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#ned leeds

scenario: in which y/n put forward that peter is a coward

peter:  hey, do you think I could fit fifteen marshmallows in my mouth?

shuri: you’re a hazard towards society 

y/n: coward, do twenty

tony and may, simultaneously: no

ned: i mean why not?

mj: yeah i agree with y/n

tony: we said it once we’ll say it again, no

may: now that i think about it, i actually want to see where this goes

tony: really may?

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i’m in a sad mood, so i’m gonna write myself something very sad :,D

Peter was staring out at the city, the lights of apartments slowing turning off as the day came to an end. His smile was not one that was happy, but one that was full of despair; he was hiding the pain. Earlier that day, Peter had had a conversation with Tony. Tony had discovered (along with the help from Dr. Strange) that this universe was unstable and collapsing very quickly. 

Peter set his affairs in order. First, he took May to lunch, and told her the discovery. They both cried in each other’s arms. Peter then texted his close friend, Ned. They met up in Peter’s college apartment. He broke the news to Ned, and Ned started to cry. Peter’s heart broke. They cried together. Peter next went to his girlfriend’s house, kissing her with more passion than he had ever done before. MJ somehow knew what Peter was going to tell her. There were less tears, and more expressions of appreciation for being in each other’s lives. Peter’s final destination before the top of Avenger’s tower was the lower level near Tony’s lab. He found Tony and Pepper, both just being in each other’s presence. Tony hugged Peter, like a father hugs his own son.

Peter was now on the roof, preparing for the end. He didn’t know if it was going to be painless or painful. That didn’t matter, because he just wanted to be alone.

“Um, hey Uncle Ben. I, uh, know you’re probably not able to hear me since you’re dead and all, but I used it for good. I helped people, Uncle Ben. I hope I made you proud. See you soon” Peter whispered as he looked up at the sky. It was dark, no light pollution, just the stars. 

Peter pulled his mask off, and threw it on the ground. He shot a web from the top of the tower to the nearest building, swinging. The wind felt refreshing on his maskless-face. He let go of the web he shot, but never had the time to shoot the next one.

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 "He’s kidding with me, right?“ it’s the only thing that crosses my mind when I heard the words coming out of his mouth. But no, he actually grabs a few towels and goes to the bathroom, and guess what, he closed AND LOCKED THE DOOR! Why he needs so many towels, btw? I definitely hate him! I know you must be thinking "what the hell is she talking about?” Well let’s say I have the hots (maybe I’m in love or whatever) for a guy that it’s a total dork. Lucky me! But I will tell you the full story while the loser takes his stupid shower… Without me.

Read on Ao3

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The Time Traveler’s Mentor
Chapter Two (Out Now


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary:

After Tony encounters an injured, future version of Peter, May offers him advice on how to cope with a time-traveling teenager.

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  • It’s that scene from Homecoming
  • Karen just told Peter that this is his chance to kiss Liz
  • and then his web breaks
  • only he’s not falling down the elevator shaft, but manages to stick to the wall
  • “Spider-Man?” Liz asks
  • “I’m okay!” Peter yells back, his voice way too high “I’m fine! See?”
  • he pulls himself up
  • everyone stares at him in shock
  • that’s when he notices that his mask slid up one side of his face (like at the end of the airport battle in CW)
  • Ned is the first to react and he actually has enough functioning brain cells to realize that he has to distract the staff woman with them
  • “I’m gonna puke!” he screams from the top of his lungs and starts dry-heaving
  • the staff woman gets distracted - the others are still staring at their teammate
  • Peter is paralyzed
  • then, Flash moves his hand that is still clutching his phone, and Peter’s brain finally beginns to function again
  • he pulls down his mask and lets himself fall down the elevator shaft
  • Peter tries stalling going back to the hotel as long as he can
  • he kinda wants to call Happy or Tony (a part of him wants to call May, just because it’s May and she always knows what to do) and ask what to do, but for obvious reasons - taking the suit to Washington, disabling the Training Wheels Protocol - he can’t do that
  • at one point, Ned is calling him
  • Peter doesn’t hesitate a second to answer. “Dude, I have to, like, leave the country or something!”
  • there’s a pause
  • then: “Leaving the country is not part of this trip, Peter.”
  • Peter’s blood turns to ice. “Mr. Harrington?”
  • “Yes. Ned was kind enough to lend me his phone. I figured you wouldn’t answer if I called you.”
  • Peter stays silent
  • “I’m just calling to ask you to come back to the hotel.”
  • Everything in him screams to say no, but he doesn’t scream - he doesn’t say anything at all
  • “I promise you’re not in trouble.”
  • “It feels like I’m in trouble.”
  • “Everyone here would like to thank you personally for saving our lives.”
  • There’s nothing Peter can say to that, so he climbs out of his hiding place, changes out of his suit, and gets back to the hotel
  • Peter doesn’t see anyone in the lobby
  • or on the way to his room
  • but he finds them as soon as he walks into the room
  • because the small room is absolutely packed
  • everyone starts talking and cheering and asking so many questions at once, Peter can’t concentrate on anything
  • and then they thank him one by one and it’s simultaneously the most embarrassing and amazing thing that ever happened to him
  • they’re all sworn to secrecy and… it actually works
  • the entire team has his back
  • they lead the speculations of Spider-Man’s identitiy far away from Peter
  • they cover for him when he needs to disappear
  • they let him copy their homework if he stayed up too late, making sure their neighbourhood is safe
  • Mr. Harrington tries his best to give Peter some advice, and while he’s absolutely clueless about the superhero life, it’s still nice to talk to an adult (Happy and Tony are still not that communicative at this point) 
  • when Peter disappears during the Homecoming dance, Liz knows it’s because of Spider-Man, and a day later, she also makes the connection between Peter disappearing and Toomes being arrested
  • it feels like a slap across the face to her, and Peter tries his best to explain and offer comfort, but it’s something she has to figure out herself
  • even though the thought of anyone knowing had been very daunting, Peter actually enjoys it
  • it’s nice to talk to other people about Spider-Man, to have a few trusted people (and, yes, that includes Flash) who he can turn to help to
  • a group of smart people who can help him out when he can’t find a good answer on Google
  • like how to stitch up a wound
  • turns out April is into embroidery and Abe took a first aid class (it only takes a couple of weeks until everyone of them takes a first aid class)
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Ned: I can’t believe this. You wouldn’t tell MJ to stay behind.
Peter: Well, yeah, because she’s MJ. I mean, one time, I saw her eat a whole apple using a knife, just like in the movies.
MJ: Get over the apple thing. That was three years ago.
Peter: I know, it was just so cool.
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Proactive Measures

Chapter Six//I Can Hear the Sirens

INTERVIEWER: When was the last time you saw Peter Parker?

TOOMES: At the Homecoming Dance, he was my date.


INTERVIEWER: Mister Leeds, you were the last person to see Peter Parker, correct?

LEEDS: I think so.


TOOMES: Who the hell else would drop him off? She’s a single parent. I didn’t notice anything!

INTERVIEWER: Are you certain, Mr. Toomes? I’m asking you to think very hard, because you might have been the last person to have seen May Parker before her disappearance.

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“I’m starting a fucking religion.”

“Peter, He’s your boyfriend.”

“So? He’s still God.”

I got bored of listening to my online classmates talk while my teacher tries to reconnect.

I’m really bored. Should I actually remake this on digital? Or an actual drawing???

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Here’s a little snippet from my Apocalypse AU for Spideychelle Bingo for Six (Seven) Sentence Sunday!

Since I saw TDATT, the only positive thing I can say about it was that Tom Holland’s character, Arvin Russell, was awesome, and I really liked him. Other than that, I wasn’t the biggest fan of that movie.

But it gave me a lot of inspiration on how I wanted Peter to act in this story, so that’s good!

TW: Attempted non con

Peter stared at the gun in his hands, hat pulled over his eyes, shoulders squared, his jaw clenched.

He felt raw, unyielding anger gnawing at his gut. It was strange, foreign, but he liked how…powerful it made him feel.

He couldn’t get over the look of sheer panic on Ned’s face when he heard his howl of pain as the acid splashed over one side of his face, creating scalding, red wounds on his skin, leaving his eye permanently damaged, or the angry swearing and screaming of MJ as she fought off the gang of Looters wearing those dark people leather jackets with the stupid-looking goblin face on the backs.

The same Looters that tried to gang rape her when they actually felt safe for once.

He narrowed his eyes, even the one under the bandages covering half of his face and wrapping around his head under his hat. The Peter Parker before would have gone to an adult and tell them what could have happened to his best friend, but the Peter Parker after was much different.

All he knew was that he was angry, and if his hands were going to be bathed in blood that night…well… that was no one’s business but his own.

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(Sorry if that was agressive) aNYWAYS I’m about to become a fanfic writer bc this is just too good.

So, this has probably already been done before, but I had this one-shot idea for Peter Parker

  • ,,,but he gets a phone call in the middle of class and his teacher makes him answer it bc of that stupid rule some school have.
  • He picks up the phone.
  • BOOM
  • It’s Tony Stark, but no one (besides MJ and Ned believe him) 
  • Tony doesn’t like this, so he goes into full Irondad mode and hacks the projector or sum in the classroom
  • and it’s REVEALED peter Parker KNOWS TONY STARKaxczgzsh
  • Flash is shook
  • Teacher is shook
  • Class is shook
  • Mj is sketching Flash
  • Ned giving off boss bitch energy because HE KNEW


Ok, now that I’ve typed it,, I realize this has definitely been done before, so I want to make it ✨different

If you guys comment or send me asks with ideas or suggestions for this one shot, I’ll tag you in the final thing. I’ll also post it on ao3 :) Thanks!!!

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Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

  • This all started because you watch some Youtubers play a game called Among Us.
  • Basically there’s a group of workers and ones an imposter and they have to figure out whos the imposter before they get killed.
  • You saw them play it and it looked fun so you were like, “Imma make my friends play this with me!”.
  • You checked the app store and it was there! And free! Win! 
  • You made Peter, Ned, M.J., Betty, Flash (Because you needed more people), and finally Shuri!
  • You all voice chat while you play so you all don’t have to write to talk to each other. 

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I wanted you to be better

Happy runs through the ruins on the beach, pieces of plane and fire and boxes thrown all around him. His heart is pounding in his ears and his breath catches at the sight. There’s shield agents buzzing around him, working without him having to give a single order. He can’t focus on them, eyes zeroing in on the red and blue mess lying motionless in the sand. Face down, matted hair moving with the silent wind, he looks nothing like the kid he’s secretly so fond of. 

Oh my God.


Pepper runs into her and Tony’s bedroom at the compound, she’s not sure what happened, but the loud crash got her up from the couch faster than lightning. 

Tony is standing in the middle of the room, his desk is flipped and all his little projects is carelessly lying all around him. 

He’s gripping his hair and heaving for air, eyes flickering around in a frantic pace, and Pepper just knows. Something has happened. Something so bad that even Tony Stark doesn’t know what to do. 

He doesn’t acknowledge her, and when she screams at him, there’s no indication he’s even heard her. She tries to grab his shoulder, ground him. Get him back to the reality, but he just shrugs her off, mumbling something about a plane crash and a kid and runs out of the room.

Before she’s even able to piece the words together she can see the iron man suit taking off outside the window.


May had been worried for a while, that her nephew was maybe getting into the wrong crowd or something, even though he’s always been this sweet, innocent little boy. 

She didn’t understand all the sneaking around, skipping classes and secrets he suddenly felt the need to keep from her. 

They had always been close, and after her husband died they had only gotten closer. They were all each other had. So she didn’t understand.

She doesn’t understand much more when Tony Stark shows up at her door for the second time in less than six months. But this time he looks like a wreck. His pristine suit is wrinkled, and the trademark sunglasses don’t do anything to hide his red brimmed, puffy eyes. 

She doesn’t hear what he’s saying, everything around her reduced to white noise. She doesn’t really need to. That look she understands. It’s the same one the police officers wore when they came knocking on the door not even a year ago, with her nephew, shaking and bloody and traumatized behind them. 


Ned can feel it. He’s not sure what it means, but somehow he just knows. Like something inside him just left, leaving a gaping hole he can’t place.

When May calls him, he swipes with shaking fingers, and he has to swallow the fear steadily growing in his throat, pressing wet tears behind his closed eyes as he takes a deep breath, and the world crashes around him when he hears her choked voice on the other end.

He doesn’t know what to do. The phone slips from his fingers and his feet starts moving. He’s not even sure where he’s going. But he needs to get out. Away from the noise coming from all the cheery teens and music around him. 

The outside air is warm on his skin, and his cheeks are stinging from tears. He needs to get to Peter. He needs to see him. Hear his laugh, do their handshake. He needs… him. 

He’s pale where he’s not covered in cuts and bruises. His eyes are closed, and Ned wants to yell at him. Open your eyes, damnit! 

He needs to see those honey eyes open and smiling. Crinkling in the light. He needs it just as much as the air around him. He can't… He can’t lose him. 


I wanted you to be better.

Why did he have to take the suit? He could have helped! He should have been there! He should have known the kid wouldn’t just back down. He should… this is all his fault. 

If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.

He made the damn thing to keep him safe! Fuck!  

Some mentor he is. Punishing the young hero for doing everything he could. Stomping on him, making him doubt himself. Making him think he had to prove himself.

You were so much better than me, kid.

“We lost one of our own last week. I’m sure you’ve heard about the plane crash already.” He takes a deep breath, blinking away tears threatening to spill as he looks over the crowd in front of him. “Spider-Man was the best of us. No doubt about it. He was a fiery ball of energy, never backing down and always ready to jump in front of danger to save anyone who might need it. 

"He didn’t care, if the person in need was friend or foe. He lost his life saving his enemy. He was a true hero, a true protector of New York. He will be dearly missed.”

He’s clutching Pepper’s hand when they cross the green grass to where Peter’s family and friends are gathered for one last goodbye. 

May doesn’t look at him. He doesn’t blame her. I’m so sorry.

Happy is standing alone, jaw clenched and hands fisted at his side. His eyes are trained on the coffin, slowly sinking down in the ground. They haven’t talked since that horrible phone call, and Tony knows Happy blames him for what happened. He does to. I’m so sorry.

Peter’s friend is crying, openly and loud. He’s shaking and it looks like he’s just a moment from joining his companion in the ground. Like the world isn’t worth living in without the energetic boy. I’m so sorry. 

You were so much better than me, kid. I’m so sorry.

It’s also on ao3, here. Where I have a bunch of tragic Spidey stories for you to cry over.

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