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thisuserlovesyou · an hour ago
Do you think Andrew ended up grateful that Roland spilled the beans with the padded cuff stuff? Like if that never happened, do you think Andrew would have ever gave up and told him? Do you think Neil would have figured it out? (That's difficult to imagine). Wymack wouldn't, it's above his pay grade but he might have slipped up? Or would have they stayed in stalemate?
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aelysalthea · an hour ago
So I just finished reading this INCREDIBLE fic by @major816, ‘Ghost Of You’. It’s such a masterful take on the canon divergence from the Baltimore scene and I can’t recommend it enough.
It’s wonderfully written, addresses the very real reality of witness protection and the exhaustive lengths of court proceedings, and portrays Neil’s PTSD so, so well. Bee is an unexpected yet perfect addition, and the OCs were kind of adorable. Just an all-round wonderful read.
If you’re looking for a good fic to fall into and lose a few hours, please check it out and show this fantastic author some love!
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dkafterdark · an hour ago
my brain: shifter!Neil but he changes into a tiny chameleon and then sometimes he'll start partially shifting and end up looking like patterned wallpaper
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bookqueen1237 · 2 hours ago
We really need to talk about the contrast between the beginning and end of all for the game, and how it causes the series, specifically Andrew and Neil’s relationship, to come full circle. At the beginning, Neil is running AWAY from Andrew and then Andrew hits Neil with an Exy raquette. At the end of the series, Andrew is running TO Neil and hits Riko with an Exy raquette. The first interaction Andrew and Neil have in the books is malicious and cold, one of the last is protective and stems from a place of affection. Their relationship is just so beautifully complex- they are the goal.
Creds to my friend for bringing this up
[@ Maggie.Windsor on Instagram]
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starry-lu · 3 hours ago
Aaron: which state do we live in?
Neil: constant anxiety.
Kevin: denial.
Andrew: trauma induced rage.
Allison: perfection.
Nicky: gay panic.
Aaron: South Carolina. We live in SoUTh CaROliNA!
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paradoxolotl · 3 hours ago
I was just thinking in Andrew and Neil... In strawberry dresses and I-
These ones?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jensen57 · 4 hours ago
daily aftg hc: when neil and andrew are traveling between their shared apartment and games, they strictly speak in post-it notes. it was andrew that came up with it when he stuck one to the door at neils height that said 'unload the dishwasher this time." sure neil occasionally responds to texts, and they call often, but he needed physical proof in case neil ignored it again. this leads to neil sticking a few reminders in different places before he goes, then andrew doing the same the next time. eventually they're not reminders or even useful at all, just little comments like 'neil if you put this shirt with your blue shorts again im leaving and taking the cats with me' or 'id ask you to straighten out this frame but i don't think you can reach it'
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someone-else-reading · 4 hours ago
today my sister invited me to watch a football game and literally 10 minutes in she exiled me because i wouldn’t stop complaining how it wasn’t exy—
i didn’t even notice how much nora got me involved with a SPORT, a fucking SPORT. i would have never imagined myself caring about TEAM SPORT, like, i’m literally terrified of being hit by a ball after i broke my nose playing basketball when i was 10…
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Neil is LITERALLY the epitome of the introvert who was found by an extrovert group and adopted by said extroverts trope and honestly if my future friend group isn’t like the Foxes I don’t want them.
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cakegatedisaster · 5 hours ago
Throughout the entire aftg series, I cried exactly once. I teared up at the Thanksgiving scene and the end pages. I screamed with joy at Andrew and Neil's first kiss. But I only cried when Neil called Wymack to come pick him up after the Nest. And Neil?? Didn't say he was fine?? This was a kid who had been told his whole life by both the person he loved most and his abuser that he had better be fine or he would kill them both. How broken do you think he had to be to admit that no, he wasn't fine? How destroyed? I saw that line and it broke me, because not only has one of the strongest characters finally break, but he trusted someone else enough to tell them he was breaking. Above all else, that line killed me.
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fortheloveofexy · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
With a surprising amount of care, Andrew flips open the sketchbook and slowly flips through the pages. He doesn’t comment on any of the portraits inside, for which Neil is grateful. He’s always felt uncomfortable when others would talk about his art to his face. Andrew pauses on each one, taking them in silently. 
When Andrew reaches the portrait of himself, he glances up at Neil. “What’s wrong with it? It looks just like me.”
Neil shifts, feeling a bit awkward. “At first, maybe. But, I don’t know. There’s just something off about the eyes and the body language. It’s you, but it isn’t you.” He fidgets with his sleeves, tugging them down to hide his scarred knuckles, “If that makes sense.”
- May We Meet Again
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cakegatedisaster · 10 hours ago
I see your Neil/Katelyn friendship and raise you to: Neil and Katelyn despise each other at first because they both hate the others partner and know it. One day, they try to rip each others throats out like the caty bitches they are and have to be held back by Aaron and Andrew, who each know full well their brother would never forgive them if their SO gets killed (though Neil's the only one with a real chance, lbh)
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Nicky: Why is Neil rolling around on the floor laughing? And what happened to Kevin's forehead?
Aaron: Kevin was about to hit his head on the door frame, so Neil told him to duck and Kevin just quacked at us. Then he still hit his head.
Nicky: *Wheezing*
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fullyvisible · 12 hours ago
Secrets and Honesty
Title: Secrets and Honesty
Author: fullyvisible
Chapters: 5/5
Words: 37,200
Rating: T
Summary:  Neil and Andrew aren’t on the same professional teams, but that doesn’t  mean they’re any less together. When a photograph gets taken out of  context, they decide to go with it, as long as they’re both having fun.  And they are. Right?  
This fic is now COMPLETE!*
Thank you so much to everyone who has come on this journey with me! 💜
*A few people have asked for an epilogue featuring the Newlywed Game idea from a tweet in Chapter 4. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea, so I've started writing it! That means there WILL ultimately be an epilogue added to this fic (likely sometime in July). The main story is, however, still complete today with Chapter 5 :)
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andrew-minyards-bitch · 12 hours ago
TW: mentioned of rape
Why are people mad that Aaron questioned Neil’s intentions in the Ravens King? Like I’m sorry but if I just saw my brother getting r@ped and then later finding out that this has been going on for years and then seeing this mafia kid that has brought nothing but trouble to my family touching my brother then I would’ve questioned his intentions too,, also why’re y’all acting like it’s a bad thing? Calling someone names in the process of questioning is the least you should be worrying about. Aaron did not call Neil a r@pist but accused Neil that he might be using Andrew only for his body and not the personality..y’all do realize this is a thing that happens in high school where a friend wouldn’t trust their friend to date someone and accuse that someone for toying with their friend’s emotions,, the foxes are in fucking college this is not a rare thing to happen. Also this shows that Aaron cares about Andrew to call someone out and see if Neil would hurt Andrew and Neil clearly is against the idea. This event is actually one of the most progressive foxes interaction moments because Aaron and Neil both care for Andrew which is why they’re both mad that the other think different. I keep on seeing people putting all the blame on Aaron saying Aaron should’ve known better then to accuse Neil but Neil is a liar, runaway and at that point of the timeline none of the foxes know anything about his backstory
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b3hind-th3-sea · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
A rough sketch of Neil washing Andrew’s hair, also Sir is very is very concerned for Andrew (and worried that he’ll be next to get washed). 
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