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ruby: WHAT

yang: she almost killed me!

weiss: *glares*

blake: jaume. DAFUG

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Emerald walks by as she notice Neopolitan sitting on the ground, face buried in her hands. Emerald saw that Neo’s scroll was next to her, opened to a conversation. She wanted to take her scroll from her to know what the conversation was about, but then it’s not her place to do that. “Um, is everything alright?” Emerald attempted to get her to respond something, but the only response given was Neopolitan handing her scroll to her. She was a bit confused as to why out of all people Neo would trust her to use her scroll. The current conversation that was shown on the screen was a private conversation with Neopolitan and Romah Torchwick. She scrolled up until the last messaged of Roman appeared and then read everything Neo left. She tried reaching out several times but got no responses. Then one of her messages was “What’s the point of being a criminal if you’re gone? I can’t live without you. Please answer me. A sign. Anything! I just feel lonely right now.” Emerald continued with the messages sent by Neo only and the last one was mentionning Cinder. Her curiosity got the best of her so she read it. “I started working with Cinder. I can’t with her! We were supposed to to get to Little Red, but she keeps avoiding that. I didn’t want to come with her. She isn’t even thanking me for the work I’ve done and she even took credits for something she never helped with. She also identified me as a valuable asset. I wish you were still there. I am tired of being disrespected and unable to speak out. Feeling a bit sad for her, Emerald decided to sit by and stay.

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jaune: *blush*


jaune: nice ass


jaune: *red face* y-yang?

silent knight

jaune: *gulp*

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Cinder: i have a new plan

Neo: “it’s something stupid?”

Cinder: yes

Emerald: dangerous?

Cinder: definitely

Neo: “we have Salem’s permission to do it?”

Cinder: obviously not

Emerald: maybe we should just stay here…

Neo: … *Nods nods*

Cinder: I’ll use a new costume~

Emerald: I’m in

Neo [Already in the airship]: “Let’s go”

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weiss: ugh!

blake: really? here where we eat?

yang: this is hot

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robyn: collar and leash


raven: *ride him till his pelvis breaks*


cinder: edgin*


neo: tie him up and fuck him

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Roman: I wanna be evil

Neo: Unfortunately you are not very evil

Roman: :(

Roman: Wait I meant >:(

Roman: I’m evil right

Roman: Neo I’m evil right?!

Neo: Mhm

Neo: Your evil laugh is terrifying and your schemes are despicable

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I’m ready for Cinder, Neo and Watts to take one look at Feral Ruby, turn to the Hound and say, “You can take it from here right? We’ll go… warm up the ship… yeah, warm up the ship,” and just dip.

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