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#nesta acotar
daisyastros · 4 minutes ago
TW: Mentions of suicidal thoughts 
Disclaimer: I personally don’t have any major problems with Feyre. I like her well enough and I think she deserved better treatment from her sisters. That being said, I know a lot of you point out that Feyre saved all of them from dying. That was noble of her; I do feel the need to say that Nesta was not in a healthy state of mind during most of the series, and in Wings and Ember said "...she wanted them all to starve, just to see if their useless father would bother to save them.” 
I do NOT excuse Nesta’s attitude and negligence. What I am saying is that she had suicidal thoughts and was unable to care enough to take care of them. Not an excuse, just an explanation. So when you wonder why Nesta did not try to help, it isn’t ~just~ her being a bitch. She wanted to die. 
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kayla-2 · an hour ago
I always knew that the arguments against feyre was limited when Feyres years of going into the woods and keeping her family alive is even being questioned.
It’s literally confirmed in Nestas and Feyre point of view that the family would’ve died without her. Elain said it. Give it up. It’s the truth.
Anything nesta would’ve done. She ONLY considered because Feyre was leaving with tamlin, and that was little time she even considered doing anything. She had to be asked to chop wood, after berating Feyre for even daring to ask her. Not because she wanted to help Feyre or the family otherwise.
And we know elain didn’t do anything but plant.
Discouraging Feyres role in her family survival is literally takes away from the trauma of a child who went into the woods alone, with literal animals.
Stan your fav and leave Feyre out of it. I understand trying to lift nesta and Elain up but reducing Feyre sacrifices to do it, only backfires because if the constant need to even bring her up.
I saw a comment on tik tok about this and was irritated.
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unhealthyfanobsession · 2 hours ago
Anyone who actually listened to the Live last night want to fill me in on anything of actual importance that was said? IE- Next book, couples, Nessian future, saw some Gwyn stuff maybe was discussed? Also saw someone post maybe she revealed what happened in the snow ball fight? Looking for the tea thank you all!!
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purpleglitterypinecone · 2 hours ago
I just wanted to post this because I am sick of tired of the statement
Feyre is the only reason her family survived
In the narrative we are given, yes this is painted as the truth. Yet, it completely baffles me how many people seem to forget about the things Nesta did and considered doing.
For example, she tried to marry herself off to help her family, said that she would’ve willingly sold her body for sex, she helped F/yre by chopping up wood — despite her mental conditioning of what a female should be (yeah, this is a real thing and yes when people are conditioned it’s much harder to do things that go against it) — and helping out where she could. This is in the text, literally read the first few chapters of TAR (the selling her body is in SF).
This is why I 100% believe that if Tamlin had not helped out or if F/yre refused to give them what she hunted that Nesta would’ve provided for the family.
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duskandstarlight · 2 hours ago
For the prompt,feyre having a painting of nesta from the start.I find the message in acosf that love has to be deserved incredibly harmful.
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duskandstarlight · 2 hours ago
Oh my gosh a podcast!! Please let us know when you release it!!
Awwww thank you!! I will ❤️
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duskandstarlight · 2 hours ago
Hey bestie, a loyal reader of E&L here. Your work is wicked and you are so deserving of 800 followers.
Anyways my prompt is three words
Nessian wing sin
That’s all I got but I really hope you write something like that. Like Cassian trusting Nesta with his wings.
GIRL YOU TALKING MY LANGUAGE. This screams Habits part 3
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bookingalong · 2 hours ago
I don’t like the argument that Feyre was “enabling” their father and was therefore part of the problem. Feyre was stepping up to provide for the family because literally no one else was going to. Yes, it definitely should’ve been their father that did. He abandoned and let down his daughters when they needed him most. But Feyre recognized that they were now living in poverty and that the whole family would starve to death before he or any of her sister actually got off their asses and did something. So she provided for ALL of them, without complaining.
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jemdeserveslove · 2 hours ago
My thougths on Elain's future
(it got way longer than it was supposed to be, so please, bear with me)
(This is all based on the belief that ACOTAR 5 is Gwynriel's book and ACOTAR 6 is Elucien's, but I'm not focusing on the ships)
I think it's undeniable that SJM writes about people healing from their traumas with the help/support of other people that can usually relate to their experiences. So that in the end they form a family together. The famous found/chosen family
She did it with all of her main female characters (Aelin, Feyre and Nesta) and she's probably gonna do it with Elain too. And I must say I'm REALLY EXCITED for her journey, because I feel that she has a lot of potential for a great story, such as: We know that of all the sisters she's the one who had more connection to the human world, so how is she dealing with that? What is she thinking? What happend to her in the cauldron? Why does the cauldron kinda likes her? what exacly are her powers? and even about the ships: what does she think about the whole thing in Azriel's pov? and what exacly are her thougths on the mating bond with Lucien?
Basically, many things to be addressed. lol
And with all of these things, we're gonna get her healing arc with her found family. I'm personally a fan of Elain leaving the Night Court and meeting new people, beacuse I belive she needs to leave an enviroment with people who protects and coddles her. That way she can grow. I know some people would rather Elain stays in the Night Court to heal with her family, but here's the thing for me: we know that the sisters love each other a lot and would do a lot for each other, but we also know from Feyre's pov in ACOSF that she and Elain are not super close, they're just fond of each other's company and Feyre also confirms that if she had like a problem or whatever she would not run to Elain for advice (or something like that) + I dare say that's the case with Nesta as well, she would run to Emerie or Gwyn.
With that being said, I think that one of the biggest reasons we know nothing about Elain's thoughts or opinions is because she doesn't have anyone to share it with at the moment (because she also doesn't run to them for advice or anything like that)
And, honestly, I'm all about the sisters having a better relationship with each other ( that's my dream ending), but for that to happen I belive they need to deal with their individual baggages first so that they can gradually come together and fix their broken relationship (we already had a bit of that in ACOSF)
As for Elain's found family, I'm not completely against it being Nuala and Cerridwen because I think they have a nice friendship, however we had all of their conversations off page or under someone else's pov (and that's not SJM style) + they work for Feyre and Rhys ( and Azriel too, I suppose) so it's basically their job as spies to tell them stuff about people and I'm not sure if that would work.
I support 100% Elain being close with the Band of Exiles because 1) Jurian and Vassa are strongly and directly connected with the humans and I feel like it would suit Elain to be close with them 2) they would not protect and coddle her, on the contrary, I feel like they would sort of challenge her (indirectly). Honestly, just the experience of being away from her sisters would already be a challenge and I think that's nice and necessary
To summar everything, I belive Elain needs to leave the NC in order to grow as person(fae), find out what she wants to do and where she wants to do it, find her chosen family, discover more about her powers and bloom her relationship with her sisters ( the three of them need to do that last bit)
And for all of this to happen she needs to have more presence in the books and folks I think it's coming (one way or another). She migth have more presence in Azriel's book (since they have unfinished bussiness) but I don't belive she will have more than Mor. There's also the novella and it just makes sense for her to show up more in that one (just like we had more Nesta in ACOWAR and ACOFAS, and more Azriel in ACOSF) In these two books we'll probably see more of Elain's opinions, flaws (she needs those to be a character) and more seeds of her journey.
If you made it this far, thank u for coming to my TED Talk and please tell me if you agree or disagree with me (opinions are always valid, as long as there is no toxicity)
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vanilla-art-1998 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Archeron Sisters 🔥🌹🌌
Ig: Vanilla.art1998
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adreamlikewind · 4 hours ago
Cassian: I guess you could say I've fallen for you.
Nesta: You literally just .... ROLLED DOWN AN ENTIRE FLIGHT OF STAIRS.
Nesta: HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?!????!
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kellyvieiraarts · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anyway ... I had never done a Feyre fanart. And here is Feyre and her baby. ” The character belongs to @therealsjmaas PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS ON PINTEREST REPOST SO WITH CREDIT
IG; @kelly.vieir.a
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shadowsfawn · 5 hours ago
elain stans literally have no allies. y’all let us fend for ourselves. anytime someone trashes nesta or feyre, it’s on sight but because its elain, it’s crickets. same goes for elriel stans having no allies. i remember when nessian and nesta were getting hate and elriel’s + elain + az stans were defending them. we’re not living in game of thrones but like can some of y’all help us out?
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spoilersteph · 5 hours ago
Nesta: I’m gonna make him pay for this. I’m not strong, but I know a lot of ways to destroy men emotionally.
Cassian: I can vouch for that.
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spoilersteph · 5 hours ago
Gwyn: You should talk about your feelings with other people besides Emerie and I
Nesta: I would rather die, actually.
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avendell · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nesta and Cassian 🌙
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siyana95 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Azriel is my love💙. A few words about this hero: one of the three brothers, belongs to the Illyrian people, they have wings like bats. Az the handsome, the master of spies, one of the most powerful warriors in Pritian. Has 7 cobalt siphon stones, through which he controls his power, and also has dark shadows that help in moving and spying. He is also called the shadow singer. Always carries a dagger-the narrator of the truth. He knows how to hide his emotions, is secretive. He experienced terrible things as a child, because of this he has burns on his hands, is always ready and will fiercely protect loved ones and innocent people, he has a kind and golden heart. I am very much looking forward to revealing his character in the following books, from his point of view, his thoughts and experiences. Thank you if you finished reading it(a) to the end, it turned out a lot 😅
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