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#neethu I love this
diazchristopher · 7 months ago
okay but you don't understand...the post tsunami scene is the most beautiful thing ever and it absolutely drives me crazy...wait for me to come home playing as buck hears a knock on his door and opens it to chris and eddie?? the stunned, almost broken look on buck's face the entire time because he absolutely can't believe that eddie would forgive him?? the way eddie tries to play it cool at first but drops the act the moment he realizes buck needs his reassurance?? "i lost him, eddie." "no, you saved him."??? eddie literally comparing buck's love for christopher to his own?? there's nobody in this world i trust with my son more than you??? the way eddie declares it like a love confession?? (because it is in a way) the fact that eddie has a huge ass family but buck is still the one he trusts most?? the way the emotions play out over buck's face as he comprehends eddie's words. eddie's light teasing to make the atmosphere less heavy and buck's startled chuckle? "thank you. for not giving up." just shoot me into the sun why don't you
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alltoowelltmv · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
you're giving me whiplash but ilyy
Tumblr media
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evanbucxley · 15 days ago
'They looked at Buck and saw Daniel; and they hated him for it.
Buck looks at Sebastian and sees himself; and he loves him for it.' this was the part where i started sobbing-
'I look like you, and that's not a bad thing.' it wasn't okay for you to write this, what the fuck-
'I love you, yesterday, today and tomorrow.' ceecee then on your location i just wanna talk.
WHO gave you the right to write so beautifully?? i am unwell
HEY NEETHU DO YOU WANNA FIGHT ME BECAUSE I'M ABOUT TO CRY BECAUSE OF THIS i love you so much did you know that you talented beautiful soul??? you now sending you so many smooches mwah you have no idea how much i appreciate this and you <3333
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buckleyblueyes · 5 months ago
once you find it (it can never be replaced)
Wrote this as a little late birthday present for @diazchristopher! I hope you like it Neethu! Happy belated birthday! 
Summary: It’s not an earth shattering realization, there’s nothing dramatic about it. It’s as simple as it is inevitable (also read on AO3)
Buck realizes he’s in love with Eddie three days before Halloween. It’s not an earth shattering realization, there’s nothing dramatic about it. It’s as simple as it is inevitable. It happens on a Monday morning at the station. The coffee maker breaks on the first cup of the day, and nobody's happy about it. Chimney makes a run to the coffee shop to get them through, but he’s not back yet, and Eddie is glaring daggers at the broken machine, as if he can intimidate it into working again.
“Hey, Bobby, can we get a Hildy?” Albert asks.
Eddie whips around before Bobby can say anything. “Oh, no. No, no, no, no. It’s bad enough I have one of those hell machines spying on me at home.” He glances at Buck. “I refuse to let Hildy infiltrate the station.”
Bobby chuckles. “Calm down, Eddie. We couldn’t afford a smart coffee maker anyway.”
Eddie breathes a sigh of relief, and Buck can’t help the smile that pulls at the corner of his lips. “You’re ridiculous,” is what he says out loud. “God, I love you,” is what he says in his head. It doesn’t take him by surprise, doesn’t freak him out like maybe it should, given that he’s dating someone who isn’t Eddie. He’s always known his feelings for Eddie were more complicated than simple friendship. He hasn’t let himself dwell on it, has always had good reasons for ignoring the flutter in his chest when Eddie looks at him a certain way, or the warmth that cascades through his body when Eddie finds a reason to touch him (a hand on his shoulders as he passes by, an arm brushed against his, a knee pressed against his thigh in the truck). It was always there, a faint hum in the back of his mind.
Easy to ignore, until suddenly it’s not.
Buck breaks up with Taylor on a Tuesday in November, two weeks after the hum in his mind has graduated to an all encompassing buzzing under his skin, three days before their six month anniversary. It’s not dramatic, or even very painful, for either of them, and Buck knows he made the right decision. He likes Taylor, but he doesn’t love her, and as sad as she is to see him go, he knows that she doesn’t love him either.  
He’s not sure why it takes him so long between the realization and the decision to break things off with Taylor. Maybe it’s because breaking up with Taylor means actually acknowledging that he’s in love with Eddie to someone other than himself. Not that he says it, but he knows it’s implied in the way he says, “I just don’t think this is what I want,” and the way she just nods, like she’s seen this coming. Which she probably has. Subtly has never been Buck’s strong suit.
He announces the breakup the next day at work because Chimney is asking when he’s free to babysit Jee-Yun next and mentions something about not wanting to get in the way of Buck’s relationship and Buck assures him that there’s no relationship to get in the way of. Chimney pats him on the shoulder sympathetically.
“I’m sorry, Buckaroo,” he says with a small smile.
“I’m okay,” Buck insists. “I was the one who broke it off.”
“Oh.” Chimney sounds dumbfounded, which Buck supposes is fair, given how often Buck talks about being lonely. “Why?”
Because the universe has a cruel sense of humor, Eddie choses that moment to step out from the otherside of the ladder truck. “Why what?”
“Buck broke up with Taylor,” Chimney says, like he’s not stepping in the middle of an emotional minefield--after all, none of the mines will blow him up.
Eddie’s eyes widen almost imperceptibly. But Buck knows him well enough to see it.
“We wanted different things,” Buck says, shrugging. The bell rings before Eddie or Chimney can ask more questions. Buck sighs in relief.
By the end of shift, everyone at the station knows about the breakup, because Chimney knows, and Chimney loves gossip, and Buck told Chimney he could tell people. It saves him the trouble of having to acknowledge it, lets the word spread without him having to have the same conversation a dozen times. Instead he focuses on his work, pretending not to notice the sympathetic looks his coworkers keep flashing him. Poor Buck, they’re all probably thinking, alone again.
Well. Almost all of them. Buck has no idea what Eddie is thinking, but he’s sure it’s not the same sad sympathy everyone else is exuding because Eddie never even liked Taylor. He’s probably relieved he doesn’t have to make awkward small talk with her again, if anything. Eddie watches Buck like their other coworkers, but the look in his eyes isn’t sympathy. Buck pretends not to notice Eddie’s looks, too.
A week after Buck’s breakup with Taylor, he’s leaning against Eddie’s kitchen counter with a beer in his hand, and Eddie’s at the sink washing dishes (only fair, since Buck cooked dinner). Christopher is in his room working on homework, and the house is quiet, which only serves to emphasize the tension that’s been building between the two men for the last week, like a rubber band slowly pulled taut, just barely held in place between two fingers.
“So,” Eddie starts, in a tone of forced casualness. “How have you been doing since your breakup?”
Buck takes a swig of his beer. “Fine. It was my choice, and I don’t regret it.”
“Your choice,” Eddie echoes, placing the last dish on the drying rack, before turning to face Buck. “Y’know, you never really told me why.”  
Buck gulps. “Eddie…”
“Why did you break up with Taylor?” Eddie asks, dark eyes boring into Buck. The rubber band stretches even further. “And I don’t want the lie you told Chimney.”
Buck sets down his beer, and crosses his arms. “Why did you break up with Ana?”
“It wasn’t what I wanted,” Eddie doesn’t hesitate. “She wasn’t who I wanted.”
Buck’s arms fall back to his sides. “Who-what do you want, then?” He tries to swallow the word “who” in the back of his throat, but it comes out anyway. His palms are sweating and his heart is racing and oh, God, what if he’s wrong about this?
Eddie just takes a step forward, expression unreadable. “Don’t you know, Evan?” His voice doesn’t shake, but it’s quiet, almost a whisper. Like he’s forcing the words out before he loses his ability to speak completely.
It’s not even really an answer, not entirely. There’s just enough plausible deniability that Eddie could walk it back. Maybe. If they weren’t six inches apart. If Eddie wasn’t looking at him like every hope and dream he’s ever had rely on what Buck does next. If the last time Eddie used Buck’s first name wasn’t in a hospital room. If Buck didn’t know Eddie so completely.
The rubber band snaps.
Buck practically lunges forward into Eddie’s space, wrapping his hands around Eddie’s neck and pulling him into a kiss. He kisses Eddie hard, pouring every ounce of pent up emotion from the last three and a half years into it, and Eddie kisses him back with equal intensity. Eddie’s hands on his waist, callused and warm, and Buck pushes Eddie up against the edge of the sink so their bodies are pressed together as firmly as their lips are. Buck’s fingers find their way from Eddie’s neck into his hair, and he tugs gently, earning a moan from the other man. Seizing the opportunity, Buck slides his tongue along Eddie’s lower lip, which falls open further to let Buck in. Time moves slow as honey around them, as they melt into each other. Nothing else in the world seems to matter except getting more and more of Eddie.
Buck’s giddy with the feeling. He’s kissing Eddie. Eddie is kissing him back. Eddie wants him. He has to pull back, unable to stop himself from letting out a small giggle.
“What?” Eddie asks, breathless. He sure is a sight, hair mussed and lips swollen. He looks wanton and a wave of smugness bubbles up in Buck’s chest because he did that.
“Nothing, I’m just happy,” Buck says softly, leaning down to rest his forehead against Eddie's. “I thought you might--but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.”
Eddie’s brown eyes soften with fondness. “Me too.”
Buck swallows. “Should we talk about this?”
“Probably," Eddie says, and then continues in that casual, matter of fact tone of his, "I’m in love with you."
“Oh, well, good,” Buck ducks his head and smiles bashfully. “I’m in love with you, too.”
Eddie sucks a breath through his teeth, moving back just so he can move in again at the right angle for a kiss. “Well, then. Are we done talking?”
Buck pretends to think about it for a moment. “Hm, yeah. I think we’re on the same page.”
He barely finishes his sentence before Eddie’s lips are on his again, and this time he’s the one pushed up against the counter, the cold tile digging into his back. He knows they have more to talk about--how to tell Christopher, how (and when) they want to tell the team, what this means for their working relationship--but that’s all secondary. They’ll figure it out, together. Because he’s Buck and Eddie is Eddie, and they’ve both been all in since the day they pulled a live grenade out of a man’s thigh together.
Right now, all he needs is for Eddie to never stop kissing him like this.
(Eddie never does.)
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evaneddie · 7 months ago
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that felt the need to do some unfollowing. Which really sucks cuz I feel like I'm missing out on some of the positive contributions they add to the fandom. With that being said, do you have any recommendations for blogs to follow, preferably buddie focused? (That sadly had to biggest hit in my following list)
hi hun! sorry i took a moment and a half to respond. now it's actually very hard to find just 911 blogs, let alone solely buddie focused ones. most people i follow are multi fandom, but i'll try to give you the best ones i can think of that are very positive about the show in general and buddie too ofc!!! 💖
i hope i don't forget some of the people/urls, so if you are someone who's super positive about the show (and buddie!!!) reblog this!
below the cut as to not clog up people's dashboards
also, getting rid of all the negativity and inactive blogs took me from 657 blogs i was following down to 60 😅
@juliesdahlia - neethu is the sweetest! her gifs are always amazing, and while there's a lot of jatp content, there's also a bunch of 911 stuff including positive buddie stuff!
@betwecouldmakesome - naomi is just the best! they make really amazing moodboards, like they're just fucking stunning all the time. multifandom with jatp, spn, teen wolf, 911 and a bunch of others. again very buddie and the show positive!
@matan4il - alice!!! amazing, kind, and talented! every episode of 911 she does a meta post about buddie, basically outlining all the little moments, analysing them, and showing evidence and theories as to where their storyline could go!
@notreallyaguest - marzz is annoying but i love them (my lil sibling lmao) and she too is quite multifandom with spn, 911, and a bunch of other stuff roo. she's not always active, but they do make gifs on their phone and will probs use ps some time in the future! she's a pretty awesome kid.
@kelly-severide - nikki is all round beautiful, kind, and positive towards buddie and 911. again, pretty multifandom content, with chicago fire, obx, and a bunch of others. nikki's gifs and edits are always aesthetically pleasing.
@buddiecaps - this is just a blog that nikki and i run that posts edited screencaps of buddie moments. not always active, but i wanna do more lol. also if anyone wants to join, just check out the pinned post on the blog!
@lovelessmotel - em! is just! a thirsty hoe!!! for chimney. and tbh that's pretty valid of them. they have a bunch of content, mainly 911 and she's also very buddie positive, likes to keep away from fandom drama too
@lesbianlizzie - i haven't known romy for very long, but i love her. she posts a lot about 911 and haven't seen any negativity there! she's always super nice and easy to talk to
@youcanhavemybackanyday - oh where to start with chelsea... she doesn't have a single speck of bad vibes. constant good shit from her. and her tags on everything??? top tier!!! they kill me every time. i see a notif from her on one of my posts and i always get giddy and excited to read the tags!
@eddiediaz - plz, i love may sm. very multi fandom, but the 911/buddie content is immaculate, iconique! so much talent i can't deal. and literally so kind i wanna cry.
@loveyourownsmiilee - i haven't spoken much with juju, but where i have, it's been super amazing! so kind and very lovable!!! the tag "#give me buddie or give me hell" gets me every time lmao
@thegirlwithataser - hannah!!! ah i only recently started talking with her, but she's awesome! beautiful fic writer! and a super nice person. love her!
there's so many more, who i don't really talk to much, but so far haven't seen too much negativity from: @woodchoc-magnum @eddiesdiaz @eddiediaz-buckley @yelenabelous @diazalex @translucent-bisexual (seen kinda negative asks from people, but responses are usually hopeful about buddie!) @fireladybuckley @from-nova @coffeealways and probably more that i'm forgetting 😅
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liesoverthec · 29 days ago
congrats on your follower celebration!! 💕💕 my edit tag is #my gifs, if you'd like to do it
I have *several* of your lovely, lovely gifsets coming up on Sunday! I feel like I said in my post that I'd do at least 3 but I cannot help myself from doing more when such AMAZINGLY TALENTED PEOPLE send me their tags!
My compliment to you is: I think you are genuinely one of the most talented gif makers I've ever seen, especially when it comes to adding color to a gif. You pick such vibrant shades and they are just so masterfully done - I feel like the color enhances the emotion of the gif, and doesn't overwhelm it. Also I've looked through some of your tutorials before, and I KNOW adding multiple scenes to a gif is NOT EASY but you do it so well, AND you have such an artistic eye for it too. Also I really admire your ability to speak your mind. You are always so eloquent about it, and I always think you have such intelligent takes!
LOTS OF LOVEEEE! And thank you for celebrating w me 🥰
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buckactuallys · 2 months ago
congrats on 1k, pia!! 🌻 + #my gifs 💕
thank you so much, neethu!! i love all of your gifsets, so i'm really looking forward to going through your tag to find some i may have missed, or reblog some favourites again 🥰
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buckleys-diaz · a month ago
alie, did i miss your birthday? 😭😭 a belated happiest of birthdays to you!!! 💕💕💕
neethu!! omg don't worry about it, thank you so so much, i'm sending you my love!!!
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outrunningthedark · 4 months ago
sending you my love and strength to get through this week, tina! 💕💕
Tumblr media
Neethu, you always put everyone else’s struggles before your own around here because that’s the type of person you are, but I continue to hope and pray that you will one day find relief from whatever is ailing you.
You’re not fighting this battle alone. We’re with you every step of the way. 😘🤗
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diazchristopher · 5 months ago
What if Eddie and Buck get so close that they don’t even realise they are in a relationship? They just gradually get more and more intimate with each other, especially after Eddie is shot because they both feel safer and secure with the other around. cuddles on the couch, Buck stroking Eddie’s hair while he is sleeping with his head on Buck’s lap, curling up together in bed. And they even start giving each other quick kisses goodbye, it feels so natural but they don’t talk about it until one day someone asks how long they’ve been together and that’s when it finally dawns on them that they’ve been a couple for months
ASFDJKLL okay but this is so them?? of course these two would stumble into a relationship without even realizing it. they'll just be kissing each other hello and goodbye and but insist it's completely ✨platonic✨ and that's what pushes bobby into retirement.
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firefighter-diaz · 2 months ago
it was your birthday yesterday and i missed it? 😭 happy birthday, love! 💕💕
awww thank you neethu!! 🥺🥺❤️❤️
Tumblr media
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evanbucxley · 4 months ago
your tags on my buddie gifset...VIOLENCE
neethu listen........they just make me so MAD you know??? eddie diaz is so stupidly in love with evan buckley and he's walking around with the entire egyptian river on his shoulders with how large his denial is on god,,, like??? just tell him you love him the normal way eddie??? just say the words???? instead he's like "haha hey bestie here's my kid, my entire heart and soul, i trust nobody else with him but you and if anything ever happened to me i wouldn't want anyone else looking after him BUT you,,,,,, anyway g2g be straight with my gf"
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adhddesistudy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I hope your past week has been amazing. I haven't posted too often on here solely because my mental health has been really bad as of recently, I am in-between therapists right now and had one of my worst weeks last week, So last week my gf came and picked me up and we went to this beautiful crystal and plant store. This week I am feeling hopeful. Hope is step one to healing and hopefully day by day I will keep healing. I hope everyone who reads this has a beautiful day, and make sure you have hope!
Sending love,
Neethu <3
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buckleyblueyes · 5 months ago
okay but re your ficlet of buddie + laughter, if when they go canon we don't get a scene of eddie cupping buck's face in his hands and saying softly, his voice full of emotion, "you make me so happy.", what even is the point??
Neethu STOP it is MIDNIGHT and I need to go to SLEEP not have a MENTAL BREAKDOWN
It’s just…Buck spending his whole life feeling like a burden, like people don’t want him around and are always gonna eventually leave. Loving people so goddamn much and not always getting that love back from people. And then Eddie says “I want you around all the time” and “you make me happy, just by being you”
But it’s also about Eddie choosing Buck, choosing this person who makes him happy and takes care of him, it’s about Eddie choosing to follow his heart (your gif set…Im so…) instead of putting others’ first.
It’s fine!! I’m fine!!!
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bucksantahat · 4 months ago
🌸- favorite flower?- I'd say sunflower bc it's very sentimental but also bc they're just so pretty and I just love the symbolism of the light surrounding the darkness.
💖- have you ever been in love?- honestly? I think I almost was, once, but I didn't get a chance to fully explore it. It did cause me legit heartbreak tho. But other than that not really. I do love extremely easily, but never really in love. Not yet.
☕- coffee or tea?- I honestly don't drink either that often, but I like coffee when it's more Iced Coffee than I do Iced Tea but I like hot tea better than hot coffee if that makes any sense? Camomile or just any soothing tea is my favorite.
Thank you so much Neethu!!! 💗💜💙
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evanbukley · 5 months ago
💌 + my gifs, please? ❤❤
neethu! this buddie set! it's perfect! the colouring! the overlays! the scenes! i love it! <3
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theedorksinlove · 17 days ago
content creator appreciation: list five favorite sets you've made and send this ask to five other content creators! 💗
hi neethu ! thanks for sending this <3
1. this deancas one. i just really love the blues and the text on difference overlay in the middle panel.
2. this merthur one cause i tried smth new and i love how it turned out and i rly like the shade of blue that came out here.
3. this deancas one. i just really like how it turned out all together and the lyrics make me wanna sob 😭.
4. this deancas one. i love the purple and the scenes i used plus it hurts a lot ahsdjkdjd.
5. this deancas one cause it took me five days with a grand total of 98 gifs lmao.
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