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Since Nesta has already been slut shamed by most of the members of the IC I just want her to have a Meredith Grey moment. Nesta never raises her voice despite the cold things she says. I kinda just want her to go off and be the living embodiment of the quote Meredith said. The “You don’t get to call me a whore” speech. Specifically the part where she goes “I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke. That line is what came to mind when the ic constantly shits on her for the way she is choosing to cope. Nesta never wanted this life, she never got to make any choices on what happens in her life. Now that she’s broken to a place that takes a while to get back from, the drinking, the males, her choice of housing are the only choices she gets to make. 

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Not only am I excited for acosf but I’m excited for the all of the Nessian fan art we are going to get! Arg Chef’s kiss 👌🏻👌🏻

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I think that one of the reasons why its just saddening to me when people like “make fun” of Nesta or call her awful and cruel names is because there are people like her in the real world. No one is going to be an Elain type of person all the time in this world or even Feyre. And when people call a fictional character disgusting things and slut shame them, I would like to see what they would call people in the real world who act similarly. Like Nesta there are people in this world who use drinking and sex as an escapism. Like Nesta there are people in this world who lash out and say things that hurt other people as a way to not get themselves hurt. Like Nesta there are people who build a wall that blocks them against emotion which eventually leads them astray. It just hits harder when you’re a person who relates to her. I know many people say “I relate to her” but some just don’t know how deep it is. It feels nice to be represented when it comes to dealing with mental health issues. SJM might do a very shitty job of portraying minorities, such as poc, or members of the LGBTQ+ community but she definitely is connecting people through the struggles of mental health. That is something I can appreciate

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Why Antis HATE Nesta:

I honestly feel that the true reason for the HATRED, and I mean hatred, not dislike, of Nesta is because she isn’t perfect.

DISCLAIMER: So many people have written posts about this, especially in regards towards the parallel between Katniss Everdeen and Nesta.

Nesta fucked up as an older sister, and she since then has done so much to redeem herself (I.e. sacrificing herself for the war effort, using her powers (which she is fucking scared and wary of) to save the humans, and much much more) — and when antis are faced with that, they go to attack her demeanor. Because if they’re proven that she actually IS an asset, although not a classical archetype of one, to the IC, they have to attack her as a person.

You see, the problem is that she doesn’t check the boxes that these people look for. She has to be either rude but physically strong, or she has to be kind but physically weak. She can either be perfect by destroying the societal mold for what a good girl should be or she should fit it. She does neither: she’s rude and physically weak. Oh no.

That’s why we say you have internalized misogyny. Because you can’t handle a woman NOT being on either extreme. You don’t like Nesta because she didn’t fight to help the family survive; when we tell you she fucked up but worked to make up for it, you say she was rude and mean. You find some reason to hate her no matter what. No matter the fact that she’s a break through female archetype in a genre that is FLOODED with false feminism geared towards white, privileged, straight, cis women. She’s smart and impatient and weak but strong minded and independent and flawed and mean and righteous. She’s self sacrificing AND is able to set boundaries to protect herself. She wants to do good in the world but also acknowledges that she will not always make the best decision for the world. She’s not perfect, she’s far from it, just like you and me no matter how much you try to distance yourself from her.

The fact is, she is so threatening to these readers. She threatens their very strong idea of what a strong female protagonist should be. She can’t pin a guy down and wears dresses; she reads smut instead of reading through old archives to make herself more knowledgeable. She’s just not NOT like “other girls.”

I highly recommend that if you HATE Nesta Archeron with a passion, that you stick to white YA fantasy writers, they will supply you with endless replicas of the same archetype and will never disappoint.

If you’re an anti coming to change my mind, I welcome it—but keep it respectful because (1) this character is important to me and many other readers, so insulting her is insulting us; (2) I will fucking block you and put you on a blast list for who to avoid on Tumblr (😘); (3) being an asshole makes you seem more like the Nesta Archeron you believe is written in the books than the real Nesta Archeron is (😶).

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I low-key kind of wish Nesta has a girl group but at least more than 1 female friend, so

What kind of personality types do you want to see in Nesta’s knew female friends and why

I’ll go first

  • Someone who is equally if not even more do not give a Fuck and aggressive than she is.
  • Someone who isn’t that confident but who Nesta inspires to stand up for herself and not care about being labeled a Bitch for it.
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At the very beginning of ACOFAS Feyre wants to buy presents for ALL of her friends and family for what they did on the battlefield.

She says then when it is already clear Nesta doesn’t want to go and then like a week later NESTA shows up to the party and Feyre is all like I didn’t give you a gift. WTF. And has the gull to be like “Nesta didn’t give me anything 🥺 but I don’t care because everyone else has showered me in gifts”

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Main points from the live regarding books ACOSF and Crescent City 2

The ACOSF is 757 pages long (3 pages of acknowledgments)

Lots of Tharion in the next Crescent City book

Talking about Tharions penis 😂

She’s editing Crescent City 2 at the moment

Talked about Eris, he’s her favourite from the autumn court and is in a decent amount of the book but won’t say anything else.

A good amount of Azriel, in the book more than Eris

Azriel has a lot of his own stuff going on in the book, SJM is obsessed with Az and thinks of the song Mr brightside every time she thinks of him and she doesn’t know why.

Nesta and Az start to understand each other a bit more, and Az treats Nesta like a regular person and there’s a lot of mutual respect and understanding between them. She can’t decide if Crescent City 2 or A Court of Silver Flames is steamier, at a hard press as of right now ACOSF, but she’s still editing CC2 so she’s not sure which one will be steamier when both are released.

Tharion has a dirty mouth and uses it in CC2

We definitely find out what was Nestas Christmas gift from Cassian was that was thrown in the river in Frost and Starlight.

It was something he thought she would really love and was very precious.

She reconfirms Aelin fell through Crescent City but won’t say if they will have any other crossovers in future books.

Helion will definitely be making an appearance and we may see a little of the other High Lords.

Lucian makes several appearances

Sarah is really proud of Nestas personal growth in this book, and she’s more proud of Nestas growth than any other character she’s written.

Nesta finds her own version of happy ever after but we as the readers will suffer before getting to it.

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I actually can’t stand when people say Nesta is a terrible person or Feyre is a saint. The truth is, they both have good and bad parts. Nesta mistreated Feyre when they were growing up. But is that supposed to be her entire identity? Feyre banished Nesta to a damn war camp? But is that her entire identity? These characters are not one-dimensional and very rarely are characters just “good” or “bad”. They make mistakes and hurt each other when they’re upset, but they also defend one another when push comes to shove. This behaviour does not make them good or bad. Instead, it makes them human and interesting characters to read about, which is the whole point.

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I really hope ACOSF helps me fall in love again with characters I used to love but now hate. Like I loved Rhys and Feyre in the beginning but now I just can’t stand them. So I hope after reading ACOSF, and Feyre and Nesta work out their issues I can start to love them again.

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The thing I do not understand about the scene where Devlon ask about Nesta and any other scene where people ask who Nesta is, or vise versa like when Greyson asked about Feyre, is that Nesta literal looks exactly like Feyre minus Nesta’s boobs and narrower jaw.

Like in most fanart where their together you you only know who Nesta is because her clothes, hair style, and facial expressions.

That and Elain is just Feyre with brown eyes.

Like you’re really asking who and why these people are there? Like you don’t fucking see the matching faces between them and the high lady.

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This Girlie made everything click for me

I agree, this is the best explanation


The human land in Pyrthian has no queen, So an alliance would mean the queens get there lands back and autumn gets the land in Pyrthian without the queens having to sacrifice anything.

Nesta may be spiteful about going to the illyrians but she might still feel a sense of loyalty to her former home. Which will motivate her to train and work with the IC.

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Nesta as she is now probably won’t fall in love with Eris but she would Fuck him. 100% she for sure definitely would Fuck him just for Eris being there and available, especially if it’ll piss someone off.

I will not be surprised if they have a very graphic sex scene. I don’t think they’ll end up together, but if the book is as steamy as Sjm says it is, and if the Nessian relationship isn’t rushed, also considering Nesta and Cassian’s sexual tendencies, we will probably have to read through entire chapters of Nessian fucking NOT each other.

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