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#nesryn x sartaq
irisblack2003 · 6 days ago
Parallels between Crescent City and Throne of Glass
There are spoilers ahead
I haven't read KoA yet so I might not be aware of the full meaning of this one but hear me out.
During ToD it is said that Maeve's power is known as some sort of star eater or something like that, I don't remember exactly.
Later in Crescent City we are told about this demon or monster who is litteraly a star eater (I read this in spanish so the translation might be wrong but u get the point).
And in ToD we learn that Maeve travelled around lots of worlds and so did her husband and brothers-in-law. I'm no saying they're the same person but this cannot be a coincidence.
The starborn Sword
Also, I've been wanting to talk about the Sword of the Starborn and its dagger companion which was supposed to be lost too long ago and maybe in another world. I saw some people say it is Azriel's Truth-Teller but I'm convinced it is the dagger Nesryn finds in one of the towers she and Sartaq visit:
Nesryn studied the short-sword in her hand, the metal shining as if imbued with starlight, interrupted only by the carvings down the fuller. “I wonder what the markings say.” -Tower of Dawn, Chapter 33.
Leaving Sartaq to pick one for himself, she fastened the short-sword to her belt as she approached the far wall and the scribbled dark writing along the bottom. -Tower of Dawn, Chapter 33.
She even takes the short-sword with her. Unless she loses it during KoA there is a chance this is the actual Starborn dagger/knife (i don't remember what it's called). This would be really important if we ever have a crossover-book with those series.
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rhysiebae · a month ago
Nesryn Falliq is South Asian and should be depicted as South Asian and nothing else. The surnames Sartaq,Hasar,Kashin are South Asian Muslim names. Nesryn,Sayed(her father's) the surname Falliq too are South Asian names.
We brown people rarely get representation in Sarah's books. So please do not misrepresent us in fanarts and cosplays. It's like you're walking all over us really.
Misrepresenting anyone's descent is like ignoring their ethnicity. Please research something before you draw it or act it out.
Misrepresentation is a form of racism too.
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positivewitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Wind-seeker, her mother had once called her. Unable to keep still, always wandering where the wind calls you. Where shall it becon you to journey one day, my rose?
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aesthetic-solar-space · 3 months ago
Tower of Dawn - Spoilers
Nesryn or whatever you spell it tottttaaaaalllll has a the hots for like all of the southern family!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nesemryn · 4 months ago
I will never forgive the throne of glass fandom for sleeping on everyone from Tower of Dawn. Like my bbys get overshadowed because people don't want to read a whole book about Chaol. Well read tower of dawn For Nesryn, Sartaq, Borte, and Yrene. I was hesitant at first also but tower of dawn is probably my favorite tog book. Nesryn needs more love. Her and Sartaq are so cute, dude was in love with her before he even met her and fell in love with her just from her talent and bravery alone. Then we have my badass Yrene. She literally helped turned Chaol into a better person. Borte is so underrated and I love her relationship with Sartaq. I never hated Chaol he did piss me off a lot in queen of shadows but he really grew as a character. Not to mention tod was the only book with a whole poc cast and the only white character being Chaol himself.
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fangirlauthor · 6 months ago
Nestaq College AU fic pt. 2
I spent the next three weeks studying more, taking tests and overall exhausting my brain. I got to the point - just after midterms - where I had to skip a few classes to catch up on some sleep. Of course, that caused me an amount of stress later on, but it was easier to deal with than it would have been. 
I haven’t seen Sartaq in that time period - not that I know him well enough to have a reason to - but I haven’t had much time to care, either. 
It’s been a a week and a half since midterms, and now I’ve been dumped in a new class - some sort of first aid class so I can learn how to deal with injured students. It’s not specifically designed for my major - it’s open to people with different majors, which means I have to interact with people I’ve spent no time with and don’t have a common subject to talk about. 
The start time for the class is strange - not on a day-to-day basis, but rather the day the class actually started - since the professor had some problem that delayed the start of the class, and, even originally, the class only started after midterms. On the other hand, I don’t have time to ponder what the reason was - midterms might be over, but I’m still too busy. 
The hallways are stiff and formal, designed for practical use instead of aesthetic, since this building is a newer addition to the school. The rest of the campus was built with interesting and detailed architecture that was a lot more fun to look at than these walls. 
I’m still staring at the walls, bored by the lack of detail but unwilling to look away just yet - well, what I’m really doing is zoning out as I walk down the hallway - when I run into something tough and soft at the same time, with a surprising amount of warmth emanating from it. 
“Oh- sorry,” says the person, and I look up to see Sartaq, standing apologetically, his fingers twitching slightly for some unknown reason. 
I blink. “It’s fine. I wasn’t paying attention,” I say, trying once again not to stare too long or sound too harsh. Of course, I’m not trying to sound friendly either - I’ve got work to do, and my past friendships - and romantic relationships - haven’t helped me get that done.
I glance to my left, toward the door I know is next to me. I look through the small window set in the wood, seeing several students sitting in seats, some of them talking a little bit, most of them opening laptops and textbooks or drinking their coffees. I check the door number as well - 104A. The first aid lecture hall, for everything but practical assignments, since those supposedly need more floor space. 
“This is my classroom,” I say, gesturing to the door and trying to end the conversation by implying I have places to be. I don’t usually bother mincing my words, choosing instead to say things outright, but something about this situation makes me pause. 
After a moment, I realize what it is - aircraft operations majors classes aren’t usually on this side of campus - what’s he doing over here?
He seems to realize I’m slightly confused, so he says, “I’m supposed to take a first aid class over here, since apparently that’s required - everyone else in my classes took one some other time and only has to renew some sort of license they already got.” He shakes his hands out as if he’s trying to stop them from twitching. “It’s not a class offered by the school, right? They’re just letting someone host basic and advanced first aid courses in the building?”
So, apparently I missed an email or poster or something, because I’ve never heard this in my life. “Yup,” I say, turning and walking into the room, effectively ending the conversation. 
A few people look up as I enter, but I don’t pay attention to them - they’re not looking at me for any specific reason, just wondering who walked through the door - and I see that of the few seats located in this room, only two are left. 
And they’re right next to each other. 
Sartaq and I are just sitting down when the professor walks in and says, “I know you guys haven’t done this since high school, but I need you to sit in the same seats each class - we need to be doing a lot of partner work for certain things and it’s easier for me if I know who’s working with who each time, without having to re-learn as the pairings change. 
Only practice keeps me from audibly sighing, but I’m cringing on the inside. I don’t have anything against Sartaq specifically, but people are a waste of my time, and I hate working with them. 
This is going to be a long seven weeks. 
Hi! If you got this far, thank you for reading! It’s been a little while since I posted the first part, so sorry for any random inconsistencies (or grammar mistakes, who has time to proofread?). 
Obviously I don’t have much of a list thing but if anyone wants to be added (or removed) let me know!
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elia-the-bibliophile · 7 months ago
“But I will be glad,” Dorian went on, “to gain another queen whom I can call friend.”
Nesryn blushed. It deepened as Sartaq smirked and said, “Not queen. Empress.”
Nesryn turned to Sartaq and cringed again. “Empress? Really?”
Sartaq’s dark eyes glittered. “We won the war, Nesryn Faliq.” He tugged her close. “And now we shall go home”
Kingdom of Ash, page 967
Just B E A U T I F U L
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elia-the-bibliophile · 7 months ago
damn they literally CARRIED it
i’m just exploding with happiness 😭🥺😭
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elia-the-bibliophile · 7 months ago
Sartaq whispered in Nesryn’s ear, “I was praying to the Eternal Sky and all thirty-six gods that you’d say yes.”
She smiled, even if he couldn’t see it.
“So was I,” Nesryn breathed, and they leaped into the skies.
Tower of Dawn, page 293
YESSS GIRL GO GET YOUR MAN!!!!! honestly fuck Chaol
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fangirlauthor · 8 months ago
Random Nestaq College AU fic (pt 1)
This is a Nestaq (nesryn and sartaq) college AU fic
Shadows cover the paths to the campus library, forcing me to watch my step so I wouldn’t trip over the scattered rocks and twigs. The paths here aren’t well maintained, and there are so many injuries daily I’m pretty sure the school has set some sort of record. 
     The library building looms in front of me, and I sigh as I push open the doors. What I really need to do is sleep, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. Midterms are in two weeks, and during the day the library is full of students who, despite the librarian’s best efforts, make enough noise that it’s hard to study. I’ve been having to come here at night to get some quiet. 
     There’s still a lot of people in the library at this time, but they’re much quieter and more reserved, keeping to themselves more than the students there during the day. I wave to the librarian as I pass her desk - dark, polished wood just like the shelves and tables - and she manages a smile while taking an aspirin for the headache the earlier students caused. 
     I found a corner of the library near the section I would be using most - the one that will hopefully help me pass my first teaching exam. I’m trying to become a PE teacher, and so far the actual teaching and physical portions are going well, but I have trouble with the written portions, and since that’s what my upcoming tests are mostly made up of, I have a lot of work ahead of me. 
     Carrying ten pounds of books wouldn’t be so difficult if they weren’t all big, bulky things that kept sliding out of my hands and onto the floor. On the other hand, bending over and picking them up is a great way to get a stretch in. I actually have time to stretch daily, I just- I just don’t like stretching. I can be a pretty patient person, but any patience I’ve ever acquired flies right out the window whenever I try and stretch. I know it’s necessary, but it feels ridiculous. 
     I’m leaning down to pick up the same book that’s fallen the last three times - a surprisingly thick book about the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems that makes me want to fall asleep just looking at it - when the other books I’m carrying fall out of my arms too. The crashing noise doesn’t seem to have bothered the librarian - she’s wearing headphones and taking a nap, from what I can tell, but it draws the attention of a man a little older than me, with black hair that falls just below his shoulders and brown skin. He’s walking over, smirking slightly, and he crouches down to help me pick up the fallen books. 
     He holds onto a few and follows me to my table, despite my insistence I can carry them on my own. He sets them down in the middle of the table, nods his head at me, and says, “I’m Sartaq.”
     He gestures vaguely at the books. “Medical science?”
     “PE, actually.” I’m trying to keep my answers short and simple, since I have a lot to do, and the more I chat the less time I have to do it. For whatever reason, though, I can’t ignore my curiosity. “You?”
     “Aircraft operations,” he says. “Trying to become a pilot.”
     I nod politely, and he waves - a little awkwardly - and walks away, presumably back to his own table to continue studying. I’m not really sure what to make of the awkward wave, but I’m sleep deprived and busy, so I crack open a book to the pages I need and start studying. 
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genderfluidsapphic · 9 months ago
Okay, but I can not be the only one who had a crush on Nesryn Faliq
Maybe it's cuz I'm sapphic and I easily crush on girls, BUT HAVE YOU READ HER DESCRIPTION????
She's a fabulous, beautiful, badass and you can not change my mind.
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therandomfandomgal-insta · 10 months ago
Unpopular opinion: Nesryn x Sartaq is the healthiest relationship in Throne of Glass
— If you repost to Instagram, please tag and credit @therandomfandomgal. Thank you! —
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