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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Wee Jason makes his first batch of cookies with Alfred

Cookies just weren’t really a treat he ever got much growing up, unless it was included in a soup kitchen meal or swiped from another kid’s lunchbox. Alfred was happy to show Jason how to make his own so he could have them anytime he wants from now on

(Prompt from @ladypaperwriterson)

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Everyone gagging over infinity war crossovers but I’m holding out for the far more ambitious Spiderman/Nightwing cross comic where everyone else in world assumes these two would totally get along because of fighting styles and jokes, but they actually can’t stand each other and keep trying to outdo each other until nobody wants to be around that mess.


And then Slade and Wade Wilson both show up and make everything even better/worse!

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Hiya could you specify your organic chem problems a bit more? I might be able to help (I think)! I had a really REALLY tough time with it at first but when you find links between various reactions, it becomes easier

sure! im not really sure how to explain it but like… alkene and alkyne reaction problems like these?


and this last one is separate from the previous problems but yeah


theyre just real rough for me i think because i have a really hard time figuring out what i should focus on doing first with the molecule you feel??

also thank you for humoring me nonnie i really didnt think anyone would want to help me study for ochem on my horny fe blog JNVJFHG…

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Excitement of a Fan Boy Fan Base

Incoming fan boy speak: I enjoy getting into new books or movies or games or tv series, anything that has a fan base and you can make friends over.

But as I say that, I have witnessed the end of some really great fandoms end, via: the last movie, the last book, the last episode.

I don’t know if there are any other fan boys/girls out there like me, but when I see something epic, I get emotional and excited to see it. “Split” was a great come back for M. Night Shamalan, but I literally cried for 5 minutes at the end when it was revealed that it was the long awaited sequel to “Unbreakable”. I cried because, after 17 years I was getting the cinematic universe I had been waiting for. My girlfriend at the time didn’t know what to do, so she sat next to me and just waited till I got my shit together.

I have witnessed the end of the Harry Potter cinematic universe and that was a journey, I watched as Walter White fell down next to a meth lab, I watched as Buffy and the gang destroyed Sunnydale. I watched the charmed ones house get destroyed and they vanquished evil and their kids grew up in peace. I watched Star Gate grow and spin off into Star Gate Atlantis to the unfortunate Star Gate Universe (Which wasn’t that bad)


Originally posted by canyoudancelikeahufflepuff

But with endings, there has been a recent chance for revivals or spin offs. “Better call Saul” is the spin off of breaking bad and that is excellent (need to continue watching), Buffy is getting a reboot, but with a new slayer and the help of Joss Whedon and hopefully “Glass” will make me weep with joy again.

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My one and only talent

So today my school library is shutting down and they were giving away books for FREE. So being my nerdy self I had to get a few dozen books for myself which were like 300-500 pages long. And everyone was just like “are you really going to read all these books” and I’m just like ???? Do u even know my talent? I could probably read like 5 books in 2 days if I didn’t have to go to school.

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