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#neo politan
n6918 · 2 hours ago
(Volume 7 Atlas Oscar guards have just been defeated by Neo, now she searches for the relic.) (Oscar is 18)
Neo, texting: where is it kid! *she had already searched the whole Room*
Oscar: ha, you will never find it!
Neo, texting: *sees something in this pants* Oh I think I know where it is.
Oscar: Wait, No my dignity!
Neo remove Oscar‘s pants reveling 
Neo, texting: ... What the hell! *See’s Oscar using the lamp as a cock ring*
Oscar: Don’t kink shame me! ... the plan was for Ruby after the fight to come and remove it. *embarrassed*
Neo: ...
Oscar: ...
Neo, texting: Well it has been awhile for me. *dropps pants and mounts him* this is going to be fun!
Oscar: meep!
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officialneopolitan · 15 hours ago
When she
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When she used to do that with her eyes... ✨✨🥺
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Okay so I know this has been discussed before, but I am low-key very excited for rwby reunion in vol 9 for one specific reason: I want Ruby to Go Off on her teammates. I want her to be absolutely pissed at them because they all collectively decided to put her life above their own. I want to see Ruby properly get mad at Weiss and Blake and yes, Yang too. I want her to be like:
Ruby: "How DARE you! How dare you all decide to put my wellbeing above your own lives. How dare you try and sacrifice yourselves for me!"
Meanwhile the rest of the team tries to explain their reasoning for why they did so.
Yang: You're my sister Ruby! I would do anything to protect you!
Blake: We all know that if one of us has the chance to take out Cinder / Salem it would be you (basically: your the MVP)
Weiss: We love you Ruby! That's why we did what we did!
Ruby takes some time to absorb this and Instead of being reassured gets angrier: "You guys are just as important! You all are important to me! If we're going to have a chance at defeating Salem then we need to work together - not against each other by deciding whos life is more worthy or important!
And everyone in team RWBY has a good cry and then Jaune shows up and its gets sad again with the news of Penny as Neo plots from the distance - but thats a topic for another post.
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bridgyrose · a day ago
more of that neo forgives cinder au? pweaaaaaaassssse? also keeping neo and cinder staying chaotic neutral. their still bad guys. thx
Cinder just started at Neo as she was told they were going to be meeting up with Ruby and her friends. “You… you’re joking, right? I mean, I’ll take down Salem but, I’m not helping Ruby!” 
Neo rolled her eyes and pulled out her scroll, starting to type out her response. As much as she didnt like it, she had to admit that switching sides was for their best interest. Not that Cinder had much of a choice since Neo already did back in the void. 
Cinder sighed. “Alright, so, we help them… and then what? After we defeat Salem, what exactly are we supposed to do?” 
Neo thought for a moment before typing out two words: help others. 
Cinder paused for a moment as she read those words, thoughts about how she wanted to be a huntress when she was a kid ran back through her mind. “Alright, but they’re not going to accept us.” 
“Leave it to me.”
“Right, just leave it to you. And what exactly are you going to do?” 
Neo shrugged and started walking off. “Talk to them.”
“Talk to them? And what exactly are you going to talk to them about? Neo!” Cinder started walking after Neo, trying to keep up with her. “They’ll never let us work with them! They’ll arrest us!” 
Neo stopped in her tracks before pulling out her scroll and showing the contacts she picked up from Ruby and her friends. She smiled a bit when she saw the realization on Cinder’s face before starting to walk off again. 
Cinder stood still with that realization. “I’m… going to be one of the good guys, arent I?” 
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officialneopolitan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tilt your head back more and break your neck. /j
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thepalestrose · 2 days ago
Jaune: Must you solve everything with violence!? It's not always the answer!!
Neo, signing: You're right, violence isn't the answer. It's the question.
Neo: And the answer is yes!
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bridgyrose · 3 days ago
I have become trash for this ship so uh maybe when you have some time i could be granted some more Quiet Cookie Crooks?
Ruby relaxed for a moment while cuddling between Blake and Neo, smiling. “See? This is just great! Just the three of us, relaxing and cuddling.” 
Blake nodded and she held her girlfriend close. “Okay, maybe you’re right that Neo and I get a little… out of control with our desires.” 
Neo frowned a bit at Blake’s words. She angrily started to sign. “It’s not a we, its a you.”
“Its a both of you,” Ruby answered. “Or have you forgotten that you ended up getting us kicked out of that restaurant because of your silly bet with Blake?” 
Neo stopped signing and pressed into Ruby, still feeling a bit guilty about all of that. She wasnt going to forget how disappointed Ruby was with not being able to finish that date. 
“Yeah… that.. .was a bit much,” admitted Blake, blushing out of embarrassment. “We owe you for that.” 
“Then you can start repaying me now by just cuddling. No antics, no sex, just cuddles.” Ruby snuggled into her girlfriends, feeling relaxed and comfortable. 
Blake and Neo both sighed at the no sex, pressing into their girlfriend and relaxing with her. As much as they didnt like the boring stuff, it felt nice when it was with Ruby. Just letting themselves relax without a care. 
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catboygraystripe · 3 days ago
neo.... i think she is a trans girl who was lost and didnt know who she was but then she met torchwick (i hc him as transmasc) and she learnt about being trans so theyre transmasc transfem mlm wlw solidarity.. if you listen to the song one thing with this perspective it actually makes a lot of sense
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officialneopolitan · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Excited for V9 simply for her. UwU
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thepalestrose · 6 days ago
Jaune: We can't kick Neo off the island just for her past crimes!
Ruby: Jaune, she's a jerk!
Weiss: She has stabbed you on more than one occasion.
Jaune: Some of those times were accidents!
Jaune: Okay, well I know for a fact the third time was accidental.
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thepalestrose · 7 days ago
Neo, signing: UGH! I hate this island so much!! It's stressing me out!
Jaune, rubbing Neo's shoulders to help her de-stress: You know, there are things we could do about that.
Neo: I could stab-
Jaune: No.
Neo: I could maim?
Jaune: NO.
Neo: Well, I'm out of ideas.
Jaune, sighing: Unfortunately not everything can be solved by stabbing.
Neo: Stabbing can definitely solve anything. If the problem isn't solved, then you just haven't stabbed the right thing yet.
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jokerfan99 · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
RWBY: Neo Politan by kimmy77
My fanart of Neo Politan from RWBY. -
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officialneopolitan · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Homicide, car theft and ice cream are among Neo's hobbies that fit into these categories.
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bridgyrose · 8 days ago
more of that neo forgives cinder au? pweaassse?
“I know I said I’d do anything to make it up to you, but… dont you think this is a bit too far?” 
Neo looked over Cinder, trying to hide a smirk as she saw the newly dyed pink and brown hair on her. Over the course of the last month, she had Cinder do various activities to prove that she truly was sorry and this was the last on the list: spend a week in the shoes of Neo, including dressing and talking like her. Neo smiled a bit and shook her head, making a few gestures towards Cinder. 
Cinder sighed and sat down, still not quite used to the out she was wearing. “I know I agreed to it, but… dont you think this is a bit silly? I mean, how do you wear this top? It feels like it wants to fall off me.” 
“*You get used to it,*” was all Neo could respond with. Part of her did feel like maybe this was a bit much, but Cinder did leave her for dead. And took the credit for stealing back the lamp. Not to mention using her to try to off Ruby, which ended up being worth too much effort in the end. “*Now, remember, no talking. Signing only.” 
Cinder rolled her eyes, but kept quiet, trying to be true to her word. She was already starting to regret agreeing to this, feeling a bit humiliated being dressed up as Neo, but for now, she was going to put through the effort to actually prove herself. After Salem gave up on her, she was starting to regret everything she had done. She only had to survive a week. And then she could finally be on good terms with Neo again. 
Neo watched Cinder get up and walk away, slowly pulling out her own scroll to record a video to send to RWBYJNR. As much as she hated to admit it, she grew fond of that team while she was on that island, and this was mostly their idea, so she thought to at least give them a bit of a peek at Cinder’s progress. Once the video was sent, she smiled and slowly walked behind Cinder, finding her eyes drifting a bit as she watched her. Maybe it wouldnt be too terrible to try to pursue a… different kind of relationship with her partner. 
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crwbyinterviews · 8 days ago
Miles Luna SPECULATING on why Neo’s eyes don switch colors anymore
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officialneopolitan · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
May the 4th be with you
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(Cinder texting Neo)
Cinder: Babe
Cinder: Baby
Cinder: Angel
Cinder: Pint size
Cinder: Precious little nugget
Cinder: If you don't answer me, the pet names are going to start getting meaner.
Cinder: Bowl of cereal that's been sitting out for like an hour.
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Neo *to Tyrian*: Fight me!
Cinder: Stop telling people to fight you, look at how small you are!
Neo: My height does not effect my ability to snap someone's fucking neck in 97 different ways! INCLUDING YOURS!
Cinder: You can't even reach my neck.
Neo: Do you really want to test me now?! Because I see my foot stool just a foot away from me! DO NOT MAKE ME USE IT!!!
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