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The depressed don’t write books.

People who are happy write,

People who travel,are in love,

and talk and talk with the conviction that,one way or

another,their words always go to

the right place.

“Isn’t that how it is”?

No,words rarely go to the right

place,and if they do,it’s only for

a very brief time.Otherwise they’re

useful for speaking nonsense,as now.Or for pretending that everything is under control

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RWBY plays Among Us (part 3):
Qrow Branwen: Okay, I found Summer's body in O2. Now I know that y'all don't trust me because of my semblance but hear me out. I think it's Taurus and Ice Queen-
Adam Taurus: -WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU ASSUME I'D EVER BE WORKING WITH A SCHNEE! --> (Adam is the first impostor)
Winter Schnee: Everyone, don't listen to the drunkard, he has no idea what he's talking about --> (Winter is the second impostor)
Taiyang Xiao Long: Yeah Qrow, that accusation was kinda stupid, especially when we know who the REAL impostor is!
Qrow Branwen: Wait...we know who it is?
Taiyang Xiao Long: It's obviously Ironwood-
Qrow Branwen: Guys, I'm pretty sure it's not Jimmy. I'm telling you, it's Faunus-Killmonger and Ice Queen-
Winter Schnee: -The drunkard lies! He's lying! (starts sweating)
Summer Rose: (cheering loudly in her room, hoping that the group listens to Qrow)
Cinder Fall and Roman Torchwick: (also dead and both are amazed that Qrow somehow figured out who their killers are)
Qrow Branwen: (votes Adam Taurus)
James Ironwood: (votes Taiyang Xiao Long out of spite)
Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Neopolitan, Winter Schnee, Adam Taurus: (votes James Ironwood)
Qrow Branwen: Damn my bad luck! (mutes his mic)
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The ship week is starting in 4 days, hope you all are getting ready and excited!

It will be running from the 25th to the 31st of this month, and all types of creations are welcome, be it art, writing, cosplay, edits, amvs, etc! Please use the tags #gelatoweek and #psicweek, and tag this blog at @pumpkinspiceicecream in order to get your creations shared!! 

Feel free to use either or both prompts on the days! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with ^^ 

 25th - Dance | First or Last Kiss
26th - Crossover | Movie Night
27th - Fancy Outfits | Royalty
28th - AU of choice | Free Day
29th - Pirates | Vampires
30th - Heist | Good Guys
31st - Halloween | Autumn 

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