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#nelson stop getting crumps everywhere
1337wtfomgbbq · 3 months ago
Niki: Going on a road trip with the kids.
Niki: All scooped up into this sardin can of a VW bus and Nelson really wants the front seat.
Niki: James is desperately trying to balance both Bruno and Andrea on his lap.
Niki: The ONLY place Elio wants to go to is Pantasialand.
Niki: Nigel's eating chips and is getting the crumps everywhere.
Niki: René and Alain are screaming at each other- *screaming, he truns around * Scratch that, they're beating each other over who's allowed to have the front seat on the ride back.
Niki: Patrick and Jacques are bouncing around the trunk.
Niki: Like usuall I'm eating cashews while driving. Seeing that René and Alain stopped beating each other, wanting some too. And then they became upset because the cashews didn't taste the way they expected.
Niki: Elio started crying because we drove past Phantasialand.
Niki: Now Patrick's also crying because he bumped his head. *Niki asking himself why James is coming along when he's doing nothing *
Niki: Luckily Nelson fell asleep.
Niki: *questioning glance to James because he hasn't heard Didier and Gilles at all *
James: *just grins *
Finally, they get to their destination and, while getting all the kids out of the bus, Niki realizes that Didier and Gilles fell asleep on the same seat. Not gonna lie, they kinda look like two kittens.
Elio finally calmed down about not having gone to Phantasialand because he realized that they actually went to Disneyland.
But for some odd reason Niki got stuck carrying around a sleeping Nelson on his back all day.
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