away from you completely.
You moved away a little before turning around to face him, which was a lot harder to do than you’d suspected. “You are ridiculously good at this.”
Mark smiled, but there was something in his eyes you couldn’t decipher. “I’m glad I was of service.”
And you felt a feeling settle in the pits of your stomach. Sort of a sinking feeling.
You smiled back at Mark, and got up.
The pain really was significantly better.
You stretched a little, and almost jumped in relief when your back didn’t act up.
Mark laughed looking at your face. And you held your fist up to warn him against making fun of you, which only made him laugh harder.
“You’re the funniest.”
Later that night, you lied on your bed for what felt like forever.
You couldn’t sleep. And the reason was that you couldn’t stop thinking about your best friend. Or how you didn’t want to think about him.
Living with him was a dangerous thing.
You found yourself travelling down memory lanes you’d been sure you’d never wander again.
“Feel good?” His soft voice echoed in your head, and made you curl up into a ball in exasperation.
Fuck, you really needed to stop thinking about him.
You sighed, and sat up. The pain in your back was about as good as gone, so you decided to stroll around for a while.
You walked out into the living room, and heard sounds from the kitchen.
“Please be kidding…” You said to yourself, before making your way towards the sounds, and found Mark standing in front of the refrigerator.
He was apparently grabbing some water, and was shirtless again.
You sighed. Living with him really was a dangerous thing.
You turned around, aiming to walk back into your room, but heard Mark’s voice before you could. “Y/n?”
And cursed under your breath before turning back around. “Hi.”
“Hi. Is your back better?”
“Yes.” You said, walking in and leaning against the dining table instead. You managed not to let the affect seeing him like that had on you show this time. It was the civil thing to do. “Couldn’t sleep?”
“Yeah.” Mark said. “You too?”
And you nodded, the quiet of the night heavy around you.
You could feel Mark’s eyes on you even as you stared at the ground and drew circles on the floor with your toes.
You deliberated between walking back into your room and waiting for him to, till you heard what Mark said next.
“Wanna go for a ride?”
And you felt your entire being light up as he smiled.
The next thing you knew was leaning back onto the passenger seat of Mark’s car and smiling as Mark took your favorite roads and drove past familiar scenes, making warmth grow inside of you a little.
Mark’s playlist of your favorite songs blasted on the sound system and you swore you just wanted to shout to the world how happy you felt from the rooftops.
And it hit you. You looked at Mark, and Mark looked at you, instantly recognizing the glint in your eyes. He shook his head as he laughed, and reached for the button and opened the sunroof.
You beamed before you got up and made your way past the gap, letting the wind hit you and carry all your worries away with it.
With your arms spread wide, you threw your head back and screamed the lyrics to the song playing at the top of your lungs, and you swore any more ecstasy than you felt in that moment would’ve made you cry.
By the time you flopped back down onto the seat, you were almost exhausted from having been too happy, your hair a mess, and Mark had the widest of his smiles plastered on his face.
“What?” You said, a little flustered.
“Nothing.” Mark spoke, the smile intact. And looked at you, catching you off guard, before looking at the road again. “I love seeing you like this.”
And you felt your heart skip several beats.
All of a sudden, Mark was all you could focus on.
And you wanted to cry.
He looked beautiful. He always did.
You wanted to kiss him.
And you tried to shake the thought away, but it wouldn’t budge.
You wanted to touch him, to tell him how much he meant to you.
Or how seen you felt with him. How much you wanted him to feel the same.
“Let’s give this a little race, shall we?” Mark grinned.
Gosh, Mark meant the world to you.
Mark stepped on the accelerator and the car picked up pace, the sound music to your ears.
“Let’s go!” You screamed along.
You stopped by the 24/7 store near the highway, and grabbed two cans of beer and a couple cigarettes.
Sitting on the bonnet of the car and talking about the most random stuff, both of you drank away.
You found it ridiculous how Mark still looked that amazing at this time of the night.
He lit your cigarette for you, and for the first time, the gesture felt almost intimate. Especially how your eyes and his lingered on each other for the extra split second.
You took the wheel on the way back home.
And had the time of your life driving the Mustang. You always did. It was a stark contrast from your lighter baby.
“That was amazing!” You exclaimed as you entered the apartment with Mark tagging behind. “Thanks a lot, Mark.”
“I had fun too so,” Mark smiled. “Anytime.”
And you wanted to kiss him once again. Stupid fucking brain.
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purplefullsun · a day ago
Tumblr media
Haechan x music store employee!reader
Tumblr media
[14:00] Mondays were slow.
Sitting on the counter next to the front door, you opened and closed the same 3 apps repeatedly, your shift had started an hour ago and only one person had entered the store, not even bothering to buy something.
The store’s bell rang as a familiar blonde girl came in, as she did every Monday at 2PM sharp. Probably as familiar with the store as you, she dashed her way to the section she was looking for. You wondered which album she would buy this week.
Right as she disappeared from within your eyesight, the bell echoed again. Two clients at the same time on a Monday, this had to be some kind of miracle.
A brown-haired boy walked in, not even bothering to look at you. He went further into the store. One would think he knew exactly what he was doing, but you weren’t fooled by this, noticing how he stared blankly at the immensity of vinyls and CDs, which gave you no other choice but to be a useful employee and finally approach him.
As you walked between the shelves into the section he stood on, you were rather surprised to see how many vinyls he already held in his hands. Normally people would buy one or two albums max, but he was already looking for his fourth.
You cleared your throat as to get his attention, making him jump a bit, and asked if he need help, to which he answered by shyly asking where the kpop section was.
“Anything else?” You asked after leading him there.
“No, I’m good...”
Not giving it much thought, you went back to the counter just in time for the blonde to approach it, lending you her chosen CD of the week. K-12 by Melanie Martinez… damn, this girl never disappoints. After scanning it and receiving her money, you nodded her off to have a good day.
As soon as she left a head full of fluffy brown hair peaked out of one of the isles. “Ahmn...” The boy hesitated before finally revealing himself from behind of the shelves.
“I might actually need more help...” He smiled while scratching the back of his head.
You wondered how long he had waited until he mustered up the courage to come ask for help, but you didn’t judge him, finding it rather amusing how the poor boy was tired to hold on to whatever bit of pride he had left. You nodded these thoughts off, switching to your professional persona.
“Alright- shoot.”
“Ahmn... I was wondering if you have Baekhyun vinyl records...”
You didn’t even stop to think about it, smoothly making your way into the isle he was standing on, towards exactly what he had been looking for.
In the boy’s defence you had to admit that the kpop section was rather confusing, not being alphabetically organized like the other ones. You made a mental note to ask your boss for permission to organize it differently. You had plenty of time to kill on Mondays after all.
Going through the vinyls you easily found Baekhyun's, extremely familiar with this section, despite it being a mess.
"Bingo." You pulled the records out, handing them to him.
You went back to sit on the metal stool by the counter, figuring it would probably be better to give him some privacy while he chose between the rather small number of options he had.
Your job had been done. Now all you could do was wait and look outside. What a beautiful day it was, if only you could escape this place… You loved your part time job but could imagine millions of better ways to spend a sunny Monday.
A couple of minutes later you hear soft steps approaching, the boy stepped calmly with his eyes focused on the records he held. However, he suddenly came to a halt, looking back as if he was making sure he had grabbed everything he had wanted.
You found his sudden hesitation rather amusing, but little did you know that in the back of the store Haechan had just made the most difficult choice of his life over which albums to choose.
He then looked at you, feeling your gaze on him, and smiled awkwardly.
You figured it was about time you put an end to this awkwardness, so you dropped your professional demeanour and smiled back.
"So… you like Baekhyun?"
With this his smile turned more genuine.
As Haechan started talking about how much he liked his idol’s songs and performances, you leaned over the counter, head on your hands, gazing curiously at him. You noticed how he stepped closer, becoming more and more comfortable as he talked.
He definitely took his music seriously, the 6 vinyls on the counter proving so, but after a while you felt yourself zone out.
"Un Village is good too but Bambi just goes beyond. It’s just a shame that he never got to perform it live, I really wanted to watch the full choreo..."
And with that Haechan’s rant came to an end. He waited for you to say something but when no words left your lips, he noticed how you looked at him, eyes looking completely blank and teeth nibbling on the inside of your cheek.
Haechan wasn't completely sure why you looked at him that way. Sure, he knew he was a decent looking guy, but coming into a store, asking for help, grabbing half of the store, and then rambling on and on about his favourite singer was not exactly what he thought one would consider attractive. Hence his amusement as he saw the effect he had on you, smirking as he asked: "Do you even know what I'm talking about?”
"Mmm?" You snapped out of your daze, perking up from your position. "Oh- no, not at all, but you do look cute when you talk about stuff you like" You honestly answered.
"So, you don't like kpop?" He asked with genuine curiosity.
"Just not a Baekhyun fan, I mean I'll listen to some of his songs if someone asks me to, but it's not exactly what would show up on my Spotify..."
With this he slowly nodded, directing his gaze to the floor, not really understanding how someone could not love his idol. Just like every true fan boy would, Haechan saw here an opportunity to show you more of Baekhyun and perhaps even turn you into a fan.
Meanwhile, you decided it was about time to start scanning his vinyls. Not really caring about the quietness that settled upon you two since you were used to dealing with quiet costumers. However, you didn't really want this conversation to end just yet.
"I know Candy though…" You raised an eyebrow while looking up at him, he was still staring at the floor, but you didn’t miss the way he slightly smiled at the mention of the song.
"What do you normally listen to?" He spat out, suddenly looking up, letting curiosity get the best of him, mentally beating himself for sounding so eager.
"Anything really... except Justin Bieber..." You teased the boy as you scanned a Justin Bieber album, making him smile at your comment, not really taking it that seriously.
As you scanned the last 2 vinyls you got a grasp of the boy's music taste, which was mainly based on pop and R&B.
Haechan watched as you scribbled a note, deciding not to try to read in case it was something private. Instead, he grabbed his wallet and got his card out, looking around the empty store as you put the vinyls on a bag.
After paying for his purchase, he decided it was about time to leave, not wanting to bore you. But he couldn’t leave with a simple bye, no, he had to say something that would make you crave to get to know him further.
"Well... guess I'll have to come back and show you a couple songs then." He smirked, proud of his final one liner as you sent him a smile and he left the store.
Walking a few steps away from the front door he made a mental note to make you a playlist, figuring it also wouldn't be too bothersome to pass by next week at the same hour.
He shook his head, feeling dumb at his excitement to see you again, after all he didn't even know your name.
Haechan suddenly stopped on his tracks to look inside the bag and once again make sure he had gotten all the vinyls he had wanted. Yes… it could be considered a bit paranoid, but it wasn't every day that he had the opportunity to come to the city's centre and spend a bunch of money on music.
As he went through them, he caught a glimpse of a small piece of white paper. He took it out.
It had a phone number written on it and a short sentence in pretty handwriting.
Feel free to send me some tracks xo.
And on the back of the paper, you had scribbled your name. Y/N.
A wide smile broke out on his face, looking back in the direction of the store.
So, this must have been the paper you were scribbling on before he had used that smooth line on you… he couldn't have been so damn predictable.
He put his tongue on his cheek, still smiling, he was often told he was very unpredictable but turns out that maybe this time he had finally found someone on his level.
Tumblr media
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dat-town · 2 days ago
cry wolf
Characters: werewolf!Haechan & hunter!you
Setting & genre: werewolf au (no specific universe aka i made up a lot of things), enemies to lovers, action, comedy
Summary: You keep running into an annoying, naked guy in the woods. Him being a werewolf is no excuse, at least not for the annoying part.
Warnings: blood, fights (including bows, guns), injuries (caused by animal bite, arrows), murder (werewolves by hunters), mentions of corpses, non-sexual nudity, light swearing, joking about causing physical harm, mc keeps throwing (clothing) items at people (mostly at Haechan), Haechan getting called an idiot (annoyed) a few times, suggestive jokes, referenced past sexual experience, a mild, non-explicit sexual scene involving dry humping (you can skip the morning bunker scene if you wanna avoid that)
Words: 10k
For @lily-blue​, to quote Taylor Swift: look what you made me do. Love ya <3
Tumblr media
Hunting was a family tradition. But instead of putting down animals for dinner, your family specialized in something more… unique.
The full moon was giving the woods a silverish hue and twirling an arrow between your fingers, you stepped forward on the paved trail following the footprints of the predator that had become your newest prey. There was something undeniably powerful in hunting predators and you would have liked to believe that this way you could save more than just innocent lives. The city needed your kind to keep calm and peace, to make sure no animals escaped the woods and started killing when the moon was at its highest point in full bloom.
You pulled your bow taut when you heard noises of branches breaking from the side and the corner of your mouth trembled when a small bunny ran out of the bushes. You looked in the direction where it came from wondering if there was something it ran away from but the trees seemed normal, the leaves fell quietly. Yet, you didn’t like the eerie silence. You squinted at the shadow between one of the trees and took a tentative step closer. Nothing moved. You almost turned back but then the wind changed its direction yet the shadow remained unmoving as if it was waiting.
When you let your arrow fly, it was a warning. It was a bait to get the monster out. Normal animals didn’t act like this so close around humans after all. Your arrow landed in the closest tree to you and the impact of its infall sent birds flying and an owl howling. But most importantly, it got the wolf hiding under it bolt.
You smirked and ran after it.
Following the golden brown fur among the green of the forest, adrenaline pumping in your veins, you tried to keep it in mind that you weren’t supposed to wander too deep in the woods. If the wolf went back to its pack, you were done for. You might have been a good hunter but against a team of wild animals against you, it wasn’t enough and you weren’t stupid. Your job was to keep them away from the borders anyway. According to the laws, you should only kill if these species endangered others’ lives. This one was running away though.
Still, you swore under your breath when you lost it. You just wanted to take a close enough look at it  to see if it was a new wolf in the area or one that you had already been acquainted with. The full moon walks were a monthly occurrence after all. Yet, despite your experience with its kind, today’s encounter was an unlikely one. Most wolves attacked you when they saw the potential danger, especially when the moon made their senses so sharp and they acted on impulse. Your job was to put them down if they didn’t seem to be in control but the wolf that night didn’t only seem tentative but a bit afraid, too. Was it you that it feared or something else? You wanted to know but standing in the middle of a relatively unknown part of the area, you gave up with a sigh.
The woods around you were quiet and looking around, you only had a vague idea where you could find your way back to the trail the fastest. However, before you could have done that, you heard leaves getting swept behind you and you turned. But it was too late by the time you faced the danger. A full grown wolf jumped straight at you, big paws weighing down on your shoulders, pushing you onto the ground, its heavy weight keeping you down. From the impact of fall, you dropped your bow and your arrows rolled away, leaving you weaponless.
It didn’t mean you were defenceless though. You had been raised to do this all your life, you had been prepared for situations like this. It wasn’t the first time it happened either but unlike other wolves baring their teeth against your throat, threatening with tearing your skin and making you bleed – and with that, breaking the law that let them live despite their nature –, strangely, this one didn’t look like it wanted to hurt you. Its eyes weren’t angry yellow like the ones you were used to but honeyed and warm.
You held your breath, watching the animal’s every wince but it didn't look like it was going to move anytime soon, so while it was busy keeping its gaze on your face, you carefully paddled on the ground until your hand closed around one of the arrows in the litter and without thinking much, you stabbed it into the animal’s side. The wolf let out a pained whine and using its momentary weakness to your advantage you could push it off you and jump to your feet to drop the blooded arrow and pick up your things instead. You didn’t plan to run away though.
You prepared your bow for firing before you turned back to the injured wolf… that wasn’t there anymore. In its place, there was a boy on his stomach, naked with sun-kissed skin and copper brown hair falling into his forehead. He kept a hand on his bleeding side while a low, growling sound escaped his throat. You didn’t lower your weapon.
“How can you control your wolf so well under the full moon?” You questioned him, not caring about his injury. His wolf genes would help him heal faster anyway.
Shifting back to human form during a full moon wasn’t unheard of but only experienced shapeshifters could do it, not to mention the wound should have weakened him enough to not change form. It had never happened before when you shot them in their animal form. You weren’t used to chit-chatting with were-beings under the round moon.
“Practice,” the guy bit back, very much displeased with the situation based on the groan in his voice. You didn't blame him although it was partly his fault.
The guy didn't look like he was going to jump at you any moment but you only lowered your bow when he spoke up again, his fingers smearing his own blood before lifting it to his nose.
“Is it wolfsbane? Shit,” he grimaced in pain but it was his conclusion that made you gulp.
You had different kind of arrows, all marked differently: regular ones for general purposes, silver ones for killing, the ones dipped in sedative for sleep-inducing and some dipped in wolfsbane for… torture. Oh, you didn’t plan to use that but you didn't really have a chance to check the arrow in your hand before swinging it towards him. He still got luckier than he would have been if he got infected with silver. A small wound like this wouldn’t have killed him but he would have been in a lot of pain for a long time nevertheless since it slowed down the healing process. Unlike wolfsbane that didn't interfere with the process but made it hurt more.
“You attacked me,” you reasoned, crossing your arms in front of your chest.
“You attacked me first,” the boy retorted, his rough voice having an edge, a growl stuck in his throat. His wolf probably wanted nothing more than to hurt you, too.
“You were suspicious. You were keeping an eye on me,” you reminded him and he didn’t say anything to that. As silence embraced you under the glowing moon and the hush of wind, you knew you should have just walked away instead of arguing with a werewolf.
“Where’s your pack?” You found yourself asking because packs usually stuck together, so they must have been close by and you weren't in the mood to run into them after injuring one of their own. Also it could have helped to know if there was a new pack in your territories.
“If I were you, I wouldn’t want to meet them now,” the guy spat as he proceeded to turn to his side and sit up, showing his tanned back that was full of old scars and fresh scratches but you quickly averted your close. You couldn't have let your guard down but you also didn't mean to stare.
“I don’t want to. I just don’t want you to die,” you shrugged but it only earned you a bitter response and a humorless chuckle.
“Hah, so now you’re sorry?”
Oh gosh, this guy was infuriating. Your fingers gripped the bow in your hand tighter. If it wasn't for the law that forbade you to hurt shapeshifters if they seemed to be in control of themself or didn't attack first, you would have left him alone to suffer long ago.
“I’m not but I also don’t kill just for the fun of it,” you said but nothing you said seemed to satisfy the were-being a few meters from you as he examined the wound.
“Could have fooled me,” he snickered but hissed when he touched his reddened side. You tsked at him.
“You have a big mouth for someone on the ground, injured and naked,” you pointed out that he was at disadvantage and you could have easily made him shut up for forever if you wanted to. But instead of learning his place, the guy had the nerve to dance on your nerves. 
“Like what you see?” he teased as he looked at you over his shoulder with a smirk painted on his lips and brown eyes dark. The movement pulled the muscles on his back tauter, the ripple of it reminding you of the jump of a wolf.
“As if,” you scoffed with a roll of your eyes. “I have seen butts nicer than yours.”
“In your dreams,” the guy remarked and you would have liked nothing more than to throw something at him but taking a deep breath, you decided to be the bigger person and end this conversation on an amicable note.
You took a little folie out of your arrow sachet and put the wolfsbane antidote on the ground from a good two arms length away from the guy. He was playing tough, so he could take a bit more suffering.
“And now we’re even. Let’s not get the law involved,” you stood up and before you walked away you added sharply: “Stay away from the western side of the city.”
About two weeks passed with no sign of this new wolf or its pack in the area, so you thought he took your advice (warning) and stayed low somewhere else. You didn't expect to run into him during your regular grocery shopping day.
Every time you went into the city, Mark never failed to remind you that it wasn't because you were a girl that you were tasked with getting the groceries and other household items while he and Johnny were responsible for the weapon and sedative supply but because you were the most rational about it. He might have been right about that because they would have probably bought only meat, snacks and instant ramen. Thanks to you, the three of you could have proper meals, so you had no troubles with this kind of arrangement. You had already put the bags filled with groceries into the car, so you only had one last round at the pharmacy for some cream and fresh bandages (thanks to job hazards).
In your regular corner pharmacy, there was only one guy in front of you. At first you didn't recognize him from the back, didn't even care but then he turned around and your eyes widened. He was properly clothed this time, wearing jeans and a simple tee with plaids. His copper brown locks were familiar and his warm brown eyes were like dripping chocolate. He looked quite handsome for a guy around your age until he spoke up.
“Oh, you again,” he snickered and wished you could have reminded him to be nicer if he didn't want another arrow in his side. But it wouldn't have been wise to talk about it in public. People in the cities liked to live in the bliss of not knowing as long as the hunters kept the were-beings away from the walls. Most people would rather not know if their neighbor was a shapeshifter, at least as long as they didn't cause problems. The law only said no to animal forms within the city walls.
“What are you doing here?” you questioned the guy with chin raised up, feeling a bit wronged.
“Getting my meds, duh,” he rolled his eyes at you and gosh, he was just as annoying as you remembered.
“I meant, in the city.”
Most of the were-beings chose to live in nature, only going to the city occasionally when they had things to do like you because the rules for their kind were quite strict about the co-habitat with humans. This guy, however, didn't seem to mind it.
“I don't live in the woods like you,” he pointed out and at his words, your shoulders got tense in fear. Your cabin in the woods might have been surrounded by traps but if a whole wolf pack knew where you lived, it was no good.
“How do you know that?”
“You smell like the forest,” the guy shrugged at your frantic question so nonchalantly that you believed he didn't care about the details such as the exact coordinates of your home. It was a relief but you refused to admit that out loud.
“Your suppressants, Lee Donghyuck-ssi,” the man behind the counter called out a customer's name and you watched the shapeshifter step towards the employee to pay for what he came for.
Suppressants. Oh, that made sense. You knew that there were meds to suppress the animalistic urges given by these creature's dual nature, so that was probably how this guy could control his wolf that first night you met. Although, you knew that not many opted for this kind of solution because these meds were said to cause headache, insomnia, nausea and tiredness at the very least but often even worse symptoms. There was also a stigma against those who used it within the were-beings community, so you couldn't get angry at the guy for lying and telling you it was practice that helped him master his wolf. That was probably also a part of it, and that this medicine helped him tame the animal.
You were so busy watching the guy put the box away and watching his movements, searching for any remaining sign of the injury you caused that you totally forgot about the queue.
“Miss?” the pharmacist called for you and you forced your gaze away from the guy – Donghyuck as you reminded yourself –, giving the man the list you had written. You paid no mind to how the werewolf's gilded eyes lingered on you a bit too long before he left, the bell above the door playing a dreamy melody at his exit.
It was another full moon, another patrol at the edge of the woods, looking for wild animals breaking the law. Mark was in the city, taking care of the calls while you and Johnny guarded the borders. This night started off uneventfully which was a good sign but you also grew anxious thinking that there might have been something you missed and that something could have deadly consequences.
When you suddenly heard a wolf's howl from nearby, your grip on the sedative arrow in your hand tightened. As you got close enough to the source of the voice, you got the view of a wolf with silverish fur and the moment it lifted its head to look you in the eye, you knew it wasn't in the right state of mind. You pulled your bow up when you saw the blood on the animal's fur and paws but your first shot missed the target – and you rarely ever missed – but it managed to upset the werewolf as it took a step and two closer to you, calculative and growling. It was approaching you slow enough for you to keep an eye on it while getting your next arrow, ready to fire but before you could let it fly, but before even the animal could have jumped, threatening you with a bite, another animal came from one side and ran at this one.
The two wolves – a golden brown one and a silver one – wrestled on the ground, teeth bared to the others' throat, claws reaching for skin. It was an unfamiliar sight for you as you hadn't seen any pack fights before but it seemed like one. It was a fight for dominance and when the slightly smaller but apparently stronger wolf threw the silver furred one off, the two animals stood frozen in their spot. The caramel brown wolf was between you and the other animal as if it was shielding your body with its own and growled threateningly at the other. It must have been intimidating enough because the silver wolf scurried away quietly yowling.
Letting out the breath you hadn't even noticed holding, you put your arrow and bow back onto your back because the moment the wolf in front of you turned around you recognized its eyes. Yet, it wasn't the eyes that stole your attention but the new claw-shaped wounds dripping blood on its back which made you feel ridiculously guilty. He hadn't seemed to care that he showed up without heads up or being asked to, so it wasn't your responsibility… shouldn't have been. Yet, you felt bad that he got injured while trying to help you. Because he must have come because of that, right? Even if you didn't need help since you could handle situations like this.
“Idiot, nobody asked you to play the hero. I could have protected myself,” you snickered partly to yourself and partly to the animal that looked at you with big doe eyes like a puppy refused to be played with or taken out for a walk.
“Argh, I can't believe it. Come on, I have an emergency kit in the car,” you sighed even though it really wouldn't have been your responsibility to take care of him but at least it would have helped with this sudden guilt. Not to mention, you didn't want him to randomly turn back to his very much naked human form if the pain became so unbearable like last time. Running into him like that on patrol wasn't on your list of to-dos.
It was strange, being accompanied side by side by a wolf. He was limping a bit because of the wound but he stuck close and based on his frequent head movements, he kept a careful eye on your surroundings, watching out for other wild were-beings losing control under the full moon. It wasn't a long walk until you reached Johnny's car parked at the beginning of the trail, so you stopped short.
“There are extra clothes in the back,” you pointed at the pickup truck where he could find something to change into. Johnny's clothes would probably be big on him but Mark's should fit.
You opened the bed part of the truck and turned around after the wolf jumped onto it, so you could only hear the heavy breathing of the animal slowly turn into slightly painful hisses of a human. You heard Donghyuck looking for the clothes but you couldn't shut up anymore.
“Were you taking a casual evening stroll at the very place I told you not to be on purpose just to annoy me?”
“No,” came the sharp answer and for once it sounded serious, without the cockiness you got used to. But his timing was way too specific for his appearance to be a coincidence, so you pressed on while staring at an old tree trunk.
“So you’re saying you stumbled upon me by accident?” you raised a brow, arms crossed in front of your chest.
This time Donghyuck didn’t sound so sure.
“Then how did you get there in time? Did you follow me?” You questioned, slightly confused by his answers.
“I followed your scent," he said right away only to add as a second thought: "Or at least my wolf did.”
"Why?" you furrowed your eyebrows, not getting his reason.
There was a pause following the question and then you heard the sound of zipping. You almost forgot about your original question when you turned around and caught sight of the bare wound not covered by fur.
“I never said I agreed that we’re even,” the guy said, but didn't look over his shoulder to look at you. You scoffed at him but didn't start an argument. Instead, you climbed onto the bed of the car as well and brought the first aid kit with you.
Donghyuck sat in pants with his naked back to you, messy blood covering a part of his tanned skin under the four identical claw marks over his left blade bone. When the guy reached for the kit, you slapped his hand away.
“As if you could treat it yourself, idiot,” you murmured under your breath, not believing what you were about to do. Helping a werewolf? Ridiculous.
You opened the kit yourself, getting a cloth first and some water to clean the skin before using antiseptic of any kind. Donghyuck's muscles tensed when you touched his skin over the thin material of the cloth and you weren't sure it was because of the cold liquid or pain. However, it was certainly the latter when you started applying infectant at the wounds and he hissed through gritted teeth, hands in fists by his side. You could hear a growl in his throat.
“You are so stupid. I could have handled it myself. I was trained for this, you know. I–” you decided to speak up because silence and his little sounds were more intimate than you would have liked.
“It was rabid,” he interrupted your scolding harshly but based on the sharp intake, he didn't mean to come off so strong, it was only because of the pain injected in his veins.
Rabid were-beings were the most dangerous of all. They were bloodthirsty and wild, they liked to play with their victims, it was a game to them. If a shapeshifter got the disease, they lost their human side, they were allowed to be killed on the spot by the law because with them it was really to kill or be killed.
“Still,” you mumbled, not wanting to lose the argument despite knowing how dangerous it was to be around a rabid animal as a human.
“Sure thing. Then next time I will ignore it if I find you cornered by an animal that wants to tear you apart limb by limb,” the guy huffed and the irony in his voice made you press the cotton dipped in infectant a bit more into the wound's edge that earned you a swear under his nose.
“Please do so, so I can ignore you bleeding out in front of me, too,” you replied in the same tone as you wrapped a bandage over the bloodied marks. It wasn't your best work but he will live.
Donghyuck must have guessed that you were done because the next moment, he turned around and you stared at the lean muscles of his chest before guiding your gaze up to his face. You hadn't seen him so close, not even in the pharmacy, so you had missed the moles on his cheek, the plumpness of his lips and the deep brown of his eyes with golden flecks before. The boy seemed to be just as surprised at your closeness based on the way he held his breathing back and stopped whatever he was going to say, his eyes fixated on your lips. But before he could have gotten any stupid ideas, you threw a clean tee at him and pulled away.
“Won't your boyfriend be mad because of his clothes?” the guy asked instead of saying thank you like a decent human being and scoffing, you got off the car completely.
“Not my boyfriend and why do you care?” you huffed out, the thought of being together with Mark sending shivers down your spine. He was a great guy but you saw him as a brother since you had grown up and trained together all your life since your fathers had been hunting together too.
Mark was forgetful just enough to think he hadn't put extra clothes in the car. Luckily, you didn't have to use it often anyways, so you could still back it up by the next time you had a patrol. So no, you weren't worried about him getting mad. He would have been more pissed if he knew you helped out a werewolf without discussing it with them first.
“I don't,” Donghyuck said but it sounded like a lie, a bit strained but you blamed it on his wound as he put on the tee, the movement ruffling his already messy copper brown hair.
You didn’t really care if you wanted to be honest. You just wanted him gone before the guys would come back and find him there with you. So crossing your arms in front of your chest again, you waited for the guy to leave but instead of disappearing like smoke, Donghyuck decided that it was a nice idea to walk up to you, towering over your height with his. As if you couldn’t have disarmed him with a well-aimed hit on the throat or in the groin. He really didn’t know whom he wanted to intimidate with his long ass legs and stupid muscles. What else he could have wanted from you after all?
Yet, his deep brown eyes boring into yours and him touching your hair so gently, to brush it out of your forehead was too soft for someone trying to get you to fear him. You gulped and slapped his hand away.
“Not even a scratch. Now you really owe me one,” the boy grinned, cocky as you had gotten to know him at your first meeting and you wanted to growl at him like the animal he was. You hated being in debt and even more so to be reminded of it.
“Just leave before I sink another arrow into you,” you bit out but the werewolf didn’t take your words seriously as if fixing him up meant you wouldn’t cause him any more harm.
“So aggressive,” he tsked with an annoyingly amused chuckle while walking backwards and he saluted before finally turning his back onto you, disappearing into the woods.
You hoped that despite his words it would be the last time you saw him.
As it turned out, you hoped in vain.
Donghyuck was the last person you expected when one evening there was a knock on the door of the wooden cabin where you lived with Mark and Johnny who had just left for the city for a job. Yet, there he was seemingly utterly satisfied with himself that he was standing at the doorstep of a hunter group’s house when you opened the door.
"Gotcha," he grinned as if he had just hit the jackpot but before you would have asked him how he found you, you remembered that he had said last time that he had followed your scent. He probably did the same now as well. But why? It was way too risky for him in your opinion. Whatever he wanted, it must have been more important than just annoying you, something that was worth the risk of getting through all those traps you had set up for his kind. On second thought, maybe you should have added more if he got to your door unscratched, human form or not.
“What the hell are you doing here? If my brothers find you here, you are so dead,” you emphasized even though Johnny and Mark weren't your biological brothers but they sure acted like one and they wouldn’t have appreciated a werewolf hanging around you when they got back from the town.
“Chill, I saw them leave and anyways, you owe me one, remember?” Donghyuck spoke up, his words a bit rushed and nervous by the end as if he wasn’t sure you returned the ‘favour’ even if you remembered.
It was only then that you noticed him sweating. A drop of sweat was rolling down his temple as he gulped. A rush of anxiety creeped into you seeing his eyes flashing in a golden colour for a moment and how he needed to take a deep breath before continuing.
“I need you to chain me up,” he said, loud and clear, yet you weren’t sure you heard him right. Especially because he seemed dead serious. It wasn’t even a full moon…
“What? Are you…” You stumbled over your words, brain trying to find reasonable explanations and you felt shivers run down your spine when you realised why he looked so tense. He was holding back even now. Your hand’s grip tightened around the wooden door, willing yourself not to shut it into the boy’s face despite knowing that he could snap any moment. “Where’s your pack at these times? Aren’t you supposed to–”
You have always thought that packs handle these kinds of things among themselves, so why wasn’t he staying with them? Other wolves might have been able to hold him back or even help him for god’s sake. Why was he on the other side of your doorstep?
Donghyuck bit into the inner side of his mouth as he looked down. 
“Dead. They were murdered by your kind, the whole pack, that’s why I left Jeju,” he said and his voice was so sad, so resigned, so… You shook your head. Shit. 
You refused to feel empathy, since there must have been a good reason for hunters to kill them, there always was and it wasn’t time for that. But then you looked at the boy’s slumped shoulders and his hands in fists by his side, you remembered the way he jumped between you and the rapid one, the way his warm eyes looked at you the first time. He never tried to hurt you despite what hunters had done to his pack, his family.
“Still. Why me?”
You knew you were being unfair because he must have been a lone wolf, probably new to town, so he couldn’t have known many people but you wanted to know why exactly he came to you. Was it because of your debt? Was it because you treated him last time? Or was it because he knew you must have had good equipment and a place to lock him away while he got over it? Gosh, he could have let his rut take the worst out of him and there he was, asking for help, you shouldn’t have interrogated him but you were trained to be more careful than this.
“Because… I would come to find you anyway,” Donghyuck mumbled after a pause longer than you expected and with the way he was avoiding eye contact and scratching the back of his neck, you didn’t know what to make out of his words. Was he hooked onto your scent since last time or–
“What?” you blurted out, dumbfounded, the stupidest of all possibilities entering your mind. As if he read your mind, the boy finally looked into your eyes, his eyes copper like his hair and the corner of his mouth twitched.
“Yeah, you’re my mate.”
He said it so simply and yet, it knocked the air out of your lungs.
“Don’t be ridiculous!” You snapped at him almost out of reflex since you were shell-shocked. You knew that werewolves could have human mates but how could he be so sure?
“I’m not thrilled about it either, believe me,” Donghyuck grimaced at your reaction and biting into his already chapped lips, he took another deep breath. “I will leave the town after this. So just chain me up real good because if I get out, I don’t think you could stop me.”
At least not surely without seriously hurting him (or having to kill him because of the law), you both knew it. Sometimes not even sedatives worked when a male werewolf was in the rut. You didn't know much about how different it was when the shapeshifter was taking suppressant but you didn't want to risk it.
“Shit, let’s go,” you muttered under your nose and you grabbed your keys, a jacket and a syringe filled with a sedative liquid just in case.
You could have locked him in the basement of the cabin but you really didn’t want the guys to find him there, so you decided to take him into a bunker underground not too far. The walk there was mostly quiet and a bit awkward because you still tried to wrap your mind around the fact that apparently you were the mate of an annoying werewolf. It didn’t change a thing, you still thought it was ridiculous. Luckily, Donghyuck didn’t look like he was on the verge of confessing his undying love to you either.
The thing was you had never actually seen a wolf in rut, so you only knew in theory what to expect. You told yourself that the guy must have come to you in time to chain him up before the worst would start, so you tried not to glance at him as if you expected him to jump you any given minute.
“You’re not helping,” he hissed when he caught your gaze at one point and you felt embarrassed under his intense stare.
“Sorry,” you gulped, apologizing for the first time since you had known him and you meant it even if you couldn’t help it, you were careful by nature and being alone with a werewolf in this state wasn’t really wise.
When you reached the trapdoor, you opened it and led Donghyuck down to the bunker where you kept a lot of stuff that had no place back in your basement. Not to mention that conveniently, you had also kept silver and regular chains here. Though, since you didn’t want to hurt him more than necessary, you grabbed the iron chains after switching on the light and tilted your head towards the wall with metal hoops. There were claw marks on the wall already but the guy made no comment about it as he sat down on the ground.
“You know this could be sexy under different circumstances,” Donghyuck spoke up when you clicked the first hoop around his ankle.
“Shut up,” you hissed, being careful to be quick but making sure that the chains held him tight. There was not much resistance but the boy seemed on the edge nevertheless. You knew that you should have left soon. Yet, you knelt there, right next to him, watching the brown of his eyes darken, his pupils blown so close, all too close. You could feel his warm breathing on your neck as you secured the last piece of chain.
“How long does it usually take?”
“It's usually over if I have sex but my wolf doesn't want anyone but you this time, so dunno,” the boy said as if he was talking about the weather and not about his wolf wanting to get physical.
“I won't have sex with you,” you said matter-of-factly, pulling your hands back.
It wasn't that you barely knew him, he had a smile charming enough that you would have probably said yes to a drink if you met under different circumstances. But he was so annoying and you didn't like the idea of being destined either because you liked controlling your own fate. Plus, he was a werewolf while you were a hunter, it just… it wasn't supposed to work, not in the long term. And if what you heard about the mates was true, you shouldn't have started anything. He must have known that too since he had told he would leave the town after this.
“Figures. I didn't expect you to. If I did, the favor I asked would have been pretty different from chaining me up. Or… maybe not that much,” he mused out loud, a lazy grin spreading on his lips and seeing how he could still stupidly joke about it, he must have been fairly okay so far despite his hooded eyes and glistening skin.
“Will you be alright?” You wondered, quiet and careful. Donghyuck inhaled sharply through his nose at that.
“Eventually. Just… leave,” he growled as his eyes flashed dangerously. This time, you complied without protesting, closing the door with keys on your way out.
You couldn't really sleep that night. You were restless, thinking of Donghyuck alone in the bunker, trying to overcome this animalistic urge to make you his. 
The guys had gotten home in the middle of the night, so they were still in bed by the time you left in the morning. To your relief, the bunker's door was intact and closed when you reached it. Climbing down the stairs, damp air hit you and your heart sank at the sight of the boy sitting in the same position you had left him, ankles and wrists tied tightly with chains, head hanging, his own tee drenched over him. Good thing that you had brought him something to change into.
You knelt down next to Donghyuck and wiped off the sweat beams sitting on his forehead with a clean cloth you brought and the gentle touch (or was it your scent and closeness?) seemed to wake him up. He looked up at you through his wet fringe, heavily breathing.
“You should drink some,” you explained as you lifted a bottle of water to his lips and poured some of the cold beverage into his mouth when he opened up. He seemed a bit disoriented as if he was swimming between reality and dreams. 
“You're still burning up,” you whispered mostly to yourself after you put a hand over his forehead. His hot skin almost burnt you but not as much as his words.
“You… you probably shouldn’t touch me,” the boy croaked out and it made you gulp.
“Does it make it worse?”
“It makes me want you more,” he said, looking straight into your eyes so intensely that you felt hot in your skin, too. When Donghyuck licked his dry lips, your eyes followed the motion on automatic. You cleared your throat.
“Since when have you known? About the mate thing?”
The guy looked at you conflicted as if he didn’t understand why it mattered in the first place but then he sighed.
“I felt it when I first got a sniff of your scent in the woods, that’s why I followed you. I became sure when I looked into your eyes,” he said and it explained a lot about your first encounter. Why he had been there, just waiting at first, why he hadn’t attacked you even when you had shot the first arrow past his head, why he just looked at you even when he had you on the ground, why he looked like that. “But then you stabbed me in the side.”
You pushed at the Donghyuck’s shoulder at his whine, ready to threaten him with another arrow head in the side but then you remembered the night when you patched him up. It must have been why he had saved you from that rabid wolf, too. He had already known that you were his mate by then and his wolf wanted to protect you.
Animal instinct, just like now.
You looked at the boy drenched in sweat, feverish, breathing heavily as he willed himself to look away, nails digging into the dirty solid concrete under.
“Oh, hell with it!” you snapped. “Look at me.”
Donghyuck’s eyes were dark when he did, hungry but guarded. His breath hitched when you swung a leg over one of his, slotting it between his thighs. Screwing your eyes shut, you surged forward to kiss him before you could have had second thoughts. The moan the boy let out when your lips unexpectedly sealed his made you dizzy in a moment and you gasped against his mouth when he pushed his body closer to yours without meaning to, as much as he could with the chains at least. You rested a hand over the wall behind him and relished in the feeling of having a boy wanting you this much. You wondered whether it was selfish to enjoy it, having so much control over the situation, but Donghyuck or at least his wolf definitely enjoyed it too as he chased your mouth for another kiss.
It wasn't sex, just almost desperate humping over each other's body all dressed up. Still just physical, you told yourself. But the way Donghyuck whined in the back of his throat, calling your name, the way he growled when his wolf got the worst out of him, the way he was a panting mess under you… it was pretty hot.
And it seemed to work as his fever went down not much later.
“Consider my debt paid off,” you said, throwing a clean tee at his face after you untied him and then left the bunker behind, hoping you could leave this uneasy feeling in your chest there, too.
You had told Johnny and Mark about the rabid wolf in the woods right after the accident and a few days after you had last seen Donghyuck in the bunker, you just got a report about a silver wolf injuring a hiker around the northwest walls of the city. The three of you got going, ready for the hunt.
“Do you think we can call the days around full moon hunting season too since we get most calls these times despite it not being an actual season, or should it rather be called hunting nights or something like that?” Mark spoke up in the car, wondering out loud about his strange train of thoughts as usual and you locked eyes with Johnny through the rear mirror.
“You call it whatever you want, man,” the eldest of you said and followed the GPS’s instructions to leave the road at the next right turn.
Once you parked beside the trees, you grabbed your bow and arrows, preparing the silver ones while the guys loaded their guns with silver bullets. You got a clear order by the authorities to eliminate the danger.
The three of you worked together well, it didn't take too long until you cornered the wild animal. It was clearly too animalistic to listen to the warnings and when it bit Johnny's arm that held the gun, you pulled your bow ready. The first arrow hit it on the leg but Mark didn't want to fire until the wolf had Johnny under it. You were ready to let go of your next arrow when you caught sight of a flash of brown.
“Donghyuck, no!” you yelled at the wolf when it jumped over to pull the rapid silver one off one of your brother figures.
“Do you know him?” Mark cried out in surprise as he went over to check on Johnny. He was bleeding but the wound didn't seem too deep. He told you to handle the wolf instead of paying attention to him. So typical of him.
“You could say that. He… saved me once before, too,” you blurted out, not having a better description of your acquaintance with the werewolf. Probably it wouldn't have been the best time and place to tell the guys that you were the mate of one. Not when that guy was in the middle of rolling around, fighting for power with the rapid wolf that bared its teeth. If he got injured and you would have treated him again, you were going to kill him, you decided as you clenched your teeth, trying to get a clear view at the target's back but with so much moving around it was impossible. Neither of you could fire with Donghyuck there.
“Get away from it, you idiot, we can't shoot like this,” you hissed and miraculously the reddish brown furred wolf started its retreat but his presence was enough to divert the other's attention. If it had any humanity left in it, understanding your words would have driven it away but the vicious growling only proved that it was a lost case, so you didn't feel much guilt when Johnny eventually fired his gun and the wolf was put down.
It was just another mission, just another checking on each other, if everyone was alright, just another night of dealing with a dead animal body... and yet, this time there was fur nuzzling to your ankle. It was kind of endearing, the way the black nose of the wolf nudged your leg as if it wanted a pat, a praise or something.
“Don't act like a dog,” you scolded the guy before he could have weakened your resolve and made you give in. Instead you watched him sidle away like a kicked puppy and then you caught sight of the now familiar tan back of Donghyuck's human form and without questions asked, you threw clothes at him from Mark's extra bag.
“Ah, so that's why my clothes started to disappear!” Mark, who had been nursing Johnny's wound, gasped when you caught sight of that but he didn't seem angry, just dumbfounded and confused. He looked at you with those big doe eyes while the elder boy kept his all-knowing eyes on you that made you feel like he was seeing through you. At this point, you wouldn't have been surprised if they knew about the bunker as well despite trying your best to make it seem like nothing happened there.
“I will explain everything at home, I promise,” you looked at the two of them, hopeful, not wanting to start explaining yourself when there was a guy who owed you an explanation himself a few steps away, currently getting dressed.
“You will not leave anything out, young lady,” Johnny eyes you strictly before pushing himself up and telling them they would be heading home after getting rid of the rabid wolf's body. So he was giving you time and a place to talk with the guy who interrupted your hunt by pulling that other animal off him. It was his way of mutual respect, Mark however couldn't not turn to Donghyuck who stood semi-awkwardly by the very same tree where he turned.
“Hey, you!” Mark yelled at him as if it was a threat. “I want my Coldplay shirt back!”
You couldn't help a laugh at his face. Okay, that actually went better than you had expected. Not that you had really thought of the two most important people in your life meeting the werewolf who claimed that you were his mate, not after the latter saying that he would leave, but still, you would have thought that the guys would be more worried or even mad. However, it was clear that they trusted you and your judgement and they knew just as well as you that not all were-being was a monster. If they could control their animals enough to not hurt innocents, they had the right to live a normal (almost) human life.
The moment the pickup truck was away, leaving only wind-blown dust in its wake, you walked over to the werewolf with surprise and annoyance clearly written onto your face.
“What are you still doing here?” you questioned him without beating around the bush. He had told you that he would leave, so it didn't make sense. He didn't look for you even though he knew where you lived, so he couldn't have stayed because of you. But also, if he didn't want you to know that he stayed, he shouldn't have interfered that night. You didn't get it.
“Ouch, you wound me,” Donghyuck put a hand over his heart dramatically. However, seeing your stern look, he sighed, knowing that he couldn't get out of this without explaining himself, eventually he admitted: “I wanted to catch this one before leaving.”
“That’s not your job,” you reminded him. Just like that one time when he showed up and stood between her and the wild animal, he shouldn't have. It wasn't his place to do so. You didn't need a knight in shining armour... or fur at all. You didn't want him to keep showing up like this no matter how grateful you were that he helped Johnny before. However, your words might have been harsher than intended because the guy's eyes flashed gold at that.
“Well, sorry that I care,” he bit back, bitterly.
He didn't have to say it out loud for you to understand that he meant you: he cared about you, or at least his wolf didn't want you to get hurt because of this sick animal running around. Not if he could do something about it and you realized that it was a fight you weren't going to win. You couldn't reason with his animalistic instincts. Which reminded you of the last time you had seen him and you had to fight the urge to look away. You remembered his face in pleasure all too clearly but his words about leaving too.
“Will you really leave town now then?” you raised a brow, challengingly, wanting to put an end to this guessing game.
But Donghyuck didn’t seem too keen on giving you a straightforward answer.
“Ahw, missing me already?” he cooed and it was almost out of reflex, to snap back at him:
“In your dreams.”
At that the boy looked like he was about to answer but bit into his tongue not to let the words slip. His gaze settled on your face as if he was wondering what you expected him to say but the momentary seriousness disappeared from his expression quickly.
“You don’t want to know about my dreams,” he singsonged with a grin spreading across his lips but you didn’t find it funny.
Obviously, you were still not on board with this whole mate thing and what it could mean but you realized that a part of you was relieved that the boy hadn’t left the town’s vicinity yet and the same part didn’t want him to leave now either. You didn’t like him, you didn’t even know him but he was there for you when you expected nobody to be and he was respectful of your boundaries even though you knew how much it must have taken him to control his wolf, especially around you.
“Is it true?” You blurted out, deep in thoughts at which Donghyuck looked at you, quizzed. “That wolves can only have one mate in their life?”
The way the amused look on his face fell was enough of an answer.
“Don’t pity me,” he whispered but his voice was sharp like a cutting knife. Yours weren’t any less assertive as you told him:
“Then don’t go.”
The words had left your mouth before you had a chance to think over what they implied but it sounded so logical to you: if he hadn’t left, you wouldn’t have had a reason to pity him for being alone. The werewolf was dumbfounded though.
"You heard me. Stay and help us, like today. You don't have a pack anyway," you reasoned because even if you hated that he intervened your patrols and missions without you asking for help, he did help you and it wouldn’t have been that terrible to have a plus member in your team (you should have probably discussed that with the guys before though) and he could have done things as a were-being that you wouldn’t have been able to.
“Don’t you hate my kind?” Donghyuck furrowed his brows, genuinely confused. You didn’t blame him, hunters usually didn’t like shapeshifters at all and his whole pack was killed by them, too. His guess wasn’t baseless but you weren’t the only one who could have prejudices.
“Don’t you hate mine?” you retorted, throwing the question back, and the guy was at least honest as he admitted: 
“I used to.”
After what happened to his family, you didn’t even blame him.
“Well, I might hate you less than I hate others,” you shrugged but couldn’t take those warm brown eyes so intensely on you for too long, so turning your back to the guy, you started walking back home. If anyone asked, you would have denied the content smile forming on your lips when Donghyuck called after you to wait for him. The way his arm brushed against your shoulder reminded you of his wolf nuzzling up to your leg.
And stay he did.
Donghyuck found his place in your little group so naturally as if he had always been there. After one long serious talk by the table, Johnny decided he liked the guy and although Mark was still sulky because of his band shirts, after the werewolf agreed to play PUBG with him, it was almost like they had been best friends all along. Mark didn’t even get angry at him over countless teasing he was now subjected to daily.
With Donghyuck moving in, you ran into him everywhere: in the kitchen even when you just grabbed late night snacks, on the corridor when he came out from the bathroom in only a towel around his waist, the practice grounds where he eventually joined you. With him, you could even practice close combat with an actual wolf and it left you in awe time and time again how well he could control this side of him too. He told you that the suppressants helped a lot and he had started taking them after he had been left alone because his wolf had gotten restless and he hadn’t wanted to do something unforgivable because of that. Eventually, you gathered courage to ask him about his pack and fondly, he told you about the people who helped him accept himself like this and who had been his family. Apparently, his old pack had always stayed out of trouble.
“Why did hunters attack you then?” You wondered out loud because it was against the law to hurt a harmless pack.
“Believe it or not, not every hunter group is as righteous as you and your brothers. They thought of us all as monsters, it was enough of a reason for them,” the boy sighed then and admitted that he didn’t even try to go to the authorities because he was sure nobody would have believed him alone against a group of hunters. Sadly, he was probably right about that.
When the first full moon he would spend with the three of you approached, he told you that once he hadn’t turned into his wolf form with the help of suppressants during the night but he had snapped the other day, so that was why he found it safer to go out that night. You understood, so let him wander in the woods under the glow of the silver moon but didn’t expect to find him in your bed by the time you got back with the others from your patrol.
You stared down at him with arms crossed in front of your chest, watching him being curled up like a wolf under your purple coloured blanket, his dark hair and bare arm peeking out as he was sniffling quietly. You wondered whether he was tired and mistook your room for his or his wolf brought him there. Either way, he couldn’t stay. You needed somewhere to sleep too and you preferred your own bed.
“I damn hope you’re wearing something under my covers,” you muttered under your nose as you poked his arm, sitting down on the edge of your bed. The boy almost immediately nuzzled closer, his forehead resting against your thigh. For once, you didn’t pull away but brushed his fringe out of his face.
“Stay,” he mumbled when you tried to move away and you swore the others would never let you live it down because poor Mark, who just wanted to let you know about lunch a few hours later, let out such a high-pitched, scandalized scream seeing your duo basically cuddling in your bed with the blanket between you that it was Johnny’s new favourite thing to imitate while giving you those knowing looks of his.
Donghyuck was seemingly unbothered by the teasing though. Sometimes it seemed like he was doing it in front of the guys on purpose. Like when he snuggled close to you on movie nights blaming it on his wolf seeking your warmth. Like when he winked at you or sent flying kisses your way in the middle of discussions with the others. Or like when he tugged on your loose hoodie while you were doing the dishes after one dinner the three of you had after another successful full moon mission.
“Can I get that?”
“My hoodie?” you asked back, confused. Sure, it might have fit him but still, the thought of clothes sharing was way too intimate.
“It smells like you,” he shrugged with a pout as if that was enough of an explanation and you threw the wet cloth from the washing sink at Johnny for his cooing noises.
After that you waved off the question but you showed up at the doorstep of Donghyuck’s room with said hoodie in your hands and snapped your eyes up at the guy when he opened the door.
“What do I get in exchange?” you asked with chin raised higher and for all his bravado, the werewolf seemed surprised to see you there or maybe to see you actually complying his silly little wish. You couldn’t tell what it was but the look in his eyes made it hard to breathe for a moment.
“A kiss?” Donghyuck offered and you snorted, thinking that he was joking but then he leaned forward.
You hadn’t kissed since that night in the bunker almost three months ago because he hadn’t had another rut. Obviously, Johnny and Mark had to know about the mate thing eventually and you and Donghyuck had to sit through a very awkward talk about wolf biology and mate stuff. It felt like having a sexual enlighening by parents all over again, though you felt like out of all of you Mark became the most embarrassed because of the topic. Anyways, thanks to that, you knew that until you officially mated (which neither of you seemed to plan yet) and the wolf’s ruts would sync with your body, he would have them every 3-4 months.
So since it was almost time for another one, at first, you thought that maybe the boy’s hormones were starting to get all over the place but he pressed his lips against yours so softly that the words of scolding stuck in your throat. This kiss couldn’t have been any more different than the one in the bunker. That one was hurried and desperate while this one was gentle and languid as if you had all the time in the world, as if the boy wanted to explore every inch of you under his plump lips. The thought made you shiver but even more so when you felt a sharper pressure in your lower lip. You jerked away. 
“You bit me!” You looked at the boy, surprised and annoyed as you touched your reddened lip and Donghyuck’s mischievously glinting eyes followed the movement.
“Bite me back then,” he winked at you, playful. “And don’t act like you didn’t find it hot.”
“You're annoying that’s what I find you,” you said but there was a smile in the corner of your mouth as you threw your hoodie at him. Maybe it wasn’t that impossible whatever this was what you two had. Not when you kissed that annoying grin off his stupidly handsome face.
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gyuuss · a day ago
[8:05pm] Jeno couldn’t understand how someone could be so beautiful as he stared at you from across the table. The two of you were sitting by a window at the local cafe, watching the sunset and sipping on steaming hot chocolate to warm up from the harsh temperature outside.
Jeno hadn’t been paying attention to the sunset, too busy admiring the way the sun’s hues made your skin glow and highlighted your best features. You looked like an angel, and Jeno could hardly believe that he had the privilege of sitting in front of you on a cold December evening. You were just too good to be true, and Jeno was grateful that such a beautiful human being would give him a chance.
“What are you looking at?” You questioned, glancing at Jeno curiously. The boy suppressed a smile, shaking his head slightly.
“Nothing.” He replied before reaching out and grabbing your hand. He leaned over the table, delicately placing a kiss on your knuckles.
“Nothing at all.”
Tumblr media
©gyuuss all rights reserved
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icedcappujaeno · a day ago
kingdom come | six
Tumblr media
Jaehyun remembers you, and he hopes that you remember him as well.
genre: mafia!au | fluff | angst | smut pair: Jaehyun & reader warnings: language, sexual content, drugs, blood and violence, guns
↤ previous | series masterlist | next ↦
Tumblr media
“Welcome, Mr. Lee!”
A man in a suit welcomes the young chairman that Jaehyun is currently following suit. He’s clad in a simple graphic white tee and denim pants with a belt. He still wears his necklace with the ring that serves as its pendant under his shirt, and a silver chain bracelet on his wrist. It was the best undercover clothes that he could think that makes him look like he’s here to party when he’s actually not.
Said Mr. Lee greets the man back with a short hug and a wide grin. “Congrats on your opening, bro.”
“Yeah, thanks for the help,” the other replies as Mr. Lee breaks the hug.
“Anyway,” he shrugs off and fixes the collar of his white button-down shirt. “I won’t take much of your time, I know you have a lot of other guests to attend to.”
“Oh, hush. It’s no problem. You know you’re one of my VIPs!” the man winks. “I already have the VIP lounge reserved for you, so let my staff take you to your seat. Enjoy your evening!”
And like what the owner said (as Jaehyun assumed), two guards of the club escort him to his lounge. Jaehyun, on the other hand, goes inside minutes after the chairman so as to not blow his cover. The music was already heard from the outside so it was no surprise that when he went in, it was almost deafening and it was almost impossible to hear the chatter of the people. Jaehyun groans as it would be a hindrance to his mission, plus, the VIP lounge was quite isolated from where most of the people would stay.
He sits on one of the high chairs by the bar as he tries to calm himself down. He won’t be able to think of ways to eavesdrop on Mr. Lee if he is irritated by the circumstances. The bartender offers him a drink to which he replies with ‘only whiskey’. As his request is only simple, the drink was served almost immediately. Jaehyun didn’t actually want to drink for tonight, but it would make him appear suspicious: who would go to a club without even drinking a little?
He eyes his target and sees him standing away from the lounge. This is Jaehyun’s chance. His sight is still on Lee as the young man approaches two girls sitting on one of the couches near the VIP area whose backs were facing him. He takes this opportunity to come physically closer to him.
He sits on the chair adjacent to the group while trying to be lowkey. He hears Lee say a ‘joke’ to the group and they respond with an awkward laugh. Seems like they are not having it with another crashing their talk like one of them says, “Uhm, do we know you?”
“Uhm, do we know you?”
Eunji asks with slight annoyance in her tone, but there is still a smile gracing her lips. You chuckle nervously with her straightforwardness.
“Oh, where are my manners,” the man in front laughs, and you notice that his gaze is never leaving yours. “I’m Lee Doyeon. And you are?”
You smile awkwardly as his hand reaches out to yours, earning a suspicious look from Eunji. You uncomfortably shake your hand with the man. “Uhm, I’m—”
“Areum,” Eunji cuts you off, showing her pearly whites to the guy. “Her name’s Areum.”
You give her a confused look, but she winks and mouths “I got you” in your direction. You nod knowingly and remove your hand away from Doyeon’s hold. You thank God that Eunji is here with you, and what she did was probably for the better—giving your real name might get you in trouble. You weren’t planning on meeting another person tonight as you’re here to celebrate your friend’s birthday and have fun with her, and supposedly, Kun. However, he called in earlier that he would not be able to go as his sister asked him to babysit his niece.
“Hi, Areum!” The Doyeon guy flashes a saccharine smile in your direction. “Care to dance with me?”
When you look at Eunji, cautious eyes are boring onto yours. She holds your wrist quite tightly and points a venomous smile towards Doyeon.
“She’s actually here to celebrate with me—my birthday, not to meet guys and hook up if that’s what you’re thinking,” Eunji spills, and you try to hide the smile forming on your lips with your friend’s upfront wordings. “So if you’ll excuse us, we just want to enjoy each other’s company. Thanks!”
Eunji stands from her seat and drags you along with her, sitting on another couch. Doyeon scoffs, pride obviously hurt from the rejection. Plus, it was Eunji that kept cockblocking him, adding to his irritation. You could only shoot a small smile in his direction, most likely an apology, but nevertheless, you thank Eunji for saving your ass from him.
“Geez, us women can’t breathe for a second huh,” she takes a sip from the bottle of her beer. You chuckle and follow her actions, taking a sip from your own bottle of beer when you notice that Doyeon’s eyes are still boring onto your figure. You try to act calm as possible but he’s still giving you uncomfortable looks. On the other hand, Eunji—oh what betrayal: a man was already sitting beside her, faces almost close to each other as to hear what the other is saying.
You touch her arm and whisper loud enough for her to hear. “I’m just going to the restroom.”
She nods. You stand, avoiding gaze to Doyeon’s direction, and go straight to the women’s restroom.
Jaehyun saw the girls rejecting Doyeon—it was evident in the sour look on the young chairman’s face. He chuckles at his disappointment as he takes a sip of the whiskey he has. The girls go to another seat and Doyeon dejectedly goes back to his lounge, earning another groan from Jaehyun. He was so close!
His gaze never left his target though, and his target—well, never left the woman who just rejected him to dance—well, technically, her friend. Jaehyun glances at your group—and his world almost stops when he sees your side figure. As he is distracted with you, it was a few minutes late when he notices Doyeon standing up to follow you. On reflex, he also stands, following you as well. His strides are fast and at the same time discreet as he doesn’t want to be noticed by Lee.
You fix your hair and retouch your lipstick. With one last look at the mirror, you see yourself with a weary look. You couldn’t help but think if you should engage in conversations too, but—there are still fragments from the past that needs to be patched up first. Meeting another person would be okay, but it would stray you away from learning your past that is missing.
Well, at least Eunji’s enjoying her night. Sighing, you put your lipstick back in your bag and go out of the restroom.
As you open the door, a figure bumps onto yours, causing you to tumble lightly, but the guy was fast enough to catch you by your arms. You look up to see familiar brown hues onto yours, his scent of wood sage and sea salt whiffing through your sense.
He smiles and you didn’t miss the dimples of his cheeks that appear endearingly. He helps you stand while one of his hands is supporting the back of your waist, the other holding onto your smaller ones. Memories of the past haunt his thoughts as he feels your skin upon him, yet he tries to conceal it with a concerned expression as he holds you.
“Hey,” he whispers, cautious not to say your real name from what he heard a while ago when your friend introduces you as ‘Areum’ for Doyeon, who was near, to not overhear. “Nice seeing you here,” he tries to pry a smile.
‘Why are you here?’ is what he wants to ask.
“Yeah, you too!” you giggle, letting go of his hand, much to his disappointment. Jaehyun takes it as a signal to remove his hand from your waist as well, then inserts both of them into his pants pockets. He leads you away from Lee’s proximity, trying to get you to the bar, but you hold his wrist and lead him to your couch as well.
You see Eunji already on the dance floor with the man he was talking to a while ago and you shake your head. You invite Jaehyun to sit beside you and he follows, but he knows that he would not be able to stay longer as he still has a mission to attend to, even if it is against his will. He wants to stay with you—as he can’t imagine himself losing you once again. It is an overreaction on his part, but he has questions that need answering whose answers can only be known by you.
He glances at Lee Doyeon, who is now sitting by his friends again, but from time to time, the young chairman glimpses in your direction.
“What brings you here?” You ask, taking a sip of your beer, distracting him from his observation. He looks back at you with a small smile. He wants to meet you and talk to you, hear your sweet melodic voice, but not in this situation.
“Just chilling,” he replies, trying to sound casual and nonchalant. “How about you?”
You point at Eunji who was almost making out with the guy she’s with on the dance floor. “You see that woman over there? It’s her birthday and she’s supposed to be celebrating it with me, but as you can see…”
Jaehyun chuckles lightly. You offer him your bottle of beer, but he declines politely. “I already had a glass of whiskey. I think that would be enough.”
You raise a single brow with his reply. You never thought Jaehyun would be the lightweight type—
‘I thought you can take more than 5 bottles, love.’  
His laugh resonates inside the room, the sweet baritone of his becoming music to your ears.  
‘Oh, I can!’ You slur, but you feel your entire system heating from the amount of soju you’ve already taken. You reach for the bottle to pour yourself another shot, but his hands stop yours and hold your wrist.  
‘I think that’s enough, baby.’
“You okay?”
You feel Jaehyun hold your hand, worry painting his features. A sudden headache comes to your system with the sudden flash of memory, but you look at him, trying to ease his worry by pursuing a small smile. “Just a little headache, that’s all.”
Jaehyun knows that you can’t hold your liquor that much. Truthfully, he doesn’t know how much you’ve already drunk as his focus was not on yours earlier. But it was odd, as when you’re drunk, your skin usually heats up, ears and cheeks would flush like dark pink roses. However, your hand’s warm, not hot, and the blush on your cheeks was probably from the makeup. Your words are still coherent, even.
You observe his knitted brows and softly laugh. “I’m fine, Jaehyun. Don’t worry.”
“I think you should go ho—”
“Areum,” you two never noticed that Lee Doyeon was approaching your table. “I’m quite hurt. You rejected me earlier and now you’re talking with some random guy?” The guy clutches his heart as if feigning physical pain.
Jaehyun’s eye twitches. He is about to open his mouth to reply to the thick-faced guy but you beat him to it.
“Actually, I know him,” you retorted while forcing a smile. “We’re…acquaintances.”
‘Acquaintances, huh.’
“Acquaintances, huh,” Doyeon scoffs, irritation clearly laced in his tone.
Jaehyun takes this as his cue for the two of you to leave. The hold of his hand around your wrist slightly tightens, and he gives you a knowing look. You are about to protest as Eunji is still on the dance floor, dancing the night away with a bottle of beer on hand. Jaehyun, however, is determined to get you out of the club, out of Doyeon’s uncomfortable presence.
You bite your lip and nod. He gives the man a taunting smile as the two of you stand, his hand now entwining with yours. “Anyway, we gotta go.”
“What about Eunji?” you whisper as both of you strut outside of the club.
“I’ll fetch her,” Jaehyun leads you to his car—a white Hyundai Grandeur of the latest model. He urges you to sit on the shotgun seat while he opens the car window on your side. When you’re inside and buckled up, he leans his elbow to the window. “Don’t go anywhere.”
You nod. You expect him to go back after, but he places his hand over your head.
“Good girl.”
You feel your cheeks heat as he walks away to get your friend back.
Eunji is passed out on the passenger seat, drunk from the amount of alcohol she’s consumed. You’re currently on the roads of Seoul with Jaehyun driving. The only noise that fills the atmosphere is the sound of his playlist—volume settling at a low level.
Cigarettes After Sex.
Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby As long as you’re with me, you’ll be just fine Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby Nothing’s gonna take you from my side
Your hands were on his shoulder while his hands were on your hips, the skinship making you feel a little ticklish. You stifled a giggle that did not go unnoticed.
‘Your hands. They tickle.’
He only chuckled and placed a soft kiss on top of your head as your bodies swayed in dim lights.  
He glances in your direction and sees the disturbed expression written on your features. He mirrors yours, but questions it no further, trying to be not pushy with you—at least for tonight. He still has many questions, but Jaehyun decides that he will take it slow.
You tell him to drop you off at your apartment, taking Eunji with you as you’re sure that she won’t wake up till the next morning. Jaehyun takes this opportunity to save your address to his car’s GPS, but of course, he’ll be discreet about it. At least now he knows where to find you—if the worst things come, be able to protect you this time.
Once you reach your destination, Jaehyun helps you with carrying Eunji to your apartment. When you open the door for them, Jaehyun notices the lack of interior of your apartment. The walls are painted off-white, simple with nothing posted on it. A couch in the center, and a dining set for two on the side of the kitchen.
You instruct Jaehyun to lay Eunji down on the couch. He did as told, carefully laying your passed-out friend on the couch. Meanwhile, you get a blanket for her in your room and the ring on your nightstand catches your attention.
You bit your lip. You want to ask him if he knows something by the way he looks at you when you first met, but you are anxious—what if he’s not really involved in your past? You’re scared of the thought of shaming yourself with him. With a racing, heavy heart, you close the door of your room, seeing Jaehyun standing beside the couch as if protecting Eunji who is drooling on the cloth of your couch now.
When you place the blanket over your friend’s frame, Jaehyun coughs, earning your attention.
“I guess I should leave.”
You nod slowly. “Yeah. Thanks for the ride.”
He smiles, deep enough for his dimples to appear. “You’re always welcome.”
He turns his heel to go, but your lips unconsciously call his name causing him to glance in your direction with a curious smile.
Why did I do that?
You mentally slap yourself in the head. Jaehyun’s eyes are staring at yours, waiting for whatever’s come out of your lips.
“I—uh,” you stutter, trying to form sentences in your mind. You think of the ring, you think of the sudden flash of memories—but you only shake your head, saving yourself from embarrassment. “S-See you soon, next time. I guess.”
“S-See you soon, next time. I guess.”
His expression changes from curiosity to disappointment, but still, Jaehyun manages to force a small smile on his lips. ‘Not now,’ he thinks—as he thought earlier, he’ll take everything slowly. Find out what truly happened: what happened to you, and what the group is hiding from him.
“Yeah. See you, (Y/N).”
He turns around and closes the door behind him. He puts his hands inside the pocket of his pants and walks to his car. When he is now seated on the driver’s seat, he grips the wheel tightly while biting his lip.
Today’s mission was a failure but at the same time a success. Failure as to his main objective is: to gather intel regarding Lee Doyeon, but a success to his broken heart: seeing and talking to you again, with knowing your location as a bonus.
For now, he’ll worry about Taeyong’s sermon tomorrow.
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haikuun · 11 hours ago
babygirl (teaser)
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS; moving into a new campus, you expect new people, new surroundings, new things to learn about, and new things to experience. but never in a million years would you see yourself in a predicament wherein you're in a fling with professor, Nakamoto Yuta, and a very wealthy man named, Jung Jaehyun.
PAIRINGS; prof!yuta & ceo!jaehyun x fem!reader
GENRE; smut
INCLUDES; age gap (10 & 12 years) , two-timing , time leaps , fem & male receiving , degradation , public sex , fingering , unprotected sex , creampie , squirting , choking , angry sex , spanking
WORD COUNT; 10k words & counting..
RELEASE DATE; hopefully the first week of february ^^ if i finish it early, probably the last week of january.
TAGLIST; @mark-wife-renjun-whore @jjhmk
AUTHOR'S NOTE; in this teaser there's no mention of jaehyun but i swear he's here- if you guys want to be added to the taglist you can; comment here, send me an ask, or dm me!~ hope you guys look forward to it ♡ (gif not mine cttro)
Tumblr media
The hallway was bustling with countless boisterous students that never seem to take a break. Peace was never an option during free time and the students would abuse this time to do whatever they please.
It was an entropy and Yuta wanted an end to this. Before he could take action, the bell rings and the hallway slowly drifts into silence as students enter their designated rooms. It was peaceful and breathable again. Yuta didn't have to squeeze through smelly students to get to the lecture hall, instead he took his time and made his way over there.
The moment he opened the door, the students stood up like trained dogs and fell into silence. As much as Yuta misses checking in on other profs, Yuta forgot the power he had over these students.
Yuta flashes a smile and urges the students to take their seats. He settled his briefcase on the desk before he stood in front of said desk. With the support of his hands, Yuta leans on the desk while his hands grab onto it to keep himself from falling. He scans the room with a small smile on his face, as he plans on his next move.
As he stood there, you were in your seat mouth agape at the familiar face in front of you. Even though it was a quick glance, you could notice him from miles away. Now that you're here seeing his entire appearance, you can now put together your own opinion.
He's hot as fuck.
Clapping his hands together, Yuta was able to pull you out of your thoughts and put all of your attention on him. “Hello you rambunctious bunch, I'm Nakamoto Yuta and I'll be your chemistry professor for this block and semester.” Everyone greets him and Yuta simply smiles. “I studied in Oxford and I have a master's degree and a doctorate. If you have questions, ask me—I'd love to get to know each and every one of you but there are over forty people in this room. If you introduce yourselves one by one, we'd need more than an hour to do so. And we only have two hours, so let's make the most of it and dedicate all of it to learning.” The room was mixed with agreements and groans of displeasure that made the smile on his face grow. “Okay, if I call you, just state your name and answer my question, got it?”
After everybody agrees to his terms, Yuta fires up the first lesson. You weren't great at chemistry—in fact it was your least favorite from the lack of enthusiasm whenever your professor from your old university teaches. But Yuta was different. He thought the lesson so fervently that anyone would stay on their toes. Well for you at least.
The snores at the back was indication that indeed only you see it as that but you admire his teaching nonetheless. Somehow he made the lesson easier to digest and understand—it's probably from his overflowing passion or he's just born to be a professor.
Yuta would throw questions from time to time and you would raise your hand to none of them. Yuta was asking questions about a topic you hazily remember your previous professor talked about. But since you weren't exactly paying attention to him, answering these questions were difficult. This time when Yuta hurls a question, nobody raises a hand and coincidentally, you know the answer.
You meekly raise your hand, still adjusting to the new surroundings and people around you. Yuta immediately acknowledges you and nods in your direction. “Yes, you. Please state your name then your answer.”
Right after you stood up, you felt your feet sinking into the ground. Multiple gazes were piercing through you including Yuta's. For some reason, him staring at you made you more bothered. You could sense some sort of intimidating presence coming out of him and his stares and it was difficult for you to construct a sentence. If only you knew.
Every second it took you to think up the right words, was more time for Yuta to admire you. He wasn't piercing through you, he was staring at you with love drunk eyes. Every second you stood was an opportunity to mesmerize you longer. Innocent looking eyes, a small face, and full lips, it's like you're yelling at him to like you.
Once you state your name and answer, Yuta's little observation session has commenced. “Okay, thank you Ms. Y/N for your answer. Now back to the topic.”
Yuta bores away the class with his lesson while you were on your toes and attentively listened to him. The next questions he laid out, you find yourself raising your hands more. Not because you wanted his attention, but because you actually knew the answers to it. Yuta didn't mind calling you three times in a row. It may look suspicious but the other students didn't really give a shit.
What finally felt like an eternity, the lesson has come to an end and the ring of the bell fuels up the drowsy students. As Yuta collects his things, he could see from his peripheral view that you were still there. Yuta looked up to fact check it, and it was true. You were still there, searching for something.
This piques Yuta's interest and he couldn't stop himself from walking over to you. “Is everything alright, Ms. Y/N?”
Your soul jumps out of your skin at the sudden mention of your name. You looked over your shoulder and saw your professor looking over your shoulder to get a glimpse on what you're on about. You flash a smile at him and shake your head dismissively. “Oh, it's nothing. I dropped my pen earlier and I'm just looking for it.”
Yuta could only nod at your statement before he stuffs his hands into his pockets. As you turn your head from side to side, Yuta observes you once again and notices the subtle difference on your uniform. “Oh, you're a scholar?” Yuta points out the logo of the school that had a different colored banner that was different from the other students.
“Oh,” you yourself just noticed this difference and you couldn't help but smile sheepishly. “Y-Yeah, I am.”
Yuta nods once again, poking the inside of his left cheek before remarking, “I actually handle the scholars in this university. I track them, making sure their grades are on point and I also make the decision on who deserves the scholarship or not—on behalf of the school of course.”
You flash a smile at him and give him a quick bow. “Thank you so much for granting me this scholarship. I honestly don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for it.”
Yuta smiles back and tries to cut off the amount of credit that's been put upon him. “No, no. You did well on the test, so you did it. Just make the school proud m'kay? You're a role model student.”
You began the search again after Yuta had no further topics to bring. “Ah, there it is!” You said out of the blue at the sight of your missing possession. You bent down, back facing Yuta and lowered yourself on all fours.
Yuta would be lying if he said he didn't look at your ass—in fact, he stared at it. His tongue swiftly brushes past his bottom lip as he looks at the great view of your ass. Your skirt ended a few inches from covering your actual ass. If you could go low and further, Yuta might've got a glimpse of it.
But when you retrieve your pen and get back up, Yuta quickly averts his eyes from your bottom and fixes his gaze on the ceiling. Once you were standing back in your feet and faced him, Yuta looked back at you with a small smile.
“Go on, skedaddle. You don't want to be late for your next class.” Yuta urges, even helping you clear out your desk.
“Thank you Mr. Nakamoto, I'll see you next time.” You shyly yet hurriedly walk away from the lecture hall. Cheeks tinged with pink after you realize that you were left alone with one of the hottest men in the campus.
Yuta watches you run off and he couldn't help but smile to himself.
“God, I might fuck her.”
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