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I have this HC that when nesta is anxious she puts pillows on either side of her in bed to emulate her sisters sleeping next to her like that did in their shack.

I want them to be close so bad.

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All I want for nessian? For them to be comfortable with eachother enough to proudly voice what they want from the other. Even something as small as “I need a hug”. That’s all I want for my babies.

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So I want to make it clear that this post is NOT anti-Nesta. I happen to find her character interesting and complex, and I am hopeful for her journey in ACOFAS. I also want to clarify that I understand that her behaviour is a response to trauma. However, that doesn’t mean that the inner circle should simply take it. They are all survivors of abuse. Mor with her family, Cassian with the Illyrians, Azriel with the Illyrians and his own family. Rhysand with the Illyrians and the 50 years of abuse and rape under Amarantha. The inner circle’s members are so close to one another because they love and support each other. Feyre made a place within their ranks because she accepted their help and offered support in return. It was all healthy exchanges and positive exchanges. It is the same way with Elain. She is lovely and nice to others. She let them approach, making it easy to like her and offer her the support she needs.
On the other hand, Nesta is hurting and using coping mechanisms that are unhealthy and hurtful towards others. Furthermore, she is a brilliant woman who knows what to say to hurt people (throwback to the Sidra Scene). Anyway, my point is that Nesta and the inner circle have no positive interaction and that the inner circle has no incentive to treat her the same way they did with Feyre and Elain. And even if they did, it would be catastrophic because the way they do things clash with where Nesta is right now.
We can easily see that with Feyre. She has good intentions, but she is doing more harm than good. Trauma is different for everyone. Healing is different for everyone. And sometimes people can’t be there for us on our journey. It doesn’t make them bad people. It just makes them people that can’t be there for us, people that can give us what we need.
I just want to say that you don’t have to be anti-anyone. Everyone in the series is flawed and trying their best.  Unfortunately, it’s not enough, and it can even do more harm.

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I actually can’t stand when people say Nesta is a terrible person or Feyre is a saint. The truth is, they both have good and bad parts. Nesta mistreated Feyre when they were growing up. But is that supposed to be her entire identity? Feyre banished Nesta to a damn war camp? But is that her entire identity? These characters are not one-dimensional and very rarely are characters just “good” or “bad”. They make mistakes and hurt each other when they’re upset, but they also defend one another when push comes to shove. This behaviour does not make them good or bad. Instead, it makes them human and interesting characters to read about, which is the whole point.

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I don’t know why but I reeeeally want nesta to have a self sacrafice moment in acosf like rhys did in acowar. (I mean I want her to be okay afterwards but you know.. semantics) Anyone else?

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Unpopular opinion I don’t blame nesta for feyre hunting for their family. I blame their parents. I blame their dad nesta was a kid also yeah she should have helped. I definitely blame her for treating elain better than feyre I think that’s terrible and I hate that she wasn’t great full for everything feyre did for her and that needs to be rectified. But I don’t think the entire burden of what happened falls on nesta.

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I know a lot of people are angry because the new teaser has got them worried about Nessian no longer being endgame (they are dw, SJM said this is a Nessian book), I’m actually very excited to learn more about Eris.

I’m not saying I love the guy but his past sounds so interesting. A lot of people are saying they hate him and cannot stand him for what he did to Mor and he is an abuser. That is perfectly valid. However, I think he’s an interesting character and I am excited to learn about him from a new perspective because who knows? Also, I think he can potentially help Nessian find their way together.

Here’s to not judging a book by its cover (even though it ain’t cute) or it’s teasers! Let’s go in with positive thoughts xx

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Nesta and her PTSD/Hate:

Trigger warning: this talks about PTSD and Nesta’s pain/coping mechanisms, mention of almost getting raped.

I get Nesta is pushing people away, being rude and all, but she is coping and struggling and trying to breathe. Please don’t ask her to get better for a ship or for a pretty moment because that’s not the point of her. She is a different and a just as realistic side of PTSD as other characters are in ACOTAR.

Think about an introvert. You don’t hate them for having a small circle of friends or prefering their room over a party. Nesta may not be an introvert but veiw it like that. She is taking time (away from people) for herself— to recharge. To get overwhelming thoughts and memories in her head to just calm down, so she can breathe within the sea of thoughts.

As an introvert when I’m over whelmed, have a panic attack or working through things I push people away. I get on edge because I just need space and time.

She isn’t trying to be rude or hateful she is simply tring to survive. Yes she made a mistake but here: when Feyre is 14? Nesta is 16/17. Still not an adult and has been conditioned more by her mother to be a “proper” lady (reason why she doesn’t hunt or like to, and for other reasons she prefered other chores over some). Would it have been better if she treated Feyre better? YES! But I know when I was that age my sister who is 5 years older than me not 3 (so she should be more mature) pushed me down the stairs, taunted me about choosing band not choir, made fun of how I dressed, etc. —we constantly teased and were rude to each other. It’s normal. We all hate-love our siblings and if you don’t… well, good for you, I hope. (I hope it’s all love not a hate-hate relationship.)

Now if she was an extrovert (recharges by being around people, like the IC who rely on eachother) she would probably lean on others but she doesn’t have others. She lost her mom, then wealth, titles, home, father (he ignored them and didn’t do anything, and then actually died), was almost raped after she broke up with Thomas for refusing to help her find her sister, and was launched into a world where she was FORCED to become the thing she was told to hate and fear. But then after she was forced into it and no one seemed to notice it hurt her. She didn’t have friends like Feyre who supported and loved her for a period of time but was met with people that have only heard the bad side of her. So with people hating you, odds with your family, loss and becoming something you never thought you would become and you now look into the future which now you are immortal so that hole that you are in will really never end. It’s scary and insane so please. PLEASE! Do not back her into a corner because it’s easier for the story or for you. She is just trying to survive in the way she has her whole life. She needs time to process and figure out who she is in this new life and who she can be. You don’t have to love her, but do not hate her because she has PTSD or is scared. You don’t have to like her but her pain is not a scapegoat for that hate. You can hate her personality and story (though I hope you don’t) because in real life people don’t always get along; that’s how it works. That’s okay. But ask yourself why you hate her, is it because Feyre doesn’t like her? Because you couldn’t forgive her choices? Or because she isn’t reacting how you wanted her to?

If you made it to the end, thank you for reading! Also, I apologize for any mistakes and feel free to correct me.

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This song reminds me of nesta and Cassian

“And you’re probably with that blonde girl

Who always made me doubt

She’s so much older than me

She’s everything I’m insecure about”

“And I know we weren’t perfect but I’ve never felt this way for no one

And I just can’t imagine how you could be so okay now that I’m gone

Guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me”

“‘Cause they’ll never know you the way that I do, yeah”

“‘Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street”

It’s called drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo

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With the ACOSF coming out in February, I thought about rereading the series as well as just reacquainting myself with the characters and the fandom again and I noticed lots of people debating a lot about Nesta. Soo, might as well throw in my opinion as well.

Fair warning, I personally don’t like Nesta, but I’m not looking for a fight and I’m not trying to bash her, just sharing some thoughts about her and her behaviour.

I feel like a lot of the posts I saw try to paint Nesta either as completely good or completely bad and that’s just not quite how anything works, considering all of the characters in the series are really complex and have done seriously fucked up things.

I personally think that what Nesta did to Feyre while they were children/teenagers is 1000000% not okay and could be called verbal abuse, so regardless of your stance on Feyre, I think it’s important to recognise that Nesta was a really shit sister and definitely an abuser.

However, all three of the sisters lived through a lot of traumatic events, with the loss of their family’s fortune, Feyre being taken away, Nesta & Elain being turned into fae and WAR, so all of them were searching for a way to cope with the trauma, Nesta included. I think it’s safe to say that all of them lived through things that would change a person and Nesta coped the only way she knew how, which, unfortunately, wasn’t a healthy way.

So what I’m trying to say is basically, it’s okay if you hate or love Nesta, but we need to recognise that she has reasons for acting the way she does.

That doesn’t mean the way she acts is okay and should be forgiven,

and the way she abused Feyre, their father and the way she acted towards literally everyone who wasn’t Elain is definitely not okay, but there is a reason.

So yeah, if you like Nesta, good on you, she is a strong character and even if she didn’t show abusive behaviours, she would still have a really strong character, but it’s important to recognise the bad in her as well.

If you don’t like Nesta, that’s valid too. Maybe you don’t like her just because or maybe you despise the way she treats the other characters, but you should recognise that she has a few good qualities as well.

You do you guys!

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I really hope we get a Feyre x Nesta interaction where they can properly settle things and heal without Rhysand or Cassian interfering

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The mating bond in ACOTAR

So I know everyone sees it a little differently and it’s not been 100% explained or set in stone of how it goes. This is how I personally view it please add if you have any views or thoughts!

The mating bond is rare =

Fae live a long time up to 1000+ years? To actually find your mate in that time is unlikely but it’s not that people are absent of mates, just finding them is hard and even if found it may not click into place straight away. That being said maybe not everyone gets one?

It’s not always a love match and epic romance =

Rhys&Feyre, Kallian&Viviane, Drakon&Miryam all seem to have the epic mating bond that they were all told in stories as children. They have everything the mating bond should be. (The one Cassian is pining for and I believe will have will Nesta. Cause come on!)

However, sometimes the bond can be wrong. It can be more of a ‘who will create the best children together’ kind of thing. Rhysand’s parents, Tamlin’s parents, Lucien and Elain? (Maybe?)

Snapping into place =

Rhy’s suspected, he could sense her from far away and dreamed of her for years but it actually snapped into place for him at the end of acotar when he was just talking to Feyre and about to walk/fly/winnow away from her.

Feyre’s half clicked into place when they had sex.

Kallian and Viviane were in love married and it only clicked into place for both of them when they consummated their marriage. Neither seemed to have any clue that they were potential mates? (I got the impression they were very surprised but ecstatic!)

I don’t remember Drakon and Miryam’s details.

Lucien’s clicked into place the moment Elain was transformed into Fae and he looked into her eyes.

Cassian and Nesta both showing signs of feeling the potential mating bond, even when she was human.

Not everyone seems to know or understand it fully themselves =

Azriel waiting 500yrs for his to snap into place with Mor even though it never will but he felt so strongly for her he was all confused. Bless him.

Feyre didn’t have a clue thinking it was her bargain and not the bond (to be fair she was human)

Cassian and Nesta…not confirmed but come on! The pages of foreshadowing and parallels. If they’re not I’m going to explode.

The males =

Males tend to feel it more or in different ways than females which is usually why the men suspect or know first.

Very territorial. Especially with the new mating frenzy the males are over territorial to the point they are almost savage if another male even looks at their new mate.

The urge to protect and claim is ridiculously strong

If they are rejected it is their “burden” to carry the pull of the bond still calling to them more than the female would.

The female’s =

Have to offer the male food to accept the bond (which I personally don’t like)

Can reject the bond.

I want a territorial and frenzied Nesta!

The “powers” of the bond =

They can sense and feel each other’s emotions more keenly.

Can the all communicate via telepathy? Rhys&Feyre, Drakon&Miryam are mentioned doing it.

Will Cassian and nesta have the same ways of communication?

They can internally “tug” eachothers bond inside them. Like a string?

I hope we get to learn more about it in future books!

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Screaming at ALL OF THIS

I love that the three bay boys call eachother brothers, and when they say it in quotes like this, it makes me really believe that they are brothers

Az and Nesta snarky to each other? Um, hell to the yes.

Cassian trying to busy himself to let Az and Nesta snipe at each other?! Hell Yeah. I’m all for that

NESTA STARING MY AZZIE DOWN (I ADORE Az and I just love this concept) I can’t wait to see her rip apart the war camps in Illyrian Mountains

Azzie has stated “he doesn’t need to resort to poetry” and NOW he doesn’t resort to THREATS EITHER!!! He is so fucking cool. I love him so much.


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Hey guys! I don’t know if this is something you would be interested in, but I’ve been working on a ACOTAR fanfic (one-shots) if you would maybe want check it out? It only has 3 parts/chapters right now but I’m planning to add more.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

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This is exactly how I imagine them

credit to the artist on Instagram frostbite.studios because DAAAMMMNNN

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