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I got ya lol

Makoto Naegi:

  • He underwent a lot of questions from his classmates.
  • All because he asked if the helpful voices had been telling them anything recently.
  • Was it just him, or…

Hajime Hinata:

  • So…it was just him, then?
  • He probably shouldn’t have said anything to begin with, but he actually thought everyone else heard it, too.
  • Apparently not, which made him a little concerned.

Kaede Akamatsu:

  • She didn’t think anything of it until she realized nobody else heard it.
  • She was just confused then, since the voice seemed to be helpful.
  • It might just be her subconscious, right?

Shuichi Saihara:

  • Honestly, he thought he was already starting to lose his sanity.
  • Especially when everyone else except Kiibo said they hadn’t heard a thing.
  • But it wasn’t dangerous or anything, so it must be normal…?
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Kokichi: Hell yeah, we would! Having a space alien as a pet would be sooooooo cool!


Rantaro: How ‘bout we just settle for a hamster, lovecake?


Kaito: I wouldn’t bring a alien home anyway! I second the hamster suggestion that RanRan brought up…

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I made some pride flags for you, you know who


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(I’m not late, you’re late–)

You’re not being disrespectful at all! I would love to give you some headcanons. Been quite the hot ass minute since I’ve done some, so sorry if these suck major ass!

(And I say that because it’s true lol. But that’s okay. I’m happy for you, anon!)

  • So how do they get together in the first place? That’s up to you. There you go lmao. Kiss kiss, fall in love–
  • Anyway, so I feel like there was always an underlying wonder as to Shuichi’s gender identity for the longest time. Being addressed as just a [cis] male didn’t fit them, but being addressed as a [cis] female didn’t fit well either, so them possibly identifying as a trans female wasn’t the conclusion they come to. They preferred gender neutral pronouns, and liked to be seen as gender-neutral. They just never completely put two and two together, y’know? They already knew what non-binary meant, but it wasn’t until Makoto unconsciously addressed Shuichi with some gender-neutral pronouns (I don’t exactly know how he would or such, but he just does for some reason) that made them realize in that moment: “SON OF A BI–”
  • Shuichi isn’t exactly worried per say, since they know that their boyfriends love them very much (and I personally hc both of them as bi, so yeah lol). But they can’t help but still worry about their response. So they decide to take them out for a late evening diner date, because why not? Someone should take me out on some sort of late evening diner date; it doesn’t have to be romantic though, it can be hella platonic
  • They’re vibing, they’re chilling, it’s all cute and good. Hajime’s drinking his orange juice (without the pulp, because bleh), Makoto’s eating his scrambled eggs (sweetheart, it’s 7:30 PM–), and Shuichi’s drinking their black coffee (bABEY, NO–). Life is good and sweet and–
  • “Makoto, Hajime, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I’m actually non-binary.”
  • *Cue Makoto choking on his scrambled eggs and Hajime choking on his OJ. Not out of pure disgust or anything; just out of total shock due to how suddenly abrupt and unexpected the announcement was*
  • Shuichi said it out on a slight impulse, and with how their boyfriends reacted, they immediately regretted telling them. But thankfully, their boyfriends immediately reassured them that they just weren’t expecting that
  • Makoto: Of course we accept you, pumpkin! We love you for who you are, after all
  • Makoto and Hajime probably ask if Shuichi then prefers if they use they/them/their pronouns for them (to which, they do in this case), before testing them out
  • Makoto: Guys, this is Shuichi! They’re so pretty and intelligent, and I love them so much! Every time I think of them, I can’t help but smile
  • Hajime: Th-They can be self-conscious at times, but I’m always willing to reassure them anyway, because I truly love them
  • Shuichi: *flustered keyboard smash*
  • Diner Date: A total success!

I hope these were good enough for my first ones since my return! If not, then I deeply apologize. Hope you and your boyfriend have been doing well!

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Makoto: For Kokichi, it’s ‘grapecake’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘demon dearest’, and ‘love’. F-For Chihiro, it’s ‘sweetie’, ‘sugarcube’, and ‘bun-bun’ 


Kokichi: I like to call Makoto ‘Loser Boy’ or ‘Mr. Lame’! But I guess ‘babe’ and ‘darling’ works as well. I like to call Chihiro ‘bunny’ as well!


Chihiro: I call Makoto ‘dear’, ‘sweetie’, ‘lucky clover’, a-and sometimes ‘sugar cookie’. And sometimes, I call Kokichi ‘fox’ or ‘dummy’, but that last one is always meant in a joke-like way, y’know?

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Wut r u doin’ Kokichi? Stop messing this place~~~



[ “Kokichi Oma ftom New Danganronpa V3” game ]




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Hmm, cool!

  1. More often than not, Rymiko will use their skills to escape out of situations they don’t want to be in. They often use them for that purpose more than even performing.
  2. Still, they love to do the difficult escapes for an audience. Not only does it give them a bit of an adrenaline rush after the fact, but it’s just nice to be validated like that.
  3. They aren’t really a ball of energy like they seem onstage, though. They prefer to stick to themself and they’re completely fine with silence and dark-lit rooms. It’s comfortable.
  4. They don’t talk too much, either. They say it’s because they want to conserve energy for the next time they need to do an escape, but really they just don’t like conversing much.
  5. Still, their talent is seen as very impressive in their class, especially since they put so much work into it whenever they can. It’s always perfected before it’s put before an audience.
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whenever it’s like,, 4-5ish am i start drawing angst??? bro?? angst hours man, they get to you

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I found a really good fanmade execution for Shuichi

here’s the link:

btw this isn’t mine, all credit goes to FireJuuu on youtube

pls watch it it’s good

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