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#needle felting

LGBTQ+ Pride Lions are in my etsy shop now! Link to my shop here!

My shop is currently running a sale for 10% off $3+ and 20% off $15+ until the end of this Monday. There is also only one of each lion stocked so grab them quickly!

Top row: Transgender, Rainbow

Middle row: Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual

Bottom row: Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Asexual, Aromantic

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Destiny 2, Confectionery Shell (YES, STILL)

So… at some point earlier this year, I restarted this little thing. I kept having too much trouble with keeping the winglets shaped correctly and not collapsing. This time I made a silicone putty mold from a cardboard pattern (made using one of the vinyl collectables) and felted 8 new winglets from that, so they’re wool all the way through. … they’re still really difficult to keep in proper shape, as every time I work with this particular core wool, it takes numerous tries to get it to firm up and not become a useless pile of mush. Sigh. The pile of failed attempts at a base form for whatever I was trying to make because it just didn’t stay firm is unreal. The core here is still made over a styrofoam ball, so that’s at least sturdy.

Really I should just not be trying to do precise geometric shapes with friggin’ needle felting but I’m dumb and stubborn and the gingerbread shell is just so cute

Hopefully I can have this one done by Dawning this time so I can actually post it to Bungie’s art thing…

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So when I get angry or just generally speaking very emotional, I needle felt cos I used to hit things and I think that needle felting is a nice fix for that as it’s just repeatedly stabbing some felt over and over untill it becomes something beautiful.

I started my first project when my Dean broke up with Cas. I had litrally ever done it before and this is what I got! I love it so much! (I’m planning on taking pictures later in n the week. Also you can tell Cas was the first one I made)

Buuut, the ending of Supernatural got me so fucking angry that I started something quite big, that I haven’t finished yet, a Dean plush! Why Dean and not Cas when I love Cas so fuckin much? Because I’ll be cosplaying as Cas and my mother is found as Baby to a con next year that got cancelled due to Covid and I thought it’d be cute to have a tiny Dean plush for us both to hold.

Why am I posting about this? Well ya see… I didn’t tell my mother who it was, she just made a joke. I had the legs and body done (he looked like a dead among us character) and I took a brake. I come back and she is just lookin at it and gose “It’s Dean” and I go “huh? On yeah it is but why did you know it’s just legs?”

I had the needle sticking out his back!

She found it really funny then I had to take a brake from doing that project because each time I pick him up I just can’t do it again 🤣

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Hes a little funny looking but he’s my first ever needle felting project :)

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