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Here’s my theory for SF based on the new teasers:

While in the mountains, Nesta and Cassian get a call from Mor. She needs there help with the court of nightmares ball. (Its a party)

Nesta still isn’t fully over the trauma from the war, but she’s getting there with the help of Cassian of course.

She wears the dress cassian gives her



And she’s the belle of the ball, everyone notices her, the strong raw force of power. even Eris. So much so that Eris knows he wants her, this.even though technically she was here with Cassian.

She didn’t know what they were, they had become very close in the Illyanain mountains and she wasn’t quite sure she was completely ready for what came with a

Most of the long night was spent by Cassian watching on the sidelines and installing fear into the court of nightmares.

Evechally when Cassian walks away for a minute, Eris swoops in asks Nesta for a dance, She wants to refuse, but Mor gives her that look across the room that screams “its just one dance, please for me, better you than me”

So she lets Eris lead her out onto the floor, allowing herself to be swept up by the music, all she can think about is Cassian, and how this needs to be him.

She didn’t dare peak over her shoulder to where she knew he had returned to his post and was staring at her.

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do you guys think nesta feels guilty for what happened to cassian in the final battle? like she feels responsible for him almost dying?

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Friendly reminder:

If Nesta (or literally any character) was treated “how she deserves to be treated” by everyone there would be no conflict and none of us would care about these books.

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Nesta finally feeling everything and then having her emotional breakdown and confessing everything to Cassian… it’s going to destroy my heart as if Bryce Quinlan shot, butchered, torched and hoovered its ashes and I’m excited about it!

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While I do love Rhys and Feyre discussing if ‘Nesta and Cassian are mates, I had spaced on the fact that Feyre in this scene even admitted that Cassian was entangled/enabling the Mor/Azriel/ Cassian nonsense. Even Feyre sees it….

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I just realised something. In Acofas Cassian mentioned the

I don’t want Cassian to know I am reading smut look.

Does that mean that everytime she reads smut, she just looks at Cassian , as in daydreaming that when will they do it ? Or you know when will she kiss him ( pre war oc) ?

And when they have eyes contact, she quickly composes herself that she is just reading a normal book and that he is annoying her.

When infact she is simping for him?

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Thinking of all the things I could do if I spent 20% of the time I spend thinking about ACOSF on them like I could probs figure out how to cure cancer????

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Manon Blackbeak’s story/character arc from Heir of Fire to Kindgom of Ash is the BEST I have ever read and I feel it in my bones, Nesta Archeron’s from ACOTAR to ACOSF is going to be just as epic and beautiful if not more so!

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things i want in acosf

- to know who is the “she” azriel is going to see in acofas (or do we know and im not aware?)

- who the bone carver appears as to cassian

- see a vulnerable nesta. yes our girl is strong and a bad bitch, but i want her to heal and be vulnerable for a min. i want her to express everything that she feels.

- a feyre and nesta real talk. for them to fucking communicate. and i’ll like for feyre to sort of apologize or sort of explain her motives for sending her to illyria.

- nesta or nessian doing the rite? another account put that in my mind and im !!!!

- nessian adressing the mor situation (i think its time). it would also be intersting if cassian finally talks to mor???

- more archeron sisters moments

- and honestly i wouldnt mind some angst to go with all this cause i’m just trash

okay so up until now those are the things i want, i hope we get to see at least some of them le sigh

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Sooooo what’s the plan for the book hangover after ACOSF??

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I don’t like cassian calling nesta sweetheart. I think that’s so damn basic. Bc hunt does the same shit and it’s like…can we not? Fireheart is one of the most iconic nicknames a guy had ever had and I want that kind of energy for nessian pls

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I know a lot of us want nesta to become a strong, intelligent and independent woman who exudes “I dont need a man energy” but guys let it go. It’s not gonna happen. Acosf is a romance novel and nessian have been endgame since they met.

Also because I want nessian to happen so bad

So let’s just make peace with the inevitable.

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Just make nesta and eris have a friendship like aelin and fenrys like u know how fenrys was there with aelin when she was tortured for months how they both have a connection like a deep one bcz they both saw each other at those moments like I want eris and nesta to be like THATTT. Is it too much to ask

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Valentine’s Day is approaching. You know what that means….


Yes, you heard me right. I’ll be taking prompts celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ve been so focused on Bittersweet and I want to do something for you guys as appreciation for your support. I’m putting my foot down and I promised myself I will stay away from angst for this. I will be accepting prompts for Nessian, Elriel, and Elorcan. Besides that, I have no other rules. Make it romantic. Make it kinky. Make it fluffy as fuck. Make it whatever you want!

I’m going to continue to write and update Bittersweet, so I can’t promise I’ll be able to do all the prompts but I’ll do my best! I think my plan is to write them as prompts are sent and then begin posting them on February 1st until the 14th.

So i guess this can be called… Fourteen Days of Fluff and Fucking? Lmfao omg that sounds ridiculous. I love it. Let Fourteen Days of Fluff and Fucking commence!

Send me prompts via my ask box! I’m so excited! :)

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Wait… SJM said that Azriel was into some 😏😏😏 stuff… What if the threesome scene she took out was between Nesta, Cassian, and Azriel….

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Can we agree (especially after the new sneak peak) that Elain is the sun, Feyre is the stars, and Nesta is the moon like doesn’t it fit perfectly??

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Okay so I just had a random thought. We know that in ACOWAR Cassian stills and seems horrified when meeting the Bone Carver. My first thought was that he appeared to him as Nesta, but what if Cassian saw his mom and that’s why Feyre said: “I wasn’t sure Cassian was breathing.”

Or maybe even the kid he would have with Nesta, just like feyre did when it came to her and Rhys. Maybe it was a little girl with blue-grey eyes, illyrian wings and black hair?

Or maybe just Nesta🤷‍♀️

But then again I find it weird that when he first saw whoever it was he growled? So i really don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see!

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Will we find out what the bone carver appeared like to Cassian in ACOSF???????? I need to know

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stuck between wanting to go through the Nesta tag to read all the theories and head cannons but not wanting to get my hopes up bc i know sjm will go down a completely different path

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