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fromevertonow · 8 days ago
But you cannot tell me that the scene of Nesryn flying a ruk for the first time doesn’t remind you of Buckbeak’s flight
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the-bates-system · 28 days ago
Ali: 'You know how I can tell when the supergirl fan edits aren't official CW things when scrolling through on no sleep?'
Gemma: 'How?'
Ali: 'They're better than the actual advertisements from CW. You think the executives have artistic tastes that actually match the generation they're aiming for? Pfft. Fan edits get how to advertise the story we want; a story of equals and familiar bonds… the arts team doesn't get permission for that.'
Gem: 'Absolutely.'
Our host: 'What the fuck did I come back to?'
Joey: 'They've been discussing tumblr art for the last hour. It got really weird.'
Me (Nesryn): 'it's been fun, but I really just wanted to zone out and instead I got everyone's opinions on random things.'
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adreamlikewind · a month ago
Can fanartists please stop giving poc characters eurocentric features? Also not everyone has to look like a white instagram influencer.
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zaspace · 3 months ago
Cuando Chaol regresa del continente sur:
Hola, ya no estoy con Nesryn En realidad, me casé en secreto a un curandera llamada Yrene, quien puede o no ser el futuro Sanador cabecera en la Torre Cesme.
Aedion y Lysandra: Ummm
Chaol: También después de que rompimos Nesryn se reunió con el futuro Khang del continente sur. Así que eso la convierte en la Futura Emperatriz.
CHAOL: Y Maeve es una reina de Valg, YRENE puede sacar a la VALG de la gente, y mi vida ahora está atada a ella.
Rowan,Fenrys,Gavriel: Maeve es valg? 🤢
Aedion y Lysandra: ...
Chaol: Probablemente mi esposa esté embarazada, y me convierta un papá
Chaol: ¿Qué hay de nuevo con ustedes?
Los demás :😱 omg
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rhysand-vs-fenrys · 5 months ago
NSFN Headcanons: Nesraq Creampie
Nesryn didn’t mind the uninhibited parties that came on the heels of formal dinners in the capitol.
Her first- the one she’d attended so long ago when she was still... attached to Chaol opened her eyes somewhat.
She’d been a bit prudish about the whole affair- how the drugged braziers with their cloying smoke were brought out along with cushions and those servants who were willing to sleep their way into a better position.
Sartaq, at that first banquet, had guided her to a seat set beside open windows, so that they could watch the display unfold with sober minds.
That was when she started to understand.
It was easy to turn her nose up and say that intimate relations belonged behind secure doors, but quite another to watch it all unfold in front of her.
To sit beside Sartaq as chatter turned to murmurs. Murmurs to that unique, charged silence that stretched on as tongues found their way into mouths or along necks. The light gasps that peppered the room. The heady moans from those who were too far gone in the allure of the smoke to bother moving themselves towards a bedroom.
That first party she and Sartaq sat off to the side and watched as the room lost control. As the stiff formalities melted away beneath that heady smoke.
Those stifled moans of elite and servants alike sent shivers through Nesryn even now. 
She and Sartaq always picked an alcove, and while the burning herbs made her mind cloudy and lowered her inhibitions a bit, she would find herself rubbing Sartaq through the silks of his robes.
They would be the next emperor and empress of the Southern Continent, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t touch her husband at a party in the royal palace.
Nesryn wore long flowing pants most of the time, but at these parties she would don the style of the royal household. It wasn’t only for the sake of the formal portion of the banquets.
Though the court indulged in hedonistic pleasure en masse, it was uncouth for anything overt to happen.
Dresses rippled and ladies gasped as fingers found their way beneath skirts. Hands slid down the front of pants to stroke and tease.
Nesryn knew she wasn’t the only brazen one though.
She would slide over to perch on Sartaq’s lap, pretending to watch the show as she reclined against him. As his hands performed the traditional duties of holding his wife’s breast through that thin fabric. Stroking her thigh, edging dangerously close to the apex.
But the traditional dress was made up of flowing panels that overlapped. Silk that could be shifted.
No one needed to know that when Nesryn sat on her husband’s lap, his cock slid into her.
Anyone watching could see the future Empress slowly grinding herself against him. The way their eyelids grew heavy and their faces flush. But so what? Everyone was grinding against someone by that point. No one could see that they were connected.
Nesryn would keep her movements small as she listened to the stifled moans throughout the room. So many people putting on a show to hide their pleasure.
Including her.
Every once in a while someone would forget themselves and there would be a loud sound of body against body, the loose cry of someone giving in to their body’s desire.
Nesryn could be quiet when she needed to. She would watch as the crowd slowly thinned. As couples or groups slipped away to somewhere they wouldn’t need to be so discreet.
As the room emptied, the ones who were left burned with the drugged smoke. The haze grew thicker as the evening wore on, its effects stronger.
Soon the cries weren’t so soft. Breasts found their way out of dresses. Individual couples would forget themselves and inch ever closer. Until two became four.
Sartaq slowly fucked Nesryn throughout the show. Like those remaining in the banquet hall, they too became less subtle about what they were doing. He would reach beneath her skirts and stroke her knot as his cock ground against her inner walls.
Nesryn was quiet when she came in the dark room. She would shudder hard around her husband and bite her lip as she watched a man fuck his servant while that man fucked the first’s wife.
Bodies colliding.
Gasps and cries of passion stirring in the room. Hedonism turning to debauchery.  A sensual evening into an orgy.
When Sartaq came in his wife he did so without containing his sound. His cry of passion was never out of place by that point. No one dared approach the half-hidden alcove, but anyone else still in the room would see one another as a possible liaison.
So Sartaq didn’t share Nesryn’s shy desire to be quiet. 
He would come however he wished to- loudly or quietly- as he filled his wife with rope after rope of hot seed. As he gave in to the desire that made human men no different than fae males- the desire to breed his female. To fill her over and over again.
They were usually the last to return to their rooms. Nesryn and Sartaq wanted to watch the whole show available in the banquet hall. To watch as Nesryn slowly ground herself on her husband. As she came once- twice- maybe even three times if she was lucky.
As Sartaq released into her depths loud enough for the whole room to hear.
Months might go by between such parties. They certainly didn’t wait for them to come around before Nesryn mounted Sartaq.
But there was something special about those nights.
About the heady aroma of the smoke.
And the delicious sins that drew everyone in.
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greerlunna · 5 months ago
ok im actually like 200 pages into tower of dawn now and would die for almost all of the characters
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fangirlauthor · 6 months ago
Nestaq College AU fic pt. 2
I spent the next three weeks studying more, taking tests and overall exhausting my brain. I got to the point - just after midterms - where I had to skip a few classes to catch up on some sleep. Of course, that caused me an amount of stress later on, but it was easier to deal with than it would have been. 
I haven’t seen Sartaq in that time period - not that I know him well enough to have a reason to - but I haven’t had much time to care, either. 
It’s been a a week and a half since midterms, and now I’ve been dumped in a new class - some sort of first aid class so I can learn how to deal with injured students. It’s not specifically designed for my major - it’s open to people with different majors, which means I have to interact with people I’ve spent no time with and don’t have a common subject to talk about. 
The start time for the class is strange - not on a day-to-day basis, but rather the day the class actually started - since the professor had some problem that delayed the start of the class, and, even originally, the class only started after midterms. On the other hand, I don’t have time to ponder what the reason was - midterms might be over, but I’m still too busy. 
The hallways are stiff and formal, designed for practical use instead of aesthetic, since this building is a newer addition to the school. The rest of the campus was built with interesting and detailed architecture that was a lot more fun to look at than these walls. 
I’m still staring at the walls, bored by the lack of detail but unwilling to look away just yet - well, what I’m really doing is zoning out as I walk down the hallway - when I run into something tough and soft at the same time, with a surprising amount of warmth emanating from it. 
“Oh- sorry,” says the person, and I look up to see Sartaq, standing apologetically, his fingers twitching slightly for some unknown reason. 
I blink. “It’s fine. I wasn’t paying attention,” I say, trying once again not to stare too long or sound too harsh. Of course, I’m not trying to sound friendly either - I’ve got work to do, and my past friendships - and romantic relationships - haven’t helped me get that done.
I glance to my left, toward the door I know is next to me. I look through the small window set in the wood, seeing several students sitting in seats, some of them talking a little bit, most of them opening laptops and textbooks or drinking their coffees. I check the door number as well - 104A. The first aid lecture hall, for everything but practical assignments, since those supposedly need more floor space. 
“This is my classroom,” I say, gesturing to the door and trying to end the conversation by implying I have places to be. I don’t usually bother mincing my words, choosing instead to say things outright, but something about this situation makes me pause. 
After a moment, I realize what it is - aircraft operations majors classes aren’t usually on this side of campus - what’s he doing over here?
He seems to realize I’m slightly confused, so he says, “I’m supposed to take a first aid class over here, since apparently that’s required - everyone else in my classes took one some other time and only has to renew some sort of license they already got.” He shakes his hands out as if he’s trying to stop them from twitching. “It’s not a class offered by the school, right? They’re just letting someone host basic and advanced first aid courses in the building?”
So, apparently I missed an email or poster or something, because I’ve never heard this in my life. “Yup,” I say, turning and walking into the room, effectively ending the conversation. 
A few people look up as I enter, but I don’t pay attention to them - they’re not looking at me for any specific reason, just wondering who walked through the door - and I see that of the few seats located in this room, only two are left. 
And they’re right next to each other. 
Sartaq and I are just sitting down when the professor walks in and says, “I know you guys haven’t done this since high school, but I need you to sit in the same seats each class - we need to be doing a lot of partner work for certain things and it’s easier for me if I know who’s working with who each time, without having to re-learn as the pairings change. 
Only practice keeps me from audibly sighing, but I’m cringing on the inside. I don’t have anything against Sartaq specifically, but people are a waste of my time, and I hate working with them. 
This is going to be a long seven weeks. 
Hi! If you got this far, thank you for reading! It’s been a little while since I posted the first part, so sorry for any random inconsistencies (or grammar mistakes, who has time to proofread?). 
Obviously I don’t have much of a list thing but if anyone wants to be added (or removed) let me know!
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pheita · 6 months ago
Sunday Love: I can’t believe you did this
@sunday-romance what an awesome prompt. I almost wrote smut, just almost So this is just heading to smut *eye wiggle*
Nesryn just longed for a long bath and a quiet day. The last days had been exhausting and a rest was urgently needed. As soon as she unlocked the front door, she heard the water rushing in the bathroom. A smile spread across her face. She knew Lorkin had been on morning duty and probably had the same thought. Shadow and Nyx came to greet her and led her straight to their bowls. Nesryn just shook her head when she saw the cats had already been fed. "Eat up first, divas." Laughing, she went up to the bathroom. The smell of bath oil was already floating towards her. Music was playing in the bedroom. A look over at the door told her that, contrary to her habit, the door had been closed. She took off her coat and keys before she went into the bathroom. What she saw there was something she had not expected. Lorkin sat on the stool she usually used to put everything down there, from teacup to book, before she got into the tub, wearing only underwear. The bathroom was decorated with candles, some of which were certainly scented candles, as strong as the scent of roses hanging in the air. There was also something mixed in that she thought was vanilla. "I can't believe you did that," Nesryn was amazed. "Do you mean the improvised wellness packages at home? Well, I had a little help from Pashyn and Nardik. But now come here and enjoy it." She looked at him skeptically as she slipped out of her shoes. "Why do I get the feeling you want to take a bath with me?" "Because that was the plan." "But declare myself crazy when I got so excited about the extra-large tub." To her surprise, he blushed a little. "I didn't see the point then." "You mean apart from the fact that I can really lay myself out in it?" "I knew you'd want all the space to yourself." "Of course..." Nesryn grinned at him cheekily. It should have surprised her that he used it to get into the tub in front of her, but it did not. After all these years she knew Lorkin well enough. Rolling her eyes, she followed him. The water was hotter than expected, or she had become colder on the way home than expected. Carefully he put his arms around her and slowly pulled her back. "You should relax." "Why do I have the feeling that this is just foreplay?" "Because you are a dirty-minded woman?", Lorkin threw back, the laughter in his voice clearly audible. "Says the man who made a big fuss here. Besides, the bedroom door is closed and that only makes sense if the cats are not supposed to destroy something." The grumbling was hardly audible but still there. "You think too much. It's hard to surprise you." "You surprised me with everything here. The rest was easy to guess." As punishment, Lorkin let water run over her head. "We have to get those dirty thoughts out of your head." It was a fake threat and Nesryn bit her lip not to laugh. "And then what?" "Let's fill it with new ideas." Something about the way he said it, bending his head so far that his mouth was against her ear, sent a shiver down her spine in joyful anticipation. "I am curious."
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pheita · 6 months ago
Heads Up 7 Up
You girls really have a luck I am in a writing mood today @cirianne so here we are  Rules: Post the last seven lines you wrote, and tag seven people.
The young woman who came in was perhaps as old as Kinarrah. Something in Nesryn's memory told her that she already knew her. "Lisha! I didn't know you were home." Like the wind, Lorkin ran up to the woman and hugged her enthusiastically. "Hey, if you keep this up you're going to have one less sister," Lisha gasped in his hug. "'Sorry, you're just hard to find." "Maybe it's because I've only been back from Ekasond for two days." Slowly he let go of her. "You were in Ekasond?" "Yes, I went there with the support group in the second wave. The healers were damn busy."
I tag @kylemacwrites @eternalwritingstudent (you know what I want *evil laughter*) @hell-yeah-fantasy @ratherinterestingmilkshake  @goblin-writer @enasroterfaden @writinginslowmotion only if you like 
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pheita · 6 months ago
Heads Up 7 Up
Rules : Post the last seven sentences you wrote and tag 7 people  I was tagged by @writingamongthecoloredroses, so here we are again 
"Arishi deliberately left you in the dark. I didn't know about it until noon." "So... yes, that's just like her. I apologize anyway. Oh, I don't even know your name yet." Lorkin just shook his head and pushed Nesryn off the sofa. "This is Nesryn. I thought it would be a good idea for you to meet her." Kyrr scurried closer in that elegant way that Nesryn knew from Lorkin too well. Apparently his character was more like his father.
I tag @ellatholmes @petrolstationflowers @raevenlywrites @viawrites-andacts @radley-writes @alias-levi and @adie-dee (I know you love the snippets )
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trash-king13 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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trash-king13 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I also made a little hidey-hole for Nesryn
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horriblegod · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
manon x nesryn moodboard
@boujeegoblin i wasn’t sure what you meant so I just went gay
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se-ono-waise-ilia · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Officially fancasting Sofia Boutella as [Empress] Nesryn Faliq
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