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hellraiser. // eddie munson. (5)
pairing: eddie munson x female!reader - stranger things cast x female!reader
summary: Between school, band practices, D&D nights and shitty parents, you and Eddie have created the perfect little secret life together. The town of Hawkins despises him, but not you. You’re head over heels for the son of a bitch. About to graduate, the two of you are ready to run out of Indiana the moment those caps go in the air, but the inevitable Hawkins Curse creeps its way back into town, and takes hold of what you once thought was untouchable.
word count:7k
warnings: language (always), mentions of death, suggestive conversation, reader is an anxious mess (arent we all), mentions of s/a storyline (not descriptive), smoking, mentions of drinking, SEASON 4 SPOILERS.
a/n: hi, thanks for being here! :) I keep writing this at the speed of light. Posting for myself, really. Follows the storyline of Season 4! Beware of spoilers in case you haven’t watched the masterpiece. I have the Halloween party written... I want to post it so bad. Uh, and in case it hasn't been noticed- hinting at bi reader? possibly bi-eddie? hah.
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Tumblr media
five. disassociation
Vigorously bouncing your knee in the backseat, you keep your face turned toward the window, taking in Hawkins for all that it’s worth. The streets were pretty empty, and you’re not surprised in the slightest. Everyone thought Killer Eddie was on the loose. Biting on one of your nails, you take a shaky deep breath and look at Robin who was already looking at you.
“Doin’ okay?” She asks with a sincere smile, one that you don’t return. Widening your eyes, you forcibly fold your arms across your chest and cock your head to the side. She glances down at your knee and reaches a hand back to steady it. “I already know what you wanna say,” She says, “And I’m telling you, he’s fine.” Nancy looks at you in the mirror, but you keep your eyes pointed forward.
“No, Robin, that’s not what I was going to say,” You spat back, “What I was going to say is that this backseat is terrible, and I feel like I’m going to vomit.” Being in Nancy’s presence was what made you want to vomit. It made you so incredibly uncomfortable that your body was radiating with anger.
“Okaaay,” Robin sings, pulling her hand back, “Well, we’re almost there, right Nancy?” She faces the front and looks at Wheeler for help. 
“We are almost there,” Nancy says simply, though her tone hinted at some annoyance. Robin looks over her shoulder happily and pops her brows.
“Fucking wonderful,” You mumble, and Nancy glances at you again.
Arriving at the library, Nancy parks out front. The tall, red brick building, accented with white had a clock at the top of its tower that chimes when the car doors are shut, slamming yours unintentionally. Nancy looks at you, to which you shoot her a glare.
“Um,” Robin finds a spot next to you with her hands shoved in the pockets of her jacket, both of you walking six feet behind Nancy, “What’s the beef?” She quizzes, “I much preferred when you were strung out over Eddie.” 
“Wheeler,” You whisper sharply, not bothering to look at the girl beside you.
“Clearly,” Robin laughs, “Thanks for that. What’s your guy's issue? I mean, I know, you guys used to be friends and now you’re not, but… like, what happened, dude?”
“Dude?” You smirk, glancing at her.
“Yeah, dude, we’re friends now,” Robin smiles, “Unless you prefer something else… Princess.” Smiling with her, you elbow her in the side as she laughs.
“That ones taken,” You slow down your walk so you have time to catch Robin up, “And… Nancy wasn’t this badass when we started high school. She didn’t get involved. She hated conflict, and it really… caused a lot of problems for me.” Robin listened, watching you talk.
“What kind of problems?” She frowned. You stopped on the sidewalk, looking down at your shoes for a second before up at Robin.
“You know Tommy H?” You ask, and she nods.
“The douchebag Steve used to hang around with? He dated Carol Perkins? ‘Course I do,” She shrugs her shoulders.
“Douchebag, right, much like Steve,” You say and she cringes.
“I’m telling you, more time around Harrington, he’s not that bad anymore. Why would I hang around him if he was,” She shrugs again, and you roll your eyes because she has a point.
“Well, when we were freshmen, like Max, your Steve was a junior. So was Tommy H,” You speak quieter, Robin’s eyebrows knitting together, “Nancy invited me to Harrington’s one night during the summer before I even got into the goddamn high school, y’know, ‘cause she and Steve were dating then, or something,” You’re speaking a mile a minute, Robin feeling the anger coming off of you, “Nancy was a grade above me, and she really thought she was hot shit around him, you should’ve seen it. She thought that we would be friends again after this party she told me to come to, but, no, instead I was given a drink from Harrington. A drink that his lovely friend Tommy H messed with. Tommy H that I had to push off of me that night, then get tormented the rest of the year by Harrington’s group of friends because I was the slut that slept with Tommy H while he was dating Carol.”
Robin didn’t have any words. Her jaw had fallen open halfway through the story, and clenched shut when you were finished. Hawkins continues to live around you as you both watch each other. The last person who got to hear that full thing was Eddie, two days after it happened.
“Who was the one person there who could’ve stopped it all from happening?” You ask rhetorically, not looking for anything from Robin, “Who was there, who invited me there, and could’ve done something?” You gulp away the lump in your throat. You were not about to cry over this, you swore you were done letting it get to you. “I went there thinking I would be okay because she was there,” You whisper, your voice breaking. Robin, unsure of what to do, reaches a hand out for you to take, and you do, squeezing it.
“Then I had to start high school in September, and everyone already knew who I was, it was hell,” You say.
“That’s when Eddie caught all those charges,” Robin adds quietly, and you roll your eyes as you nod, “Makes sense now. In case it matters, us over on the geek side never knew why he went off the rails the way he did. I never heard anyone speak ill of you once.” Flattening your lips you nod again.
“Thanks, it does still matter I guess,” You say, looking down at your hands. Robin was wearing a couple of rings that you hadn’t noticed before. “Nancy never did anything about it. She just let it happen, let them talk shit about me, let them beat Eddie up and get him in more trouble when he was the one to kick their asses, let Tommy H…” Your voice trails off as you sigh.
“I can understand the ‘I hate Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington’ thing now,” Robin says.
“Don’t let this affect your friendship, you were their friend first,” You mumble, taking your hand out of hers, dropping it by your side.
“No, this is absolutely going to affect my friendship with them now,” Robin shakes her head and looks at you like you have twelve legs, “Are you kidding me? What happened is fucked up. Like, extremely. If I can, can I have your permission to kick Steve in the balls later? Please?” Letting out a little laugh, you bob your head.
“I think I would love that, actually,” You smile, “Give him the reason why, too.” Part of you wonders if Steve knew that drink was messed up, and if he did know, why did he still give it to you? If this hero facade is real, there's no way he would’ve let this happen, but Robin said he changed. He was still a major dickbag before graduating, so there was a possibility he knew.
“I’m sorry,” Robin says sincerely, “That’s… really fucked up.”
“Thanks, yeah… it is,” Your turn to shrug your shoulders. Looking up at the sky that had been cloudy all day, you take a deep breath and feel that the anxiety that was pent up in your bones had subsided. Robin takes a deep breath with you.
“So, now that I’ve been an asshole and suggested you come with us-”
“Oh, you’re not an asshole, I wanted to go with Max, but I came with you for a reason,” You say, and she's taken back.
“Oh! Okay, uh, I’m pretty sure Nancy doesn’t really like me either, so, we’re in this together. Shall we?” She gestures toward the library Nancy walked into a couple of minutes ago with her elbows. You swing an arm around one of hers that lives in her pocket, linking your elbows together.
“We shall,” You smile, and swear she blushes.
Inside the library, Nancy is at the desk ringing the bell waiting for the librarian to come tend to her. As the door opens behind her, she peers over her shoulder wondering when you’d follow her in, and at the sight of you and Robin arm in arm, laughing about something stupid Robin probably said, she rolls her eyes and looks down at the bell, ringing it again.
Robin did say something stupid. A snarky remark, guessing how Nancy and Steve would be together if they were a couple, and it’s one you wouldn’t be willing to repeat, not with how Nancy looked at you when you stepped in the building.
“So,” Robin speaks up, letting go of your arm to stand next to Nancy, snapping back into detective mode, “The Creel eyeball murders took place in fifty nine,” Nancy nods, “That means these murders predate Eleven and the Upside Down by about thirty years?” You take a peek around the library, a place you’ve never been inside before.
“Yeah,” Nancy says quickly, ringing the bell again.
“That makes Victor Creel like seventy years old,” Robin says, resting her chin in her hand.
Nancy side eyes her with a, “Yup.”
“So, he’s a grandpa murderer,” Robin drags out, making you laugh, “Who can turn invisible and lift people into the air.”
“Least someone else finds it crazy,” You mumble behind them, stepping in a little circle to take in the entire building you were standing in. It was tall, and quiet, and smelled like old paper and sharpened pencils. Nancy sighs, and dings the bell one more time before a woman bustles out from the room behind the desk.
“Hi. Sorry, we’re in a bit of a rush,” Nancy forces a smile onto her face, “Could we get the keys to the basement archives?” She asks persuasively, to which the woman agrees and takes a step away to grab them. Robin spins to face Nancy completely, who ignores her.
“Did I come off mean or condescending or something?” She asks her.
Nancy simply says, “No.” Looking at the back of them both, you hide your smile.
“Right,” Robin says in defeat, “I know why we’re annoyed,” She mutters, “Uh, you don’t know me very well,” She tries again, “I don’t really have a filter, or a strong grasp of social cues,” Watching Robin talk with her hands, you giggle to yourself, “So, if I say something that upsets you, just know that I know it’s a flaw! Believe me, my mother reminds me daily.”
“Okay,” Nancy widens her eyes for a second as she glances to Robin, “Got it.”
“All right, ladies,” The librarian comes back to the desk with the keys for Nancy, “Here you go, have fun!”
“Yep, we’ll… try,” Nancy cringes, exchanging a look with the woman behind the counter, and hurries away from Robin who turns toward you.
“Definitely doesn’t like me,” She tosses her hands up as you start to follow Nancy, grabbing Robin’s wrist on the way.
“C’mon,” You say with a smile, “I liked all that, though, appreciated it.” Robin sends you her lopsided smile, tossing her hands up again.
“Nobody knows why I am the way I am,” She says in slight defeat.
“I like the way you are,” You say sweetly, walking with her hand in yours down the basement steps, and you swear she blushes again.
“You’re gonna have to cool it with that,” She mumbles, shying her hand away as you reach the concrete floor of the basement that was ten degrees cooler than the upstairs was.
“Hey, why?” You ask, grabbing her by her shoulder before she hurries away too fast. She looks at you and takes a deep breath.
“Because you have an Eddie,” She whispers before leaving your grasp to join Nancy, leaving you to wonder why the hell she would say something like that.
Sitting at one of the lacquered wooden tables, you had your chair pushed away from it with your feet kicked up, head lolling back on the seat cushion as your eyes triad between Robin, Nancy and the ceiling. Bored out of your mind while they search for information on some guy from the sixties, you start to think about Eddie and wonder what he’s actually doing. You hope he’s inside Ricks, living comfortably, and not in the shed, though that place seemed to be comforting to him. It was the last place someone would look when they got to the house, so that’s probably why.
Humming Black Sabbaths ‘Into the Void’, you rock back and forth on your tailbone for an ounce of stimulation in the dead silent library, feeling something poking you in your back pocket.
“Through the universe the engines whine,” You mumble, singing to yourself, leaning forward on your legs to pick out whatever was in your jeans, “Could it be the end of man and time…” Pulling out a very squished cigarette, you glance up to Robin and Nancy, “Back on earth the flame of life burns low… Hey!” You call out to them, holding up the flattened nicotine, both their heads turning fast as you knock them from their research, “Either of you got a light?” You smize, and Nancy pulls her famous eye roll, ignoring your question, getting back to the newspaper she was reading. Robin gives you a look of disappointment, and shakes her head.
“Someone’s gotta have one,” You mutter, jumping up to your feet. Heading for the stairs, Robin watches you on the way out, then decides to give it a go with Nancy again, knocking on the wood to get her attention.
Going up the basement steps two at a time, you waltz to the front desk where the pretty woman with the glasses was standing, and lean forward on your elbows, planting your chin on top of your fists. She was reading a book, and didn’t sense your presence, so you tap the bell Nancy was going crazy on earlier. Startling her a bit, she looks up quickly and sighs with a nice smile.
“Oh my, sorry,” She says, then eyes you curiously, “You don’t look like you belong here,” She laughs to herself, and you raise your eyebrows, “How can I help you? I don’t get the feeling you’re about to open an account with us, are you?” Smiling back at her, you drop your hands flat on the desk and shake your head.
“No, and I’m so sorry about that,” You say empathetically, “I’ve never been in here before, it’s a beautiful place, y’know, I was thinking of visiting more,” You hope your playing your part right, “I, uh, was wondering if you gave my friend the right keys… to the basement? We’re having trouble getting in, and we have this project that’s due right after break.”
“Oh no,” The woman’s face scrunches as she places her book on the desk, “Let me check, I may have given you the ones to our private party space upstairs…” Your eyes are glued to her as she hurries into the back room, knowing that once things are normal again you’d be coming back here to that private room. As soon as she is out of sight, you use what strength you have in you to climb over the desk, landing on your feet quietly thanks to your garden shed experience. Searching every nook and cranny you could reach, you pull a drawer open that’s full of miscellaneous things like pens and thumbtacks, and you spot a little booklet of matches. 
“Excuse me!?” The woman speaks louder than before, coming around the corner to find you in her workspace. Snatching the matches, you climb over the desk again and hurry outside, shouting a panicked ‘thank you’ back at her as you shove the doors open. She calls after you with a couple of things you can’t place, not even worried what she might do next. If Eddie were here he’d be proud.
Walking toward the street where Nancy parked her car, you stand by the passenger door and lean your back against it. Putting the cigarette that you had shoved in your jacket pocket between your lips, you open the matches and find there’s one left, so you hope it works. It takes three slides across the back to light, but thankfully you light the tip and toss the match to the ground, letting the first drag hit you where you want it. It tastes like it’s a month old, so you wonder when the last time you wore these jeans were, but it does what you want it to, and you relax. 
You gaze at the streets for these couple of minutes, watching the few people who dared to be outside run their errands. A couple holding hands walked into the drugstore across the street, and they came out with a small plastic bag hanging around the woman’s wrist, her boyfriend, or husband's arm was wrapped around her shoulder. They were both smiling, and chattering like children.
The sun overhead was starting to set, and you can’t imagine that you’ve been away from Eddie this long. Taking a long drag, you ash on the ground and blow the smoke out slowly. You smile at a mother walking on the sidewalk closest to you, her hand clinging on the shoulder of the small child she had walking beside her. The woman gave you the dirtiest look, one you’ve grown to love.
“Keep hoverin’ over her, and one day she’ll be me,” You say quietly, but loud enough for her to hear. She scowls, and you think you might get a response, finally about to have some fun, but she picks her child up into her arms and continues to walk away. The little blonde girl with curly hair looks over her mothers shoulder, watching you with big eyes. You give her a little wave and she smiles.
“Yeah, she’s gonna be me,” You laugh, taking another hit. Crossing your other arm over your body, you push away from Wheeler's car and do a spin to check out the rest of your surroundings. Surely your parents could be out and about, but that’s a path you weren’t willing to cross yet. You’ve been away for two days now, they honestly probably thought you got your bones crunched too.
Keeping an eye on the corners around you, just in case their car turns onto this street, you catch a glimpse of a very familiar vehicle coming into view. Jason Carver’s black Jeep Cherokee was headed your way. With the windows down, their music can’t be heard. They never knew how to listen to it properly. 
Making eye contact with the blonde haired, blue eyed jerk, he comes to a complete stop in the middle of the street, right behind Nancy’s car. Rolling his window all the way down, he pops his elbow out and lowers his chin to seem more intimidating. Nothing he could do would scare you. Smiling smugly, you take slow steps closer to his window, pulling from the cigarette between your fingers, and blowing the smoke directly into his window. His buddy next to him cringed, waving it away with the fakest cough that could come out of a person.
“I’m shocked,” Jason says sarcastically, “For the very first time, I see you without your little puppet master. Out here all alone, huh?” Biting your bottom lip, you narrow your eyes and tilt your head.
“All alone,” You repeat, “What a shame, right?” 
“We’re on our way to go get him actually, you wanna jump in?” Jason gestures to the seats behind him, “I’m sure Sinclair will let you snuggle on up in the middle there, yeah?” A few of the guys laugh. Looking into the backseat you find Lucas, hiding his face from you with his hand as if you wouldn’t notice that head of hair. At the sound of his name, he lowers it, looking at you. He was scared.
“Uh huh,” You pop your lips and say, giving Lucas a curious look, “And where exactly are you going?” You send a devious look to Jason, smoking again.
“Aw, come on, where’s the fun if we tell you?” He laughs with his boys, “Wouldn’t it be so much better if we drop him off on your doorstep, still breathing, of course, but just enough to keep him alive, so that you can watch him take his last breath, like he watched Chrissy take hers?” One of the guys doesn’t laugh with the rest of them, and it’s not Lucas. He follows through with the laughter, playing some sort of game with these guys that wasn’t basketball. You can see it written in his eyes. He’s got them good.
“Is that a threat?” You grill him quietly, taking another step toward his window.
“Uh, no,” Jason looks around, then back at you sinisterly, “It’s a goddamn promise.” He growls, then starts to laugh again. Seeing him gear up to drive away, you flick a mess of ash into his window and grin as he jumps and tries to smack it away. “You bitch! This is my senior jacket!”
“Oh, so sorry,” You wince, then put the cigarette between your lips, flipping him off with both hands as you walk backward to where you were standing before. Jason throws his car into gear and glares at you as he speeds away. 
“Fuck,” You mutter, flicking the filter onto the ground. You step on it so it’s actually put out. “FUCK!” You shout, bending your knees for a second as you do. Catching the eyes of people across the street, you choose not to care. The sun was now almost out of sight, and Jason and his posse of dickheads could possibly be on their way to Eddie. Checking out the street signs with scrunched eyebrows, you walk up and down the block, pausing in the direction they drove off.
“That’s not…” You whisper, then turn around to face the other way. The actual way to Lovers Lake. “Huh,” You breathe. They were going the wrong way.
“Dustin, do you copy?” Robin says from the library entrance into the walkie that Henderson had given her.
“Yeah, I copy,” You hear his voice from the box.
For twenty minutes you’d been sitting on the hood of Nancy’s car, waiting for the girls to come out of the basement, hopefully with some good news about their demon.
“So, Nancy’s a genius,” Robin says excitedly, making you groan and telepathically will her to not feed the college students ego, “Vecna’s first victims date all the way back to 1959. Her shot in the dark was a bull’s-eye!”
“Okay, that’s totally bonkers, but I can’t really talk right now,” The freshman sounds worried.
“What are you doing?” Robin asks, the two girls now in front of the car. Nancy is looking at you on top of her car in disbelief.
“Breaking and entering into school to retrieve confidential and extremely personal files,” He says nonchalantly. The girls share a crazed look.
“Can you repeat that?” Robin says into the walkie.
“Just get your ass over here, stat,” Dustin demands, “We’ll explain everything.”
“Thought they were talking to Ms. Kelley,” Nancy exhales.
“We leave them alone for two hours,” Robin shakes her head, pushing the antenna on the walkie down, “See you’ve found a comfy spot.” She cocks her chin at you with a small smile.
“Comfy alright,” You slowly look at Nancy who’s getting into the driver's seat, “Just had a drive by with Jason and his groupies.” Robin gasps, leaning on the car.
“Did they see you?” She asks and you nod.
“Oh yeah,” You widen your eyes for a second, “Said they were off to find Eddie, and descriptively let me know how they were going to hurt him so bad, and then force me to watch him take his last breath,” You rock your head side to side, “Like Eddie watched Chrissy take hers.” Robin scoffs, crossing her arms.
“That’s bullshit,” She grumbles, “They won’t find him.”
“They won’t,” You shook your head, sliding off of Nancys car, “They drove that way,” You gestured down the street, “Not sure where they think they’re going, but it’s not to Eddie.” Patting your back as you open your door, Robin sighs.
“Okay, well, let’s get back to the children, and then maybe we can swing by Ricks again,” She says as you both get into the car, “Sound good?” She smiles as she looks back at you, and her eyes glimmer in what little light is shining in the windows. Taking a quick look at Nancy who couldn’t give two shits, you nod.
“Yeah, sure,” You say, “That’d be great. Please.”
Sitting at your kitchen table at eleven o’clock at night, you have your eyes pointed down at your feet that are stacked on top of one another. You had shoved your shaking hands under your thighs, fidgeting was doing you no good. Wide eyed, zoned out completely, your mothers voice was echoing around you, bouncing off of your body and back at herself where she circled the room.
“…disappointment… You’ll be going off to school… grades like this!?” She was in her pajamas, but her hair was somehow still sitting perfectly at her shoulders. Her pastel pink, manicured skinny fingers had a nasty grip on a letter from your school she’d found in your bedroom.
“What example are you setting for your brothers?” Her voice came in clear when she slapped the paper on the table in front of you. Multiple D’s were marked next to each class, and a random F, except English. You had a C plus.
“They don’t know my grades,” You say just above a whisper for her to hear.
“And you think that matters?!” Her tone is nasty, chiling your spine, “Look at yourself, look at who you choose to be,” She stands behind you, resting a hand on the table so she’s trapping you in the chair, “Do you really think who you are isn’t affecting them? They look at this depressing, moocher attitude everyday. I really feel like they’ll grow up thinking this is how it’s supposed to be,” Your eyes are glued to the letter, watching the words start to blur together, “Your father and I didn’t raise you to be like this, this was not how your life was supposed to be.”
“Yeah, well, when was the last time I actually talked to Neil,” You mumble, and literally watch the words on the paper shift around. They moved slowly, and seemed to be spelling something out.
“That’s what you’re hearing?” Your mother smacks the table with a sigh, and pushes away from you. She walks around the other end of the table and stands there with her arms folded.
“I had lunch with Karen earlier this week,” She says, “Karen Wheeler? You remember the Wheeler’s right?” Her condescending tone bleeds into your skin, lighting it on fire, “She says Nancy is flourishing in her first year at college,” Your mother smiles, pressing her lips together to insinuate she was pissed off, “And I told her that that was just, fantastic!” She tosses her hands in the air by her shoulders before grasping them across her chest again, insecurely you might add, “Do you know what I had to say when she asked me about you?” Tearing your eyes away from the paper making you wonder if you had dropped acid or something with Eddie, you look at her and squint your eyes.
“What?” You whisper, dreading her response.
“I had to lie to her,” She snaps her jaw like a dog, “I couldn’t tell Karen Wheeler that my first born was flunking out of high school like an idiot, and hanging around with that degenerate Eddie Munson, who’s the reason she’s flunking and has no motivation to get her life together when she graduates in four months!” Her words sting. You look down at the sheet of paper and your eyebrows scrunch up fast. “That damned hellraiser is no good! I’ve been telling you since you were twelve!” 
Her voice echoes around you again, making it sound like she was getting further and further away. “Eddie’s no good!” The words on the letter were scrambling around faster now, becoming a mess in front of you, making your head start to ache. “Eddie’s worthless!” Feeling dizzy, you squeeze your eyes shut and suddenly your mothers voice becomes so much louder, as if she’s standing directly in your face. “Eddie’s dead!”
Snapping your eyes open, the words sounded right in your ears in a distorted voice that barely belonged to her, a sharp ringing happening soon after. Around you, you were no longer in the kitchen you knew. You were sitting on the chair in an exact replica of your kitchen, but it was horrifying. The vines you saw coming out of Eddie’s sink were everywhere, they were twisted and wrapped around anything they could get on, and they were moving. Slimy and making the most atrocious squelching sound, two were inching for your ankles. 
Gasping, you clamp your hands over your mouth and pull your knees into your chest, your socked feet hanging on the edge of the chair. Shaking violently now, you look at the letter and shriek behind your fingers. It read the words that repeat aloud again, “Eddie’s dead.”
“No, no, no, no,” Your lip trembles, “No, no, no!” 
“Yes, yes, yes,” Your mother chants back in the messed up voice that sounds half hers, still standing at the end of the table, watching you scramble to pick up the decaying piece of paper, “It’s everything we’ve ever wanted, our dream come true,” She laughs menacingly. Looking up at her with tears streaming down your cheeks, you freeze when you're faced with a morbid version of your mother staring back at you. 
“I’m not going to let you end up like me,” Her body twists to the side, her head staying in place. She begins to walk around the table to you in the blue light of wherever you’ve ended up. “That’s what you’re afraid of, right?” Taking a pause with each step, her legs don’t bend, like she’s being manipulated by something else. “You’re afraid what happened to me, is going to happen, to you.”
“This isn’t real, this isn’t real,” You squeeze your eyes shut as you listen to her creaky feet hit the floor.
“Your new friends seem to think so,” The voice is next to you now. A terrible noise comes from whatever has taken over your mothers body, the noise that you heard from Eddie’s bathroom. “Time to start believing in ghost stories.”
“Hey!” Robin shouts, shaking you by your shoulder vigorously as if she’s been trying for a while. Lifting your head, you find yourself slumped down in Nancy’s backseat with your head back on the seat.
“Was I asleep?” You ask quietly, feeling a heaviness in your chest and the ache in your head you felt while in… whatever just happened. Reaching over to Robin, you grab her arm and hold on tight as you slide out of the car. Using her body to steady yourself, you cling to her out of pure fear. 
Glancing up to the building you were at, you find you’re at school. The normal school, in the normal world, the regular world that you lived in without the vines, and the dirty air, and the ominous blue sky. You take a slow, deep breath and look at Robin, who’s holding you, and looking at you very confused.
“Are you okay?” She asks. Glancing at Nancy who’s standing by the doors to the school looking in the windows, you nod, then decide to shake your head. 
“Need to get to Eddie,” You say, “Was I sleeping?” Her face twists as she tries to keep you in her grasp while you try to wiggle away.
“You are totally not okay,” She says gently, “You weren’t asleep, no, what is happening?” 
“What was I doing?” You ask, panicked. Standing completely still you look her in the eye, probably pulling the craziest face you’ve ever made.
“Robin, what was I doing? If I wasn’t asleep?” You speak fast.
“I- I don’t know? You just zoned out, I- I thought you were just tired, I dunno,” She says, matching your panic. Pushing away from her, you glance to your hands and then the ground, then at Nancy who seemed concerned, but she was too busy flourishing at college to be concerned for you.
“Gotta get Eddie,” You mutter, and Robin steps toward you with open arms, but you're too quick to twist on your feet and start to run out of the Hawkins High parking lot. You hear Robin run after you for a couple of seconds, shouting your name, but Nancy calls after her and reels her back in.
“What the hell!” Robin shouts at you before she watches you disappear into the darkness.
Sneakers slapping on the pavement, you keep running until the air feels like needles in your lungs. The cool air of the night was wrapping around your body, chiling your spine. Slowing down on a corner with a lamp, you glance around for a street sign but can’t spot one. 
Hawkins is still, except for the rustling of the trees in the breeze that startles you. Turning your chin up quick, you’re sure you’ll see something you don’t want to see, but it’s just the leaves brushing on each other. Looking back from where you came from, Hawkins High was out of sight and you can’t seem to put together how far you’ve run. Shoving your hands deep into your pockets, you groan and stomp a foot on the ground. 
“What the hell is going on,” You whine to yourself, nibbling on your bottom lip as tears welled in your eyes. Crickets can be heard scattered in the woods, a chorus of wildlife seemingly unaffected by the horrors of Hawkins. Under the warm light of the street lamp, you turn back toward your destination and carry on forward.
“No wander, no ponder, no wander, no ponder,” You whisper with each brisk step you take, repeating your made up mantra until you reach the end of another block. It was a shame really that Hawkins was hauntingly blessed with beautiful landscapes and a population of people who didn’t appreciate it. The blocks that followed the last got quieter, and darker, the further away from civilization you traveled.
You wanted to take in the calm sights you passed by, feeling how hard the earth was trying to relax you, but the fear of witnessing something out of a Stephen King novel again was crippling. On top of the horror propaganda, you were a young woman walking alone on abandoned streets at, lord knows what time of night. Eddie told you not to do this, yanno, he made sure you knew something a girl usually learns from her father, not her best friend at twelve years old. He’ll kill you once you make it to Ricks and he finds you’re alone. If you even make it there.
“No wander, no ponder,” You continue, getting rid of the thought that was ready to spiral.
For another fifteen minutes all that can be heard is your steady breath, that was coming in gasps, and the crunch of your feet on the gravel. Your nervous system jolted with every small sound that didn’t come from you. Once the dirt road to Rick’s came into view your feet took off, bolting for the shed.
Colliding with the door, your clammy hands and depleting strength struggle to push it open.
“Eddie,” You whine, unsure of when you had started to cry, “Eddie?” Once inside the shed you push the door closed with your back, and walk around cautiously, tangling your fingers together, lifting them in front of your face. 
A whisper of your name comes from the back corner. Turning sharply, your eyes go wide.
“Oh my god, hey,” Eddie says, stepping into the moonlight. You let out a shaky breath that leads to a sob. “Are you okay? What happened?” Hurrying to your side, Eddie catches you in his arms before you fall to the ground on your knees. Weakness was pulsating in your muscles. “Come here, sit.” He brings you both to the floor, sitting you in his lap, cradling you in his arms.
Burying your face into his chest, you hold your hands tightly over your heart with your knees tucked in close, trying to make yourself as small as possible. Eddie lays a gentle hand to your head, just holding you and letting you cry.
“It- It said you w-were dead,” You whisper between cries. Eddie’s face twists, looking down at you. 
“What said I was dead?” He asks, and you look up at his deep brown eyes. The confusion is wiped off his brow when he sees your tear stained cheeks.
“I don’t know,” Your wobbly tone makes his lip crinkle as he wipes underneath your eyes.
“Okay,” He says to himself, “I’m very much not dead, I promise,” He grins, trying to make you laugh, but his smile falls when he sees it doesn’t work, “Did you see… people? Did they tell you that?” Your cries have quieted, you were now staring off at the lake, slightly dissociating like Eddie had been after he saw what happened to Chrissy. 
Flickering just your eyes to look at him, you shake your head a bit and say, “I don’t think it was a person.” 
“What?” Eddie lets out a single laugh, but not to discourage you, “What are you talking about?”
“I went in your trailer,” You speak up, and his expression softens with worry, “Everything was the same, it looked like your place. I found my jeans,” You place a hand on your knee that Eddie’s eyes follow, and he chuckles, before he looks back to you, “I looked at the picture of us on your wall from Halloween two years ago, and I thought about that night. How we drank, and drank, and danced, and didn’t give a shit what anyone in that room thought of us,” You pause and place a hand on his chest over his heart, “We were happy. No one to fight with, no one to listen to, no one to tell us who we should be,” His lips turned up into a small smile, “And you kissed me.”
“You made me kiss you,” He counteracted, brushing his nose against yours, and you finally smiled.
“We know we were both waiting for it,” You dig, playfully narrowing your eyes before the funny’s drift away and the two of you are surrounded by stagnant air again, “We walked home, hand in hand.”
“Ass in hand,” Eddie corrected, making you both laugh.
“Ass in hand,” You smile, letting it fade to something sweeter, “You held your front door open for me, which wasn’t new, and… you made sure Wayne was gone,” Eddie glances to your lips, “And you took me to your room-”
“Think you drug me in there, if I remember it right,” He whispers, his comments suddenly not so funny as the air grows warmer.
“Think you wanted to keep touching me so bad we just tumbled in there,” You smirk, “You undressed me like you’ve never seen me naked before.”
“It was different,” He defends, “Had to take my time anyway, I was ready to bust before we even left the party.” You giggle.
“We did take our time,” You affirm with an eyebrow raise, “That night opened the floodgates, but it was different than any other time we… It…” Eddie nods, agreeing with you, dipping his head to brush his lips against your cheek.
“Was love?” He finishes for you, looking into your eyes, and you smile.
“Yeah,” You whisper, and though it felt cheesy to say something so mature like that, he was right.
“Well, I hope you know that everytime we do it that’s what I’m thinking of,” He says, “No matter how or where… It’s always my intention.”
“Mine too,” You say.
“Still can’t listen to Hungry like the Wolf without seeing you like…”
“Yeah,” You answer him quickly before his lips catch you in a kiss. A long, slow kiss that has you slipping a hand into his hair. Within these few minutes you get the urge to run away. To wrap Eddie up under your arm and run out of Hawkins, away from the terror, away from the curse, and away from the people who would throw you six feet under if given the chance. You could go somewhere the police, or your parents, wouldn't find you, and you could live happily, peacefully.
Eddie parts from your lips and you start to think he felt your energy shift, but then words come out of him that make you laugh.
“Where’s Harrington?” He asks.
“Why are you always asking about him while you're either inside me or kissing me?” Your smile makes him huff a laugh and shake his head.
“Where’s everybody else?” He rephrased, “Their outside right?” His brows furrow above his eyes, “Don’t tell me you came here alone, in the dark.” 
“I did,” You barely whisper, and he groans, rolling his eyes.
“Really, with a… Vecna going around killing people?” His tone is strong, enough to make you pout. It’s not his words, or his tone that makes the tears come back, however, it’s the thought of what happened earlier in his trailer. The thought of what happened in the backseat of Nancy Wheeler's car. The sound of the vines and the revolting voice echoes in your ears. Eddie sighs, and softens his eyes.
“No, I’m sor- I didn’t mean…” He babbles, but grows quiet as you slowly shake your head. Opening your mouth to speak, the words are broken and laced with fear, making Eddie’s grip around you tighten. You realize something you should’ve thought of before, before you scrambled away from Robin.
“I… I think I saw him.”
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vegas, baby. // myg.
pairing: Idol!Yoongi x Female!Reader ( ot7 at some point )
summary: Dating Yoongi as an Idol used to be easy, and effortless, like pouring you two a glass of wine after one of his shows... However, after the birth of your surprise baby girl, those effortless days have gotten a little harder, you being unable to travel with your daughter. After one lucky doctor's appointment though, things seem to shape up...
words: 6k
warnings: like none, fluff...?, a swear word here or there (not really), does Vegas need its own warning?, Yoongi is overprotective but it's cute, this is heavily unedited, they mention sex vaguely, DAD YOONGI, baby is unnamed ( you get to pick :) )
a/n: hiii, I was very much in love with this one night and it poured out of me, then I fell out of love with it, but I'm proud of it. I feel a fic coming of these two and their prior life, and then completing this one one day... Part 2? Not sure I like where I left this off at, I planned to write more but needed to get this out of my sight for a second, so here it is. :)
*gif not mine, cred to owner*
Tumblr media
Five teeny, soft little fingers wrapped around one of yours.  Driving peacefully for almost twenty minutes, you were grateful for the quiet ride, yet disappointed your seven month old sweetie didn’t take this opportunity to nap.  Instead, your baby girl was lifting her head out of her carseat to peer out the window, enthralled by the Vegas lights that were shining bright as the night grew closer.  She sang out an occasional coo when something was particularly interesting.  Usually it was just the street lights whizzing by, but this time she shrieked, making you jump where you sat beside her.
“Goodness,” You chuckle, bouncing her hand that was grasping onto your middle finger like it was her job.  You were relieved it wasn’t your necklace, or your earrings. Anything shiny and dangling was her favorite thing at the moment, and your poor ears paid the price.  At least she’d grown out of her hair ripping phase, you’d totally take broken jewelry over headaches any day.
At this red light she so happily squealed at, you followed her eyes to where she was staring intently and held yourself back from copying her screech.
 Vegas was painted fucking purple.  
Using your other hand, you pull out your phone and start a video, recording your girl's content expression before panning to the window, taking in everything Vegas had to offer.  It was beautiful, and filled you with absolute joy.  In just a few minutes you’d be back in your boyfriend's arms, and your girl in her father’s.
“Dada,” You say softly, catching her attention.  She turned her chin, giving you a big smile.  Always such a calm, happy little girl.  Her father thanked you for that, knowing damn well her smiley personality didn’t come from him which you were ready to defend every time.  If anyone was the calm, unbothered, unpredictably silly one it was definitely Yoongi.
“De… De…” Your baby stammered, trying to mimic you.  You’ve been working on ‘dada’ since Yoongi left two weeks ago, but she still hasn’t been able to pick it up.  She was fluent in ‘mama’s’ and the occasionally surprising ‘Kookie’ that sounded more like ‘Koo-hee’, but had come out clear as day one night while you and Yoongi were snuggled up with her in your bed.
Side by side in the center of the bed underneath the fluffy white duvet, Yoongi had your little one on his lap, making faces at her that had her belly laughing like you’d never heard before.  It was late, close to midnight.  Yoongi had gotten home later than expected from a rehearsal for Vegas with the guys.  At seven months your girl was on a schedule, and she was, again, like her father and adored her sleep, however tonight was special.  Yoongi was leaving for Vegas in a couple of days, and you’d both be without him for two weeks before you were flown out to see the show, so you didn’t mind keeping her up to soak up as much time with her daddy as she could.  Partially, you did it for yourself.  You knew that if she was up, he’d stay up, giving you more time as well.
“You are so silly,” Yoongi said, then stuck his tongue out and squeezed his eyes shut, getting her to crack another giggle, “Can’t wait for her to be around the guys again.” He sighs, bouncing her up and down for a second.  She ate it up, her big, toothless smile wide as she kept her eyes on him.  It goes without saying that she was a daddy’s girl, but he was just as much, if not more, of a sucker for her.
“She gets to see them,” You reassure him, knowing her bond with his friends was important to him, “Kook was here just last night.”
“I mean… all together, all of us.  While we’re being… us,” His eyes left his little girl for a second to peer over at his first girl, “She’s never been to a show, this is gonna be huge.” You smile, your heart warming over how much this meant to him.  Yoongi’s work was his life, his first love, his everything.  For him to start to share that with the tiny family he’s created, the tiny family that he adores more than life, was incredibly important.
“It is huge,” You nod, agreeing with him.  You hadn’t been to a show since you could last travel while you were pregnant, and even then it was one of the shows that was pre-filmed, edited, or a performance for television.  You missed out when Permission to Dance shows started, having your girl in September when the first live streamed show was about to happen.  Funny enough, your girl shares a birthday with Jungkook, who now has bragging rights for life and gets to claim himself as the favorite uncle.
She’s been so small, struggling to keep weight on her though she was born on time about a day after your due date, so both you and Yoongi were apprehensive about traveling with her while she was so young.  It was a hard decision that kept you up for nights at a time, shedding some tears together knowing you had to spend time apart during this major shift happening in your lives.  Her health was ultimately the most important thing.
There was a small chance that Permission to Dance LA would have happened for you, but your girl's weight was dropping again, so home it was.  Close to doctors, close to friends, in a familiar, comfortable environment for her.  Seoul was out of the picture, too.  That one hurt Yoongi.  However, under some miracle, your tiny girl was finally gaining some weight and sliding herself into a healthy percentile and keeping herself there.  
You phoned Yoongi the moment you were outside of the doctor's office that day, telling him the good news.  The first thing he said being, “You can come to Vegas.”  And so you were, both of you.
“I’m excited to watch you perform, I miss that so much,” You say, resting your head on his shoulder gently, knowing it was currently wrapped up.  Kissing the top of your head, he sighs, which was funny to your girl making her start to giggle again.
“What has gotten into you!” You laugh with her, taking in how she was sat here admiring her parents with the eyes, you guessed it, she got from her father.
“Tell Mama, my full belly makes me happy, makes me feel good, and makes me a healthy girl,” Yoongi’s voice stole her attention, her smile fading away as she watched him curiously.  Minutes prior to now she had guzzled down her entire bottle in Yoongi’s arms, satisfying all three of you. You sat in comfortable silence for a few seconds before she giggled.
“Mama!” She shouted, “Ma, ma, ma, ma…” She started to bounce again.
“Alright, alright,” Yoongi playfully rolled his eyes and shifted your baby over to your lap where she crawled up to sit on your belly instead of your legs.  That was her spot.  Like clockwork, whenever she wanted to sit with you she’d find your belly and sit there instead.  It’s like she knew she came from the scar on your pelvis, those couple inches permanently marked as her territory.  As insecure as you were about it, Yoongi never failed to tell you almost daily how beautiful it was, and that it was a reminder that the two of you created something so wonderful, sometimes muttered in the dark hours of the night when his lips brushed over it softly.
“You always are a little more silly after you see Uncle Kookie, aren’t you?” You coo, brushing a hand over her dark hair that was once held back with a bow that was ripped out hours ago.  Her record for wearing one was forty five minutes, and she was sleeping for thirty of them.
“Koo-hee,” She mimicked placing her hands on your chest, “Koo-hee!” Her voice went high and shrill, you and Yoongi cringing with laughter.
“Do you love your Uncle Kookie?” Yoongi asked, pleased with how fast she turned to look at him.
“Kookie,” Her voice was a lot softer than it had just come out.  Whipping your heads to look at one another, your jaw fell open.
“No way?” Yoongi stifled a laugh, “She just fully said Kookie.” 
“Koo-heeeeeeeeeeee!” Was almost a scream before she fell into a series of meaningless babbles, tiny fingers gripping at your chest looking for a necklace you knew to take off.
“He’ll never believe us,” You shake your head, and spend the next fifteen minutes trying to get her to repeat Kookie for a camera before putting her down for the night.
Rewatching the video you took, the car resumed its journey.  Opening your messages, you tap on the pinned thread with Yoongi he had named ‘#1 husband😮‍💨’ long before your baby was even born.  The two of you were only dating a month when he changed that.  You sent him the video giving him a little hint of where you were.  You told him you’d left the hotel, and you planned to keep it at that, maybe surprising him with your arrival, but the video was too cute not to send.
Typing bubbles appeared, then disappeared.  Appeared again, then disappeared.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: My girls my girls my girls my girls my girls
Was the first message to pop up.  Cheesing at it hard, you double tap it to give it a heart.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: You put her in purple Taehyung is going to go nuts
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: She matches the lights
[you]: I think she knows we’re going somewhere exciting.  She hasn’t slept since she woke up today.  Hope she doesn’t get cranky.
Glancing over to her while you waited for a response, your girl was already watching you.  You wiggle the finger she had her lethal grip on and smile.
“Gonna see Dada… Dada…” You try again, defeated.  You really wished she would say it, especially today.
“Gonna see… Uncle Kookie,” You tilt your head and she grins.  Uh oh, here it comes.
“Koo-HEEEE!” She shrieks, and you apologize to the driver who only laughs with you.  The buzz of your phone on your lap stole your attention.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: She’ll be too excited to be cranky
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: I know I’m a little cranky…….. cause I’ve been without you for forever
Your cheeks flush pink, wondering where he was to even get away with texting you like this.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: Six babysitters.  Empty dressing room….. Just saying
Actually thinking about it, it was deemed possible.  That’s how you guys used to go about it anyway, too hot for each other to wait until you were in the privacy of your own space.  Dressing rooms, public restrooms, his studio, an empty room at Hybe while he rehearsed… the list shamelessly went on.  It actually came as a very little surprise to some of the members when Yoongi told them you were pregnant.
Though you were still young, and still hot for each other in the same teenage fueled lusty way, you were parents now and you wondered if you should adhere to golden parent standards.  Plus, you’re a little shocked to see Yoongi say he’d let his girl out of his sight in a place she didn’t know.
[#1 husband😮‍💨]: On second thought I can wait.  I’ll keep it together even though I know you’re wearing the jeans that kill me in every way shape and form
You smirk.  They were worn on purpose.  For this purpose.  It was no lie, you wanted him just as badly as he wanted you.  Yeah, you were parents, but that didn’t mean you weren’t allowed to tease him.
Sending him a winking emoji, you then peer over at your girl who’s eyes were back out the window, now checking out the masses of people surrounding the venue her daddy was about to bring to the ground.
“Hoooolyyy…” You mumble under your breath, having forgotten what this part of this life was like.  It’s not that you forgot, you remember quite vividly.  You actually used to wait in these crowds with friends to get the full experience, and it was always way too much fun.
Dating wasn’t something that was advertised for Idol’s, so it was very unlikely that one would go public with a partner, especially a member of BTS.  Rumors totally stirred every now and then, but you and Yoongi were never the culprits of any… Though, when you’d attend shows there were a few ARMY who’d stare a little too long, curiously.  It’s incredible how you would get away with it, attending every show without anyone wondering why or how you were at another one.
Your socials were completely private.  Instagram was the only platform you found fun anyway, using it as an archive (an idea that Namjoon will say he did NOT steal from you).  You followed a couple of friends, family, and all seven of the boys of course.  You were careful of who was following you, making sure you trusted them to their core before allowing them access to photos of your life, you, you and Yoongi, and now, you, Yoongi and your girl. 
Private’d accounts from Hybe and the team followed you, keeping tabs on all socials at all times for your own safety.  Even when posting photos of your baby you were sure to keep most of her face hidden in the slight chance that something could possibly happen.  Photos with Yoongi were abstract as well, keeping details to minimum, showing only the parts that mattered, and very rarely were the two of you fully in one together.  You liked to edit and post this way, your Instagram became more of a passion project for you, documenting your life and scrapbooking it onto a feed that flowed beautifully.
The crowd outside the stadium was flowing into the streets, there were so many people.  People of all ages, not just what someone assumes a fan of the boys would look like.  There were parents with their kids, groups of teenagers, young adults, and even families attending with their grandparents.
The younger side of ARMY were the ones who’d eye you up occasionally.  Waiting in the lines with them was exciting, you loved the atmosphere they created.  The chants, the way they’d talk about their biases (that you later would tell said bias about), the sea of voices singing their songs during soundcheck… It was invigorating to see that side of it, getting perspective on how huge it all really was.
You’d be sent out there incognito with a couple of friends you’d met through the boys and the team, and per Yoongi’s request, a member of security that they allowed you to dress up to fit in with ARMY.  The poor guard assigned that job quickly became Jimin’s biggest fan.  You got him a different Jimin t-shirt for each show, accessorizing him head to toe in other merch associated with the It Boy.
Maybe the girls weren’t actually looking at you…
“Pulling around, we are license plate…” The driver spoke into something that resembled a cell phone, and suddenly the windows fell dark.  Your little one looked at you with wide eyes, hers adjusting to the darkness.  “Yes, just her and the baby.  Approaching the gate now, confirming with code…” Life was so different now compared to how these nights used to go.  Sure, security was always this tight and strict, and sometimes you would try to challenge it a bit to see what you could get away with.  You never pushed too far, it was only just you and Yoongi seeing how long you could escape for before Namjoon and the team got ticked off, but now it was different.  Much different.  There was a tiny person involved, a tiny person you made with the person that probably requested his team go through this much trouble for.  You appreciated it, it definitely was relieving some of the anxiety you were keeping packed away.  You trusted ARMY to the fullest, but even they knew there were some uncertainties amongst those who only acted as if they were true…
Before leaving the hotel you checked your bag six times, making sure you had absolutely everything you could possibly need for your girl.  She had a change of clothes, plenty of diapers, her favorite snacks, formula, toys… She was ready for her first BTS concert.
“Oh, baby girl, you are in for it,” You whisper under your breath as the car pulls into a garage underneath the stadium after passing through a gate that loudly clanged shut behind the car.  The lights that were now shining bright outside of the tinted windows were making her squint, making you giggle as you hurried to undo her seat buckles before the car was even parked.
“Mamaaaa,” She sang sweetly, watching you.  Leaning over her, you kiss her forehead.
“My babyyy,” You copied her sing-songy tone that made her kick her legs and shake her hands happily, “Such a happy girl,” You smile, “Let’s go find Dada.” 
Once the car was in park, you scoop your girl out of her carseat, letting her make a biiig stretch that you had to comment on before tucking her and her purple fit into your chest.
That’s when she spotted it.  It was smooth, and giving off a chrome sparkle when the lights from outside would hit it.  It was in the shape of a small heart with a ‘Y’ on it in pretty lettering.  Her tiny hand went in the air, eyes on the prize, but you caught her fingers before they could reach the necklace Yoongi bought you for your last anniversary.
“No, please, no,” You hide your demise behind a short laugh and scoot to the edge of the seats, waiting for your door to be opened.  Per protocol, you were not allowed to exit the vehicle until the door was opened for you by a team member.  More safety precautions.
From around the corner, a group of people all dressed in black covered with headsets and wires appeared, spreading out in the garage, scoping the scene.  Your eyes scanned them at lightning speed, looking for a face that could be out here secretively.  You knew pretty much everybody on this team, and they knew you.
One of the tallest guys nodded to everyone else and turned his chin to speak into the walky-talky that was pinned to his shoulder.  You assumed that was confirmation they could come and get you.
Two members approached the car, one coming to open the door and the other going toward the opening trunk to grab your things.
“Hello! Welcome!” Was said your way as you stepped onto the concrete.  The garage was echoey, every single sound bouncing off the grey walls.  Your little one nuzzled her head into your neck, hiding her face from the bright lights and the sharp sounds.  Cradling the back of her head, you kiss her cheek, whispering comforting words to her to keep her relaxed.
Your bag was passed along, a team member carrying it as everyone started to follow you toward the doors.
“Do we need the car seat?” Was called out amidst the movement, and with a simple shake of your head you let them know they could leave it behind.  There were going to be plenty of eager arms to hold her here.
“Suga at doors three and four,” Was mumbled somewhere next to you, and your heart shot out of your chest, “Approaching that entrance now.”  You were about to see him for the first time in two weeks.  He was about to see you for the first time in two weeks.  You and your girl were here, at one of his shows, for the first time together.
Biting onto your bottom lip with force, the nervousness that was swirling with excitement inside of you was about to boil over as you rounded the corner to doors labeled ‘3’ and ‘4’.  God, you couldn’t wait to kiss him, or just simply put your hands on him.  He was going to get to cradle your girl and smother her in tiny kisses like he loved to do.  Doing that was the first thing that ever made her laugh.
Members that were many feet in front of you reached the doors first.  You swear you could feel your heart beating in your throat, that’s how nervous you were, and the feeling shot down through your stomach as they grabbed the door handles, but as soon as they were pulled open, every minuscule uncomfortable feeling you were feeling dissipated.
Rocking impatiently side to side, Yoongi’s head shot up once the doors had opened, locking eyes with you instantly.  Heart swelling, feeling overwhelmed, the sight of you coming toward him with your baby in your arms had him squatting down to the floor, covering the bottom half of his face with his hands that were iced out in jewelry.  He wasn’t allowed out of the arena.
“Min Yoongi!” You shout, holding your girl to you tight as you hurried toward him, passing three members on the way.  His eyes crinkled, hands still covering the smile that was growing with each step you took toward him.
More team members and stage hands stood behind him, working efficiently to get the show ready.  One of them paused to try and speak with him, but he sent them away with a wave of his hand, jumping back up to his feet to throw his arms around you as you passed over the threshold, holding you gently, carefully, telling you just how important you were to him.
He was dressed in his first outfit of the night, one of your favorites, all white down to chunky, red detailed sneakers.  It suited him, much like how he wore white to the Grammys, most definitely his color- though you wished they kept the original of this assemble, the all white everything.  
His hair and makeup were already done, a part of the process you adored to watch even if it made him a little shy at times, and he smelled fantastic.  A mixture of something musky along with something sweet.  Whatever it was, it was doing something to you.
“This can’t be real,” He sighed, tightening his arms around your back.  Slipping one around his waist, you giggle into his neck, placing a kiss there before taking a long deep breath.
“I missed you,” You breath, “We missed you.” Yoongi turned his chin to look down between you two, your girl already gazing up at him with a goofy big grin already smug on her face.
“My goodness,” He spoke quietly, “Who is this beautiful little lady?” His tone was playful, evoking a giggle out of her.  The two of you share a smile, then an overdue kiss that you wanted to melt into, but a babble from your girl brought you back into the room.  Yoongi leaves an arm around your back, but pulls away enough to shift his baby into his arms.  In a second her hands were attached to his jacket, curiously looking at the zippers and trying to figure out how to work them.
“How was the ride?  Was everything okay?” Yoongi asks you, eyes on your daughter.  Wrapping both your arms around his waist, leaning against his side, you nod.
“Was perfect,” You said, watching him watch your girl, “I can’t believe what they did with the lights!” His eyes went wide as he nodded his head.
“Incredible… Everyone went out last night to check it out,” He said, “I wished you could’ve been there.” His gaze shifted over to you, something that looked like sorrow written in his eyes.  Pouting sarcastically, you shake your head.
“Enough, stop it,” You playfully tap his back, “We’re here now."
“And I’ve never been happier,” He whispered, tilting his head to kiss you slowly.  The doors closing behind you was a sign telling you to get out of the way, though no one on the team would really tell you to do so.  Instead, Yoongi tightened his grip on you and started walking his family down the underground halls of the Allegiant Stadium.  The stylists that were passing by were excited to see you, Yoongi proudly showing off your daughter as she took in everything around her with wonder.  So far she was happy, and not shying away from the new faces like you thought she would.  Just as you were passing by a few more stage hands, familiar shouting sounded from a room at the end of the hall that you recognized immediately.
Memories of causing a scene, and making a mess in the dressing rooms came rolling back with ease.  Pausing before you got in front of the door, you motioned for Yoongi to enter with your girl first, eager to see how his friends were going to act.  Before he did, he took one last long look at you, up and down, and kissed you.
“Mamaaa,” Your girl said, and the dressing room fell silent.  You held in your laughter as you heard the guys whisper, trying to decipher whether what they heard was real or not.  Sharing a quick glance with Yoongi, a mutual decision was made.
“Kookie,” You whisper to her, and she loses it, arms and legs flailing away.
“KOO-HEE!” She shrieks, and you hear Jungkook lose his mind.  The chorus of six pairs of feet wearing the chunky sneakers sounded, barreling for the door, Jungkook being the first to appear outside.
"My GIRL!” He shouts, hurrying over to Yoongi to gently squeeze her cheeks between his finger and thumb, making her smile and squirm in her fathers arms, “Favorite uncle is ready to put on the BEST show for you.” He smiles toward you, holding his arms open to give you a squeeze.
“She missed you guys,” You said while he rocked you back and forth, “I can’t wait for her to see you all onstage.” They all looked absolutely breathtaking, their stylists knew how to do their job.  One by one they greeted your baby, leaving her in Yoongi’s arms for now, then you with a hug.  One member in particular was stuck on your girl, however, not even making it over to give you a squeeze.
“Oh no, Taehyung,” Yoongi shook his head, smiling. Your girl's tiny hands were latched to his, the difference in size melting your heart.  Tae was laughing, unsure of what to do as your daughter stared at him with a wide open gaze.  Jungkook popped his head in front of her to try to distract her and get her attention, but she was zoned in on Taehyung, frustrating the youngest member.
“You’re strong,” He continued to giggle, wiggling the fingers she was squeezing, “I like your outfit,” He spoke to her as if she wasn’t an infant, and it was hilarious.  Quickly, her hands sprung free and reached out for him, Taehyung looking up at Yoongi just as fast, questioning whether or not to take her.
“Go ‘head,” Yoongi chuckled, holding her out for his younger brother to grab.  His hands fit over the entire circumference of her back, they were probably as long as her entire legs right now.  He seemed unsure at first, only having held her once as a newborn, but Yoongi was quick to help him out while your daughter still gazed up at him.
“Jeez, we get it, he’s handsome,” Jin mumbled, getting everyone to laugh aloud, even Taehyung who’s cheeks turned pink.  Yoongi rolled his eyes, shaking his head half seriously.
“No, no, no,” He said, moving to stand behind you, sliding his arms over your shoulders, clasping his hands to his elbows.  Lifting yours, you placed your hands over his, squeezing them happily.
“No boys, sorry Tae,” You keep the joke going.
“Just cool uncles,” Taehyung nodded, bouncing your baby a bit as she babbled up at him, “Protecting and watching over you from everyone.” A soft smile grew on you and Yoongi’s face as you watched the six of his friends fuss over your daughter, trying to make her laugh, or steal her attention from Taehyung.
“She’s so loved,” You whisper, Yoongi agreeing with you with a hum, planting a kiss on your cheek.
Hoseok was next to scoop up your girl, getting her to giggle and kick her legs instantly.  All he had to do was stick out his tongue and she was gone.
“Oh! So cute! You’re so small,” Hoseok cooed, kissing her cheek three times, making her smile.  Yoongi squeezed one of your shoulders after watching your face falter at his words, giving you a knowing look.  Jungkook hurried over and snatched her from his older brother, spinning her in the air before giving her a squeeze.
“She’s perfect!” He sarcastically defended, but ultimately meant, knowing the most about her not long ago needed bi-weekly doctor appointments.  Looking up at her Uncle Kookie, she cooed softly, then laid her head on his chest.  She’s fallen asleep there before back at home when Jungkook would come to visit, and it looked as though there was a possibility she’d drift off comfortably right now, but Taehyung spoke, and the sound of his voice had her head springing up fast, eyes searching for him.  Teasing sounds erupted from the guys, Yoongi shakes his head again.
“Here,” Jungkook sighs, turning to hand Taehyung the baby that was already reaching for him, “You win.” As soon as she was out of his arms, Jimin tossed his around Jungkook from behind.  One of his  babies still wanted his attention.
The eight of you stood here passing around your girl for another ten minutes, you and Yoongi being asked question after question regarding everything about her when chatter and noise started to grow from the arena.
“I think I hear them,” You wiggle your eyebrows, making them smile.  A stagehand approached the group, tentatively trying to get a word in, letting you all know the doors had opened and the show would be starting soon.  Knowing the guys took these last moments together alone, you break out of Yoongi’s hold to his disappointment, and take your girl back from Namjoon, who was holding her like she was the most fragile thing he’s ever held.
“Let’s go, babe,” You smile at her, as she tries to resist you a bit, “Oh, I know, I’m not as cool as them… they have to get to work!” A few of them giggle, then they turn back into the dressing room after saying goodbye, leaving you and Yoongi to have a moment alone.  Kissing his daughter on the head, Yoongi then kisses you in the same spot, putting his arms around you.
“There’s another room around the corner here,” His voice was low, comforting, “They put both your things in there, and I know it’s got food and drinks for you, too.  It’s further from the stage, so if she needs to sleep it won’t be too loud… Oh! It has a private bathroom, too-“
“D,” You cut off his rambles with his nickname, his eyes pointing down to you, “Thank you,” You giggle, tilting your chin to press your lips to his, “I think someone needs to be changed,” You whisper as if your daughter understood what that meant.  Yoongi crinkled his nose, and chuckled.  The chatter from the arena caught your attention, and a thought popped into your mind, one you were kind of nervous to ask him.
“What?” He questioned, able to read you like a book.
“What?” You repeat, and he chuckles again at your obliviousness.
“What’re you thinking?” He asked.  You nibbled on your bottom lip, Yoongi lifting a hand to use his thumb to pull it out, kissing you there softly.  Your daughter had a tight grip on one of the zippers of his jacket.
“Can I go out? We? Can we go out? Out there?” You gestured to the arena with the top of your head.  Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed, looking from your girl, back to you.  He slowly opened his mouth as if to speak, but quickly shut it.
“Please?” You whisper, giving him a glimpse of your puppy eyes on purpose, knowing they had an effect on him.  Sighing, he glances away and nods.
“I don’t see… why not,” He says tentatively, “You’re not going alone, of course.” 
“I know,” You start to smile, “I got Branson a new Jimin shirt.” Laughing about the security guard you liked to dress up with Yoongi, he calms down first with a short breath.
“Nothing crazy,” He says, making sure he has your focus, “We’re in Vegas… Last night this city got a little wild,” You nod after every word, “I got the headphones for her, little purple ones back in that room for you… Take them now just in case,” He pauses, taking in the sight of his daughter.  If you were anywhere else you’d feel a bit silly letting Yoongi tell you what to do like he was parenting you both, but he knew his concerts best, so you appreciated his words. 
“I’m going to wear a mask, too,” You remind him, giving him another reason to be okay with you joining his fans, “She’ll be fine… I saw other babies while we were driving, so we’ll fit right in.  No one will suspect a thing.” Yoongi starts to smile, giving you a single nod before a long kiss that your daughter didn’t like.  He took her into his arms as he led you to find Branson and the group of friends you’d typically hang with at shows, then to your room to your things where he changed your baby’s diaper himself.
“Suga, you need to head out,” A stage manager poked his head into the room with his hand on his walky-talky.  Sharing a silent moment with you, Yoongi sighs.
“Be careful,” He said, handing you your daughter.  Standing to meet him with a hug, you nod.
“We’re gonna go experience Dada’s world,” You say softly.  Yoongi looks down at you, confused. “What?” You ask.
“You already do,” He says, “You two are my world.” The stage manager peered in again, beckoning Yoongi to leave at this point while tears pricked at your eyes.
“Alright!” He groans goofily, looking over his shoulder, “Bye, my love,” He kisses you, then your girl, “Bye, my baby.”
“Daaadaaa,” Fills in the following silence, your stomach doing a flip, “D-d-daaada.” Yoongi watches her in awe, then looks up at you in disbelief.
“That’s the first-“
“The first-“ 
You both try to speak at the same time, falling into a fit of giggles.
“Dada,” Yoongi says to her, and she repeats it clearly, “Oh, YES!” He shouts, making her laugh, “And now I have to leave?!” He bounced on his heels, rolling his eyes.
“Go,” You tell him just as the stage manager looked back into the room, “Please.”
“Mmm,” He hums, “You gotta stop saying that,” A flash of devil hints in his dark eyes.  Your turn to roll your eyes.
“Yooooongi!” You whine, “Go!” He grins, kissing you one last time before heading out the door, glancing at you one last time over his shoulder before he was gone, leaving you and your daughter to go explore the wonders of BTS outside of the dressing rooms.
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GOd I really hope it's decent slkdghslkdhg I hate to hype my fic if it turns out disappointing, especially the scenes like with Photobooth annd Identity Crisis™ Daycare Attendants and Doc Sun im sdglsdhglsdhg
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Tumblr media
Draw your squad like this
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Body Language: Nervousness
Hey guys! Maybe say hello to a consistent uploading schedule? Don't be too sure though :/.
I would just like to mention that this post contains mentions of self harming like behaviours, so to those who struggle with self harming and/or trichotillomania I would like you to be aware so that I don't unintentionally trigger that. I would hate to accidentally harm any of you guys because of an oversight like that.
Without further ado, enjoy the post!
Tumblr media
Arms wrapped around body/stomach
Big eyes and/or pupils
Biting fingernails/fingers/knuckles
Biting lips
Blinking more often, more rapidly
Bouncing legs
Cleaning fingernails (as if trying to ignore something
Dry mouth
Eyes darting around
Folded arms
Folding and unfolding arms as if in a loop
Furrowed eyebrows
Gripping tightly to something or someone
Higher pitched voice than normal
Jittery, jolty movements
Lack of appetite
Lack of eye contact
Less blinking
Looped behaviour (example above)
Nervously eating
Pacing around the room
Playing with nearby objects
Pulling clothing around the neck
Pulling out hair
Quick breathing
Restless legs
Restlessness in general
Rubbing eyebrows/temples/face
Rubbing hands and/or arms
Scratching themselves (typically arms)
Scratching scalp, back of neck or hair
Self-harming like behaviour (typically unconscious)
Shaking head
Shaking body parts subconsciously
Short breaths
Tapping fingers on random objects
Touching face repeatedly 
Trembling hands
Unable to stay seated or stay still in their seat
Unable to stay still in general, many restless movements
Tumblr media
I hope this post found itself useful to you! For content like this, follow my instagram, @/dizzy.writess
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Tumblr media
Adorkable Twilight & Friends - “Inner Demons”
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Finally graduating tomorrow after a year and a half of finishing my degree.
(Clearing out drafts - 21/3/22)
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hellraiser. // eddie munson. (3)
pairing: eddie munson x female!reader - stranger things cast x female!reader
summary: Between school, band practices, D&D nights and shitty parents, you and Eddie have created the perfect little secret life together. The town of Hawkins despises him, but not you. You're head over heels for the son of a bitch. About to graduate, the two of you are ready to run out of Indiana the moment those caps go in the air, but the inevitable Hawkins Curse creeps its way back into town, and takes hold of what you once thought was untouchable.
word count: 8k (getting longer and longer)
warnings: mentions of sex, mentions of drinking, language, SEASON 4 SPOILERS.
a/n: hi, thanks for being here! :) I keep writing this at the speed of light. Posting for myself, really. Follows the storyline of Season 4! Beware of spoilers in case you haven't watched the masterpiece. Loved writing this part, I love writing the characters, ah!
*gif not mine, creds to whoever owns*
visit me on wattpad!
Tumblr media
three. the cheerleader
The white kitchen tile was cold beneath your feet where you stood with the fridge door wide open searching for something to drink. Only awake for a couple of minutes, your body was begging for you to put anything in it. Snatching the last Coke from the bottom shelf that Tina probably forgot to get rid of, you crack it open and take the smallest sip, the bubbles stinging your tongue.
Your parents were in the living room with Jeffery and Marshall. Looking in there as you came down the stairs you saw the boys on the floor in front of the TV working on their school projects as your parents watched the news. Tina was up as you came in the door last night, surprising you. She was with Marshall in the kitchen you were standing in now wiping tears from his cheek while he drank a glass of water. A heartwarming scene to anyone other than you, someone who can’t get past the fact that they’re getting the mother you never had.
Crossing an arm across your front, you rest the elbow of the other on it to balance the can of soda by your lips thinking about how even right now she was in the other room giving the boys pointers on their work, possibly crouching down to her knees to help them cut and paste things, and you knew the boys were eating it up. 
The awkward air between you two as you walked into the kitchen last night was so thick you could’ve cut it with a knife, or the sharp eyes she was looking at you with. You could think you were keeping things a well hidden secret all you wanted, but she knew the t-shirt you were in didn’t belong to you. She mentioned how you were home later than usual, and you had to remind her that it was Hellfire night. Her eyes took you in up and down, your unruly hair, your baggy clothes, the shoes she didn’t buy for you.
Then she looked to Marshall, placed a hand to his cheek as her expression softened, and told him it was time to try to go to bed, and ushered him up the stairs.
She didn’t ask you how the club was, she didn’t question how you got home. If she had you would’ve told her that Gareth drove you home, and that it was a blast because Gareth is the nicest friend you have. He asks about your day, and he actually listens. Not many friends know how to do that, most listen to talk, and talk about themselves. Maybe you would’ve told her that Eddie left Hellfire to help out a, friend, in need, and that he wasn’t the bad guy everyone cracked him up to be. Much like Gareth, exteriors do not match interiors, the cover cannot be judged.
“Get. Your ass! In here!” Is shouted from the living room, followed by a shrill shout of your name. Nearly letting the soda slip from your fingers, you jump, place it on the counter behind you and rush through the archway to find your parents on the edge of the couch, three feet away from each other, with a twin in each of your mothers arms. She was watching the news anchor on the TV with wild eyes, your father glaring at you with worry. 
“What?” You hurry to ask, you haven’t heard them this scared ever in your life, “What!” You shout, darting your head back and forth from the TV to your family. Neil points a finger to the screen, and that’s when you see it.
A shockwave of panic ripped down your spine and into your knees where they gave out and sent you to the floor. Shuffling toward the set as fast as you could, you crank the volume up and whisper a guttural, “No.”
Nausea rose within you as you heard the words and read them on the screen. A Hawkins student was murdered.
And this woman was standing in front of Eddie’s trailer.
Sucking in a deep breath that takes control of your lungs abruptly, you feel your arms start to shake and fingers go numb. 
Not Eddie.
From behind you your name is spoken, you can’t tell by who.
Not Eddie.
On the couch someone says that they don’t know who it is yet, but you can’t tell who said it.
Not Eddie.
There’s a soft cry happening behind you, one of your brothers.
Your name is spoken again. Filled with adrenaline, you whip your head around to your family watching you. Your mother and her perfect hair was crouched on the carpet in front of the couch, reaching a hand out toward you. The colors in the room felt like they were vibrating. Growing brighter and brighter until it seemed they may burst like a lightbulb being force fed too much electricity.
Her nails were painted yellow, her favorite color. Painfully ripping your teary eyes from hers, you glance down to her hand and gulp. Unaware of how violently you had started to tremble, you tried to lift your own, but you were completely paralyzed.
“Listen… I’m… For you…” Tina spoke. The room spun around you. 
“They didn’t… Not released…” Neil spoke. You looked at him in what felt like slow motion, and it was making you sick. He didn’t seem worried at all, in fact, your panic induced paralysis made him seem smug. He watched the woman on the screen who was still speaking with a raised eyebrow. You swore he wore a hint of a smirk.
“...Cursed…” He muttered something else, every other word being understood as your palms started to sweat. Tina’s palm faced you, waiting for you.
“Ever since that girl Barb died a few years ago, it has been one thing after another…” Another woman on the TV was talking. The pain of your old friend's name resurfacing stabs you further in the heart. The town hasn’t spoken of her in ages.
“Only this happens at the trailer park,” You snap your head to look at your father who was sitting up tall, speaking loud and proud, “And you saw whose place they were looking in? What have we been saying for years, Tina?” More tears spilled from your eyes, and they started in your mothers. She gave her hand a small shake, begging for you to take it. “Someone else in Hawkins is dead, and look where they were searching.”
“Neil!” Tina shouts, turning her head.
“Fuck… you,” You mutter, springing to your feet. Calling after you, your mother stands and rushes to the bottom of the stairs that you just thundered up. Both of your brothers were in tears, your father doing nothing to console them. Instead he shakes his head and leans back on the cushions to finish the story.
Up in your bedroom you slam your door shut, pacing around the floor, raking your fingers through your hair trying to calm your breathing. Throwing open your dresser drawers, nothing was satisfying your eye to change into. The world was still spinning, it was like looking through a microscope. You had to get out of here, you had to make sure it wasn’t him. Not him.
Grabbing your denim jacket you pull it over your shirt and hurry to your window, throwing it open without a care to who hears it. Following through, you acrobat your way to the ground, into the backyard.
Downstairs your mother is still at the bottom of the steps, calling out your name when your father tells her to come sit down.
“She’s not going to come back,” He huffs, “Let her mope, this is Barbara all over again.” Tina sighs, hanging her head.
“We weren’t there for her through Barb,” She says, “Neil, what kind of relationship do we have with our daughter?” She comes back into the living room and scoops both boys under her dainty arms again.
“She doesn’t want one! Hasn’t that been clear?” He shoots her a glare, “You try to protect your children from monsters, and it pushes them right into their open arms. Now look at what's happened. Either that boy is dead, or he’s committed a crime I’m not too surprised about.”
The thud of your feet hitting the living room roof makes everyone jump. 
“What in the hell?” Neil mutters, standing to his feet. Marshall clings to Tina with fear, still crying into her shoulder, “She’s really not gonna come back in here.” 
“Why?” Tina asks, shifting the boys into each other's arms so she can stand next to her husband. Neil points to the fence he just watched you climb over.
“She just jumped out her window,” He nods, crossing his arms. Gasping, Tina rushes to the front door, yanking it open, and sure enough there you were running in your Converse across the street heading straight toward Eddie’s. She calls your name twice, and the strain in her voice almost makes you turn around, but with the tears staining your cheeks you keep running.
“You were meeting with Chrissy,” You whisper to yourself, sucking in deep breaths as you rushed, “I was supposed to come over,” Your heart sunk further into your stomach that was a rioting mess, “I should’ve… fuck, I should’ve come over.” Guilt starts to fill the empty parts of you now. You could’ve done something to prevent this.
You ran until his house was in view, and the sight was unnerving. Sure, the cops have been called here before, but there’s never been an ambulance out front or this many people. A crowd was surrounding the news trucks, ample words of worry and fear being shouted to the innocent people just trying to do their job and report on the situation. Slowing down beside one of their vehicles on the outside of the commotion, you spot Eddie’s neighbor from across the road. The little freshman with red hair, the one who was friends with the freshman in Hellfire. She was standing on her porch with, you guess, her mother, who wore the same expression as your father.
Twisting your head the other way as you hear the sheriff’s voice speak, you spot Wayne sitting on the picnic table at the end of the street with a cigarette in his hand. He was staring at the ground, and was incredibly still. Eddie wasn’t there. 
Elbowing your way through the mess of people who glared down at you, you hurry to his side.
“Uncle Wayne?” You ask quietly, your voice shaking. His tired eyes are the only thing to point to you. He sighs at the recognition of you.
“He’s not here,” He says, and tears well up in your eyes, “Wasn’t here when I came home… Wasn’t here when I… found her.”
“Her?” Your voice cracks. With wide eyes, you take a step toward him. Wayne shakes his head ominously, looking back at the trailer with narrowed eyes.
“I’ve seen a lot of shit, kid. I mean it. A lot. Been through all of it,” He says before dropping his tone, “But, I ain’t never… seen anything like that.”
“Chrissy?” You whisper, and Wayne looks you in the eye, “Ch-Cheerleader?”
“Mhm,” Was his answer, then after a few minutes of silence between the two of you he turned his head, “It wasn’t him,” He says, “Don’t know where he went… but, it wasn’t Eddie.” 
About to ask him another question, a reporter from the Hawkins Post cuts you off from a distance, hurrying over to Wayne who gives him a look of disgust. 
“Go, get,” Wayne whispers to you, shooing you away with the cigarette in his hand. The reporter's eyes are on you as you turn heel and walk toward the entrance to the park. Glancing toward Eddie and Wayne’s trailer, a chill runs over you when you see them loading a stretcher into the back of the ambulance.
“Hey,” Is said from behind you, to you, catching you off-guard. Stumbling on the rocks, you turn and find Eddie’s neighbor at the end of her yard, looking at you. “Yes, you,” She tilts her head and motions for you to come closer, “I’m Max,” There it was, “You probably don't know me, but I know you. God, that sounds totally creepy,” She shakes her head, “Uh, Eddie’s not here.” Taking a breath, you shove your hands in your pockets and nod excessively. 
“Yup,” You say quickly, “People keep telling me that.”
“He drove away last night,” Max’s tone is barely a whisper, but her words are intriguing, “I saw him.”
“You saw…” Stepping closer to her, she jolts her head back at the sudden loss of personal space, “Where? What? What happened?”
“Can we go somewhere else to talk about this? There’s somebody else I need to talk to,” Her eyes scan the premises, skeptical of the other people in the area. You didn’t have a plan to go back home. That was actually the last place you wanted to be right now, what you wanted was to find Eddie. This freshman never gave you a bad feeling, and it was kind of nice that she seemed like she wanted to help.
“Uh, yeah, sure,” You stammer, “I just… I need to find him.” Max gestures to her trailer where her mom had gone inside now.
“Only for a second,” She assures you, “I’m gonna change, then we can go.” Nodding your head, you fold your arms around your body, glancing back to Eddie’s trailer once before following Max inside her home.
“Who’s place is this?” You ask with a hint of anxiety still in your voice. You figured it’d be there for a while. Looking up and around at the beautiful one story home you were standing on the porch of, Max turns over her shoulder to look at you. She thins out her lips as she takes in your jittery being.
“Dustin’s,” She says, calm, surprised that the name makes you jump.
“Henderson? Dustin Henderson?” You ask with persistence, and you’re answered with the opening of the door, the very boy you speak of on the other side of it. A bit of relief comes over you as you look at each other. The two of you were just together last night at Hellfire, maybe Eddie had come here, he loved this kid. However, when he and Max share a moment, his energy shifts. 
“And… you two are together… how?” Dustin asks Max after he shuts the door of his bedroom. Max explains the morning to her friend who starts to pace back and forth. Finding a spot on the wall by his closet, you sink to the floor and cuddle your knees into your chest listening to her side of the story.
“Chrissy Cunningham?!” Henderson exclaims, “You’re sure it was Chrissy?”
“Yes,” You and Max both respond.
“In her cheerleader outfit. Same thing she was in when I saw her with Eddie,” She continues, and Dustin eyes you where you sat staring at the floor.
“Did you not go with them?” He asks you. Turning your chin to look up at him where he pauses his pace, you lower your eyebrows.
“Gareth took me home,” You tell him, and his face distorts.
“But you’re dating,” He states.
“Yup,” Your tone is flat, Dustin moves on.
“Did you tell all of this to the cops?” He asks Max, turning away from you.
“No,” She says, “But, I can’t be the only one who saw them together. They stood out.”
“I saw them together,” You speak up, “I watched them get in the van together, I watched them drive away last night. I fucking kissed him goodbye!” Dustin and Max both pause and look at you staring at them with a crazed look, one that might’ve resembled Eddie’s.
“How long’ve you guys been together?” Max mumbles quietly.
“Okay, but still!” Dustin shakes his head, “Eddie the freak and Chrissy the cheerleader?” That was twice in three days you’ve heard those words. Eddie the freak. You very well could have told them why Eddie was hanging out with Chrissy, but you decided to keep it to yourself, the poor girl’s life was just taken from her. Eddie told you so many times how it seemed like she was going through something, and that all he wanted to do was help her. There wasn’t any way in the hell that is Hawkins that Eddie had done this.
While the freshman spoke, you let your gaze fall back down to the floor, chiming in with a scoff or a sigh when you heard one of them say something utterly ridiculous, like how Max compared Eddie to Ted Bundy. You were siding with Dustin, the curly headed boy finally giving you a sneak of a smile. Dustin felt bad for you as much as he was worried for his friend, and you knew you only saw him in school, but he looked up to Eddie. He was their leader, their protector, the one who saved them from four years of total doom. You were both connected now.a
When the two sit down on Dustin's bed, you watch with confused brows as Max quietly speaks about what went on before she saw Eddie run out of the trailer. Wincing at the thought of him screaming, you bite down onto your bottom lip.
“The look on his face… He was scared, Dustin,” Max states, giving her friend a worried look. A knowing look. There was something else. “Really scared. Maybe he was scared because, you know, he just killed someone, or… maybe, um… maybe because… I don’t know, um…”
“Something else killed her,” Dustin says, and Max snaps her head to look at him. You were lost until you thought about Barb, and the theories people were coming up with after her death was announced to the public. Kids were making up horror stories, some too gruesome to even imagine would be real. Her death was a tragic accident, there didn’t seem to be a connection between these two events happening… not in the way they both passed.
“But that’s impossible right?” Max asks, laughing through her worry.
“I don’t know… it should be,” Dustin sighs, rocking his head.
“What are you two talking about?” You ask, and they both jump as if they forgot you were there, “Chrissy was murdered.”
“In your boyfriend's trailer,” Max says, and before you can say anything snarky back to her she continues, “And he wasn’t there.”
“There is only one person who knows what actually happened,” Dustin says.
“Eddie,” You and Max say simultaneously.
Barrelling toward the front door of Dustins, you follow right behind the freshman who give a short, quick goodbye to his worried mother after listing the names of their friends they needed to get in touch with. Nancy’s name had been dropped, and to you it made no sense. You never hung around your brother's friends.
Trotting down the stairs off his porch, you come to terms with the fact that you may just have to see Nancy if you’re going to be hanging around these two.
“What are you riding?” Dustin asks as he hops on his bike. Looking down at the pink bike that looked as if it was on its last life, you sigh.
“My old bike,” Max smiles, not mentioning the tiny tantrum you had when she offered it to you because you just cannot seem to escape the color pink.
“When’s the last time you rode a bike?” Dustin laughs, digging at your age.
“You have a lot of balls when Eddie’s not around,” You laugh with him, feeling refreshed with the sudden lightheartedness. Maybe these kids weren’t that bad. “Where are we going?” 
“Family Video,” Dustin wiggles his eyebrows sarcastically, and sighs at your confusion, “You’ll see. When’s the last time you talked to Steve?” You choked audibly and laughed.
“Steve the hair Harrington?” You say, and the children are unfazed, “I’ve spoken to him maybe twice in my life. The guy’s a douche.”
“Hey!” Dustin spats, adjusting his hat, “That guy is a hero.” You roll your eyes and nearly snort.
“Sure, okay, Henderson,” You egg on, “The only heroic thing I’ve seen him do is tap a keg.” The kids share a look of disapproval.
“No one knows anything,” Dustin grumbles, pedaling forward on his bike, “Onward, ladies.” 
It’s not that you forgot how to ride a bike. You forgot how demanding it was. Dustin and Max seemed like they could do this for hours, and they probably did. When you were in middle school you enjoyed this sometimes, but not all the time. Many feet behind the kids, you were sweating and trying to catch your breath. It was entirely unappealing, you preferred a much different style of cardio.
Family Video finally came into view and you gasped out of joy, Max turning back over her shoulder to see if you were alright. Tossing the bikes to the ground you take a deep breath and realize the other two are fine. Dustin asks you if you're good, and you nod, using the bottom of your t-shirt to dab away the sweat on your forehead. Max gives you another small smile, and for a split second, you return it.
The store was small, but inviting. You can remember coming here on Friday nights with your parents when you were younger so that you could pick out a movie and a snack for the weekend. Dustin led you guys inside, greeting the used to be crowned king of Hawkins High, Steve Harrington.
“Hey, Steve,” He says.
“You see this?” Steve asks, his eyebrows making their home in the center of his forehead as he points at the TV hanging on the wall. The other girl behind the counter you recognized from school, Robin. She was in the band, and she knew how to talk.
“How many phones do you have?” Ignoring Steve's question, Dustin leans forward against the counter. Looking up behind them, Steve and Robin notice you and their eyes widen. 
“What’s she doing with you?” Robin asks quietly.
“Y-yeah, wait, I’m confused,” Steve mumbles beside her. He was a lot calmer than he used to be. Forcing your lips into a little smile, you roll your eyes and nod your head once. “Someone was murdered-”
“How many phones do you have!” Dustin persists, and the two behind the counter look at one another. They seemed pretty comfortable with each other, sitting closer than any co-workers would normally be.
“Two. Why?” Steve says.
“Technically three, if you count Keith’s in the back,” Robin points out. 
“Yeah, three works,” The freshman agree, and start to set up camp behind the register at Family Video. Dustin flings his backpack and himself over the counter, knocking over strategically set up tapes from the older two who shout at him as he does.
“Are you guys not busy?” You ask, walking around the other side with Max, gesturing toward the movies that fell onto the floor. Robin shoots you a disappointed look, one that you smirk and shrug at. She looked pretty with the way her hair was styled, she never got done up for school this way, which has you putting together a theory. Robin and Steve the hair Harrington were a thing. You’ve had class with Robin before, she was funny, and she could do way better than Steve- unless this hero thing with Dustin has anything to do with it.
“Nice pants,” She digs at you, picking up her videos. Looking down at your legs you laugh at yourself.
“Left the house in a bit of a rush,” You say quietly. Shamelessly you were wearing dark blue, accented with light blue, striped pajama pants. The pants probably went great with the white Motley Crue tour t-shirt you wore with your jacket and Converse.
Robin looks up from the floor and smiles, “No, I meant it. I like them.”
“What are you doing, man?” Steve groans, watching Dustin take over the computer.
“Setting up a base of operations here.”
“Base of operations?” Robin asks, looking around at the three of you. She finishes cleaning the floor of the VHSs and gives you another quick look.
“Get off,” Steve says.
“No, I need it,” Dustin pleads.
“Need it for what?”
“Eddie’s friends phone numbers,” Dustin says, and Steve scoffs. You make yourself comfortable, hopping up to sit on one of the counters, smoothing out the lines on the pants you giggle at yourself for wearing. Robin smiles at you.
“Oh, your new best friend Eddie you think is cooler because he plays your nerdy game?” Steve taunts.
“Hey,” You whine. Steve waves a hand at you.
“Yes!” Dustin exclaims, then looks at him, “I never said that.”
“A little jealous, Harrington?” You tease, chiming into the conversation. Steve glances to you.
“Isn’t he your entire personality, why do you even need to look this stuff up?” Steve turns back to Dustin. Clapping your hands a couple times, you gesture them back at his back.
“See, Henderson? Douche,” You grin, and a laugh escapes Max.
“Yeah, seriously,” Dustin takes a second to glare at Steve who dramatically rolls his eyes.
“You guys, maybe on a Monday you can play around in here like toddlers, okay, but it’s Saturday,” Robin parents, stacking the video tapes back on the counter, “It’s our busiest day.” 
“Robin, I love- Robin. I empathize, but this cannot wait until Monday,” Dustin says a mile a minute, and Steve groans, dragging his hands down his face. You look over to Robin who turns to you with a silent laugh, bringing up your bitchy joke from earlier. Crickets were chirping in this place.
“What so calling all of Eddie’s friends is an emergency? You have one right here,” She throws an arm in your direction before continuing to clean up the mess that was made.
“Correct!” Dustin cheers. Steve directs his attention to Robin, helping her straighten up.
“Uh, d’you want me to strangle him or do you want to?” Steve jokes.
“We could take turns,” Robin sighs, almost leaning back onto his chest. Yup, definitely a thing. Steve turns back to the kids that were murmuring to one another, giving you a chance to check out Robin’s pants. She definitely had to wear them for work, but you liked them too.
“Can you fill them in while I do this?” Dustin asks Max.
“Fill us in on what?” Robin is frustrated as she turns around, having you divert your eyes from her choice of clothing. Taking a deep breath, Max obtains the undivided attention from the olders and gives them the story of the situation, starting with last night. You helped her fill in details from your side for the previous night, leaving out why Chrissy and Eddie were together. Steve’s eyes linger on you as you brush off how weird it looked to anyone who didn’t know why they were together, he seemed concerned. You wanted to tease him, maybe ask why it bothered him, had he been in those shoes before? But, you stop yourself because you realize he has.  Those couple of months you spent with Jonathan Byers told you plenty.
At the end of the story, Max did the same thing she did with Dustin, she implied the possibility of ‘something else’ doing this, losing you again. With the mention of this you figured she’d lose Robin and Steve too, but instead it sent them into a frenzy.
Family Video was then swiftly turned into an investigation station. Papers, everywhere. Robin found a white board and started listing names and numbers while you stood with her to help her fill in the details. Gareth’s parents were called, Eddie wasn’t there.  One person told you guys to check the arcade to which you and Robin both shook your heads, stifling laughs as she told them she really doesn’t think Eddie is there.
At one point, as you sit on the counter again flipping through pages that Dustin had written out, Steve comes to your side and leans his back on the edge. Looking at him without turning your head, you continue flipping, hoping that any of these names in the plethora of choices you had would be a winner. Steve looks down at the chicken scratch and clears his throat.
“What do you want?” You ask, placing the book on your knees. Steve looks at you, then turns away with a shrug.
“Nothin’, nothin’…” He mumbles, then faces you completely, “So, you and Eddie,” He begins, and you groan, “W-wait, hold on,” He holds up a hand, “This whole thing doesn’t add up. Are you guys still dating? I mean, why was he with Chrissy at his house alone last night…” Robin’s attention is piqued, you catch her looking over her shoulder at you.
“Yeah, we’re dating,” You say quietly, “Trust me, I know what he and Chrissy were up to.” Steve clenches his jaw.
“It’s just fishy,” He says.
“Fishy?” You snort, Robin laughing with you.
“Shit is fishy! No guy would-“
“Wrong,” Dustin held up his pointer finger, his attention focused forward on his work, “Eddie is a man of his word.” Steve scoffs, rolling his head backward.
“You said his uncle works nights, he took a cheerleader home,” He drags out his words for emphasis while you sit patiently, waiting for him to finish with a smile on your face.
“Relax,” Robin kicks a foot backward to collide with his knee, “Big boy’s a little insecure ‘cause he can’t get a girlfriend.” 
“Yeah, and, Steve, they do it like… all the time. They’re not breaking up,” Max chimes in, making your eyes go wide. She shrugs, slightly cringing, “We live in a trailer park.” Pressing your lips together you let out a painful chuckle, and look back to Steve and Robin bickering.
“I’m sorry, did you say Harrington can’t get a girlfriend?” You smirk. Robin grins with glee and nods. “I really thought you two were together when we came in here.” Both of them freeze, snap their necks to look at one another, and start dying laughing.
“Trust me, I’m not into Steve,” Robin giggles, waving her hands around. Dustin groans where he’s at at the computer, going to his book to scribble out another name.
“Am I the only one working here?” He shouts, looking back at the circus that broke out behind him. 
“Yeesh,” Robin sneers playfully. Everyone makes their way back to their posts, but Robin is sure to catch your attention first. She points at Steve and gives you a thumbs down, then she cuts at her neck as if her previous statement of not being into Steve wasn’t enough indication for you.
The front door of the store jingles and a girl in her twenties waltzes in, her done up eyes scanning the shelves happily. 
Robin clears her throat, “Pretty one, Stevie, go.” She whispers, and holds up a hand that fingers are counting to three, and once the third one is in the air, Steve is planted right beside the girl with an elbow on a shelf smugly.
“She is pretty,” You say, admiring the way the brunette was dressed. Robin steals a glance at you, both of you eyeing one another for some reason. Robin’s eyes travel downward to your pants. Smiling the smallest smile, she gently shakes her head and goes back to her work.
A considerable amount of time passes, and about a hundred phone calls seem to be made. Whoever owns this company is not going to be happy when they get this phone bill. Gareth ended up calling back just to check on you. Max had him on the phone when he started to talk about Reefer Rick.
“Hey guys, I think I might have a lead,” She spins around with confidence after hanging the phone up.
“Seriously?” Dustin almost spins off of the stool he was on. Putting down the papers you were holding next to Robin, you both turn around to listen to the red head.
“Apparently Eddie gets drugs from some guy named Reefer Rick?” She starts, and you nod, really fast.
“Yeah, Rick,” You say, and Robin taps your arm for not thinking of this sooner.
“Sometimes Eddie crashes there,” Max says, then looks at you, “Have you ever been there?” You nod again.
“Once or twice,” You avert your eyes around the room as you think, “But it was really dark. I  think that was the window we broke into…” Robin glances to the freshman in shock, but she knows they’ve heard and done worse.
“Well this sounds promising, where does this Reefer Rick live?” She asks, holding her hands open.
“See, that’s the thing. No one knows,” Max says.
“He’s more of a legend than someone that people actually know,” You bob your head, trying to pull together memories of nights at Ricks, but rolling around half naked on his couch with Eddie didn’t seem appropriate to share right now. Thinking about how you got there, you couldn’t even piece that together. It was summer, it was hot out, and you were really drunk.
“What about a last name?” Dustin asks hopefully. You shake your head and Max answers with an, “I don’t know.”
“Bet the cops know a last name,” Steve says, coming back to the group after escorting the pretty brunette outside. He had started organizing some of the video tape baskets.
“What?” You question.
“The cops,” He restates, “I mean listen, this Reefer Rick, if he’s actually a drug dealer, I guarantee you he’s been busted at some point. Means he’s in the system.”
“The cops?” Dustin scoffs, “Really, Steve? That’s your suggestion?” 
“I think they should be filled in on what we know, on what’s going on,” He suggests. You straighten up, feeling a bout of rage in your chest. Dustin slides off his stool, his eyes are wide.
“You think Eddie’s guilty, don’t you?” He asks, and your hands tighten into fists. Robin notices and reaches for one of your wrists.
“Whoa,” Steve flings his hand around, “I believe in innocence until proven guilty, all that constitutional shit. I just, yanno, don’t think we can rule it out.” Ripping your hand away from Robin, you slam them both on the counter in front of Steve and stare him down. The jock flinches, then slowly turns to meet your eyes.
“If you think, for a second, that we’re involving the cops, I will tear that snug little vest off of your body and shove it so far up your ass it’ll come out of your ears,” You snarl, making Max laugh quietly. Steve stares at you in shock, “I know Eddie. He didn’t do it,” You lower your voice for only Steve to hear, “He can’t even smack me across the face while we’re doing it in the back of his van without checking seventeen times if I’m okay,” Your words have him looking elsewhere, “So, let’s spend a little less time looking for a girlfriend, and a little more time trying to find the son of a bitch who I love, oh, so, very much.” 
“Oh, wow, I’ve got it,” Robin sighs happily, hurrying over to the computer.
“What’re you doing?” Max asks, peering over her shoulder. Your standoff with Steve ends when you push away from the counter, maintaining eye contact until he breaks away, then you turn over Robin's other shoulder.
“Maybe we don’t need a last name,” She says and types the name Rick on the keyboard, hits enter, and twelve Rick’s appear on the screen. Clicking on each one, a list of movies that they’ve rented comes up, so you use that to narrow down which Rick would be your Reefer Rick.
Rick number five is the winner. Rick Lipton.
“I would’ve never guessed his last name would be Lipton, that seems so simple for a drug dealer,” Dustin says, making you all laugh in a way.
“What’d you expect? Rick Marijuana?” Robin teases, and Dustin groans as the group laughs louder. She announces Ricks address, mentioning how it’s a perfect place to hide, right by Lovers Lake in the middle of nowhere.
“Oh my god, the lake!” You exclaim, clapping your hands together. The four of them look at you curiously. Dropping your hands by your side sheepishly, you shake your head, “Another thing I can’t… share with the class.”
“My god,” Steve huffs quietly, “You make me want to not find this dude, for your sake.”
“Let’s go,” Max says, and everyone breaks into a rush except for Steve who takes his time, the two of you in another standoff.
“Harrington, when was the last time you-”
“Uh uh,” He demands, “Not going there,” He throws his vest on the shelf under the computer as Robin laughs at him in the background, “But like… are you good?” He genuinely questions, and you raise an eyebrow.
“Am I what?” You ask, folding your arms defensively.
“Like, are you okay?” Steve cracks a smile, pulling on his jacket, “I’ve known you for, what, an hour? And I’m pretty sure I have a good idea of what your sex life is like.”
“Come on, ladies,” Robin sings as she hurries for the door with the freshman. 
“I’m fantastic,” You smile at him, “I’m sure you’d love to find out.” Laughing dramatically, Steve tosses his hair backward and slowly shakes his head.
“We’re leaving,” He snickers, trying to bury his growing curiosity.
By the time you got out to Lovers Lake it was dark, everything suddenly becoming a lot more familiar. The car ride here was a little awkward, being shoved in the car with four people you barely knew wasn’t your idea of fun. Robin let you sit up front next to Steve so you didn’t have to be squished between the freshman.
Steve pulled down the dirt road slowly, the streets out here were terribly dark. Robin was right when she said this place was great to lay low. Studying what you could see out the glass, you agreed with yourself that this place seemed a lot more exciting after a drink or two. The house was also just as dark, not a single light was on.
“Hope your boy’s not afraid of the dark,” Steve mutters after turning the radio off.
“He’s not,” You say quietly, looking past his glorious head of hair to check out the windows of the house. Steve smirks, nodding.
“‘Course he’s not,” He says to himself. Parking the car, leaving the keys in the ignition, the kids pour out of the backseat with determination- well, at least Dustin did. The longer you were around him the more you learned to appreciate how ambitious he was. Clunking up the stairs as a group, Dustin rings the doorbell, and you all wait patiently.
Then, he rings it again. And again. And again, and again-
“Okay, well that’s settled. Guess he’s not here,” Steve says, holding up one of the flashlights so Dustin could see the door.
“Eddie! It’s Dustin!” The freshman starts to knock, making you, Steve and Robin hush him. Tapping his shoulder you scrunch up your face and shake your head.
“Not a good idea,” You whisper.
“Look we just wanna talk, no cops, I swear. We just wanna help,” Dustin says after knocking again. Robin points her flashlight to the left, starting to walk that way around the house.
“Robin,” You whisper, harsher than before, “Robin!” She didn’t stop. There wasn’t anyway you’d be caught lurking around Ricks at this time of night alone, so you figured you’d better follow her.
“You don’t remember anything from here?” She asks you once she feels your presence behind her.
“Uh,” You stutter, and gesture to the window on the side of the house, “I unlocked that window with a broken belt once. Eddie… tossed me inside… I helped pull him in.”
“Fun,” Robin pops her brows and blinks a few times. You both hear Steve hush Dustin at the door again who started to shout names, still obnoxiously ringing the doorbell.
Looking into one of the windows that Robin pointed her flashlight into you spotted the living room and the couch you spent nights on. The kitchen looked like it was a mess, but it always was. Beer bottles were thrown wherever they pleased, and butts of cigarettes laid around everywhere.  You’re also sure you saw a carton of milk open on the table. There wasn’t a suspicious thing about his place, but you’re sure half of this group would think otherwise.
Behind you and Robin, Max wanders to the side of the house, shining her flashlight to whatever laid beyond it. Her brows were furrowed above her eyes.
“Hey, guys?” She shouts, getting you all to hurry to her side. When the shed behind the house came into view, you audibly gasped. Pushing past Max’s shoulder, you’re bounding for the door until feet rush up to you and a hand grips your shoulder. Thinking it’s Harrington, you spin around with a nasty glare in your eye only to find Max.
“What are you doing?” She whispers, and your gaze softens.
“Going to get him,” Your tone is a bit harsh at a whisper, but you couldn’t help it. There was a high change that Eddie was in that shed, and you needed to see him. You needed to wrap your arms around him, you needed him to kiss you and tell you that everything was going to be alright. If anything, he needed that from you, too. You weren’t going to waste anymore time standing around with a group of goody-two-shoes when he was right in arms reach.
“Maybe you shouldn’t go first,” Max keeps her voice low, “Just in case.”
“In case of what?” You sigh heavily, bouncing on your toes.
“Shock? Grief? I dunno, I just feel like you should wait here,” She was pleading with you, “We don’t know what’s in there, and… knowing what we’ve seen in the past… It’ll be better if it’s one of us.” Sliding her hand off of you, she nods her head and you slowly join her.
“Okay,” You take a few steps back, “Come get me when you deem it’s safe enough.” You flitted your voice in a silly, spooky pattern to make her smile, and it’s successful.
Wandering around the metal walls for a couple of minutes, the group shines their lights into the windows, scoping it out before Robin pushes the door open with a polite, “Hello?” She jokes to lighten the mood, something you noticed she does, but she gets no answer. Outside the air has gotten a lot cooler than it was when the sun was up. Pulling your jacket around you tighter, you curse yourself for not picking better pajama pants last night. You spin around in a little circle, taking in Rick's property. It was a cute place, and definitely somewhere Eddie would come to hide. 
The house was like a cabin, and those were always cozy to you. All the memories that were made here at Ricks were happy ones. You hoped that this one would be too.
With the crickets and nighttime creatures prowling, you can hear the voices of your acquaintances coming out of the open shed door. You figured, another day with them and you’d consider them friends. Max and Robin? Definitely. Dustin? Getting there. Harrington? Questionable, in more ways than one.
You debated sitting down on the grass, but nighttime dew was already setting in so you remained on your feet. Looking out onto the lake, you take a long deep breath and appreciate the crisp night air. This was the best time in Hawkins. Nothing compared. You think about Eddie and that one day when all of this blows over, and you’ve graduated, and life is good, you two can come out here. Hell, maybe you move out here instead of out of Indiana completely. 
A deep scream rips through the air, then coming from the shed, multiple voices shouting.
“Eddie! Eddie! It’s me!” You hear Dustin shouting, sending your feet running for that door so fast you’re sure you’ve kicked up the dirt, “This is Steve! He’s not gonna hurt you, right Steve?” Pushing it open with two hands, you land behind Robin, grabbing her shoulders to bring you to a stop. Looking past Dustin, Steve is pinned to the wall with a broken beer bottle pressed to his neck held by a hand that glimmered when the light hit it.
“Eddie,” You say just above a whisper, and his head snaps around, still holding onto Steve with a mother of a grip. He exhales, like he’d been holding it in for days. “Eddie, let him go,” You say calmly, though your legs were like jelly. He was out of his mind, something wasn’t right. Weaving your way around the kids, you step up onto the wooden platform the boys were on, and you hold out a hand.
“Come here,” You nod, tears stinging your eyes the closer you get to him and his pain stricken eyes, “Baby, come here,” He drops the bottle, startling Steve, “Mhm, now let him go, he’s nice.” Eddie’s eyes were stuck on yours. He released Steve from his grasp, Harrington fleeing to behind Dustin, and instead of reaching for your outstretched hands, Eddie stumbled toward the corner and slid down on his back.
Putting your hands behind your back feeling silly, you shuffle sideways to where he wandered and squat down. Eddie jumps at your abrupt movement, holding up his hands in defense. His bottom lip trembles. He’s looking at you through the top of his eyes with his chin tucked low.
“Did somebody hurt you?” You speak gently, keeping your cool- it’s harder than you thought. Eddie vaguely shakes his head, his eyes focusing on the ground. “Have you been here since last night?” He doesn’t answer. “Eddie, hey, we want to talk.” Nothing. Leaning forward a bit, you whisper to him, “Give me something, Princess, I’m having a conversation with myself here,” And it gets him to look at you with a little more Eddie in his eyes. You fight past the tears and smile, opening your hand for him again.
“Let me help you,” You encourage, then tilt your head back to gesture to the group, “Let them help you, they’re the ones who got me here.” Eddie’s eyes flicker to the others, Dustin looking at him with the same hope as you. They meet eyes and Dustin gives him a small wave.
“I’ve been so worried about you, all day,” You say, glancing down to your open palm, “I thought… thought whatever monster took her took you, too.” Eddie shivers, then takes your hand gently.
“You’re… You’re not gonna believe me,” He shudders, sucking in a breath. Robin, Steve, Dustin and Max scoot closer.
“Try us,” Max simply shrugs. Looking from the group, to Max, to you, Eddie sniffles and nods once.
“Hang on,” He whispers, and grips your hand tighter, pulling you into his body where he throws his arms around your back. Slipping yours over his shoulders, you let that wall break and the tears come spilling out. One of his strong hands draws a circle on your back, and you swear you feel him holding back his own tears. Leaning his head backward, he rests his forehead on yours to look at you and he’s flooded with the feeling of safety. 
Eddie was already an imperfect soul, but after today he seemed broken in more ways than one. You bring your hands to the sides of his face, slipping them into his hair, and you press a kiss to his lips that he sinks right into.
“It’s gonna be okay,” You whisper to him when you pull away. He uses his thumbs to wipe underneath your lashes. “We’ll be okay.”
“Eddie,” Dustin says softly, getting him to look his way, “You need to tell us what actually happened.” Eddie’s eyes meet yours again and he finally cracks the tiniest of smiles.
“Stay right here,” He whispers. 
Comfortably sitting with Eddie on the floor of the shed, between his legs with his arms draped around your body, you listen with the others as he tells the story of what happened last night. With the coaxing of your soft hands on his he made it through, but still threw away the ending, telling you all you won’t believe him. With tears falling for Chrissy, you lift one of his hands and brush your lips over his knuckles.
“You know how people say Hawkins is… cursed?” Dustin asks, “They’re not… way off.” And that’s when you get your explanation of what the group had been discussing all day. You learn about the Upside Down.
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chimivx · a month ago
vegas, baby. // myg. (2)
~ part two - here is ( part ONE! ) ~
pairing: Idol!Yoongi x Female!Reader ( ot7, they're all there )
summary: After seeing Yoongi and the guys, it's time for them to get ready for the show, which leaves you time to go explore the world you used to live before your daughter was born. Meeting AMRY, buying merchandise, it's all normal... for the most part, and the show is legendary...
words: 6.5k
warnings: like none, fluff…?, a swear word here or there, does Vegas need its own warning?, barely edited i just gotta get it out, they mention sex a few times, it's heavily insinuated at the end, DAD YOONGI, baby is unnamed ( you get to pick :) )
a/n: part two finally, thank you for all of the lovely support. i am in love with this couple, i've had thoughts of starting a series. the backstory for them after writing their future just feels entirely too sweet now... thank you again for over 500 notes on part one :')... i adore you all.
*gif not mine, cred to owner*
Tumblr media
Nerves stirred in your chest right under where you were holding your baby girl.  Following close behind the undercover security guard, Branson, you were headed out to the crowds at the Allegiant Stadium with twenty minutes until showtime.  Three team members walked around you, all of them dressed in similar, casual style so as to not draw attention to your group.  As promised, you had given Branson a new t-shirt with Jimin’s face on it, getting a laugh out of him, reminding him of old times.  He pulled it over his head with joy, having you take a funny picture of him to send to Jimin who always loved this long running joke of yours.
Behind you, a loving hand held onto your shoulder.  Turning toward her, your old friend Sunita, or Sunny, was heading out of the arena with you.
“Oh my gosh!” You gasp, seeing her now for the first time in a long time.  Sunny giggles, then pulls you into a hug, the others pausing for a second while you have your moment.
“I was cleaning up when you got here, we’ve been busier than ever doing these shows everywhere… It’s so incredible to see you,” She sighs, then rests a hand to your baby girl's head, “She’s beautiful, and getting so big.” Smiling wider than before, you thank her and offer her your daughter who’s eyes were boggling over the stunning woman before you, your long term stylist best friend who broke into the professional industry thanks to BTS.  Sunny had been struggling for years to make it big, then one summer night a simple phone call changed both of your lives forever.
“You hold onto her,” Sunny smiles her wide trademark grin, “This is your night, spend every moment with her.” Bouncing your girl, you nod, then you pout your lip.
“My arms will be tired in an hour,” You whisper, laughing with Sunny who agreed to take her from you when you needed a break.  Branson waved a hand, egging the two of you on to continue your reunion as you toured the stadium.
There were five in your group, not counting your mini.  Branson led you guys around the ‘long way’, he called it, so you weren’t seen coming out of a backstage area.  
The moment you saw members of ARMY come into view was the moment tears began to well in your eyes.  Sunny noticed, snaking a hand underneath one of your arms to hold you close, walking directly side by side with the woman who was half a foot taller than you.  From your front, your girl coo’s happily, finally satisfied with some visual stimulation she was being deprived of in the plain halls.  There were bright lights, there were concessions, shops, bars, and signs with the guys' handsome faces on them.  The further you walked inside the thicker the crowd had gotten, but it wasn’t making you nervous… It was oddly comforting.  The chatter and excitement was fueling your own, and seeing ARMY’s smiling faces got you smiling, knowing that that was the boy's only wish.  Their ARMY’s happiness.
Admiring the creative outfits and costumes the fans pulled together, you and Sunny reminisce together with a look, not needing to say too much, but remembering the days you’d spend hours planning concert outfits together.
“Anything you have planned to do?” Branson asks without an ounce of impatience.  His smile is small, just happy to have you back around to get him away from the chaos the guys liked to cause backstage.  The five of you have come to a stop beside a shop of merchandise that was flooded with young fans reaching left and right, and up and down, for their bias’s merch.
“Dada!” Your girl shouted, looking in the same direction as you, “Daaa, daaa, dadada…” The group begins to laugh as she continues to babble the syllables she struggled with for forever, but suddenly now loved to say.
“Well,” You remain calm, “You heard the girl.” Joining in the laughter you nod toward the shop and the posters decorated with her daddy’s face.
“You don’t know this yet, but it’s a secret,” You whisper to her for no one else to hear, “You have the coolest dad ever… but nobody knows.” 
“DADA!” She shouts once more.  Excellent secret keeper.
Inside the shop there were BTS songs playing that some fans were singing along to, and you believe your girl may have recognized it because she started to kick her legs to the beat.  
The first time she reacted to music you thought Yoongi was going to cry actual tears.  You were at home in the living room playing an unheard track from ‘D-3’, that still has no release date, with your daughter in your arms, her back pressed to your belly as you swayed side to side to the beat.  Yoongi was on the couch, critiquing himself quietly as he would tend to do, but still smiling at his girls that were enjoying his music.
“She likes it,” His eyes were big, full of love.
“She’s just happy it's finished,” You start to tease, “She’s been hearing this beat since the womb.” He cracks a laugh and shakes his head, getting your girl to laugh, too.
“You look beautiful,” He says, his voice hushed.  Pausing your movement, your eyes go crazy, glancing down at your estranged fit, then back to Yoongi who was still smiling.  It was the evening time and you were still dressed in your pajamas, well, all three of you were.  Your hair was tied up, exactly how you woke up that morning, toppling to the side in the scrunchy that was hanging on to the edge of glory.  Shorter pieces of hair had fallen out of the back and were laying on your shoulders that were also adorned with slobber art, courtesy of the little one in your arms.  To be fair, Yoongi wore the same art on his shoulders, and his hair was just as disheveled.
“I look beau-“ The song changed, and your daughter in your arms started to kick her legs to the beat, the exact beat.  Not in the cutesy way a baby would typically kick, she was hitting every accent.  Yoongi launched himself forward, jaw falling open in shock, cutting off your sentence.
“Yes!” He nearly shouts.  Looking down at her you smile, then start to sway your body again to which she begins to kick even harder.  Resting a hand over his lips, Yoongi takes a long deep breath before standing to join you, taking his little one's hands with two of his fingers.  His eyes were sparkling with absolute joy as he watched his baby bounce to his music.
“I knew it’d be mine that would get you moving,” He says to her, then kisses her head before kissing you, the three of you spending most of the night here finishing the album together.
“Put her right there,” Sunny points below a Jungkook doll, directing you where to hold your daughter so you could take a picture of her nestled in the plushies of the guys.  She was a little bit bigger than the dolls, so it made for the cutest scene.  Strategically holding her under her bum and behind her back, you balanced her between Yoongi and Hoseok, who’s plushies were right beside one another.  You wondered if that was done on purpose.
“PERFECT!” Sunny shouts, gathering the attention of a group of teenagers walking into the shop behind her.  All at once a chorus of ‘Aw’s’ and ‘she’s so cute’ broke out amongst them.  Your girl giggles, and Sunny snaps the shot that you knew would make it to your Instagram later.
Propping her on your hip, your daughter stares at the girls wearing masks, some wearing sunglasses and others wearing bucket hats.  From their clothes alone, you could already tell who’s bias was who’s.  The tall, short brown haired girl dressed in black cargo pants with a black crop top, big boots and a bucket hat on belonged to Jungkook.  80’s style, colorful trash bag pants belonged to Hobi, curvy, sleekly styled mini skirt belonged to Jin and the shortest one on the end with a fuzzy purple sweater on was Jimin’s.  You guessed they took your daughter looking at them as an invitation to come over to you.
“How old is she?” Hobi’s asked, crouching down a bit to coo at her.
“She’s sooo adorable!” Jin’s sung, leaning against Jungkook’s.
“About halfway to eight months, and thank you,” You smile beneath your mask, avoiding the eye contact, keeping your eyes pointed at your girl who was resting her cheek on your arm, “She gets a little shy sometimes,” You poke her nose gently hoping to make her smile, but she simply turns her head away from the teens.  Of course now she catches onto the secret.
“She likes BTS? Or do you?” Jimin’s asks you.
“Oh, she loves BTS,” You roll your head a bit to emphasize, “Just a few minutes ago she was dancing away to My Time in here.”
“No way, that played?! We missed it?!” Jungkook’s whined, stomping her feet a bit as she looked to her friends.
“Jungkook bias?” You ask with a raised eyebrow, and her friends answer for her with a groan.
“Insufferable,” Jimin’s rolls her eyes.
“It is not my fault he is insanely handsomely beautiful,” Jungkook’s states, holding up a finger.  You note to remind Jungkook how ‘insanely handsomely beautiful’ he was later, “Now I’m done talking about him before I throw up because I’m so nervous to see him in person… Do you have a bias?” Every head turns to look at you, it felt as if everyone in the store had come to a standstill, heat rising in your chest as the teens eyed you.  Branson was on the other end of the shop with the other two stylists taking in the sight of the place littered with ARMY, all while keeping a close eye on you.  You glance there for a second, and he assumes a strong stance, questioning you with an eyebrow.  Reassuring him with a smile, you nod and look at the girls.
“I do,” You say happily, knowing Sunny was shaking in her boots, “Totally Suga,” You beam, using his stage name hoping it’d throw off the instance that you could possibly be personal with him, though you knew ARMY used their full names regardless.  The girls giggle with you.
“He’s so hot!” Jin’s says, bouncing up and down.  Blushing beneath your mask, you nod again, having learned that you’ll hear this about your boyfriend from other people for the rest of your life.
“He really is,” You sigh.
“Does… sheeee have a bias?” They ask about your daughter who has now turned back to the teens who got closer to you in conversation.  You all laugh after the question is asked, knowing it’s a little inappropriate, but you honestly had an answer.
“You know, I thought it was Jungkook,” You bob your head, holding onto one of her hands to shake, “But… it happens to the best of us… I think this lady has fallen for V.” The girls absolutely lose it, tossing their heads back in awe, and shouting a couple things.  Your daughter finally laughs, making the girls react even bigger.
“Well, you guys have taste,” Jimin’s pops a hip and points to you and your girl.
“Yeah, you guys are cool,” Hobi’s smiles, then the girl's attention gets stolen by the oodles of merchandise in the shop.  They say goodbye and hurry off to grab favorites of their favorites.  Sunny ends up back at your side and shows off photos she took while you were mid conversation with the group of girls.  The very last one being all of you laughing, including your baby who crystal clearly resembled her father.
“The sweetest,” You say softly, “Look at her, that’s fucking Yoongi,” You whisper sarcastically annoyed, you and Sunny laughing.
“Yeah, I’m sorry, it is,” She agrees to your dismay, making you laugh harder.
“You’re supposed to be on my side!  I grew her!” You tease, bumping her with your hip.
“Yes, yes you did,” Sunny assures, then smirks, “But he put her in you.” Throwing your head back you cackle, the two of you causing a scene in the corner of this shop.  Your daughter watches you happily, content in her mothers arms.  Branson and the others made their back over to you, asking if you were ready to move on or if you wanted to stay here for a while longer.  Glancing around the shop at the merchandise, you ponder the thought of purchasing something, at least something for your girl.
“He’ll kill you if you buy something,” Branson reads your mind, watching your eyes search the store.  Frowning, you bounce your baby a bit. 
“Uh, well, there’s too many people around for me to just take it,” You say, and Sunny snickers.
“What do you want?  I have my ID, I’ll talk to them up front and get it for you,” Branson says.  Your daughter had a hand stretched out behind you toward the wall of plush dolls.  Turning around so she could see them better, you gasp when you see that she has her hand on Taehyung’s doll.
“You are down bad, baby,” You joke to yourself, picking up the doll to give to Branson.  The buff man barely glances at it, but looks at you with a puzzled expression.
“Tae?” He asks you as if you didn’t examine the shelves properly enough.  Sighing, you shrug and press your lips together.
“It’s her first crush, I gotta get it for her,” You mutter, half serious.  Branson quizzes you with his eyes again, then decides to not ask anymore questions and just get the doll for you.
“Don’t blame her, man is a snack,” Sunny says beside you, “Whoa!” She exclaims, your daughter having latched onto one of her fingers with her tiny iron fist.
“Oh, she’s got a death grip,” You warn a few seconds too late, your eyes wandering down to the low hanging silver chain with diamonds on it around her neck, “Watch out for that necklace, she’ll want that next.”  Sunny lifts a hand to it and starts to joke with your girl about it, getting her to smile and coo a bit.
From the front of the shop, Branson was getting the doll, and behind him in line was the girl in the purple sweater, the Jimin bias who was talking to you a couple of minutes ago.  Your eyes met, hers seeming like they were watching you for a little while now.  The young girl looks at Branson, watches as he pulls out his wallet with no cash, flashes his ID, then gets handed V’s doll in a bag that he didn’t pay for.  Her dark brown eyes find you again, her eyebrows low now.  It was as if you could see the wheels turning in her head.  Taking in Sunny, and your daughter, you tuck your girl's face against your chest, which she didn’t like, she started to whine, but this young girl was getting suspicious.  You’ve seen this look before, just not this serious.  Ever.  Branson was almost back to you guys, then you could hurry out of here before things escalated- unfortunately, the bad secret keeper had a mind of her own.
“Dada… dadada…” She started babbling on and on when you allowed her to look around again.  The young girl's eyes started to grow wider.  Pulling her mask to her chin you saw that her lips were parted in subtle shock.  You stood this way for a minute, even after Branson asked if you were ready to go.  This girl didn’t move, the shop line moved around her.  She didn’t shout, she didn’t cry, she didn’t make a scene, she didn’t take any pictures, she didn’t get angry… It seemed strange.  If something like this were to happen, everyone on the team was prepared for the third world war, but right now it didn’t seem like such a huge deal.
The girl still seemed like she was questioning it, her expression telling you just how skeptical she still was, so you pull your own mask down and give her a small smile- not that she knew your face, you just wanted her to know that you appreciated her for who she was, of course, now that she’s partially got you figured out.  She tried to smile back, then you sent her the final message that sealed the deal.  You lift a finger to your lips, in this moment fully telling her that everything she was thinking was true, and that she needed to keep her mouth absolutely shut.  The second your finger touched your lips her jaw snapped shut, and her eyes went extra wide.  She gave you a slight nod and turned her back to your group, allowing you to release a heavy breath.  You didn’t realize how long you were almost holding it for, now feeling anxious.
“We can go,” You mutter, tucking your daughter close to you again, leading the group out of the shop.
“Hey, you okay?” Branson asks, hurrying to your side as you flee the scene, “What happened?” His voice was stern, but not with you.  Slowing your stride so he wasn’t running after you, you sigh.
“There was… just a lot of people,” You say, “It’s been a while, I thought I’d be able to handle this.” Sunny catches up, placing a hand to the back of your neck to give it a gentle squeeze.
“Uh, my opinion may not matter, but I think you’re doing great,” Branson half smiles, shrugging with his hands.  Sunny's brows turn in as she looks at you, confused.
“What’s wrong, love?” Her voice is low, soft, and comforting.  Turning to face her, she sees it in your eyes and quickly wraps her arms around your shoulders, sheltering you and your mini, kissing the top of your head.
“You’re doing so good,” She whispers, giving you a small rock side to side, “Tiny is having a blast.  She is such a good baby… You know how many little ones I hear screaming at these shows?  You have an angel.” Chuckling into her shoulder, you sniffle, a few unnoticed tears slipping down your cheek.
“She’s her father,” You say, “And thank God for that, remember how I used to get at these things?” Lifting your head you shoot her a crazy eyed look and she lets out a cackle to which your little one giggles.
“Do I? After the first two shows you were impossible to find!  You were… rearranging furniture and shit… stuff! Stuff… sorry,” She ends with a whisper to your daughter, making you smile.  Empty dressing rooms just used to hit different on the road.
“You hungry?” Sunny asks, and you shake your head, “Want to go grab our spots then? The show starts soon.” The thought of watching Yoongi letting it all go onstage brought you back to the moment, the excitement beginning to come back.  Your favorite part of this, hearing him live, and of course watching him dance.  
Since his surgery he’s never looked so free as he does now when he moves, and it struck your heart in a way that got you weepy.
He was in his accident before you had met him, and you didn’t learn about his injury until a little bit into your relationship.  It caused a lot of problems for him through his career, which then had you causing problems for his management because you were so utterly pissed off that he wasn’t able to get the proper care he needed… It was a topic you could go off about for hours, and how unfair it was to have him suffer for so long.  Going through the journey of the surgery with him, to see him dance now really got to you.  No more wincing in pain, no more trying to rotate it into place, and no more unimportant doctor visits where they’d tell you the same thing again and again.
Watching the livestream of Permission to Dance LA, and seeing the way he was acting did actually have you shedding tears of happiness.  It’s been plenty of time since his procedure, so he’s been recovered for a while, but he still tends to wrap it up from time to time to take care of it and to prevent future injury.
Looking at Sunny, you start to smile.
“Let’s go watch my man shake his ass like he’s on a corner,” You say, taking her by surprise.
“Y/N!” She gasps with a grin, hooking an arm under one of yours as you start to follow Branson and the other girls, “But… he really does shake his ass like he’s on a corner…” She leans in to giggle with you.
“Permission to Dance, I dunno what it does to him,” You simply smile.
Round, purple headphones covered your baby's ears as she laid in your lap on her back, comfortably resting on your thighs where she was free to kick her legs as much as she wanted.  Her eyes were open wide, taking in everything around her from the people, to the lights that were shining bright. The ARMY Bombs mesmerized her, one catching her eye every couple seconds.
“How quiet do you think those make this for her?” Sunny asks from the chair next to you, tapping the black band of the headphones.  Your group of five had seats on the floor, just off to the side of the big square stage in the middle of the arena that descended off of the main one.
“I have no idea,” You puzzled, tilting your head curiously as your daughter smiles at you, “You’re so happy!” You coo, squishing her cheeks a couple times between two fingers, “Can you hear Mama?” She giggles, and you lean over to kiss her nose, rubbing yours to hers before doing so.  Scooping her up from underneath her arms, you tried to get her to stand on your knees, but her little legs wanted to kick instead.
“Want to bet they’re all having a meltdown back there?” Sunny smizes, nodding toward the stage, knowing they were all standing behind the screen waiting to come out.  There were unfortunate technical difficulties with the screen, the concert was supposed to begin twenty minutes ago.  This was the guys worst nightmare, you just knew they were anxious ARMY would be disappointed. 
Out in the crowd however, everyone couldn’t look happier.  The sense of community in these seats was unlike any other… besides the few comments you heard and chose to ignore about you and your baby getting seats on the floor.  Sunny and Branson were quick to reassure you, telling you that you deserved to be sitting where you were.  It was another surprise to hear Sunny say that she’d be staying in the crowd the whole show with you, usually she’d have to leave to go help with the boys, but tonight she was able to stay with you making it feel like three years ago all over again.
“I feel like I can hear Jimin whining from here,” You snicker, blowing raspberries to your girl's cheek making her laugh.
Suddenly, the room goes dark and screams erupt from every square inch of the vicinity.  A spark ignites in your heart, feeling swallowed by the sound of love for your man and his best friends.  Jumping to your feet, you turn your girl around, holding her back against your belly as you watch the square ‘We Don’t Need Permission’ screen, that was blinking like crazy, rise slowly to reveal a prison-like cage full of dancers.  
The opening notes of ON began to play, and your stomach twisted into knots, heart beating a mile a minute.  As the smoke dissipated, they appeared.  A tear you didn’t notice that was welling in your eyes rolled down your cheek as you smiled, releasing a breath heavily.
Once the cage had risen and was out of the way, the dancers barreled forward, putting on the performance of their life, the choreography just as good as the first time you’d seen it way back when in rehearsal before the world blew up.  It was genius to open with ON, having been sitting on it for a year without live performances.
“JIMIN!” Sunny shouts, rocking to the beat as the boy with the always ethereal voice finally emerged from the performers.  From your front you felt your girl bouncing, her legs happily going as she found her fingers to munch on.  Looking down at her, you lift her higher to your chest so she’d have a better view, though you were unsure she could put together anything that's happening right now.  All you knew is that she felt the music, and that she was going to lose it when the guys made their way down to this stage.
Taehyung swaggered his way through his verse, Namjoon the next to emerge to absolutely rock his part, standing out amongst the dancers being dressed in red.  Then came Jungkook, his eyes scanning the crowd slyly as he searched for you while bobbing along to the music, and as the song slid into the chorus- there he finally was.  Yoongi jumped into place, determination written in his stage presence as he started to rip the choreography apart, moving smooth and free.  ON wasn’t easy, none of their dances were, but ON was demanding especially on his shoulder.  Watching him tear it up, another tear seemed to fall.  
He moved effortlessly beside Hobi and Taehyung as the next verse began, your heart knotting up because you knew what was coming next.
The world seemed to stop as his voice rang out in the stadium, the screams erupting once again as he stood solo in front of the dancers, the guys hurrying behind them to join in the choreography.  Your daughter stopped bouncing, her head looking curiously side to side at the sound of her fathers voice that she was all too familiar with.
“Girl!” Sunny called to you, reaching her hands around your shoulders to hug you tight as you cried happy tears.  She wiped beneath your eyes for you and held you for the rest of the song, singing every word with you.
“Holy shit!” You shout turning toward her, laughing as the lights go out and the crowd goes nuts.  Sunny smiles at you sweetly.
“I’m so happy you’re here,” She says, and before you could say anything back, Fire began.
“No FUCKING WAY!” You shout, mouth agape as if this was the first time you’ve heard this setlist, but this was your song.  You and Yoongi, this was your song.
The music was bumping, pyrotechnics shooting off, and this was when they finally made their way down the stage, half of them running to the end.  Yoongi seemed to take his time, searching for you in the sea of beautiful faces as he joined his members in the center of the square.  Your girl was babbling away at the sight of them coming closer, but not loud enough to be heard over the catchy melody.  You and Sunny each lifted a hand to sway to the beat, and Jungkook spotted you first, slapping a silly grin on his face.  He didn’t stick around too long to keep it cool, but also to do his job.  
The choreography for Fire was just as sick as any other.  When the song came to an end, Yoongi was placed in the front to hit his signature, then Dope began and they dispersed, Jungkook running through them after saying, “To the left,” behind Yoongi.  He wandered forward at first, giving his attention to ARMY that they utmost deserved, some coming a long way and doing the most just to see them here tonight.  Finally he turned toward your side, and your heart started to race.  You felt like a teenager watching her Idol, waiting for him to notice her in the crowd and live happily ever after… The way your breath hitched in your throat as he came closer, and your hands felt shaky… He looked so good, and nothing got you going more than seeing him sweat it out onstage.
“Yoongi!” You couldn’t help but shout, hoping it’d help him spot you.  It did.  Sunny cheered, throwing his hands in the air as a cheeky smile grew on his lips, a hint of relief washing over him.  A shriek came from your daughter and he laughed, starting to rap along to the song, jumping up and down as she started to kick her legs again.
As fast as he appeared, he had to run away, but from that moment on his entire demeanor changed.  He bounced around the stage, and even messed around with the cameras with Hobi during their verses getting ARMY to melt.
The rest of the show was invigorating.  Eventually all seven of them found you, making sure to come over from time to time to give you a smile or funny face, courtesy of Uncle Kookie.  Yoongi stood in front of you at one point, gazing at his girl that was cuddled up in your chest sleepily.  It was about halfway through the show, he was dressed in the blue overalls he looked disgustingly adorable in.  The sight of his little one curled up in your arms as you rocked her to the beat of So What was incredibly endearing.  He laughed at first, seeing her eyes shut, but he knew after fifteen minutes she’d be back up ready to party, and he was right because as soon as Home started her head popped up.  She munched on a couple snacks at that point, a few puffs to keep her satisfied before she got her bottle to put her to sleep on the car ride back to the hotel after the show.  Yoongi was going to be coming back with you, and you were over the moon about it.
His team got you conjoined rooms, connected by a door so that you could have a room separate from your daughter in her adorably spacious crib that you traveled with.  She slept in your bedroom as an infant, but has been in her own bedroom since she was old enough to be alone.  Last night that door stayed open however, her first night in the new crib, and it would stay open tonight as well, no matter what.
The show closed with Permission to Dance, you and Sunny giggling like crazy at that one move in the choreography with Yoongi shaking his hips like his life depended on it.  Your daughter loved this song and was bouncing along, jumping slightly at the confetti that shot out toward the end.  Her tiny hands reached out for it as it fell all around you.  Sunny scooped some up and blew it out of her hands onto her, a giant smile growing on her face.  Bouncing a couple times she watched Sunny, waiting for her to do it again, and when she did, your girl screeched louder than she ever had before, one of the dancers turning her head to look over to where the sound came from.
Yoongi ran your way as the song faded out, and everyone started to clear the stage.  He chased after one of the big white balloons and kicked it, smiling down at you as he chased it to kick it again.  Blowing a quick kiss with just his lips, he hurried back up toward the main stage with his friends.
They took one last look at ARMY, and that screen started to come down around them as they waved and blew kisses and bowed.  Then, they were gone.
“I have to post to Weverse about it, I’m very upset,” Namjoon paced back and forth in front of the couches you and Sunny were lounging on.  Your best friend had a glass of champagne in her hand that she had offered to you as well, but you let her know you weren’t drinking while your little one was around, who was currently giggling up a storm in Jungkook's arms as he and Taehyung played with her.
“Joon, I’m telling you, they didn’t care.  If anything the wait made them more excited to see you,” You say to help calm his nerves.  Giving you a look that told you he was going to post about the technical issues anyway, you smile, sigh and wave him away.  On the couch across from you, Jimin was chugging a bottle of water before he had a swig of champagne, putting that glass down for the rest of the night.
“I thought it was great,” He says with a shrug, “It was fun seeing you two out there again.” He sends a smile to you and Sunny who returns it with a wink, making the It Boy blush and giggle.  Yoongi came into the dressing room, still wearing his last outfit, the long white sleeved shirt with the blue jeans, and his hair was pushed back messily.  The disheveled, after show look that usually had you jumping his bones and kicking your friends out of the room, if they didn’t leave voluntarily first.  Eating up his appearance, Sunny caught you undressing him with your eyes and laughed, slapping your leg.
“I’m not leaving,” Jimin says quietly without remorse, resting back against the couch cushions, propping his feet up on the table that sat between you guys.  Shooting him a hilarious glare for assuming you’d regress back to your old days, he just smiles and shakes his head.
“Can’t believe you slept through Idol!” Jungkook teases your daughter, Yoongi joining them in making her smile, “Want to see your dad?” Jungkook lifts her toward Yoongi, who holds out grabby hands.  She grins and babbles, but then tilts her head backward to look at Jungkook and decides to stay with him.
“Whatever,” Yoongi playfully rolls his eyes at her, “At least your mom wants to hang out with me.” Watching that whole moment pan out, you hold open your arms as he hurries over to you, diving into your lap, tossing his arms around your waist.  You laugh out loud, his actions taking you by surprise as he flips you over to place you on his lap.  Planting a thousand kisses on your face, he then sighs, catching his breath, his eyes glued to yours.
“You’re sweaty,” You whisper, running a hand through his hair.  He couldn’t wipe his smile away if he tried.
“I love you,” He says, ignoring the teasing that broke out amongst the rest of them.  Leaning forward to wrap your arms around his shoulders to kiss him, you smile into it.
“I love you more,” You say quietly.  A whine from your girl stood out through the chatter of everyone in the room, catching your attention, finally breaking the two of you away from one another.  Your chins turned at the same time, laughing as Jungkook pulled a funny face struggling to keep your writhing baby still in his arms.
“Hungry?” Yoongi asks you, and you nod.
“I was going to feed her on the way back to the hotel so she’d sleep for a while…” You say, hoping he’d catch onto your hint without having to actually say it aloud in this room of people who knew you both all too well.
“Think she’ll go down for the night?” Yoongi’s eyebrows launch to the sky, a familiar feeling stirring in your belly.  Kissing his cheek, you whisper in his ear.
“She’ll be out for hours.”
“We have to go,” Yoongi jumps up, placing you on your feet, “Give me my baby, we’re leaving.” He parades over to his friends, saying goodbye and taking his girl as you hug Sunny and Jimin.
“Hey,” Jungkook eyes him before handing over your daughter, “She’s your reminder,” He moves her in a little circle in front of Yoongi who just rolls his eyes, “Wrap it, my friend.”
“You mean you don’t want one for each arm?” Yoongi teases, making you and Sunny whip around at lightning speed, cutting off your goodbye.
“No!” Sunny, Jimin AND Jungkook all shout.  Looking at Yoongi, he glances at you and smirks.  Getting playful back, you lift your left hand and wiggle your ring finger.
“There better be something here first before number two comes out,” You giggle, and a chorus of ‘Ooo’s’ erupts, turning Yoongi’s cheeks pink as he squeezes his eyes shut with a big, cheesy, smile.  Even your daughter caught onto the sound and repeated it after everyone, laughter the next sound to fill the air.
“We’re leaving!” Yoongi, still grinning, glares at you and hurries for the door.  Sunny tosses her arms around you one more time.
“That look on his face,” You say quietly to her, “He has something planned, doesn’t he.” Pulling away from you, Sunny pretends to zip her lips shut and toss the key behind her.
“Baby, let’s go!” Yoongi shouts from down the hall.  Sunny pushes your shoulder gently.
“Go make some love with that fine piece of man,” She winks, watching you walk away with a smile on your face, “But love only! No babies!” It was your turn for your cheeks to turn pink, the guys throwing a couple jokes your way as you waved sheepishly to them.
“MAMA!” Rung out down the hall, your daughter shrieking thanks to her father.
“I’m coming!” You shout, turning out the door to find them at the end by the exit.
“Yes, you will be,” Yoongi shouts back.  Groaning as you laugh, you ignore his comment and hope the stage hands in the hall did as well.  Catching up to him, he holds around the back of your neck with his open arm, and he places a delicate kiss on your lips.
“This was my favorite show,” He says, “Nothing will top this.  I love you… so much.” Kissing him again, you hum against his lips and smile.
“I love you more,” You whisper, and he laughs quietly, shaking his head.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CANDY: why me :(
JOAQUIN: you need to help me put sergio in a headlock
CANDY: .... ok 🙄😏
beginning / previous / next
SALIM: should we help him?
JOAQUIN: I think he’s fine
[NERVOUS SUBJECT snores like a sweet baby dove]
SALIM: nice. too bad diego’s not coming, I can only imagine what he’d have to say about this place
JOAQUIN: diego’s not coming??
SALIM: never replied. guess he got caught up with something else
[”too bad diego’s not coming...” “my friend’s having a little get-together” “...caught up with something else....”]
PENNY: I’m so happy you could make it out tonight! your schedule’s so crazy, I feel like we never get to hang
CANDY: totally!! I can’t tell you how good it feels to just chill— 
JOAQUIN: [shouted and drawn out in french-canadian blasphemous rage] TABARNAK
[CANDY deeply sighs. distant indiscernible swearing]
PENNY: ...
CANDY: ...
PENNY: candy please you know you’re the only one who can shut him up
CANDY: I know I’m just savoring these last few moments of peace
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Draw your characters like this
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"Hey, you seem nervous" | Daniel Brühl | Full Q&A at The Oxford Union
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tapedbyfresko · 5 months ago
I’m in love with eye contact. That shit make me nervous but I love it.
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navybrat817 · a month ago
I may post some motocross!Bucky today. 😬
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simnostalgia · 15 days ago
So I found this video which I can only describe as TS2 music video softcore porn?? Of Pascal and Nervous. Watch at your own risk:
Then I showed it to my friend, @buddydollysims2 , and she was like "have you looked at the comments??"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You did NOT put your real name on this sims 2 porn and show it to a family member!! NO. Absolutely not.
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the-spoonie-life · a month ago
I’ve been at my current job for 6 weeks, bear in mind this means tomorrow is my 12th shift. I’m opening and closing, I work at a brewery.
All the senior staff have said any problems to just phone them, they’ll make sure their phones are with them all day just in case.
It also supposed to rain all day tomorrow, wish me luck.
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