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Do you know how cool it would be if I had the exact opposite of anxiety voice in my head. Like instead of mocking myself and being nervous it would just always support me unconditionally and emit such confidence in everything I do.



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I’m almost done with Nemesis and I am so hecking scared for what is going to happen.

I’m so hecking confused on why they separated the whole class from everyone. Are they just expecting them all to kill each other because I feel like that’s what’s going to happen? Especially since Ethan and his buddies are mentally unstable and making me extremely nervous. Tack needs to keep himself in line with them or he’s going to die.

The only explanation I have right now is this is some crazy simulationy thingy kind of like the Hunger Games because I don’t know how else they would remove all wildlife and put a mountain back together. But then what is going on in the rest of the world. Grrrrrr I just want to know what’s happening.

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After a crushing week of rejections I am 15 mins away from a meeting with my only potential PhD supervisor and I think in gonna throw up 😭🤞🤢

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I might buy a car tomorrow ?? my brains telling me all this stuff but honestly if I take it for a drive and I like it there’s 0 reason for me not to. I literally can’t think of a reason not to anyway I’m v excited abt it and v nervous but v excited but also trying not to get too excited bc what if I don’t like how it drives so I’m tryna stay calm but also I’m v excited

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…..They’re a female…well, they identify as one at least…that’s all I’m going to say…I’m way to shy and nervous to say anything else….

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Alex Rodriguez: Why Jennifer Lopez Is ‘Nervous’ About Inauguration Performance

Alex Rodriguez: Why Jennifer Lopez Is ‘Nervous’ About Inauguration Performance

Pressure point! Alex Rodriguez explained why his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, is a bundle of nerves ahead of her performance at President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, January 20.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Relationship Timeline
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“What’s interesting is she’s most nervous about Washington D.C. because of the responsibility,” Rodriguez, 45, said on the Monday,…


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Ever happened that u prepare urself to talk to ur crush and the moment u stand in front of her ..u be like ~ Can i have a pencil?



While u were in a park

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Oooooeee we have the first yoga class of the term today!!

I’m so excited to be teaching again, BUT, I think I’ve made this class tonight too hard 🙈

If anyone wants to come along send me a message! This weeks class is free!

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Elusive Language

Love, an elusive language

Spoken clumsily from my tongue

Unsteady are these words

I look for guidance

In the soft tone of your voice

My emotions clamor inside

Waves, ebbing back and forth

Compromises are subtle sometimes

Like slipping my fingers

In your hand

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Richie will do anything just to get the positive feedback. Even if other tells him to kill someone he would do it.

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A casi dos años, me sigues poniendo nerviosa, y creo que ni siquiera lo notas.

No porque no pueda hablar, sino por todo lo que tú eres para mí, tanto, que a veces me siento tan chiquita comparada con todo lo que eres para mí.

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First On-Call Duty starting today… Nervous 😅

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Alright, Chiefs vs Bills in Kansas City next week. I’m ready to fight Daniel Ricciardo.

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england srilanka jack Leach takes five wickets as nervous England near victory against srilanka

england srilanka jack Leach takes five wickets as nervous England near victory against srilanka

श्रीलंका ने लाहिरू तिरिमाने के आठ साल में पहले टेस्ट शतक से रविवार को गॉल में पहले टेस्ट के चौथे दिन दूसरी पारी में 359 रन बनाकर इंग्लैंड को जीत के लिए 74 रन का लक्ष्य दिया जिसने स्टम्प्स तक तीन विकेट गंवाकर 38 रन बना लिए। दिन का खेल समाप्त होने तक जॉनी बेयरस्टो 11 और डैन लारेंस सात रन बनाकर क्रीज पर मौजूद थे। इंग्लैंड ने पहले ही ओवर में सलामी बल्लेबाज डॉम सिबली(02) का विकेट गंवा दिया। जिसके बाद…

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