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skylarlovett · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
secondary tasks...💔
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fredzina · 9 months ago
Dean Winchester has ADHD and here's why
Before I get into this I would like to preface that I'm not a psychologist nor have I actually taken a psychology course (although I tried but apparently I'm not allowed to take 11 courses a semester). Point being, all of what I'm about to talk about is from my own research, and my friends' experiences with ADHD. I also have not been properly diagnosed with ADHD or any type of neurodivergency yet but I will try my best to be a good advocate and ally.
First thing I need to get out of the way. ADHD is a developmental disorder and it often manifests during childhood. There are three types of ADHD, predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive-implusive, and combined ADHD. I will mostly be talking about predominantly hyperactive ADHD. However, ADHD manifests differently for different people, and there is a discrepancy between afab and amab and how ADHD shows. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer to the best of my abilities
Okay now into why Dean Winchester has ADHD!
One of the most common symptoms of ADHD is restlessness and fidgeting. From the very beginning we can see that Dean fits into this category. Luckily for him, life on the road allows him to get out a lot of the restless energy and need to move. But it wasn't always like that. For example in season 1, episode 18, Something Wicked this Way Comes, Dean talks about himself as a kid and says. “It was the third night in this crap motel room and I was climbing the walls. I had to get some air.” he describes going against John's orders because he physically could not stay inside the motel anymore.
Another example of this is in season 2, episode 7, The Usual Suspects. We can see as Dean tried to wait for Sam but quickly gets bored and begins to make noises before quickly getting up and leaving
Yet another example in season 5, episode 21, Two Minutes to Midnight. During the montage where Sam and Dean are watching the surveillance footage Dean is shown to have gotten up and paced around the room, all while Sam has barely moved. There's other examples of this when Dean has to wait for something, he quickly gets bored and will typically fidget to some extent.
Sensory processing
People with ADHD often struggles with sensory processing, Dean himself exhibits some of these traits through physical sensibility. One of the most recurring examples of this is his love for good water pressure. The first time he made a remark on it being in Season 1's Bugs. He also exhibits having an oral fixation in the earlier seasons, specifically season 1 (god I love season 1 Dean). His oral fixation can still be seen in later seasons it's just not as noticable.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dean also exhibits having happy stims
Exhibit A:
Tumblr media
Exhibit B:
Tumblr media
For those of you who don't know what stimming is, it refers to self-stimulation and usually involves repetitive sounds and/or motions, such as hand flapping. Everyone stims, it's just more common place for neroudivergent people.
Easily Distracted
While yes, Dean can very easily maintain focus while on a hunt, he is also, just as.essily distracted. At multiple points throughout the series we can see Dean wandering off and looking at things in people's houses, getting distracted by photographs, food, etc.
Getting distracted by a rubber band
Tumblr media
Regarding Dean also shows a lot of Dean getting easily distracted, which could have easily been part of the spell but I also think it was partially his ADHD
Tumblr media
Views of the World in Black and White
A less commonly known symptom of ADHD is viewing the world in Black and White, Good and Evil, etc. This is pretty prevalent in Dean's character, in particular season 7 episode 3, The Girl Next Door. Despite Sam vouching for Amy and saying she's not evil, Dean still goes and.kills her. While I'm not defending his actions here it shows that he struggles with the concept of a grey area, and this is shown throughout all 15 seasons.
Impulsive actions
Ah yes, what would Dean Winchester be without his reckless and impulsive decision making? It should come as no surprise to any fan of Supernatural that Dean is often prone to impulsive decision making, whether it be from suddenly yanking down his pants and yelling "Pudding" to saying yes to Michael. Dean's always had a problem with making impulsive decisions, and it tends to come back and bite him in the ass.
Some other specific examples of his impulsive decision making: telling Cassie about the life after only knowing her for two weeks (also their relationship and his attachment to her is another aspect of ADHD which I will touch on later), midnight drives in Baby, going to a Jayhawks game on a whim, leaving in the middle of the night to go somewhere, making a demon deal, the list goes on really.
Executive Dysfunction
Executive dysfunction is a very common trait of ADHD, and while it may not be super noticable Dean does exhibit some traits of it. Part of why this particular symptom may not appear a lot is because of their lifestyle, with constantly being on the move, up until they got the bunker, they didn't have very many belongings to make a mess. However, one of the first examples of this is in season 2 episode 15, Tall Tales, Sam is shown to be nagging Dean about the mess he's made and the food and socks lying around everywhere. And while Dean normally keeps a clean room, there are times where he seems to lack the executive function to keep it clean
Tumblr media
Poor Emotional Regulation
Another big shocker, I know. It is very common for those who have ADHD to have poor emotional regulation. This is shown quite often in the case of Dean, from his fits of anger that lead to physical altercations, emotional outlashes, to the destruction of several innocent lamps.
Tumblr media
He is also shown to have frequent mood swings and a constantly changing sense of self. It's also no secret that Dean has a low self-esteem which is another common trait of ADHD.
One of the most harmful traits of ADHD that can manifest is substance abuse. This is shown in abundance as Dean's go to coping mechanism as seen with his alcoholism. Adults with ADHD are also 14% more likely to try and commit suicide, which sadly, has happened on more than one occasion on the show with Dean.
Another symptom of ADHD is dwelling on emotions and the past. Dean is commonly shown to be dwelling on his past mistakes and guilt, which I mean, it's understandable.
He also seems to suffer from RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria). This is a common trait in ADHD but is less commonly talked about. RSD essentially means that you are more prone to being affected by other people's perceptions of you and use it as a reflection of yourself. This is commonly shown with Dean and how he is constantly trying to appease his father and Sam. It's also part of his codependency issues and why he pushes people away.
Hyperfixations and Focus
A common trait of ADHD is the inability to focus on things that do not interest the person; on the flip side is the ability to hyper focus, or 'fixate' on things that are of great interest to them. In Dean's case this extends to his music, his car, cowboys, movies, and tv shows such as Dr. Sexy and Scooby Doo. In things that he has an interest in not only does he show over excitement to it but also extensive knowledge of the subject. Such as:
"Because I swore part of what makes Dr. Sexy sexy is the fact that he wears cowboy boots, not tennis shoes!"
Another example being in season 14, episode 4 Mint Condition, and his extensive knowledge of the hatchet man movies. Or literally anytime cowboys are mentioned
There are literally so many examples about his knowledge of cowboys lol
While Dean was quite the "lady's man" in earlier seasons he had very few meaningful relationships throughout the series. While part.of that is no doubt due to the life they led, some of it was caused by his symptoms of ADHD and Dean's unhealthy coping mechanisms.
Cassie- as I mentioned earlier, Dean's decision to tell Cassie about the life is part of what caused this relationship to fail. Another factor was probably because of how quickly and strongly Dean latched onto her emotionally, had he not felt like he loved her he would have never told her about the life.
Lisa- Dean's inability to rely on Lisa and feeling like he was the sole caretaker of their family was part of what led to the downfall of that relationship
Both of these issues stem from symptoms of adhd, in particular RSD.
Another example is his relationship with Cas, he is constantly pushing Cas away and hurting him by lashing out in fear of rejection. His emotional outbursts and impulsiveness has caused more than a few bumps in their relationship. The same can be said for Sam as well as his other friendships.
In conclusion...
Dean has ADHD. While I don't mean to make this seem all doom and gloom there are negative aspects of ADHD that aren't as often discussed that I wanted to talk about in this post. I also tried to highlight some of the positives. Either way I love Dean Winchester.
Tumblr media
But now it is 11 at night and I need to start my homework that is due tomorrow, please wish me luck lmao (also I know I didn't cover everything but I didn't want to make this too long)
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moon-loves-the-stars · 8 months ago
You ever fall out of a hyperfixation/special interest and don’t have anything else to fixate on and you just feel completely bored and like nothing is real and/or matters? Cause same.
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flirtvyn · 9 months ago
so i dont know how tumblr feels about neopronouns but i've seen the shit on tiktok and i am tired.
short explanation: neopronouns are pronouns that are outside of the 'normal' binary. they consist of different words being used in place of she/he/they pronouns.
and they are valid!!
neopronouns can vary from ze/zir, xe/xer, etc to bun/bunself, rie/eer, and more.
neopronouns came from the nd community so that those with a different mindset could have a better way to identify and understand themselves.
a good list of pronouns are here:
now, i see a lot of arguments against neopronouns, ranging from concerned nds and trans people, to ableists, to cishet transphobes.
some of the arguments are:
'they're embarrasing'
'they aren't grammatically correct'
'im not calling you acab/acabself or blm/blmself'
'it's not a trend'
'they're kinks' (referring to doll and kitten pronouns)
'i can't understand them'
'they give lgbtq+ a bad rep'
'they give the trans community a bad rep'
now only a select few of these are actual concerns, but i'll address them all.
1. 'they're embarrasing'. that's your own problem!
2. 'they arent grammatically correct' language and pronouns are a societal construct and if you need something to be grammatically correct within this construct to respect people and their identities then you need to think more.
3. 'im not calling you acab/acabself or blm/blmself' those pronouns are not okay and trans people as well as people who use neopronouns never thought they were.
4. 'it's not a trend' no, it's not a trend! it's the internet. what i mean by this is that the only reason you're seeing this idea expand and become more popular is because more people are figuring out about it and themselves. they are going deeper into their identity and figuring themselves out. being mad about that says a lot about you.
5. 'they're kinks' a kitten is an animal. a doll is a children's toy. a common nd experience is feeling that they aren't 'human' and should be something else. sexualizing these terms and experiences is quite literally terrible.
6. 'i can't understand them' valid! all nds think differently and some could have problems with it (even though neopronouns came from the nd community). nts and nds can feel that they dont understand it. this is fine. just go up to the person and either:
*ask for more of an explanation
*ask for other pronouns you could use
*refer to them by name.
7. 'they give lgbtq+ a bad rep' the only people you are worried about seeing it are the people that already don't support the LGBTQ+ community.
8. 'they give the trans community a bad rep' again, refer to 7.
if you have anything you want to add, please do so in a reblog!
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eyeofthelonely · 3 months ago
People : I love you despite your symptoms you dont need to mask around me!
Me : *stops masking and showing symptoms*
People : no not like that.
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lifeasveethinks · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
big shoutout to all my neurodiverse mfs out there
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flxwerbbyy · 3 months ago
No one has to take medication.
i hate the fact that pills are the way to “cure” adhd and autism. the only reason why they exist is for neurodivergent people to fit into the neurotypical society. at the end of the day we're never going to fit in with them. so i don't see a point in them.
(btw, if you take meds for your adhd or autism then that is not any of my business. i'm making this post to let out my frustration not to force my fellow neurodivergent people to not take meds.)
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where-am-i-mlm · 6 months ago
Privileges that people who are able bodied/neruotypical/genetically 'normal' have that I don't
- the ability to have biological children without thinking if it's ethical or not to pass down your genetics.
- they don't get treated like infants.
-gets jobs easier than us.
- don't get treated like oddities to be gawked at.
- doesn't have to deal with ableist language every day.
- doesn't get treated like they're dangerous when they need help.
These are just some from a small list of shit that's happened to me, feel free to add more
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dyspraxic-goat · 9 months ago
Hey abled + neurotypical writers, stop acting like a saint for asking disabled people for their experiences as a disabled person
(obviously this can go for any minority group, but ive seen it happen with abled writers in the past couple of days)
You guys (abled writers) should already be asking disabled people about their experiences with being disabled. Its not an “extra step” or “optional step” which your taking at a great loss to yourself. Its helping you write better charecters! And charecters that are non-offensive! Its not a thing that makes disabled people “in-debt” to you just because you decided to add representation into your books and that you decided to ask disabled people about their experiences. No disabled person owes you that.
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pinetreeshapedtriangle · 2 months ago
Idk what the opposite of sensory overload is... but I get that from eating popcorn
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edwardjamesandhenhensimp · 3 months ago
I probably have said this before but if you are touch starved but don’t like being touched. Get an oodie it feels like your being hugged. Plus there are so many options. I got a Slytherin one
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neurodiverse-bnha · 5 months ago
Y'know, i've been reading a lot of fanfiction that make non-canon autistic characters autistic but they always change the ENTIRE personality of the character
Being autistic definitely affects people but it doesn't change everything
Also, most fics have the whole story revolve around said character's autism but have basically no plot.
I've read fanfics on every platform I can think of and they're all bad.
I'm disappointed
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crriewh1te · 9 months ago
Help a young neurdivergent non-binary black person with finances for school
I hate to ask but! I really need the help. Recently I had to give my computer to my cousin after she broke hers(She needed it since she goes to public school) and this wouldn’t have been an issue if it wasn’t for the fact I’m homeschooled meaning I rely on my computer for school and due to Christmas and Just finances in general i can’t ask my parents for anymore help then they already gave me.
My cashapp//$ IamwealthyIam
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Nobody in Undertale or Deltarune is straight except Burgerpants and Berdly.
And the protags aren't cis.
Nor are most of the main cast neuro-typical.
You might be but those characters aren't.
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cryptcatz · 8 months ago
i feel like i’ve spent so much of my life just trying to figure out how to be a human. reading up on body language, observing how ppl act (irl and in media) so i can “copy” them, listening to how ppl talk to each other, etc etc. why does being a person take so much effort???
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kiroons-hyperfixtations · 5 months ago
How do NTs just sit still in chairs,,, like how?? Most chairs are uncomfortable as hell how can you sit still??
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lemon-meringue-time · 3 months ago
Ow, my eyes!
I hate being pan because when I want to find a pride flag to look at, it's SO goddamn bright and my cave bat ass can't handle it.
On another note, word has been going around that there's a new pansexul pride flag because the creator of the original is lesbophobic, so please tell me and others what it is!!
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dissociated-enby · 2 months ago
Anyone know any good coping mechanism? Cause I need some /gen
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the-illuminated-witch · 6 months ago
Hey! I love ur blog and im interested in witchcraft and im getting information but i heard that sometimes ppl use essential oils and because im autistic i cant stand the smell of them! Is their any other thing i can use that isnt that? Thank you again!
If smell is an issue, you can use dried plants instead of using the essential oils! Dried plants have much less of a strong smell, since they’re less concentrated.
If you really want to, you can make your own magical oils by infusing olive oil or another carrier oil with plants of your choice -- you can use this like you would an essential oil, but it should have little to no fragrance. Or you can just use the plants themselves and cut out the oil altogether. 
I hope this was helpful! Good luck! 
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