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#need moar

Just realized I’m playing a video game, watching Star Trek on my tablet, and also scrolling through tumblr on my phone and I’m STILL not stimulated enough??

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List all the angels of death merch you have :0

Oh lord. xD


Anime OST


Fanbook (Japanese)

Manga volumes 1-7 (English)

SatsuTen 4koma manga volumes 1-3 (Japanese)

Novels 1-3 (Japanese)

2 trading clips

1 acrylic stand

Four official keychains (a bunch of fanmade ones)

Five doujinshi

as you can see, that’s not nearly enough

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New She-Ra’s Scorpia is such a fun dorky sweetheart, omg, I love her. And given that she’s an elemental princess in her own right we may be looking at a heel-face turn to mirror Entrapta’s single-minded switcheroo.

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We need more cyborgs who refuse to update their parts

We need more cyborgs who refuse to update their parts

That have a wire sticking out of their arm held down by electrical tape because they’re too lazy to buy and install a new one or fix it

That have scratches all over their eyepiece and only clean them like once a week

That have a part that’s constantly draining their battery but it’s the one they’ve had for years and don’t wanna replace it it’s got that cute wine stain from that new years party with the cat who jumped on tables

Child cyborgs with pieces just too small for them and refuse to let people take them because they’re picky

Also having the hand me down piece from an older sibling who went through a goth phase

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Want something a little different, interesting, a little scary, and very, very well written??

Then you, my friend, have GOT to check out my good buddy, @sleepyschmoop ‘s new fic!

She was cold. Lost. Lost. Dead. Her throat hung ragged over her shoulders, her arm bent backwards, her chest a soupy mess of gore and pain. She was cold. Cold. Dead.
Whole. Her robes pristine, green catching the light that shone from the compartment windows and winking from her sleeves. She was still cold, but the pain was gone. Gone. Dead. She felt nothing but the burning rage kindled behind her ribs.
James Potter did this. James Potter killed her.

Intrigued? You damn well should be!

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world’s tiniest pet peeve: the fan scorpion does not go next to the hydra and peacock ones :<

anyway, teeny tiny announcement: if you ever have spare peacock, hydra, or fan scorpions, i’ll gladly trade you fodder familiars to save them from the pot! you can send me a cr at any time~

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Whew! After many struggles and an absurdly long time, I believe my AO3 is finally up to date! Sorry for the delay if you were waiting and thank you for your patience. I suppose now I can post on both sites concurrently. Fancy!

…if I could figure out anything to write lately, that is! I may very well miss my next self-imposed deadline. Wake up, muse!

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