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Nejire Hado Relationship Headcanons 💎


💎~Gender Neutral!Reader



Originally posted by makethiscanon

💎~ She never fails to surprise you with how happy and energetic she can be!

💎~ And she’s so bubbly you wonder if she’s ever been upset or unhappy in her life.

💎~ A little flightly and absentminded, so sometimes you have to help her remember things or have to make sure she’s always focused when she needs to be.

💎~ Her happiness never fails to make you smile, and she’s always so confident and proud of herself and you.

💎~ She loves to surprise you with gifts, mainly your favorite foods and cute little trinkets she knows you’ll like.

💎~ You end up having a whole display in your room of just the things she gives to you, and you can’t help but smile whenever you look at it or add to it.

💎~ Loves going out and about with you, and is not afraid of PDA and could care less what strangers thought of her.

💎~ She’s strong willed and not afraid to fight when need, which is why she makes sure to tell you that she’ll protect you until the end, even knows she knows you can handle yourself.

💎~ If you’re a fighter she loves to spar and train with you, offering advice and helping you get stronger in any way she can, and you do the same for her.

💎~ If you aren’t a fighter or don’t have a quirk it’s no difference to her, she loves you all the same and won’t hesitate to defend you or take you away from any situation she deems unsafe for you.

💎~ Always showers you in love and affections and love to cuddle and snuggle in one of your rooms.

💎~ Loves to take naps whenever she feels super tired, and you can’t help but fall asleep with her if she ever ends up sleeping on you.

💎~ She’s always there to encourage you and make you smile in any way she can, she makes sure she’s there to dry your tears and always finds a way to cheer you up.

💎~ You two like to study together sometimes, and are patient with each other in explaining topics to one another.

💎~ When she leaves for the villain raid, you can’t help but be worried for her and the other two big three members, and you hope she ends up coming back okay.

💎~ And she does, and she’s there to hug and assure you that she’s okay when she gets back, and the two of you go to visit Mirio and Tamaki in the hospital.

💎~ You grow close to the big three and love hanging out with them, loving every time the four of you go out and about the town and get ice cream or go to a cafe together.

💎~ And when she wins the pageant, you are so proud of her. She worked so hard for it and you can’t help but scream and hug her when she wins.

💎~ She lets you wear her pageant crown whenever you want, and always says you look beautiful in it.

💎~ Always tells you that you looks beautiful anyways, but she loves it when you wear her crown for fun.

💎~ You grow close to Eri, and Nejire teaches you to braid her hair.

💎~ The two of you love to spoil Eri and give her gifts and candy, with a few guidelines from Aizawa of course.

💎~ She loves you with her whole heart, so don’t you dare leave her!

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Now Available: Ochaco Uraraka

Currently Seeking: Ochaco Uraraka, Ashido Mina, Iida Tenya, Yaoyorozu Momo, Mirio Togata, Amajiki Tamaki, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Camie Utsushimi, Seiji Shishijura

+ many more!

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Yooo FMK The big 3

Fuck: Amajiki (He would be nervous asf. It’d be an experience i have never had before, but the the man eater in me is screaming!! Man eater + Sun Eater???)

Marry: Mirio (anyone who passes up on marrying him is a complete FOOL. This man could make you happier than you’d think was even possible) 

Kill: Nejire :( she is beautiful and amazing, but she practically feels like a stranger to me compared to the other two. lol with hardly any character development at all. 

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Nejire with her Pokemon that I head canon her with. Beautifly (A gift from Tamaki), Shiny Sylveon(who she’d give to Tamaki), and Mimikyu. (Her other team not shown is Drapion, Dragonite and Altaria(which can mega evolve). 

She is a Pokemon Coordinator / Performer:3

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