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i just changed the riko wiki

yall r welcome 💖💖

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Neil josten was born in England, but then grew up in Baltimore, then went around the fucking world, yet I keep seeing posts about you guys saying he secretly has a British accent!

A more realistic take: he instinctively uses the same accent as the person he’s talking to

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<div> —  <a href="">Все Для Игры - Нора Сакавич</a><br> </div><span>— Почему ты такой особенный?<br> — Я не особенный, — растерялся Нил.<br> — Эндрю никому спуска не дает. Но из раза в раз продолжает говорить тебе – да, почему?</span>
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Idk if this has been said before but I am finding distinct similarities between Andrew and the Dread Pirate Roberts. What I’m saying is… FIC!!!

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The Foxes as dumb injuries i’ve gotten:

  • Nicky chipped his front tooth trying to climb out of a swimming pool bc he got distracted by a hot guy and his hand slipped.
  • when Andrew was 8 he broke his ankle playing soccer with people 4 years older than him, but instead of telling anyone he kept on playing and went on a trampoline with the broken ankle.
  • when Aaron was 3 he worshiped Nicky, and one time when he was walking up the stairs behind him he tried to give Nicky a kiss but miscalculated and ended up kissing his bum. this caused Nicky to kick Aaron backwards down a flight of stairs.
  • when Matt was 2, he got knocked out and had a concussion from falling off his chair head first when he was reaching for canned green beans during dinner.
  • when Andrew and Aaron were left home alone for the first time after Nicky obtained them, they tried to make caramel apples which ended with Aaron burning himself really badly on the caramel bc he decided it’d be smart for Andrew to pour the caramel over an apple while he held it.
  • Seth forgot to wear oven mitts when he was taking a 400+ degree pan out of the oven.
  • Allison went to Costco and when she stepped off one of the display coaches on a platform she ended up falling head first and getting a concussion.
  • Renee sprained her wrist really badly by slipping on a piece of paper at the top of a carpeted flight of stairs.
  • Dan sliced her knee open climbing out of a pool when she was on her high school swim team, and needed stitches but decided not to get them bc otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to swim for two weeks.
  • Kevin got a huge bruise on his head from riding his tricycle down a slide.
  • Neil had to go to urgent care bc he managed to shoot himself in the eye with a hair tie.
  • Aaron nearly got a concussion from Andrew slamming their front door on his face, bc Andrew wanted to get to the tv first so he could watch Cutthroat Kitchen.
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This one is for aftg x bts fans

I know for sure that the foxes would listen to Dynamite after winning, even Andrew knows the lyrics to it

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Both Neil Josten and Peter Nureyev have a ton of aliases and run when trouble comes. I have a type when it comes to favorites, huh

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Reading Way We Go Down by @nekojitachan and thinking about what would happen if Neil and Andrew just answered “I’m sorry, who is this?” to every text Riko I Need Daddy’s Attention Moriyama sent.

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Wanted to try animating so here’s a gif of feral neil! Just imagine a reporter said some dumb shit and he’s about to roast them

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Neil buys godawful rainbow tie-dye crocs.

That’s it. That’s the post.

(Andrew wants to burn them but a) plastic smells bad when it’s burned and b) burning plastic is bad for the environment, so Renee would give him her patent I’m Disappointed You Could Be Better™️ look)

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You know what I’m mad about?

The Aftg Fandom ruined so many other fandoms for me when it comes to fanfiction.

Like the sheer quality you people are producing….. Stunning ✨

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yes neil is absolutely clueless when it comes to people liking him, both platonically and romantically, but he’s honestly pretty perceptive when it comes to other people. he was able to analyse the relationships and dynamics between the foxes pretty quickly (for the most part) after meeting each of them, even without knowing their backstories or anything about them. i think that this is for a few reasons:

  • neil has spent his entire life looking for threats towards him, not love
  • the only person who ever really cared about him before he joined the foxes (from what we know) was his mom, who had very questionable ways of showing it (i could write a whole other post about mary)
  • neil didn’t actually expect anyone to care about him in any way, because he didn’t think he was worthy of friendships and had never really opened up enough for it to be a viable option 
  • he had to be good at quickly and discreetly analyzing other people’s relationships, because it was important to understand those around him on the run 
  • excluding all the times where he went off and snapped at people, he tended to listen more than talk, especially when in big groups. this is the perfect opportunity to absorb information about everyone else
  • that being said, he didn’t pick up on anyone caring about him, because that idea had never even crossed his mind
  • also, given that he hadn’t really known what romantic attraction felt like, it was probably pretty hard to place his feelings for andrew 
  • and andrew’s not exactly the easiest to read, so even for neil (who understands him significantly more than others do), it would’ve been hard to see that andrew liked him (esp since andrew was presenting his attraction as hate)
  • however!! it would’ve been a lot easier to pick out the subtleties in the relationships between the other foxes, because they’re generally more open 

basically, i think that neil actually isn’t completely clueless when it comes to love/lust/attraction between others, it’s just when it comes to himself - who he doesn’t think is worthy of anything good - that he’s a bit thick

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Just imagine that some of the foxes watch anime (I like to think mainly Dan & Matt also Nicky) They keep up with the jokes & trends including a certain popular song you know the one & yes they will blast it out in the dorms or sing along whilst training they got hooked ok? but they forget the fact poor Kevin & Neil can understand what they’re actually saying

Let’s just say Neil spat out his water all over an unimpressed aaron & Kevin wanted to cry when they first heard Matt singing 🎤sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shoujo👻na💅no?✨böKù🌸Wâ🧚ÿARiçHiñ🤴BįCChī😾ńO😩oSû🚣Dà🎉YO💦 to Dan in the kitchen


Jeremy sings it randomly throughout the day & Jean is slightly scared he just got out of the nest where tf has Kevin sent him he doesn’t need this right now

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hot take: people can’t necessarily call out others for their favorite characters in the fandom because all of them have done/said fucked up things

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