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#neil perry
mrperryhatepage · 2 days ago
attention dps besties <3
i hopped on the bandwagon and made a super chaotic, super random, which dead poet are you quiz
you should take it (if you want to uwu) and rb with what you got!!
tagging my mutuals <3
@cupiiid @aedan-mills @all-by-a-dead-poet @tuskofthyme @weltonsworst @cool-but-confused @wasntpunkdidntdoballet @burgerkingyawper @justarandompjofan
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anderperryshit · a day ago
forever upset we didn’t get a todd heart eyes scene during the play in parallel to neil heart eyes scene during the impromptu poem
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camscableknit · 2 days ago
what if :((( todd got neil a christmas present (which he obviously did) and he didn’t know what to do with it so :((( he put the gift on neil’s grave :(( and every year todd just keeps going back and bringing stupid little gifts :(( because he can’t deal with the thought of neil being lonely on christmas :(( AND SOMETIMES HE SEES STUFF THAT HE DIDNT LEAVE AND JTS FROM THE OTHER POETS ;(((
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inahallucination · 2 days ago
neil, sitting on todd’s lap, playing with his hair with one hand, the other holding onto the back of his neck with his thumb gently rubbing the skin there: im just so sick and tired of ppl thinking im gay,, just because i like theater
todd, not paying much attention, reading a book with one hand, soothingly running his hand down neil’s leg with the other: mm yeah tell em babe
cameron, judging neil
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tiny-todd-anderson · 2 days ago
i'm telling everyone who sees my lockscreen that these were my dads in high school
Tumblr media
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emilythefern · 2 days ago
just another day
“Todddddddddddddd!!!! Hurrry upppp!!! We’re going to be late!!” Neil was impatient, leaning against the doorframe of their dorm. “Maybe if you got up earlier we wouldn’t have to be late for breakfast!”
“I’m hurrying!” Todd was frantically brushing his teeth and combing his hair at the same time, which proved more difficult than it sounded. Like normal, he had overslept. Unlike Neil, he was NOT a morning person, and found 6:30am breakfast ridiculous and almost impossible to be on time to. After what must have felt like an eternity to Neil, he rinsed out his mouth and rushed to the door.
“Finally! You take forever Todd!”
“We can’t be Neil Perfect Perry. Some of us need sleep.”
Neil chuckled, and smoothed out his blazer one last time. “We better go. How is it that we’re ALWAYS late?”
They took each other’s hand and raced off to the dining hall. The autumn wind had a slight edge to it that made their cheeks a rosy pink, though their hurried running might have had something to do with that. They took a second to recollect behind the massive double doors to the dining hall, catching their breaths.
“You should get up earlier.”
Todd glared up at Neil in mock anger. “You should stop being so freakishly tall.”
“And why is that?”
Todd smiled slyly. “Because it’s harder to kiss you when you’re a good three inches taller than me.”
“You’re smooth Anderson.”
Before Todd could respond, someone pushed open the doors to the hall, exposing Neil and Todd. That someone, of course, was Charlie.
“Hurry up, lovebirds. You’re late. Again.”
i actually have no idea who’s taller but I thought it would be funny for Todd to say that so I guess I’m making Neil taller lol
@inahallucination @aedan-mills @aaronhoetchner @exilesblack @maisietheweltoncow @make-ur-lives-extraordinary @deadpoetsbythelakes @justarandompjofan
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ilypitts · 2 days ago
do not talk to me. i am currently crying in anderperry
Tumblr media
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gyllenewt · a day ago
"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." H.D.T.
deers refer to innocence, kindness, grace but also vigilance. it usually symbolises gentleness, unconditional love, and mindfulness.
Tumblr media
fox symbolism and meaning include cleverness, independence, playfulness and mischievousness. it represents beauty, protection and good luck.
Tumblr media
rabbits symbolises fear and sensitivity but it also refers to new beginnings, prosperity, intuition and creativity.
Tumblr media
squirrels symbolize energy, practicality, and playfulness. they are resourceful and great examples of work-life balance.
Tumblr media
badger symbolises persistence, tenacity, cleverness, security, friendship and gratitude.
Tumblr media
raccoon symbolism primarily means theft or sneakiness. afterall it looks like bandits! (also has positive meanings as resourceful and organized)
Tumblr media
hedgehogs are usually very gentle and calm in nature. when they sense danger, they turn into a ball by only exposing the spinose part. they know how to protect themselves from danger.
Tumblr media
owls represent wisdom, knowledge, change, transformation, intuitive development, and trusting the mystery.
Tumblr media
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pittsiesmeeks · 2 days ago
random dps headcanons i made at 3 am
charlie is scared of anything related to paranormal and is convinced his dorm is haunted bc of the creaking wooden floors
stick is the eighth member of dps (id like to think that neil encouraged stick to join but he refused)
pitts hits his head on doorways more than twice a day when he's not paying attention while walking
meeks is a great dancer but he doesnt want to show it
todd knows how to sketch and probs his comfort zone, his fave sketch is him and neil goofing around the lake
knox is good at singing but sings the same song over and over again (which finds the poets kinda annoying)
neil sleepwalks every night which explains the creaking floors in their dorm rooms
cameron loves crafting shit like he gives you a random card out of nowhere with exploding little confettis inside
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anderperryshit · a day ago
tw: blood , death 
Todd clutched at Neil’s shirt, pulling against the fabric, trying to pull him closer somehow. He pressed against the blood flow as if that would help, frantically trying to make it all stop but his eyes were too blurry and his knees too weak and he couldn’t breathe. 
“Todd,” Neil held his hands soft but firm, “it’s okay,” he smiled all wobbly through his own tears, “really, It’ll be okay.” 
“You’re-” He took a shaky breath, holding Neil’s shirt much too tightly, the blood was soaking his hands now. “Neil you’re-” He couldn’t say it, he couldn’t think it, he couldn’t- he couldn’t- 
“I’m okay,” his eyes were beginning to close and Todd could scream. “promise, I’m- I’m-”
“Neil, please-” He didn’t even know what he was asking for, it was too late now anyway. “Please, don’t- don’t-” 
Neil smiled again, very slowly lifting up his hand to hold the side of Todd’s face. There’ll be blood there too, stains that’ll take hours to wash off the surface and forever to wash off completely. “I’m sorry.” He pauses as Todd grabs his hand with his own, sobbing into it with his eyes squeezed shut as if that would make everything go away. “I’ll see you later, Todd.” In the split second that Todd opens his eyes, he memorizes the broken smile on Neil’s face. “Promise.
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inahallucination · 15 hours ago
neil, who can’t sit still, absentmindedly running his hand over something while he talks
todd, face red, staring at where neil’s hand is on his upper thigh
neil, who can’t sit still, with his arm around todd’s shoulder and absentmindedly rubbing his thumb while he talks
todd, face red, trying not to concentrate on neil’s thumb on his throat
neil, who can’t sit still, absentmindedly reaching for todd’s arm
todd, face red, trying to ignore how neil keeps on squeezing his bicep
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local-deadpoet · 7 months ago
drug of choice? english teachers complimenting my writing.
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poetofthedyingstars · 20 hours ago
dps as salazar siblings kinnie
Tumblr media
will i elaborate??? sure. next post hehe
tagging some of my filipino mutuals: @andersonsdeskset @aedan-mills @deadpoetsbythelakes @madam-orpheus @imnobodysbaby @mysteriousdeadpoet @crispin-kreme @ecstaticasdean @renmeissance @sherlock-jr (lmk if u don't wanna get tagged)
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emilythefern · 2 days ago
Neil: I love spring! The flowers are so pretty and the animals all come out of hibernation!
Todd: I am suffering because of hayfever and allergies and I am miserable I hate spring
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ilypitts · 2 days ago
neil, pulling-up two polaroids: one of these is your locker, and the other is a garbage dump in the philippines,
neil: can you tell which is which?
charlie, pointing to the right: this one?
neil: they're both your locker.
charlie: damn, you're good.
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joytri · 26 days ago
I love how authors in classic literature spend three pages describing a street, whilst casually mentioning the death of the protagonist in one line.
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