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#neopronouns asks
sleepytime-stardust20 hours ago
rev/rever/reverself, mi/mist, de/dim/dier/dierself, daze/dazes, eth/eths, moon/moons, bri/bright -Sera
Oooo :iamloomkin:
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sleepytime-stardust20 hours ago
Ngl co/coff for coffee or other coffee themed ones, also lun/lunar
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asksassyloki22 hours ago
opinions on people who use neopronouns?
Why should I care how someone personally identifies? You know yourself better than anyone does. If using non-conforming pronouns makes you feel comfortable then don't let anyone stop you. Gender is a fickle thing, after all.
Tumblr media
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neopronounsmybelovaeda day ago
Not-so-friendly reminder that my bratty eleven year old little sister respects neopronouns and understands the grammatical function well enough to invent and correctly use a set for her stuffed animal, so if you refuse to respect pronouns or educate yourself, please reflect on why an eleven year old is that much better than you,
(Here's the post where I go more into detail about my sister inventing neopronouns btw)
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sevenhundredandthreea day ago
atgc stands for anditwt gc , we named it that sarcastically when all the andi drama happened and it stuck
Aw, I felt so bad for Andi when that was happening. Sure, she made an insensitive joke. People were treating her like a pariah though, and being really sexist towards her once Punz decided to defend her.
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red--thedragona day ago
for the neopronoun ask game: ur already usin fuck/fucker ansjkamammamsms
AJFGGHGL i mean... if the shoe didn't fit i wouldn't have it on, let's put it that way LMAO
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ooh, i can see you using night/nocturne or arc/arcs
that鈥檚 so cool!! both of those i鈥檇 say fit me lol. thank you!!
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wiresandwifi2 days ago
for the neopronouns thing, quart/quartz/quartzelf because of all the really cool minerals you talk about!
oooooooo this is so cool I actually鈥 thoughts鈥. I鈥檓 genuinely considering using these
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wiresandwifi2 days ago
you give off minecraft themed neopronouns vibes like end/ends/enderself or slime/slimes/slimeself
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gaydhdump3 days ago
Have you heard about this r4cs0 lunatic? His bigotry knows no bounds. Go scroll his blog right now and you will find discourse where he and his right-wing fascist buddies were all having a laugh after they mocked a 12 year old kid for having pronouns in their profile! And that's only the tip of the iceberg for this white straight cis baby boomer and his rampant trail of homophobia, biphobia and dendrophobia he has left all across Tumblr.
omg wtf??? i just looked him up and he's awful. these kinds of people are honestly sad and disgusting. why can't he leave literal children alone and blog about something fun instead of going out of his way to oppress an entire group of people. i also saw he used the r slur multiple times? i really don't know what is going through these peoples minds its pathetic
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real-life-baby-angel3 days ago
girl get help. calling yourself an actual object online aint it.
awh you poor thing!!! it鈥檚 okay if you don鈥檛 have reading comprehension </3 don鈥檛 worry doll i can help you out a little!
i am very careful to constantly assert my right to be treated with respect on my blog! my pronouns are it/its and my special interest is dolls, so if that鈥檚 what you鈥檙e referring to then youre out of line. if you鈥檙e referring to my blogs actual content then i鈥檒l inform you that i just straight up don鈥檛 call myself an object :)
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i-love-my-trans-body3 days ago
Hey! Could I get some mad science themed pronouns? General neos, nounself, and emojis are all welcome. Bonus points for any based on Re-Animator (1985) or reanimation in general. Thanks!!
I don't really do requests anymore, but pronouns are fun soooo
General neos:
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boimgfrog4 days ago
ey/em/eirs and ze/zir/zirs and ae/aer/aers for the edward cullen thing
Dude fuck yeah!!
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knightingale15 days ago
I updated my sona!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is Key, they use they/faer pronouns and are a teenager. They live a bit west of Eret's castle and works in the museum most of the time. They're planning to move to the Bee n' Boo once rooms are available.
Fae can't really fight and tends to stay out of all conflicts as much as possible, so fae has all three lives still. Fae has a backpack with multiple notebooks and art supplies and spend a lot of faer downtime drawing or writing while sitting in and on the recreations in the museum.
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intersexfairy5 days ago
Is hy/hym pronounced like he/him or is hy pronounced like hi (just curious)
for me, same as he/him ! i just wanted to queer it up. i also know people assume things based on pronouns, and making that mental barrier made me feel better.
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six-video-game-peaches5 days ago
Anyways, since its pride month, I am once again inviting anyone who wants to try out new names or pronouns, or even just ramble about gender shit and tell me all about your pronouns and gender to go ahead and hop in my inbox if you need. Anons are on, if you'd like to use it.
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kingbarrett5 days ago
i bring gender headcanons... nonbinary shinsuke and genderfluid becky lynch
YESSS GENDER HEADCANONS. Nonbinary shin and genderfluid becky ough yes please,,, thinking abt becky's entire 'the man' thing w a genderfluid hc in makes it so much better THIS ask means so much to me thank you anon
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