quinthejester · 27 days ago
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A design thing i did for my version of Maedhros i guess! 
I wanted to do a Valinor + post Angband look because I imagine Maedhros being a lot more open and looking more free-spirited before his time in Angband, then becoming more closed off, and I wanted that to show in his design. Also having a more lighter/friendlier looking colour scheme, versus a more darker one. 
Also headcanon wise, I imagine he originally wielded a greatsword crafted by Feanor. Of course, given a greatsword is a two handed weapon, he couldn’t wield it after losing a hand. As a result, Curufin crafted him a sword that is lighter and can be used by one hand, and I kinda imagine the two training with it and figuring how best Maedhros can fight with it. 
Probably have other thoughts on this, but I can’t think of them right now. 
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thefatedfinwe · 2 months ago
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Lord of Himring
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dhelglore · 16 days ago
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Maedhros and Nerdanel
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sauronwantshisringback · 3 months ago
The dadification of Maedhros was inevitable. He’s the oldest of his brothers and cousins. No wonder he’s got BDE (Big Dad Energy).
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nvd94 · 9 months ago
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Sons of Fëanor but Matryoshka
Ps. Celegorm wants to stand there
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runmien · a year ago
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Maedhros Commission
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sauronnaise · 5 months ago
Morgoth: I know exactly where to put this Christmas decoration!
Sauron: Ah?
Morgoth: *hangs Maedhros on the tree*
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livielfinarfiniel · a month ago
Little Celegorm, being taught driving: What if I press on the gas and the brake at the same time?
Maglor, teaching: The car takes a screenshot.
Maedhros, a tired dad big brother: For the love of Eru, get out of the driver's seat!
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combeferrewasright · 4 months ago
Maedhros: Have you got your sword?
Celegorm: Check.
Maedhros: Have you got Huan?
Celegorm: Check.
Maedhros: Have you had breakfast?
Celegorm: What? That wasn’t on the checklist.
Maedhros: I added it because I care about you.
Celegorm: Fine, no, I didn’t have breakfast.
Maedhros: Unacceptable. Look in your pocket.
Celegorm, pulling out a breakfast bar: Ooh, there’s little chocolate chips in here!
Maedhros: Yeah, I’m not an idiot. I know how to trick my brother into eating his fibre.
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theelvenhaven · 2 months ago
Afternoon Tea Surprises
Tumblr media
Request: Could you write a emotional, but eventually fluffy Valinor reunion between Maedhros and reader?
A/N: Absolutely I can and did! I hope you enjoy anon! Would love to hear your thoughts! :)
Maedhros x Reader
1.5k words
Anda lúme awánie - It has been too long 
Vanimelda - Most beautiful, exceedingly fair
* * * 
Humming softly you moved to set the small tray of petit fours down onto the table, something you had taken the time to bake and decorate for today's occasion. Something that you and your mother-in-law Lady Nerdanel did every spring together, just as you had seasonal ways to spend time together. 
Today it was your day to host afternoon tea, and maybe when you first married Maitimo you would’ve done something extremely lavish. Considering Nerdanel’s station as well as your husbands, after so many years… Well something informal was far more welcomed as the two of you simply wanted to relax and enjoy one another’s company.
Though you had considered it as Nerdanel had told you that she’d be bringing a guest. Your thoughts had immediately wandered to it being Lady Anairë as she occasionally joined you and Nerdanel for afternoon tea. So you thought nothing more of it and simply had set out an extra place for Anairë. 
Today was simply beautiful, Anars gold rays bathed your gardens beautifully with spring in full swing. Birds sang overhead flitting about, surely spying the cakes and other finger foods looking for a good time to swipe some from you. 
Your garden was in full bloom with tulips of pink and white bordering the path's edge. Azalea bushes with busied bees and their sweet scent mingling in the air, vines of ivy climbing up the side of your modest home, something you had taken the time to cultivate to get it to where it was now. 
You always loved this time of year. It was full of new life, warm sun rays and cool breezes with herbs and fruits starting to mature and be ready for harvest within the next season. It was the season that always seemed to help you and Nerdanel get out of your emotional slump. Even after all the years that had passed since the Flight of the Noldor the winter months were always the hardest without them. 
You shrugged off your bleaker thoughts, wanting today to be more blissful. Winter's looming thoughts were hopefully in the past for right now and you hoped Nerdanel was of the same mind. 
Quietly you moved to take your place at the table, pulling your small book from the table to read over while you waited for you guests to arrive. Letting your eyes dance over the pages, enjoying the feel of Anar’s rays on your back. 
“Ser Y/N.” You heard from behind you from the one person you employed to help you care for your very small estate. You turned to look at them seeing the way their blue eyes sparkled with delight. Their gown flowing elegantly in the cool winds, blowing their black hair about as they stood there patiently. Teapot in their hand. 
“Yes?” You asked with a soft smile unable to resist mirroring her expression, seeing as she was in such a good mood. 
“Your guests have arrived.” She said, approaching to set the hot teapot down on the table, and at this you began to stand from your seat as the attendant rushed from the small gardens and back to the entrance of the home. 
Patiently you waited for your guests to arrive, smoothing out your nice robes nitpicking over the small folds or wrinkles. Pulling away the occasional pilling, before you finally heard foot falls. Though they were not that of the delicate ones that Nerdanel made, though it wasn’t alarming enough to pull you from your nitpicking just yet. 
Nerdanel had said she was bringing a guest with her, perhaps the guests' footfalls were just louder than hers. 
You finally looked up as you heard the footfalls rounding the corner and there before you… You felt your heart lurch into your throat and suddenly time froze. You felt positively rooted in your spot as you spied the tall ellon before you. 
With his pretty wavy russet hair, his signature copper circlet sitting on top of his head with freckles littering his skin. Pale blue eyes looked back at you, and his lips were pulled into a soft smile seeing your reaction…
Were you dreaming? Maybe hallucinating? 
Maitimo couldn’t possibly be standing here before you right? You felt the tears brim immediately as you brought a hand to cover your slack mouth. 
“Anda lúme awánie, vanimelda.” You heard that familiar warm deep voice speak out to you, and you felt the tears spill beyond your own volition. Hurrying to close the space between you, as you flung yourself into his arms. 
A sob releasing from your throat as you were met with a physical body, one that was hard and warm. With strong arms to encircle around your shoulders, and the familiar scent of leather and sandalwood meeting your nose. Filling your lungs, with your heart pounding in your ears hard.
“You’re real! Oh Eru!” You managed out between hiccupy breaths as joy consumed you, 
“You’re really here.” You sobbed out burying your face into his chest, feeling hearing the shaky breath that left him. Maitimo rested his cheek against your head as he cradled you snugly to his chest, his grip firm. Afraid to let you go, as though you’d slip right through his fingers. 
You pulled enough from him to look up at him, releasing the vice you had on his tunic, reaching to grab his face and letting your thumbs stroke against his face. 
“I’ve missed you more than I can convey.” You hiccuped out, brushing away the tears that stained his cheeks before Maitimo dipped his head in for a scorching kiss. 
Stealing the breath from your lungs as he melded his lips to yours, your knees felt weak and the fluttering in your chest couldn’t be quelled. Sliding your arms around his neck, holding him close as you slipped your tongue into his mouth, tasting him. 
You sighed softly at the familiar sweetness as his tongue curled around yours, feeling his strong arm hold you flush into his body. His hand in your hair, clutching onto you tightly. Your head was reeling at the affections, drunk on the taste and feel of him. 
For the first time in millennia you felt unfettered peace and joy, even as his lips broke from yours tenderly. Gazing back into his beautiful blue eyes, rimmed with copper lashes that fluttered close. His grip not loosening for a second, 
“I have been aching for such a moment since the moment I left you.” He breathed out in a shaky breath, and you couldn’t resist placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Lingering as you savored the warmth of him, 
“It is all I have dreamed of… This moment here with you.” You responded softly, 
“I didn’t think you’d ever forgive me for leaving you.” Maitimo confessed to you in a whisper, and for a while after he left you didn’t think you would either. As time went on you simply ached to have him home, it didn’t matter any longer that he had left to begin with. 
You shook your head against him, twirling wavy copper strands around your fingers as you sniffled. Trying not to burst into tears again as the reality of him being here was still crashing into you in ferocious waves. 
“That doesn’t matter Maitimo… All that matters is you’re home. Finally.” You sighed out, sniffling some more, trying to repress the waver in your voice. While your hands moved back to caress his face. 
“I love you Y/N.” He whispered and you smiled tearfully, pressing another kiss to his lips quickly. 
“And I love you Maitimo.” You responded, and reluctantly you began to pull away. Your husband watching you with eager eyes, gripping your hand as you reached for his to hold. Pulling him along towards the table, 
“I want to know everything I have missed.” You said without question or hesitation, though it brought Maitimo to hesitate. 
“Not all of it is good, vanimelda…” Maitimo responded, the idea of confessing to you all the crimes that he committed and the torture that he went throught… He didn’t know if he could face you if you knew it all. You gave him a soft and reassuring smile. 
“I don’t expect it to all be good… You don’t have to tell me all at one time. I’ve been left in the dark for so long I just want to know who you are now.” You responded to him, trying to reassure him. You wanted to get to know who your husband was now, the ellon he had become. What he healed from, what he had been through. 
“As long as you will tell me what I’ve missed with you.” He countered and you chuckled, bringing his hand up to press soft kisses to it. 
“Then I suppose we have much to discuss. I hope you don’t plan on leaving any time soon.” You said to him in a breath, 
“Never again, Y/N…” You felt the tears brim at the conviction in which he spoke, but pulled him along to the table to sit with you. Completely unconcerned that there were no other guests here. This was the only guest you could’ve ever wanted for tea and so much more. 
This was by far the best surprise you had ever received.
* * * 
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khaedis · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“Then Maedhros alone stood aside, but Fëanor caused fire to be set to the white ships of the Teleri.”
I’m experiencing Silmarillion feels again somebody help
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meowlkor · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
maedhros as a child!
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thethirdtreeofvalinor · 3 months ago
Celegorm: There seems to be an AMBER Alert out for you and Nelyo’s kids
Maglor: So their parents are alive…
Celegorm: I feel like there’s a story here
Maedhros enters, covered in blood: Not really, no
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celebrimbor-loves-you · 4 months ago
Maglor: you must eat and rest now, Nelyo.
Maedhros, trying to focus on some important documents: no, brother. there's no time for me to rest. noldor need responsible king now. we've just lost our father...
Maglor, giving him a soup bowl, bread and warm vine: noldor need their king to be alive.
Maedhros: *sigh*
Maglor: *taking away all papers and letters* eat please. I'll tell to make your bed right now.
Maedhros: thank you for being here for me?
Maglor: *smiles* us. Celegorm and Cürufin didn't let me away before I promised to bring you that soup.
Maglor: and then I've met Moryo, he told he can fix all with documentation, so I'll bring it to his tent.
Maedhros: oh...
Maglor: and yes, did you know that Amras is fond of baking now?
Maedhros, trying to hold back tears: no?
Maglor: and the last I've seen was Tyelpë. he asked to give you something cute and warm.
Maedhros: ???
Maglor, giving him a hug: here. take it.
Maedhros: *finally burst into tears*
Maglor: not only a hug, but that wool blanket too. out nephew said that nights getting colder.
Maedhros: I love you so much 🥺😭.
Maglor: me too, brother. we all are. take off that damned crown now.
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maitarussa · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Made a new icon for my blog!
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nvd94 · 9 months ago
Six characters challenge ☀️✨
Tumblr media
Ps. Tyelko sketches
I can’t draw different ankles 😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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decadentpostnacho · 17 days ago
If ur requests are still open, could u write a drabble about Maedhros and Maglor talking about the twins after the kidnap fiasco? Thx :)
Memories - Maedhros and Maglor
A/N: Hi! I am not sure if this is what you requested per se, I'm sorry, it ended up being more of a look inside Mae's head instead of a dialogue... Anyways, my take on: Maedhros thinks that he's the worst, Maglor behaving a bit like a mom and the twins being cute with wooden swords. Also, my requests are still open, yes!
Words: about 900
Maedhros stood at the edge of the courtyard, watching the twins play fight with their newly carved wooden swords.
"They remind me of Amrod and Amras when they were younger."
He had not realized his brothers arrival, his mind buried too deep in memories that slowly faded into nothingness, of times so long ago, so long before all his atrocities, when his hands — two of them — had not yet been tainted by the blood of innocents. When he had to play fight with his brothers, two of them not much older than Elrond and Elros were now.
He remebered playing the part of the exasperated eldest brother, but secretly enjoying their plays.
Now, there was no one left, except for Macalaurë. His younger brothers he failed to protect, as he should have done it, despite all their differences.
"They are nothing like Amrod and Amras." The words came out harsher than he intended them to be, but Maedhros could simply not help it. He had not been not as close to them as he was to Maglor, them being the youngest of the bunch, yet they still shared their heritage. They were his brothers. The two had died, as had the other three brothers, in the battle at the mouths of Sirion. Another kinslaying inflicted upon innocent elves by Fëanors line for those damned stones, which seemed to loose all their worth as time went on, simply because they had taken so much. Once it had looked like a glorious desire to claim the Silmaril, but this was back in Valinor. He should have known, Maedhros thought, back then he should have known and he should have swayed his younger brothers from taking that forsaken oath. Ai, he should have.
The Ambarussa had only reached maturity a few decades ago, before they left Tirion, Curvo had his own family, one that was not broken at that. This ripped apart after their departure from Valinor. Even Carnistir, though ever the grumpy one, had been more content, happier even. What had Fëanor's house gained from leaving Valinor, and what had they lost in comparison? Nothing and everything. And now it was only the eldest, him and Maglor, left with the orphaned Peredhel twins.
"You just don't want to admit it, Russo. I know that you also think of them when you see Elrond and Elros."
"Do not call me that. I am Russo no more, only Maedhros." He felt caught. Normally, he would not allow himself to dwell on thoughts like this for too long, at least not while he was in company. 
He felt Maglor's hand clasp his shoulder. "Stay here, brother. I do think of them too, every other day. I might be that our ways will cross again in the realm of Mandos, or even in Valinor, should the Valar ever forgive us for our misdeeds. Although for now, we have to take care of them." He vaguely pointed a hand in the direction of the younglings, still engrossed in their play fight.
Maedhros looked at his brother. Kanáfinwë, the strong voice, the mighty singer, he had been long ago. The mighty singer had not taken a harp in hand in what felt like ages.
"It is our fault that they have no parents, Maglor. We made them orphans."
Maglor gave a gentle nod of his head. "I am aware. We ripped them away from their parents, because of an oath that does not mean anything but a burden anymore. Now, brother, let us at the very least try and give them as much of a happy childhood as we can."
Meadhros nearly had the urge to laugh at that. "Two scarred, cast-out, veterans, who are looked upon by all of Beleriand? Who killed their own kin? It is very optimistic of you to say, that we could give them a childhood at all."
His brother chose to not give an answer to this, aside from a little sigh. Instead, he changed topics, as he always had when it became too troublesome to talk about something.
"Elrond want's to learn the art of healing. He has always been the calmer one of the two, whereas you should teach Elros more about the art of fencing. Not that Elrond should not be taught in this as well, but I feel he does not enjoy it as much as his brother does."
Secretly Maedhros had entertained the thought of teaching the Peredhel twins in combat too, he just never spoke to his brother about it.
"That shall be it. Why did you come here in the first place Kanò? You were supposed to watch the food."
The nickname had slipped, in a matter of habit. Maglor shook his head yes.
"I came out here to tell you that said food is ready. Get the children and tell them to wash up; they seem to be full of dirt."
"You sound like mother when she chastised Tyelko for coming home looking like he took a bath in mud."
When he smiled, Maglor looked shockingly like he had when they were still in Tirion, when he was named Macalaurë. Less gaunt and younger, less tired. It was thin lipped and did not quite reach his eyes, but it was a smile. One that Maedhros hadn't seen in years, and as to not wipe away that rare smile by making him talk again, he simply turned to Elrond and Elros.
"Are you not hungry?"he yelled, "Maglor made food!"
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sauronnaise · 2 months ago
Maedhros is the long lost Elf of the Weasley family.
A missing hand rather than missing hair.
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livielfinarfiniel · 8 months ago
Fingon: Do you want to go around the world?
Maedhros: Sure bro. *walks around Fingon*
Fingon: Why did you walk around me bro?
Maedhros: Because you are my world bro.
Fingon, with heart eyes: bro
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callicantzaro4now · 5 months ago
i’m always laughing at the fact that most of maedhros’ names are just 
handsome redhead
nice looking
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