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marygrey · 51 minutes ago
Ok, I want everyone’s hot takes on what the next ACOTAR book is gonna be about... wrong or impossible ideas only...
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positivewitch · a day ago
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“Valkyries,” Emerie said, eyes blazing bright. Nesta grinned through the blood she knew was splattered on her face. “Hell yes.”
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sareyesj · 4 days ago
I'm not ashamed or disappointed about this but I used to ship Nesta and Azriel together and still do.
let me give my reasons
1: azriel never gave nesta shit "Maybe that was why Azriel had never said a bad word about Nesta."
2: azriel minded his business when it came to nesta
3: he didn't lash out when nesta spoke shit about rhys (as she should) like cassian but instead kept quiet and listened. "Azriel sat back in his seat, eyes simmering with anger, but said nothing."
4: nesta was never afraid of azriel which is rare according to everyone in the ic "Even Feyre had been hesitant around Azriel initially, but Nesta considered him with the same unflinching assessment she laid upon everyone....She saw him, and was not afraid of him. There weren't many people who fit that bill."
5: he never forced her or pushed her to talk but if he did want to talk he didn't demand it and was patient "Azriel took a calm sip of his water 'Why aren't you training Nesta?"
6: he understood her pain and trauma "Azriel watched her cool quiet, keeping utterly still. Like he saw everything in her head. Her bruised heart."
7: he cares for her "Did someone....push you?"
8: Never fought with her "Never seemed inclined to start a fight with her."
9: never pulled this bs : cassian was able to give elain a kiss on the cheek at the solstice dinner, showing just how affectionate he is, but then ignores nesta the whole evening and night and could only acknowledge her and talk to her in private?
10: or this "Mor took a sip of her tea, the picture of elegant innocence. " We could have done better to send Nesta to the court of nightmares. She would have thrived there." Cassian's jaw stiffened for those words were an insult, BUT ALSO THE TRUTH."
honestly there are some reasons to why I still love nessian but these just makes me adore nezriel and hate nessian lol. But if sjms doesn't give us more nesta and azriel in the next book then I am truly going to lose it
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mostly-sarahjmaas · 5 days ago
*Rowan eating a cake Aelin made*
Aelin : How is the cake?
Rowan : It’s good
Aelin : Is it Bussin?
Rowan : .......
Aelin : Say it or I won’t be your queen
Rowan : *sighs* it’s Bussin
Aelin : Say the last part too
Rowan : .....
Rowan : SHEEE-
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ncssian · 6 days ago
i know u like to talk shit about the IC & wanted to put my two cents in.
i just think it’s truly a shame that nesta + cassian got NO separation from the IC in acosf. they were an active source of her trauma & a block in the way of nestas recovery & it just. . . wasn’t addressed? it’s just bullshit that sjm neglected to give us a quality scene where nesta finally tells cassian how the IC (specifically rhys🙄) makes her feel. there was such potential in the mountain scene (aka when they’re first both away from the IC for an elongated time) and sjm just let that ball drop so hard. these rose-colored glasses cassian wears all the time needed to be removed. UGH the IC just pisses me off so badly
im gonna add to this and say once again i cant imagine lacking that much self awareness as an author bc it’s so clear cassian has an unhealthy attachment and worship for the ic (that is not equally reciprocated, btw!!) and sjm just... writes it without seeing it? like the potential for his character arc was RIGHT THERE on the page, and it wasnt even acknowledged. i’m supposed to care about this man’s 500 year old self-esteem issues when he has real issues he could be addressing, like his inability to be a wholly-realized person away from the ic? or his inability to recognize flaws in his family members? i know these characters are all capable of growth, but at this point it feels like theyre being forcibly restrained from growing
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vidalinav · 6 days ago
Why? Why? WHY? Rant 2.0
ACOSF is very interesting to me, because there was absolutely no reason to have any of them be so antogonistic to Nesta when she was at rock bottom unless it’s to set up that they’re still going to be problems with Nesta in later books. That’s what SJM set up whether she meant to or not and only time will tell. But If the IC and the sisters had said nothing and were more neutral and the plot stayed the same... it would have been a better book. If they showed an ounce of compassion, it would have been a fantastic book. If there was a mixture of different views on the matter, it would have been a realistic book. Except in the narrative we got, the amount of antagonism is too strong for what didn’t happen to negate that, which is also why I have such a bad feeling about this healing arc. Let me explain.
Let’s say they said nothing. They told her about the intervention. Nesta agreed albeit still feeling a bit betrayed because she wanted more time to heal. Rhys was quiet, not sneering. Mor didn’t say anything. Amren was civil maybe business like. They were a bit pushy about using her powers, but Nesta conceded after learning about the baby. They were never directly antagonist. Elain stayed away, but we’d obviously know why from Nesta’s POV. We would also know why Feyre is not there, because Nesta doesn’t want to see her. Cassian would then be there to segment the romance and be the person she leans on, when she is healing. Maybe she’s a bit mean, but he takes it. He challenges, eventually he shows the more caring part of himself and the romance begins. Everything else can stay the same, mostly Cassian too. IF that all happened, then I would be more inclined to believe that the intervention was necessary, that Nesta had a skewed perspective, that they all might have tried to help at some point but Nesta was the one pushing them all away and did so up to this point. She would have her revelations, her epiphanies, and realize hey perhaps she is mean sometimes, or she would still have her personal hatred, and it would be about accountability, but no one is actively proving her right about her skewed perspective. The consequence is then not that she is being shamed into healing, but that without healing, she would lose her relationships and she wants them. She grows to want them. I would then be inclined to believe that the IC were waiting her out, possibly having Feyre or Cassian in their best interest if not Nesta, and that they were minding their own business until they directly needed Nesta involved. Not hostile, but wary perhaps. And then when Nesta did start healing and opening up, then their reactions would have made sense in that they were lightly friendly but not close, and it was up to Nesta to really fix those relationships. And when she did sacrifice her powers, then it would have been purely internal, that Nesta was proving to herself and to others that she’s open for love and that she loves them, particularly Feyre. The entire healing arc then would have been more internal because it focuses on Nesta and not the IC’s involvement with Nesta, and the outcomes and the ending are still the same. 
Opposite wise, let’s say that the IC/sisters were empathetic, as in the arc that would be more external. Healing not just for Nesta but for the relationships. A reciprocal sort of love. Feyre would tell her that they’re intervening, but because they care for her and she’ll learn in due time. Rhys would maybe be more hard-pressed, but we would see instances where he understands the darkness, the hollow feeling. We would have Amren who looks deeply concerned for Nesta, because she had been her friend at some point. We’d have Elain, who would come to the library desperately seeking comradery and even though she cries at what Nesta says, she understands that Nesta is hard-pressed and only recently started healing. Cassian would possibly be getting frustrated, but there would always be this internal monologue of I want Nesta to heal. I want that girl back. I understand as a soldier if nothing else. Having this deep sorrow in his chest from perhaps not being able to do anything but wait. Mor wouldn’t have to be nice, but she would see how Nesta fits in the library, know the pain of growing up in a gilded cage, would perhaps see Feyre and Cassian and feel compassion for her friends and want to perhaps help for them, so she offers to teach Nesta how to dance. Nesta then would slowly open up to them, open up to love, and all of the ugly parts of herself, the hateful, angry parts would then be juxtaposed with the action of everyone else, with the love that she needs to feel for herself, the love that came even at the last moment with her father. And when she sacrifices her powers, it’s just proof again, that she loves, and she wants to love, and she’s willing to be hurt for love, because she wants to feel it all. And then the relationships at the end would then be open to be made, to be healed more completely, but then I would understand this hopeful sort of ending where her story is complete, but also just beginning. 
Third option, is that we could get a bit of everything, because why does everyone have the same opinion as it seems in the book? Perhaps it’s Feyre and Cassian who completely show compassion, empathy. Elain could still have the problems, but either show empathy, or completely be antagonistic. Azriel is fairly neutral, Rhys is maybe more neutral where they’re waiting it out, but there are no bad opinions towards her. The antagonists could be Mor and Amren. Any of these people could be switched in that role, but the point would be that a few are neutral and more business like or minding their own. A few could possibly have bad intentions and it would be clear. And some would be undeniably empathetic, and I don’t mean to be kind--I mean that they understand, they have viewed Nesta through her eyes, and understand what she is going through and are unwilling to give up on her. The empathy would be the important aspect. But the point would be that none of them change their characteristics. The antagonists would still be fairly antagonistic. The mind your own’s would be open to a friendship, but the friendship would need work but there is a foundation for it. The empathetic would be completely close to the main, because they have stood by her, they have fought, and Nesta would realize this in her own personal journey. They have segmented a bond. The plot would be the same, except we’d now see that some characters suck more than others, and there’s definitely character arcs and growth that need to be made, but it would lead to future books that that might be highlighted and therefore leaves the door open for the rest of the series. 
HOWEVER, what we got is very odd. 
Because all of these characters start off antagonistic. All of them have some comments that are goading (except for Azriel). We have Feyre who makes the embarrassment comment, Rhys who... is antagonistic in many places. I won’t list them all. We have Mor and her lines. We have Amren and her lines. We have Elain and her lines. And no variation with anyone. Nesta gets proven right about her wrong perspective. She has an internal healing arc that seems to just morph into another odd perception, because she’s never proved wrong about herself, but she’s proven right about how good Cassian is (rolls eyes). She notes that she might like who she's becoming by the end, but how? Why? What has occurred to disprove her irrational thoughts? At the end, she is still very much irrational. Nesta still thinks too highly of Cassian, and she thinks too highly of everyone, and very little for herself. She is ripped wide open emotionally though, but that happens after the solstice scene where life suddenly looks very good. She apologies to Amren, who probably least deserved the apology, and to Cassian who also makes comments, but keeps making comments until the end where he means to apologize but doesn’t get the chance to by plot. Oh wait, she does apologize to Feyre about telling her about the baby, I think, but that situation is just swept under the rug for how dramatic it ended up being. Her not wanting to exist is also one and done. The necessity of the intervention is never highlighted, so the reader questions if it was necessary. I question if she might not need an intervention from them. Some of them stay the same throughout (Azriel, maybe Elain... maybe Feyre). Some of them miraculously change to neutral, even if nothing happens to change their mind (Mor). Some of them just change completely (Amren). Some of the relationships are only really fixed because of the baby plot (Rhys and Feyre). And Cassian is probably the only one who has the most reasonable scenario on why that relationship blooms, but it’s questionable if it was truly satisfying because ultimately the only person who really had growth was Nesta even though there are two POVs. And at the end, no one still has shown empathy. Well actually Gwyn and Emerie showed empathy, so perhaps the motivation in healing with Nesta was just added friends, a mate, and distraction. Which I guess... but why then involve so much of the opinions of the IC/sisters if they don’t mean too much? Why emphasize the danger of Nesta, the badness of Nesta, the problems with Nesta, and not negate any of these in scenes with the people that are perceiving her like that. Especially if the goal of this is not to just heal but to heal relationships, as it seems like that was the goal or should have been the goal if the perceptions of others were emphasized. So the end was almost too happy, too hopeful for an arc that started off with such deep trauma and every relationship seemingly failing to a point where the others are antagonistic, and who the narrator received the bare minimum at best to facilitate change... It’s a balance issue I’m telling you.
And, I am making general statements about what happened for good reason. I am trying to show how this could be more satisfying, if the aspects of the story was changed just a teeny bit. I have never read a book so deep in good and bad things. So easily arguable and all it took was how other people affected the narrative. So, I ask why? Why not make the IC/sisters empathetic or neutral or a strong variation of all three (empathetic, neutral, and antagonist). Why have all of them start fairly antagonist, very obviously antagonistic actually, and then have no major scenes of disproval? Because if you start that dramatic you need dramatic scenes throughout to facilitate the dramatic ending. If you start very low or very angry and the ending is suppose to be higher than rock bottom, the middle scenes should be a tug of war. So where was it? Why do it? 
WHy? why? WHY???????
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vmiae · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
⚔️ Nesta Archeron ⚔️
I’ve been wanting to re-draw the two illustrations I’ve made of Nesta and Elain, and then add Feyre to it since I’ve never drawn the third sister! I think this re-draw looks A LOT better than the original, and I’m so happy with it. 🥺 plus Nesta as a Valkyrie? Hell yeah! 🦋⚔️✨
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ncssian · 8 days ago
i absolutely despise how even in parts of acosf where cassian WANTED to apologize after a fight, or at the very least it looked like it was heading in that direction, sjm threw some stupid plot point into the book that distracted him and in the end made everyone forget a fight had occurred in the first place. but somehow nesta manages to remember one time she was mean to somebody ten years ago??
in no world can you convince me sjm actually likes nesta
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i-like-quotes-bitch · 9 days ago
Everyone deserves happiness. The road there isn't easy. It is long, and hard, and often traveled utterly blind. But you keep going. Because you know the destination will be worthwile.
Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Silver Flames
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malnoart · 9 days ago
acosf spoilers!
okay i finished reading acosf the day before yesterday, which also means i finished the whole series in less than a week but thats not the point here, and acosf was a journey. i know i say this abt like every book i read but acosf touched me in so many ways. the way sjm portrayed depression and ptsd is just rly accurate and it shows that life isnt a fairy tale all the time. but w time and help it does get better, you do get better! it also hit home in many ways what w nesta’s state and her and cassian not feeling a sense of belonging and thinking they are not good enough. nesta’s thought process is somewhat similar to mine and i feel like we finally see her for how she is because until acofs we only saw her the way feyre, rhys and cassian did. i also rly like everyone’s character developments in acosf. many of the scenes brought me to tears and gave me goosebumps. idk this book hit me on a personal level and it might be just one of my fav books now. this post is mostly nessian based and how i could relate a lot to stuff so um yeah excuse me for being obssessed but i couldnt get these thoughts out of my head so here we are eheh.
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I haven’t spoken about Nesta in ACOSF a lot because it honestly fucking hurts to think about it and this is mostly me rambling. Nesta was never perfect, she did some awful things. But there was also so much to admire about her. There were moments of growth, and so much complexity, strength, and depth to be explored and it just...didn’t go through a lot of that. It was still so centered on the IC, it felt like the story wasn’t really about her, a lot of the time. I hate— hate —that this book, instead of allowing her to come to terms with her past actions and reach a mutual ground with her sisters while retaining who she was, it made her apologize for who she fundamentally was as a character. I hate it.
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kingandfireheart · 18 days ago
The symbolism of the dresser
Tumblr media
@nat.curupana on instagram
The dresser is mentioned in literally every ACOTAR book, so I am convinced it has to have larger symbolism beyond “Feyre was always meant for Rhys.” I have tried to read into that symbolism for each sister - and it's not my best work, so I would love to hear people's thoughts and feedback.
Feyre - Night Sky.
Feyre is cautious and in her head about their relationship. But once she’s there, once she decides, she fights for him, for them. Their love is long and enduring (like night?). And the main catchphrases for them is Night Triumphant and Stars Eternal and To all the stars that listen, and the dreams that are answered. In the darkness, you see the light and appreciate the stars, you can have the quiet you need to heal. Feyre and Rhys are dreamers - they want a better world, a better life for themselves. These are two characters who are extremely traumatized and their story is about finding the light in a time of darkness. They are both fighters who do what needs to be done - even if that means giving themselves up in the process
Nesta - Flames.
So the flames were originally meant for Lucien, but I think the flames still work for Nessian. Nesta and Cassian are fire and passion and intensity. Both characters are compared to fire throughout the book - their tempers, their scents, all of it. Nesta’s power is silver flames, and her struggles with fires show her growth in ACOSF. Nesta’s rage is Ice. Cassian’s rage is fire. They can be forged and welded, and refined into weapons, but they are also their greatest defense mechanisms. Cassian does not fear Nesta and her power as Lady Death, and Nesta does not fear Cassian - in fact she marvels at him, her warrior prince, a conquering war-god (literal quotes from the first sex scene). Nesta and Cassian’s power is their passion - the fact that they are extremely defensive of one another, and they don’t back down from fights. They can be extremely calculating, they notice things others may miss, and they are both warriors in their own rights.
Elain - Flowers.
Elain is depicted as a gentle-grower of things. She loves flowers and cooking. She loves cultivating something beautiful, even when it is the result of hard work. She watches her sisters and observes - and sees who they are and what they are going through. She plays a mediator for her sisters. She is also a seer - so she does have some untapped strength. Elain’s true power is her patience and her ability to see the good - she may never be a warrior, but she will wield her own tools to her advantage. She isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants, even if the process is ugly. Her romance story will play off of her perceptiveness, and patience will play a massive role in her story, whether that is accepting the mating bond with Lucien, or choosing Azriel.
The Azriel Argument: Azriel is a patient male, but has an icy rage that even Rhys can’t seem to access. I personally love the imagery of the frost melting for flowers to grow. He waited for 500+ years for Mor, and he says himself that waiting for the right moment suits him. He is the only one to see Elain when she first comes out of the Cauldron - He wishes to protect her, but I don't think he reduces her to the sweet and innocent Elain persona, just as I don't Elain reduces him to his shadows and scars. I think a big argument could be made here for Elain seeing the darkness in Azriel and his story, and choosing to see the good in him, choosing to cultivate something strong there. There's a lot of potential for night-blooming flower imagery here, and of course her affinity for roses (the damn necklace!) and Rosehall. If SJM decides to make Elain a spy, I think she could embrace the shadows. We already know that Elain doesn’t balk from Nesta, whose power is Death, so I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to extend that to Azriel. Azriel and Elain are also the most beautiful characters, and Mama Archeron did say Elain would marry for love and beauty.
The Lucien Argument: This could be the slowest burn of the series - and of anything SJM has written. Lucien has so much trauma and unresolved conflict in his life. From ACOTAR, we see that Lucien is actually quite funny, charming, and clever. He is also loyal to a fault, but he is strong and perceptive. He has training, he has seen all 7 courts, and he is able to move between different roles relatively easily. Like Elain, he has experience being the calm one and the mediator when things get heated. He can be sunlight itself - you know what flowers need to grow? Sunlight! I also think Lucien and Elain could be the books coming full circle with something like, "I love you, thornes and all"
I struggle with this because the flames were originally meant to symbolize Lucien (if you have thoughts LMK!).
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