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Venom AU Andriel again because I’m obsessed with it.
The AU none of you asked for but I decided you needed 🤣 this thing was a freaking blast to draw and I can’t wait to create more artwork for this AU!
And yes 👀 Andrew IS Neil’s armbands
Guys I have so many feelings about this you don’t even know 😭 the fact that Andrew has a sweet tooth?! Andrew IS Neil’s arm bands.
In my AU I picture Andrew getting separated from Aaron when their ship landed. And then he gets captured by the Moriyama’s and given to Nathan to try and control.
Then when Neil is captured he breaks Andrew’s cage in the hopes of causing a diversion so he can escape.
Instead Andrew bonds with him in perfect symbiosis and they take down everyone together.
And anyone they miss they hunt between Exy games, with Neil having to barter with Andrew for him to let him participate.
Don’t forget to check out my patreon to support me and get early access to all my artwork!!!!
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emmytriesfanfic · 2 days ago
"You're free," his uncle's voice tells him, his words calm and even as if he did not change the course of Neil's life forever with two simple beats. "You and all of your Exy friends. The Moriyamas have fallen, and the family - the Hatfords - think you're safest where you are. Good luck, Nathaniel, and enjoy it. Call if you need anything." A click of the call ending, and then the sound of plastic and glass meeting cement.
There’s a roar in Neil’s ears and blood on his knees; there’s a pounding in his chest and a whine crawling out of his throat. His palms are scraped and his fingernails are bloody, but there is a dangerous amount of hope simmering underneath his broken skin.
Three decades. $5 million. 22 names. Seven years. A deal, and then another. $28 million.
Nothing. Andrew. Everything. Andrew.
Freedom. Neil’s tongue has never had the privilege to taste the air as a free man, his eyes never given the chance to see without fear of what might be there, his body never able to shake the knee-jerk tension.
Someone is talking to him, a woman, maybe, whose face is twisted in concern, but Neil can’t focus on her, not when he needs to get home. Not when he needs Andrew. He grabs his cracked phone from the sidewalk, scrambles to his feet, and takes off towards their Denver apartment.
He feels strung as tight as a bow and as loose as kindergartener’s tooth. It’s three miles to the apartment, but it feels like no time has passed. Neil doesn’t offer the elevator a single glance as he runs through the lobby, throws open the door to the stairwell, and flies up six flights, only stopping once he fumbles his key into their door and falls into their cozy space.
Neil’s breathing is uneven - he can feel the stuttering in his chest, but nothing is more important than getting Andrew in front of him. He’s not in the kitchen or the living room, so Neil rushes into their bedroom, where Andrew is laying in their bed, a cat on his stomach and a book in his hand. The straight face he was sporting falls into a frown as he takes in Neil’s sudden appearance in their bedroom.
“Andrew,” Neil gasps out, falling to his knees again, twitching with a small grimace at the feeling of the slightly-rough rug on his raw skin. “Andrew, I’m free. We’re free.”
Andrew moves faster than Neil has seen him move. The book is tossed away, the cat gently but urgently shoved to the side, and then he’s there: his Andrew, Neil’s Andrew, also on his knees in front of him.
“Neil,” Andrew says. Familiar hands come around his neck and his chin and there’s panic in his eyes. Why is there panic? There should be relief, joy even, but panic? Why is he acting like something is wrong?
“Drew, I’m free. They’re - they - the. The Hatfords, my uncle, he called,” Neil manages to choke out, clenching his scratched palms into fists. “The Moriyamas are gone, and I’m free. Kevin’s free. No one owns us anymore, Andrew. I’m free.”
Andrew is a statue before him, frozen except for how his eyes search every inch of Neil’s face. “They are gone. No more Moriyamas with a knife to your throat if you misstep, no more ‘donations’ to off-shore accounts, no more worry that an injury will end your life.” His hands grip Neil harder with each word until he’s pressed against Andrew in the most soul-splitting and healing embrace Neil will ever experience.
“I’m free, Drew. I’m yours, just yours, forever.”
Andrew pulls Neil back by his neck, looks him dead in the eye and says, “Don’t say stupid things,” before a bruising kiss sends Neil onto his back. His hands hesitate at his side until Andrew tugs one up onto his head. Neil’s ruined palms melt into the soft, downy hairs and he returns the desperate kiss with all he has.
“You’re free,” Andrew says as he pulls away slightly, brushing soft lips against any skin he can reach.
“I’m yours,” Neil counters, and lets himself get lost in the feeling of freedom and devouring kisses of relief.
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the-high-queen-emory · 2 days ago
one random tuesday morning
andrew: neil isn't talking to me.  aaron: Enjoy it while it lasts.
that afternoon
aaron: i strongly dislike you, but i need you to go back to affectionately hating him neil: is that a threat aaron: you once watched me kill a man
that night
andrew: did aaron do anything neil: yeah, even brought up violence andrew, nodding: nice
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juicegremlin · 2 days ago
Andrew doesn’t “hate” Neil. He hates the idea of him, of someone who walks and talks like a false promise but has proven himself a million times over to be the real deal. For the first time in a long time, Andrew is unsure of himself, because Neil has taken him gently by the hands and yanked him right out of orbit.
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someone-else-reading13 · a day ago
i’ve seen multiple times people making fun of how Neil stayed oblivious to Andrew’s attraction for the longest time up until the iconic “doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you” where Neil immediately replied with “you like me” AND HE WAS RIGHT, and it’s funny he guessed because it’s well known that someone wanting to sleep with another person doesn’t mean they necessarily like them. don’t get me wrong, looking back at it that scene is pretty damn funny, specially knowing that Kevin is seating beside them the whole time without understanding a word they are saying, but the first time I read it it meant so much more to me as an ace-spec. Neil doesn’t know he’s demisexual, he literally thinks he doesn’t want to sleep with girls because Mary conditioned to it and I don’t think he even considered being attracted to boys before he started liking Andrew. so he doesn’t know how people’s attractions work, he just knows how HE feels and considering that, Neil assumed (at least for a second there) Andrew liked him because Neil wouldn’t fathom the idea of blowing someone if he didn’t like them in the first place. like even if he didn’t know, Neil had the most demisexual thought process ever, forgetting that not everyone needs to develop an emotional bond before feeling any kind of sexual attraction.
in Neil’s words, this scene tilted my world a little sideways and i love it for that.
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weltonboys · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
if we were villains - m.l. rio / dead poets society (1989) / the king’s men - nora sakavic / summer sons - lee mandelo / the song of achilles - madeline miller
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neil-jortsen · 20 hours ago
neil: hi andrew
andrew, internally: there he is, he’s here, my favorite person in the world, the love of my life. god i just want to stare at him and hold him and kiss him for the rest of my life-
andrew: what the FUCK do you want
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herondaleoffspring · 2 days ago
aaron: oh my god! the stove is on fire! what do we do?
kevin: okay don't panic, we just need an adult.
aaron: WE'RE adults!
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neil josten posting
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paradoxolotl · a day ago
🔥 Demon Neil 🔥
Andrew’s breaths fell from his mouth, hot and unsteady against Neil’s shoulder. Laying an arm across Andrew’s back, he held him close, pressing soft kisses to the side of Andrew’s face as he trembled ever so slightly. Neil’s body felt lit like a live wire, arousal and pleasure dripping down his spine, but he wouldn’t rush him. Andrew’s fingers flexed on Neil’s hip before he pushed himself up far enough to meet Neil’s eyes.
“Okay?” He traced the furrow between Andrew’s brows, smoothing it out.
Andrew nodded, hand coming up to cup the back of Neil’s neck. “You?”
“You feel wonderful,” Neil said, stealing a kiss. Andrew opened to Neil without hesitation, yielding easily.
Humming in approval against his lips, Neil hooked two fingers into the ring on his collar, giving it a small tug. Andrew’s breath hitched and his hips rocked forward, pulling a moan out of the both of them. The flush across Andrew’s skin was exquisite, his golden eyes disappearing as his pale lashes fluttered. Growling, Neil tugged Andrew’s collar again, a silent command to keep his eyes on him.
Once he had Andrew’s attention again, golden and hazy, Neil let a slow grin stretch across his face. “You want to fuck me, angel?”
Andrew nodded, his nose brushing Neil’s. “Yes,” he gasped into the space between them.
Hooking his legs behind his back, Neil ducked down to bite at Andrew’s jaw, fangs scraping along the skin. “What are you waiting for? A written invitation?”
“Menace,” Andrew gritted out between his teeth.
“Yours,” Neil said.
The hand on Neil’s hip squeezed once before it moved to grip his thigh, pulling it higher. His fingers were digging hard enough into Neil’s skin that they might bruise, and Neil pushed into the feeling. Bracing himself, Andrew held Neil’s gaze as he pulled back before slamming forward.
The world was electric and burning, golden light flooding Neil’s body. Every movement of Andrew’s above him broke Neil down and replaced his workings with desire and something that might have been joy. Everything in him narrowed down to the push and pull, the feeling of his human. Neil chased the salt on his skin, swallowed the moans on his tongue.
“That all you got?” The words were bitten into Andrew’s shoulder, reinforced with a tug on the collar. “I want all of you, baby. I want to see you.”
“You want more?” Andrew’s growl was dark, his eyes fathomless.
Neil felt his eyes grow ink black, his own rumbling growl echoing Andrew’s. Rolling his hips down onto Andrew’s cock, Neil ran his claws down his human’s spine, tracing the sparks of pleasure in his own skin. Everything in him was screaming for more, almost desperate for it. Andrew stole his breath then, the next thrust punching a moan out of him.
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faevorite-main-blog · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🐠 If fishes were kisses we all would be rich 🐟
The full piece 😭 and I’m so happy with how it turned out. These two gave me a run for my money but man. I love these lil shitheads
If you want to support me and get early access to my work here’s my PATREON 😭❤️ your love means the world to me
I’m so happy you all enjoyed my venom au Andriel post!
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thesoupinursocks · a day ago
neil: whats your favorite thing to do
andrew: whatever i want
neil: i ment like what are your hobbies
andrew: thats my answer. did you expect a dating website response? i like collecting rocks. i also like to paint. oh and every other tuesday at 3:40am i get a wine glass and a big sun hat and go on a walk on the beach to live out my middle aged wine aunt dreams.
neil: sarcasm is a defensive mechanism you know
andrew: that explains so much about you
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the-high-queen-emory · a day ago
neil: I’m neil. just a regular ol’ college exy recruit. andrew: I’m andrew. I have a knife.
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juicegremlin · a day ago
Hugs (5+1)
~ +1 ~
The dorm smells like cinnamon when Neil gets home. He shuts the door behind him—slowly, so as not to interrupt whatever music Andrew’s got playing—and sets his bag down on the couch.
“Oh simple thing, where have you gone? I'm getting old and I need something to rely on.”
Andrew is at the stove. He’s mixing something, fork in one hand, bowl in the other. There’s flour on the counter along with a couple of open Pillsbury dough cans.
“So tell me when you're gonna let me in. I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin.”
Neil makes his way further into the living room. Andrew doesn’t turn to look at him, but there’s a tilt of the head, a shift in weight. A greeting—though, hardly much of one.
Neil adores Andrew like this—sleep-mussed and bandless, comfortable in the sanctity of his own space. Neil’s gaze catches on the rhythmic movements of his wrist, the luminous spill of white-gold light across the bridge of his nose.
It’s moments like these that make Neil wonder what life could be like if they make it to thirty. Pajamas in the kitchen, coming home to each other. Snapshots of a future Neil would kill to make real.
Andrew looks over a shoulder. The wispy shadows of his eyelashes fall in brittle streaks across his cheekbones.
Maybe it’s already real.
“Try,” Andrew says, holding out the fork in his hand.
Neil crosses to the counter and lifts himself up onto it, avoiding the flour-patch. “What is it?”
Andrew fits into the space between Neil’s knees. He lifts the fork to Neil’s lips, and it’s too sweet—the icing—but Andrew will like it.
“You made cinnamon rolls last week,” Neil observes.
Andrew puts the fork back into the bowl. “I wasn’t aware there was a refractory period for baked goods.”
“Refractory period,” Neil wrinkles his nose.
Andrew turns back to the stove. Neil takes a moment to appreciate the bare backs of his legs, the strain of his Achilles tendons.
And perhaps there was a time when Neil didn’t find him quite so captivating. Before all the promises—the secrets and cigarettes. Back when Neil saw the world in a categorical absence of color.
He doesn’t know when things changed. If he had Andrew’s perfect memory, he might be able to pinpoint the exact moment—but for now, the best Neil has got is that bus ride home his freshman year, when the sun turned Andrew golden for the first time.
The song changes. Neil feels a little senseless.
He says, “Dance with me.”
Andrew adds more powdered sugar to the mix. “Hit your head on the way home?”
“I want you to dance with me. Yes or no?”
Andrew sets the bowl down. He looks at Neil like he’s grown a third head.
“You don’t know how,” Andrew says.
“Show me.”
“I don’t know how.”
“Let’s make something up.”
Andrew blinks once, twice. He’s a flickering breadth of candlelight, a myriad of cogs turning beneath bones and skin.
It takes a whole minute for him to extend a hand.
Neil allows himself to be pulled off the counter. He crosses his wrists behind Andrew’s neck, drawing him close enough to share breath. Andrew’s calloused hands find a home on the dip of Neil’s waist.
“But someone, they could have warned you.”
They’re swaying. It’s the best they can do for each other. Neil has never been to so much as a school dance, and he can’t imagine that Andrew has, either.
“When things start splitting at the seams and now the whole thing’s tumbling down.”
There’s a spot of icing on Andrew’s chin. Neil wants to kiss it off—could, very easily—but he doesn’t, because then they would be kissing, and Neil can’t bear to break this eye contact.
“It’s tumbling down, hard.”
“There’s a zit on your nose,” Andrew tells him.
Neil raises an eyebrow. “It’s hardly the worst thing on my face.”
“You’re right. It’s that mouth.”
“You like it.”
“One of these days, I am going to staple it shut.”
“And anything to make you smile. You are the ever-living ghost of what once was.”
Neil drags his thumb over the skin of Andrew’s nape. He feels Andrew tighten his hold in response, a bracket that expands and contracts with every breach of Neil’s lungs.
He thinks he understands why people do this. Dancing isn’t talking, isn’t sex. Not the way they’re doing things, at least. It’s existing together without the give and take.
“I never want to hear you say that you’d be better off.”
The timer on the stove sounds. Andrew stops their swaying but permits the noise for a while, holding Neil’s gaze like something that might wriggle out of his grasp if he loosens it.
Then his hands disappear. He turns, shuts off the timer.
Neil mourns the loss of him.
“And no one is ever gonna love you more than I do.”
Andrew takes the cinnamon rolls out of the oven. He turns off the heat, and then he’s back, hands on Neil’s waist.
There’s a question in Andrew’s eyes. Neil nods, feels something earthly uncoil behind his ribs.
Andrew wraps his arms around Neil’s middle. He draws them close, chest to chest, and Neil gets to be there when Andrew goes golden all over again.
Andrew tucks his face into the hollow of Neil’s neck.
“No one’s ever gonna love you more than I do.”
“What’s this for?” Neil whispers.
Andrew says, “Nothing.”
And Neil understands.
The thrilling conclusion!! All 6 parts posted over on Ao3 if you’re interested. Songs referenced in this part are “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane and “No One’s Gonna Love You” by Band of Horses.
Thank you all so much for the love and support on this series!! <333
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
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AFTG (mainly andriel) Headcannons
Every time Andrew and Neil go and get coffee the barista hands Andrew Neil’s drink and vise versa
Andrew kisses Neil’s shoulder when they’re cuddling
Andrew always wears Neil’s hoodies
The whole team gets piercings together after they win the championship
The team binge watch the twilight movies and after they finish then, the group has splits off in teams and argues about Edward vs Jacob
Andrew plays with Neil’s hair all the time
When Neil goes on his morning runs he stops by a bakery and picks up pastries for Andrew
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olliereadsalot · 2 days ago
can we collectively as a fandom stop calling andrew "AJ" this was the name he went by when he was with cass and what drake called him, im pretty sure he would DECK YOU (and so would neil) if he caught you calling him this. it's also so wrong like wtf
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sugaroto · 16 hours ago
So, in tfc Andrew broke into Neil's room and went through his things
And then he used his eidetic memory to fold everything back in the right order so Neil couldn't tell someone went through his things
But bc of Neil's paranoia he knew, cause of that thing he did with the tags or what
And then he went into their room and started a beef in French with Kevin.
Andrew sees that, has no idea wtf they're saying
And then Kevin comes back "Did you seriously went through his things?" Or something like that
Like what went through Andrew's mind when he realized Neil could tell he went through his things? Bc like he has an eidetic memory and put everything in the same place, what had he missed? How could Neil tell? What the fuck is this guy?
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some things that happen in canon that need to be remembered:
- neil wears jorts
- andrew hates the library but goes in just to tell neil to get the fuck up so they can go to practice
- the twinyards are rebuilding their bond, crying in proud
- allison who doesn’t necessarily like the monsters helps neil when he has bruises and cuts over his face by doing his makeup
- renee wanted to take care of neil but andrew refused to give neil to anyone else
- wymack used the schools card to buy neil clothes because they were that hideous
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