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Via @krousky
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Behind the scene from my little needle play took by @dupri_wolf from our last shoot together few months ago 🤡
Made by professiinal, do not try this at home.
#behindthescenes #art #artist #needle #play #darkaesthetic #darkart #darksurrealism #darkphotography #photography #shooting #oldie #video #love #alternative #berlinart #nightlife #life #clown #darkclown

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hey friend!! i’m actually not on T :( i really wish i was, BUT my boyfriend has been on T for a few years: @exohplanet ! he’ll reblog this with websites he knows.

but in the meantime, since the pharm is giving you the wrong sizes (im guessing it’s the wrong size!) i would absolutely tell the tech what specific size you need! it’s totally okay to be like “i actually need this size instead!” if you don’t know, i would call your doctor and ask. i don’t know what websites are trustworthy and affordable so i don’t want to give you wrong info. tysm for the ask im really proud of you for reaching out! ❤️

if anyone else knows of any trusted websites to get syringes, needles and general supplies pls reply/rb this and leave the link!

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