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#nesta and cassian

Nesta finally feeling everything and then having her emotional breakdown and confessing everything to Cassian… it’s going to destroy my heart as if Bryce Quinlan shot, butchered, torched and hoovered its ashes and I’m excited about it!

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Manon Blackbeak’s story/character arc from Heir of Fire to Kindgom of Ash is the BEST I have ever read and I feel it in my bones, Nesta Archeron’s from ACOTAR to ACOSF is going to be just as epic and beautiful if not more so!

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Just make nesta and eris have a friendship like aelin and fenrys like u know how fenrys was there with aelin when she was tortured for months how they both have a connection like a deep one bcz they both saw each other at those moments like I want eris and nesta to be like THATTT. Is it too much to ask

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Ok I’ve seen a few people looking for a Nessian version of the Bridgerton library scene, and I remembered that I had one from a few months ago that was in my fic Renegade Knights. Literally just pulled this out of the story so if you want context you can read the fullt story, but if you just want library oral sex then feel free to enjoy…

Nesta flips through a few pages of the book before she sets it face down on a table beside one of the many reading chairs in her new library. Just as she does a low whistle sounds from a floor below her and Nesta turns, always a little unnerved at how silently Cassian is able to move for such a large male.

           “Rhys does love to go overboard, doesn’t he?” Cassian scoffs, taking in the space.

           “Please” Nesta waves a hand “I’ve seen the size of the jewels he gives Amren, this is a bargain gift in comparison”

           “Big words for someone who was wearing a blood ruby the size of an egg around her neck a few days ago.”

           “Last I checked, no one actually paid for that” Nesta points out coyly. Cassian smirks, flapping his wings to come face to face with her in a second, hovering in front of the bannister wearing nothing but a pair of silk boxers. Nesta bites her lip, still not entirely used to her 24/7 front row ticket to all of those muscles. “There is a staircase, you know”

           “This is so much more fun, though” he grins, putting a hand on the bannister and easily leaping over it so that he stands right in front of her, eyes trailing down to her barely-there lace nighty. “Ridiculous that you keep putting these on considering how many I have ripped at this point” he hooks a single finger under the thin strap and Nesta clamps her hand over his.

           “Not in my new library” she scolds him.

           Cassian raises an eyebrow “you don’t want it to feel left out, do you?” Nesta stares at him “it’s the only room in this house that we haven’t christened yet.”

           “You’re insatiable” she sighs, even as she tips her head back and lets him push her gently against one of the bookshelves, his tongue is flicking across the pulse point on her neck in an instant, and she likes that there is no reason to hide the moan that escapes her lips. She lets him play for a few moments, smiling at his ministrations, before taking the opportunity to turn the tables.

           Nesta grins wickedly, flipping them so that Cassian’s back is against the bookshelf. She runs a hand across the tight muscles in his chest and then sighs as she carefully starts to trail her hand farther down, until her thumb loops itself inside the waistband of his shorts. She pauses, catching his eyes and kissing him slowly, gently. He moves a hand to her strap again and Nesta uses the hand not in his boxers to slap him away “ah ah, no hands, or I’ll stop” she grins.

           “Stop what?” he asks, mouth falling open as he feels Nesta’s tongue tracing the lines of the tattoo on his shoulder, following the battle symbols down his torso. Her hand seamlessly slips his shorts away, tongue still moving south as she trails her way down, down, down.

           “Fuck, Nesta” his moan is guttural, and it is no surprise that he is fully at attention when Nesta finally sinks onto her knees, dipping her tongue into the hollow space between his pelvic muscles and the place where he really wants her. She pauses for a moment, looking up at him with her stormy gaze, eyes bright and playful. He swears again “you’re driving me crazy”

           “Get used to it” her mouth vibrates against his skin as she moves down to finally, finally run her tongue across the head of him.

           Cassian moans hard as he watches Nesta’s head bob up and down rhythmically, her tongue flicks the underside of his cock and he swears he might lose it right then and there like a teenager who has never felt a woman before. Gods, the things that she can do to him. Cassian moves gently, ever so carefully to run a hand through her hair from above, feeling his fingers work through the soft strands as he strokes the top of her head.

           It is unbelievable how the simple feeling of his hand, carefully entangled in her hair makes Nesta groan around his length. She knows that she said no hands, but his calloused fingers are so soft and gentle as they caress the top of her head. The feeling is reverent, as though even if she is the one on her knees, he is still worshipping her. He doesn’t grip her hair or try to push her down farther like that male she brought home did once. Nesta had thrown him out of her open window.

           “I can’t hold on much longer if you want to-” Cassian tries to keep his voice steady as he warns her, but he loses it into a series of expletives when she starts purposefully moving faster, swirling her tongue around him. It is when she looks up at him again, eyebrow raised, eyes positively brimming with the silent challenge that she has presented him since the second he met her, that Cassian feels himself fall over the edge, stars clouding his vision, he swears that instead of going black in that moment of ecstasy, his vision is overtaken with the exact shade of grey-blue that is staring up at him. The steely, determined, teasing gaze of a worthy opponent. The eyes that have stared and cried and torn and fought and challenged and taken over his every waking thought since first he saw her.

           A blade given form indeed- sleek, beautiful, and dangerous as hell.

           And his. She is all his, Cassian considers pinching himself to make sure it isn’t just a dream, but…

           “If all of this is a dream, I am going to gut the person who wakes me like a fish”

           Nesta laughs, standing up with a coy smile. Cassian catches her around the waist and kisses her softly “your turn” he whispers, hand going to that infernal strap for the third time, finally managing to snap it under his powerful fingers.

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I don’t understand why people are going on about how that waltz scene is Karma and Deserved Suffering for Cassian for ignoring Nesta when Mor was around when…

There isn’t a single trace of jealousy or self-hatred or derision on Cassian’s part in that scene? Have we lost reading comprehension? He is literally watching her dance with Eris with nothing but Awe and Admiration! Regardless of how the story will progress, ACOMAF ACOWAR and ACOFAS Cassian would have witnessed that from the shadows and not mentioned how Nesta glowed as she danced and conquered—he would have made at least one comment about how she wasn’t dancing with him because he’s low-born.

Say what you will about holding people responsible and withholding absolution (which I agree with to a degree) but I’m afraid most of you have missed the mark when it comes to a scene that not only shows us Nesta beautiful and confident and glowing once more, but also hints at character growth on Cassian’s part.

Homeboy is literally watching his (maybe) girl dazzle the room and pirouette during a complicated waltz and look damn right breathtaking while she does it—and he’s proud of her, proud of her confidence, proud of the fact that people have stopped dancing to watch her dance. Proud of the fact that he’s not the only one who’s noticed how daring and amazing she is.

So far, there isn’t a single negative emotion in this scene so why are we trying so hard to make it so?

Some of you really just want discourse for discourse and drama and it really shows.

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We need some form of this scene for Nessian in ACOSF. In a freaking library, on a book ladder, against the book shelves, near a fire. All of the above.

That is all.


Originally posted by nina-zcnik

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You know what scene I would have liked to see in other POVs. Azriel literally holding Cassian’s guts inside of him whilst he dragged his brother across the battlefield (whilst Nesta watched) wouldn’t all that just hit you where it hurts?!

I want Azriels and Nesta’s for that scene.

Ooh maybe Azriel will bring it up in ACOSF 🤔 maybe Nesta will. Oh the possibilities!

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I’ve got the bridgerton musical “I burn for you” song in my head that’s going around on social media.

Just makes me think how utterly perfect and fitting it would be for Nesta and Cassian to use the phrase “I burn for you.” 🤞🤞🤞

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Anyone who is or has ever been a dancer of any kind knows that the way you maintain balance and momentum through multiple spins is to find a spot. This is a non moving place that you focus your eyes on and whip your head back to as quickly as possible on each turn.

Having said that pls accept the following head canon: Nesta used Cassian’s eyes as her spot, because it was the only place in the crowded ballroom that she knew wouldn’t move, would never cease to be focused entirely on her, the only place that she would be able to find with perfect ease even as her body twirled around and around itself. He was her anchor in the sea of people, and she could only complete the turns because, as she knew he wouldn’t, he never looked away.

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The Eris and Nesta Possibility

So, in the new update/sneak a peek one can see Eris ballroom dancing with Nesta, now I have two thoughts about this - one that maybe yes she does end up with Eris and her and Cassian just become friends who kill annoying people together. Because normalise hardcore platoinic love. However polyamarous relationship? Like just think about it. Nesta’s power has become so big and its death and eternal flames so Fate would literally give her Cassian and Eris, besides like I know Cass hates Eris but we all know there’s a story there Sarah’s been hinting at for ages. So perhaps there is that.

OR maybe Eris and her have become friends and they are making Cass jealous.

My mind is a mix of emotions right now.

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Some of ya’ll have never fallen into a rabbit hole of reading incredibly intense historical romance novels where the entire point is that one of the characters is deeply emotionally damaged and lashes out because of it and the other gets pissed off and they fight until they fall in love and then everything is happily ever after, and it shows.

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Are there any nesta stans nervous about getting social media’s like tumble or tiktok when the next book comes out bc you know the amount of nesta hate and excessive criticism is going to make it hard to enjoy acosf? Like I’m not excited about seeing people say nesta is whiney or playing the victim. The book isn’t even out yet and I already know that’s what they are gonna say

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I have NEVER wanted a book so much in my life

I have NEVER shipped a couple so hard as I do Nessian

I have NEVER fan girled so hard

I have NEVER adored a female character so much as I do Nesta Archeron

If I was to choose my all time favourite book ACOSF will be it…I just know it. I feel it in my bones.




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Nesta stans only be rising from the grave on the 16th Feb after that teaser…


Originally posted by rebelheart-rebelsoul

Then will immediately crawl back into it with ACOSF in hand, never to rise again.

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JUST…*pauses to squeal*… Cassian!!! 😍

The way it describes dancing and the waltz from his POV. Just with SO much perfection and skill and knowledge. How much he seems to appreciate everything that accompanies it. The music, the challenge and skill it takes to waltz and yet it seems he’s never seen anyone actually nail the end 12 spins with grace but Nesta does! (Of course she does!!)

And he is utterly fixated and in awe of Nesta for her skill and feirceness and her beauty in every matter. And how he thinks of her…*clutches hand over heart*…This book is gonna kill me and I don’t mind one bit.

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Let’s face it. Nesta owned that waltz. Now I want to see Cassian freaking own it leading her on that dance floor and for her to be shookth to the core. Make her legs weak boy!

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Two things:

1) I love this

2) Cassian basically just complimented Nesta and said she was brave. Also, depending on the next paragraph Nesta is either a good or bad dancer.

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Me to Me after reading a smutty New Adult Novel:


- I wasn’t a fan of steamy scenes at first until reading chapter 55 of ACOMAF by Sara J Mass. After that,I thought “ these scenes aren’t so bad esp. it’s actually pretty good”

- I read my first every steamy scene at 19, and now at 22, I have read quite a few steamy books.

- Don’t get me wrong, I love steamy books but I don’t like those books which are just erotica and no plot. I like stories with actual plot and storyline and the steamy scenes just add spice to the book and aren’t the main point of it.

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So, I have this thing, whenever I read a 3 star book, I call it “heat of the moment read”. I know it sounds corny but it’s because those books are good for the moment and I definitely don’t plan on rereading them in the future.

These are those books that you enjoyed but after you finish it , you don’t even think about it anymore. Unlike with 4 or 5 stars,I can’t stop thinking abt them. I have to urge to reread and buy merch based on the books.

* I only tagged these books so more people can see my post. These definitely aren’t my “heat of the moment reads”. I loved all of these.

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It’s funny how everyone talks about “Chapter 55” as the steamiest. While,I have read some New Adult contemporary books, and let me tell you, those are more steamy.


Ch 55 seems super mild compared to authors such as Penelope Douglas, Katie Robert , Jade West and Pam Goodwin.

Now after those intense smut scenes, ch 55 is nothing to me,in terms of hotness.


I am currently reading a book by Jade West. My first book by her. And damn, those sex scenes are too intense. I am literally feeling hot all over.

- And I definitely don’t consider Acotar as YA. It definitely reads like NA.

* Also, I won’t recommend those authors unless you are 18 and up. Penelope Douglas always leaves warnings in her books like “only for 18plus”

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