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dyketubbo · 2 days ago
people who absolutely hate dsmp and its fans always just end up coming off as like. "hmmm im worried that these kids are consuming something harmful uncritcally because i heard these creators did [thing taken out of context], [thing that was apologized for], [thing from years ago that the creator has clearly changed from], and [thing that isnt actually problematic], how do i remedy this? ah, i know! i shall harass them, write callouts of them and the creators scrutinizing every little thing and going back years and years to find things i can use against them, send death threats even to minors, uncritcally share rumors and exaggerations about the creators without factchecking or thinking critically about what was said and why, shame people (often children) for being into it, refuse to give them a space for them should they want to stop consuming content of it, turn it into the internets next biggest thing to mock and shit on, generally turn most spaces into a hostile area where these people need to either shut up and do what i say and want according to my clouded judgement or risk being publically humiliated and treated like a punching bag under the guise of righteously owning a bigot, and call every single one of them bigoted for liking block roleplay! thatll teach those rotten em cee why tee fans to stop supporting these horrible bigots!" like yo.. chill the fuck out
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relaxxattack · a day ago
i love how i was in one fandom where the author redeemed a child abuser and the whole fandom hated it even though the guy seriously regretted his actions and atoned for them, meanwhile in this other fandom i’m in child abuse is completely redeemable even if the guy doesn’t feel remorse about it ToT because it’s a “moral grey area”
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quaranmine · 2 days ago
I think one of the main reasons I'm annoyed about the buildmart discourse this time around is that it feels like it's overshadowing Orange's win? And buildmart discourse pops up all the time, and I know most people discussing it do in fact think Orange got a deserved win. You shouldn't have to put a disclaimer on your buildmart discourse posts that you think Orange deserved to win, but people are getting the wrong implications and it's causing friction.
But I think one of the reasons it's so bad this time, is because of the timing. It feels dismissive to all of the Grian fans, who are overjoyed, because Grian in particular is good at the game and his viewers normally like it and Grian finally won. So people are on edge--when severe buildmart discourse pops up immediately after someone good at it wins, us Grian fans feel like there's an implication that Orange didn't deserve to win or they only won because of it. And, while I don't review statistics, I don't believe that's true--Orange were in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd basically the entire event. Grian never left the top 10 the whole time. They popped off and I truly think they could've won without BM.
But when you're looking at rancid tumblr discourse, you got to realize that the pro-buildmart side is on the defensive. They feel talked over and ignored because their fave players are normally ones who don't get the highest views or do the best at pvp games. Dream is allowed an opinion on the game, and I know he doesn't control his fans, but his timing is pretty bad this time because he has a HUGE fanbase on twitter who is already upset he lost and looking for something to blame. They're his fans so they're empathetic to his frustration, but not all express it well. As a result there ARE people on twitter saying the Orange didn't deserve to win. There ARE people whining and being rude in the qrts of the winner announcement. There ARE people accusing Scott of being biased and keeping buildmart only because he's good at it, despite him not controlling games. There ARE people who sent death threats to Quig for wanting buildmart (and proof exists.) There ARE people who consistently belittle the hermits and make fun of them, and sometimes when you're a fan of them or smaller streamers it feels like you're fighting for your life to get some recognition in the face of the wider fanbase. People aren't upset over nothing.
I also think Dream made a mistake mentioning Grian by name in his comment--we can argue all day whether or not his points were right, I'm not talking about that, but i think the timing of it right after Grian's win was poor because it set off a wave of people belittling the win or saying he only won because of BM. It drags Grian and his fanbase directly into the discourse when they're at peak excitement, and thus they go on the defense. They accuse Dream of being a sore loser. I think Dream should've waited until a day or two later and it might be better, but I genuinely don't know since we've become so polarized as a fandom. And it didn't help that Sapnap literally called people pussies for not wanting pvp games (implying that being bad at pvp makes you a pussy.) I hope he intended it as a joke but it just came off as incredibly rude and Hbomb rightfully called him on it. That attitude is one everyone feels they're fighting against when they're fans of non-pvpers. Sapnap obviously isn't Dream and Dream doesn't control what his friends say, but the Dream Team "brand" is strong enough that what any single member says will reflect onto all of them in some people's eyes. Whether or not that should be the case I'm not arguing, I'm just stating how I've seen people view it.
So the issue is that we're both at severe odds to each other and nobody is getting anywhere in this discourse. People who like buildmart feel attacked and on the defensive, because it gets used to belittle their faves and the CCs who dislike the game have much larger fanbases to argue against. They feel the games inclusion gives an opportunity for non-pvp players to shine, and worry that if it gets removed, it'll put MCC one step closer to being catered to pvpers. I'm not arguing whether or not this logic is sound, I'm just explaining what I perceive to be the issue. It's also worth saying that Dream fans also feel attacked and on the defensive. Dream is a large CC who's been in a lot of controversies (and we're not gonna discuss his faults in that) and as such, his name gets dragged through the mud a lot. He has the largest fanbase but also the largest amount of hate. He also takes most heat from outside the fandom--most people who "hate mcyt" actually just hate Dream. People who are fans of CCs other than Dream benefit from this shield, but Dream stans get hate from all sides. Therefore, it becomes really easy to interpret any crit on Dream as hate that needs to be defended against. So that side of the fandom is on the defensive too.
So we go in circles on this discourse. "Everybody hates it and it adds no value to the event." No, not everyone hates it--and those who don't hate it aren't only Grian or hermits either, they include people like Hbomb and Shubble and Fruitberries and other CCs. Does it add value? People argue all day over that and I won't get into in my post. People have widely differing opinions on it and I don't actually think there is a right answer, despite everyone arguing like there is one. Is the game ableist? Absolutely not, and i can't believe we got discourse over that. Is it still possibly causing issues for some neurodivergent CCs who dislike it and overwhelming them? Sure, it totally could be! I can see how it might mess with Dream's ADHD and make it hard for him, thus making him hate it, although people should stop speaking for him on his own experiences and saying it's definitively the case. Maybe something can be tweaked to help that. But remember that accessibility and neurodivergence is varied and there is no "one size fits all." I've seen just as many ND fans saying that buildmart causes no problems for them as I have ND fans saying it overwhelms them. There's no simple right answer to most of these questions brought up in discourse.
So what's the answer? I don't know. I don't know and I cannot speak for everyone. But I do know it hurt really badly to be so excited for Grian's win, only to watch my dash plummet into some of the most hateful discourse I've ever seen.
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aro-culture-is · a day ago
Aro culture is listening to allos try to explain romantic attraction, and just thinking that it sounds like manipulation and toxic relationships a lotta the time
(careful to not verge into romance negative beliefs, please)
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catgirlsapphic · 2 days ago
im very tired snd cant articulate perfectly? but heres a fun fact
trans women are not more important, greater, or above trans men
trans male issues are just as much of issues as the issues trans women face
yes. yes it is kind of gross of people to focus solely on the woes of trans women as trans men rot in the background. support your trans brothers just as much as your trans sisters.
yes i am saying that trans women, especially since we're so insanely talked abt, need to take a step back and let trans men be in the spotlight maybe once in their entire lives. thanks.
if people start harassing me for saying Basic Facts such as Trans Women Are Not Superior To Trans Men then i'll make a better post. who cares, tumblrs gonna fuckin continue 2 ignore trans men anyway. goodnight
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lumberjackloving · a day ago
no one is more obnoxious than ‘leftists’ that are anti shoplifting
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sorzii · 2 days ago
You’re telling me Ranboo has the answers for all his characters loose ends? Do you guys know how many there are? The low durability pick axe, the mansion, tftsmp, mizu, why the egg called him a traitor, the fourth memory book, sapnap giving him Dream’s message, the prison visit, the messages in his inventory, enderwalking, him mining a lot, the secret thing he was doing far away, the end city, the Dream voice, why it said he wasn’t free yet, Tommy’s house being changed to netherrack, his egg banquet skin, the Foolish shulker box trade, the little nightmare inspiration, the new horror elements, and so much more. He has the answers for all of it
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alterhuman culture is when you have species dysphoria and you want to cry when you look at any permanent options. its all either medically high risk or just plain impossible, and all the high risk options are super expensive and wouldnt be paid by your insurance.
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relaxxattack · 2 days ago
Something that really bothers me about the current situation is that I never see anyone complain about people shipping, let's say, c!Wilbur and c!Quackity. When both of the ccs have said they're not okay with shipping, and I'm pretty sure neither of them have explicitly given an exception to their dsmp characters. And it's because most of us are able to tell the difference between the characters and the ccs there and also how they roleplay it exactly like an enemies/rivals to lovers arc.
How is this situation any different from Ran and Jackie? Who are even FAR MORE removed from their ccs than c!tntduo? They don't share a name, they were only present in a single tales episode. And theyre' basically ocs of yours at this point.
they dont even share a name…
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dyketubbo · a day ago
if i see another fuckin non-dsmp/mcyt person i follow n talk to rb that one "all dsmp people and related mcyts and all of their fans are racist" post im going to fucking lose it
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starlightshore · a day ago
not going to cry about it online but the internet is the most isolating shit in the world. i feel so incredibly lonely and unable to form close connections. i’m so tired. i’m so, so exhausted.
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ran-aetherman · 12 hours ago
gonna start gatekeeping knifetrick from twitter. y'all don't deserve it you can hardly look past your echochamber tunnel vision and realize that not everything is problematic. sometimes. you need to actually get. fucking. context.
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callizinc · 2 days ago
ignore the fact that im on tumblr hours after i said i was gonna be off for the night but the fact that ranboo had lore plans to fucking. move into the mansion, have slow character development, had planned a reason for why his tools were losing durability earlier this year, built something in secret that was gonna be lore relevant, and had a whole Canon Death Planned and none of it happened because of scheduling issues is actually making me insane in the bad way
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lumberjackloving · 2 days ago
The hypocracy of being willing to give dangerous and harmful "advice" to spread ur religion unasked but when u point out thats shitty they go "hey wow how dare you try and tell me how to celebrate my religion"
Like. I really really really don’t like generalizing, especially about religion, but the bullshit I have had to put up with as a severely mentally ill person from spiritualists, wiccans, pagans, etc is mind boggling. Stop pretending spiritualism and magic is a cure or explanation for psychosis!!!
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honeyhemlocked · 3 months ago
people don’t talk enough about the weird grief that will randomly hit you when you have ADHD. for a good stretch of time I am so happy that I have answers about why I am the way that I am, and then I’m hit with an avalanche of “I don’t know how to do this” and “fuck, this is the way that I am, there is no cure.”
I genuinely believe that folks like me are bright and intelligent and passionate and creative and to be celebrated. this week though I just feel like shit that I can’t think “normally”. I’m struggling to make money and I’m frustrated because I know that I could bring so much to the table if I could “apply myself” the way that NTs can. I’m trying so hard, and the rejection is painful.
my head feels full of static. I have all of this energy in my body but I can’t move. I’m a musician and a birth worker and a writer and creator. I know this. just today I feel like I’m not much at all if I can’t do anything with that information.
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