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#nero x v
illusmono · 2 years ago
got permission from Pisima for making this animation for #NeroV
after she asked Johnny to say 'V I miss you so much'
(sorry it's 2am so I'm gonna give up here)
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sakkajagga · a year ago
Tumblr media
aW CUTE--and just to let everyone know how dumb i am tho, i somehow read that as the DMC crew getting amnesia and had to rewrite almost all of these lmfao;;; and sorry if there’s any general ~samey-ness~ it’s a bit difficult to write the same thing multiple times w/o overlapping ; ^ ;
    Dante feels like he should act surprised to see you awake so soon when he and the nurse steps back into the room, but in light of seeing you awake, he momentarily forgets.  Luckily the nurse rushing over to check your vitals reminds him that any normal person would be expected to be out for days with the kind of injury you’d sustained.  Luckily you were one of the toughest hunters he’d ever met.
    Rounding the end of the bed to the opposite side of the nurse, he waits till she’s done fussing over you and rushed off to go fetch the doctor before speaking.  “How you holding up, champ?”  He knows (from experience) how hard it is to kill you, but even he can’t help but worry.
    “Wow...the doctors here are like models....”
    “Funny stuff, Y/N,” he chuckles.  “Seriously, you feel all right?”  Your puzzled expression strikes him as more than just playing.  “..right?”
    “Who’s Y/N?”  Your question is so flat, like you were asking about something mundane like the weather, “Me?”
    “Yeah…”  He shifts in place, trying to contain the rising worry.
    “And you?”
    “Dante,”  He says evenly, trying to gauge whether hearing his name triggers anything in you, “Been together for six years now…”
    “Holy shit,” You laugh, amazed, “Am I the luckiest person in the world, or what??  You’re gorgeous!”
     The thought crossed his mind that he should be more concerned with how easily you accept this information, but is unable to keep himself from smirking across at you, “Heh...back atcha, babe.”
    Your eyes flutter open, waking to the sound of someone solemnly bartering with the deities for your safety.  When you look over, you see a woman, head bowed and hands both clasped around yours; the little movement catching her attention.  “Y/N--” she chokes out, bringing your hand to her chest and holding it tightly, “Oh thank Sparda...I was so afraid you’d never wake again!”
    Your blinks are slow, and she reckons you’re trying to gather what all happened, but before she can say anything you ask, “..who are you?”
    It’s her turn to blink confusedly at you, “Y-you don’t know who I am?”  You shake your head, expression apologetic as you can see how that revelation devastates her.
    “Y/N...we’re married…”  She holds up her hand next to yours so she can show you the matching rings.  Your free hand covers your mouth with a small gasp.  “What’s wrong??”
    “I...just...didn’t expect someone so beautiful to be married to me…”
    There’s no uncertainty when you wake.  As soon as your eyes open and see that you’re in an unfamiliar place, you immediately jolt up, pulling the various wires and monitors attached to you.
    “Whoa--calm down!  It’s okay, you’re just in the hospital--”
    You cut her off, jerking away from the woman’s hands on your shoulders, “Who the hell are you!?  Where is this place!?”
    “Y/N...what’d you say??”
    “Who are you!?” you repeat, swatting her hand away when she goes for your shoulder again.
    “It’s me…  Lady…”  Your eyes rake up and down the woman in front of you, and her heart sinks at the confused stare she receives.
    “Oh, you’re finally awake,” a man who can only assume is a doctor due to the white coat comes around the curtain surrounding the side of your bed.  “Your wife hasn’t left your side all this time,” he says with a nod towards the woman.
    You immediately lock gazes with her again, wide-eyed.  “Wife??”
    “Oh dear,” the doctor murmurs, scribbling on his clipboard quickly.  “This is a fairly common occurrence with head injuries,” he assures you both, explaining it a bit before excusing himself to grab a nurse to stay with you.  The silence stretches and you finally take note of the ring on your finger.
    “You’re really my wife?” you ask, almost hesitantly.  Lady nods.  “Really??”
    Her brows knit, “Why would I go through all this just to set up an elaborate ruse to pose as your wife!?”
    “Sorry,” you say with a small laugh, “it’s just that you’ damn beautiful.  I didn’t think that…”
    “Idiot,” she sighs, covering your hand with hers.
    The sound of incessant bickering disturbs you at first, slowly dragging you into consciousness.  You feel like you know the voices, but just can’t place them, trying in vain to focus and figure out where you are.  A man approaches, looking between you and a clipboard in his hands, compliments you on how well you’ve healed, and begins asking you a myriad of things you can’t seem to find answers for.  It vaguely terrifies you, learning that you can’t even remember something as simple as your own name.
    A panicked shout of, “Sir!!  You can’t go in there!” proceeds another man storming into view and right passed the doctor who fails at grabbing his arm to hold him back from going to your side.
    The way he rushes towards you causes you to lean away in slight panic, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.  “What’s wrong?  Are you hurting?”
    “Sir...Y/N can’t remember anything,” the doctor says carefully, as if afraid of igniting the other’s temper again.  “Not even a name.”
    He turns back to you, eyes deep with immediate concern; voice leagues gentler than he’d been speaking before as he asks if you’re okay.  His face makes your heart flutter.
    “Forgive your husband,” the doctor interjects, “he is merely concerned for your well being.  Sir, if you please…”  He gestures towards the nurse, asking him to back off so that he can continue the examination.
    Heat crawls up your neck and fans out over your cheeks, eyes flitting back and forth between the doctor and your...husband.  “Husband??” you ask the question in a voice so tiny, it was a wonder how he heard you at all.
    “Don’t worry about anything except getting better,” Nero says, restraining himself from reaching out to you in light of this revelation and due to the audience.
    “But you’re so gorgeous--” you blurt and immediately cover your mouth.  His brows shoot upward, blush reaching the tips of his ears.  The doctor and nurse are forced to stand in the background, witnessing the two of you sputtering back and forth at one another on who is the actual lucky one.
    The familiar scent of tobacco makes you feel safe as you slowly stir, yet you can’t place why.  You sit up with a groan, head pounding and take a survey of your surroundings...and have no idea where you are.
    “Hey, Nico!” a deep voice calls, “Y/N’s awake.”
    You determine it came from outside just as the door next to the couch you’re on swings upon.  The smell of smoke swells as a woman moves into the room with wide steps, lit cigarette resting between her lips nearly spent.  “‘Bout time,” she drawls, “thought I was gonna hafta dump cold water on ya.”  She doesn’t seem to like the way you’re just owlishly blinking up at her and puts her hands to her hips, “What?  Why you lookin’ at me like you never seen me before?”  Your expression answers for you that she’s right on the money.  Nico puts the cigarette out in a nearby ashtray before leaning in and staring at you hard--you lean back as much as you can against the couch to counteract the sudden invasion of space.  “Shit,” she curses darkly, “guess that bash to the head did more damage than we thought…”
    The mention of getting hit on the head makes you hyper-aware of the throbbing emanating from the back of your skull and you gingerly put your hand to it.
    A silver-haired guy steps up, leaning into the room and you feel it all shift with his weight before realizing you’re in an RV.  “What was that?”
    “Y/N can’t remember anything after that smack to the noggin’.”
    He shakes his head, “Pft, if you were my girlfriend I’d pretend not to remember you too.”
    She readies to punch at him when you hurriedly interrupt, “My girlfriend??  You!?”
    Nero can’t help but snort, “Yeah, my condolences--”
    “My god,” you say to Nico, “you’re absolutely hot,” almost as if you didn’t hear a single thing he was saying.
    “Oh,” Nico’s grin grows unabashedly, hip cocked to one side, “Maybe we should leave you like this…”
    Pain racks your body when you finally become aware again.  You think you surely must be dying; stabbing pain threatening to send you back unconscious.  Movement catches your eye, looking over in time to see a woman approaching your bedside and only now noting the luxuriousness of the sheets draped over you--not that it detracted from the pain.  “An angel?” you question rather weakly, watching as she gives you a curious look.
    “Surely you’re not that delirious.”
    “Are you here to take me to the other side, Angel?”
    “Cute,” she says, tucking some long blonde strands behind her ear as she comes closer still.  “Does it hurt anywhere?”
    “Everywhere…  I’d appreciate it if you could end my suffering sooner rather than later…”
    She gives you that curious expression again, looking as if trying to decide something.  You hope it’s to kill you swiftly.  “What’s your name?” she asks instead.
    “I--” you pause, mouth closing and taking an embarrassingly long few moments trying to come up with the answer.  “I...don’t know…” you finally admit.
    “And you don’t know who I am either, do you?”
    You shake your head.  “Who are you?”
    “Trish,” she puts her weight to one side, long fingers resting over her hip.  “Your partner.”
    The way she emphasizes ‘partner’ sends chills racing down your spine and leaves no room for doubt of how she meant it.  “Y-You’re too beautiful…” you manage around your suddenly dry mouth, “I thought you were an angel of death.”
    “For all you know, I am,” her smirk is playful yet still just this side of mischievous that you’re not sure if she’s being serious or not.
    The first thing you’re greeted by is the sight of this man’s back.  He’s sitting next to you, leaning forward on his knees in silence.  The waviness of his black hair hides the side of his face you might’ve been able to see had it not been obstructing your view.  “Oh rise and shine, sleeping beauty!” an unseen voice announces, startling you enough to jolt a bit.  Only then do you realize there is something else at your other side--a panther that huffs when you move and accidentally elbow it before shifting to its feet and meandering around to your opposite side and the man.  You watch it rigidly, wondering how the hell you got yourself into this situation; jerking away when a giant blue bird drops down and lands in front of you.  “I hope you had a nice nap because I’m bored out of my skull!” he squawks at you.
    The man is merely stroking the panther’s muzzle, but you’re too focused on the bird.  “Y-y-you--you talked!?”
    He shakes his body, repositioning his wings against his sides, “Ha.  Ha ha.  It’s even funnier a fourth time.”
    Your continued startled reaction finally sparks a response from the guy, who slowly turns to look over his shoulder at you.  It gives you a clear view of him, and the book he closes in his other hand.  His face is so familiar, but it’s his voice that really ignites something within you.  You know you know him, but you cannot remember from when, where, or how.  “Are you well?”
    “I...I don’t think so…  There’s a talking bird,” the bird promptly squawks, “and a glowing panther, and--”  You take a breath, “And you’re not fazed by any of it??”
    He stands, tall and magnificent, leaning on a silver cane as he looks down at you for a long moment, clearly contemplating something.  “Tell me your name.”
    “I can’t,” you say with certainty--the only thing you’re certain about.
    He hums thoughtfully, “I see.”
    “See what, Shakespear?” the bird cackles, “Y/N’s useless without remembering anything.”
    He slides down to one knee at your side, eyes searching yours and all you can focus on is the deep emerald of them.  “..beautiful,” you whisper absently.
    He blinks, a little shocked, but still smirks and thanks you, making you aware you’d said it aloud.  “I’m glad you still think so after all this time.”  They’re easily able to read the confusion on your face, but decide to tease you a bit longer, letting your antsy guesses drag on till finally realizing the respective rings on each other’s hands.
    You’re admittedly more than just a little uneasy when you wake to a room full of people surrounding you.  All eyes are on you as you stir to comprehension, shaking your head that feels like it’s full of fog; yet the feeling never goes away.  “Thought we were gonna lose ya for a minute there,” one man says, silver hair falling around his face as he shifts in his seat.
    “Don’t be so dramatic,” a dark-haired woman huffs at him.
    “As if Y/N would die from the blunt end of a scythe,” a younger man says, arms crossed over his chest as he stands next to a fair-skinned brunette.
    Your gaze flits between them all for a few long seconds as they talk amongst themselves and at you till finally speaking up, “..who are you people?”  The uneasy feeling washes over you again as they all turn back to you and a heaviness hangs in the air.  A few glance towards a man you hadn’t noticed before; standing nearly removed from the group.  Something electric passes through you the moment your eyes meet.  You’re targeted with an onslaught of questions; if you know where you are, who a certain person was, what your name was--and unable to answer any of them.
    It was a frustrating, horrifying revelation.  Eventually, you request they all vacate--give you space to think and breathe--a moment to remember what little you could.  It’s hard not to notice the one clad in red clapping the so-far silent man on the shoulder, muttering something to him and departing after a glance back at you.  His movements are fluid and as silent as he is, approaching your bedside and sitting in the chair there.  “I would really like to be alone to gather my thoughts…”
    “So gather them,” he finally speaks, gaze leveled on yours in a way that tells you he isn’t leaving.
    You open your mouth to argue, but something tells you it will do you no good.  “Who are you?” you ask instead.
    “Vergil,” he can see his name triggers nothing in you, yet you can’t seem to take your eyes off him.
    “I know you,” you state very matter-of-factly despite clearly not knowing how.
    “I should hope so, Y/N.”
    You’re just about to ask him to explain when he reaches over and very carefully lifts your hand into view; eyes finally drawn away from his and to the ring adorning your finger.  “O-oh,” heat fills out your cheeks and you hope he can’t see it.  “I was...hoping you’d say something like that…”
    Vergil smirks, amused, “Is that so?”
    You nod, fingers closing around his hand that is still holding yours.
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djevelengriner · a year ago
Can you write how Dante, Nero, and V would react to their s/o having a daddy kink? Thanks! I love your blog to bits!
YES and thank you 💖 I threw Vergil in there, too, just for good measure and I had a few jokes for him.
Gender Neutral ! SSSmut
Tumblr media
- bitch, he knew
- uses it against you as often as possible
- honestly he treats everyone as brats, so it comes naturally, you know?
- you: "alright, I'll call you later!"
- Dante: "don't call me later - call me daddy"
- calls you "darlin'/baby"
- loves making you talk to him while he's fucking you
- "tell me how much you like it", "come for me, darlin'", "show daddy how much you love his cock"
- He loves it when you're bratty
- hope you like spanking
- puts his fingers in your mouth while behind you
- You: "I'm coming...!"
- Dante: "Hi, coming... I'm dad" *ejaculates*
Tumblr media
- "... what did you just call me?"
- somewhat triggered, as he's literally one of the worst dads ever
- "want me to take your arm, too?"
- "how vulgar"
- "No"
Tumblr media
- explain
- he's not really familiar with any 'kinks'- he always just does what feels good
- He accepts it and is excited to try new things
- makes fun of it occasionally
- "want daddy to help you with that?"
- "daddy" always sounds a little weird coming from his mouth
- calls you "love"
- the most gentle dom
- until you tell him "fuck me, daddy"
- worships every inch of your body
- "let daddy take care of you"
Tumblr media
- acts surprised, but he always had a hunch
- "don't worry, daddy's here"
- smiles and accepts it - anything for his sweetheart, after all
- "do you know why, or...?"
- treats you like a glass vase and you can basically step all over him
- "just, not so Dante can hear, okay?"
- calls you "sweetheart/babe"
- "daddy's home"
- angry dom
- likes to use toys and restraints
- does not accept a bratty attitude
- the best at aftercare - he will massage, treat and cuddle you until you beg him to stop
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shadowspice119 · 2 years ago
Dante, V, Vergil, and Nero's reaction to their s/o using the shower together (over 18, nsfw version)? =) Aw thank yooouuu!
(Sexy shower times. *winks*)
Dante’s excited about it. You want to share a shower together? Fuck baby, let’s go!
Is staring at their naked body with hunger. Smirks when they stare at his as he gets naked.
Constantly touching them. He can’t get enough.
It gets very steamy after that.
Pushes them against the shower wall, kisses anywhere he can reach.
Turns them around to face away from him, grinding against them before sliding in.
Dante’s thrusts are quick and excited.
Will keep taking them until the water turns cold.
Once out of the shower it’s to the bed for another round!
They want to bathe with him? Alright.
Internally aroused.
When in the shower both are cleaning one another.
As they get closer to his semi-hard shaft he presses them to the wall and peppers kisses on their neck.
Rubs their excitement for awhile before lifting one of their legs, lining himself up and slowly pushing in.
Gentle rocks of his hips. Slow grinding.
The angle is mouthwatering.
Very satisfied afterwards.
Sharing a shower for the first time? Lead the way, my dear.
A little self conscious at first until they assured him.
They were cleaning him first. Their caressing hands arousing him slowly.
Kissing started.
He sat on the bottom of the tub as they straddled him.
He moans and sighs as they ride him, enjoying their tight heat and the warm spray of water on his back.
Afterwards they finish cleaning each-other before going to the bedroom to finish their lovemaking.
Blushes at their suggestion of taking a shower together.
When they’re both inside Nero scratches at his nose, not knowing where he should start.
They ask if they can start cleaning him and he agrees.
Their touches against his body as they’re both naked quickly becomes more.
Nero’s kissing them like no tomorrow as he gently presses their back against the wall.
They let out a gasp as Nero lifts them up and wraps their legs around his waist.
Nero feels their arms around his neck as he sinks in.
Quickly thrusts upwards into them.
Lots of moaning from both.
After, they both are a blushing mess as they finish cleaning one another.
Cuddles on the bed.
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shadowspice119 · 2 years ago
If it would be appropriate - could I request some angst-ish? If not - feel free to turn me down! Anyhow, the request: Can you, please, write an imagine featuring Dante, V, Nero (and if possible Vergil) having a nightmare about them killing their S/O, if by accident/mistakenly - only to wake up and find S/O near them, quite alive and unharmed?
Angst then fluff.
(I included Vergil ‘cause I love that man.)
“Ha! That all you got!”
Currently Dante, you, Vergil, Nero, Trish, and Lady were up against Mundus and his followers.
Chaos erupted as Mundus summoned more demons.
As the fight drew on Dante was slashing left and right, stabbing through others.
Dante saw a demon from the corner of his eye and moved to stab through it.
When his sword pierced through the foe his vision became blurry. What was happening?
What appeared before him was you. You were impaled through the abdomen by his sword, looking at him in shock and despair.
Dante was frozen as he stared at you.
Mundus then laughed, “It looks like you fell for my illusion, son of Sparda!”
Illusion? No. NO!!!
Dante became distraught as Mundus’ laugh echoed through his head and your now glassy eyes stared back at him.
Dante startled awake. His breathing quick and panicked. He found himself on his bed back home. Where were you!? He felt weight next to him and quickly looked over.
The demon hunter sighed in relief. There you were, sleeping next to him peacefully.
As he watched you he felt his eyes water. You were safe. Unharmed. He didn’t kill-
Dante sniffled at the mere thought of him doing something so vile, so unforgivable.
You shifted in your sleep and slowly woke. “Mmn, Dante?”
“Hey, baby.”
That sadness in his voice got you to wake up completely, “What’s wrong, hun?”
Dante gave a watery smile, “I’m just glad you’re alright.”
Knowing it was a nightmare you pulled him into a kiss, “You’re ok, love. I’m here.”
Dante buried his face into your neck, “I love you.”
“I love you, too, Dante.”
Mundus was back with a vengeance.
Vergil had found himself under his control again. Forced to turn on his loved ones.
After he fought off Dante and Nero he turned towards you.
No, no, NO! He couldn't hurt you!
He was fighting with himself for control as his body unwillingly marched towards you.
You were pleading with him to fight it.
Yamato was lifted in the air before coming down and-
Vergil awoke in panic. All he could hear was his heavy breathing until your frantic voice shook him out of it.
“Vergil! Everything’s alright! Your safe!”
Vergil blinked and met your eyes with his teary ones, “Y-y/n?”
“I’m here, Vergil.”
He didn’t waste any time and pulled you into his arms. 
“Hey… shhh, you’re alright. It was only a nightmare.”
Vergil was thankful it was only a nightmare. He would never forgive himself if something bad happened to you.
You and V were being attacked by a horde of demons. Surrounded.
V called his familiars to fight as you had his back.
Everything happened so fast.
Caught up in the fight, V had told Griffin to use his lightning. During his attack he heard your agonized scream and turned around. You had been struck by a bolt of lightning.
V’s eyes widened in despair. He shouted your name as you fell to the ground. 
You weren’t moving. He ran towards you even though there was a battle going on behind him.
As he got to you he fell to his knees and his fears were confirmed. You weren’t breathing!
V sat up so quickly it made you jump and face him. You saw V hyperventilating and quickly jumped into action.
You placed your hands on his shoulders and kept your voice soft, “V, love, it’s alright. I got you. It was just a nightmare.”
V met your eyes in grief, with such sadness, like he was guilty, “My love.”
“Everything’s alright, love.”
V shook his head, “No. I… you were… I didn’t mean to-”
“Shh, it was only a nightmare. I’m here. You’re here. We are both safe.”
Your lover let out a shaky sigh and pulled you towards him. You immediately returned the embrace, whispering gently to him that he is safe.
Nero was fighting off demons while you and Nico were close by. You were keeping demons away from the van, which was having trouble starting.
Suddenly more demons were appearing.
He heard you scream and quickly spun around.
Nero ran towards you to protect you… but he wasn’t fast enough.
Nero screamed your name in fright, seeing you impaled by the hand of a demon-
You woke up to a frightened scream of your name. Realizing it was Nero’s voice you sat up, trying to wake him from his nightmare.
“Nero! Nero, wake up! It’s ok!”
Nero, hearing your voice, finally woke. His expression was so terrified it made your heart tighten in sadness.
“Y-y/n,” He pulled you down on top of him. Nero let out shaky breaths as he trembled, “I-I didn’t get to you fast enough. Y-you were-”
“Nero. Baby, it was a nightmare. I’m not going to leave you.”
He sighed as you placed a kiss to his lips.
Nero made a promise to himself that he wouldn’t let anyone hurt you.
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zer0pm · 2 years ago
Love Advice (Vergil x Fem!Reader)
Based on this ask:
Tumblr media
Nero: “A necklace.”
Dante: “What, like the one you gave to your girlfriend?”
Nero: “Hey! Kyrie loves it!”
Dante: “Yeah, well Vergil doesn’t do gifts unless their pierced straight through your chest. He’s as straight-forward and as dense as you make ‘em.”
Vergil: “I’m right here, you imbecile.”
Dante: “My point exactly.”
The red twin throws his arm around his brother’s shoulders, leaning over as if telling him an important secret.
Dante: “Listen, brother. You’re not V anymore. You probably would have had an easier time when you had the power of tattoos and poetry on your side, but the game has changed. Hate to say it, but now you’re just an all-natural douchebag and what woman in their right mind would go for that?”
Vergil: “Is this coming from the same man whose only admirer is 18 years old?”
Dante: “There’s Lucia too.”
Vergil: “...Who?”
Nero: “Are we all forgetting that I’m the one that’s actually in a relationship? I think I know what I’m talking about as far as romance goes.”
Dante: “Quiet, deadweight. Adults are talking.”
Nero: “Why, you son of a-”
Somehow Vergil knew asking those two for advice was a terrible idea to begin with. All he wanted was an answer and felt he had no one to turn to but his remaining family. All he wanted was to know how best to declare his intention towards you. He admired you immensely, especially when he was V. Even Urizen, who supposedly encompassed none of the compassion that his human side had stayed his hand against you. That’s how much you affected him.
He can still hear his brother and his son bickering as he walked away, burying his face in the palm of his hand in aggravation.
You: “You look like you’re about to kill someone...again.”
The humorous tone in your voice snaps Vergil to look up from his hand. You wore that playful smirk that he could never resist to return with his own.
Vergil: “I’m just dreading the future of the line of Sparda if those two fools ever procreate.”
You: “Isn’t one of them your son?”
Vergil: “Don’t remind me.”
You laugh out loud, the sound melodious to Vergil’s ears. The mood was light, the perfect opportunity to attempt to woo you into his favor and make you his. However, the nerves got the best of him and he curses inside. Why was this so hard?
You: “Why the grimace?”
Vergil: “I am merely having difficulty coming to terms with my emotions.”
You: “Ha. Congratulations, that’s the human part of you talking.”
You place yourself right beside him, offering a kind smile.
You: “It’s a good thing, though.”
Vergil: “Did you...prefer me when I was V?”
He recalls the month he spent as V surviving the ruinous city by your side. The two of you had gotten along well, a closeness he craved and missed deeply when his two halves reunited to revive him. Since Vergil returned to himself once more, he has hardly seen you. But that fault was mostly on his end. He didn’t know how you felt about him. After a thoughtful pause, you shrugged.
You: “Actually, I always had a feeling that V was hiding something. When we traveled the city together, it seemed like he was...well, holding himself back. Like, there was a part of him he needed for him to truly be himself. I didn’t think he meant that literally. But now, it made sense.”
You looked up at him and Vergil returned your gaze, hanging onto every word that passed your lips.
You: “He wanted people to know the real him. The real V. The real Urizen. Vergil. And here you are.”
Vergil: “Hmph. I do not need to know what others think of me.”
In his peripheral vision, he spots Dante and Nero some distance away. His brother waving furiously before pointing both thumbs towards himself, the action creating a heart-shaped flame behind him.
Tumblr media
The older twin nearly groans, shaking his head before facing you entirely. He straightens his back and clears his throat.
Vergil: “But...I would not be opposed to you. Knowing the real me, that is.”
It sounded better in his head. He dared not meet your eyes in fear of rejection, your silence quickening the pace of his heart. Vergil was just about to withdraw his words when he felt your hand on his arm. His eyes glance up to see you beaming at him with that wonderful smile of yours and he felt his world change.
You: “I’d like that very much.”
As soon as you said those words, you looked down at the ground to hide the blush on your cheeks. Vergil already caught your expression however and found it endearing, filling him with pride at the fact that he affected you just as much as you affected him. He summons the courage to wrap his arm around you and pull you close, relishing in the shape of your body against his. You felt warm and right, bringing a wide, genuine smile to Vergil’s face. He looks up again and regrets doing so entirely. Dante and Nero, wearing stupid grins on their faces, throwing him two thumbs up. He nearly chuckles. Vergil still thinks they’re idiots, but silently he thanked them anyways.
Tumblr media
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queenofallimagines · 2 years ago
Hey, i hope you aren’t busy :) I was hope to get another dmc one, the reader lost a bet a has to dress similiar to her crush. Dmc5 guys and girls Example= v, sleeveless black coat and black pants. I love your stories ☺️
Thank you!!
reader lost a bet a has to dress similiar to her crush.
Tumblr media
- whew that ass looks good in leather pants
- He’s rly handsy
- Like he thinks you look good in his jacket
- 👀👀
- “Dam babe never thought you’d look this good”
- You’re wearing his jacket and a black v neck with the iconic pants
- If you gotta fight monsters in that rip
- BC his dick is hard af
- “Oh I got to have you come get this smoke is gon be a barbecue”
- “Come here and bend over this desk I wanna see summ”
- He’s human be leaving marks all over
- Dumbass might rip his own clothes off of you
- But you look like a SNACC
Tumblr media
- okay first off he wears a corset and nothing else
- Like sir
- The titties
- I don’t know if we’ve ever seen him naked but his waist is just a little bit too snatched for me
- I’m jealous
- Wearing all of his rings and jewelry
- Give him a “hand” with them on and he’ll be eternally great full
- Lady does your eyeshadow
- He h a s to slap that ass just once
- Shakespeare over here isn’t as much of a gentleman as he seems and you can put that on my grave
- Pretends to be reading poetry but he’s looking you up and down
- “How delicious little Wanderer”
- Frequent make-outs in alleyways
- If it’s the summertime rest in peace because that big ass coat has to be hot
Tumblr media
- this one where is the same fucking thing so good luck trying to get in his clothes
- That weird armless triangle vest shit he wears is so strange it is not the move
- But you somehow pull it off because the jacket covers it out
- You have to hold his sword as well
- Completing the look
- He’s Lowkey shook
- Won’t show it tho
- Not as handsy as the others but still possessive
- Hands around your shoulder and waist at all times
- Brushing up on your ass
- Like it doesn’t happen a lot see you thought it was a mistake but the look on his face says otherwise
- Gunna make sure you too have total privacy before he wrecks you
- Takes you with the jacket on
- Cool leather and hot bodies
- “I’ve been longing for this my dear. Do not keep me waiting”
- Oh you getting the D
- Gunna mark you up so everyone knows what happened the next morning
- Might gag you if he’s in the mood
Tumblr media
- nervous little punk boy!!!
- He thinks you rock the look
- The devil may care attitude you have is hit too
- Kick ass while wearing it
- Snacks in the pockets
- He makes you patches for your coat
- He’s super into it
- Wants you to sit on his face
- Looking up at you in his clothes is his kink
- Also taking you In front of a mirror
- “Look babe, you can see me in you”
- Whew he gets hot under the collar real quick
- Sharp eyeliner to match
- Will show you off to everyone
- Nico thinks it’s great
- “You guys are matching!”
- Send him Lewds dresses in his clothes!!
- He will go down on you in his shirt
- He has a mouth like a god
- Really good with his hands too
- Cuddles in his pants
- He’s not slick tho
- Since I’m sure he wears nothing but skinny jeans he’s going to grind on you
- Wearing his clothes really turns him on
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sakkajagga · a year ago
Tumblr media
i hope this is okay;;;;  ; 3;
and oof i’m cringing at that ‘4 months ago’ time stamp...but i gotta get over that bc most of the queue has that very same remark ._.
    While he’d be able to remain mostly calm throughout the ordeal, everyone would still be able to note the intensity he fights with when realizing the truth of the situation.  He’s known for playing around with his enemies, but even Dante just seems to want the creature dead and out of the way of getting you back home safely.
    Once there, he’s going to be hardpressed to be away from you for too long.  Jobs he’d normally take a few days on are done within hours.  Jobs that would take almost no effort, he would pass along to the others if it meant being away for too long.
    He’s not going to mother-hen you, but Dante is going to check in on you quite frequently; especially if you’re unconscious.  He’ll be a little more at ease if you’re awake and responsive, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be any less worried about your state of health.  Even after you’re able to get up and about on our own again, Dante is still going to quietly keeping an eye on you for signs of any permanent damage you may have sustained and are trying to hide.
    His hope is, of course, that things return to normal and that your lives can go back exactly how they were before.  If not, however, he is more than prepared to step in whenever necessary.
    He’s going to be on a rampage from start to finish.  From the moment you go missing to the moment he cuts you free and holds you protectively to his chest, he’s going to be restless and undeterred.  Woe be to the things that are in his way to get to you.
    Nero has a habit of being a bit unapproachable when he’s that upset.  He’ll blame himself for the misfortunes that have befallen you.  Blame himself for letting it happen; for not being able to protect you.
    He’ll call off all unnecessary activities and jobs to stay with you in your time of healing.  Staying in bed with you without sleep to ensure your safety; to make sure you know without a doubt that he is right there whenever you need him.  The first words out of his mouth once you’re coherent again are, “Forgive me,” along with promises to never let anything happen to you again.  He wants you to be able to live your life again without fear and trauma, and will do his damnedest to ensure that.
    Even if you make it crystal clear that you bear no resentment or blame him in any way, Nero is still going to take it upon himself to quadruple his efforts to protect you despite your insistence that you’re fine.
    He’d have a hunch to your predicament.  He knows many things and keeps many more to himself, so it wouldn’t take him quite by surprise to find out your power was being used as a core.  Confirmation would make him rally; push harder--and probably past his own limits--to rescue you, even if that means letting others handle the dirty work so that he may tend to you.
    V is at your side constantly, reading to distract himself and stay calm, sometimes aloud in a quiet voice to you while you rest; one hand over yours as he does so.  He won’t necessarily put his entire life on hold--there is still work to be done--but any free time he has will be devoted to being at your side.
    He waits till you’re able to open your eyes and speak to pass judgment on just how bad off you may be after such an ordeal.  He knows having your life force and energy drained shouldn’t cause any permanent ailment, but it’s not something he’s willing to leave up to chance either.  V is willing to pamper you a bit if you let him, but overall he just wants to see you happy and healthy again.
    The anger he feels is palpable and none are safe from it.  His temper would be at it’s absolute worst until you are safe back home and he’ll be ruthlessly unstoppable until he achieves that goal.
    A majority of his time is spent watching over you as you heal; the other part of his time is spent on jobs and warding off the nosy others who would try and encroach on his or your space.
    The relief he’d feel at the sight of your opening eyes would be immeasurable, but that wouldn’t stop him in the least from (gently, for now) chastising you for such foolish mistakes as to let yourself fall into such danger.  He is, of course, not actually angry at you, but the fear of potentially losing you and the guilt of not stopping it causes him to lash out a bit.
    He would hope by now you would understand the way his mind works.  Vergil isn’t looking to upset you, in fact, he’s, in his own twisted way, expressing his alleviation that you’re finally awake enough to argue back at him.
    Once things have calmed down once again, Vergil will wait till the most prone moment to truly express his gratefulness for your strength to pull through.
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shadowspice119 · 10 months ago
Total Works: 78 (for now)
Devil May Cry “---” Head-canons (SFW and NSFW)
“Mating Season”
Vergil w/ jealous S/o
Dante, Vergil and Nero - During mating season
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - Purring
Cute Dante w/ S/o
Poly Relationship w/ Dante and Vergil
Dante and Vergil - Male S/o
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - Inhuman traits w/ pregnant S/o
The boys w/ S/o who had a miscarriage
Dante w/ fem vampire S/o
The DMC guys natural scent
The boys + V - S/o w/ sexual trauma
More Dante w/ a fem vampire S/o
The boys + V - Calming S/o after a bad day
The boys + V - S/o is affectionate but shy when receiving affection
DMC boys finding gifts from anonymous crush
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - Reaction to a demon-themed saying
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - Going feral after S/o is attacked
Turning the boy’s shirt into a dress
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - Finding out S/o is pregnant
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - Dealing with strangers flirting w/ S/o
Dante, V, and Nero - Saving S/o from being a demon core
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - S/o gives them a surprise smooch
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - S/o gifts them a special plushy
The boys + V - Lavished w/ S/o’s lipstick
Poly Relationship w/ Dante and Vergil
Dante, Vergil, and Nero not seeing their S/o for a while
The boys + V - Doggystyle skills
Nero during mating season
The boys + V - Dirty talk and post orgasm
Dante during mating season
The boys + V - Using the shower w/ S/o
Poly Relationship w/ Dante and Vergil - Mating season troubles
More purring hcs
Would the boys be down to devil-trigger in the bedroom
The boys with a male ‘uke’ s/o
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - S/o’s first time
Accidental devil-trigger
Dante and V - S/o uses safe word
How the boys feel about rough sex in devil-trigger
Kinkier with a demon S/o
The boys with an S/o who is a switch
The boys + V - Getting pegged by S/o
The boys + V - After being pegged
Poly Relationship w/ Dante and Vergil - More sharing fem S/o
Dante, Vergil, V, and Nero - Catching S/o trying on lingerie
Dante, Vergil, V, and Nero - S/o tries to initiate *wink*
Trish - Mating season
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - Sexually frustrated S/o (NSFW)
Vergil w/ shy S/o who tries to ask him out
Dante, Vergil, V, and Nero - Drunk boys
Dante w/ pregnant S/o
Dante finds out lover has an unusual kink
Vergil’s first time with S/o since Mundus’ control (NSFW)
Dante, Vergil, and Nero - Teasing them back (NSFW)
Trying to help Dante with his season
Shy and smol S/o wanting Dante to be rougher during sexy times
Dante, Vergil, V, and Nero - S/o comforting them at their lowest
Devil Lovin’ Part 1 (OC Version)
Devil Lovin’ Part 2 (OC Version)
Devil Lovin’ Part 1 (Reader Version)
Devil Lovin’ Part 2 (Reader Version)
Vergil gets hurt
Dante and S/o at Patty’s 18th birthday party
Dante w/ an half-angel S/o
The whole gang meeting S/o’s bunny
How S/o feels about binding w/ V’s familiars
V’s familiars binding with his S/o
Nero sees you, a member/friend of the DMC crew, as a mother figure (Platonic)
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dmcdrabbles · a year ago
The Boys™ with an s/o who never seems to get past the 'honeymoon' stage? they always catch her staring at them lovingly, giggling when they smile at her, softly blushing when they show physical or verbal affection, complimenting them during battle, things like that! I love me some fluff (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
God im so unsoft hope this is soft enough
Surprised by how honeymoony she always acts, but also pleased by it. Having her affection for him be so overt makes him want to return it, though he’s not as open with it as she is.
When it comes to being in private, he soaks up her reactions to his attention and relishes in the way he can always make her blush. He likes to find new ways to draw reactions out of her.
Though in public he’s not openly affectionate, he’ll accept her compliments and her giggling and her staring without complaint- and in fact, he finds it cute. When he catches her staring he’ll give the smallest little smile (more of a smirk, really) and keep that expression for long after he thinks she’s stopped looking
Especially touched by her compliments, as he likes to impress her.
He finds it so cute. He’s admittedly not very used to people treating him with such obvious affection, and coming from her it means all the much more.
He loves seeing her laugh, so he likes to tell her jokes or give her flirty looks when he has the chance. He gets into the habit of throwing her a wink when he’s leaving for a while, so he can get one last dose of her giggles before he goes.
In private it’s easy for him to get honeymoony as well, especially if he’s been gone for a while. He likes to be physically close to her a lot, even when it’s not necessarily the best time. He can break away when he needs to, but if nothing’s stopping him he’ll spend most of the day hanging out around her.
eMBARRASSED. He does the nose-scratching thing all the time around her. He loves the attention, but overt affection (especially in public) flusters him a little bit. It can end up in an adorable feedback loop of both of them getting flustered around each other.
Having her obvious and open approval of his affection makes it easier for him to give it to her, so over time he’ll be less shy about saying (and doing) romantic things. She’ll probably never stop being able to fluster him when giving him her own, though over time he’ll be more willing to accept it with a blush and a grumble.
Takes him a while to accept that she’s being earnest when she tells him sweet things or compliments him, because he initially believes she’s just trying to talk him up and isn’t actually impressed
Often looks at his s/o when he needs reassurance, because he knows that she’s always able to make him feel better with even just a smile
Loves to impress her and loves to draw reactions out of her, even as he pretends to be nonchalant about it. It’s probably fairly obvious to anyone who knows him well, because he doesn’t usually spend this much attention on one person
Will act like he doesn’t notice the affect he has on her either, even while leaning close to speak quietly in her ear and relishing in the way her whole face gets red.
He likes to turn her compliments against her and say sweet things as though its no big deal. Very dangerous to say anything nice to him, especially considering how flustered she gets.
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shadowspice119 · a year ago
Can you write about Dante, Virgil, V and Nero at their lowest/doubting themselves and they reacting to their s/o telling them this, "You've been the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I dont know what's going on in that mind of yours, but i'm not leaving your side. I'm here and I love you, so wanna wait out the storm together?" (Cause the boys need a good cry and tight hug ever once in a while ;;w;;) Thanks!! Keep up the awesome work!! :D
I totally agree. I wish I could comfort them. T-T
(Angst and comfort ahead)
You noticed that Dante was quiet lately. He wouldn’t even crack a smile.
He currently sat on the couch in Devil May Cry. A beer in hand while looking at the floor.
Dante didn’t even look up when you softly spoke his name.
What he said shocked you, “…Why do you stay with me? …I’ll eventually let you down… You deserve someone better than me…”
At your stunned silence he continued, “I can’t keep this place decently running. I’m careless, a wreck. Hell, I killed my brother once. So… you deserve better, Y/n.” He finished with a sad whisper.
You snapped out of your shock. You couldn’t take him being so self-destructive. It hurt you that he was doing this to himself.
You walked up to him and knelt before him, placing your hand on his, “Dante, please listen to me… You’ve been the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I don’t know everything that’s going on in that mind of yours, but I’m not leaving your side. No matter what I’m here and I love you… So, wanna wait out the storm together?”
Dante dropped the beer he’d been holding and quickly leaned forward to wrap his arms around you, burying his face into your neck as he let out shaky breaths.
The dam had broke.
You held him close, comforted him as he let out quiet sobs and ‘thank yous’.
Vergil was being distant, more so than usual, and avoiding you.
You found him in his room sitting in a chair by the window. He was looking out of it in deep thought, his expression more depressed than the usual stoic.
You approached him and softly asked if he was alright.
His response was quiet, self-loathing, “How could you love a monster like me?”
This saddened you. You knew of what he’s done before you met him, but that didn’t mean he’s still the same person he is today. He’s a better person now. He’s trying to do better. He shouldn’t put himself down like this.
Vergil feels you take his hand in your loving ones and he looks over at you. As you tell him he’s the best thing to happen in your life, that you’re not leaving him, that you love him so much he slowly tears up.
He pulls you into his lap and presses you tightly to him. His hands are trembling and there is wetness on your neck. He’s crying.
You quietly sit there, gently carding your fingers through his hair until he calms.
Yes. He’s loved.
V was very somber. You could feel the depression off of him.
As the two of you were on your mission to Urizen you were worried for your beloved. He was silent for a while now. Did he overexert himself? Was he just tired?
He halted in his tracks as you said his name. V could hear the worry in your tone and asked if something was wrong.
You assured him that you were fine, but you were worried about him instead.
He looked away and to the ground at this, becoming silent again.
You were about to say his name again until he spoke, “I’m not whom I seem to be, Y/n. There is more to me that you don’t know. I’m… scared that you won’t like the real me.”
You place a hand on his shoulder and tell him that you will always be by his side. That you have fallen in love with him because he was the best thing to happen to you. You have seen the real him. Though if there is more to him you will still love him, whoever that person is. You’ll be there every step of the way.
V’s head lowers and you see a tear fall down his face. You embrace him and he, you. He holds onto you like you would disappear, like you were the only thing keeping him together.
He loves you so much.
He’s quiet. Too quiet. Even as he was taking down demons around you both.
Once the demons were out of the way Nero just walked past you, not a word at all.
You were really worried now and ran up to him, grabbing his hand, “Nero, what’s wrong? Are you alright?”
As soon as you had grabbed his hand Nero froze and became rigid.
Nero spun around, his face angry, yet his eyes showed sadness, “You want to know what’s wrong? I’m not strong enough! I couldn’t protect Credo. I couldn’t stop my arm from being torn from me. I couldn’t even keep my new found family from going down to hell! But what scares me the most is that something could happen to you because I might not have the strength, the power, to keep you safe!”
After Nero revealed his fears to you he was heavily breathing, tears in his eyes towards the end of his fearful confession. Once he realized what he had just said he looked away in shame for basically shouting at you.
Has he bottled this up this whole time?
You cupped his face with your hand and turned his face towards you. You told him that everything would be fine. That you were here for him no matter what, that you loved him. Most of all that you would be there to help wait out those dark thoughts with him.
Nero immediately embraced you. He trembled with sobs as he held you close as if you were the most precious thing in the world. And you held him tight just the same.
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sakkajagga · a year ago
Tumblr media
i’ll sure as heck give it an ol’college try  ; v ;
Looks like he’s seen a ghost when you walk back in his life
Poor guy turns as white as a sheet
Will scoop you up in a hug if you don’t hug him first
Voice might actually crack as he welcomes you home
Asks that you at least warn him before going on ‘another vacation’
Wide-eyed staring until you can snap him out of it (won’t be too hard, fortunately)
Hugs.  So many long, tight hugs.
Doesn’t want to let you go; as if afraid you’ll disappear again
He’s definitely not burying his face in your neck to hide the fact he’s fighting back tears.  Definitely not.
Unable to stop saying how much he missed you
Looks at you in dejected disbelief at first
Doesn’t think it’s really you--thinks he’s just hallucinating
It’d take you touching him and speaking to him to make him realize that you’re not just a figment of his imagination
Breathless and stupefied once he registers your touch has warmth and your voice has resonance
Tremulously whispering “You’re real this time,” as he clings to you
Frozen in place and reluctant to touch you--won’t let you touch him at first either
Terrified you might not be real
Bridges the gap by gingerly touching your fingers; feeling his way across your knuckles before holding your hand tightly
Will allow you to hug him and won’t hesitate to hug you back for once
Even he is unable to help admitting he thought he’d lost you forever
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djevelengriner · 2 years ago
I love you writing! If you’re not comfortable with it, you can ignore it. I was wondering you could do a headcanon of the DMC5 Guys reacting to their S/O who smokes weed? Not like to ‘be cool’ or simply for the fun of it but she could have anxiety, depression or insomnia? (I have all of them). Would they judge them? Or join in? How would they find out? I personally think Dante would be a lil pot head if he was able to be, haha! 😂
Oh, I am very comfortable with this B) (Also, I hope you’re okay and thanks for the request ❤)
Tumblr media
Yes he would definitely join in
Clumsy-, hungry- and horny- high
“Puff, puff pass my ass”
Hides it from Trish (or at least tries to)
Blows all the smoke on Nero whenever he can
He found out when you came in to the office stoned and horny
Tumblr media
Doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to
Leaves the room/area 
Don’t mention it in front of him unless you wanna hear loud-ass sighing
He found out when he went through your stuff and found a small stash
Tumblr media
“Do you have to?”
He accepts it only because he loves you and want you to be happy/relaxed
Does not partake but he probably tried it in secret at some point 
Never lets you out of his sight in case you hurt yourself accidentally
He found out because you told him
Tumblr media
Doesn’t really see the point of it
Will occasionally join in, but usually just ends up coughing and passing out
Horny and philosophic when he manages to stay awake
He found out because you told him and had to explain all about it
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1stsanctuary · 2 years ago
These dance taunts were the best thing to happen in this franchise.
[Original by bichdyavola from Instagram]
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blueroseblaze · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m gonna keep shipping these two and if y’all have a problem with it then maybe you should take it up with Capcom who decided V couldn’t be his own character...
Art credit to: @yanh-hyung
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