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#nessian fanfiction
vidalinav · 5 months ago
I have this headcanon that the House of Wind starts being extra nice to Cassian after officially mating with Nesta. Like making sure his weapons are polished. His leathers are clean. That when he comes back weary from a long day from the Illyrian war camps, there’s a plate of his favorite food and a hot bath waiting whether Nesta is there or not. Like a salute to “my girl loves you, so I’ll take care of you too.”
Alternatively, when Cassian and Nesta get into a fight, the house almost always sides with Nesta. You will hear multiple doors slamming from all the way at the other ends of hallways... Well, until it thinks they’ve taken it too far than you best believe that house is going to withhold all amenities until they make up and or lock them in a room together.
(Edited: More headcanon in the thread)
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katthegreekfangirl · 2 years ago
angst with a happy ending is my favourite honestly like yes bitch give me emotional conflict but dont completely ruin my soul you know
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illyrianbats · 2 years ago
a huge nessian masterlist
hey guys, so i’ve always wanted a really big masterlist of my fave fanfics on tumblr and I’m currently obsessed with nessian, so i’ve been doing this for like the last couple of days in short breaks. i’ve seen an elorcan one like this, so it gave me motivatio. uh, i tried sorting them into categories. feel free to dm me for more fanfic suggestions to add here! p.s. should i make a feysand and elriel one too?? p.s.s i love all the authors here and their fanfics! ok enjoy!
his cooking
new beginnings
solar eclipse
winter cuddles
post acowar (series)
spin the bottle
a messy surprise
memories & mistletoe
game of love
a change of heart
when stars align
as you wish, nes
nesta’s first starfall
nap time
a sweet offering
nesta’s not-so-secret weakness
hotel room mix-up
ties us together
won’t you be my valentine?
this is the life
sweet tooth
my sunshine
it’s not nice to keep secrets
drunken ballads
the morning after
i got you a prize
ikea shenanigans
coming home
a dinner forgotten
protective illyrians
pots and pans
too much to drink
the orphaned club
potatoes of passion
la vie en rose
like real people do
you brute
wedding drabble
illyrian sunbathing
nobody touches the queen
warrior’s vow
starlit scars
an illyrian lullaby
a new love
the rest of our lives
the first flight
two weeks
at last
(un)broken promises
new depths
come home
to seek comfort in his arms
i’m here
secondhand fear
washed away
not brand new
dancing in the rain
made of glass
laser tag
court of nightmares
nesta’s new armour
wake up call
“i forbid you”
are they hurting?
let him have cake: one | two
sexy buns
the strands between us
the ties that bind
these savage storms
skin on skin
playing dirty
on your knees
her dark affection
sore muscles
after dinner
kiss and make up
welcome home, commander
fire and brimstone
koev halev
‘kiss me’ drabble
staring at each other’s lips drabble
slow dancing drabble
au + others
if only
double date (w/ feysand)
ice cream
prep school au
timeline: one, two, three, four: part 1
post-acowar masterlist
not just friends: one, two
club shadow masterlist (modern au)
tending to the fire masterlist
seasonal (christmas, valentines, etc.)
@tacmc (christmas)
snow & mistletoe
alone for christmas
any damn tree
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aelin-and-feyre · 4 years ago
Nesta’s First Starfall
Requested by Anonymous 102: “To the night you’ll never remember.” 
Nessian - Starfall
It's Nesta's first Starfall and Cassian has taken on the responsibility of watching her. He eagerly volunteered to do it though he would never tell her that. He told her to dress nicely and that he will pick her up at nine to go out and join the festivities. Nesta grumbled a reply and had stalked off to the library.
Now, Cassian stands outside her room, a fist prepared to knocks on her door, but he pauses. He's not sure what's going to happen tonight, not sure what he wants to happen tonight. After all, the whole Inner Circle knows how Starfall had helped to open Feyre's eyes to her feelings for Rhys, who knows what kind of affect tonight would have on Nesta, who was already so close to realizing what was between them. With a sharp intake of breath, Cassian knocks.
His fist is still in the air when the door opens less than a second later. Nesta stands on the other side, one eyebrow raised, and Cassian lets out a low whistle at her appearance. Looking utterly breathtaking, she dons a floor length dress that hugs her form until flaring just above the knee. It is dark blue and incredibly elegant.
"You have to stop hanging about like this, it's unnerving." She mutters, slipping her hand into his own outstretched one and allowing him to lead her down the hallway.
Cassian chuckles a bit. "Forgive me, you're a little unnerving."
Nesta surprises him by letting a small smirk flit onto her lips, lifting her skirt as they descend the stairs. "So, what is the plan for the evening? Dancing? Food? Wine?"
Cassian places a hand on the doorknob, pausing to give her his own smirk. "Oh, no. Starfall holds something a little more hardcore than that." Then he opens the door and watches as Nesta's eyes widen in delight.
They reach Rita's soon, Cassian knowing the way like the back of his hand, although Nesta's long dress is a bit hindering as they try to weave between crowds. Immediately, he orders two shots of bright green, iridescent liquid for both of them. "To the night you'll never remember." He toasts, raising the first shot up to her.
Nesta looks a bit wary but raises the glass up to clink with his nonetheless. "And the one you'll never let me forget." They smile conspiratorially at each other and then knock back the drinks. Nesta's lips are bright green when they look at each other again, a drip spilling down one side of her mouth.
Cassian can't help the urge to lick his own lips, reaching out a thumb to wipe away the glistening residue from her chin. Nesta simply grabs the second shot and pours it into her mouth without hesitation. Cassian watches with wide eyes as she slams the glass facedown on the counter, squeezes her eyes shut tight, and shakes her head to get rid of the burning but somehow sour taste.
"What is that?" She gasps, looking up at the Illyrain with tears brimming in her eyes. Cassian doesn't reply, instead shooting back his own drink and then grabbing her hand and dragging her outside.
The streets are full of people dancing, yelling, singing, screaming. Everyone laughs and twirls with the music of the crowd. Cassian loves Starfall, and is prepared to make Nesta love it just as much. He already senses her beginning to loosen up, swaying with the sounds and rhythm of the enormous party.
Cassian keeps his grip on her hand, pulling her through the writhing throng. She stops him near a store that's blasting actual music, taking his other hand in her grasp and pulling him closer to her. Cassian's eyes are wide as she smiles at him and yells over the noise, "Dance with me, Cassian!" And he does.
She throws their arms up in the air, letting out a joyful screech and for a moment, Cassian is worried that he gave her too much to drink. She giggles, releasing his hands and throwing her arms around his neck. Somehow, in the bewilderment, his own fingers find the curve of her waist, gripping the fabric there.
Eventually, as she sways in front of him, Cassian throws caution to the wind and starts moving to the beat as well. Nesta lets out a laugh and Cassian thinks it's the most beautiful sound he's ever heard. The song ends too quickly but Nesta is unperturbed. She grabs his hand again and drags him over to a nearby booth where they are giving away flutes of some pink alcohol.
Grabbing one for herself and handing one to Cassian, she tips her head back and downs it, coming back up with wide eyes. "I love this stuff!" She exclaims, laughing again.
Cassian is unable to drink his own, instead setting it back down on the booth counter and trying to follow her as she attempts to disappear in the crowd once again. "Dammit, Nesta, we have to stay together." He mumbles, grabbing her arm, but as she turns around, Cassian pales as he realizes it's not Nesta. "No." He breathes, letting go of the confused girl's arm and turning around in circles desperately, looking for any signs of his friend.
He spots a flash of dark blonde hair and runs in that direction, swerving between people. When he finally spots her lithe form, a large, burly, and obviously drunk High Fae has an arm snaked around her waist, even as she looks at him with obvious disgust. He's eyeing her hungrily and Cassian is unable to contain his rage. He charges forward, wings flaring out behind him, and pulls Nesta out of the male’s arms before punching him square in the face.
Nesta falls into Cassian's own embrace as the male stumbles back and a look of anger takes over his features. Cassian knows he could take the male out with a couple well places throws, but he needs to get Nesta away from him. That is his main priority.
He looks down to find Nesta is already looking at him with wide eyes. She nods and grasps his hand, both of them taking off running in the opposite direction of the disgruntled Fae. Her skirt once again tangles around her legs and she trips face first, Cassian catching her in his arms before she can hit the ground. He hoists her up so he's carrying her and keeps twisting around revelers until they get to an alley, ducking inside an alcove to catch their breaths.
Cassian sets her down and Nesta immediately goes for the hem of her dress, ripping the extra fabric off until it is just above her knees, and then breaking the stitching along the side seam. Cassian's eyes follow the line of her long legs, and the slit she now shows up her thigh. Nesta has to snap her fingers in front of his face in order for him to stop staring.
They are both still breathing heavily and hold each other's eyes for a long moment, the party fading into the background. Suddenly, Nesta breaks out into roaring laughter, and Cassian joins her, both of them bending over, clutching their stomachs as they laugh about what happened. Finally, after they've both calm enough, Cassian places a hand on her shoulder. "Please don't get lost like that again."
Nesta nods seriously. "Wouldn't dream of it. Thank you for saving me."
From the open end of the alleyway, they start to hear people beginning to shout and point up at the sky. Cassian slowly, in case she want to pull away, wraps his arms around Nesta's waist and flaps his wings, bringing them above the buildings in a few seconds. They land on a rooftop where a party is also in full swing, although everyone is now staring and shouting and exclaiming towards the sky.
Nesta looks around, confused, and then follows their gazes. She gasps as bright streaks of light flow across the night sky. Cassian smiles at her expression, keeping his arms securely around her waist for as long as she'll let him. He memorizes this moment; the way her face is completely relaxed, mouth open slightly in awe, how her grip on his shoulders never fails, and her breaths even out.
"They're so beautiful." She mumbles, still not taking her eyes off the sky, even as the fae around her start to move again, celebrating the spirits as they make their journey.
Cassian decides to be bold. "I've watched this ceremony every year for five hundred years, Nesta," She finally looks at him. "But never have I seen a sight as beautiful as you, right now."
Too his ultimate surprise, Nesta blushes, something he's never even seen before but knows that now he wants to see it every second of every day. She pushes his shoulders slightly but he doesn't loosen his hold on her waist. "That was tacky. I expect more from you."
Cassian grins widely. "I'll try, harder."
She nods absentmindedly, grabbing another glass of alcohol, this one pastel blue and swirling within the glass, and dumps it into her mouth. Cassian watches her throat as she swallows, sweat glistening as it rolls down her skin. When the glass is empty, she simply lets it fall to the ground, newly wide eyes staring straight into his half-lidded ones.
Her fingers trail from his shoulders to his neck, wrapping her fingers around the ends of his hair. Cassian's eyes close with the feeling of her tugging lightly at the dark strands. Nesta smirks. "Cassian." Her velvet voice demands his attention and he looks at her, however she is not looking at him. Instead, her eyes are trained solely on his lips. "Cassian, kiss me."
It takes all of his restraint to not comply immediately. "Y-you-you're drunk, Nesta, I don't want to take advantage of that-"
"Cassian." She demands again, now biting her lower lip. "Please."
The warrior is helpless to her pleading and crushes his lips against hers, kissing her fiercely. She moans against his lips and his arms wound around her back, pulling her flush against him. Her lips are soft and move freely, exploring his own mouth with expert grace that should be impossible in her drunk state. Her hands tangle with his soft hair, tugging and gripping the strands with need.
His hand travels down the curve of her hip, and plays with the newly made slit that goes up her thigh. She gasps at the contact and Cassian takes the opportunity to explore her mouth with his tongue, expecting the sour, sweet taste of the Fae drinks she's been having all night but instead, she tastes like mint and chocolate. It is absolutely baffling.
Nesta is the one that finally has to break away, unable to breathe, but their grip on each other do not falter. His hands slide back up to hold her waist again, squeezing slightly. "Nesta...." He breathes, lips just inches away from her own swollen ones.
She silences him with a quick peck. "Take me back to the house Cassian, I'm claustrophobic with all these people around." A wicked glint shines in her eye and Cassian grins, scooping her back up in his arms and flaring his wings out. Just as he is about to take off, one of Nesta's hands reach out and gently stroke the curve of his left wing. Cassian shudders, making Nesta smirk. "That's good for future reference." She muses.
Before he can lose control in front of all these people, Cassian pushes off the ground into the air, flying beneath the traveling spirits. Nesta looks up at them in awe. "I've decided I love Starfall." She murmurs, and then promptly passes out.
Cassian adjusts her in his arms so she won't be jostled during the flight and kisses her forehead soundly. "I love you, Nesta." He whispers.
Nesta wakes up the next morning in her bed, still in her dress, and smiles. Seems like last night went according to plan.
She glances to the side and sees Cassian sleeping in the chair beside her bed, still in his well tailored clothes from last night. Nesta slowly rises, careful not to wake the Illyrian, and places a small peck on his cheek. "I'm pretty good at pretending to be drunk, huh?" She chuckles to herself. "Next time I won't be pretending, I promise." She bites her lip and leans down to whisper in his ear, praying he's still dead to the world. "I love you too, Cassian."
Then she saunters off to the bathroom to change. Once the door is closed, Nesta is oblivious to the smile that graces Cassian's lips, and the money Feyre just won from the Inner Circle’s bet.
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acomaflove · 2 years ago
Cassian: *walks into the room and hands Nesta a puppy* I found this homeless dog in the street.
Nesta: Okay, and...?
Cassian: It needs a home. We should raise it together.
Nesta: Cassian, you can’t use a puppy to trick me into dating you.
Cassian: Come on, don’t fight with me in front of our son.
Cassian: If you want our first child to not be a dog we can work on that too *smirks*
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illyriantremors · 4 years ago
Water Under the Bridge: A Nessian Smut Fic
For @blogtealdeal, who loves Nessian wing sin and who has blessed this fandom with Moriel fanart I never thought we would get to see. You are an absolute *blessing* Nicole. Thank you for all of the amazing work that you do. I wish there was more I could do to say thanks because that Moriel fanart killed my heart and brought it back to life again. <3
Title comes from the Adele song. It doesn’t totally fit lyrically for this fic, but it’s all I listened to while I wrote it and I don’t really do music while writing, so... yeah.
Summary: Nesta discovers in a fit of rage that Feyre isn’t the only one who can summon Illyrian wings at will. After a particularly long day of flying leaves her body aching, Cassian is there to sooth the pain in ways Nesta has never experienced before. Featuring Illyrian!Nesta and much wing sin. NSFW.
AO3 Linkage
Water Under the Bridge
The first time Nesta discovers she has wings - she’s screaming at Cassian.
Not just a faint whine of annoyance. Not a simple shout over some shallow disagreement. Not torn up words spat inches from his face.
But top of her lungs, blue in the face, going to kick his ass into the new year screaming.
The argument was stupid, as usual. And when it’s over, she can’t even quite remember what horrible thing it was about. The war had ended. Cassian had fought what little he could. Nesta had left to do her part. Maybe there were bitter words exchanged over still bleeding wounds. Maybe not.
All Nesta knows is that one moment she is so absolutely enraged at the jab Cassian let slip (that she knows he did not truly mean) and the next, her back feels the way her lungs do drowning at the bottom of the ocean, swimming up, up, up in a desperate search for air until finally that bubble of water bursts, and the muscles of her back split open in agonizing pain and -
She has wings.
Great, glorious membranous wings that stretch wide around her and seem to absorb all that wasted energy she spent and threaten Cassian for her.
Cassian - whose jaw had promptly hit the floor at the sight of those wings as they unfurled and cast red and gold shadows about the ground in the sunlight.
Nesta had stood back smugly that day at the way Cassian stared at her. She didn’t even fight him or pretend to stay angry when he stepped close, slid his hands around her waist and up along her back to the base of the wings as if to touch them, and she saw the sparkling in his eyes like diamonds as he whispered, awestruck, in her ear, “Nesta.”
That had set her grinning ear to ear.
It takes weeks for Nesta to figure out how to summon the wings at will. Whatever magic the Cauldron gave her over them, it’s not easy to figure out. And once she has mastered bringing the wings out at will, they’re weak and untrained. The muscles are loose and imbalanced, unable to support the size of her wingspan and Cauldron is her wingspan massive.
(Cassian eyes it for weeks trying not to compare.)
At first, Cassian insists she refrain from flying. She has to do stretching exercises to build up her strength, but Nesta grows restless rather quickly. Another shouting match between them - You may literally die if you attempt to jump off that cliff Nesta Archeron - has her threatening to have Feyre train her, or Mother help him, Rhys. And so finally, Cassian relents.
And then... Nesta is flying. Soaring high into the sky over Velaris.
She can only handle a few minutes at a time, but fuck if it doesn’t feel glorious. The world is stretched out below her and she feels like she could control it all from where she swoops and bellows above it. Every time she lands, every time the muscles scream with pain and tiredness, she hates it and forces Cass to help her keep training, keep going because damn it - she is going to master this.
It only takes one time - that first time in the air and Nesta doesn’t know how she can live again if the Cauldron hadn’t given her this gift. Maybe this was the Cauldron’s way of making up for the other awful things it did to her. She doesn’t quite mind.
Minutes eventually stretch into longer episodes. An hour. Then a few. Until she can fly just as long as Cassian. He wouldn’t be surprised if she could go longer than him.
But it’s a struggle getting there. Her wings are so large and her body has become one hell of a beast to support up in the air. And all Nesta wants to do for months on end is fly. So naturally, Cassian finds himself on the receiving end of many an endless, salty landing with Nesta.
“Again,” she snaps at him.
“Nesta,” and it’s a warning.
Nesta swivels on her feet and those wings flex behind her, Nesta’s own brand of warning. “I said, again.”
Cassian crosses his arms with a wide berth at his legs and tosses one of those taunting little smiles she both loathes and adores. “You didn’t say please.”
But Nesta doesn’t back down. Not by a long shot. She doesn’t even stand still. She takes two great strides bridging the distance between them and leans right up into his face as far as she can on the tips of her toes, her leathers groaning around her body as she reaches. “You didn’t earn it, sweetheart,” she snarls. “I want to go again.”
He knows she’ll kill him if he lets out the chuckle he has locked inside his chest. So instead, he gently grips her shoulders and leans down until their foreheads are almost touching.
And thank the Mother she doesn’t pull away from that touch.
“Nesta,” he says. “You just flew for an hour straight. That’s farther than you’ve ever come before and Cauldron, I’m proud. But you need to rest. I’m not joking when I say you could kill yourself if you go too far.” His hands slide slowly, sweetly from her shoulders to her neck until he cups her face, but Nesta feels so tight - so tense in that hold. His little spitfire in all that raging spirit always. It makes him feel light as air. “I’d really prefer it if you didn’t die, hmm?”
Nesta’s eyes soften for just a moment, her shoulders slumping. She dances up on the tips of her toes again and Cassian thinks she might lean into him finally, maybe even kiss him the way she sometimes does after she’s been flying for the day and the wind has left her breathless and she takes Cassian home to discover entirely new ways of feeling the rush flying creates in them both...
But just when her lips graze his own, Nesta teases out, “I said again, Commander,” and Cassian curses, “So we go again.” And Nesta can tell by how close they’re standing that Cassian’s other Illyrian skills are kicking into overdrive.
He takes a great breath, adjusting his stance and likely certain other parts beneath his pants, but releases his hold on her. “Alright, Ness. We go again.”
They do. And with the wind in her hair and the sun on her skin, it is heaven.
Cassian insists they limit themselves to ten more minutes only.
So naturally, Nesta flies for twenty.
Nesta doesn’t tell Cassian it was a mistake. She doesn’t have to. He just knows because his stupid, ridiculously good looking ass told her it was. Nesta enjoyed her extra twenty minutes, but damn if she can’t feel it the second her feet hit solid ground again.
The groan that is halfway to her lips falters as she looks up and sees Cassian cock his head to the side, eyebrows raised.
Told you so.
Fuck off.
Cassian really does chuckle this time and steps up to help her along, but that just pisses her off even more. She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and she isn’t going to let him ruin was has been a perfectly wonderful day in the heat of summer flying over the sea.
Nesta trudges inside the House of Wind, letting Cassian trail after her however many feet away. She doesn’t bother checking.
She hears him - distantly. And she can’t quite discern the tone in his voice. If he’s angry. Or amused. Or...
...maybe just the tiniest bit concerned.
All she registers is the throb at her back and the way her wings shoot pain through the muscles and veins like lightning, if lightning could strike the same place more than once with such hideous pain.
Too much, she thinks and she hates that she does. Too much. Today was too, too much.
Her body feels like it’s going to fall to pieces. Even her feet hurt and she hasn’t been on them hardly at all.
Nesta opens the door to the room she shares with Cassian, rubbing her hand over her neck and whatever she can reach of her shoulder. The muscles rejoice in the touch, but it’s not enough as sweat sticks over her skin like glue and sleep yawns behind her eyes.
“Nesta - hey.” Cassian closes the door and forces Nesta to stop walking. She doesn’t care if he’s mad or even if he wants to fight her. At this point, she’d let him win (though she’d never admit he was right all along). She just wants to fall to pieces and be done with it.
But Cassian doesn’t yell at her. She wants to feel guilty because had the roles been reversed, she knows she would have been in his face for being so stupid out there.
That’s why she loves him. One of the many, many reasons why. That unending compassion and sweetness. That knowledge of how to dim the fires down to kindling embers when her burners don’t know how to be anything but an inferno. His ability to slow her down, to quiet her soul.
He cups her face in his large, calloused hands, just as he had some thirty minutes ago. This time when he leans down, their foreheads really do touch.
“Nesta, sweetheart - my sweetheart,” he whispers and Nesta wants to melt into the way the words sound so soft on her ears. “Now will you let me take care of you?”
Slowly, Nesta brings her hands up to meet his, enjoying the way his rough fingers feel against her own that are still soft and on the whole untested compared to his. She closes her eyes and breathes, albeit a little reluctantly, “Yes.”
A roaring noise meets her ears and Nesta’s eyes pop open.
Water is running smoothly in the bathing room, filing the large pool they have to the brim. Her knees buckle a little at the thought of that bath, not just of relaxing, but of how it will feel against her skin, and her wings...
Cassian chuckles faintly. “Go get in,” he says, toying with the straps of her flying leathers, teasing where the buckles play against the skin at her neck. “You smell.”
Nesta rolls her eyes and steps squarely back, causing another wave of amusement to roll off of him. In punishment, she undoes the straps Cass had been playing with herself and lets the top half of her leathers fall to her waist exposing her to him - and Cassian is not permitted to touch.
When she steps through the threshold to the bathing room and realizes he hasn’t followed, though certainly he watched her walk admiring the view as she did so, she peaks over her shoulder. “Aren’t you coming?”
“In a minute,” he says and, rather unusually, he... leaves. Their game left unfinished.
Nesta shrugs and finishes stripping off the rest of her leathers, letting them fall to the floor likes leaves upon an autumn breeze trailing after her footsteps on the cool marble floor. Her toes graze the tops of the pool the magic has created for her and Nesta groans.
No more slowness. She dives right in soaking her body underneath the surface that is warm and caresses her skin in luxury. The shooting pain in her wings does not fade entirely, but it lightens a considerable amount the further she sinks in.
When Nesta surfaces, pushing her now loose hair out of her face and brushing the water back from her eyes, she spins in the pool and finds Cassian sitting himself on the raised seat at the edge. His leathers are gone and his hair is still up in a knot at the back of his head.
She cocks a brow.
What have you been doing?
A smirk as he slips a little further into the water, reaching for the shampoo as he goes.
Wait and see.
She huffs and floats on her back away from him, her breasts cresting the surface of the pool. Let him see what she thinks of that reply, thank you very much.
Nesta smooths her hair back as she stands back up and sees Cassian pouring a spot of shampoo into his hands. And then he swims for her.
“Ah-ah,” Nesta says, finding her own ledge to sit on and stopping Cass with a foot to his shoulder before he can reach her.
“I thought you said I could take care of you now,” he groans.
Nesta shoots him a wicked smirk that is every bit fiercer than a day’s worth of shit-eating grins from him. “You didn’t say please,” she pouts.
“Ooh, that’s not ‘please’ now, is it?”
Cassian nearly goes head under the water, which ripples all around them at the weight of his massive body shuddering lower. “Nesta, for fuck’s sake, sweetheart...”
He might stop talking then. He might not. All Nesta really knows is that seeing Cassian flustered and frustrated and cursing for her does that thing to her insides where she’s loose and taut all at once and ready to explode.
“Fine,” she says, says as though she is giving up a great deal in removing that foot against his shoulder and letting him near her again. But inside, her muscles are rejoicing in anticipation of where those hands might go.
Cassian replaces some of the rosemary scented shampoo - her favorite - that had slipped away and Nesta turns around, her wings tucking in tightly at her back so Cassian can access her more easily. And when his fingers graze her scalp... Cauldron, she can’t help how quickly she falls backwards into him.
She doesn’t care that it amuses him to no end how she folds. For Cassian, she’d fold every time in the end. For him alone.
Layers of tension peel away with every circle his fingers rub into her hair and at the base of her neck where he stops to knead the muscles for a few minutes in which Nesta isn’t sure if she’s in the pool with him or still up in the air flying.
He guides her back to float in the pool so he can rinse the shampoo out and then they take turns washing themselves up of all the sweat and grime flying under the hot sun brought them. Cassian holds a towel up for Nesta as she steps out of the pool and enough of the stress has faded, she can feel her wings giving out behind her, ready to sink back into her skin and disappear for the day.
“No,” Cassian says, noticing the way her wings tremble in goodbye. He holds the towel stiffly, keeping her from fully wrapping it around her. “Please don’t.”
Nesta snatches the towel out of his hands and finishes tying it herself. “Why not?”
Cassian parts his lips to say something and stops short, eyeing her up and down with special thought to her wings. He licks his lips once quite clearly. “Just... please don’t.”
“Mmm,” Nesta hums. “You said the magic word. That’s better.”
She spins and waltzes away from him into their room... and promptly stops short feeling as though the air has been knocked from her lungs and she’s in a free fall.
The bed is freshly made, magic no doubt, and there are candles everywhere, the curtains drawn so that the lighting is dim from the near-dark sky outside. The low, sweet red glow is charming, relaxing, and a little seductive if she’s honest.
Cassian’s lips suddenly appear at Nesta’s ear, his arms twining around her. He’s dried off, but very obviously left the towel behind at the pool as his body presses in to Nesta’s. And she loves the way he molds around her perfectly like a new pair of gloves.
“I told you I wanted to take care of you,” he says in a soft, sultry voice she doesn’t hear from him outside this room. Not even when he teases her into a fury.
That’s it.
That does it.
Right there.
Nesta’s will vanishes. Her head falls back to rest against him as his hands gently brush up her arms and he leaves a soft, intimate kiss just above her collarbone. Her wings flex in a shudder as he runs a single finger along the lining of her membranes, forcing a dizzying tingle to dance along her spine. She almost wonders at the touch except that Cassian cuts it off abruptly and scoops her up into his arms.
“If this is the punishment I get for ignoring your advice,” Nesta says as Cassian sets her on the bed and takes the towel from her, “I’m going to ignore you more often.”
“When do you not ignore me, Nesta?” Cassian retorts.
She shrugs. “Fair point.”
“I’ll take what I can get,” he says with a laugh and then makes a circular motion with his fingers, his voice returning to that low sultry tone. “Turn around.”
Another shrug, but she does as he asks and lays on her stomach finding a comfortable spot for her head against the pillows. Her arms rest at either side.
Her eyes close automatically the first time Cassian touches her, hands kneading at the knots that have grown thick at the base of her back and slowly working their way up. Nesta groans, all self-control gone. She doesn’t have enough left to tease him anyway. “Good Ness - good,” he says at the sound of her pleasure and continues working. He doesn’t stop until every knot becomes a loose cord that is pliant and relaxed beneath his touch.
Easy. Nice. Happy. This is what happiness feels like, Nesta decides. Cassian and his hands all over her making her feel loved.
No. Not just loved.
Cassian massages her back until there are no more knots to work. And then he works over her arms and when those are done, he moves back down to her back to work her rear, her thighs, her calves, and finally her feet. Nesta is left feeling like jelly, she’s never been so relaxed.
When his hands leave her feet and she doesn’t immediately feel his weight over her, she thinks he’s finished and parts her lips. “Thank you - oh-ohh,” she says as an electrifying sensation sweeps over her.
Cassian has come back to straddle her lower back, careful not to apply too much of his weight which he keeps mostly to his knees, and his hands have found new muscles to work - at her wings.
And Cauldron it feels... it feels...
“Ooh, oh, Cassian.”
That’s how it feels.
“Do you like that, Nesta,” he purrs. Nesta knows she does not have to answer the question. Her body is doing it for her. Even she can scent the arousal drifting immediately off her, that’s how badly this touch moves through her.
They’ve never done this together before. She’d heard Feyre and Mor snickering about it once - something to do with Illyrians getting off on their wings, but Nesta has assumed it was just another sensitive Illyrian babies thing or some such nonsense. She didn’t know... hadn’t realized...
Cassian increases the pressure a fraction with every sweep of his fingers, starting where the membrane is closest to her spine and moving slowly outwards following the veins and bones. Each stroke sends a shiver deep inside Nesta that trails down and ends in a pool of heat between her legs that is quickly building, building, building towards something bigger.
Another groan escapes her and she feels Cassian shift slightly behind her. “Good, Ness,” he praises. “Keep going. Nesta - keep going.”
She’s not sure what she’s suppose to keep going to. Surely he doesn’t expect her to -
His fingers reach a particularly sensitive spot just under the talons of either wing that send her fingers curling into the sheets and pillows in answer to her own question. Her hips buck under Cassian and he lowers himself a little further to keep her from moving and fuck - he’s hard. So, so hard against her back as he leans over her and whispers at her ear, “If you come for me, I’ll put my cock inside you and fuck you properly.”
He swirls his fingers over that spot one more time and Nesta has to bite down on the pillow to keep from screaming.
But she can’t let him get away with this. This is... the most exquisite thing she’s ever felt in her entire life. But she’ll be damned if she lets Cassian have all the fun.
Which is why, while he’s still bent over her against her back, she throws a hand behind her and brushes roughly against the first stretch of Cassian’s wing she can find.
His cock twitches hard on her back in reply, much to Nesta’s delight.
Cassian pulls away at once with a snarl ripping from his mouth - feral and aroused and all kinds of excited. “I thought I was taking care of you right now.”
“That’s what you get,” Nesta says, bucking her hips up underneath him until he gets the idea. Cassian laughs.
“Alright, sweetheart. If you insist...”
He pushes off her and for a moment, the loss of contact on her wings is devastating. But then Cassian is picking her hips up, tilting them at an angle, his cock resting against her entrance. “Nesta...” he purrs softly, a request.
Nesta closes her eyes and nods. And then Cassian is pushing into her, entering him and that glorious hard length of him is enough to make her forget his fingers had ever been at her back. He’s thick and perfect and as he lowers her hips back down a hair to relax her back, Nesta adjusts to that wonderful feel of him.
Cassian lets his hands massage at her hips while she gets a feel for him, but then he stops and seems to question something. “This won’t do,” he says, voice glazed over with lust and want.
Nesta almost growls in irritation when Cassian is suddenly pulling her body up flush against him, his arms twining around her to hold her place. His chest heaves into her back and even though he hasn’t made a single thrust, just that shift in angles has Nesta feeling ready to explode from the tight coil of heat that has accumulated around where his cock now rests inside her.
“Cassian,” she grounds out and immediately, he thrusts, sending her body up and back down against him, sweat growing slick between them. They’re going to need another bath when this is done...
“You didn’t expect me,” Cassian says, one hand coming to cradle a breast, “not to touch you,” the other hand getting dangerously low on her stomach, “while I fucked you, did you?” And then his mouth - his cauldron blessed fucking mouth - comes down on her wings and licks at the membrane with his tongue.
His tongue - fuck, his tongue.
Her hands fly behind her and grope for his hair, but it’s still in that knot, so Nesta finds the leather strap and yanks until the strands fall free around his neck and she can run her fingers through every glorious inch of it. Cassian seems to like it, murmuring his approval at her ear, and she feels his thrusts quicken.
Nesta is already so close. So very, very close. Each thrust has the fire inside her building towards the edge. She had already been ready to fall over the cliff with her wings alone, but now that he’s inside her too...
“You promised to come for me, Nesta,” Cassian says, his breathing labored. “Come.” He makes his deepest thrust yet, his fingers playing in the soft hairs between her legs, but not quite low enough to really... “Come.”
She grabs his hand and moves it exactly where it will make her come and the sensation that shoots through her is unmatched to anything she’s felt before. “Lick me,” she barks out. “My wings - Cassian, my wings, my wings, my wings please.”
“Fuck - Ness.”
Cassian’s curse is barely out before his tongue is laving at her membranes again and within two licks, Nesta’s free - falling straight over the edge and falling to pieces around his cock as her orgasm hits her. Her arm darts out in front of her looking for a wall or a headboard to brace herself on that is too far away.
But Cassian has her. He always has her.
The hand fondling her now peaked nipples lowers to support her waist as he works the last waves of her climax out of her. The other takes Nesta’s outstretched hand and moves it... moves it...
Mercy, he moves it his own wings. On instinct, the hand still fisted tightly in his hair slides down to join.
“Now you can play with me, Ness,” Cassian says.
And she does - hard.
There’s not much she can reach of him in this position, so what Nesta finds, she makes count.
Her touch is hard, no time for teasing. And her nails scratch enough to ring a moan out of her lover she wants to listen to over and over. “Yes, Nesta,” Cassian says growing breathless. “Like that. Exactly like that - Nesta... Nesta...”
Feeling more satisfied than ever before, Nesta wonders if the tricks he used on her would work on him. When her fingers hit the spot just below Cassian’s talons, there is no warning before he gives an erratic, hard thrust into her seeming at a loss to control it.
Nesta grins like a fool, tossing her head back and laughing, enjoying the way he fills her so completely, takes such pleasure in letting her melt him into a puddle for her to command, fucks her so senseless...
One stroke more...
And Cassian’s cock throbs and spills itself inside Nesta as he comes, his head falling into the crook of her neck and biting the skin as gently as he can manage, though Nesta knows there will be a faint bruise there if she were to look in a mirror later on tonight.
She matches his final few thrusts with strokes of her own upon his wings and then her hands are back in his hair, cradling his head at her side. Cassian hugs her tightly to himself and together, they enjoy the feel of him lingering inside her as they sit up on the bed.
Five seconds... five minutes.. five years. Nesta has no idea how much time goes by.
But finally, Cassian pulls himself gently from her with a kiss at her neck, right over the fresh bruise blooming there that marks her as his own. Nesta hums contentedly as he does, her fingers giving a grateful little scratch over his scalp. He smiles smugly and leaves to the bathroom to fetch a towel so they can clean themselves up.
It’s as he’s walking back that Cassian debates what quip to torment Nesta with next.
You should say please more often.
So is what Mor and Feyre told you true?
That’ll teach you not to ignore me, eh?
But when he makes it back to the room, he stops and almost drops the towel from out of his hands.
Nesta has fallen right back against the pillows and sheets, her body limp and satisfied, wings no longer anywhere to be found, and she’s already fast asleep in satiated bliss. No more pains or aches.
If she could hear him, he’d love to give her a whole new kind of taunting jab, but the soft smile resting on her face - the one only he ever sees and even then, in rare moments that are few and far between with his Ness - stops him.
Gently as he can, Cassian cleans Nesta up, tosses away the towel, and curls as best he can around her with a final kiss on her cheek.
And then he joins her in sleep.
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sarahjtrash · 3 years ago
Secondhand Fear
Nessian, 1.2 K, Rated T
A/N: Since there isn't already enough of this trope...Cassian has a nightmare, and Nesta helps. I wanted to have a little fun with canon ACOWAR because I feel like there was probs some Nessian action going on behind the scenes. 
Nesta bolted out of bed, clutching her stomach. Her head swam and throbbed with pain. Her vision clouded with bodies among bodies among bodies. The scent of fresh corpses invaded her nose as she stood up, trying to get out, away from the pain coursing through her body. Her feet collided with something, and she almost vomited for it struck a decapitated head. Trying to escape, she ran into something, something cold. Gently, she rested her head against the cool surface, breathing deeply.
Her eyes snapped open.
Nesta’s head lay against the fabric of her tent, chilled from the outside, and those visions were not hers. She knew whose they were. She knew she shouldn’t. Not now. But a violent wave of nausea coursed through her again, and she immediately left her tent. Her mind was blank as she sprinted through the camp, letting something deep inside lead her. The pain and the sickness were unbearable.
She didn’t bother to announce herself, didn’t bother to double check. Instead, she hurtled herself inside.
Cassian’s head was pressed deep into his pillow, and his back arched sharply. He was shirtless revealing how taught his back was strung. Nesta almost fell over as his wings pulled impossibly close to his body and violent pain coursed through her. He released a small whimper.
“Cassian?” Nesta asked very quietly.
His breathing grew louder and more irregular.
Nesta tentatively took a step towards him. “Cassian.”
He remained unresponsive, but his legs started to move rapidly. Nesta moved the final steps sat on the bed, touching his shoulder slightly.
“Cassian, wake up. It’s a nightmare.”
His back arched more, and Nesta’s mind flooded with visions of blood dripping down a sword and carnage everywhere. Guilt racked through her body. Horrible guilt that threatened to suffocate her. Every body there was her fault. Every one who was dead was her fault. Nesta wanted to cry herself before remembering the visions weren’t hers.
She laid herself on top of Cassian, pulling hard on something deep inside her. Cassian awoke with a gasp, throwing Nesta off him. In the dark, he fumbled around, and Nesta could feel he was about to puke. Frantically, she searched for a bucket, and she tossed it at him. Cassian barely caught it before he began to throw up.
Nesta made her way to him and rubbed gentle circles on his back. He didn’t vomit for long, but he lingered there. It looked wrong. The strongest, greatest Illyrian warrior alive, Commander of the Night Court, and the Lord of Bloodshed curved in on himself like a small child. The position was so fragile that Nesta felt like an intruder. This was not who Cassian wanted anyone to see, let alone Nesta. Despite all that though, she stayed.
He swallowed once, wincing at whatever foul taste filled his mouth. “Thank you.”
Nesta nodded, continuing the circles as she stared at his back. “Yeah.”
He turned slightly to look at her, and her hand stopped. The intensity of his eyes almost broke her, made her believe that he saw why she had come. “You can leave if you want.” Hurt laced through her harder than anything that she felt from his nightmare.
“Not like that,” he said quietly, “Never like that. If you don’t want people to know, you can leave.”
“Do you want me to stay?”
Slowly, he turned to face her fully. His eyes dragged over her, weighing extra long on her night dress and bare feet. “Did you even think before you came here?”

Nesta growled, “Answer my question first.”
“I don’t want to be alone.” He whispered, voice breaking on the last word.
She studied him, noting his still defeated posture. The silver lining his eyes and knew that he meant it. Knew that he wanted to be with her.
“Then, no,” She said. “I didn’t think about it at all. It was terrible. I saw mos—I felt it. I felt all of it.”
Cassian’s gaze grew distant, looking out towards where the battlefields were. “I’m sorry.”
Damn her for it, but she couldn’t help herself as she grabbed him under the chin and turned his head towards her. “Don’t apologize. Ever.” She said. He nodded. “It’s horrible out there, but you have to be strong. For them. But in here, away from all that, you can feel it. You’re safe.” with me was what she didn’t add.
His head nuzzled into her shoulder, and Nesta wove her fingers through his hair.  
“It used to be worse,” Cassian murmured, “At least, I slept tonight. In the last war, I used to lie awake, waiting for the next morning, the next battle. I hated it. I still hate it. I hate the killing and the death. It doesn’t matter that they serve a twisted King. They have families. People who will miss them. Just because I’ve been on the winning side makes I’m a hero. I’m here to butcher and I’m good at it and I hate it.”
Nesta stood abruptly, pulling Cassian with her. She took the two steps towards the bed and crawled across it. Cassian’s brow furrowed as she lie there, and fear clanged through her that she had misinterpreted what he needed.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered, rising. “I shouldn’t hav—“
“No, please.”
Nesta watched him climb into bed, and they stayed on their sides watching each other.
“I won’t tell anyone,” Nesta said after a while, “that the Lord of Bloodshed has a heart.”
He smiled at her sadly. “I’m afraid our friends already know.”
Nesta rolled her eyes and moved to her back, staring at the peak of his tent. When she turned her gaze back towards Cassian, he was looking back at her. “What?” She asked.
“How much did you feel?”
Maybe it was his brutal honesty from earlier, but Nesta told him everything.
“I saw what you saw. All of it. I felt the nausea, believing it my own. I felt the headaches. I felt your guilt. Do you still feel that? Now that you’re awake?”
Cassian studied her for a moment, and Nesta rolled towards him. They shared breaths, and his eyes were maybe three inches from her own. He nodded ever so slightly, and Nesta’s heart broke then. She didn’t care that she was supposed to hate him or that he would never be hers. All she knew was that the weight he felt was crippling, and she snuggled closer to him as he rolled on his back.
She laid her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arm around his middle.
“You are good. You are whole,” she whispered as his arm cocooned around her body, “You’ve done bad things, but you are more than that. You deserve more than that.”
Cassian didn’t say anything, but he leaned down and kissed the top of her head. Nesta felt his gratitude as they both fell into a deep slumber.
She woke up early the next morning to her shoulder being shaken.
“Last chance, Sweetheart,” Cassian’s deep voice rumbled, “No one’s up yet. You can leave without any consequences.”
Nesta wished it wasn’t like this. That she didn’t feel the strong necessity to leave him here. But she didn’t look back as she walked her way back across camp in just her nightgown.
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librarian-of-orynth · 2 years ago
Nesta and Cassian have to stay somewhere and it's the classic fandom last-room-one-bed-cold-night thing❤️
sorry this took so long!
“Nesta, we don’t really have a choice here.” 
“No,” Nesta repeated, louder, harsher this time, “I’m not doing it.” 
Cassian huffed, falling into the nearby chair and putting his head in his hands. “It’s the only option they have unless we want to sleep in the forest.” 
“I’d gladly take the forest over one bed,” she spat at him. 
When Cassian agreed to bring Nesta out on a mission to one of the Illyrian camps, he hadn’t expected the journey there to be so…difficult. 
For starters, they had to make the journey on foot, given Nesta’s refusal to fly. Cassian tried to argue, but it was no use. What should’ve taken three days, now took almost a week. 
And then there was Nesta, who barely spoke to him as they journeyed on, aside from a few curses and the occasional “insufferable bat.” He’d gladly embraced the nickname, telling her that he’d be less insufferable if she’d just let them fly to the destination. 
She simply said no, and that was that. 
But Nesta deserved credit. She didn’t stop moving, didn’t slow down, as they trekked through the forests, only stopping for meal breaks and rests. Despite her grumbling, she was a good traveler. 
One who Cassian was–surprisingly–glad to have with him. 
Most nights, they managed to find a town with an inn and multiple bedrooms ready for them. They were cheap enough, and he was glad for the bed. And the shower. He was positive Nesta was, too. For as swiftly as they moved, the dirt and mud of the forest eventually managed to cake onto their clothes and their skin, right on top of a layer of sweat. And even with the grime, Nesta didn’t say a word. Didn’t complain about the dirt, instead choosing only to complain about the male beside her and his stench. 
She didn’t seem to realize that for as bad as he may have smelled, she was right there, smelling alongside him. 
Every night they slept in an inn, cleaning themselves off and heading towards their respective rooms. 
Until tonight, when the owner told Cassian that there was only one room available. And one bed. 
She refused to speak, other than a simple no, repeated over and over as Cassian tried to convince her. 
“Nesta it’s freezing, don’t be this stubborn. You’re not sleeping in the forest.” 
“Well I’m certainly not sleeping in a bed. With you,” she said, refusing to look at him. 
“I’ll take the floor.” 
Nesta’s head lifted as she looked at him, opened her mouth, and then closed it again. 
“You can have the bed,” he said, “all I’ll need is a pillow. C’mon, Nes, just…I’m not letting you freeze. And we need sleep, we can’t keep going like this.” 
She took a deep breath, and said, “fine. But you’re on the floor.” 
“Deal,” he said with a hesitant smile, before walking back to the owner of the inn and handing him a few silver pieces. 
Cassian came back with a key. “Let’s go.” 
Nesta only followed, saying nothing as they walked up the stairs and to the room. 
The room wasn’t large, by any means. The queen-sized bed took up a majority of the space, set in the middle of the bedroom, followed by a small dresser along one of the walls. There was no chair, no desk…just the bed and the floor, it seemed, for sleeping. 
“There,” Nesta said, tossing him a pillow and blanket from the bed before hopping into it herself, sighing at the comfort of the mattress. Cassian laughed at the sound, before excusing himself to find the bath, and subtly suggesting Nesta do the same once he returned. 
But by the time he came back, she was fast asleep, snoring lightly under the covers. It was no use arguing to share the bed, not when it would require waking her up–and he was in no mood to deal with a rudely awakened Nesta today. 
So he took up his spot on the floor and tried to get comfortable. 
Nesta awoke to the sound of chattering teeth. 
“Cassian,” she hissed, turning on her side to face the warrior on the ground. 
He was asleep, but…the blanket didn’t seem to do much for warmth, for Cassian wasn’t only chattering his teeth, but his entire body seemed to be shaking–shivering–from the cold. 
“Cassian?” she asked, trying to get his attention. The warrior didn’t stir, didn’t awake. 
Raising her voice, she repeated his name.
He shot up, the blanket falling off of his body, before looking at Nesta, her face illuminated by the candlelight. “Nesta?” 
“You’re shaking.” 
Cassian shrugged. “It’s cold.” 
He could see Nesta mulling something over in her head, but…
“Get into bed. With me.” 
He hadn’t expected that. “Are you sure?” 
“I don’t want you to die of hypothermia.” 
He chuckled. “It’s not that cold, Nes. If you don’t want me to, I’m happy to–” 
“Just get into the bed. Please,” she said, before laying back down. 
The mattress groaned under his weight, and then he was beside Nesta, right under the covers with her. His wings, though…
“You can wrap them around me. If you want. If you need to stretch them out.” 
“I’ll have to scoot closer to you for that.” 
“Okay. It’s warmer that way, anyway,” was all Nesta said. 
So he wrapped his wings around her before pulling the covers back over them, the warmth a comforting presence. 
Nesta moved closer to him. “Put your arm around me.” 
Cassian’s eyes widened. “What?” 
“It’s cold. I thought…maybe I could give you some of my warmth. And vice versa.” 
He obliged, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him.
“Good night, Cassian.” 
“Night, Nes,” he replied, and he could’ve sworn he felt Nesta smile at his reply. 
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acomaflove · 2 years ago
Nessian In A Nutshell
Nesta: Ever since I've become a Fae I've been lonely.
Cassian: I'd keep you company if you'd let—
Nesta: No one wants to be around me.
Cassian: I've asked you out on SEVERAL dates—
Nesta: And I never have anything to do.
Cassian: I'd let you do me—
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rhysismydaddy · a year ago
We’re Fighting (Nessian fluff)
Ik I said I was coming out with Malorian, but when do I ever do anything I say? Anyway, here’s some wrote-in-five-minutes, total fluff/humor for Nessian.
I’ve been releasing a lot of little blurbs recently, so a multi-chapter fic is coming next!
Nesta was on her side, glaring at the wall, when she felt a very heavy, very familiar weight settle into the mattress behind her. The frigidity of her glare increased. 
“Why are you in my bed?” 
She heard that soft, sensuous chuckle she’d always loved a little too much. “Nesta baby, you’re a fucking nutcase. We live together.”
Rolling her eyes, she bit back, “We’re fighting. Sleep on the couch.”
“Don’t roll your eyes at me, little lady,” he laughed, somehow sensing what she’d done. “And we aren’t fighting. You are pissed off, and won’t tell me what I did. I’m innocent.”
That got her attention. 
“Innocent?” she yelled, whirling around and smacking his shoulder. “Innocent!”
Cassian smiled up at her, always happy to ruffle her feathers, and gripped his shoulder in mock pain. “Naughty, naughty.”
She ignored her body’s response to that and hit him again. He grinned. 
“Innocent as freaking Mary.”
“Sleep on the couch.”
Her boyfriend of over four years scoffed at that idea. “Absolutely not. You bought that thing, which means it’s meant for fucking midgets. I can hardly fit a single butt cheek on it.”
A smile tugged at her lips, but she snuffed it out. “That sounds like a you problem, Cassian.”
“Actually, it sounds like a you problem, because I’m not leaving.” He reinforced his decision by closing his eyes and letting out a loud, obnoxious snore.
Despite herself, she laughed a bit. “If you think that’s going to annoy me, you should really hear yourself when you’re actually asleep. It’s even worse. You sound like a dying moose.”
His golden eyes opened again, bright with humor. “I don’t snore.”
“Yes, you do. Every single night. But it won’t bother me tonight, because you’re going to the couch!”
“I don’t think I am.” 
She cursed him soundly, flopping back down to her pillow. He smiled, closing his eyes again, sure he’d won the argument. An idea formed, and she didn’t even caution herself before leaning over and squeezing his nostrils together tightly. 
His eyes flew open, and he flicked her wrist until she let go. “What are you doing?”
“If you stay in the bed, you’re not going to get an ounce of sleep,” she told him, dead serious. She’d stay up all night if she had to. 
He rolled his eyes, but instead of retorting, just looked at her, eyes drilling holes into her soul. “Why are you mad? Why is what I said at dinner such a big deal?”
Her anger and annoyance threatened to retreat at how soft his voice was. “It’s not a big deal.”
“Big enough for you to try and boot me out of the bed,” he commented.
Nesta rolled her eyes in deflection, turning on her back and looking up at the ceiling. It wasn’t a big deal. 
At least it shouldn’t have been. 
He hadn’t done anything different or unusual. Someone in their friend group had joked about how long they’d been together, and he’d given the company line they’d both said numerous times: “Least we’re not married.”
It was kind of a joke between them. 
When they’d first met six years ago, they’d both decided against getting married. Cassian thought it was pointless, and Nesta had seen firsthand what a bad marriage could do to someone’s spirit. 
Her sisters had even resigned themselves to never being bridesmaids. Everyone had accepted it. 
But for some reason, when he’d said it earlier that night, something in her chest had crumpled. Especially since it was true.
They’d been together for so long, she couldn’t imagine her life without him. But she still called him her boyfriend. Not her husband, not her partner. 
Which, given what she’d learned earlier this week, made it sound like they were in fucking high school. 
“I’m waiting,” he reminded her, poking her in the arm. 
“Just go to sleep, Cas.”
He did no such thing. Propping himself up on an elbow, her boyfriend looked down at her with questioning eyes. He was always so understanding with her, even when she acted insane. “Tell me.”
“It’s nothing; you were right. I’m so happy, I’m shooting daisies out of my ass. Goodnight.”
Cassian laughed a little, but didn’t give up the chase.
“Have you changed your mind about getting married?” he asked, way too good at reading her face and emotions. “You’re upset that we’re not married?”
His gaze on her was too much, so she pressed her eyes shut and blocked it out. Despite not being able to see him, she knew he was still right there, waiting. And that he’d continue to wait until she gave in. So she sighed and let the words she’d been holding in loose.
“I’m eight weeks pregnant,” she whispered, ears going into overdrive to pick up his response.
They were met with nothing but silence.
For once in his lifetime, Cassian was silent. 
She wanted to see him, wanted to know his every expression, but was too scared what it might be. 
Curiosity won out in the end, and she peeked her eyes open, only to be stunned by what she saw. 
Instead of nervousness or anger or dread, he was smiling from ear to ear, a look she’d never seen in his eyes. “You’re pregnant?”
Nesta nodded, confused. 
They’d talked about having kids, but they always agreed to wait a few years before even seriously discussing it. But he looked... he looked thrilled. 
Before she could ask, his head came towards hers, and he kissed her softly, then quickly ducked down to rest his head against her chest. She could feel his smile against her skin as his arms wrapped around her, holding her tight to him. 
Then his hands snuck down to her still-flat belly, and he murmured, “I’m going to be a dad.”
She nodded.
“We’re getting married.”
That was a change in topic.
He glanced up at her, eyes still full of so much joy it took her breath away. “You clearly don’t like the idea of being a mom with a boyfriend, so you can have a husband instead.”
The stupid organ in her chest swelled so quickly she thought she might pass out, but she still muttered, “Great. Now all I have to do is find one.”
“You’re so very funny,” he said back, flicking her nose.
His hands were still on her belly. “So you’re not mad?”
“Mad?” He looked at her like she was crazy. “First of all, it takes two to make a baby, so I could never be mad at you. Second, I’ve always wanted to be a dad. And to see you barefoot and pregnant, yelling at me over something stupid.”
She didn’t have time to respond to how true that was likely going to become before he scooted down the bed and began to press kisses all over her stomach and abdomen. 
“You’re giving me the greatest gift possible, Nesta,” he murmured in between kisses, and a tear slipped down her cheek. “I’m so fucking excited.” 
“Me, too,” she whispered back, finally admitting it to herself. 
Because she was excited. He’d make a great dad, and she couldn’t wait to see the child they’d created. 
His cheek against her stomach, Cassian asked, “City hall tomorrow, or a big, fancy wedding with you in a tulle gown and me with my hair slicked back?” 
Nesta flicked the top of his head, even though she couldn’t stop smiling. “City hall tomorrow. It has to be in the afternoon, because I have a doctors appointment in the morning.”
“A baby-related doctors appointment?” he asked, coming back up to hover above her with a small smile on his lips. When she nodded, he said immediately, “I’m coming.”
She raised her eyebrows. 
“I’m coming to all of them.”
Something about that statement, and the fact that he was willing to marry her whenever and wherever she wanted, made another tear escape. He brushed it away with his thumb, looking a little concerned. 
“I love you, Cassian.”
The concern vanished, replaced by nothing short of admiration and love and happiness. “I love you, too. I’ve wanted to marry your stubborn ass since the day I met you. I’ve just been waiting for you to realize you wanted it, too.”
Nesta rolled her eyes, a huge smile on her face. He knew her better than she knew herself sometimes. 
He kissed her softly, both of them grinning like idiots. “Can I sleep in the bed, then?”
She nodded and laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck and vowing to never let go.
This made me so happy to write. I’m such a sucker for cheesy fluff. Thanks for reading. Drop prompts/asks in the box :)
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sarahjtrash · 3 years ago
Potatoes of Passion
Nessian, 1.9K, Rated T
Nessian has some confusion surrounding the whole female-offers-male-food-to-accept-the-bond thing. 
A/N: I really did not have the time to write this (or edit as much as normal, but it was screaming to be written. Enjoy!
Nesta scooped a healthy serving of creamy mashed potatoes on her plate and then Cassian’s. Not that she was watching, but she was certain they were his favorite food.
He reached to grab the bowl being passed around the table.
“No need,” Nesta said, “I already got them for you.”
The whole table fell into silence, and Cassian stared at her wide-eyed. She nudged the potatoes to him so he could pass them on. He didn’t move.
“Thank you, Nesta,” she mumbled underneath her breath in frustration.
He blinked very rapidly and reached to pass the food, whispering a thanks. As more food was moved around the table, Nesta refrained from putting more food on Cassian’s plate. Conversation slowly began again as more and more dishes were presented. Their talk seemed airy, though, as if they were all trying to fill the air. No one was actually discussing anything of significance.
Cassian’s elbow hit her side. “Are you okay?” He whispered.
A polite grin grew on his face. “I asked if you were okay. You’re eyebrows are doing that thing were they get really close together, and your back is straighter than normal.”
“Oh. Yeah. I’m fine. Are they though?” She looked at their fellow dinner companions, “They look like they’re trying auditioning for the roles of themselves.”
Cassian nodded very slowly, chewing contemplatively. “They seem fine to me.”
Even those words felt like a lie to Nesta. But maybe it was just her who was off. Whatever it was, the group quickly surpassed their previous awkwardness to debate an over-discussed topic.
“…you understand,” Mor was saying. “No designer gives a shit if you were some land-saving High Lady, Feyre. You can’t just keep delaying shopping for a wedding dress.”
“Okay. Let’s go tomorrow,” Feyre replied. “And to be fair, I did save the continent and am a High Lady.”
“I know. But that doesn’t change the fact that as of right now, you would be walking down that aisle naked.”
Rhys grinned and blushed slightly.
“That’s gross,” accused Mor.
He shrugged in response.
Nesta thought the extent to which Mor was planning Feyre’s wedding a little ridiculous. Obviously, Mor had known her cousin for centuries, but to Nesta, it seemed excessive. No one was to have that much say in her wedding, save for her partner. She could admit, though, that Feyre did only have two months until her ceremony and still no dress.
When she deigned to listen again, they were all having a heated discussion over flower arrangements. Nesta was surprised that even Azriel seemed to have an opinion on whether they should use low or high cut vases. She thought she was going to lose her mind. They continued talking in circles about small detail after small detail as if they were at some cauldron-damned rehearsal dinner. Nesta just receded into the recess of her consciousness.
Despite her desires, she would not leave. Actually, she could not. She and Elain had moved into the city since the war, so her only way home beside being flown was to walk. She picked her way through plate after plate of food, hoping that they would call it soon.
As Nesta brought probably her hundredth forkful of food to her mouth, Cassian stood and called, “I think that’s it for the night. Thank you so much for hosting.”
Everyone wished him a good night, and when he reached for Nesta, she retracted.
“You didn’t eat the potatoes. They’re you’re favorite,” She protested.
Silence, significantly thicker than before, cloaked the room. Cassian looked everywhere but her. She nudged his shin with her foot.
“Now really isn’t the time for this, Nes.”
“Time for what? Time for you to eat your potatoes? You sound like a child.”
Rhys snorted slightly.
“Even Rhys finds this funny.”
Cassian looked like he’d rather go perish in a hole. “Nesta. That’s not why he’s laughing.”
Nesta released a loud groan and collapsed further into her chair. “Fine. I wanted to go home, but I’m not leaving this table until you finish those cauldron-damned potatoes.”
“So you’re just going to sit here all night if I don’t finish them?”
Nesta stared straight ahead.
“And you’re also not talking.” Cassian deflated and sat down next to her.
The others quickly filed out of the room. They made as little noise as possible as they stacked their plates, and whispered good nights. Nesta saw Feyre mouth a good luck at Cassian out of the corner of her eye. Who told someone good luck when all they had to do was eat their favorite food?
Nesta crossed her arms and legs. She heard Cassian dragging his fork across his plate. She took that as a sign that he was actually consuming the food. When she turned to look, though, he still had yet to have a single bite. He had made an impressibly tall mountain from his potatoes instead,
“Is there something wrong with them? Because I am at a complete loss tonight,” she complained.
“I know you are, Nes. I know.”
She rolled her eyes. “Sometimes when people are at a loss, it helps when others explain what’s wrong.”
Cassian exhaled very loudly, leaning back in his seat to stare at the ceiling. “When Feyre and Rhys became official, Feyre offered…Traditionally, when two people are mat…In fae culture, it’s standard that to accept the bo…Mother. Nesta. I can’t do this. Not right now.”
“Hell no. We are not leaving this dinner table until you spill whatever little secret it is that you’re holding in.”
He closed his eyes and actually had the nerve to look pained. His words came quickly. “Did anyone ever tell you how people accept a mate bond?”
“They have sex non-stop for like a week.”
“No. That’s the frenzy. That comes after they accept.”
“Then it’s when you go to the Priestess.”
Cassian shook his head, eyes still closed. “Not quite. There’s typically an…event…that happens between the two of them. Have you ever seen Feyre and Rhys talk about soup? How they get kinda giddy?”
“I fail to see why this is relevant.”
“But, have you?”
“I think Rhys did once when he was drunk.”
“Do you have any idea why?”
“No. Cassian. What does any of this have to do with the potatoes?.”
His head whipped towards her incredibly fast, and his eyes were a tad frantic. “Oh it all has to do with the potatoes, Sweetheart. So much more than you could imagine.”
“Enlighten me,” she deadpanned.
His gaze does not stray from hers. “In fae culture, it’s standard that for a bond to be accepted, the female offers the male food. It can be a grand spectacle or a small dinner with friends or just giving the other person a handful of nuts. When Feyre and Rhys accepted their bond—“
“Before the frenzy?”
“Yes, before the frenzy. Feyre served Rhys soup.”
When he finished, he was looking at her very expectingly.
Nesta did not understand. “So. To accept a mating bond, the female offers the male food.”
“And your potatoes…”
He nodded, eyes wild.
“Cassian. I appreciate story time and all—“
“How do you not get it? You are one of the most cunning, clever, and intelligent people I have ever met, and you seriously cannot connect the dots right now?”
Nesta stared at him in shock at the outburst.
“Nesta. Think about it. Feyre serves Rhys soup, they accept the bond. You serve me potatoes…”
She shook her head.
“Fine. I’ll tell you. If I eat these potatoes, we accept the bond. Okay? We are mates, Nesta Archeron. Regardless of your intent, I eat these and that’s it. That’s it. You don’t get a say in it. It would just be considered accepted.”
Nesta’s jaw dropped ever so slightly. “We’re what?”
“Cauldron. I thought you at least suspected. But if I had to tell you, this is definitely not the way I wanted to do it.”
“Do the rest of them know? Is that why they all were quiet?”
Cassian looked like he was going to vomit. “They probably did’t know for sure, but the fact that we made such a spectacle says more than just saying it outright.”
“They all know that we’re…that we’re…that we’re…” She couldn’t say it.
“Yes. That we’re.”
“And if you eat—” she pointed to the potatoes—“those, it would just be considered official.”
“And then we’d have to have sex right here for a week?”
“By the mother, no. You’d obviously have a choice. And don’t sound like that’s the worst part. I think the fact that you didn’t know all this is probably more terrifying. Or the way that I had to tell you.”
“Why the hell did you wait this long?”
“To be fair, I thought you knew.”
“How is that fair?”
Cassian shot her a stern look as something in Nesta’s chest actually pulled and warmed. She let out a small gasp. “Seriously? That’s what that is?”
“Yes, Nesta.”
“I thought I was having heart problems.”
Cassian stared at her for a moment before releasing a roar of laughter. He was completely doubled over, clutching his gut as tears rolled down his face. Nesta felt her cheeks warm as she watched him cackle. When he finally collected himself, he asked breathless, “Heart problems? Most people find that they like how that feels.”
“I didn’t know. No one told me.”
When he looks back at her, his eyes were teary from the laughing, and there was a tiny bit of hope there too. “This entire interaction wouldn’t have happened if you had been told. Feel free to have some choice words with Feyre. She certainly could have told you more.”
Indeed, Nesta would be having a very length conversation with her sister. The argument was forming in Nesta’s mind as Cassian sat there expectingly. Their silence dragged on, but it was not uncomfortable.
“So you’re my…mate?” Nesta practically tripped on the last word.
Cassian nodded. “Don’t feel required to do anything about it. We can ignore it for the rest of our lives.”
“Is that what you want?”
“No,” he smiled indulgently at her, “I think that would be very awkward for the two of us since we’ll probably see a lot of each other in the coming years.”
Nesta nodded. “But you won’t eat the potatoes?”
“Unless you really want me to, but I don’t think we’re there yet.”
“We could just go home, and pretend this never happened?”
“We could also know it happened, but move on.”
“I think that’s a good idea. I think we should try that.”
He held out his hand to her. “Good. I agree. But I also think it may be time for bed.”
She smiled at him as she took his hand. “Just so you know, I will fill your entire plate with food if I get mad at you. Then you can’t eat because there would be no place for more food and you wouldn’t accept it like that.”
“Wicked woman. And you’re right, I wouldn’t accept it like that.”
“I’m glad that you wouldn’t.”
He picked her up. “I’m glad you have such high expectations for me.”
She laughed slightly. “For what it’s worth, I’m happy to know that it’s you.”
The smile he gave her was brighter than any star blanketing the night sky. “I happy it’s you too, Nes.”
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wingsofanillyrian · 3 years ago
Welcome Home, Commander (NSFW Nessian)
Tumblr media
@eternallyautumnal asked: “ Ummm ok Nessian... how about Nesta surprised Cassian with some new lingerie after he’s been away at the Illyrian camps training the girls. And idk you can expand or change anything you want. “
Apparently I’m feeling the smut this week.. Not that you guys seem to mind.
Send me a request!
Nesta looked herself over one last time in the full-length mirror as she sensed her mate’s approach through the bond they shared. She had been waiting for him to come home; he’d been gone a day longer than she had expected. Taking advantage of his delay, she had shopped at one of the lingerie stores in the Rainbow and bought some particularly spicy underthings.
Honey, he crooned as she heard him land on the balcony leading to their room, I’m home.
A blast of cool air hit her as the French doors swung wide, Cassian’s hulking form silhouetted by the white moonlight leaking in behind him. She smiled over her shoulder, hugging her robe closed before turning to him.
“Welcome home,” she purred, swaying her hips as she walked to him. “How were the camps, Commander?”
“Same as always,” he said, opening his arms. She stepped into them gladly, hugging his sweaty body tight.
“I missed you,” she murmured, inhaling his distinctly Cassian scent. It washed over her, cloaking her in his presence.
“I missed you too.” His nose was pressed to her hair as if he could breathe her in.
“I have a surprise for you.”
“Oh, and what’s that?”
She wiggled out of his embrace, grinning as she took a few steps back. “This.”
Slowly, she pulled on the belt tied around her waist. The silk shift fell open to reveal the crimson lace set she’d painstakingly chosen. His breath caught in his throat, wings flaring in shock. His gaze raked over her nearly-bare body, the intensity of it sending a thrill of anticipation coursing through her.
“When did you get that?” He asked, voice hoarse.
“Just a little something I picked up while you were away.” She let the robe slide from her shoulders, pooling at her feet. Looking at him through her lashes, Nesta took slow, calculated steps towards him.
“Do you like it?”
“Yes,” he rasped, swallowing thickly.
Nesta’s coy smile nearly set him off as she neared him.
They both enjoyed these little games they played. By making the first move Nesta had assumed dominance for the night, and she intended to keep it that way. Cassian’s hands were clenched into fists at his sides, trembling with restraint.
She allowed her gaze to dip to his throat, the only bit of exposed skin she could see, thanks to his leathers. His Siphons flared as she leaned in, nose brushing his neck, getting drunk on the scent of his arousal.
“You seem a little… Tense.”
His beautiful hazel eyes slid shut as her hands lazily traced across his chest. Her fingers worked at the buckles at his shoulders, loosening the straps securing the upper half of his flying leathers. Satisfied when they popped free, she ducked under his membranous wing and stood behind him.
“Would you like me to help ease some of that tension, Commander?”
Cassian’s chest heaved with every breath, wings twitching every now and then. “Y-yes,” he stammered, reaching a hand back to grip her hip. She clucked her tongue in disapproval, but allowed his hand to remain where it was as she worked the straps under his wings.
“Off,” she said as soon as the buckle was undone. In one practiced movement, he tore the leathers from his upper body, leaving his torso bare. His skin glisened with sweat from his flight, the tattoos along his spine more prominent. Gods, she loved every inch of his inked flesh.
“And now the rest,” she purred, stepping back in front of him. His hands trembled as he undid the button of his trousers, kicking out of them. His member strained against his boxers, begging to be released.
But she had other things in mind first.
“On the bed,” she ordered, her fingers trailing one last time over his chiseled abdomen. “Face down.”
Cassian’s chest rumbled with a growl, but he did as he was told. He crawled on top of the furs strewn about and stretched his wings wide. The ends of them hung off either side of the king size bed, and Nesta’s mouth watered as she crawled on after him.
She settled herself on his ass, one leg on either side of his hips. He groaned, no doubt already able to tell how soaked she was even through the layers of fabric. Bracing her nimble hands on the small of his back, she leaned forward and whispered, “How does a massage sound, my love?”
“Bloody brilliant,” he said breathlessly, folding his arms under his head as a pillow.
With a smile, Nesta set about kneading the tense muscles along his spine. She rubbed out the knots and was rewarded every once in a while with a ragged moan. She let her breasts graze his back when she reached for the bases of his beautiful wings, and he bucked his hips in search of friction.
“Someone missed me,” she said, stroking the base of his left wing. She delighted in the sight of how it twitched under her fingers, begging for more, more, more.
“Gods yes- ah! Yes I missed you baby- just please,” he moaned again as she ghosted the fingers of her free hand over the thin membrane.
“Please what?”
“Let me show you how much I missed you.”
Nesta pondered for a moment, teasingly rolling her hips. His choked whimper only served to fuel her arousal, and she leaned forward to press a kiss between his shoulder blades.
“I suppose.”
As soon as the words left her mouth, Cassian tucked in his wings and flipped under her so she was properly straddling him. Both gasped at the sensation of his cock pressed against her dripping sex.
Bracing her hands on his chest, she ground her hips against his. His grip on her waist tightened before he released her, one hand migrating towards her core.
It only took a moment for him to rip through the thin red lace of her panties.
“Cassian!” She glared at him as he snaked the ruined undergarment out from between them, tossing it aside. “I just got those. Must you ruin every pair of underwear I own?”
“I’ll buy you new ones.” He lifted his hips, wiggling free of his boxers. With nothing between them, the feeling of skin on skin was enough to spur Nesta into action.
“You better,” she said, dropping her voice to a purr. She gripped his length, rubbing it between her slick folds and causing him to moan in anticipation.
“I swear I’ll buy you whatever you want, so long as you fuck me!”
Nesta grinned, knowing that she had him ensnared. “Anything?”
“Yes, anything you desire-“
Cassian’s head fell back as Nesta sank down on his cock. Her eyes slid shut and she bit her lip as he filled her completely. Even after all their years together, she never grew used to his size.
His fingers dug into the flesh of her bottom as she rode him, his mouth open in a silent moan. Their hips snapped together, the sounds of their coupling echoing throughout the room.
“Fuck, Nes I’m gonna-“
“Come, Cass.” Reaching forward, she stroked a finger along his inner wing, where the membrane was most sensitive. “Come for me.”
With a final roar that shook the foundations, Cassian spilled himself inside his wife. She followed not a moment later, continuing to ride him as they both crested their highs.
Spent, Nesta slumped forward onto his chest. “You need a bath,” she said, listening to his heart pound.
“Only if you join me.”
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acomaflove · 2 years ago
Feyre: *visits Cassian at his private home in Velaris*
Feyre: *knocks on door and waits*
Feyre: Huh, he must be sleeping.
Feyre: *Agressively knocks on door*
Nesta: *opens door half dressed* Why the—? *eyes widen*
Feyre: *stares stunned*
Cassian: *from the hall* Nesta come back to bed!
Feyre: *still stares*
Nesta: *smirks* Well, if that’s all you needed, goodbye. *slams door*
Feyre: *still stares at door* ...At least she seemed sober.
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Careful Cassian
Nesta encounters her first period as a fae and it isn’t fun. Luckily, though, Cassian is there to help, although it may not be as easy as he first thought.
Tumblr media
It was excruciating.
Nesta was on her side on the bed, clutching her stomach as she tried to focus on anything beyond the undeniable pressure, beyond the pooling blood between her legs, beyond the tears now soaking the pillow.
She didn’t hear the front door open.
But when she saw through teary eyes, Cassian come into the room, she vomited over the side of the bed.
It didn’t help. It made it worse. Him being here made it worse.
“Woah, what’s going on?” He immediately rushed to her bedside, ignoring her snapping her teeth. She saw the moment he realized and his eyes went wide. “Okay, okay. Let’s get you cleaned up?”
He started to wrap his arms around her, but Nesta pushed him away weakly. “Don’t… touch me. I don’t need help.”
He gave her a flat look. “I’m going to help you because you are in pain. Fae cycles are bad enough alone that help is warranted. And you will--” He glared at her. “--let me help you.”
She didn’t want him to see her like this. She wanted to scream. 
He pulled her into his arms, not even cringing at the blood on the sheets, and now on his leathers. Lifting her, he brought them into the bathing room, setting her on the counter.
She groaned at the shift in positions, pain shooting through her abdomen.
Cassian lifted the hair from her face so she could meet his gaze. “I’m going to start a bath for you. Close your eyes if you need my help undressing.”
She hated herself. She hated him. But she closed her eyes.
Water gurgled and oils were poured in on a red-kissed wind. Cassian beckoned her to lift her arms above her head so he could remove her filthy nightgown. Then, rather unceremoniously, he lifted her to peel off her soiled undergarments.
She clung to his shoulder, if only so he wouldn’t have to see her face, blushing madly. “You don’t… you don’t have to do this.”
“Hush. I want to take care of you.” He scooped her back up, setting her gently in the bath. The heat instantly eased some of the pain, making her moan quietly into his ear.
He didn’t laugh but she could see a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips as he pulled away, only to lean in again. For a heart-trembling moment, she thought he was going to kiss her, but thankfully or not, he pressed his lips to her brow, “Try to relax, sweetheart. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
It was fifteen, to be exact. He returned with a mug of peppermint tea and didn’t let her set it down until she’d drained it. “It’s mixed with a pain-relieving tonic,” he explained. “Can you tell me what hurts?”
“Everywhere,” she groaned.
He stroked her cheek with the reverence of a lover. “Nesta.”
“My stomach, my head. Oh gods.” Another wave hit her, making her cry out. She said through her tears, “My back.”
He nodded. “Have you eaten anything today?”
She mutely shook her head, sinking further into the water as Cassian’s magic heated it.
“I’ll fix you something.” With that, he was gone.
Nesta put her palm against her cheek where she could still feel the warmth of his hand.
She managed to drag her heavy limbs from the bath, not bothering to towel off before she collapsed, nude, into the bed. Cassian had stripped off the soiled sheets, leaving the mattress completely bare.
He frowned when he came in, bearing a platter of fruit. “Won’t you let me put new sheets on?”
She groaned.
He set the food on the nightstand, coming to sit beside her. She’d never seen him like this--so tender. It sent a warm feeling through her.
“Sweetheart, as much as I love seeing you naked,” he said with a grin and the feeling faded, “we need to get you dressed and fed.”
She squinted at him, not deigning to answer.
He sighed, making his way to the dresser they shared. He came back with one of his shirts, pulling her up so he could slip it over her head. Then he produced a soft rag, tucking it neatly into a pair of his boxers before sliding them up her hips.
Nesta was caught by the sudden realization that he’d likely done this before. It sent an unwanted pang of jealousy through her.
He lifted her again, bidding her to wrap her legs around him. She did, unsure what he was doing as his hand rested under her ass, holding her up.
She was about to squawk at him but he leaned down and her world shifted as he picked up the fruit tray with his other hand. He set her down on the kitchen table, putting the tray on her lap. In the center, she saw, was a chocolate and whipped cream dip. That he’d bothered to put such a thing together, that he was helping her….
By the time he returned from making her bed, she was letting out ugly sobs, the food untouched. “Hey, hey,” he whispered, catching a tear with his thumb. “What is it? Is the tea not working?”
She shook her head, trying desperately to master herself. “It’s just… thank you, Cassian.”
He gave her a grim smile. “You don’t have to thank me, sweetheart.”
“I hate being like this.” Around you were the words she didn’t need to add. 
“Are the cramps any better?” he asked instead.
“A little.”
“Good. How about we spend the rest of the day in bed? Give you some time to rest.”
She nodded, lifting her arms in a silent signal for him to carry her again. He did so without hesitation, once more grabbing the fruit tray.
This time, though, he went for his bedroom, not hers. She was surprised by how much bigger the mattress was and how much she sank into it, like a warm embrace. Cassian fetched a few of her books from her room presumably, settling them on the nightstand. 
The bed shifted dramatically when he sat beside her, his wings fluttering. “C’mere.”
She blinked at his outstretched arm but he didn’t give her a chance to think about it, pulling her into his embrace. She hated herself, but she relaxed into his arms, leaning her head against his chest and closing her eyes. She rested like that for a few moments until she felt Cassian’s arms shift.
“Open your mouth,” he said.
She opened her eyes first, finding a piece of melon, topped with a glob of whipped cream, pinched between his fingers in front of her mouth.
Her lips parted, taking the parcel from him. The sugar and juices were a welcome addition to her stomach, helping to settle her a little more. She let him feed her until she was full, licking the juice from her lips. He helped himself to the rest before setting the plate aside. 
“Are you comfortable?” Cassian asked, fixing a blanket over them.
She nodded, shifting so she could lay down. He went with her and she rested her head on his chest, sniffing delicately.
As she drifting to sleep, she felt him brush back her hair and press a kiss to her brow.
She tried not to think too much about it.
Nesta awoke in pain once more.
It was the middle of the night, her stomach squeezing and turning in agony. She rolled over, puking right over the side of the bed.
Cassian was instantly there, holding her hair away from her face as he rubbed her back. “Shh. Shh.”
She closed her eyes, spitting pathetically as the horrid taste hit her. With another lurch, she puked again, acid burning up her throat.
“Here,” Cassian said when she was finished and handed her a glass of water.
She drank what she could and spat back into the cup to rinse her mouth. “I’m sorry. I’ll… clean that up.” But her stomach was killing her, several knives shoved right in and twisting.
“The house magic will get it,” he said. “Lay down.”
Groaning, she let him push her softly back onto the mattress. Her uterus didn’t appreciate being stretched out like this but Cassian lifted her shirt, bunching it beneath her breasts.
She didn’t have the energy to fight him. “What are you doing?”
“This should help the pain.” He laid his hand on her stomach and she suppressed a moan as his palm heated, siphon glowing.
The heat eased the cramps enough for her eyelids to grow heavy as sleep slipped closer again and embraced her like a lover.
In the morning, Nesta was alone, her stomach with a steady, but small ache. She blinked at the empty bedroom and found a steaming cup of tea on the nightstand. He couldn’t be far away then.
“Cassian?” she croaked, glancing around. Oh, no. She’d gotten blood on the sheets. Tears sprang up. This was his bedroom and she’d brought her mess in and—
“Hey, sweetheart,” Cassian purred from the doorway. He was in nothing but a towel, his golden chest gleaming and hair dripping onto the hardwood. “How are you feeling?”
“I… I got blood on your bed.”
He waved the statement away. “The magic will get it. How are you feeling?”
“The pain isn’t as bad.” Her cheeks heated. “My breasts and back are still sore though.”
He nodded very seriously. “How about another bath and, if you’re up for it, we can get breakfast?”
“I— okay.” She slid off the bed, standing on shaking legs. The pain in her back spiked, making her gasp, nearly collapsing if it weren’t for Cassian.
He caught her with expert ease, carrying her to the bath.
“I don’t need to be carried,” she said, squeezing her eyes shut.
“I don’t care.” He set her on the counter. “You’ll get to walk plenty when we get breakfast. This needs to come off.” He said it tugging at the end of the shirt she wore. His shirt. Nesta grumbled. He finished helping her in silence, and left her to bathe, coming back only once to replace her tea.
When she emerged, she found him dressing in his room, his back to her as he pulled on his trousers. She tried to look away, but her eyes caught on the corded dip of his back, the strength of his shoulders as his wings ruffled. He was built like a god.
The thought filtered through her before she could stop it. Cassian would be a very easy man to love.
Nesta quickly edged around him, clutching her towel tight, and hurried to her own room. 
Cassian checked the bath after he was dressed, but Nesta wasn’t there, the tub drained. He went to the kitchen, but she wasn’t there either. Panic spiked.
“Nesta, sweetheart?” 
“I’m here,” she said, emerging from her bedroom. “Stop your worrying, it doesn’t fit you.”
He couldn’t help the small sigh of relief that escaped him. She was dressed, looking more and more like herself, though the color in her face hadn’t totally returned. 
Cassian let a slow, easy grin fill his face as he dragged his eyes over her form. “I take it you’re feeling better.”
“The painkillers kicked in, so there’s no need for your mothering.”
He leaned forward and put his lips beside her ear. “You like my mothering.” 
She turned sharply away from him and he whistled. “There’s my Nesta.”
“Not your anything,” she snapped. “Where are we eating? And don’t say what just went through your head.”
I’d eat you anywhere.
“There’s a small cafe a few blocks down. I know the owner.”
“Did you sleep with her?”
“I trained his son.”
Nesta hummed, hips swaying as she went to the door.
Cassian shook his head, following after her. They walked to the cafe in silence and stayed there until Nesta began to pale more, nose scrunching as the pain returned.
“Let’s get you home,” Cassian said, dropping some coins on the table that would cover their bill and then some. 
Nesta covered her face, letting him help her up. People in the cafe were glancing their way, some snickering, some just outright staring. Cassian let out a low snarl that filled the room and silenced it.
Half-way home, she collapsed in his arms, tears running down her cheeks. Cassian cursed, scooping her up. “You’ll be okay,” he murmured, brushing her hair back, “I know it hurts, but it’s gonna be okay.”
She didn’t even protest when he flew the rest of the way, only moaning quietly. Once home, he set her back in his bed, sitting beside her as she curled miserably on her side.
“Shh,” he whispered, putting a hand on her stomach. “Does that help?”
“Hotter,” she sobbed. “It’s not hot enough.”
He pushed more heat into both hands now, tucking his face into her neck as he held her. Slowly, her crying ceased to small whimpers whenever he moved.
“Sweetheart,” he said into her hair. “I’m gonna find you a better tonic for the pain, okay?”
She shook her head, tears drenching the pillow beneath her. “N-no. Don’t leave me. Please.”
“Please,” she cried, breaking down again.
“Okay, okay.” His eyes widened and he pulled her in tighter. “Just relax and I’ll get something while you’re asleep.” 
She nodded, lips trembling.
“Close your eyes.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek, sending a new wave of heat through his hands.
It was hours before he felt her body settle, her breathing even. Carefully, Cassian slid his arm out from under her, tucking the blankets back in. He kissed her sweaty brow once, whispered, “I’ll be back,” and slipped out the front door. 
The early-afternoon sun was a pleasant reprise on his wings as he flew to the only person he thought might be able to concoct something strong enough to help Nesta— her sister.
When he knocked on Elain’s door, however, no one answered.
“Elain?” he called. “Elain, it’s me, Cass—”
“In the garden!” came her shouted reply.
Cassian sighed, heading around to the back fence where he saw her elbow-deep in soil. 
She gave him a freckled grin, wiping sweat from her brow. “Hello.”
“Hello.” He leaned down to kiss her dirty cheek. “I was wondering if you could help me.”
“Of course, I—” She cut herself off, brown eyes fixing on something in the distance. Her voice took on a strange quality that sent shivers down his spine. “I see Rhysand, kneeling before Feyre, arms wrapped around her as he cries and kisses her stomach.”
Cassian knelt, brows furrowing. “Elain, are you—”
“I see you, making love to Nesta, how you always dreamed of it. I see you, lying beside her on your bed, singing softly to the bump of her stomach. I see violet and hazel and blue eyes, all laughing crying. I see two children running through the House of Wind and Feyre chasing after them. She takes the boy in her arms. The girl runs for you, and—”
“Stop,” Cassian gasped. 
Elain seemed to come back to herself, jerking. “Oh, oh Cauldron, Cass, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean—”
“Was that a vision?” he asked, breathless. “I’ll have a daughter?”
Elain smiled, leaning forward to wipe away a tear that slid down his face. “You’ll have much more than that.”
Nesta’s period ended ten, excruciating days later. Cassian made himself scarce to her, leaving almost immediately after she stopped bleeding. It hurt her more than she would ever tell him.
She saw him next at a family dinner, unable to catch his eye for most of it.
It was after everyone had left that she pinned him down on the balcony. “I wanted to thank you.”
“I’m just glad you’re feeling okay,” he said, but there was no smile, just something in his eyes that she couldn’t name as he turned to leave.
“You can stop ignoring me, though,” she snapped. “If I’ve disgusted you in anyway, you only have yourself to blame, you—”
“It’s not that. You haven’t disgusted me or anything.” He let out a painful sigh, scrubbing his face.
Her cheeks heated. “I understand if—”
“It’s not that, Nesta!”
She blinked. Very rarely did he ever say her name alone. Usually it was Nes, or Nesta sweetheart, or even just sweetheart. Her voice was soft, hurt. “Then what is it?”
When he dropped his hands, his eyes met hers with centuries worth of an emotion she couldn’t name. “I— It’s nothing.”
“No. Not yet. We…” He let out a shaking breath. “We still have time.”
With that, he cupped her face, kissing her brow once, very lightly, before he took off into the night.
Then it began to rain.
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Tumblr media
All fics are nessian and definitely not child-friendly but any that feature explicit smut are marked with a ** and those that flirt with a lil’ lemony content are marked with with just one. My inbox is always open.
Tumblr media
Lethal Combination 
Growing up not knowing where her next meal was coming from didn’t exactly satiate Nesta Archeron’s appetite for the finer things in life. But at twenty-four such things are a collateral comfort; from her gorgeous apartment in New York, to the trigger finger that paid for it, Nesta Archeron has a lot of things. One thing she doesn’t have though, is a boyfriend, something her youngest sister Feyre seems intent on remedying when she sets Nesta up with her brother in law, Cassian. Now she has something else to add to her list of things: a big fucking problem. 
chapter one *
“Hey Feyre, just calling to say that I know you want me to go on this blind date, but I actually can’t because you see, I’m a gun for hire, which as you can imagine makes dating rather tricky. Also I’m absolutely gone for my latest target’s bodyguard, who I’ve never actually spoken to but in the month and a half I’ve been stalking him has somehow managed to make me fall head over heels for him. Anyway, we still on for brunch on Thursday?”
chapter two *
She knew it was irrational to be angry at him. But something uncomfortable and tight wriggled in her chest at the way he was looking at her. Because it wasn’t her he was looking at like that. Instead, it was the random girl he thought she was, all pristine ringlets and baby blue gaze like a god-damn angel.
chapter three **
God this man could kiss. He kissed her like her full lips were some overripe peach spilling a too soft sweetness he’d die before wasting a drop of, hungry and slow and indulgent he devoured her with an abusive and perverse affection.
chapter four **
Nesta’s hands might have been trembling slightly as she knelt to the floor and lifted one of the bathroom tiles, revealing what for all intents and purposes, should have been a bible. It wasn’t of course. It’s was an industrial safe.
chapter five **
“And I thought we’d grown out of sharing toys, but it seems both our expectations were thwarted.” 
“Humans aren’t toys!” Feyre reminded her. Not that Nesta didn’t already know that. No vibrator had never made her cum as hard as Cassian had.  
chapter six **
“Feyre only thinks she wants me there, Cassian. She’ll change her mind as soon as Rhys implies I think I’m better than him for not touching the carrots his private chef put too much butter on and I call him a hedonistic asshole who loitered round playgrounds looking for a wife before meeting Feyre.”
“Maybe don’t do that then?”
Tumblr media
festive fluff
This was one of those little moments Cassian would bundle up like a cherished Christmas ornament and tuck inside his heart forever. If his heart remained in one piece. It was so full he was worried it might break. (Modern AU)
seasonal smut **
 “I figured we could both be naughty tonight and save Santa the trip,” she said, licking her upper lip in an arcing motion with the tip of her tongue. Eliciting a number of lovely memories that made his already half-hard cock stir. (Modern AU)
hogwarts au 
He’d have know that bracelet if it had hit him in the back of the head, which it had done before, twice. He’d watched Nesta tucking her hair behind her ear in a potions class or giving him the middle finger enough times to recognise the interlinking charms that normally graced her pale wrist.
“cassian begs nesta to wear a couples costume with him for halloween.” **
Cassian Siphon was her equal in ambition and lust for a challenge, but he didn’t seek to sooth his raw passion and volatility with a carefully curated air of intimidating class like Nesta did. He also had the impulse control of a teenager. (Modern AU)
“bikini shopping with your best friend is a lot harder when you’re in love with them” **
Thrusting her plethora of perspective bikinis into his arms she turned on her heels. “Come on, I need to try these on” she sauntered off and Cassian couldn’t keep his eyes off her ass as she lead him toward the dressing rooms. (Modern AU)
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librarian-of-orynth · 2 years ago
Zoe’s Writing Masterlist
Find me on Ao3 HERE 
A Court of Thorns and Roses: 
Surprises (complete) 
A Weekend in the Cabin (multi-chapter, hiatus) 
No One Messes With a High Lord and his Leftovers feat. Inner Circle (oneshot)
A Very Feysand Christmas (Christmas oneshot)
The Mountain Cat and the Bastard Warrior (multi-chapter, in progress) 
Time of the Month (oneshot)
I Just Met the Prettiest Girl (oneshot) 
You’ll See (oneshot)
I Promise (oneshot) 
Azriel...Sexmaster? (oneshot) 
Sharing Sunsets (oneshot)
A Solstice Surprise (oneshot)
The Inner Circle: 
Hangovers (complete) 
Illyrians and their Wingspans (oneshot) 
I’m Batman, Dammit! (oneshot) 
Cassian and the Leather Strap (oneshot) 
Throne of Glass: 
What Comes Next (multi-chapter, in progress, post koa)
Give it Back (oneshot) 
I Forgive You (oneshot) 
Hope (oneshot) 
What if I Forget? (oneshot)
The Folk of the Air: 
Longing for Home (multi-chapter, in progress, post twk)
It’s Easier to Hate You (oneshot) 
A Curious Cardan (oneshot) 
Hey Jude (oneshot) 
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rhysismydaddy · 7 months ago
Nesta ties down Cassian so she can give his wings her undivided attention 😉
Nesta stood next to the bed, eyes narrowed, surveying her prey evilly.
If she was going to do this--and she’d decided she was--she’d have to be fast. Really, really fast.
She’d gotten the ropes tied and ready, and all she had to do was snap them over the wrists of her innocent, unsuspecting mate. Seemed easy, except when said mate was a 500 year old Illyrian with the best reflexes she’d ever seen.
Rolling her shoulders back, she carefully avoided the large, membranous wings she’d never gotten her hands on properly and slid herself onto his back.
He was sleeping on his stomach like usual, thick arms wrapped around the pillow like he was holding onto a baby. For a second, her heart squeezed at the sight of such a masculine man being so incredibly soft, but she was on a mission and forced herself to ignore it.
Her thighs bracketed his sides, and she ran her hands through his hair, leaning close.
This, she’d decided, was the only way she could pull this off. He was too quick and strong and fast for her to do it normally, so she had to get close another way. And since it wasn’t exactly unusual for her to wake him up like this, he wouldn’t suspect a thing.
Nesta kissed the shell of her mate’s ear and whispered, “Good morning.”
He gruffed something back, a low, content noise coming out of his throat when she moved to kiss his jaw.
Her hands slid up his arms slowly, and then, when they reached the top of the bed, she moved.
She snapped the ropes over his wrists, yanked them tight, and watched as his Cassian realized he’d been trapped. Remaining surprisingly calm, his eyes snapped open and took in his surroundings, then he tested the strength of his bonds and found them immoveable. 
“Yes, Cassian.”
“If you wanted to play, all you had to do was ask. But now I’m trapped on my stomach, with no way for you to get your hands on my-”
She ran a finger over the base of his wing, right next to his shoulder, and every part of him stilled completely.
And then he released a growl that shook the posts of the bed and ignited a fire in her blood. Honestly, it probably should’ve scared her, but all it did was turn her on.
For the first time in the three months they’d been sleeping together, she had complete and total access to his wings. 
Sure, she had to steal it, but she had it. 
Sex with Cassian was great. He was a more than generous lover, and he always left her satisfied and practically boneless. But the one thing he never did, the one thing he silently refused to give her, was his wings. 
Sometimes she’d brush them with her fingers and watch as his eyes went dark, and then she was usually flipped onto her front and not given another opportunity for a long, long while. 
He’d told her once it made him loose control a bit, but that wasn’t the whole truth. It was like it brought out something primal in him, and he was scared for her to see it.
Well, it had been long enough. She was going to touch these goddamn wings, and he was going to lay there and take it like a good little bat. 
She wrapped both hands around the base of his wings, thumbs rubbing softly, and Cassian finally realized what she was doing.
His arms went tight, the ropes groaning but not giving in as he pulled on them with five centuries of strength and rage. “Nesta Archeron, you get your hands off of my wings.”
He emphasized it by cranking his head around to glare at her. Nesta just smiled sweetly and slid her finger over the shell of his wing, watching as his eyes went molten and his hips shifted beneath her. “Is that really what you want?”
He groaned, arms yanking helplessly on the ropes, as she proceeded to touch his other wing. So unfair that he would have such wonderful, large wings and had never allowed her to touch them properly.
Cassian cleared his throat and remembered her question. “No, what I really want is to fuck you so hard you scream and beg for forgiveness for touching my wings uninvited.”
Her core clenched, but Nesta just shrugged. “Maybe later. I’m busy.”
Her hands flat on the membranous material now, she ran them over every inch she could reach, tracing the scars and markers of the hard life he’d lived. He was still watching her, so she smiled at him, then leaned to press her mouth gently to his right wing.
He shifted under her, body jerking harshly.
It was like whatever hold he’d had on himself slipped. He stopped wanting her to stop completely and eyed her with blatant lust in his eyes. 
“Do that again,” he demanded breathlessly. Then, when she raised a brow, he muttered, “Please.”
She obliged him, running her mouth across both his wings until he was squirming so much she almost fell off of him.
Then she pressed her thumbs into the surface and dragged outward, massaging a little of the tension she felt there out.
Cassian bit down on the pillow, eyes squeezed shut tightly, but it didn’t stop her from hearing the low, desperate sound he made.
She didn’t take pity on him, though. She just did it again. His hips were pressed tightly against the bed, arms still pulling on the ropes, a blush across his cheekbones. 
“Nesta, I’m going to come if you don’t stop,” he warned. Or maybe begged.
That sounded like a wonderful idea.
Keeping her fingers lightly tracing circles, she leaned and ran her tongue across one. His eyes shot open to watch as she licked the sensitive surface slowly, then moved to the other. He was breathing like he’d just trained for hours, sweat beading on his forehead.
Still keeping her eyes on his face, Nesta lightly grazed her teeth across the inner corner of a wing, knowing somehow it would do the trick.
“Fucking hell,” he moaned, body going tight as release barreled into him. The ropes groaned as he pulled, but it didn’t seem like he was trying to get free. He pressed his face into the pillow, messy hair spilled everywhere, and completely came apart beneath her. 
Nesta continued to kiss him, mouth finding the smooth band of skin between his wings, until he was limp beneath her.
“You, little vixen, are in so much trouble.” He opened his eyes, lips twitching. “Making me come in my pants like a godsdamned fourteen year old boy. I ought to spank you.”
She just kissed the corner of his mouth and smiled. “Promise?”
girl when I say I HOLLERED when I saw this prompt because YES. 
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Here’s a master list of all of my fanfictions that no one asked for, but I probably should have made a while ago. Merry Christmas.
 Ps, all works are Nessian unless stated otherwise.
Pps, I have an addiction.
Music (Siren au) master list 
Cassian is a pirate through and through. When a bad habit of steeling rum and a loose tongue land him rocking in the waves with his brothers, he meets someone that will change his life. Someone with a tale, a some secrets, and a heart just beginning to remember what love really is. Someone not entirely human.
Careful Cassian
Nesta encounters her first period as a fae and it isn’t fun. Luckily, though, Cassian is there to help, although it may not be as easy as he first thought.
Nesta and Cassian wake up as their first morning as a mated couple. All fluff, kinda smutty, not gonna lie.
Nesta and Cassian take a romantic shower together when they first get to the camps. Just a short little snippet. (I’m not crying, you’re crying.)
Warmth and Truth
Caught in a storm on their way to the Illyrian camps, Nesta and Cassian find themselves alone, drenched, and cold. Through the night, truths are revealed about each of them yet even more is left unsaid.
A year after Nesta and Cassian are sent to Illyria, Starfall comes and Nesta, healed more than she’d ever expected to be, finds she has somethings to say to Cassian.
Hold You
(Starfall sequel) Following the events of the night, Cassian and Nesta sway on the balcony, a little bit of their souls finally locking into place.
Good Enough
Cassian is tired. Tired of having to watch his tongue and coming home to Nesta gone in another person’s home. The only difference tonight is that Nesta is home, and Cassian is angry. Words explode from both ends. Many they needed to hear, and many that meant nothing. It’s up to them to decide.
Nesta and Cassian return to the Illyrian camps after their mating frenzy. Still half wild, Cassian finds himself caught in a rage, and a full winter spent with Nesta leaves him with some choice words for his brother.
Nesta’s Love
A short description from Cassian’s point of view of how Nesta loves him properly.
Nesta’s Happiness
A short description of how Cassian spots the signs that he’s made Nesta happy.
Bath Time
After training for hours, Nesta is extremely sore and Cassian knows it. Helping her in the bath, however, may take more of him than he’d initially thought.
Lessons on Love
After meeting the General Commander, Nesta is stubbornly attracted to him and he knows it. She lets him teach her the art of love making, and maybe a few things about her heart along the way. This begins in the middle of the extra “Wings and Embers.”  WARNING: this is an extremely mature story, not suitable for some readers. Read at your own risk.
A Court of Fever and Frustration
Cassian, ever the idiot, falls ill and it’s up to Nesta to take care of him.
Broken Lines
Put into a position of authority amongst the Illyrian’s, Nesta is only looking for a little respect. Unfortunately for everyone else, Cassian will take fear first, to the chagrin of his mate.
Why Are You Hiding?
At the beginning of their relationship, a few of Nesta’s insecurities are revealed and while Cassian may not be able to fix what she sees in the mirror, but he can give her a nudge in the right direction.
In this modern au, Nesta is a model, running late on one of her shoots, so Cassian goes to pick her up.
Forgotten Gods
Sometimes, Nesta forget who she is. Where her power has gone. When she goes looking for answers, Cassian goes looking for her.
Asphyxiation (Elucien)
Alone with Lucien, Elain has to set her feelings straight. When an innocent hike, turns to something a little more meaningful, she finds it hard to breath.
The Healer and the Soldier (Madja x OC)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Madja learned how to heal Illyrian wings when she spent some time among them. Working beneath an older healer, she finds herself exhausted, exhilarated, and a little bit exasperated.
Wondrous Misfortune
Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The bone carver’s prediction is not all that meets the eye and so Cassian and Nesta meet the struggles of family head on, loving every bit of it with two children possibly more wicked than themselves.
Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4,
A few months after Acofas, Cassian finds out what Nesta does when he’s away. Her rebellion isn’t what it seems, however. WARNING: this is an extremely mature story, not suitable for some readers. Read at your own risk.
Flowers Across a Kingdom
This is my take on the second generation of my favorite Throne of Glass and Acotar ships.
“I lost the baby.” “You’re a monster.”
“Get that thing away from me!”
“It isn’t what it looks like! Okay... Maybe it is...”
 “The bed is cold without you.” “It’s just a nightmare, it’s nothing real.”
Forbidden kiss and against a locker kiss
Before bed kisses
I almost lost you kiss
Staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in (Elriel)
Accidentally witnessed kiss and against a wall kiss
A hoarse whisper, “kiss me”
Moving around while kissing, stumbling over things, pushing each other back against the wall/onto the bed
Kisses where one person is sitting in the other’s lap
This wasn’t meant to be a date, but we’ve had such a good time and now it’s 2 a.m. and I should really go home
We slept in the same bed for space reasons, but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair. (Elriel)
“I’m not leaving” + “It’s just you and me”
“How long have you been standing there?”
“Have you lost your damn mind?”
“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
“Make me.” 
Feel free to comment on any of my posts, whether its to give feedback, make suggestions, rant, scream, cry, whatever you want. Us writers love to hear from you and hear that our work is affecting you, even if your comment is just a series of capital letters and emjoiis. I understand completely. Also, please let me know if any of the links don’t work, or if you’d like ot be tagged in anything.
With all my love, Ella.
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