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#nerd ass (lovingly)
bubmyg3 months ago
Miss Hannah called soonyoung nerd ass last night and honestly I haven鈥檛 laughed that hard in a long time 馃惎馃惎
im sorry have u seen him
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 right
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lloyds-department-archive7 months ago
callout post for my dumb joyfriend, aka @smokeystarstorm /j
they're top tier gayass and admitted to wanting to kiss boys, claiming they're a professional boykisser
they're also a very cute loser
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atu-and-zuni29 days ago
less mentioned ocs: this time for the horde! there are so many yall its not even funny.
one more after this!
Zankolo: big guy. quiet guy when hes just chillin but can and will Yell and shout at shit bc thats what warrs do :). zandalari tomb defender and he has a cool transmog :) an arms/prot warrior he has a VERY cool axe that i dont know where i got it from and a sword+shield combo from throne of thunder
Giorgio: i mention him Rarely but he was one of my first toons! i made him as a heehee funny joke but hes his own thing now! hes outgoing and kind-hearted and Very very strong. he's best friends with xet nd he likes to make Delishes meals for their friends. (im serious his cooking is maxxed out in nearly every section.) i havent played him in a while but i rlly want to bc its fun to play gobs :)
zak'dor and xaz'jan: grouping them together bc you Do Not separate them. not blood-brothers but completely inseparable. two farraki trolls, mercanaries and scoundrels. zak'dor is a blademaster nd has no less than 20 weapons on him at all times. hes the guy with like a hundred tiny knived hidden all over him. xaz'jan is Techncially a hunter (bc i had a cool tmog for him) but hes rlly just here for the golds. decked out, likes lavish shit.
Axolatl: gurubashi troll. they're an inch resting sort, usually just living out in the wilds of stranglethorn doing witchy druid stuff. techniclaly a priest of hireek, but its just not official. they were actually the one to give krii his final name! obviously they can turn into a bat. also has the "tiddies out disease". its contagious 馃様
Taa'jial: primal zandalari. VERY tall and lanky. knows krii! and actually went to the shad lands w/ him. in game the name is "Saxhleel" which is literally the name for argonians in TES so i have no idea why that wasnt already taken???
Zathralan: very Very old probably evil and definitely cartoonishly nerfarious nightborne sorcerer. heehee >:)
Daragh: my only tauren! hes actually just an old original oc that i ported over to warcraft. still not sure what im gunna do w/ him but he looks cool!
Kajanni: goblin shaman, but she has a particular interest in using electricty to resurrecte ppl and make electric prosthetic limbs. shes a huge nerd for that kind of stuff and definitely wild enough to try it on Big things. that you should definitely not be resurrecting.
jiembe: he's an ass. in more ways than one! he's an assassination rogue and a dick! young dark troll who grew up in dalaran (no idea on th lore behind that just yet). im using him to play through the rogue class hall.
Mojorak: frog boy :) temple delver and dungeon raider, he likes finding ancient artifacts and lore but reeeeally doesnt like all the "fighting terrifying undead creatures" part of it. he does it anyways! also he likes frogs.
Abii Dawnchaser: ivan's cousin, somewhere? he has a big family.
Naaviel Dawnchaser: Ivan's far Older cousin, basically a brother since they grew up together. naaviel is a powerhouse and stick-in-the-mud. prot paladin. also the guy to cut off krii's arm! :)
Ahuu'lani: Mahtaye's girl, shes a martial artist and vry lovely. vry good friends w/ jambala and spars w/ him very often. also krii likes her bc they have similar tastes in jewelry.
Jabahni: my girl my lass. she. i love her. BIG BIG troll. very tall and fit. zandalari monk. she used to be a warrior until pandaria events, decided to abandon that way of life nd started hanging out w/ some monks there. her lore isnt set in stone but i like her too much to leave it at that. (ill probably port/remake her on wyrmrest once i finish getting a mount i started w/ her.) also she uses the potions of giant growth :)
Mulaku: a newer toon! maghar orc monk. lorewise i think its he was interested in the events of pandaria so hes hanging out there rn. he wasnt IN pandaria when everything went down hes just chilling. hes taken to helping out small villages bc hes Large and Strongk and is aparently very good at lifting heavy objects off of things/people/unblocking roads and/or doorways. also the aesthetic of a maghar monk is 馃憣馃憣
Licefeaster: its all in the name. forsaken lass. tiny lass. can summon hugr fucken demons and they are her friends :) shes a pretty upbeat gal despite having a stitched on face so maybe thay smile is permanent?? who knows shes weird (lovingly said) <3
Derasan: Zathralan's great great niece. she takes after her Double-G Uncle by also involving herself in nefarious and possibly evil activities, such as Demon magic. she has a cool mog :)
Rok: zandalari rastari. takes her job seriously, despite how boring it is since shes in a boring spot. the locals pester her. she knows jambala and actually worked w/ him a lot when they found a bunch of nasty things going on in her quiet part of zuldazar.
Ahnk'han aka, Pirate Jones the Bones (his perfered title): ANCIENT guy. he's been dead for DECADES. but hes been on the bottom of the ocean for all those decades and was VERY recently fished out of the sea by Ayutaan and her crew. they adopted him and his "not dead friend" (his friend is literally a mindless ghoul but he doesnt see it that way) bc he's funny and is clearly insane. ayutaan married him bc it turns out there was a handsome zandalari undeneath all that gross seaweed and rotting flesh <3 she has very bad taste. also no one has any idea how or why he's been resurrected. he doesnt know either and doesnt care! hes having fun being their local funny man who smells like fish.
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mean-horny-game-girlsa month ago
"Aloys Punishment: P1"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Its not my fault!" You whimper. Staring up at your feeder in the discarded remains of an entire week's rations.
Alloy sighed, planting two hands on her thick chubby hips. Shaking her head at you.
"My hopless little butterball." Alloy mumbled. "What am I gonna fucking do with you?"
You belch loudly and go pink with shame. Trying to pull your shirt down to cover you big belly. Hoping the thicc redhead warrior won't notice how huge you are if you cam cover some of your mammoth girth up.
"No use trying that." Aloy laughed. "You outgrew that shirt three weeks ago, and I've only made you fatter since."
Aloy knelt down before you and gripped your shirt and fur lined jacket ripping them up to your soft tits and smirking down at your huge belly. She held your clothes up in one hand and slapped your tum lovingly a few times just to watch you jiggle.
The meaty "bwooorp" she knocked loose was just an extra.
"You ate all our bread..." she held up the empty tin. "All our butter, what? Did fatty just scoop it out with his little trotters like a piggie?" She held up your wrists and you felt guilty as she raised an eyebrow at your slippery hands. "All our soup is gone." She turned over the empty plastic tubs in quick succession barely a drop spilling onto the camp floor. "Ooh all our salted fish." She waved a few half eaten skeletons at you. "Wow, you chewed down on that roast boar. Just the fucking head left." Aloy squeezed and massaged your belly, trying to hide just how hot it was that she'd turned you into a pathetic, reckless eating machine. "Four turkeys? Jeez did you leave anything for me?"
Aloy didn't really care. Not that you knew. She was a firm, sassy mistress and loved to push you around and tease you about how much trouble you were. She fucking loved it when you blushed and tries to suck in your huge gut. Whimpering that you were sorry for being such a big piggy and begging her to still cuddle with you that night.
Truth was, Aloy was a brilliant hunter, crafter, and scrapper. She was fucking loaded. And ever since she's brought you on at that trading post the only thing she had wanted in her entire travels with you was to fatten you up.
Fatten you up: the words alone made her horny.
Aloy shrugged as she tossed aside the tin that held a whole tray of brownies. What could she do, you were a tech nerd with knowledge of the old world.
She pulled your shirt up over your head, letting your jiggly fat tummy and tits fall out. She buried her face into your gut until all you could see was her ginger hair. She smooched you.
"Alright dipshit. You had your fun. Rules are rules it's time for mine." Aloy snapped her fingers, and obediently you heaved the massive 200 pound blob of rolls you called a belly back from your crotch.
Alloy sat in your lap. Her big, soft buns pressing down on your crotch and driving you wild.
"Big piggy went and ate all our food again, didn't they?" Aloy teased starting to grind her ass against your lap. You guys called it a "lap dance" and it was one of Aloy's favorite ways to punish you. She pulled her fur and leather lined skirt a little further up her milky white cheeks the soft orbs of booty fat plopping out and spreading across your lap.
She spanked herself with both hands, sending a ripple that excited you through her big ass.
"You know what happens now?" Aloy asked looking back at you very seriously.
You blush hard again and shake your head.
"Well since you were such an irresponsible porker." Aloy said, bucking her thick hips as she ground against you. "I think you're going to have to hit the bar. And eat every thing I order for you until you're too fat to move. It's the only way you'll learn your lesson. Ill bring the wheelbarrow and haul you out."
You whimper. But your greedy tummy gurgles noisily. The fucking traitor.
"C'mon piggy." Aloy laughed. Standing up so fast you got a shot of her pantied fat bum before she tugged her skirt back down over the top of it. "Lets stuff you like a big fat turkey, so you get nice and plump."
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darthbecky726a month ago
Bad Batch 1x02 Spoilers
Back at it again at Krispy Kreme! I鈥檓 about to watch ep 2 of BB and here are my reactions:
Spoilers under the cut
Right into it, wow
No narration or anything, feels different
Lol omega is adorable
Hunter and echo are great
Saleucami! Love it there!
The animation is *chefs kiss*
Nice landing, tech
Omega鈥檚 first time on another planet
She鈥檚 never been off kamino before, wrecker
That鈥檚 cliched, the falling to the ground and feeling dirt
She鈥檚 reminding me of rapunzel
They鈥檙e all enamored w how adorable she is
They shouldn鈥檛 leave omega at the back of the pack lol
It鈥檚 cut!!
Echo, rex trusted him, u can trust him!聽
Echo, they new torrent
Echo鈥檚 so tense
鈥榗omplicated鈥 lmao
Lol echo yesss they new rex
Omega knows abt the chips??
Lmao the salt
Uncle!! Wrecker!!
Awwwwwwwww they鈥檙e so cute!!
I love the music
Hunter鈥檚 protective of his new sister
Omega鈥檚 never had fun before
She鈥檚 ur sister
They wanted to see if they could make a girl clone lol
That鈥檚 too much heat, hunter
This is cute
Hunter wearing cut鈥檚 clothes
I鈥檝e never liked the way clones walk in civvies
I liked cut before, I like him now
Ugh chain codes, this is insanely convoluted but we know about them a bit from mando so....
Obv the clones don鈥檛 have them, they鈥檙e clones
鈥榞enerosity鈥 my ass
I hate the empire
I don鈥檛 like the phase 1 stormtrooper armor, the mix of clone trooper and storm trooper, its ugly
Omega, the fence is there for a reason
She obv went past the fence聽
They all go running
Sniper suu!!
Overprotective hunter is here babey
Awwwwwwww this is so tender
She鈥檚 their little sister!!
Shut up tech lol
Lmao tech
I love them all
What are those head beads of urs omega?
Oh that鈥檚 how ur hair did the thing
I love suu
Don鈥檛 hand her off to them, hunter, she can stay with y鈥檃ll
She鈥檚 gonna want to stay with u guys
I love echo and tech being nerds together
Echo was the nerd of torrent and the arcs, tech is on another level
Their minds are so tactical
Lol and hunter鈥檚 so mad
How tf did they not know that???
I鈥檓 so sad for the clones, they don鈥檛 get any choices
I love echo and tech
I love echo being sneaky
I like how his helmet goes around his implants
Well, tech, ol buddy ol pal, he can鈥檚 get to a compartment on the other side of the room when his arm is plugged into the computer
He鈥檚 just balancing them on his prosthetic, they look like they鈥檙e about to fall
It鈥檚 ok, jek, you鈥檙e adorable
Or not buddy
Omega, don鈥檛 do anything stupid
She鈥檚 doing something stupid
I love echo
They didn鈥檛 let her do anything
Lol echo now what r u gonna have a han solo moment??
Idiots (lovingly)
Tech and echo are best bois
Oop and r2 unit
Ah wrecker!
He reminds me of zeb
I like how they鈥檙e not killing any of the clones. Most of the clones we鈥檝e seen have always been big about how they鈥檙e all brothers, and I get why they wouldn鈥檛 want to hurt any of them
Settle down cut
That was loud
Lol they didn鈥檛 tell her
As if tech is capable of doing anything accidentally
She doesn鈥檛 want to go
She wants to be a family with you guys
Oh omega
I like how echo鈥檚 still working on the boot
It鈥檒l be ok omega
Watch her not go with them after all
Damn these boys can fight
And hunter鈥檚 shooting to kill
Lol they didn鈥檛 try that earlier??
The gun hand-off
Oh she is going with the bb
Lol he was gonna say u look like me
There they go
What no ship cannons?
I like the sound design for their ship
The gonk droid!!!
I knew she was gonna go back to them
Awwwww hunter
This is so cute
That was adorable. Kinda felt like filler, but it was still good. The fanservice we got with cut and suu and the rex mentions was gold. This ep was shorter than the premier, obviously, but I hope the future ones are a little bit longer. I know it can be hard to tell a strong animated story in a serialized format when the episodes are long, but I think we the fans have earned it. Can鈥檛 believe I have too wait till next Friday for more, the two in one week thing was nice. Oh well.
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mintcarousela month ago
What (WILL BE) your favorite Her with the Hummingbirds ship says about you
[This might be spoilery but I DO NOT care what you might gleam from this. Hook me up with a manga-style comic book artist so I can actually make this thing.]
You鈥檙e favorite ship dynamic is looking lovingly at your GF while she gushes about something she loves.
You (will) want this series to be even more Shoujo Manga than it ended up being. Also you want to be swept off your feet by a tall femme.
You believe in the inherent eroticism of Class Conflict.
You鈥檙e favorite dynamic is the Buddy Comedy. Also you are 1000% sure Witz鈥檚 humanoid form would鈥檝e been like maximally DILF hot if I actually show it ever.
You (will) also want this series to be even more Shoujo Manga than it ended up being, but you鈥檙e also heterosexual. That, or you prefer DILFs over MILFs.
Either your favorite ship dynamic is Childhood Friends to Lovers or Workplace Romance or it鈥檚 BOTH and I haven鈥檛 decided these characters backstories yet so I can鈥檛 tell you which one.
You are a Reylo shipper.
Your favorite ship dynamic is Jock/Nerd.
Your favorite ship dynamic is ALSO Jock/Nerd, but you also read the never-to-be-completed Her with the Hummingbirds novel and know what Dinsoer did.
(available here on my patreon for free!)
You believe in the inherent eroticism of a good Sword Training Montage.
Jade/unnamed female character who teaches Jade sword fighting
You also believe in the inherent eroticism of a good Sword Training Montage, but only when it鈥檚 gay, goddamnit.
Your favorite ship dynamic is Mom Friend + Dad Friend.
You love the character who gets shy and flustered around their crush but wish it was the guy instead of the girl.
[Edit because i forgot to include]:
You believe in the internet eroticism of 馃憦馃徑 Men 馃憦馃徑 Getting 馃憦馃徑 Pegged.
This is your only chance at a Dinsoer Redemption Arc and I am not sorry to say it鈥檚 not going to happen.
[end edit]
You believe in the inherent eroticism of getting your ass kicked (and deserving it).
Ephy/any male character
We can鈥檛 be friends.
You like DILFs but somehow think that Neja got TOO MUCH screentime.
You think lolic*n ships are okay if it involves two girls. However, cue 鈥淔BI we鈥檙e coming in!鈥 sound clip.
Friendship/any character at all*
He鈥檚 literally the concept of Friendship he doesn鈥檛 do romance but I do NOT count him as Ace/Aro rep but dont worry I have characters and stories in the works for that.
You think you鈥檇 love the idea of being locked in a battle with your bitter rival, reincarnating for all eternity, destined to always meet and always hate each other.
You believe in the inherent eroticism of the Revenge Plotline.
You think most geopolitical issues could be solved if the nations鈥 leaders got a little nookie.
You鈥檙e low-key a monsterfucker.
You鈥檝e been waiting for a ship dynamic that fuses Enemies to Lovers with Notice me, Senpai. Your wait is over!
You believe in the inherent eroticism of Shared Trauma.
You (will) believe in the inherent eroticism of Being Done With Jade鈥檚 Shit.
You just want good things for Deanna and really, who wouldn鈥檛?
You鈥檙e just here for some Cinnamon Rolls. Too Good for this World. Too Pure. That, or you want Deanna to get dommed by a good聽person this time.
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s1utspearea month ago
Plz do Midsummer next, I want to know who are all the fairies and and WHO IS TOM SNOUT THE WALL?????
Thank you i love you I鈥檓 so excited for the Shakespeare discourse. 16 yo Shakespeare-in-the-Park me is LIVING
Okay, so first off, my ideal Midsummer would be gay (obviously) and involve a lot of playing with space and audience and stuff. Like, I would want it to be in the square and have all the seats on the same level/have the audience actually on the stage, so that when the Lovers are running around in the woods, and the fairies and Puck are doing their thing, they鈥檙e literally intermingling with the audience. Athens would be in a separate playing space, for both the beginning and the end, and the Players (with the exception of Bottom) would never get to mingle in the audience, because they are so fully enshrouded in their own acting and the world of the play that they are blind to the fact that they鈥檙e simultaneously playing and being played. At the end of the play, Puck would step up into that separate playing space to indicate physically that the play is done, they are no longer intermingling with us, and we are now separated from this reality that they have created over the course of the play (this has nothing to do with y鈥檃ll, I鈥檓 just using this opportunity to nerd out about my ideal production specs lmao) and thereby physically releasing us from that space.聽
BUT THAT鈥橲 BESIDE THE POINT. NOW. I鈥橫 SHIFTING INTO DIRECTING MODE AND CASTING THIS SHOW USING THE DMUTUALBJs, THE TAG OF WHICH I鈥橫 STEALING FROM SIERRA (also sorry i do not have the skills nor the patience to edit y鈥檃ll鈥檚 icons on characters like they did I am not that good @jockvillagersonly i would die for u).聽
First up: the Lovers
Hermia:聽鈥渢hough she be but little, she is fierce!鈥 lmao I鈥檓 sorry @cross-d-a that鈥檚 gotta be you. I love Hermia bc she鈥檚 very sweet most of the time, except when she鈥檚 been wronged, and then YOU BETTER WATCH OUT CAUSE SHE鈥橲 GOING OFF, and I feel like Cross imbues that energy very well. She鈥檒l cut a bitch for her friends, but is also the loveliest person you鈥檝e ever met.聽
Helena: Helena鈥檚 got to be @humanlighthouse. Sorry, I don鈥檛 make the rules. Not only do I want her to step on me, I also think that she鈥檇 be willing to throw down in a forest. Plus, she and Cross would have very good stage energy, I think.聽
Demetrius: ok here鈥檚 where things get interesting, cause you remember when I said I wanted this to be gay right? SO that means we鈥檙e playing this with underlying currents of *internalized homophobiaaaa* which means that Demetrius is actually going after Lysander instead of Hermia; or so she thinks. She鈥檚 chasing after the closest male-identifying person in the group, but REALLY wants Hermia, and under THAT ends up wanting Helena, who she鈥檚 really intimidated by actually, which is why she鈥檚 so rude to her in the first parts of the play. And who will play this wonderfully complex Demetria? None other than @vishcount. Again, the STAGE CHEMISTRY BABES. also I think vish would bring a very lovely complexity to this role.聽
Lysander: Lysander is actually like my favorite character in this play??? I have no idea why, but I really love him. He鈥檚 very endearing and sweet, and just wants to make his girlfriend happy. So for this role I鈥檓 casting @psychic-waffles, who I feel would embody this character very well bc I love Jack.聽
Alright NEXT: the Players
Peter Quince: they鈥檙e the only writer in this thing, so I feel like this HAS to be @merinnan. Also, Meri-jie tries to wrangle crowds of dumbasses everyday in the Discord server and does an INCREDIBLE job, so I feel like Head Writer/Head Bitch works very well here.聽
Nick Bottom: who ELSE would I cast except for @jockvillagersonly. Not only are they funny enough to portray this absolute COMEDY role, I feel like they would really ham it up onstage, which is what Nick Bottom needs. Also I would like to lovingly force them into getting more sleep, so if rehearsals for the scenes where Bottom is Passed The Fuck Out go a little long, who鈥檚 gonna know???聽
Francis Flute: Francis Flute holds a special place in my heart bc in my university鈥檚 production of Midsummer, one of my friends played him, and he was funny as fuck, so for this role I鈥檓 going with @bookjoyworm. I think Joy absolutely would be fantastic as Thisbe, and have a very dramatic and tragic death scene (which, coincidentally, is often the only part of the Play Within A Play that鈥檚 actually acted well, and I think that Joy could pull off that bait-and-switch).聽
Snug the Joiner: Snug the Joiner is literally just a cutie patootie trying their best. I love them, and I also love @pissmeoffanddie, so that鈥檚 who we鈥檙e going with on this one. They would be a very fierce lion, I just know it (but not too fierce, so as not to frighten the ladies!!!!)
聽Robin Starveling: Moonshine! This so obviously has to be @undyingsunshine; it鈥檚 literally in the name!! They both fucking shine! I鈥檓! Also I genuinely love Robin Starveling a lot too lasighaldkfjaldf.聽
The Athenians:聽
Theseus: all hail the kiiinnnngggggg. Obviously this is @xcziel. I would perform a thousand plays for @xcziel. A million. A thousand million. Mwah. My liege.聽
Hippolyta: BOSS-ASS BITCH. BITCH. BITCH. BITCH. none other than @foxofninetales could POSSIBLY be this Amazonian queen. Once again: step on me mom.聽
Egeus: Okay like. Okay don鈥檛 come for me I鈥檓 sorry I have to cast Egeus, but I think that deep down he wants what鈥檚 best for his daughter! And I feel like that has very @kholran energy. Idk they came up with the ShanSang pool noodle and that radiates very safe energy for me. So sorry @kholran ur my dad now.聽
The Philostrate: they鈥檙e literally just trying to get things organized and let everyone have a good time at the wedding! It鈥檚 a hard job!! Don鈥檛 make it harder for them!!!! I feel like the only one who could do this would be @mejomonster. Just trying to deal with all these idiots. RIP.聽
And Finally: the Fairies
Oberon: ok Oberon鈥檚 a himbo but in the best way. He鈥檚 just hanging out with his best friend Puck and trying to get his wife to pay attention to him again after she gets a baby. like I get it, dude. Me too. I feel like @elletromil has the most Oberon energy, partially bc I鈥檓 in awe of them, partially bc they feel like an old married couple along with:聽
Titania: @gaiahenshin. You two would be SO PERFECT together as Titania and Oberon. I鈥檓 also of the firm opinion that the Love Juice doesn鈥檛 actually work on Titania and she鈥檚 just acting for Oberon, and I feel like that鈥檚 something @gaiahenshin could get behind. ONCE AGAIN. STEP ON ME. THIS IS NOT A SUGGESTION.聽
Puck: ok I feel like the obvious one is the person who鈥檚 been doing ALL the magic in the fandom for us lately, which would be @xia-xueyi. Not only a Puck-level mastery of words, but also just blessing us with the energy and love and encouragement. She also feels very bouncy and joyful to me, and I would love to see her get to fly around the stage and do some fun magic stuff.聽
Cobweb, Mustardseed, Peaseblossom, and Moth: the fairies! THE FAIRIES!!! the literal BACKBONES of the play. Obviously this would be @thewindsofsong, @idlebeks, @staidwaters, and @i-sudoku. I know in my heart that they are all ethereal beings and that nothing would be the same without them. Also they deserve to get to fly around in some stage rigging. They DESERVE IT.聽
The Changeling Child: the only one who is not a mutual. This is the stupid baby dummy from the Moonfall Echo聽behind-the-scenes cause I think it鈥檚 hilarious.聽
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oblivionbladetd2 months ago
Breaking down Lily Orchard鈥檚 100 Writing tips, 21-30.
Tumblr media
Say it with me now, 鈥淒on鈥檛 do stereotypes, Kids.鈥
Tumblr media
Don鈥檛 do kids, stereotypes.
Tumblr media
FINALLY! A tip that is not just stereotypes and their fecal matterness! Unfortunately it is both too vague and too loaded to be worth much. Part of me wants to call She-ra vagueposting. Like is it displayed as a bad thing in the work or? I guess if you run into the very specific circumstances of this tip, do as Lily says and don鈥檛? Yeah that sounds right.
Tumblr media
Fair, I guess... The way it鈥檚 worded makes it sound super specific and it probably is. So i will just qualify it with if the story is not about said white boy and you are taking away from the others to focus on him, yeah don鈥檛.
Tumblr media
Um... Okay I鈥檒l meet her halfway here horny armor being justified with sexual agency is stupid as all hell. Characters can have and act on sexual agency. Stories can be about this. It is a very human thing... Also characters can be adults in fiction don鈥檛 look at tip 10 me. This is the pinnacle of a tip that is just half good and half godawful... moving on.
Tumblr media
Well, points for awareness I guess. Rescinding the point for redundancy.
Tumblr media
Wrong, just flat out wrong. Not every author does this and honestly it鈥檚 a bad way to write a lot of stuff. This basically only applies to fanfiction writing and a few webcomics. Most any book that his shelves started out as a rough draft laboriously shaved down to the finished product. Shows do need to have a fairly detailed overview of the whole ass season before filming or animating. Depending on what you do, yes, you absofuckinlutely do need to have the whole thing planned out. As part of the job. This is not a good tip at all...
Tumblr media
Descriptive.... Not great advice either, I鈥檓 entirely sure Avatar is inspired by something else that in a way 鈥淒id what avatar did.鈥 Avatar was something that came out at the right time and spoke to the right people in the right ways. A perfect storm of goodness if you will. Many things before and many things after will in some shape or another 鈥淒o what avatar did.鈥 because the phase is just so vague, and the legend of Korra couldn鈥檛 do what avatar did basically specifically couldn鈥檛 because it was done, they couldn鈥檛 recycle the plot and characters. The best you can glean from this is don鈥檛 write something to be like something else, write it the best way you can.
Tumblr media
We got the loaded one here now. To start off I will just say the obvious, bold statement with no proof but ignoring that,聽 It鈥檚 basically like saying potato chips are better than a lovingly prepared meal. Friends is one of the big examples of a show just about anyone can watch. Gurren Lagann is not something that is gonna grip everybody, Full metal alchemist is a loaded story in many many ways and Dragon Ball is a fighting show about fighting and not everybody likes fighting. Friends is potato chip the show like sitcoms before and after, you don鈥檛 need to be a turbo nerd to watch the big bang theory as another example. It鈥檚 an inflammatory statement for the sake of it, and even turning my attention back it is just such a bold statement because not everybody has the same tastes. I personally would never go out of my way to watch friends, but wouldn鈥檛 switch off if there was nothing else on because that鈥檚 what friends is. If it was worded any differently I wouldn鈥檛 be as upset, it鈥檚 spitting in the face of such a large chunk of fiction and the people that read it... JUST BECAUSE??? Just say low stakes always grabs more audiences or something. Honestly if Lily didn鈥檛 speak like some weird ultimate authority on everything SHE鈥橠 PROBABLY HAVE A BIGGER AUDIENCE. Fuck, moving on...
Tumblr media
... So. Steven Universe and Star Vs.? This is just another bad take for the pile. Writing is fluid, you can do both or flip back and forward just as long as you give it the proper care and build-up. Just to be pedantic quick the message she鈥檚 pushing regardless of intention is don鈥檛 break any conventions and get stale as hell. Yes I am still salty over 29, sue me.
Anyway there鈥檚 30 down and too much to go...
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a-pipedream2 months ago
Kevin Day HCs I had
he has a slight Irish accent which comes out when he's especially emotional (like really angry or frustrated)
he also has a slight stutter which also might come out when he's irritated about something and finds it hard to sort his thoughts
you'd assume he dresses like the typical jock, but his history nerd side took care of that and he actually has a Dark Academia clothing style which also makes him seem so much more broody/thoughtful, distracting everyone (especially the press) from how he is such an utter dork
he loves learning new languages, he just never really had time for it because Exy (duh)
He likes Latin and Greek a lot, and the Ancient Greek part of history is one of his favorite ones!!
One of his biggest pet peeves is when people (read Andrew, that absolute fucking menace) actually dog-ear a page in a book, he fricking goes 鉁‵ E R A L鉁
You bet he always writes the best essays. This is not a surprise to anyone who really knows Kevin (actually, people don't even have to know him that well, you can just tell), and after a while some of the Foxes who need help with how to write the perfect essay sit down with him to ask Kevin for some pointers. And oh boy does he deliver. The Foxes (I'm mostly thinking of Neil and Aaron here, but I think this would be really sweet with any of the Foxes) soon actually get to know a whole new side of Kevin! They were scared of approaching him at first, thinking he will be kinda mean and asshole-ish about the tips etc., but he is... so fucking nice about it!! A LOT more patient than at Exy practice, and his pointers are so helpful wtf??! He also is just,, so soft? He will make funny jokes, shit-talk about some of the professors and talk excitedly about stuff he learned in history class. Even though none of the Foxes have ever really thought about him in that way (, always seeing the jagged, broken and honestly always-on-edge Kevin with his arrogant talk, atrocious ambition and cutting comments on court and most of the time also off-court) , they can't deny that he's just cute like that
you have all heard about Andrew in glasses, and you've got a point, yes yes, it's exquisite but listen,, KEVIN . IN. GLASSES. Obviously I'm talking about the ones with the golden wire frames.
Kevin in piercings is just *chef's kiss*
Listen. Kevin is just someone that radiates Dark Academia Vibes鈩 in my opinion, and I could honest to god write an essay about it, but what I wanted to say is... he would totally be doing those typical Dark Academia activities e. g. write in a journal (possibly with ink, because he's just that extra) or agonize over and analyze a poem
he drinks tea with milk and Andrew (that tiny hypocrite bastard) is revolted and you can bet your ass he will subtly bully him (lovingly) about it every now and then
Kevin likes being the little spoon (or the middle spoon) when he's cuddling with either Andrew, Neil or both
He is secretly touch-starved and craves intimacy a lot, but doesn't know how to ask for it or initiate it, so he usually just sits there, stiff like a board until Neil and/or Andrew take notice. Whenever they touch him (with his permission first ofc) he literally melts into their touch after first freezing under it. Casual touch like arms/shoulders brushing against each other, fingers touching briefly or knees knocking together under the table will send him reeling
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dreampathic2 months ago
Tumblr media
鈹噃aikyuu boys on facetime w/ you pt. 2鈹
鉂haracters: atsumu,聽oikawa, yamaguchi, akaashi, and asahi
鉂arnings: foul language, suggestive??
鉂enre: crack, fluff
鉂/n: akaashi鈥檚 is a whole ass novel 馃拃
part 1
Tumblr media
mf was super nervous to call you for the first time
and as atsumu was yelling at osamu and about to chase him, you picked up with a smile like, 鈥渉i!鈥
so osamu took his phone from him, called you, threw the phone to atsumu and dipped
he literally melted lol what a loser
being on facetime with him just consists of him and his brother yelling at one another
and osamu teasing him and shit
also atsumu loves to work out on facetime with you to get you hella flustered
it works obviously but you hide it by making fun of him
one time he was doing pull ups and you can see a clear view of his abs (馃槒) but instead of getting all like blushy and nervous, you get blushy and say, 鈥渨ow atsumu, i didn鈥檛 know you had a third nipple鈥 he literally falls from the bar. you die laughing and he grumpily gets up from the floor and snatches the phone that was leaning on a wall and hangs up 馃拃
does he call back? the world may never know鉁
mans calls you first, he does get a bit nervous but that all changes when he sees your face <3
because he instantly goes to boast about himself like, 鈥渨ow you were so eager to pick up馃槒馃槒馃槒鈥 鈥渟hut the fuck up oikawa鈥 鈥溾樄锔忊
when you two facetime it鈥檚 usually either really late or or really early since he is always working out or at volleyball practice
he鈥檚 another one who would work out on the phone with you to make you flustered, and do you? yes.
but you hide it by having your phone face the ceiling LMFAO
on his down time when he isnt focused on volleyball, he鈥檚 building a star wars lego sets because he鈥檚 a fucking nerd
and he wants company so he calls you and he鈥檚 like 鈥測/n-chan! check out this Imperial Star Destroyer i got!鈥 鈥測ou鈥檙e such a dork鈥 he pouts. 鈥渋t鈥檚 really cute..鈥 his face goes instantly red.
tsuki bullies him into calling you first because if he didn鈥檛, you would鈥檝e had to call him first
at first it鈥檚 kind of awkward but then he shows you his pet frogs
after that point, you two call almost everyday
you two fall asleep on the phone ALOT
he also rants to you about the fact he feels like he鈥檚 not good enough to be on the team, and how everyone prefers tsuki over him and how he shouldn鈥檛 think that about his best friend but he couldn鈥檛 help but do just that
you listen to everything he has to say and tell him that he鈥檚 good enough for you and it sets him sky rocketing
mans was overthinking od
鈥榳hat if they think i鈥檓 clingy and want nothing to do with me鈥 鈥榠t鈥檚 going to be awkward bokuto-san, i鈥檓 not going to call them.鈥
he calls you
bokuto tells him, 鈥渁kaashi. if you want to talk to them just call them. and if you don鈥檛 they can just talk to somebody else.鈥
bokuto knew that would set off akaashi to call you right away
when he does he鈥檚 like 鈥..hi鈥
you鈥檙e like 鈥渉ey akaashi!鈥 and prompt your phone to lean against the wall as you sit at your desk, working on math problems
tbh, he got really nervous and almost hung up
but then you were like, 鈥渨anna do homework together? i鈥檓 really stuck on this problem鈥
and this started facetime study dates
which ended up becoming daily phone calls whenever you called him randomly while making dinner
he answered like, 鈥渋 thought we didn鈥檛 have homework this week.鈥 鈥渙h yeah i know! i just wanted some company while i cooked.鈥
from then on, you two called everyday and just enjoyed each other鈥檚 company. whether or not you were speaking because both of you just enjoyed each other鈥檚 company
nervous son of a bitch.
doesn鈥檛 wanna even think about calling you because he鈥檚 just too scared to
but one day suga called him a pussy and created a group call with you three and stood for 10 minutes and made an excuse like, 鈥渙h shit i gotta go walk my dog鈥 鈥渟uga you don鈥檛 have a dog-鈥 鈥渟orry you鈥檙e cutting out, bye!鈥
it was awkward for a good minute
well, for him not you
you didn鈥檛 see anything wrong with the silence, you were just doing your own thing as your music played in the background
this man stares at you so lovingly and accidentally blurts, 鈥測ou鈥檙e so pretty..鈥
you instantly get flustered and turn to the camera
he鈥檚 like, 鈥渙h uh i鈥檓 sorry! i didn鈥檛 mean it like that- i mean you are very pretty but i just didn鈥檛 want to- you know, just please forget that i said anything i鈥檓 really sorry!鈥
鈥渁sahi. it鈥檚 okay, you鈥檙e not so bad yourself鈥 you say bashfully
he was a mess after that.
let鈥檚 just say suga said, 鈥渋 told you so鈥 the next day
Tumblr media
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mrs-march-ahs2 months ago
Fashion Show for Kai
馃幎I hit 600 and I鈥檓 at my peak Let鈥檚 all get excited for my Kai Week馃幎 sorry that there鈥檚 so much author鈥檚 note today
Summary- Kai is sick of you loitering and bothering him, so he gives you a one time offer to go shopping and buy anything you want. The type of clothing you chose makes him realise giving you his credit card was a good choice, for both of you.
Warnings- Soft Daddy! Kai, knife & blood kink, nerd alert (Words- 2.5k) (Tag list- @tatestripedsweater鈥)聽
Tumblr media
Requests-聽鈥 Can u do a kai x fem!reader smut where kai is actually a soft daddy?? I know it sounds kinda impossible for kai but it really makes me feel nice to imagine him as a soft daddy so yeah. And reader's not a virgin but it's her first time with kai. Maybe like after a cult meeting.鈥 Yes miss girl <3
鈥#52 & a lil bit of knife play with divine ruler?馃槆 you鈥檙e so talented ily <3 - @daddyevanpeters鈥嬧澛營 didn鈥檛 use the number prompt which I hope is okay, I think you鈥檒l like this<3 no i love you
鈥淐ONGRATULATIONS ON 300 FOLLOWERS!!!! You are so inspiring and talented. I just joined the fandom recently, and you have been such an amazing person to look up to! I heard that you were taking requests, sooooooo do you think you could do a head cannon for James, Kai, or the Evans (if you want) on how the would react to seeing reader in lingerie for the first time!! THANK YOU!鈥 I hope you鈥檙e still here! This request is clearly from a while ago, but this was the perfect opportunity! I love it, thank you you鈥檙e sooo sweet<3
you鈥檒l need this picture for later, enjoy ;)
You slowly walk downstairs, and try to take a quick glance to see whether Kai鈥檚 cult meeting is coming to an end. Although you were almost always welcome, when it came to an upcoming murder, for some reason, Kai didn鈥檛 want you involved. And to keep you as safe and indifferent as possible, he didn鈥檛 tell you anything about it. But now that you were having a few days off work, you found yourself wandering around the house aimlessly, wanting to be with Kai even more than usual. You were usually welcome at the meetings, and it felt unnatural to you to have to avoid them. When you peaked your head around the corner of the bookshelf, Kai instantly notices you and hedges in his sentence, looking to the floor and sighing. He rubs his eyes before looking back up at you.
鈥淚 thought I was clear, can鈥檛 you keep yourself busy?鈥, he snaps at you. You walk over a little closer to him and sigh in exasperation.
鈥淐an鈥檛 I just sit with you? I won鈥檛 even listen I swear-鈥, you don鈥檛 bother saying anything else when Kai stands up and burns you with his eyes.
鈥淕o away鈥. You sulk at his words but continue to stand there, your eyes flicking around the floor, searching for something else to say and as you open your mouth to beg to stay yet again, another loud sigh interrupts you. He shakes his head and reaches into his pocket, before taking out his wallet and then credit card. He holds it in front of you and speaks with his regular authoritative tone of voice. He had to make sure that everybody at the meeting knew that he was completely in charge of you.
鈥淗ere. Don鈥檛 go crazy, but go somewhere and keep yourself busy鈥. You hesitantly take his credit card from his hand and nod at him, but when you pick your arms up to give him a grateful hug, he pushes them back down to deny it and snaps at you once last time.
鈥淒o not come back here until I鈥檓 done with my meeting鈥
You nod and promptly leave, knowing that Kai doesn鈥檛 expect an answer, and just expects you to understand and follow every order he gives you. You quickly get dressed and leave the house, knowing Kai will get more mad if you sit around and don鈥檛 take advantage of what he gave you. Though he never particularly showered you with money, he always made sure he spoiled you some way or another so you would stay close to him.
You cautiously but happily spend Kai鈥檚 money, unsure how much you have or how much he is willing for you to spend, but in order to make sure that he wont regret giving you this gift, you decide to treat him too.
Within a little more than an hour, the very complicated plan of murder is clear to everybody in the cult and the meeting comes to an end. At that very second when most people begin to scatter, your phone in your pocket dings loudly, making sure you hear it. You鈥檙e in huge trouble if you don鈥檛 reply to Kai鈥檚 messages and calls, so to avoid having your phone taken away you never put it on silent or vibrate, and immediately read his messages. He asks when you鈥檙e planning to return home, and even though you were on your way for a coffee, mostly done with shopping, you don鈥檛 want to make him wait for you. Your thumbs dance around the keypad as you plan a message when your phone buzzes in your hand with another message from Kai.
鈥楥ome home now鈥
Although his anger and fierce dominance strikes fear in others, and sometimes in you too, you go home with an innocent smirk on your face, already excited for angry Kai.
When you walk through the door Kai shuts it instantly after you, making you flinch, not having noticed him behind it. You attempt to hide your bags behind your back, but to no avail.
鈥淚 got a scam alert鈥, he says calmly, turning the key in the door to lock it.
鈥淯ncharacteristic purchase from Victoria鈥檚 Secret鈥, he says quietly. Kai inches closer to you and puts his hands on your waist with a tight possessive grip, before looking over your shoulder at the bags behind your back. Most of them pink, one of them black. He exhales deeply in satisfaction at the sight of tissue paper, already excited for the show you鈥檙e going to put on for him.
Without a single word, he goes upstairs, and you follow him like a little lost puppy following its owner. He walks into a bedroom and sits on the end of the bed, facing the door. As you walk in behind him, he leans back on his arms and looks you up and down, examining your fully dressed body. When his eyes once again reach yours, he shakes his head to the side once, and you quickly nod.
鈥淵es, Divine Ruler, I鈥檒l be right back鈥. You leave the room and go to the bathroom and weigh your options on which lingerie to show him first, but wanting to look as innocent as possible for him, you quickly rip your clothes off and jump into the shower for a minute, gently caressing your skin with body wash before dressing up for him.
As soon as Kai hears the water running, he sighs, and starts to look around the room, needy and already thinking of ways to punish you for wasting his time.
But soon enough, you gently step towards the bedroom Kai鈥檚 in and open the door, making Kai sit up when he hears the creak. You stand before him in your baby pink lacy underwear and bra and slowly walk over to him, making your steps as light as possible.
鈥淚 showered and oiled up for you, Divine Ruler鈥, you say seductively making Kai moan breathily at the sight of you glistening. When you get close enough, he puts his hands on your waist and slides them down to your thighs, one of his favorite places on your body, before putting his face to them. He runs his lips along your thighs and moans at how soft you feel under him. The soft sounds coming out of him turn you on immensely, and how his rough and dry lips slide along your thighs makes them tingle.
Kai鈥檚 hands rubbing over your ass makes your mind wander to the filthiest thoughts you have, ones you鈥檇 only share if Kai made you. A recent scenario that often came to your mind in the shower was one from a week ago, where Kai bent you over his desk as per usual, but instead of fucking you right away, he spread your cheeks and used his heavenly mouth on you, something he doesn鈥檛 do often. His hands on your thighs brought back every memory you have of him between them, making you cum over and over again until you grip his hair in the excitement, which always results in him putting you in handcuffs. Unexpectedly, Kai bites your thigh, making you gasp and break out of your trance of dirty thoughts.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e picked the perfect day to be sensitive, my love鈥. Kai鈥檚 new nickname for you instantly heals the temporary pain caused by his teeth, and you look at him, completely smitten and in love.
He stands up and kisses your lips once, very softly, before turning the two of you around and pushing you on the bed. But today, he does so gently, and you fall onto the mattress and feel the soft covers hug your skin and make you feel a way you never feel. Loved. It was obvious that Kai loved you, and even though he never said it, he showed it by prioritizing you over any other member of the cult, and trying to protect you from certain cruel things the world has to offer. He knew you were the strongest and most dedicated member and he always felt the devotion you gave him when you volunteered to do things for him that the other pussies were scared to do. Your heartless dedication to commit murder and crimes for him was what made gentle and innocent moments like this so special to him. Your naivety and trust for him made him hard.
He straddles you and looks at you beneath him. His eyes were as dark and lustful as always, so you put your hands up to the bed frame, all ready to be tied to up at his mercy. He smiles at your obedient actions ever so lovingly, before cupping your cheek and leaning down to you.
鈥淣ot today, little lamb鈥. You slowly put your hands back down confused by his words, almost worried by him not being as dominant as always, but all worries melt away when he kisses you once again, not forcing his tongue in and not making you feel like you must please him. Instead, kissing you so passionately that you are left breathless and occasionally forget to kiss back, enjoying your master taking care of you and kissing your gentle lips. He moves his attention to your neck, sucking on it gently leaving the tiniest bruises that will fade away within hours.
鈥淒o you trust me?鈥, he whispers against your skin, giving you goosebumps.
鈥淥f course, Divine Ruler鈥. Your instant response makes Kai smile against your neck and sit back up on you. He reaches into his pocket, and slowly takes out his pocketknife, flicking it open.
鈥淚鈥檓 not going to tie you down, Y/N, so you need to stay still, you understand?鈥, he asks deeply. You look at the blade in his hand with pleading eyes and gulp at the idea of him hurting you.
鈥淵ou want to鈥 cut me?鈥. You ask, trying to sound as sure of yourself as possible. Divine Ruler hates weak girls.
鈥淥f course not, I won鈥檛 cut you. If you don鈥檛 move鈥, he says as if it鈥檚 all so obvious. No matter how unsure you were about this, his confidence made you rely on him even more and you nod your head, willing to do whatever it is he wanted from you. His warm smile at your willingness to take whatever he does to you melts your heart and you take a deep breath before relaxing your body completely. You close your eyes and Kai shuffles down to sit over your legs, looking at your boobs and thighs in the gorgeous underwear you wore for him. Just for him.
He lays his blade against your boob, and slides it down your chest, making you open your eyes nervously but stay completely still. He hums as he slides it down your stomach, before getting to your panties and unexpectedly puts the blade under them.
鈥淚 like these鈥, he simply states, before in one quick motion slicing them off at one side.
鈥淲e鈥檒l have to get some more鈥
He slices them off at the other side, and peels them away from you, making you bite your lip. No matter how many times Kai does a multitude of dirty things to you, your stomach fills with butterflies whenever you feel his eyes on your naked body.
He puts his knife against your lower abdomen and pushes it down slightly, making it dig into your skin without breaking it. He carefully inspects the dent in your skin as he moves it down your thigh, pushing the blade at an angle that won鈥檛 cut you. Kai is intoxicated at the incredible sight of you with your panties cut off, and staying still for him with fear behind your eyes. The vulnerability of you under his knife makes his cock harden, and he puts his other hand on your thigh with a tight grip. He gives it a harsh squeeze which not only sends a pool of arousal to your pussy, but also makes you gasp and move unintentionally, his blade digging into your skin making serious contact this time. But Kai continues to move it down, creating a slice in your thigh that begins to drool blood. You wince at the feeling but say nothing, willing to take it to see Kai pleased.
鈥淒oing such a good job baby鈥, Kai mumbles under his breath, his eyes glued to the sight of you bleeding. The soft praise sticks in your mind, standing separate to the usual degrading you receive from Kai during sex. He puts the blade in front of his face and licks the blood off it, keeping strong eye contact with you, making you wet.
Just when you think you can鈥檛 get any more turned on by Kai鈥檚 sudden nurturing, as you feel your blood drip down almost to the bed sheet, he leans down and licks the blood up, then sucking the blood out of your scar. The stinging only adds to the pleasure, as you are far from new at pain and pleasure combined.
He continues sucking and kissing your thighs, getting dangerously close to where you yearn to feel his face, and starts mumbling sweet nothings against them.
鈥淭ook it like such a good girl, you know鈥
You lean your head back not being able to handle the praise, and bite your lip in excitement knowing you make Kai this happy.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna get a treat for this鈥. Kai sits up and puts his hands under your knees and picks up your thighs, taking a longing glance between your legs as he spreads them.
Although it takes everything from you to not sit and take the treat like a good girl, you hope the happier you make him the more he鈥檒l do for you, and you use all the strength in your body to interrupt him.
鈥淜ai, wait鈥, you say softly. 鈥淚 have another outfit I think you might like鈥. He looks at you and considers your suggestion, before putting down your thighs. You quickly sit up and practically run to the bathroom, not only desperate to get your treat, but also knowing that the outfit will take a second to put on.
When you come back out to see Kai, his eyes widen and he resists the temptation to throw his mouth open, and clenches his jaw instead. He carefully examines you from top to bottom and back, soaking in your costume. You have a black sports bra with ropes on it, khaki shorts with a gun belt and a pistol, and your hair in a braid. Divine Ruler liked sweet obedient girls, but it was obvious the inner nerd in Kai would lose his mind at your outfit.
You walk over to him as confidently as possible, the hunger in his eyes giving you a huge ego boost, and he stands up to look down at you.
鈥淟ooks like you鈥檙e ready to be my naughty girl again, correct?鈥, he growls, and you nod at him. He smirks and walks over to the bed stand, taking out your handcuffs. But instead of following, you stay stood and look at him with a raised eyebrow, trying to look intimidating. He looks over at you and throws the handcuffs on the bed.
鈥淗urry up Lara, I have some digging and exploring to do鈥.
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cityscapeships2 months ago
Tomorrow it's Damien's birthday so how about 馃挍馃挏鉂わ笍馃惌 and 馃崱 for him?
WOOO YEAHHHH SEXY DEMON BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! Gonna spend a lot of time talking about him and rb things of him hehehe~
馃挍- What was your S/I's first impression of your F/O?
Loud. Obnoxious. Toxic. Wayyy too infatuated with fire, arson, and destruction- Of course that changed after they got to talk!
馃挏- When was the first kiss? Who initiated it? What happened exactly?
It was right after both Damien and Toby confessed- Damien pulled him into a kiss and there was. A lot of teeth- Dumb demon was too busy in the heat of the moment to try to not accidentally bite poor Tobes with those sharp as hell teeth- Kinda surprised he didn鈥檛 get bit back because of Toby鈥檚 braces-
鉂わ笍- How often do they say "I love you"?
OH ALL THE TIME!! It鈥檚 almost always followed by a聽鈥淒umbass 鈾モ from Toby and a聽鈥淣erd 鈾モ from Damien, lovingly of course!
馃惌- What did your S/I do after realizing they are in love?
He got angry- He never really felt those feelings before, and especially for an ass like Damien? Yeah, that鈥檇 make anyone mad. He got over the anger after a while and ended up silently, yet obviously, pining after the spicy red baby. Like a dumb green baby-
馃崱- Body swap time! What do you think would happen?
Stuff I鈥檇 have to censor if I were to mention it聽馃槼 /hj
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pinkkento3 months ago
hey! I loved the connie one you did and I wanted to request too if that鈥檚 okay:))
Midoriya Izuku x Fem!Reader
Deku鈥檚 a pro hero and he鈥檚 on a important zoom meeting, reader鈥檚 bored and decides to climb under the desk to blow him.
Please do add your own details if youd like!
I hope that鈥檚 okay 馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎
Tumblr media
pairing:聽 izuku midorya x f!reader
a/n:聽 hey!聽 thank you so much!聽 this is literally one of my favourite tropes but it鈥檚 my first time writing it so i hope it鈥檚 what you were wanting!
synopsis:聽 you and izuku get interrupted by a zoom call and you decide to continue having fun with him under the desk聽
tags/warnings:聽 nsfw, oral sex (m receiving),聽 izuku calling you puppy, praise, dacryphilia, voyeurism if you squint, cum swallowing, masturbation, messy sex, slight humiliation at the end
word count: 1.4k
You shifted in your bed lightly at the movement next to you, humming in delight when your boyfriend鈥檚 strong arms wrapped protectively around your waist.
鈥淕ood morning puppy鈥︹
God, you鈥檇 never get sick of that husky morning voice, giggling softly at the soft, sleepy kisses to your shoulders.
You chuckled, sighing contently at the feeling of his barely covered cock rubbing against your ass.
Sleepy morning sex was your favourite, especially with the incredibly doting Pro-Hero who was currently running his scarred fingers over your bare thighs.
More sighs and quiet moans escaped you as you continued to move your ass up against Midoriya鈥檚 slowly hardening member, enjoying the soft hums of pleasure from him that echoed in your ears.
A hushed gasp escaped you when the rough pads of Deku鈥檚 fingers moved up to tweak your nipples, rolling the soft buds to force delicious mewls from your pretty lips.
Izuku lived for mornings like these, where he just got to hold and cherish you, doing everything he could to remind you just how much he loved and appreciated you.
鈥淪uch a good girl鈥y pretty puppy鈥︹
You whined lightly at Deku鈥檚 praise, your face and chest now flushed with pleasure as you tried to wiggle your bum closer to his cock.
鈥淚 want it鈥︹
You whined more, placing your hands on top of his that were still busy rolling and flicking your hardened nipples.
鈥淵eah puppy?聽 What do you w-鈥
You both jumped at the sound of loud ringing coming from your shared computer that sat in the corner of the room, watching the familiar Zoom symbol light up the screen.
Bakugou Katsuki, Shoto Todoroki and three others are calling鈥
You glanced back at the sound of the loud groan that escaped your curly haired lover, pouting cutely at the quick kiss he gave you before sitting up.
鈥淪orry, puppy, I forgot I had a call with the other agencies this morning.鈥
Izuku sighed, sitting up and slipping on a shirt before getting out of bed, leaving you wet and needy in the messy sheets of your bed.
鈥淪kip it.鈥
You huffed, your soft breaths showing in the cold air of your room.
Izuku鈥檚 gentle laugh sent a wave of butterflies through your stomach, his brilliant emerald orbs staring into yours lovingly.
鈥淚 promise we鈥檒l continue once I鈥檓 all done, okay puppy?鈥
He left one more kiss to your forehead before making his way to the desk, sitting in the wheeled chair before answering the call.
聽鈥淢orning guys.鈥
鈥淎bout fucking time you shitty nerd.鈥
鈥淕ood morning Midoriya.鈥
You watched from afar as the familiar faces of those in your friend group popped up onto the screen, most of them also looking like they had also just woken up.
Shoto, Bakugou, Kirishima, Iida and Tokoyami were now fully loaded on the screen, and you felt a sense of pettiness that they now had the full attention of your boyfriend.
You often forgot that your friends were not only successful Pro-Heroes, but also representatives of their individual agencies.
As much as you tried to fight off your hormones, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice that Izuku was still very hard underneath his boxers.聽 You licked your lips slightly, completely drowning out their voices as you quietly slipped your fingers under the sheets, whimpering at the amount of slick that gathered up on your digits.
You hated touching yourself, since you knew Deku could do a much better job at pleasuring you and giving you exactly what you wanted, but in this moment you didn鈥檛 care.
Izuku鈥檚 hair was slightly unruly, his curls messy and slightly pushed back from his forehead.聽 His elbow was propped up on the desk with his one hand supporting the weight of his head, his signature smile gracing his features as he spoke with his friends/colleagues.聽 You could faintly see the light freckles that littered his thighs from where you sat, wishing you were sitting on them.
You really tried not to get involved when Deku was doing hero work, especially with calls like this where they were discussing important missions details, but you were feeling seriously horny right now.
Being as quiet as possible, you moved from the bed, inwardly hissing at the cold floor on your bare feet as you stood up.
Izuku noticed your movement from his peripheral but didn鈥檛 think anything of it, assuming you were simply getting up to get ready for the day.
It wasn鈥檛 until he felt a gentle nudge at his knees that he realized you鈥檇 crawled under the desk from the other side, now sat in front of him.
鈥淗ey guys just a second.鈥
Deku quickled muted his call and turned off his camera, looking down at you with wide eyes.
鈥淲hat are you doing puppy?鈥
A loud gasp escaped him when he felt your tongue prodding and sucking on his clothed dick, using your fingers to prod at his balls.
鈥(Y/n) I-I鈥檓 on a call!鈥
He squeaked, his submissive side bubbling to the surface at your ministrations.
鈥淲ant your cock,鈥
You said curtly, ripping the front of his boxers and watching his cock spring up against his abs.
鈥淥i, Deku!聽 Hurry the fuck up!鈥
Another yelp sounded from the pro-hero鈥檚 lips as he was reminded of what he was supposed to be doing.
With one more quick, desperate glance at you between his legs he turned on his audio and video, his face now completely red while he laughed awkwardly.
鈥淪-Sorry guys, really had to take a bathroom b-break!鈥
He explained quickly, doing his best to ignore your soft kitten licks to his tip.
It was no secret between you two that you loved Deku鈥檚 cock, it was just so pretty.聽 The delicate curve to the right, accentuated by a single thick vein that ran on the underside.聽 His tip was a cute pink colour, a pearl of precum delicately beaded at the slit.聽 But your favourite thing was his freckles, those cute, multi-shaded spots that spattered randomly across his cock and made it all the prettier.
You really didn鈥檛 want to embarrass Izuku or interrupt his important call, but you鈥檇 be lying if you said the risk of getting caught didn鈥檛 turn you on.
Deku returned to his previous position, elbow propped on the desk and his cheek leant against his hand, but now his other hand was under the table, pushing your hair back sweetly as you continued to leave tentative licks to his tip.
Your eyes glazed over with lust at the taste of his salty precum, bringing your hand up to cup his balls.聽 You started gently sucking on the spot where his balls and the base of his cock met, moaning at the affirming tug at your hair that Deku gave you and forcing a sigh out of him.
You became inpatient very quickly, your tongue lolling out of your mouth to lick a fat stripe from the base of his testis to the slit of his fat tip.聽 Your face was a pretty pink when Deku glanced down at you, tears peppering your lash line and a heavy blush covering the bridge of your nose.
He loved the sight of your already fucked out expression despite him barely doing anything, soft sighs of pleasure rolling past his lips to encourage you.
The curly haired male winced slightly at the feeling of your lips wrapping around the head of his member, sucking on it like it was a fucking lollipop.
鈥淕ood puppy鈥︹
Deku鈥檚 gaze snapped back up to the screen, his heart thumping loudly at the expectant looks of his colleagues. Did they hear that?
鈥淲-What, sorry?鈥
鈥淚s everything okay Izuku?聽 You look rather flushed and you鈥檙e making a lot of noise鈥︹
Bakugo snarled when he heard you moan loudly around Izu鈥檚 fat tip, watching with a cocked eyebrow at Deku鈥檚 pleasure filled face.
鈥淲hat the fuck is wrong with you?鈥
Izuku gasped suddenly and his forehead hit the desk when you decided to take his entire length in at once, gagging around his cock as it slid farther down your throat.
鈥淣-nothing!聽 Sorry I-I鈥檓 just鈥 d-don鈥檛 f-feel good guys鈥︹
The hero tried to laugh off the immense pleasure that was filling him, his legs shaking and his fingers gripped in your locks and trying to hold you off of him.
鈥淭his call is important Izuku, please try to-鈥
Iida was cut off by Deku practically melting in his seat, an unrelenting moan tumbling from his lips and his face going completely red when your nose connected with his pelvis, his cock spasming at the feeling of your esophagus contracting around his girth and sending him into euphoria.
鈥淚 g-gotta go guys s-sorry!鈥
As quick as he could, Izuku ended the Zoom call before rolling back slightly to get a good view of your face.
鈥淔-Fuck puppy I think they heard me鈥︹
He whined loudly, raking his fingers through your hair as you continued to bob around on his length.
He loved seeing you so messy like this, tears dripping down your pretty cheeks and a mixture of his precum and your saliva dribbling out of your mouth onto your chest.
Izuku mewled when you pulled away, panting lightly and pumping his cock in your small hand and licking the tip lazily.
鈥淧uppy wanted Izu-san鈥檚 cock, wanna be filled up with his cum鈥︹
God he nearly nutted, his thumb grazing over your bottom lip before slipping inside your mouth and pressing against your tongue.
鈥淪uch a good puppy.聽 Want me to fuck your mouth?聽 Gonna swallow all my cum?鈥
You nodded desperately, sucking on his thumb hopefully and looking up at him with glassy doe eyes.
Izuku leaned back in the chair fully, cockily spreading his legs apart and tapping the inside of his thigh.
鈥淐ome on puppy, let me use your mouth.鈥
You happily wiggled forward, hands braced against his muscular thighs as you began to suck on his tip again.
It didn鈥檛 take long before Izuku tangled his fingers back into your hair and slowly urged you down his length, his head dropping back onto the head of the chair to just enjoy the feeling of your hot mouth sucking him off.
Saliva dribbled down your chest as you deep throated him again, big globs of tears trickling down your face from the stretch of your lips trying to engulf his thick cock, eyes crossing slightly when you tried to look up at your beautiful boyfriend.
鈥淟ook at your face puppy, so lewd.聽 You love my cock don鈥檛 you?聽 Love choking on my fat cock and making me feel good?鈥
You moaned so loudly around him it was almost as if you didn鈥檛 have a seven inch rod shoved down your throat, your tongue flattening completely to open your throat more.
You began to bob desperately, just wanting Izuku to use your pretty little mouth like the whore you were and fill you with his milky cum.
More of the hero鈥檚 high-pitched whines and breathy moans filled the room, one hand gripping the arm of the chair and the other with a firm grasp on your messy locks.
He practically growled when he watched you snake a hand down underneath you, whimpering as you began to rub your clit.
鈥淪o dirty puppy, you鈥檙e gonna get off while sucking my cock?聽 Gonna squirt all over the floor for me?鈥
You gagged harshly at the feeling of Izuku鈥檚 entire length being shoved down your throat, barely being able to see the man鈥檚 smug face through your thick tears as he held you to his pelvis.
鈥淏reathe through your nose puppy, Izu鈥檚 gonna fuck this pretty little mouth for a bit.鈥
You could barely nod with the harsh grip Izuku had on your hair, any and all thoughts quickly being jerked away from you as he began to thrust his hips.
He carefully held your head in place while he bucked up, using your mouth as a toy, the tip of his cock rutting against the back of your throat.
鈥淪uch a good fucking cock sleeve.聽 You鈥檙e such a good girl, puppy.聽 Such a pretty little bitch.聽 You gonna cum from my cock?聽 Gonna cum from me using you like a fucking toy?鈥
Something deep within you wished his words would鈥檝e made you feel bad, but all you felt was his tone rippling straight to your clit.
You rubbed at your puffy little nub, your hips bucking into nothing as you desperately chased your high, whining and moaning around your boyfriend.
Izuku鈥檚 thrusts began to stutter, his cock twitching excitedly in the back of your throat while he moaned unabashedly.
鈥淔-Fuck puppy I鈥檓 gonna c-cum!鈥
With a loud groan Deku completely unloaded in your mouth, his seed coating your throat with milky white ropes, some dribbling from the corners of your mouth.
You excitedly sucked, licked and swallowed every bit of your boyfriend鈥檚 seed, although you did let some excess drip and cover your tits since you knew he liked seeing you messy.
鈥淥h puppy, you didn鈥檛 finish鈥︹
Izuku mumbled tiredly, coaxing you onto his lap so you straddled his thigh.
鈥淕o ahead puppy, get yourself off on my thigh, you deserve it鈥︹
You nodded and giggled, enjoying the tender kisses he placed on your shoulders as you began to grind yourself on his thigh.
That was, until the computer began to ring loudly again.
You whined loudly in annoyance at the sound, moving your body around so your cum-covered tits and tear stained face were very visible on the screen, ignoring Deku鈥檚 confused pleas for you to stop.
You grinned inwardly at the shocked faces of Izuku鈥檚 colleagues seeing your nude figure, an innocent smile gracing your features.
鈥淚zu-san鈥檚 busy right now, call him back later, 鈥榢ay?鈥
With that you ended the call and turned back to Izuku, wrapping your arms around his neck and giggling sweetly.
His face flushed and lip trembling, Deku hid his face in your neck, whining quietly.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna kill me puppy鈥︹
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loveforpreserumsteve3 months ago
As We Grow:聽鈥淎LN鈥 Story (Pre-Serum Omega!Steve and Alpha!Bucky Domestic AU)
Tumblr media
"Steven Grant, sit your ass down before I staple your pants to the damn chair!" Bucky ordered as he climbed over an empty crib box and an unassembled crib to stop his thirty week pregnant husband from moving the unopened box.
"For fuck's sake, Buck," Steve rolled his eyes, sitting in the new nursery rocking chair, "I'm just trying to help!"
"Once you've reached thirty-six weeks, then you can help whenever you want," Bucky stated, moving back to his side of the nursery where one crib was standing and another one was in pieces spread around him. Pointing the screwdriver in Steve's direction, Bucky instructed, "I want you to relax. I don't want you trying to open any boxes. I don't want you trying to assemble anything. I want you to sit there and relax."
Settling in the comfortable cushioned rocker, Steve teased, "Anyone ever tell ya how sexy you are when you're bossy?"
"Yeah, some punk whenever he tries to defy a doctor's order."
Steve chuckled at that and sassily questioned, "Am I allowed to fold these clothes? Or is that against doctor's orders?"
Screwing two of the crib parts together, Bucky muttered, "I'll show you, 'doctor's orders.'"
Smiling, Steve pulled the laundry basket closer to himself. Remaining in the comfy chair, Steve picked up one of the tiny outfits they had been given during Hanukkah. A little frilly, purple floral onesie that Steve adored endlessly. Of course, he adored all of the clothes. Whether they be new or hand-me-downs. Whether they be for Corey or Bitsy and Nevie. It didn't matter to Steve, he adored them all.
Folding the item and setting it on the stool, Steve picked up another item. This time a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that was once Kit's. Tears started building in his eyes and he couldn't help but sniffle as he folded the sweatshirt that his baby was now too big to wear. And while Steve loved seeing how all of his boys were growing and evolving, it just felt like they were growing too quickly.
Everything passing by in the blink of an eye. One moment, Steve was a new father, holding his tiny firstborn, not knowing a goddamn thing about how to raise a baby. Then, the next, Oliver was walking and talking. Steve was there for every one of his sons' firsts, but he wished that had lingered. Lingered for just a moment longer.
"Stevie?" Bucky asked once he caught the sour note in Steve's scent.
"I'm fine," Steve assured. Sniffling, he clarified, "Just the hormones."
Empathetically, Bucky blew Steve a kiss before returning to his current task. Fondly, Steve watched him for a moment. So unbelievably glad that he got so extremely lucky.
"Can I, uh..." Oliver started, but paused in the doorway to the nursery. Giving Steve a concerned look.
"Can you what, baby?" Steve asked, sniffling and picking up another garment. Folding it as a way to distract himself.
Oliver pointedly looked over at Bucky and then back to Steve as he continued, "Can I stay the night at Tony's?"
"Is your room clean?" Bucky asked, pausing his building as he reread the directions.
"Yup," Oliver quickly answered. Perhaps too quickly.
Studying their oldest, Steve called his bluff, "So, if I were to go upstairs, I wouldn't find toys scattered around? And your clothes would be put away?"
"Sure," Oliver nonchalantly shrugged, then added, "If you can get upstairs to see."
"Oliver Thomas," Bucky reprimanded, pointing the screwdriver in the eight year old's direction. Then, he reminded, "Your papa might not be able to walk upstairs, but I sure as hell can."
Shoulders slumping, he whined, "But dad!"
"But nothing," Bucky pointed to the ceiling, "Clean your room and then you can stay at Tony's."
Rolling his eyes, Oliver dramatically sighed, "Fine."
As the eight year old dragged his feet towards the staircase, Steve folded a pair of dinosaur footie pajamas and scoffed, "Can you believe he's not even a teenager yet?"
"All Barnes kids are dramatic," Bucky chuckled, getting the frame finally set up.
"God, what did I get myself into?" Steve mocked, letting out a deep exhale as one of the pups wiggled into an uncomfortable spot. Well, an uncomfortable spot for Steve.
"Please," Bucky good-humoredly scoffed, "You're one of the most stubborn people I've met. They definitely get that from you."
Steve smiled and rubbed his bump, "Yeah, they sure did."
Letting out a deep exhale, Bucky set the screwdriver down and shook the crib. Just as he had the other one. Just as he had with all of their kids' beds. When it was determined sturdy, Bucky moved it over to the wall where it was going to be stationed.
Hands on his hips as he tried to even out his breaths, "They're good kids though. Must get that from you."
Steve rolled his eyes while his cheeks heated. After nine years of being together, Steve expected to not be so bashful when his mate complimented him. Especially when it was in regards to their children. Especially when it wasn't a new compliment. Yet, there he was blushing like some school boy with a crush.
Crossing the room to get the third crib, Bucky leaned down to kiss Steve's forehead before the omega tipped his head back to share a kiss on the lips. Bucky smiled into the kiss and brought his wrist up to mark over Steve's thirty week bump. All the while, the triplets wiggled about. Wiggled just enough for Bucky to feel them.
"Okay, my room's clean!" Oliver yelled as he raced for the nursery.
Bucky gave Steve one more kiss before opening the third crib box. Oliver rushed into the room. Catching his breath as he looked between his fathers expectantly. For a moment, the men just continued with their tasks. Bucky removing the crib parts from the box; Steve folding the tiny baby clothes.
Steve and Bucky looked over at their son a little startled by the outburst. It even caused one -- or all -- of the triplets to start hiccupping. Sighing, Steve rubbed over his bump and looked over at Bucky. The alpha agreed, "You can stay the night with Tony. Do I need to drive or are they picking you up?"
"They're gonna pick me up," Oliver confirmed, "We're going to the comic book store."
Once the eight year old was out of the room to call his friend, Bucky exaggerated a pout as he mocked himself, "Going to the comic book store without me?"
Balling up a pair of little socks, Steve tossed them at Bucky and lovingly teased his husband, "Nerd."
Catching the socks, Bucky affectionately winked at Steve, causing the omega to blush. Through the bond, there was nothing but love. Even as they quietly went back to their tasks. Working independently, but occasionally looking over at one another and exchanging fond grins. Steve knew that when he looked at Bucky, he saw his future; and Steve knew that Bucky saw the same.
TAG LIST: @t3a-bag鈥
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tarantulas4davey3 months ago
god my brain is fucking imploding with bastard thots and i blame you and you alone (lovingly)
while playing among us al was doing upload and didnt see race walk in so when he finished race was suddenly there and al jumped so hard and let out a very creative combination of expletives
they do a try not to laugh and everyone thought race would be the first to go but he never cracked meanwhile al was a giggley bitch
al has a butterfly knife and learned to use out of spite. dont ask him about it unless youre prepared for a 5 min rant on why theyre fucking stupid and 鈥渁 knife is a failure of a weapon if the whole gimmick is trying not to lose a finger!鈥 hes gone on this rant three times on camera. the first was prompted by a q&a and the other two by race because he finds it hilarious
(side hc that may just be me projecting but he really likes knives and swords but not in an r/iamverybadass way but more like a could talk about how rapiers were used in the renaissance for a solid ten minutes)
okay and the hc of al w/ glasses?? race didnt know he wore them until he accidentally walked into a stream with them on and you can see race just... stop working. al doesnt even realize until twitter has blown up again
they took a narcissism test for shits and giggles. the closer your score is to 40 the more likely it is that your a narcissist. race got like a twelve (very bottom of the average score) and al got a fucking zero
after the face reveal despite unconditional support, al was still really nervous and did a twitter poll asking if they wanted face cam because he was convinced that they wouldnt want to see his face every video. the poll came back in favor of face cam 98% to 2%
anon it is unbelievable how perfectly you understand the characterization of these fucking characters omg
i鈥檒l gladly accept the (loving) blame if you never stop sharing the thoughts with me cause i love them
- for someone who plays a lot of horror games with a perfectly straight face he jumps at little things a lot. like,,,, he laughs at FNAF but will have a heart attack if race stands too close to him in minecraft
- albert is a giggly bitch i said what i said. he laughs SO EASILY at LITERALLY EVERYTHING. race has a really good poker face from skits (he got tired of constantly ruining takes with laughing so he learned how to school it) and the main characteristic albert has in those skits is literally 鈥渄irector/live laugh track鈥 (yes, that鈥檚 exactly what race put in the credits) so not laughing isn鈥檛 albert鈥檚 strong suit
- y e s. albert is 100% a bladed weapons nerd. race manages to get him going no less than once a week on stream and it never fails to make him laugh his ass off.
- honestly there鈥檚 a lot of moments where 鈥渞acer.exe has stopped working鈥 or 鈥渞ed.exe has stopped working鈥 is 100% applicable cause they鈥檙e simps and every single time albert wears his glasses is a sure fire way to make race cease to function. so far the worst (or best, ig) example of this is the time the we鈥檙e doing a charity stream and albert did the ice bucket challenge for 50k so he had to go change and he came back in one of those shirts with the massive arm holes that show your ENTIRE torso cut out and wet hair and glasses and race just could NOT. like he literally forgot how to speak live on stream and everyone (lovingly) made fun of him on twitter and in chat
- of course al got a zero. twitter was like 鈥渂 a b e y n O鈥 cause the lack of confidence is SO UPSETTING. also race would do it as a complete joke and get a really high score (like,,, 36 or something) and albert would make him take it again for real to prove he鈥檚 not actually a narcissist
- oh absolutely. the 2% was a bunch of annoying spam accounts, all of 3 people who hate albert Just Because鈩笍, and a few people who misclicked and retweeted it with a 鈥淪HIT NO I MISCLICKED i do want a face cam i鈥檓 sorry 馃ズ鈥
鉁╥ honestly don鈥檛 even care if just me and anon are having fun with this cause all of this is pure serotonin to me and that鈥檚 all that matters鉁
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peachsenpie4 months ago
饾惈饾悮饾惁饾悰饾惀饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾悮饾悰饾惃饾惍饾惌 饾悿饾悮饾惌饾惉饾惍饾悿饾悽 饾悰饾悮饾悿饾惍饾悹饾惃 | 饾悺饾悶饾悮饾悵饾悳饾悮饾惂饾惃饾惂饾惉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
饾惂饾悮饾惎饾悽 鈫猜爘|聽izuku | shoto | katsuki
hi hey hello! this isn鈥檛 necessarily valentine鈥檚 day themed but i wanted to get SOMETHIN鈥 out, yknow? so, HAPPY VALENTINE鈥橲 DAY YOU SINFUL FUCKERS, I LOVE YOU GUYS MORE THAN I COULD EVA EXPRESS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT N LOVE. KISSES. let鈥檚 pretend this came out on time oop--
饾敶饾敩饾敮饾敗 饾敔饾敩饾敳饾敨饾敱:
ya girl is outta pocket and vulgar. i鈥檓 highkey lowkey roasting tf outta these poor babies. i cuss like a sailor. crack asf. nsfw asf. characters are 18+, so 18+ only. fem!reader mentions. mention of drugs. i love bullying bakubitch bc him and i are too alike.
@awilddreamerwrites 聽@quietlegends鈥 鈥
Tumblr media
he naturally smells faintly of vanilla and tucuma butter.
his cologne smells very warm, woody, spicy n earthy. possibly flannel-y. amber, patchouli, saffron, mahogany, tonka bean, sandalwood, warm musk type beat.
i have a few things he鈥檇 prolly smell like:聽
鈥渂ourbon鈥 from bath and body works. (white pepper, dark amber, and kentucky oak)
鈥渆arth鈥 from bath and body works. (sandalwood, vetiver, pine, and black pepper)
鈥渢eakwood鈥 from bath and body works. (mahogany, black teakwood, and lavender)
i already have earth and bourbon, and those smell good n accurate asf. i鈥檇 have to get teakwood to double check but the description of that scent suits him fairly well.
his personal space smells like cinnamon.
i bet this fucker uses a vanilla scented / flavored chapstick or expensive leave-on lip mask
ouuu i just know mans has a full on decked out skincare plan:
cleansing balm, gel AND foam cleanser, toner, liquid exfoliator (physical / scrubby ones are not friendly for the face, don鈥檛 let anyone tell ya different), all kinds of serums, oils, and facial masks, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.
for a FACT he uses sunscreen like he a gahdamn vampire or sum
i鈥檝e had that sunscreen hc FLOATING IN MY HEAD FOR FAR TOO LONG. i鈥檓 so glad i finally get to release it into the universe
he also has his own function of beauty custom hair care he gets it either fragrance free or eucalyptus scented
probably uses axe pomade
uses fuckin鈥 old spice deodorant
not a singular doubt in my noggin, this motherfucker eats hot cheetos
loves spicy nacho doritos
puts jalape帽os on his burgers and nachos
this fuckwad likes snickers and reese鈥檚 cups
puts hot sauce on his pizza, esp siracha
eats southwestern ranch on salads. gets irritated when his fork doesn鈥檛 stab thru his croutons on the first try or when it breaks in half instead 馃拃
cajun shrimp >>
spicy rice cakes >>
chipotle aioli on his panera breakfast sandwiches >>
gets mango habanero and buffalo sauces on his traditional >> wings from bdubs / buffalo wild wings. he ain鈥檛 no boneless bitch like deku.
in fact...
this one time, deku challenged bakugo to the blazin鈥 challenge... oof.
long story short, he failed. miserably.
izuku wasn鈥檛 gonna give up so easily tho, and as expected, neither would bakubitch. both boys were far too stubborn to back down for the longest. but the challenge had to be cut short cuz iida forced izu-baby to finally drink some milk and water cuz he nearly passed tf out. god that poor boy. him and bakugo were red-faced, steam comin鈥 out they ears, sweatin鈥 bullets like nobody鈥檚 business n all types of shi.
鈥淪tupid fuckin鈥 nerd can鈥檛 even beat me at eating wings for fuck鈥檚 sake,鈥 Bakugo taunted, a pained grin on his face and water threatening to spill from his carmine eyes.
Although he officially lost, determination and fire burned in Izuku鈥檚 viridian orbs as he looked at his childhood rival. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna get you next time, Kacchan... I fuckin鈥 promise you that,鈥 he challenged further, even on the edge of unconsciousness as he lays in his close friend鈥檚 arms.
Multiple times after trying and trying again, Izuku has yet to beat the reaper-pepper-flavored-wing eating champion; but his determination never fades.
that鈥檚 that on that.
mans knows how to cook: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks. he鈥檚 wifey material, no lie.
he plans just bout all his meals, so he kinda has to know how to cook, yknow?
waffle eating muhfucker. decorates that shi in fruit and whipped cream and syrup and shit.
whips up filet mignon in tha kitchen weekly just cuz he鈥檚 that bitch.
he loves him some moist ass double chocolate cake, and damn does he know how to make that shit FIRE, ya heard.
makes his own gelato-- peanut butter and chocolate flavored orrr mango flavored, those are his go-to. is it obvious his fave fruit is mango yet?
i bet he likes sweet tea.
hates american cheese. gouda >> cheddar >> swiss >>
hates white bread. whole grain where it鈥檚 at.
buys hella organic foods
doesn鈥檛 allow any instant food in his household whatsoever unless it鈥檚 ramen or for a special occasion.聽
keep them dry ass boxed mashed聽鈥減otatoes鈥 shit out his damn house.聽bring that fake ass nasty shit into his home and he鈥檒l smack a bitch.聽
plus why would anyone want that if he鈥檚 gonna make it nice n fresh, from scratch, and wit all his explosive love?
he makes his own noodles, bread, and-- honestly this just hit me outta nowhere-- oat milk... he makes his own oat milk too LOL
this man really do it all in tha kitchen ya鈥檒l. wifey material.
him n gordon ramsey need to meet. ASAP. it鈥檚 for ... scientific purposes. i just wanna see em yell at each other okay
no one鈥檚 allowed in the kitchen when he鈥檚 cooking-- he can鈥檛 afford distractions. this is his gahdamn domain; do not trespass.
reads a recipe once and it鈥檚 engrained in his brain for the rest of his lifetime.
food related holidays with katsuki are straight hell fire.
yes, he has an apron collection. yes, he has a dynamight themed one. no, he鈥檒l never admit to anyone that he also has a deku one. he鈥檒l take that secret to the grave. and yes he also has a red riot one as well.
tw: drugs,
i can see this mf smokin鈥 weed. but not super often because it鈥檚 not healthy. he鈥檇 prolly smoke once every other month before he gives it up completely eventually.
backwoods >> honey or honey bourbon flavor >>
it鈥檚 a good thing he knows how to cook cuz when the munchies hit, they hit.
gahdamn does this fucker eat so much shit. he makes full course soul food meals and snacks when the bakusquad link to smoke:
hot cheetos fried pickles, nachos, fried rice, BAKED MAC AND CHEESE WITH PANKO BREADING, potata skins, mozzarella sticks... i feel like he makes deviled eggs specifically for denki LMFAO
ya鈥檒l seen 鈥渢he boys鈥 from amazon prime? ya鈥檒l know mother鈥檚 milk / M.M. from that show? ya鈥檒l know how he use wet wipes to clean his hands often? yeah. bakugo. LMFAO
shops at hollister, pacsun, and zumiez headass
shops from hot topic too-- i mean where ya鈥檒l think he got his boots from huh? but he only buys online. pussy
gold chain and gold watch type beat
wears calvin klein underwear
ripped black jeans type shit.
also wears jordans. specifically, nike air jordan 1s. in red/orange and black.
on a softer note, his love language is physical touch and spending quality time with you. just lay next to him, nothing has to be said, but the vibe is there. cuddle up to his firm chest and hear his heartbeat trip over its own rhythm when you nuzzle closer to him awe.
just watch how fucking soft his vermillion irises get when he looks at you, silently appreciating how amazing you are
he鈥檚 a total softie under that hard exterior 馃檮 he needs to stop lying to himself.
he鈥檒l never admit it, but he likes to be babied on the low.
he had a particularly annoying day at work? let him snuggle up to you while you rub his aching back.
he loves laying on top of your form, most likely his face will be buried in between your titties, wanting to feel the heave of your chest.
it makes him very soft, so much serotonin. no-- dopamine. it brings him genuine joy
he can be super gentle and soft when he wants to be
speak softly to him in a low, relaxing voice and this man is simping
ya鈥檒l remember that vine(?) where the guy is driving and he puts his hand on his gf鈥檚 thigh and he retracts back right quick to pretend he got burnt and is like聽鈥淕ODDAMN YOU鈥橰E HOT AS FUCK鈥. bakugo would do that.
he likes mutual cheek and jaw kisses
forehead pressing against forehead and staring lovingly in your pretty eyes vibes
gentle nose kisses
he likes to playfully wrestle with you
he鈥檚 competitive sooo yknow this mf takes it the extra mile, and always wins, attacking you with kisses when ya鈥檒l are done n you鈥檙e a giggling mess.
but when he鈥檚 feeling a little extra soft he鈥檒l let you win
only if you promise to give him kisses tho 鉁嬸煆 he not giving out w鈥檚 for free now
he likes calling you 鈥渂abe鈥, 鈥渂aby girl鈥, and 鈥減rincess鈥澛狆煠
gets annoyed when you call him 鈥渂oom boom boy鈥
he likes to be called 鈥渂abe鈥, 鈥渒atsu鈥, 鈥溾榯suki/鈥榮uki鈥 (only behind closed doors tho hehe), and 鈥渒ing鈥
Tumblr media
he doesn鈥檛 like 鈥渄addy鈥,,,
he likes 鈥減api鈥
exhibitionism kink on 1000
this motherfucker would abso-fucking-lutely love to make sex tapes.
or already has.
probably would be featured on 鈥渉ot guys fuck鈥... iykyk 馃槼 don鈥檛 question me
鈥渂londe body builder hottie with huge cock pounds a cute brat until she squirts鈥 would be the title for his first video.
he do got a huge cock tbh. thicc n girthy. skinnier than deku鈥檚, but longer. a solid 8.5-9 in. vvv veiny. that shit is muscular ya鈥檒l, it prolly lift weights 馃槶
shaves everything to baldness, he likes keeping everything super clean and removing hair just makes it easier for him
he HATES shaving tho, it鈥檚 so fucking annoying, time consuming, and it pisses him the fuck off when he nics his skin. i think we all agree on this
for sure he has a bidet
mans ass is SO goddamn clean
but he聽hates his ass to be touched
the typical boyfriend type shit to yell at you after you grabbed his ass:
鈥淵ou know I聽fucking hate it when my ass is touched.鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, 鈥楾suki. It鈥檚 just so juicy--鈥澛
two words:
body. worship.
UGH this fucker has been building his body up for years okay, he needs someone to appreciate the art of his muscles with the utmost gratitude and to remind him that he鈥檚 hot as shit, even if he already knows he鈥檚 fine asf. reassurance, yknow. give his dick ego a stroke.
kiss this fucker鈥檚 abs
lick his toned ass neck
caress his biceps
i bet he likes mutual back kisses
bite on those hefty ass thighs while you look up at him so innocently-- or maybe with a cocky smile on your face
mmm that really riles this man up
鈥榯suki is dom asf. leaning more towards hard dom but can be a soft dom when he (or you) wants to be.
you gotta physically fist fight this fucker if you tryna get him to submit. he refuses to be a sub and will NOT go without a fight tf.
once he does finally submit after putting on the MOST EXTRA聽馃憦馃徎 ASS聽馃憦馃徎 FUCKING聽馃憦馃徎 FIGHT, he鈥檚 bratty as fuck. he just don鈥檛 be giving out shi like that man. you gotta earn it.
鈥淵ou won鈥檛 do shit to me, princess.鈥 headass. 馃檮 yeah, he can keep talkin鈥. but once you鈥檝e got his wrists bound and you鈥檙e swallowing his cock whole while your pretty eyes stare up at him is when he starts really enjoying it.
he likes it when you鈥檙e a stubborn slut for him. because he鈥檚 a stubborn lil bitch himself.
give him the good ol鈥櫬犫淲hat makes you think you have any power over me, boom-boom boy?鈥 ohohooooo you鈥檙e fuck鈥檛鈩.
mmm mirror fucking. he鈥檇 love to scoop you up and ram himself deep inside you and watch over your shoulder in the reflection in front of you both as he fucks you.
car sex >> car sex while it鈥檚 raining heavily >>
i feel like he likes to get his dick surfed on. ride that dick sis 馃槍鉁
i feel like i can鈥檛 stress this enough but聽
ouuuu bitch. i wanna fuck him your honor
he loves degradation.聽
he will call you his dirty fuckin鈥 slut.聽
naughty bitch.聽
dumb cock whore.聽
鈥測ou needy slut, you can鈥檛 live without my glorious dick for a day, can you?鈥
he loves to bite and be bitten, as long as it鈥檚 not on his cock or ass. this muhfucker will smother you in hickies, especially in places where other people can see them because you鈥檙e fucking his, you got that?聽
absolutely loves to watch his fingers get sucked on
he鈥檇 be willing to experiment with the smallest sparkler-like explosions to release in your mouth while doing so to tingle your tongue.
your tongue might feel like it鈥檚 been burned by a hot spoon for a day or two buuut, ya win some, you lose some.
what great sex doesn鈥檛 come with a little bit of ... residue, if ya will.
he鈥檚 definitely an ass man.
loves hitting it from the back/doggy style.
he looooves that ass.
he likes lap dances / to be twerked on / your ass shaking in front of him or on him.
he鈥檒l make that ass clap and pussy purr just for him.
if you got long(er) hair, he鈥檒l wring the tresses around his hand and use that shit like a mf rope. he鈥檒l bend you backwards with your hair in hand and make you look him in the eye as he pounds into you, nothing else but the sounds of your ass cheeks clapping, the low music playing, and your pretty moans bouncing off the walls. OUUUU fuck.
impact play + his quirk is SO GOOD. especially for punishing.
ya鈥檒l know this fucker will spank you till you鈥檙e sobbing, small explosions bouncing off the flesh of your ass cheeks.
he likes seeing the raised, irritated skin that he caused displayed on his princess鈥檚 ass, yet another way to mark what the fuck is his.
he鈥檚 very protective, territorial, and POSSESSIVE. his arms will always be around your form in public; whetha鈥 it鈥檚 your hips, shoulders, or waist, he鈥檚 touching you somehow.
if someone flirts with his baby or he sees anyone fucking you with their eyes... he goes apeshit. he鈥檒l most likely threaten to pulverize their ass with his bare hands before he mercilessly fucks you to a melted mess in front of them <3
you ain鈥檛 goin鈥 nowhere, so he鈥檒l fill ya with his kids.
also loves to drizzle that ass wit his cream, especially while you shake your ass while he does it聽馃馃馃
also loves coating that pretty mouth in his cum.
has the biggest lingerie kink there is, especially if it鈥檚 vermillion colored, that drives him聽馃
he鈥檒l eat you (esp from the back) so sloppily ya鈥檒l-- homygod.
he starts off head with a good ol鈥 pool of saliva dripping from his mouth onto the back of that pussy, holding your hips still so the rapidly cooling sensation of the liquid is all you feel until it drips on the sheets below your form.
THE WAY HE WILL SHLURP YOU UP. loud lip smacking, sweet juices all over his face and dripping down in between your shaking thighs, his grunts vibrating and bouncing off your skin and your pretty moans to finish it all off. his tongue fucking game is a1 holy shit.
edging edging edging edging edging edging edging edging edging edging
he鈥檚 gonna make you beg for an orgasm. no free shit. you gotta earn it, babie.聽
he denies you the push over to euphoria so that way when he finally gives it to you, dear god it feels like your body is fucking levitating because he just kept constantly building you up and up and up until boom-- bliss. your body feels like it fuckin鈥 exploded.
this man is so soft with aftercare ya鈥檒l.聽
a relatively comfortable silence, other than the music still playing.
he holds you so close to him, snuggling you up as you finally collect yourself and come back down to earth.聽
he鈥檒l kiss you all over that pretty face, esp your forehead and cheeks. he鈥檒l give you a cute lul tired smile n chuckle at your fucked out face before he finally tells you how gorgeous you are.聽
he鈥檒l then let you know that you took his chaotic cock鈩 like tha bad bitch you are.
then he scoops you up in his big ol鈥 hero arms-- princess style-- n takes you to the bathroom with him to clean up.
he runs a hot bath for you both, your back pressed against his chest, his head resting over yours or-- his head resting on your shoulder, kissing all up on your marked neck, and his protective arms are wrapped around your waist, whispering sweet n low, raspy 鈥渋 love you鈥漵.聽馃ズ wow he鈥檚 so cute
katsuki bakugo, ya鈥檒l. a menace. a chaotic bad bitch. a force to not be fuck鈥檛 with. we love him in this household.聽馃槍
Tumblr media
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gojology4 months ago
Fine Dining and Roses.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
back to homepage pairing : nanami kento x gender neutral reader warnings : cursing (i think), i didn鈥檛 proof-read, fluff i guess? wordcount : 1600 a/n : this is my first nanami related anything and omg the way i headcanon him makes him appear as some sort of old man asuhjdnsajkdnsa LOL 鈻堚枅鈻堚枅鈻堚枅鈻堚枅鈻堚枅鈻堚枅鈻堚枅鈻堚枅 聽100% Complete. Enjoy your game.
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽 Crossing your legs, you nervously tap your foot against the table鈥檚 legs, you weren鈥檛 used to such a professional atmosphere. This certainly wasn鈥檛 commonplace, after all, you even saw some top names from the Japanese filming industry chatting and eating, and you swear you鈥檙e sweating bullets. Nervously wiping at your forehead with the handkerchief graciously gifted to you by the waiters, you straighten your back.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淩elax.鈥 you hear your boyfriend say, and you look up to stare at his eyes. Striking, one would almost say dead, but you see a lukewarm smile on his lips that someone would otherwise call scary, but you knew Nanami like that. 聽 聽 聽Wearing a black dress suit, alongside a crisp dress shirt- not even a wrinkle in sight- he paired them with casual black slacks. The whole thing that brought the outfit together? You were almost sure it was the belt, but you wondered why he was always so over the top, no matter for what occasion.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淪orry.鈥 you breathe out, and he chuckles dryly before taking off the black dress suit, neatly placing it over the cushioned chair.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淲hy would you apologize for that?鈥 he asked, a hint of sarcasm sprinkled in his voice, and you swear your heart is just about to burst.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥...I don鈥檛 know, okay?!鈥 you reply, your cheeks warming up, you would never hear the end of this for the rest of the night, but you didn鈥檛 mind. When Nanami teased you, it made your heart flutter. Maybe it was because he was serious and cold with everyone else, and so playful and bright with you, you weren鈥檛 entirely sure.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淗ow cute. Do you want a drink?鈥 he questioned before picking up the menu, eyes briefly scanning it. You too pick up the menu, and your eyes damn near bulge out of your head.聽 聽 聽 聽Expensive alcohol, expensive casual drinks, expensive everything. Was it even legal to charge 70$ for a simple bottle of sake? You weren鈥檛 even going to get into the wine, that was on a whole other level.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淲ell, my love? You don鈥檛 need to worry about the expenses.鈥 he placed the menu down, calculating eyes boring into your soul.聽鈥淚 work a boring job just to spoil you, after all.鈥澛 聽 聽 聽鈥淭hese are really expensive...鈥 you don鈥檛 lock eyes with him, even though you had dated him for a long time, you still found those eyes to be sort of scary. Not in a bad way necessarily, but just... Scary.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淚鈥檒l just have a water-鈥澛 聽 聽 聽鈥淣o. You will not be having water. You always worry too much about money.鈥 he leaned over the table, thumb placed onto your chin, slightly tipping your head upwards. The rest of his fingers caressing your skin in any way possible.聽 聽 聽 聽His fingers were cold to the touch, and you shiver, eyes darting left and right before you build enough courage to look at him back. He鈥檚 not looking at you, rather, the menu you were holding- and he was looking at it upside down.聽 聽 聽 Did this guy have anything he was bad at? 聽 聽 聽鈥淗m, darling, didn鈥檛 you say you like sweet tea? This is fairly inexpensive, 25 dollars?鈥 he pointed at the inscription, a picture of sweet tea right next to it. You had to admit, it did look yummy, and you swallow just now realizing how dry your throat is.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淣o.. I think I鈥檒l just have water-鈥澛 聽 聽 聽鈥淟isten, love.鈥 he looked back up into your eyes.聽鈥淚 know you want it, just say it already.鈥澛 聽 聽 聽 That was also something you always loved about Nanami, he was persistent and stubborn. You didn鈥檛 mind water, but you also didn鈥檛 mind sweet tea, you just didn鈥檛 want to create a deeper hole in his wallet.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淟et鈥檚 skip appetizers.鈥 sitting back down on his seat, he yawned before placing an arm on the table, arm rubbing against the white stainless cloth.聽 聽 聽 聽Looking back up from your menu, you look at his sandy blonde hair that you found yourself to comb with your hands mercilessly every single night, he always was annoyed when you did it, and you can鈥檛 help but question what he would do now- especially since he had brushed it to look perfect.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淚 know what you鈥檙e thinking. No. You鈥檙e not going to do that. Did you pick anything yet?鈥澛 聽 聽 聽鈥淗ow鈥檇 you know?- You know what, nevermind.鈥 shaking your head, you giggle. It was like he could read your mind.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淯h, this sounds good. The grilled salmon?鈥 you were talking out of your own ass, to be truthful. Fancy restaurants weren鈥檛 your thing, and nor was the food. Salmon was familiar enough.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淲onderful choice. I knew I picked well when I started dating you, my sweet.鈥 crossing his arms, he had an arrogant smile that he couldn鈥檛 quite hide from you, it just showed how much you mattered to him, as he didn鈥檛 hand out compliments like candy. 聽 聽 聽鈥淢ay I take your order? We have a special Valentines Day sale, so every dish is 10% off.鈥 the waitress whipped out a notepad, pencil behind her ear. Even the work uniforms here were formal. 聽 聽 聽鈥淵es, thank you ma鈥檃m.鈥 Nanami licked his finger before flipping the page of his menu.聽鈥淢ay we have grilled salmon, for the both of us, sweet tea, and champagne?鈥澛 聽 聽 God, you found his polite tone so attractive for little to no reason. 聽 聽 聽The waiter quickly jotted everything down, before nodding.聽鈥淎lright, I鈥檒l be back with your drinks! Please let me know if you need anything~鈥 before walking off, and you can still hear the clacking of her heels against the floor.聽 聽 聽 聽Once the waiter was gone from both of your vision鈥檚, Nanami turned back to look at you, as he was admiring the architecture of the establishment.聽 聽 聽聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e adorable.鈥 was all that left his lips. Blushing, you awkwardly smile at him back, you weren鈥檛 good with compliments, and he knew you weren鈥檛. He just found you so endearing.聽 聽 聽聽鈥淪hut up, Nanami.鈥 his arm reached out to touch yours, and so did yours. Briefly touching each others hands, he stared lovingly at you, and you did so back.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淎hem.鈥澛 聽 聽 聽Immediately jumping up, you look at the waiter, who had a smug all-knowing grin plastered onto her face. Two drinks sat on top of a silver platter, one had a lemon slice on the side, and the other was obviously champagne.聽 聽 聽聽鈥淵our sweet tea and champagne, your food will be coming out shortly.鈥澛 聽 聽 聽Nodding, you turn to face Nanami yet again, praying that he didn鈥檛 see you jolt up like that, but his sly smile says otherwise.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淎re you that embarrassed that the world knows your mine?鈥 he had a neutral look on his face, and you take a second to marvel at his cheekbones and defined jawline before snapping out of your daze.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淚t was only one person! That鈥檚 not the whole world, Nana!鈥 you say, growing more comfortable in your seat, surprisingly it was pretty fun being here. Taking a light sip of your sweet tea, you savor the slight lemon-y taste.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淣ana. That鈥檚 a new one.鈥 scoffing, he too took a sip of his beverage, smacking his lips together.聽鈥淚 like it.鈥澛 聽 聽 聽鈥淭he drink or?鈥澛 聽 聽 聽鈥淏oth, but I think I like you more.鈥澛 聽 聽 聽Not knowing how to respond to that, you look down at your lap, and you hear him laugh a little before feeling him plant a kiss onto your forehead, whipping out his phone as he sat back down on his chair. 聽 聽 聽鈥淗mmm... The stock market isn鈥檛 doing so well right now.鈥 he turned his back on you, whispering to himself. The guy swore to every God out there that he was not interested in his job, but you just knew he had an interest in finances in general, which you also liked about him. He was dorky, in his own way, and it was adorable. 聽 聽聽鈥淏legh... Nerd talk, nerd talk.鈥 Placing your arm on your table and resting your hand on your chin, you use your unoccupied one to have your hand seem to yap away- 4 fingers repeatedly tapping against your thumb so that it looked like a mouth.聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淚t reels in copious amounts of money, but I fucking hate it, haven鈥檛 I told you this multiple times?鈥 he tsked. 聽 聽 聽鈥淟anguage, Nanamin!鈥 you warn, as if you could place a finger on him, ignoring his previous comment. 聽 聽 聽鈥淵eah, yeah. Oh hey, look, she鈥檚 back with our food.鈥澛 聽 聽 聽Looking back up, the first thing you realize was how god damn delicious the salmon looked, and your stomach grumbles with excitement, the other? A bouquet of roses that she was holding, rogue rose petals dancing down onto the floor, a bow loosely wrapping the flowers together.聽 聽 聽 聽It takes a while to recognize what Nanami had done prior to this.聽 聽 聽 聽Looking at him, your mouth opening and closing, eyes wide open, you try to speak but you can鈥檛. He gazes back unanswering, but his eyes tell you everything you need to know, he probably doesn鈥檛 regret it.聽 聽 聽聽鈥淣anami Kento-鈥澛 聽 聽聽鈥淪hhh...鈥 he shushes you up, crossing his legs, before letting his sneaking smile go free. 鈥淗appy Valentines Day, darling.鈥澛 聽 聽 聽鈥淔uck you! Is this why you didn鈥檛 let me take you out for a date this time around?鈥 you whine.聽 聽 聽 Nanami covered his mouth, but you can still hear him laughing. Truthfully you gave no fucks, and was just happy that Nanami was so romantic, but the guy was gonna be the death of you.聽 聽 聽聽鈥淟ove you too, darling.鈥澛 聽 聽 Yeah, he definitely was going to be the death of you, but at this point, you didn鈥檛 care.聽 聽 聽
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blackmissfrizzle4 months ago
I鈥檒l Take Your Man(s)- 5
Part 4
Characters: EZ Reyes x black!reader, Miguel Galindo x black!reder
Summary: EZ finally decides to be a good friend when its too late.
Warnings:聽You鈥檒l hate Emily probably more than Carmen. angst (I was on my period when I wrote this soooo, you鈥檙e gonna cry. sorry not sorry.), smut (once again hormones played a part so sorry not sorry lol), some racist pos, TW: Mentions of death.
A/N: I truly was just fucking around with part 1 and thought of it as a one shot now I got a whole series going. I love everyone for the support. Look out because I got some more hitters for you.
Miguel Gif Credit: @xxrouxx
EZ Gift Credit: @alessandroborghee
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淭he princess is up before 9?鈥 Kennedy, your dad鈥檚 nurse asked as she set up his medication.
You smiled brighter than you have in days. 鈥淓Z is taking me out today. Just me and him, like old times.鈥 Last night you could barely sleep. It was like the night before the first day of school. You were so excited to have alone time with him. Work, your dad, his stuff with the club and Emily took away your time with him. Today was going to be perfect.
Kennedy stopped counting the pills and looked at you with pure shock. 鈥淪o, he finally manned up and asked you out? I thought I would never see the day.鈥
鈥淥h, it鈥檚 not a date. Just two friends hanging out like old times.鈥 You maneuvered around Kennedy, setting plates for the breakfast tacos you just made. You didn鈥檛 want EZ driving on an empty stomach.
Kennedy clicked her tongue and gave an unbelievable okay. Just as you were about to ask her what all that was about, there was a knock on the door.
Running to the door, you unlocked it and greeted EZ. 鈥淐鈥檓on, I made tacos!鈥 You tugged the mammoth of a man inside of your house. EZ greeted Kennedy and your dad.
Like the respectful man Mr. Felipe and Ms. Marisol raised him to be, he went to shake your dad鈥檚 hand. The man definitely felt and looked weaker than the last time he saw him. EZ couldn鈥檛 believe how much of an asshole he has been. He鈥檚 been dealing with Emily while you were dealing with this all alone. No wonder you were always almost on the verge of tears. This was too much for one person to handle, but that was the end of it today. He was going to be more present and help you out some more in whatever way you needed.
鈥淓zekiel,鈥 your dad lit up when he saw him. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e out, son?鈥
Your heart dropped. Even though it鈥檚 been a while since Ezekiel been over, he鈥檚 been to your house multiple times since he鈥檚 been released from prison. Just when you thought you were going to have a good day, something like this happens. 鈥淒addy, E-,鈥
EZ held up a hand and sat on the couch next your dad. 鈥淢r. Y/L/N, yeah, I got out a few months ago. Sorry, I haven鈥檛 been over, things have just been crazy. But enough about me,鈥 he gently tapped your dad鈥檚 chest. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e looking like a million bucks.鈥
Your dad turned towards to you, not even registering the tears in your eyes. 鈥淵ou hear that baby? EZ said I look like a million bucks. Now you can stop worrying about me.鈥
鈥淵eah, daddy. You鈥檙e still the most handsome man in Santo Padre. Men better watch out for their wives and the women better hold onto their panties.鈥
Your dad let out a hearty chuckle that worried you some. He hasn鈥檛 laughed like that without coughing in a long time. 鈥淥h, baby that鈥檚 nice, but I only had eyes for one woman and that ain鈥檛 ever gonna change. Anyway, I ain鈥檛 dropping panties like this handsome devil over here.鈥
It鈥檚 not panties, its panty. Well, you speculated that EZ has had sex with Emily at least once since he鈥檚 been back. What other reason would he tolerate her using him like that? Pussy ass whipped boy.
鈥淣o sir, just focusing on me right now.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 good, son. You know Y/N is still single for whatever reason. I think she鈥檚 waiting on a certain someone.鈥
He laughed at your embarrassment. 鈥淪o, what are you two up today?鈥
EZ kept his eyes on you as he answered your dad. 鈥淯m, day at the beach, batting cage, maybe a movie and then some ice cream.鈥
鈥淪o, like old days?鈥
鈥淓xactly, sir. I think some nostalgia would be good for both of us.鈥
Your dad slapped Ez鈥檚 thigh. 鈥淲ell, hurry up and eat breakfast, so you two can get out of here.鈥
As the four of you ate, EZ and your dad did most of the talking. You were still a bit raw from their interaction earlier. EZ handled it so effortlessly, you didn鈥檛 realize how much this weighed on you. Of course, you had Kennedy, but she wasn鈥檛 there before the dementia. She only got glimpses of the vibrant man he once was. But EZ on the other hand has seen it all. There was no one else to relive memories with him, but in that moment, you had Ezekiel.
EZ noticed your silence and slipped his hand underneath the table to grip your hand for support. Now, he was going to make sure today was extra special for you.
Just like EZ said he took you out to the beach. There you stressed him out with all your running. Your boobs were bouncing too much and other guys were noticing. In fact, he threw his kutte over you for some modesty, but then he was the one sporting a hardon. Seeing you in his kutte was more beautiful than you dressed nicely.
The beach was as fun as it was torturous. You had a water fight with EZ, raced him along the shore, and laid down and read a book together. But all those activities were done with him being shirtless and with the sun beating down on him, there was a thin sheen of sweat on him that made him glisten.
Then the batting cage was no different. The both of you were fully clothed, but with EZ guiding your hips, you might as well have been naked. You could feel every one of EZ鈥檚 muscles. And you didn鈥檛 make it any easier for him neither. Your ass backing up him was testing his patience. But somehow the both of you were able to keep your cool.
The two of spent too much time at the batting cage because Coach EZ wanted to perfect your form so you skipped the movies and went straight for ice cream.
EZ took you to the hill that overlooked Santo Padre. This was your favorite spot back in high school. The two you would come up here to study, clear your heads, or simply enjoy the view. The last time you were here together was after Marisol鈥檚 death. You sat up here and held EZ as he cried his eyes out.
鈥淪orry, I wasn鈥檛 here for you when your mom passed.鈥 Guilt racked EZ. You were there for every major event in his life, but where was he for yours. In prison, because he let grief and revenge consume him.
You slid your hand across the blanket and held his hand. 鈥淓zekiel, you were in prison. What could you have done? Plus, Angel and Mr. Felipe were a great help. Angel really stepped up and took care of me.鈥 It was true. What EZ didn鈥檛 know was you were going down a dark path after your mom鈥檚 death. Excessive drinking, partying with the wrong crowd. Anything to numb the pain you did it. Well, it didn鈥檛 sit well with Angel. He couldn鈥檛 save his brother from destroying his life, but he could save you, his brother鈥檚 best friend.
鈥淥h my god, you didn鈥檛 have grief sex with my brother?鈥 There wasn鈥檛 an ounce of jealousy, he was just joking. EZ knew as much as Angel liked to yank his chain about you, he would never actually put the moves on you.
You nudged his shoulder and cackled. 鈥淲e totally did. Right in Bishop鈥檚 chair in Templo.鈥
鈥淵ou little shit,鈥 he growled and began tickling you.
The tickle attack lasted a couple of minutes, but eventually he stopped to let you catch your breath. EZ lovingly watched as the moonlight bathed you. Every flaw about yourself that you confided in him he thought was beautiful.
Even in a town like this you were a minority. Thank god, you didn鈥檛 live in some Klan land, but still living here brought some insecurities of not looking like the other girls. But everything you were insecure about EZ loved it and everything else.
You caught EZ鈥檚 hand and intertwined your fingers. Mindlessly you twisted your conjoined hands, enjoying how the moon shined on them. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, you鈥檒l be there for dad鈥檚.鈥 It was somber, but true. Each doctor鈥檚 visit, the news wasn鈥檛 getting any better.
鈥淵/N鈥︹ EZ shifted your face towards him and he caught the glint of a tear in your eye. Quickly you wiped it away when you saw he noticed it. 鈥淐an we talk about something else?鈥
And you did. Being up on the hill brought back so many memories. So, that鈥檚 what y鈥檃ll talked about. How he and Angel broke you out of your shell, the time you both got in trouble for sneaking into an R-rated movie, the time you almost fought a mom in the stands from an opposing team because she was a racist piece of shit, the competitions you would have at the carnival, the weekends spent being called nerds by Angel because you would go to the library, and so much more.
鈥淭his is our life now, huh? You a biker and me a bartender. Who would鈥檝e thought?鈥 You two had plans and God laughed right in your face.
EZ chuckled and held onto you tighter. 鈥淵eah, you were supposed to be at Stanford with me. Then law school.鈥
鈥淲ith our luck it would鈥檝e been like How To Get Away With Murder.鈥
EZ kissed your temple and pinched your side. 鈥淣o, it wouldn鈥檛 have. Each of us would鈥檝e graduated top of our respective classes.鈥
鈥淧rosecutor Y/N Y/L/N and Immigration Attorney Ezekiel 鈥楨Z鈥 Reyes. Then we would have big ass houses living right next door to each other.鈥
But did he want separate houses? Not really. Thinking back on it, the year he had left you behind for Stanford, he figured out his feelings for you. When he started noticing the ache of missing you hurt more than the ache of missing Emily, he realized he loved you. But how does a 19-year-old kid tell his girlfriend the girl he told her was just a friend and not to worry about was really the love of his life?
The answer is you don鈥檛 or at least not in Ezekiel Reyes鈥 case. You bury those feelings deep down until you forget about them and 8 years in prison help. Only problem is when you get out and the love of your life is all grown up and has full access to you now those feelings resurface. Then you realize that your dorky best friend has always been the one for you and she鈥檚 the one you should be spending all your time on.
鈥淵ou really think I鈥檒l be at my house if you live next door? You鈥檒l be calling me for help every other night, Y/L/N.鈥 EZ believed this alternative him would鈥檝e smartened up and he would be at your house every night. In your bed. Naked.
Pulling yourself off him, you punched him in the shoulder. 鈥淯h, excuse you, sir. You would be asking for my help and then I would have to make food for you.鈥
No argument there. You were just as smart as he was. 鈥淥kay, you鈥檙e right. But even though life hasn鈥檛 gone like we hoped, I think we鈥檙e doing just fine. We still have each other.鈥
鈥淵eah, when you鈥檙e not occupied with the white witch.鈥 You don鈥檛 know what compelled you to say that. Everything was perfect then you had to ruin the moment. Maybe you just got tired of biting your tongue.
鈥淗ey,鈥 EZ cupped your face and leaned his forehead against yours. 鈥淣o one is more important to me than you. Trust me.鈥
鈥淥kay,鈥 you mumbled as you looked into his sincere eyes.
EZ rubbed your nose with his and kissed it. 鈥淚 mean what is it with you two anyway? You used to be able to tolerate each other in high school and now you can barely be in the same room.鈥 EZ always knew you were never fond of Emily back then, but the shit the two of y鈥檃ll got going on now is some Hatfields and McCoys type of beef.
Thank god your phone started ringing, because EZ was gonna see through the lie you were gonna tell. It was Kennedy on the phone, and you could hear your dad鈥檚 loud howls. She didn鈥檛 even need to tell you he was having a bad episode, you could hear it. Hell, even EZ could hear it. He started packing up as soon as he heard the yells. 鈥淐鈥檓on,鈥 he held his hand out and helped you into his bike. Never in his life has he drove as fast before.
It seemed like pure chaos as you stepped into your house. Your dad was screaming his head off asking where was your mom and you. Kennedy did her best, but at times like these only you could get him to calm down.
鈥淗ey, hey, hey handsome calm down.鈥 You wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead and kissed it. Immediately he stopped thrashing against the chair.
鈥淲hat can I do?鈥 EZ asked Kennedy.
She patted his shoulder. 鈥淣othing unfortunately. He only calms down for her. But you can be there for her. Y/N doesn鈥檛 say anything, but this drains her. She needs all the support she can get.鈥
God, how much were you keeping from him? How could he call himself your best friend and not know you鈥檙e suffering like this? What happened when he picked you up today was nothing compared to this.
鈥淥h, my baby girl. Who the hell is that strange woman and why is she saying your mama is dead?鈥
No tears. Not in front of him, you told yourself. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 Kennedy, she鈥檚 your nurse.鈥
鈥淚 ain鈥檛 sick. What do I need a nurse for?鈥
You grabbed his hand and kissed it. 鈥淵eah, you are. You鈥檝e been sick for a while like Mama鈥檚 been dead for a while.鈥
He shook his head back and forth. 鈥淣o, impossible. I don鈥檛 get sick. What are you talking about?鈥
鈥淒addy, what year is it?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 2012. I know it cause Eze-,鈥 he stopped his sentence as soon as he saw EZ. Then realization hit him, and his tears flooded his eyes. 鈥淚 did it again, didn鈥檛 I?鈥
You held onto his hand tighter as his body began to shake. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, daddy.鈥
Your dad patted your head and cupped your cheek. 鈥淣o, it鈥檚 not. It鈥檚 getting more frequent and I can鈥檛 keep doing this to you.鈥 He raised his hand and beckoned EZ to come to him. 鈥淧romise me you鈥檒l watch over her. She鈥檒l fight you on it because she鈥檚 hardheaded.鈥
鈥淗ey, I鈥檓 right here.鈥
Both men ignored you and continued their conversation. 鈥淣o worries, Mr. Y/L/N. I鈥檒l always be there for her.鈥 EZ stared at you until his phone started buzzing. 鈥淪hit.鈥 He declined the call and sent out a text. He didn鈥檛 have time for this shit.
鈥淥kay, handsome let鈥檚 get you ready for bed.鈥 Kennedy offered to help but you declined as usual and told her to go home. Episodes like these made you want to spend as much time as possible with him. So even though you were dog tired, you would help him.
EZ promised you that he would be there when he was done. There was no way he was leaving you after a night like this. Except his phone wouldn鈥檛 stop ringing. When he texted Emily telling her not tonight, she lost her shit. She would triple text him and then call him multiple times. It got to the point that he had to answer the phone. 鈥淓mily, I said not tonight.鈥
鈥淏ut it鈥檚 an emergency.鈥 She couldn鈥檛 believe it. She saw his Instagram and knew he spent the day with you, but he couldn鈥檛 still possibly be with you. And if he was, it was time for him to leave.
鈥淚鈥檓 going through my own emergency right now. I can鈥檛 help you right now.鈥
鈥5568KGC7422PQ.鈥 She rattled off the ID number effortless.
None of that meant anything to EZ. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 have time for this, Emily. What the hell was that?鈥
鈥淢r. Y/L/N鈥檚 insurance ID number. One click and it goes away and Y/N won鈥檛 have time to talk to you or my husband. She鈥檚 gonna be busy working to pay bills.鈥
Now EZ understood why you called Emily the white witch. 鈥淯gh, I鈥檒l be there in a few. But this is the last time, Em.鈥
Emily smiled to herself as she fixed her boobs in the mirror. 鈥淪ee you soon, Ezekiel.鈥 History trumps everything and it was best to remind you and EZ of that.
You came into the kitchen to grab a glass of water to put by your dad鈥檚 bed when you heard EZ. Fucking Emily called and he came running like a fucking dog every time. 鈥淐lub shit?鈥 You asked to see if he would lie to you.
鈥淚 think you know it鈥檚 not.鈥 EZ could tell by your tone you heard part of the conversation and that you were upset about it. He couldn鈥檛 blame you. Every time that you hung out, it seemed like Emily interrupted it. 鈥淚鈥檒l be gone for a little bit, but I鈥檓 coming right back.鈥
Instead, a pouring your dad a glass of water, you poured yourself a glass of whiskey. 鈥淒on鈥檛 bother. I don鈥檛 need to be an afterthought.鈥
鈥淵/N, I promise this is nothing like that. Let me handle this and I鈥檒l be back.鈥
You threw back the drink, not even wincing as it hit the back of your throat. 鈥淣ah, have fun with the bitch who killed your baby just to get back at you, even when she had a choice not to raise the baby.鈥 You slammed back another drink. This night was ending completely different than you thought it would.
EZ paused putting on his kutte, 鈥淓xcuse me?鈥 He went into the kitchen when you didn鈥檛 answer him. It wasn鈥檛 even the insult that has him pissed. He deserved it for the way he鈥檚 been acting. It was that last part that threw him off. 鈥淲hat are you talking about?鈥
You weren鈥檛 tipsy, but felt more relaxed due to the liquor, which meant loose lips. You promised yourself that you would never tell EZ this, but you wanted him to hurt as much as you did.
You would have not been on this girl鈥檚 doorstep, but EZ had called you frantic. When he called, you could barely understand him. All you heard was 鈥楨mily鈥, 鈥榩regnant鈥, and 鈥榓bortion鈥. It wasn鈥檛 too hard to figure out what was going on after that. She was going to kill your best friend鈥檚 baby and you were here to convince her otherwise.
鈥淵/N, what are you doing here?鈥 Emily didn鈥檛 hide her disdain for you, but it didn鈥檛 bother you. This was all about saving EZ鈥檚 family.
鈥淚 came here to talk.鈥
Emily fully came out to the porch and closed the door. 鈥淪o, talk.鈥
Oh, you weren鈥檛 even going to make it inside. No manner ass having ass bitch. You counted to three to calm down. This wouldn鈥檛 work if you lost your temper. 鈥淓Z called me today and I just want you to know that I鈥檓 not trying to tell you what to do with your body. If you genuinely don鈥檛 want this baby, I鈥檒l take you to the clinic myself, but if you鈥檙e doing this just to get back at EZ, please reconsider. You won鈥檛 even have to raise the child, I will.鈥 Tears were streaming down your face now. You didn鈥檛 realize how much you wanted to save this child until now. It was possibly your last lifeline to EZ.
Emily guffawed. 鈥淓ven if I did have the baby, I would put it in the system before I ever give it to you.鈥 She went full evil white woman. 鈥淵ou think I would give you my baby, so you can live out some weird fantasy of being a family with EZ? No fucking way. Actually,鈥 she grimaced at you as she fluffed your hair. 鈥淭hank you, Y/N, you cemented my decision in terminating this pregnancy.鈥
This was the opposite of what you wanted. You thought Emily would see sense, but her hate for you wouldn鈥檛 let her.
鈥淓mily, please. I鈥檒l help with whatever bills. Just don鈥檛 do this to Ezekiel. He needs something to live for.鈥
鈥淗a! He did it to me first and like he said he won鈥檛 be getting out. Come on, Y/N he killed a cop. He鈥檚 gonna die in prison. There鈥檚 nothing for him to live for. Plus, do you think you could really afford to help me out? The whole town knows your mom鈥檚 sick and you鈥檙e on the verge of dropping out of school. You have more pressing issues than whatever I do with my uterus. Now go home before I call the cops. We don鈥檛 want you adding legal fees to those financial issues or you becoming the new hashtag.鈥
And just like that Emily slammed the door in your face, making her the person you hated the most.
EZ was in denial. Emily couldn鈥檛 have been that evil and demented. That was the Emily he dated. But he did just get a glimpse of her when she threatened your dad. 鈥淚-, III-, I- have to go.鈥 EZ ran out your house. He needed to get down to the truth.
Stupid Ezekiel. 聽You thought you were going somewhere with him. But somehow you couldn鈥檛 compete with Emily. Normally, you don鈥檛 talk down on other women, but what the hell was so special about her. If there was a white woman to simp over, there were plenty of better choices than her.
As you went over the list of better white women in Santo Padre your phone started ringing. 鈥淗ello,鈥 you answered harshly thinking it was Ez calling to apologize.
鈥淪omeone鈥檚 in a bad mood.鈥 Miguel鈥檚 smooth voice soothed your nerves.
鈥淗ow the hell did you get my number?鈥 Truthfully, you weren鈥檛 shocked, but it was somewhat annoying that he could get this easy access to you, especially when you鈥檝e been trying to avoid him.
鈥淵ou and I both know I can get to you if I want to. But that鈥檚 besides the point. What is troubling you?鈥
You sighed and leaned against the wall. You needed to vent, but Miguel Galindo was not the person for that. 鈥淟ong day. Anyway, what may I help you with, Mr. Galindo?鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e back to Mr. Galindo? What did I say about that, Y/N?鈥 The use of his formal name reminded him of his father and the last thing he wanted to think about was him when he was with you.
His voice got deeper when he said your name which touched parts of you that it shouldn鈥檛 be touching. How in the hell did Emily score this man? He was so fucking alpha and boss. What in the hell was he doing with a weak bitch like Emily?
鈥淵es, I would prefer it that way.鈥
鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛.鈥 He needed to hear you say his name. He wanted, no he needed you to be comfortable with him.
As you argued with him about formalities he pulled into your driveway, happy to see EZ鈥檚 bike was nowhere in sight. He chuckled at your professional tone you tried to keep it formal as he knocked on your door.
鈥淯gh, hold on. Everyone and their mama want to bother me today.鈥 Swinging the door open you saw a smiling Miguel, but then it fell as soon as his eyes settled on you.
This was the most frazzled and upset he saw you. Instantly, he pushed off the column and wrapped your arms around you. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥
You weren鈥檛 going to cry. You refused to cry. 鈥淣othing,鈥 your voice slightly wavered, but you were gonna be strong. Oh shit, no you weren鈥檛 going to be strong. 鈥淓verything,鈥 you cried as you crumbled in Miguel鈥檚 arms.
鈥淲as it the prospect?鈥 Miguel鈥檚 been waiting on the chance to get his hands on EZ.
鈥淣o,鈥 you lied, protecting your idiot best friend.
Miguel knew you were lying. He could smell the motor oil all over you. It was the same smell Emily tried to cover up.
鈥淗e鈥檚 with my wife, isn鈥檛 he?鈥
鈥淣o. He has club shit to do. Not everything is about you Mr. Galindo.鈥 You pulled away from him and poured yourself another drink.
Miguel joined you on the couch and held your hand. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry. I genuinely care for you and I know how much it hurts you when he leaves you.鈥
鈥淵ou genuinely just want to get in my pants, but sorry Mr. Galindo it ain鈥檛 gonna happen. So, you can take your car and your fake concern and get the fuck out of my face.鈥
Miguel could tell you were lashing out, but you had the wrong one tonight. 鈥淟isten to me,鈥 he jerked your chin tightly. 鈥淣one of what I feel for you is fake, you need to understand that. So you need to drop the attitude, now. Do you understand me?鈥
鈥淢mhmm.鈥 You pouted at the dominance. You might as well have rolled over and expose your underbelly.
He tried to pretend he didn鈥檛 see how delectable your lips look, but they were calling to him. One touch was all he needed. His thumb swiped your bottom lip.
This was the touch you were craving. Yeah, Jordan fucked you yesterday, but it wasn鈥檛 intimate. It wasn鈥檛 romantic. It wasn鈥檛 the support you needed. So, when you kissed Miguel you didn鈥檛 think about EZ or Emily. Your sole focus was on yourself for once.
It was selfish of him not to question it, but Miguel wasn鈥檛 going to miss his opportunity to know what your lips felt like against his. Then he especially didn鈥檛 stop you when you hopped in his lap and started to grind against him.
You could feel that Miguel wanted to touch you more. He may not have stopped you, but he wasn鈥檛 going to do more than what you allowed him to. That鈥檚 why you guided him to your core.
Miguel wasted no time. His fingers dipped into your channel and he just knew he was addicted without a taste. 鈥淛ust know you signed your soul to the devil,鈥 he whispered against your lips as he watched you writhed in pleasure.
EZ rushed to get to Emily. She had a whole lot to clear up and he needed to get back to you quickly.
As soon as he came into view, Emily ran to hug him, but he stepped back and put an arm between them. 鈥淒id you abort our baby out of spite?鈥
鈥淲hat? Where is this coming from EZ?鈥 She thought they were over this. He assured her they were when she came to him crying about Cristobal.
鈥淒id you or did you not kill my baby because Y/N offered to keep it?鈥 His voice got louder with each word he said. EZ knew all of it was true, you wouldn鈥檛 lie on someone like that, even Emily,
Emily couldn鈥檛 lie her way out of this. Your word was good as the Bible to EZ. 鈥淚 was just a kid, EZ and I was hurt. I didn鈥檛 mean any of it.鈥
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 mean any of it?! You threatened to call the cops on her and then explicitly told her that you hoped she didn鈥檛 become the next hashtag. Teenagers aren鈥檛 that fucking evil. They know better. It鈥檚 happening fucking right now. Oh my god.鈥 He began pacing and rubbing the back of his head. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe I鈥檓 just now seeing the real you.鈥
鈥淓zekiel,鈥 she tried to reach out to him, but he shrugged away from her touch.
鈥淪tay the fuck away from me and Y/N. And if you ever threaten her father ever again, I鈥檓 gonna make you regret ever meeting me.鈥
Emily watched through hot tears as she EZ rode away. She knew she just lost him. There was no turning this around. You officially won EZ. At least she still had her husband or so she thought.
鈥淥h fuck, right there,鈥 you rolled your eyes to the back of your head and grabbed a fistful of Miguel鈥檚 hair as he made you his dinner plate.
You don鈥檛 know what the fuck you were doing. One minute you were making out with the man, the next he was fingering, and now he was trying to 鈥榮uck the sadness out your pussy鈥 his words not yours.
Again, you questioned what the fuck Emily was doing with EZ when Miguel was eating pussy like this. Woman had her priorities all the way fucked up.
鈥淕od, you taste so good. You鈥檙e going to let me get a taste whenever I want?鈥 Miguel looked up at you as he kissed your inner thigh and fingered your pussy.
鈥淢mhmm,鈥 you easily agreed. If you weren鈥檛 on the brink of orgasm number 3, you may have been able to tell him no. But at this point you were about to hop on this married man鈥檚 dick with no thought except your next nut.
Miguel knew as soon as the orgasm haze fade away, you would pull away from him. That鈥檚 why he was trying to imprint his name on your pussy. Every time you or another person touched it, he wanted you to think of him.
You had to grab a throw pillow to keep quiet. Miguel was making sure you never forgot exactly who the fuck he is.
鈥淐鈥檓on princesa, let me hear you.鈥
Just as you quietly screamed his name you locked eyes with EZ. It looked like he had been crying, but that was quickly replaced with pure fury.
Rapidly you got up, fixed yourself, and put yourself in between the two men. Repeatedly you were calling out EZ鈥檚 name because he was zoned in on Miguel and even though you were mad at him, you didn鈥檛 want him to die.
鈥淪tay in here.鈥 EZ ordered you in a deadly whisper.
Quickly you called Angel. You weren鈥檛 strong enough to hold back EZ. 鈥淎ngel I need you to come over asap. It鈥檚 EZ.鈥
鈥淢an, I knew he was a crier when he has sex.鈥
鈥淎ngel this is serious! He鈥檚 about to fight Miguel!鈥
Angel was already putting on his clothes, but now he was rushing. 鈥淲hy is that Y/N?鈥
Angel paused to process what he hears and then ran to his bike. 鈥淚鈥檓 on my way now, but once I鈥檓 finished with my dumbass brother, me and you are having a long conversation.鈥
Did you listen to EZ鈥檚 order? Nope. EZ had the look on his face when he was trying to find Ms. Marisol鈥檚 killer all those years ago.
鈥淕o back inside!鈥 Both men ordered you.
You ignored both of them and tried to get in between them. 鈥淓Z, please calm down.鈥 It was easier to get the prospect to listen or you thought that it was.
EZ easily pushed you behind him and got in front of Miguel. 鈥淪o, you鈥檙e taking advantage of vulnerable women now? Low, even for you.鈥
鈥淓zekiel, let me tell you something. I didn鈥檛 take advantage of anyone. I came to be a supportive friend unlike yourself. What exactly was so important that you had to leave your best friend in such a vulnerable state?鈥 Miguel knew the answer was his wife, but he wasn鈥檛 expecting EZ to admit that.
鈥淵eah, I went to leave to tell your wife to leave me the fuck alone because she couldn鈥檛 take no as an answer over the phone, so she threatened Y/N鈥檚 dad.鈥 EZ chuckled and shook his head. 鈥淵ou two are really the perfect couple.鈥
Miguel tilted his head at what EZ implied. He wanted to dig into it more, but you stepped in between them once again. Miguel grabbed a hold of your wrist and pushed you behind him despite you trying to stop him. 鈥淪ee, the problem is you鈥檙e so much of a fool that it was too easy for my wife to manipulate you. Me and Emily are nothing alike because I would鈥檝e simply threatened you. Anyways like I said, I came here to be a supportive friend to Y/N.鈥
鈥淥f course, you鈥檙e definitely the more violent one out of the two of you. Would it have been the acid, or would it be a beating then display my body in the church for the whole town to see? Plus, does support mean being in between Y/N鈥檚 thighs, because I haven鈥檛 given that type of support before.鈥
Miguel slowly smirked and rolled his tongue around his mouth as he stepped closer to EZ. 鈥淲hat? Are you mad I got a taste before you?鈥
And that鈥檚 when you knew you were going to have to start planning EZ鈥檚 funeral. He threw a punch but miss due to Miguel being quicker than you thought he would. 鈥淪top it!鈥 You yelled at them, but they weren鈥檛 paying attention to you.
Neither one was landing their punches, so you were thankful for that, especially for EZ. You knew if EZ had touched that man his days with the MC and his days in general were over. Thankfully, Angel got there in time and was able to separate the two. 鈥淕et him the fuck out of here, Y/N!鈥 Angel pointed to Miguel as he held back EZ.
You rushed Miguel to his car. 鈥淗e鈥檚 a himbo. Please don鈥檛 kill him.鈥
Miguel tilted your chin up and pecked your lips. 鈥淗e鈥檚 only alive because of you. Tell him he should thank you every day for that. I鈥檒l be in touch.鈥
鈥淢iguel,鈥 you leaned into his car window and tried not to fall for his beautiful, crafted face. 鈥淭onight, was a mis-,鈥
He stopped you with a heart stopping kiss. 鈥淒on鈥檛 finish that sentence. See you later, princesa.鈥
As Miguel drove off Angel started yelling at you. 鈥淒id you really have to kiss him? TWICE?鈥
鈥淗e kissed me. Not the other way around.鈥
That was enough, he didn鈥檛 need to hear anymore. EZ grabbed your hand and started pulling you towards your house. 鈥淐鈥檓on you need to shower and then go to bed.鈥
鈥淎nd I can do that all alone.鈥 You snatched your wrist back. Now that it was just you and EZ could focus your anger back on him.
鈥淲e don鈥檛 have to sleep in the same bed. I鈥檒l sleep in your dad鈥檚 recliner.鈥 There was no way he was going to sleep on the couch Miguel was just eating you out on.
鈥淲e鈥檙e not doing anything. In fact, we鈥檙e not sleeping in the same house. In fact, go to the hoe you abandoned me for. I鈥檓 sure she wouldn鈥檛 mind housing you.鈥 With that you thanked Angel and shut the door right in EZ鈥檚 face. It was time to realize that you would never be a priority and move on. Just hopefully moving on didn鈥檛 include a married man.
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joheun-saram4 months ago
promise - 4 (knj)
Chapter 4: 6 Months Later
Tumblr media
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Summary- It鈥檚 six months into 2017 and Y/N really needs a place to move into. Luckily Jungkook and Hoseok have an opening.
word count- 3.2k
pairing- asshole!Namjoon x Reader
rating- PG15
genre- collegeau, e2l, angst
warnings- lots of swearing, alcohol consumption, Jungkook being mean (but only because he cares!)
a.n- ooop didn鈥檛 expect angst all of a sudden, did ya?
thanks to the beautiful @oftenderweapons鈥 for beta reading on such short notice!
As always feedback appreciated, a reblog and a like goes a far way. Send me an ask! 馃拰
taglist- @namyoongles鈥, @cheesecakes-randomshitz鈥, @aroseforyoongi鈥, @harryismygod鈥, @lochness-butmakeitsexy鈥, 鈥 @savielore鈥, @thisisval鈥, @honeyj00ns鈥,聽@rjsmochii鈥, @taegularities鈥
Send me an ask to be on the taglist!
Sighing, you looked at the apartment listings for what seemed like the thousandth time. With the new semester starting in less than a week you were in a bind. For the past three years you had lived in an apartment owned by the sweetest old man imaginable, who not only charged you insanely cheap rent for a studio but also gave you a weekly supply of side dishes. It was truly an irreplaceable arrangement and you were sad to see him retire and move out of the city, landing you in the uncomfortable spot of finding a new affordable place to stay.
You groaned loudly, looking up from your laptop to Jungkook across from you, finding him engrossed in whatever pre-semester reading he was doing. Looking at Jungkook, with his tattoos and built frame, no one would guess that he had a 4.0 GPA, but he was nothing if not an overachiever.聽
Seeing him paying you no attention, you groaned again, louder, dramatically draping yourself over the table, your fingers splaying right next to his laptop.
鈥淚 told you. Move in with me,鈥 he said, refusing to look away from his screen but patting your hand sympathetically.聽
鈥淵ou live with boys. Boys are gross!鈥 you whined, rolling around a little to really amp up your tantrum, the other customers in the small cafe looking at you in annoyance. Jungkook on the other hand, still refused to look at you, raising a finger, as his lips moved fervently, soundless reading his lecture. God, he was such a nerd! Who pre-reads the whole semester worth of lectures before they even begin?
When he finished reading whatever notes he had on his organic chemistry elective (yes, elective!), he finally looked up at you, shaking his head with a little smile. 鈥淵ou know I live with Hobi, right? He literally has a mental breakdown every time a hookup asks 鈥榃hat are we?鈥 and deep cleans the apartment.鈥 You laughed, having fully witnessed one of those 鈥榤ental breakdowns鈥, and Jungkook joined in, cackling loudly, before continuing. 鈥淏ut seriously. Think of it as doing us a favour, we have two rooms open and I really don鈥檛 want to live with two randos.鈥
This is why Jungkook was your best friend. He knew exactly what to say to convince you of something. He knew that even if you protested, your first priority was a clean space and you were a sucker for his puppy dog face, which he was giving you in full force at the moment. You looked at him, his eyes wide, eyebrows furrowed together with a little pout and you couldn鈥檛 help but give in.
You groaned, sitting up straighter, almost knocking your coffee over in the process. 鈥淔ine! Can you ask your landlord to forward the lease to me, I鈥檒l sign tonight.鈥 You had resigned to your fate, although the prospect of spending the last year of university living with your best friends did bring a smile to your face - even if Jungkook and Hoseok had a bad habit of ganging up on you during fights.
鈥淐heck your inbox!鈥 Jungkook responded with glee, as you rolled your eyes. Of course, he had already sent you the lease, the little overprepared nerd.聽
鈥淥n one condition, Jungkook,鈥 you looked at him sternly, the smile dropping off his face at your tone. 鈥淵ou cannot make fun of Tae when he comes over. You have to be nice.鈥
He rolled his eyes at that. It was no secret that Jungkook harboured a huge grudge against your sort-of-but-not-really-boyfriend. Probably because of the label itself. If you were being honest, that was the biggest reason you didn鈥檛 want to live with Jungkook and Hoseok - they were not shy about their hatred for the man you liked, and took every opportunity to judge you, lovingly, of course.
鈥淚 won鈥檛! His face makes fun of him itself.鈥 Jungkook crossed his arms as you glared at him, before softening and apologizing.
You let him stew for a while before clicking through your inbox. You found the email from the landlord, and with an easy click on Adobe you were now roommates with the infuriatingly pushy boy in front of you. As he saw your signed lease appear in his inbox, he vibrated with excitement. Jungkook had been dying to live with all his best friends for years, quoting something about enhancing the university experience and wanting to be in a frat without being gross. Yeah, you didn鈥檛 know what he was talking about either, all you knew is that he had now affectionately dubbed you the new member of the 鈥楧en of Hoes鈥. Oh did you not know? Yes, that鈥檚 what they called their apartment. Boys are so stupid.
It was a month after the coffee shop manipulation that you ended up moving into the Den of Hoes. As Jungkook and Hoseok helped move in the plethora of things you had accumulated from living in one place for so long, you looked around the apartment. You had grown to love the apartment over the years and it felt odd to call it your home now. The doorway opened to an open concept living room and kitchen, separated by a breakfast island that housed Jungkook鈥檚 bowl of candy and energy bars. The living room had a large television that the boys shared custody of and a big black sectional sofa that had absolutely no cushions, something you were dying to rectify. The living room led to two hallways on opposite ends, and each hallway housed two bedrooms and a bathroom, with Hoseok and Jungkook鈥檚 rooms on the left and yours and mystery person鈥檚 rooms on the right. There was also a large balcony, running across the north side of the apartment, accessible from the living room and Hoseok鈥檚 room, filled with a collection of mismatched patio furniture the boys had picked up over the years.聽
Although you had been wary about their shenanigans before moving in, you had to admit it, your friends were neat freaks. The entire apartment was spotless, which you hoped was not due to your arrival. Or if it was, that it continued. As you watched your friends struggle to bring in the gigantic rubbermaid box that contained all your books, you tried to map out how you could add to the sparse decor. Jungkook and Hoseok kept their personalities to their rooms so the living areas were pretty empty, the only semblance of personal touch being the wall of empty liquor bottles that they collected as some sort of badge of a night well spent.
鈥淲hy do you have so many books? You鈥檙e a CS major, stop reading!鈥 Hoseok whined, leaning on his knees as he tried to catch his breath, Jungkook laying on top of the box in defeat.聽
鈥淚 told you guys I could鈥檝e brought it in myself鈥︹ you said, grabbing a couple of water bottles for them and joining the two of them on the floor as they argued that your strategy of carrying the books in manageable chunks was less efficient than their display of macho strength as they carried the whole box up the three flights of stairs.
鈥淲ell now that we are finally done, let鈥檚 celebrate!鈥 Jungkook stood, making his way to one of the kitchen cabinets and grabbing an obscenely large bottle of champagne. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna call the rest of the crew and we can have our first party!鈥 His excitement was palpable as he popped the cork, nearly missing your face, and spilling a quarter of the bottle on the floor much to yours and Hoseok鈥檚 dismay.聽
As Jungkook was about to message the group chat, you remembered that the fourth person was meant to be moving in later tonight as well. However, despite your insistence that the party be moved to when everyone was well acquainted, Jungkook was unstoppable, reasoning that there was nothing better to break the ice than having six new friends helping bring all your stuff in. The bubbles in your head from your drink made you agree and as the rest of your friends arrived, the copious amount of soju that was broken out had you feeling giddy and your fingers loose.
Y/N: come christen my new room?
Taehyung: thought you鈥檇 never ask!
Taehyung: be there soon baby. wear your red lace please ;)
Y/N: implying that i didn鈥檛 put it on before i messaged you
Taehyung: that鈥檚 my girl
鈥淣o! No Y/N! You didn鈥檛 just invite Tae!鈥 Hoseok whined as he read your messages over your shoulder. You really needed friends who respected your privacy.
鈥淗obi! Don鈥檛 be mean! That鈥檚 her boyfriend!鈥 Jimin chided, trying to fill his glass with champagne but missing it by a large margin. Yeah, the lot of you might have gotten pretty drunk, pretty fast.
鈥淣ot her boyfriend, just an ass,鈥 Yoongi snickered over his drink, his arm around Jieun who playfully smacked his chest at the comment.
鈥淒on鈥檛 listen to them, Y/N. He鈥檒l come around, he loves you. There鈥檚 no other reason he鈥檇 be with you this long,鈥 she patted your leg sympathetically while Yoongi rolled his eyes. Jieun and Jimin were probably the only ones that didn鈥檛 judge you for being with Taehyung.
Although you didn鈥檛 argue much with your friends, already aware of their disdain for the boy, you couldn鈥檛 help but feel your heart sink at their words. It would have been alright if this was an occasional comment, but it seemed that every time you talked about him, they would try to convince you why he was a bad choice. You knew he was a bad choice, you knew that he had commitment issues, you knew what the two of you had was just sex, but you couldn鈥檛 help get your hopes up. He was different when the two of you were alone. Your friends didn鈥檛 know about the poems he would write as he tenderly held you after sex, his fingers tracing your skin. They didn鈥檛 know the messages he would send you wishing you luck on a big test, or before a job interview. That鈥檚 the thing, they didn鈥檛 know him and they made no effort to include him and if you were being honest you blamed them for him avoiding you at parties. Why would he want to hang out with a bunch of people that went silent every time he walked into the group, or people who would not-so-subtly insult him every chance they got.
Your mood sufficiently dampened, you spent the rest of the three hours drinking and watching TikToks, despite your friends鈥 apologies and efforts to make you laugh. At around 2am, everyone left, leaving only the three of you to clean up.
鈥淵ou know, we only say that because we鈥檙e worried about you, right?鈥 Jungkook sighed, seeing the frown on your face as he picked up the empty bottles while Hoseok wiped the counters.
鈥淚 know, Kook, but it鈥檚 too much. You guys don鈥檛 even give him a chance!鈥 You almost yelled, the water splashing in the sink as you roughly washed the dishes of grease from the pizza from earlier.
鈥淲e do babe. Or we try to,鈥 Hoseok hugged you from behind, knowing that you could never stay mad at him after some cuddles. 鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 have to uninvite him today. We would鈥檝e played nice.鈥
鈥淚鈥 I didn鈥檛 uninvite him,鈥 you muttered, your face heating up at admitting the embarrassing truth. Taehyung was notorious for having a pretty flexible definition of 鈥榮oon鈥, so you weren鈥檛 shocked that he was yet to show up, but that didn鈥檛 mean you wanted your friends to have another thing they hated him for.
鈥淵ou mean he ditched you?鈥 Jungkook laughed bitterly, shaking his head angrily. 鈥淲hat a fucking ass! See, this is why I don鈥檛 like him!鈥
鈥淗e didn鈥檛 ditch me! He鈥檚 still gonna come!鈥 You turned to your friend, ripping off the rubber gloves you were wearing in fury.聽
鈥淲hen? At 4am when you鈥檙e asleep? This is even worse than a booty call!鈥 He ran his hands through his hair, his tongue poking his cheek in a way that showed how annoyed he truly was.
鈥淕uys鈥 calm down, let鈥檚 not fight.鈥 Hoseok walked between the two of you, trying his best to deescalate the situation. However, you shoved his hand from where it laid on your shoulder, moving towards Jungkook and poking him in the chest, your eyes ablaze.
鈥淣o. Please Jungkook. Please explain to me how this is any different than you and Jisoo. When is the last time you hung out with her?鈥 You could see Jungkook鈥檚 eyes harden at your comment. It was a low blow, Jisoo and Jungkook had a complicated relationship since their first year of university. An on and off relationship that was only off because Jisoo claimed to want to experience university without a boyfriend, whereas Jungkook was all in.
鈥淭hat is completely different because she is my ex. And we鈥檙e both on the same page, working towards dating again. Do you think he mopes around like you when you don鈥檛 call him?鈥 He crossed his arms, looking at you down his nose, his gaze making you feel smaller than you had ever felt. It wasn鈥檛 because he was mad at you, it was because deep down you knew he was right.
鈥淒on鈥檛 do this, Jungkook,鈥 Hoseok warned after seeing how your face fell at his comment, pushing him backwards, but Jungkook was nothing if not determined.
鈥淣o, Hobi. She needs to know she鈥檚 being an idiot. He doesn鈥檛 love you, Y/N. He鈥檚 just using you to get his dick wet and you鈥檙e letting him treat you like shit!鈥 He put his hands on your shoulders, trying to shake some sense into you. Usually you would laugh it off, but all you could do was hear your heartbeat in your ears, feeling your eyes sting.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you think I know that?鈥 You yelled, pushing him off, your voice echoing around the room. Jungkook and Hoseok looked at your tear-stained face in alarm. 鈥淚 know he doesn鈥檛 love me. I know I鈥檓 one of many booty calls, but he makes me happy. As fucked up as that is, he makes me feel wanted and pretty and I don鈥檛 know鈥 you wouldn鈥檛 understand.鈥 You wrapped your arms around you, expecting Jungkook to feel bad for you and just leave you alone, but he continued.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right. I don鈥檛 understand why you鈥檙e crying over a guy when you could go outside and have hundreds falling for you. Why is your self-esteem so low all of a sudden?鈥 His words cut deep causing you to release a silent gasp, your mouth falling open.
鈥淛ungkook! That鈥檚 enough.鈥 Hoseok spoke sternly, bringing the argument to an end. 鈥淲e鈥檙e all drunk and I think we should just go to bed.鈥澛
鈥淔ine,鈥 Jungkook said curtly, looking at you one last time before stalking back to his room. You had no idea how the night had gone so shit so fast. Regardless of what Hoseok said, you felt stone cold sober.
鈥淔ine,鈥 you called out to him, stomping your foot petulantly.
Just as your argument ended the melodic twinkle of your ringtone rang out, cutting the strained silence in the room. One look at your phone showed Taehyung's face, smiling brightly holding up a finger heart, reminding you of when you took the photograph in California last year. Such a simpler time.
You watched as Hoseok just shook his head, going back to cleaning as you stepped out of the apartment to get some space, phone in hand. Settling on the floor across the hall from your door, you dialed Taehyung back, listening to the tone before it rang through to voicemail. You decided to wait before calling him again, bringing your knees to your chest to work through your thoughts.聽
As you once again considered breaking things off with Taehyung for the thousandth time, you watched your new roommate walk towards the door. You couldn鈥檛 see his face but watched as the tall platinum blond man dragged his obscenely large duffle bag behind him, almost tripping as he opened the door and unceremoniously walked inside. You were glad that you all had cleaned up everything already. Before you could dwell further on your relief that Jungkook and you didn鈥檛 fight in front of the stranger, your phone rang once again.
鈥淗ey babe. Sorry but can we raincheck tonight?鈥 Taehyung鈥檚 gravelly voice rang through your speaker, his words reigniting your anger from earlier. Why couldn鈥檛 he just prove your friends wrong for once?
鈥淲hat? Seriously?鈥
鈥淚 just came home from a party and honestly I鈥檓 kinda too tired to come over.鈥 He did sound tired, evident from the little groan in the middle of his sentence. Usually you would let it go, but the earlier events made you snippy.
鈥淥f course you are.鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 that supposed to mean? Are you mad?鈥
鈥淲hat do you think, Taehyung?鈥 you huffed.
鈥淲hy are you mad? You want to get laid that bad?鈥 He didn鈥檛 sound annoyed. If anything, he sounded concerned as if sex was some ailment that you needed or you would perish. You rolled your eyes at his tone, knowing he couldn鈥檛 see you.
鈥淎re you kidding me? It鈥檚 not about that. You promised you were gonna show up.鈥
鈥淥kay. First of all, I never promised, stop getting dramatic. Second, come on babe, this is how we are. Casual. What鈥檚 the big deal?鈥
鈥淭he big deal is I can鈥檛 do this anymore, Tae鈥 I can鈥檛 be waiting on you all night to get ditched!鈥 You knew you were raising your voice, probably disturbing your neighbours, but you hated how calm Taehyung sounded.
鈥淵/N. You agreed to this. Why are you making me out to be the bad guy? I told you I don鈥檛 do relationships. You wanted this.鈥 He emphasized his point with a sigh.
鈥淲ell maybe I don鈥檛 anymore!鈥
鈥淭ell you what. It鈥檚 late. Why don鈥檛 you sleep and we鈥檒l talk about this tomorrow?鈥 He was so dismissive it made your blood boil.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to talk tomorrow! I want to talk now! We鈥檝e been doing this for months Tae, does that really mean nothing to you?鈥
鈥淚 can鈥檛 do this right now. Go to bed, Y/N.鈥
鈥淔uck you, Tae.鈥 He had hung up before you could get your words out, your chest burning. You felt like crying, you felt like screaming, breaking something, but all you did was stand up from your spot to make your way into your apartment and Jungkook鈥檚 room. He was standing in the middle of his room, apparently in the middle of changing if his shirtless outfit was anything to go by.
He took one look at your face and after a pregnant sigh, he opened his arms, bringing you into a hug. As all your fights with Jungkook always went, this one was also resolved with whispered apologies and a hug.聽
Looking at the time, the two of you decided to go to bed instead of delving into a long heart to heart, and you went to your room to unpack your skincare and start your routine for the night. Walking to the bathroom, hands full of products, you opened the door to find your new roommate fresh out of the shower, a bright blue towel wrapped around his waist and applying moisturizer in the mirror.聽
Your jaw dropped when you recognized the blond man gawking at you through the mirror.
The universe really did love making your life hell.
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I hope you liked this! Let me know what you think. For more of my works visit my masterlist!
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disco-funk-and-soul094 months ago
Enhypen and Reading
Pairing: Enhypen x reader
Warning: none, just a lot of fluff
Word Count: 2.4k (my thumbs slipped a little haha)
Description: Just a bunch of little one shots of Enhypen and either them or their significant other reading!
Notes: This is my first time writing a headcannon/these little scenario things. I think they are so cute and wanted to try and make one so here it goes!
Tumblr media
-You will just be sitting at home, curled up on you bed with a cup of tea and a聽 good book.聽
-He will come into the room and be insanely tired after practice聽
-And dude just crashes on the bed like the meteor that whipped out the dinosaurs
-He will just kinda moan from exhaustion into the comforter
-鈥漎ou okay?鈥
-Will just kinda give a grunt in reply
-You laugh to yourself and get up to grab some food for him. You grab a bowl of ramen (obviously) and come back to find him skimming through the fantasy book you left on your pillow, hie long dark hair pushed back so he can see the words.聽
-It鈥檚 a fantasy book, so it peaked his interest a little bit. I feel like he would like either sci-fi or fantasy. Maybe dystopian.聽
-鈥漌atcha got there?鈥漎ou ask teasingly, and set the bowl of ramen down for him.聽
-鈥.....nothing鈥 he says and throws the book onto the bed again. You just kinda laugh and pick it up, and go back to your spot on the bed.聽
-鈥淵ou want me to read it to you from the begging?鈥 and he nods shyly in reply, because even though Heeseung is the oldest he is still a baby.
-He grabs a few bits of food then lays his head on your shoulder while you read to him. He actually get鈥檚 pretty invested in the story too. Like, boy will ask every time he gets home if you can read to him for a little bit.聽
-What started as a little reading before bedtime became a dead ass obsession
-You end up getting the whole series for him and he is really sad when there is only three books.聽
-If there is an adaptation of book to movie he will sure as hell watch the movie with you but get hella mad at the movie not matter how well made it is.聽
-Will 10/10 scream 鈥淩EAD THE BOOK!鈥 at the tv while angrily eating popcorn.聽
-He might or might not have conned the members to watch it with him.聽
-Overall, loves spending time with you and bonding over an unexpected love
-I feel like Jay hates reading, but does not necessarily hate books or a good story.聽
-Can鈥檛 sit still for a super long time and read.
-Reading aloud Pt.2
-He will just be playing video games while you are just sitting next to him in one of his sweatshirts (which he is trying not to flip out about because you literally look like the cutest human being that has ever walked the earth)
-Will just ask if you can read to him aloud. Mostly because he likes the sound of your voice and just wants something to listen to that isn鈥檛 the sound effects from Zelda: Breathe of the Wild
-鈥淎re you sure?鈥 you ask, knowing full well you are reading a romance novel this time around.聽
-鈥淵eah, I don鈥檛 care what it is. I just want to hear your voice.鈥
-The compliment made you turn a little red, and you just decide to give in.聽
-It starts out okay, but as you read more, the more romantic the book gets.聽
-Jay goes from just hearing your voice, to listening to the story and after a while stops playing his game to listen to what happens.聽
-It will literally be 4AM and he is 10/10 invested now.聽
-But he would never ever tell the other members because they would tease him to the ends of the earth.聽
-After that night, he secretly became a fan of romance novels and would listen to the audio-book version (because he does not want to sit for so long) and play his video games. But his favorite audio book narrator is you
-Sometimes the two of you would have nights where you pick a romance novel and play video games. It has gotten to the point where sometimes he will read to you while you play video games if he wants to know what is gonna happen next.聽
-10/10 did cry when you read The Fault in our Stars to him that one night, but will never admit it
-And being the smooth mf he is, will sometimes use cheesy pick up lines from the books, which always end up with him kissing you.聽
-Has defiantly made out with you after reading the make-out part in a book. He likes the way you blush when reading it aloud and gets endless satisfaction from teasing you about it.聽
-Why do I get the vibes that Jake is kinda a big sci-fi nerd?
-Like dude has definitely seen all the stars wars movies, and likes the original three the best.
-So, you transfer that knowledge into books. I don鈥檛 think he would actually sit down with a book either, but maybe has done audio books in the past and sometimes reads an e-book on the way to practice or something.聽
-Has recommend a few sci-fi books to you which you really liked
-This boy is the epitome of a snuggle bug so I鈥檓 willing to bet that both you and Jake have made a blanket fort and made a stay at home reading date.聽
-It started out with you reading a fantasy novel and Jake reading some sci-fi/dystopian (maybe Maze Runner or Hunger Games)
-You made it a lot longer then he did in terms of staying up late, and he ended up falling asleep with his head in your lap the book still in hand. You just lovingly pet his hair and give him a soft kiss on the forehead.聽
-He is kinda still awake and notices when you kiss him causing him to smile and blush a little which you sure as hell noticed. Therefore, making you feel blushy.
-The two of you wake up in each other鈥檚 arms聽 with books scattered around you and pillows on the ground. The members may or may not have taken pictures to send to Jake later.聽
-鈥淚 have to go Jake, I鈥檒l see you latter tonight.鈥 you mumble, still feeling a bit groggy.聽
-You let out a laugh at his cuteness.聽鈥淵es, I have to leave.鈥
-鈥淛ust a few more minutes? Plz?鈥 He begs and he looks up at you giving him his best puppy dog eyes as his arms wrap tighter around your waist.
-Does not like to read because they cannot sit in one place for so long pt.2
-I feel like he would not do audio-books or e-books, but still likes a good story like everyone else.聽
-So it ends up with you just making up your own before you go to sleep at night.聽
-It started out with you jotting down a few story things in your phone before bed when Sunghoon came along and climbed in.聽
-鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥
-鈥淣othing, just writing down ideas鈥 you reply happily
-He leans his head on your shoulder not just to be affectionate but to also see what you are doing.聽
-鈥淲hat are you-stop!鈥 you say playful, realizing he is reading your work over your shoulder.
-鈥淐ome on, what鈥檙e you doing?鈥 He asks equally as teasing.聽
-You just let out a sign and start telling him the story you had been thinking of for the past few weeks. It鈥檚 a fantasy story. One about ghosts, a murder, and time travel. And it has Sunghoon addicted.聽
-He doesn鈥檛 really care for reading books or listening to them, but hearing you come up with this idea all on your own, and how you have expanded your imagination to create this fictional world kinda impresses him.聽
-Will fall asleep to you telling him this story, his head in you lap as you stroke his hair affectionally and continue talking.聽
-Will bring you tea or coffee when your throat gets dry from talking too long.聽
-During the romance scenes he makes sure to give you a kiss on the cheek
-鈥淲hat was that for?鈥 You ask playfully.
-鈥淲hat was what for?鈥 he responds casually, acting as if nothing happened.聽
-鈥淣ever mind.鈥 You respond with a laugh and continue talking, but as you do his face gets a little red, which you will most definitely tease him about later.聽
-But most importantly, he loves spending the time with you, and can鈥檛 wait for the end of your story!
-I feel like Sunoo really likes comics and you cannot change my mind about this.聽
-He either likes contemporary comics or fantasy to me. He honestly just seems like the type to really like that combination of words and pictures to make the story come alive.聽
-Everyone and a while, he will give you one that he really liked and thinks you would like too.聽
鈥淚 got this for you.鈥 he says, if not a little shyly.
-Its a rectangle wrapped in black and white polka-dotted wrapping paper.聽
-鈥淲hat鈥檚 this for?鈥 You ask, taking the neatly wrapped package.
-鈥淣othing,鈥 he replies simply, your eyebrow arched at him suspisously.聽鈥淛ust open it.鈥 He insists.
-You rip open the paper to find a copy of your favorite romance comic and a sci-fi comic you had been wanting to get your hands on for forever.聽
-鈥淥H MY GOSH!鈥 You exclaim, and you can鈥檛 hold your excitement and begin to do a little jumpy dance as you admire the beautiful, shinny cover of the comic.聽
-鈥淚鈥檝e wanted this one for so long!鈥 you squeal.聽鈥淭hank you, thank you, thank you!鈥 and you go to hug him, only for his arms to find his way around your waist, yours around his neck.聽
-鈥淚鈥檓 glad you like it. I鈥檝e never read the sci-fi one, so we can read it together latter tonight.鈥 he says with a smile.聽
-鈥淵es! I can make us hot cocoa too!鈥 and you turn to look out the window, snow fluttering down on the other side.聽
-鈥淭hat sounds good.鈥 he says, and leans down and places a soft and gentle kiss on your lips. You kiss back, and you find your hands find their way into his soft dark hair.聽
-Later that night, you both settle into bed and start reading.
-Sunoo would 10/10 put on like ambient background noise and maybe turn on soft, warm lights to make the space nicer. The room would smell like hot coca and ramen as you read the night away聽
-You end up falling asleep first about about 3AM and he falls asleep a little latter.聽
-You wake up to him hugging you like his own personal teddy bear.
-It was probably the best night the two of you had in a while.聽
-I think if he had to read anything it would be webcomics
-Like he most definitely has Webtoons on his phone and for some reason I get the vibe that he doesn鈥檛 read them everyday.
-But when he is on the mood to read one, maybe after practice I can guarantee you that he read that comic until the sun rose the next day.聽
-Like he binged an entire 150 episode comic in one evening/night.聽
-I mean, you do the same thing, but for some reason it it ten times funnier when Jungwon does it. I feel like he would get super into it too.聽
-He most definitely reads in many places over the course of him binge reading this comic.聽
-Maybe in one place you鈥檒l find him on his bed, reading upside down. 20 minutes go by and you find him sitting in the kitchen.聽
-Will read webcomics like people watch sports...loudly. Yells at his hone when the characters do dumb shit, and squeal and cheer when the main couple in a comic get together.聽
-鈥淲hat ya doing?鈥 you ask, as you look over his shoulder to see him scrolling through the comic quicker to see what was going to happen next.聽
-鈥淩eading.鈥 he replies simply, not looking away form his phone.聽
-You just let out a small laugh and sit down on the floor or the couch, or wherever he is reading really and open your own book. You lay down on his lap and start to read.聽
-It takes him a hot moment to realize you where there, and once he does his cheeks turn a little red, but you鈥檙e too busy in your novel to notice.聽
-Just admires you reading for a minute before he presses a quick kiss to your temples then goes back to scrolling through his comic like nothing happened.聽
-You don鈥檛 say anything, just smile to yourself and set a mental reminder to kiss him back when the time comes.聽
-I cannot see him as a reader in any universe I鈥檓 sorry
-Is WAY to active to sit and pick up something to read
-But, just like Sunghoon he does enjoy a good story.
-Off the record, I have a theory that even if someone doesn鈥檛 like one form of telling a story, like a book they may enjoy another form of it like a movie or even a video game.聽
-Anyway, I feel like the only way you could get this boy to read something was f there was a tv show about it.聽
-Like I feel like he does like cartoons and stuff so, he would maybe read the comic before watching his tv show.聽
-Or even finds a tv show that he really likes to the point where he wants to share it with you.聽
-He is kinda embarrassed that he finds something that is not even real so compelling. Especially since it is a cartoon.
-But you let him know that it鈥檚 okay.聽
-鈥淣iki, everyone likes different things, it鈥檚 okay.鈥 you say comfortingly as you go to turn on his favorite cartoon.聽
-鈥淏ut cartoons are only for kids.鈥 he says, shyly.聽
-You look at him like he has grown another head.聽鈥淭hey are not.鈥 you insist.聽鈥淲ho do you think draws cartoons?鈥
-He doesn鈥檛 answer.
-鈥淎dults.鈥 you said and kiss him on the cheek to reassure that it鈥檚 okay.聽
-鈥淭hanks.鈥 he says, and a small smile is back on his face. You sit back down on the couch and he puts an arm around your shoulders, giving you a small kiss on the cheek before the show starts.聽
-As for the comic part of it, he has most definitely, left the first one on your bed. It鈥檚 clearly a loved copy, considering the front page is bent and the spine is cracked. The pages are yellowing, some of them dog eared.聽
-But nonetheless, you like sharing this fictional love with him.聽
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