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It’s only 11:44 am where I am and Tumblr is already telling me, I’ve exceeded the media post limit 🙃

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that’s exactly what I meant, sorry it’s too early & thanks for telling me!

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[ 10: 07 P.M. ] 


Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting a lot that much. I’ve been really busy with school and friends and there is a lot of drama going on that I have to deal with anyways, I’ll try to post as much as I can for NCT and everything because I really do want to keep the blog going, I’m just really busy and I hope you understand. Anyways, I’m probably going to update soon? I really don’t know but also keep a look out for this post, I need some admins for a project I’m doing, so if you’re interested hmu on dm’s. Thank you and have a great night everyone.

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wow must be nice walking on this planet after witnessing whiplash™ irl

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jaehyun’s nostrils flaring when he’s shook reblog if u agree

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