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Can I just find someone who see a potential in my art and want to help me get better? Like artists sugar daddy, or platonic one who enjoys saecasm and sci-fi talk?

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My mom wanted some new lights to hang from our gazebo and I told her she should find some that look like stalactites and you know what her answer was? She straight up told me they don’t sell lights for nerds!!!!!

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Can we please invent a word that defines individuals who are both a nerd and a geek?

I was reading the comments section of a post about a sixteen year old girl who went to watch Star Wars so much so she could create her Halloween costume - cosplay (you might have seen it). The post was generally about shutting down the idea that females can’t be geeks.

At some point in the comments there was a small thread with two individuals talking about being labeled either a geek or a nerd. With the idea that maybe they were a “little more geek and less nerd.”

Here’s the thing:

Knowledge about any topic, be it math or fandom is always evolving. It can’t stay constant regardless if a thing was fact and now isn’t. Knowledge or “smarts” comes in a vast array of topics and neither is superior to the other. Ever.

You can be mathematics smart, science smart, literary smart, street smart, musically smart, artist smart, space smart, food smart, history smart, agriculture smart.

The list is wonderfully endless ♥

And the best part is that even if you aren’t “smart” about a topic, you can learn to be. It’s never too late to learn something new or evolve your understanding around a topic you are already versed in.

With that in mind, can we PLEASE invent a word that occupies the truth of being exactly who we all really are.

A nerd and a geek.

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This is a blog about what I’m up to in life and how things are going. I hope to share my life as it is. The hope is to share my life along the way, as it is. I may share some tears, some smiles and good times along the way… hopefully more smiles than all else :) 

A little bit about me: I’m a Canadian with South Asian heritage, studying Sociology in university. This field fascinates me because of its ability to critically assess the world around us. There are so many ways to analyze society and question why it is the way it is, and soc lets look at every aspect of the world from unique perspectives. 

Needless to say, I’m a bit of a nerd. I love learning, both in and out of academic settings. Being a big fan of anything fantastical, the plan is to blend those aspects of my life as time goes on, if things go well. I am also quite into photography, specifically landscape and architecture, so I may occasionally share new moments that I capture.

This is my newest journey, and I’m starting during this covid-19 quarantine. What a time to be alive! Whoever may read this, welcome! I wish you healthiness and happiness today and everyday to come. This is a tough world we live in, but we can make it even the slightest bit easier for one another, together. 

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Oh, hey. Hi Instagram. Throwback to when we were humans. Miss you SHAUNATHON!!
#throwbackthursday #behindthescenes #photoshoot #shenanigans #nerdlife #itscalledchildendangerment #youcantspellamericawithouterica #cheekbonesfordays #magicalunicorn (at Queens, New York)

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Wee Jason makes his first batch of cookies with Alfred

Cookies just weren’t really a treat he ever got much growing up, unless it was included in a soup kitchen meal or swiped from another kid’s lunchbox. Alfred was happy to show Jason how to make his own so he could have them anytime he wants from now on

(Prompt from @ladypaperwriterson)

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