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#need quiet

So, like, when my joints etc… are really bad all I want to do is sleep in the quiet as my pain meds make me even more tired. We moved somewhere quiet so that this wouldn’t be such a problem. Our neighbours decided to rent their house out to a young family which was fine until the Dad decided he wanted to buy a really expensive sporty car that has to be revved up for 5 minutes on the drive before he can drive it off. It is NOT a quiet car. We asked if there was anyway he could park it so it wasn’t aimed at our bedroom! He was really nice and said of course but then the neighbours the other side would complain. He said he would park it so the noise was concentrated out towards the road instead. That lasted for all of a week! This morning it sounded like a jumbo jet was taking off again outside my bedroom! Aaaarrrrrggggg!

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Why is it that whenever I’m having an anxiety attack due to too much noise, even after explicitly asking for people to ask least tone down their voices a bit, they feel the need to scream? Like what are you trying to test if it’s true?

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I discovered something worse than working, four toddlers in my house crying for no damn reason along with 10 adults drinking and i hate life, i am going to hide in my room where no family member can tell me i will one day get over myself and drink alcohol and have children like a normal human.

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why can’t my family understand that there is no talking when the 100 is on. I’m gonna get snippy watching my favorite show especially as it’s been a year since the last new episode no ifs

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- I would liquidate my 401K to pay for someone to clean my apt every week and not care if I’m just laying in bed while they do it. (It’s a studio, super awkward.)

- I think if I stare at the clock long enough, time will actually go backwards…

- If I ever got married would I change my name? I mean I already have 5 names so would another one be like a ring in a tree trunk or just overkill?

- It would be nice to snuggled under the covers and just know I’m safe and warm and cared for right now.

- Trying to figure out that quote about thinking about someone who doesn’t think about you. (I don’t even know why I needed to figure this quote out but I did.)

- I should get out of bed to pee.

- Playing my day out in my head to plan for any potential hiccups.

- Fuck! I have to pack for Monday night! Ok… After work… I’ll do it then.

- Cut the pineapple, Jackie! Just cut the freaking pineapple!!

- Its strange to wake up feeling lonely. I’ve only been awake for 5 minutes, how can one possibly ache already?

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The past few days has been nothing but friends and family and talking and moodswings and crying and a lot of emotional rollercoaster stuff. I’m really tired of interacting with people but I don’t think it’s about to stop. At least not during this week ahead.

I hope I’ll be able to pay more attention to my blog soon.

(on a side note, if I try to eat any more turkey I think I’m going to vomit)

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My brother is 6, and my dad is trying to help him read. My brother is having a hard time so my dad decides to yell at him. How the fuck is that suppose to help him at all? Wesley started crying, hes still crying, and my dad is just telling him how he doesn’t pay attention and how bad he is at reading.

Atleast he is consistant in the way he treats his kids. 

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