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#nehemia ytger
illyrianet · a month ago
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The time is almost here to visit Adarlan once again!
Are you ready? Whether or not this is your first reading, fourth, seventh, or tenth, we are extremely excited to start Monday
For further details check out the original post: here
To participate in the reading discussion join our discord : here
If you have any questions feel free to contact any of The Cadre
- @vanserrasvalkyrie @starbornvalkyrie @oversizedbats @booksandlewks
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eyllweambassador · a month ago
Aelin helping Nehemia in that same black body suit that Arobynn got her few years back.
Peak girls helping girls into their armor. 🤧
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shewhotellsstories · 2 months ago
In these conversations about fantasy being escapist again I say it’s not truly escapist if even in worlds with floating feathers and talking dragons Black and Brown characters are experiencing more brutality and shown only to matter based on their adjacency to whiteness.
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wangji-blog · 2 months ago
Nehemia, always, to the very end, her promise in crown of midnight, even years later on the battle field
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eyllweambassador · 2 months ago
((Rough draft)) Pre-story events to FMG
Nehemia searches through the Stone Marches to find where the supposed Lock is hidden, following the riddles Brannon has left behind. She meets Elena Galathynius in the temple, replayed the same information she’s told in EoS (that she isn’t the one who must be sacrificed to forge a new Lock, but another, but she will still have to play her part in this prophecy). However, she is told that she will meet the rightful heir to the Terrasen throne months before they are to go to Rifthold.
In Ardalan at the same time
Celaena and Sam are packing for their move to the Southern Continent, having settled on staying in Antica, the God-city.
Sam will still take up the contract to assassinate Rourke Farran. Celaena is still asked to stay put and to be ready to leave when he comes back.
Sam is ambushed and particularly beaten within an inch of his life by Rourke’s men. Rourke himself is eager to flaunt that this was all a set up by the one and only Arobynn Hamel for attempting to take what belongs to him and him alone.
With what little strength he can muster up, and an unknown warmth in his soul urging him, willing him to fight a little longer, Sam barely manages to escape but falls unconscious when he reaches the Avery river.
He is rescued and somewhat nursed back to health by Nesryn Faliq.
Sam is able to get in contact with Lysandra and Wesley with Nesryn’s help, to learn about Celaena’s whereabouts, not trusting that Arobynn might harm her as well.
In the meantime, Celaena is past due being panicked and it is only made worse when Arobynn shows up at her apartment to inform her that Sam was caught last night and dumped on his doorstep.
Arobynn takes Celaena to the Assassin’s Keep, and shows her the mangled and grotesque corpse of “Sam.” Too frantic to thoroughly check the body to make confirm that it was, in fact, Sam, she believes her former Master. She mourns for hours until she no longer has any tears left to shed. She begins planning her revenge that she puts into action a few days later.
The same as AB, she is confronted by Wesley, who tries to warn her that this is just another trap. She refuses to believe him and is enraged when Wesley claims that Sam is alive. She knocks him out and goes through with her plan.
Events follow the end of AB where Celaena attempts to assassinate Rourke but is captured just the same. Days after her capture when she’s finally being carted to Endovier, she is rescued by Sam and Wesley in the depths of Oakwald.
From there, Celaena and Sam make their final escape with only the clothes and weapons on their backs and two full packs courtesy of Wesley.
When Wesley returns, Arobynn is furious not only did Sam live, but he’s also with Celaena once again. Wesley is subjected to hours upon hours of torture but refuses to give up any information on the two young assassins and where they’ve gone. He is killed in their stead.
Battling infections and sleepless nights, Celaena and Sam finally arrive in Eyllwe after two months of traveling on foot and avoiding major cities and towns. With what little coin they have left, they take the time to rest and regroup.
They work odd jobs here and there until they can save up enough to go through with their original plan of settling down in the Southern Continent.
It wouldn’t be until a few months into their stay in Eyllwe while they’re out for the evening to get dinner that they run in princess Nehemia Ytger.
After catching a glimpse of blue eyes ringed in gold, that was enough to put Nehemia at ease. She attempts to make conversation, albeit a tad awkwardly. She parts with them soon after, leaving the two to wonder what just happened.
It becomes routine almost for Celaena and Sam to “accidentally” run into the princess. A friendship blooms between Nehemia and Celaena.
During the summer solstice, Celaena asks Sam to marry her, having dreamt a dream far too real and because she can’t imagine being with anyone else but him. He says yes.
They wed in private, in a traditional Terresan manner that Celaena can barely remember.
That evening, she takes the time to tell Sam the tale of her past and the secret she no longer wants to keep from him. Not once does Sam turn away or interrupt. He listens until the very end.
He tries out her birth name: Aelin Ashryver (Cortland) Galathynius much to her distaste. She insists that Celaena Cortland is fine, but explains why she doesn’t want to go by Aelin.
A few weeks later, Sam commissions matching wedding bands in Terrasen colors. A silver ring shaped as a stag with emerald eyes.
Across the ocean in Doranelle
Maeve, Queen of the Fae is displeased. She had a premonition about Aelin, decades prior. She set up her pieces in the game, already having Rowan in her clutches. Somehow, and she knows it’s the work of her dear “sister,” has interfered, just to spite her. The human boy that was meant to die wasn’t dead at all, and there are other secrets about him that she can’t discern just yet.
The new vision she had made her see red. A future that did not lean in her favor, a future with a brightly lit star that rivaled the Sun.
Maeve begins to reconstruct her plan, while things have changed, the future will have the same outcome, and she’ll be damned if the living or the dead prevent it from happening. ((My notes read as: Maeve sends Rowan to Ardalan alone, to keep an eye on Aelin and report any and all changes. She’d also give orders to keep an eye on Prince Dorian as well. She wants to know everything there is to know about Brannon and Mala’s longtime heirs.))
Back in Eyllwe ((this section I am none too confident about so it is very likely to change so it makes sense. But it is loosely in the same direction where I want things to go and the foundation of where Celaena and the Ytgers relationship stems from.))
Nehemia has managed to convince Sam and Celaena to try out for the royal guards and with some reluctance, to meet her parents.
Nehemia and her parents confess that they’ve known who Celaena is this entire time, that her eyes give away all there is to know about her heritage. Before either Sam or Celaena can panic, the Queen of Eyllwe, Oya Ytger, apologizes to Celaena, to Aelin for not searching hard enough.
King Dios explains that he and his wife were longtime friends with Evalin and Rhoe and that this place, Eyllwe as a whole, can and will be a safe place for Celaena.
Nehemia is the one to ask if they will stay at the castle for the time being.
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reborn-fae · 3 months ago
Tower of Dawn is crazy because for the first time, we truly get this insight into Chaol’s own grief and remorse over the events of CoM/HoF/QoS.
Nehemia, Sorscha, they may not have held the same place in his heart as they did in Aelin and Dorian’s but nonetheless he blamed himself for his inaction.
Chaol may have allowed horrible things to happen, but by the Gods, he was not the dishonourable man he thought he was holy shit
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shewhotellsstories · 3 months ago
“Black girl characters are always an instantiation of Blackness in the fantastic, and carry with them all of the weight of Blackness in the real world. Many children and teens seek the fantastic as a means of escape; as we have seen, Black girl characters in mainstream science fiction and fantasy do not offer agency but are marked by the narrative for death and haunting. This may be why even Black girls might find themselves drawn toward White protagonists instead of Black sidekicks over-identification with Black story-girls often leads to heartbreak that is not unlike the pain found beyond the page and the screen.”
-Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, The Dark Fantastic
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