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#nesta and feyre
worldsnotsaid · an hour ago
I honestly feel like the reason I have to keep reiterating the same points about characters like N/esta is because there is just a lot of hypocrisy involved in her character and a lot of assumptions that just kind of get tossed out about her. She’s similar to T/amlin and even E/lain in that regard, where the narrative around them is not reliable, and what’s said about them through F/eyre’s point of view is often skewed to fit any given narrative. Needless to say, I have yet another rant about N/esta. 
It’s not even that she’s the greatest character ever, or that I would even consider myself a full on N/esta “stan.” But, like many of my rants, her character is usually representative of bigger, overarching problems in SJM’s writing. It’s always relevant to include other characters in this series in any analysis, because the problem is that the villainization of N/esta, or E/lain, or T/amlin, or L/ucien is always dependent on the framing of others. F/eyre is always integral in discussing N/esta because it is through F/eyre that N/esta is foiled. Even a character like R/hysand is worth discussing because, again, the standard of good and bad is always centered back to him.
This post is positioned around the “abuse” category assigned to N/esta. The argument between “stans” and “antis” alike is whether or not N/esta and E/lain are “abusive sisters.” And when this argument comes up, there is always the deployment of personal experiences, articles, sources about abuse, etc., -- which is great, and reiterates an understanding of the importance of these topics. The problem is the unreliable narrative voice and the distinction between what is said and what is done.  Because when the narrative needs us to feel sympathy for F/eyre, N/esta’s is antagonized, but the actions of N/esta throughout all of the books either jar with it, or completely negate it. Simply put, there is not really enough evidence to classify their relationship as anything. We don’t know. The story isn’t written reliably enough to confirm of negate that.  There isn’t. And even the bits of information we do get via F/eyre are often conflicting. Because F/eyre hates N/esta and says she can hear her voice, but then admits that N/esta would have gone Under the Mountain for her, and as we saw with N/esta’s actions, this actually fits exactly in line with that sentiment. The same even goes for E/lain, who sacrifices her marriage and social status to help aid the Night Court when they needed a human emissary. So, can we honestly, truly understand their relationship? Nope. I don’t even think SJM knew, because either she realized just how ridiculous their dynamic was, or she just forgot. In five books, SJM still does not know how to classify their relationship. Because there really isn’t one. And depending on how you read these books, either side is culpable. There wouldn’t be this big a divide if these books were written clearly enough to confirm. And it’s hard when people attach their personal experience to a story not a complete enough to actually back it up. It’s not like we’re reading a story that realistically covers like abuse and trauma. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be a story, because both R/hys and T/amlin would be defined correctly as ugly abusers, there wouldn’t be the need to explain away R/hys’s behavior. There wouldn’t be an argument about either F/eyre was abusive in FAS or SF if this story actually cared about the topics beyond glorifying F/eyre and antagonizing literally everyone else.  So yeah, I know this was already a lot, but expect that rant cause it’s totally brewing.
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starry-lu · 3 hours ago
Nesta: you have friends and I envy that
Feyre: you’re welcome to share my friends
Nesta: *looks at the inner circle*
Nesta: I don’t want those
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supesnaturally · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
So there are three sister mountains, and three Archeron sisters. Feyre = The Mountain in The Middle, Nesta = the Elain will possibly have some tie to The Prison?
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worldsnotsaid · 7 hours ago
Per my last reblog, here’s nother reason the morality of this series is just haywire. N/esta literally acts similar to the way F/eyre did in MAF, and is even more blunt in expressing that’s she’s not fine, and F/eyre just ignores this??? And makes her come to a Christmas party — blackmails her actually??
N/esta is so clearly depressed, and F/eyre went through the exact the same thing, with T/amlin dragging her to parties when she was super depressed. And this happened again.
And you could argue that “F/eyre is not obligated to care for her sisters,” but that makes her behavior in FAS and SF even worse, because its her doing the same thing that was done to her. I don’t think F/eyre does this consciously, but it doesn’t really matter in the end. Because T/am hadn’t meant to hurt F/eyre and in the end, his neglect became abusive.
I really became annoyed at F/eyre trying to fit her sisters into her perfect life. It was kind of — disgusting?? And this followed up with her and her mates behavior in SF became really abusive.
It’s like exactly the same behavior that T/am did in MAF? N/esta was depressed and F/eyre brought her to a party where it was established that everyone hates her. No one talked to her, nor did anyone buy her a gift. C/ass ignored her the whole night, and then stormed out toward her. Brought M/or undergarments and such and then opened it in front of her. That’s hurtful. I feel like it’s kind of worse because at least the people of the Spring Court admired F/eyre, most of them being in her same position. N/esta is just in such a volatile environment with these people who don’t know her actively judging her. I’m not seeing how people, even if you hate her, think she deserves that.
Parallels between Az and J/urian:
And another weird parallel I noticed yesterday was between J/urian and A/zriel. In MAF and WAR, J/urian is kind of villainized for torturing during the war, yet A/zriel entire job is torture. Like there’s no reason J/urian should be described as like “off” or something, when Az is kind of creepier. And like everyone just disregards the five hundred years of torture this guy went through. His story isn’t framed as heroic despite the fact that he fought for humanity. Yet the heroism is given to D/rakon and M/iryam, and they are, but why is J/urian treated like such a black horse?? I know why, he’s human. And it’s not okay for humans to demand their own rights, it’s has to be some Faerie.
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Opinion on ACOTAR's Azriel
As stated in my previous post, this will be my opinion on what I believe should happen to AZ if he ever gets a book mainly focusing on the relationship side since so many people think he should be paired with someone. So in this post, I will remove all personal feelings I have on the series and characters, so this can be unbiased. In a later post, I will discuss my thoughts on the books.
Now that that is over, here is a recap of the last post before I go into what I am going to add for those who haven’t been able to see my other post:
Ok, ok, I know this will probably be an unpopular opinion, but...
I think if a book is made about Azriel, it shouldn't be about him magically finding his "mate" or there being the main love interest for him, or honestly him being with anyone at all. He deserves all the happiness; I agree that only leads me to encourage me more, hear me out...
· Azriel has gone through a lot of suffering emotionally, physically, and mentally (outside of emotional). As a result, it would be harder for him to express who he is, let alone try to open up to someone"new" that he would surprisingly learn is his mate.
· If he was to get a book, I think it should focus on how he went through his difficulties and what he does in the shadows outside of the knowledge already shared of his job. We already know he plays a large part in what goes on in the background of the Night Court, so it should be foremost in what he has seen, which no one shall know.
· Another point is maybe if SJM wants to introduce a love interest, it is done not through a sudden crush but slow-building of perhaps the love interest being caused through a mission which he ends up being forced to get closer without want and reluctantly develops feelings.
· Also, like Nesta, along with implied multiple times in the story, he releases his emotions through one-night stands, and we readers just need to accept he isn't a relationship man but not wanting a long-term thing. He has always been represented as closed off, along with never being implied as someone who actively wants a commitment yet to be left to his own, so maybe it should be shown as so.
Now, I want to add evidence to support what I am trying to communicate with everyone.
In the books A Court of Mist and Fury, A Court of Wings and Ruin, A Court of Frost and Starlight, and A Court of Silver Flames, they slowly pull information about what Azriel had to deal with what his job was in the stories. Unfortunately, as the books progress mainly in ACOWAR and ACOSF, people started to try and ship him with many people, not considering what he has gone through with his past, which would only lead to issues if a relationship were to develop at some point in the series.
That is where I will be starting, about how if he does get a book, what should happen with his past, then we will go through how his “relationships” should proceed throughout the series.
In ACOMAF, the author SJM introduces him as part of the inner circle, consisting of Mor, Amren, and Cassian. He is the spy of the Night Court who is constantly working with the shadows to gather information for the High Lord Rhysand. Even when Feyre first met him, she was off-put about how he acted with the shadows. “With approval as the shadows seemed to wrap tighter around him. As if he were the dark have from which they flew from.” This only shows more into the beginning of how powerful he could probably be, like foretelling, which is introduced more and more throughout the series.
Azriel is very quiet and keeps to himself most of the time, even to those he loves and cares about profoundly, unless something has him become protective. For example, in the meeting in ACOWAR, he jumps to attack Eris because he insulted Mor. Another example was when Feyre was being offended by Tamlin, he said, “Be careful how you speak about my high lady.” This line shows that even when he is quiet, he contains anger that has not been explained about how far it runs. He is considered a very mysterious character when described throughout the story because none of his past has entirely been told mainly. After all, no one knows what happened to him.
Taking this information into careful consideration implies more going on behind the scenes with him and his powers of controlling the shadows, which have not been introduced. The information provided through the stories about him being a captive song with abused for a while also gives insight into how much pent-up anger and emotion he carries with him that could affect him dearly, leading him to possibly do things behind the Lord’s back even as friends. The latest book states that he has been dealing with a lot to the point Rhys gave some work to Cassian. What was the work, though? What work was so much that it forced Rhysand to split the trade with Cassian?
Going into the idea of his book, if it was to be created, it should bring in the information about what he has gone through and what he has to do as a shadowslinger. It should also include information on his job as a spy because honestly, does anyone know? If he gets a book it should be about his career and how his past has affected the way he is. So many aren’t focusing on the fact he has gone through many difficult times, always forced into positions where he has risked everything because many people only focus on how he acts with the others or how the others interact, not him. Because of all the emotions most likely pent up and the distraction of constantly running around, it has probably only affected him more.
Now finally going into relationship side. Many people are shipping Az with Gwen or Elain and even arguing over it, which is ridiculous because first off, let everyone have their ships stick to your own belief don’t belittle others. Back to the point, when shipping him with all these people, no one realizes there is no solid development of the two characters of the chosen ship together in any book. Even if nothing leads Azriel to be emotionally available for him, even to realizes he can get in a proper relationship.
If he were to be in a relationship, he would need to be able to sort out his emotions more, being able to be at least able to open up slightly to heal instead of hiding from his mind, which he has been doing, or at least what has been implied of him doing. When in a relationship, someone must openly communicate and stick to the other if something happens. With his past crush, Mor (who still hasn’t shown if he is completely over her), he never showed much emotion or opened up much with his claim to love her. If SJM established anything in the book, it shouldn’t be a relationship but just him having one-night stands that honestly shouldn’t be needed if it is written well enough.
Another reason why he shouldn’t have a mate because mates are considered rare in that world, meaning if he has a mate, how would that be rare considering that he would be the 4th person in that group to have a mate that randomly appears. It wouldn’t make sense.
All in all, I think Az shouldn’t end with someone, and the book should main on him growing mentally, so he becomes stronger. Please ask any questions; if you think otherwise, please I’d love to hear it, I’m always open to listening to others’ opinions on matters considering them.
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acotarquotes · 10 hours ago
“Nesta didn’t bat an eyelash as she studied the handsome features, the muscled torso. Then turned to me. Dismissing him entirely.
Cassian’s face went almost feral. A wolf who had been circling a doe… only to find a mountain cat wearing its hide instead.”
– Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury
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hellogoodbye14 · 13 hours ago
Kay now it’s been a while since ACOSF was released and my goggles are finally off so I can write an honest review - and by goggled eyes I mean that when we anticipate a book coming out for so long, we don’t acknowledge how good it actually really was because we’re just happy to be reunited with our loved characters. So I ALWAYS give my books a read again after a couple of months with fresh eyes and a sane mind (not inhaling the book to know what happens).
Okay so here goes and before I start, please dont hate. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the ACOTAR universe and I absolutely adore ALL characters (except for the bad guys duh)
ACOSF was not good *gasp*. I KNOW! How could I?! But hear me out.
ACOSF was a beautiful journey about Nesta and her mental health to be specific. I loved that she was able to address it and finally achieve a place where she is happy and content. I however noticed that there was a severe LACK of reasoning behind her actions (whether of the past or the new ones). A reasoning we were all waiting for. The problem with that is that we did not really get to understand her, it all seemed a bit lazy in terms of SJM not giving an explanation. That explanation was A VITAL part of Nesta’s journey.
Cassian. SJM did Cassian dirty, I’m sorry but there was SO much that could have been done with the plot and his involvement but he turned out to be a secondary character in his own book. SJM tried to pack everything in this one book and couldn’t do it justice at all. There was so much potential, potential with his dealing with the illyrian rebellion, more details about his dealing with the courts etc.
To progress the plot (or to even make one), getting feysand pregnant?! I mean what even was that? Im sorry but that was lazy as hell. I ADORE FEYSAND as parents and I could literally inhale a whole novella about feysand with their kid but the way it was done was HORRIBLE. Feysand was made pregnant so that “they dont solve the problem in a jiffy” and nesta actually does. Okay fair. But I KNOW for a fact that the whole Rhys not telling feyre plot line was made for the sole purpose of getting Nesta to realize she crossed a line and finally let all her demons out to Cass. Im sorry but smearing other beloved characters (who would have never done what they did) to progress the story line for another was downright not okay. Again it was lazy.
The only good thing that I do appreciate about the book was the introduction of new characters. I love the way Gwyn and Emerie are written. But I also dont like the fact that the ONE new poc character there was took a backside (as is the case in all SJM novels, we cant deny it)
Lastly, sex is great. SEX IS HOT. But we or I personally enjoyed it with the intimacy that came apart from all that. SJM is usually so good at it, Feysand, Rowaelin, Elide and Lorcan, etc. It was always the perfect combination of sex and emotional connection. ngl the emotional connection took a backseat in ACOSF. I mean it was there but not completely… you get me?
There was so much potential and it was just sad seeing that being lost reading this another time.
I do however love the little bits. Love that we got to see our bat boys and their stories, loved to see Nesta with her girls and being happy, loved to see Az being amused with Gwyn, loved Lucien being a badass and forcing Cass to calm down, loved seeing more of Eris, loved seeing Elain show some backbone. The little bits were beautiful and I am ever grateful for getting them.
So yeap. That is all. As you were 😘
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daisybrekker · 18 hours ago
I wonder what will happen if Elain in her book talks about being overprotective and being a bit oppressive by Nesta. I think at the beginning it said: oh Nesta likes to protect Elain (wrong from the start, over Feyre) but rereading Acotar to read acosf with fresh memory and with another point of view (I started reading Acotar before entering university and now I am finishing my studies in health) and I realized that what is done is overprotection is not protection, and overprotection in itself is harmful to the recipient, and I am not saying that Nesta is bad, but in my opinion it is performed unconsciously, and the fact of being separated during the plot of Acofas and Acosf helped Elain to get out little by little of that overprotection that she lived especially from the years in the cabin. I hope you don't hate Elain even more, when I deliver another point of view on Nesta that maybe not the most favorable, I am also curious that even being Elain's protector, Feyre indicated in Acotar that Nesta was teasing even when it was Elain to who dedicated an appreciative or flattering comment, everything leads me again to that protection or overprotection was not something healthy.
Anyway, I hope Elain finally heals all her injuries and traumas that she has had all her life (all the Archerons began to have a bad time from the way of being the mother, the truth) and we can see in the last book a true and healthy sister relationship
Hey anon!
I understand your point and I definitely agree!
As much as I love Nesta, I do feel like she was a bit overbearing with how she "protected" Elain.
Elain clearly believes so too as it was conveyed when she said that Nesta only thinks about what Elain's trauma did to Nesta, and not actually about Elain's experience.
Also, when Rhys said that everyone has believed that Elain is so sweet and innocent that she feels like she has to be that way, I feel like that was partly due to Nesta's behaviour.
The way Nesta has been acting towards her, it's obvious that she sees her as someone who needs to constantly be watched and made sure no harm comes to her which I personally believe makes Elain feel trapped.
I'm not saying that Elain is vicious or anything, but we're yet to see her true side, hopefully in ACOTAR5.
I just wish that at the end, all the Archeron sisters will get everything out on the table so that there's no more tension between them.
Have a lovely day anon🌹
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imsointobooks · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well i made a new post for this because the previous one wasn't appearing in the tag. Hope you don't mind @gwynrielsupremacy
Add on to this fellow gwynriels!
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123moiaussi · 22 hours ago
✨A cute little solstice head canon✨
So, kids I was chatting to the @illyrian-lover-flower and we created a cute prompt that our artists and writers may be interested in seeing💖🥴
Essentially, we believe that Elain will potentially use her Seer gifts to buy solstice presents for people:
Elain: gives Nyx markers that are washable
Feyre: Thanks El, Nyx can now practice drawing with me. My little artistic boy. What a thoughtful gift.
Elain: Just a warning, Nyx is going to start drawing on the white walls and expensive furniture of the manor.
Feyre and Rhys: 👀
Elain: He’ll draw little bats on the curtains too. Good luck 🤞
Amren: opens tiny gift with a little starfish charm What is this?
Elain: A keyring. You’re going to be visiting the Summer Court a lot more😏
Varian: It was meant to be a anniversary surprise! I haven’t even gone to the locksmith 😡
Elain: gives Nesta a bookshelf
Nesta: Thanks Elain. But I’ve already got a bookshelf in the house.
Elain: You’re going to break it with Cassian soon so I got you a new one😌
Az: looks at the “World’s Best Dad” shirt Elain has gifted him Um, Lainey are you? I-
Elain: No, but we need to start trying harder. And faster.
Az: 👀😳
Just tagging a couple people I think could do these canons justice in their art form: @themissyvonne @tswaney17 @mardereads19 @kingandfireheart @rhysanoodle @sncinder @tacmc @snelbz @gracie-rosee @suelky @julesherondalex @forget-me-not-s @nikethestatue @shadow-singing @gripefroot @insulindsay @mmvalentine @livlochan @moonlightseaker @batboyazriel @confused-as-all-hell @stars-who-gaze @gripefroot
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acotarquotes · a day ago
“To save me— protect me. And I think… I think that what happened to him, to us, Under the Mountain broke him. Perhaps more than it had broken me.”
– Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury
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duskandstarlight · a day ago
Okay but I crave Helion and Nesta friendship. Especially after the scene with his pegasus and him teaching her spells while smiling at her 💕💕💕
I crave Helion and Nesta just so we get jealous protective Cassian tbh.
Let’s all remember this delightful snipped in ACOSF:
“In the end, Helion created the wards and keyed them to Nesta’s blood. A pinprick of it, courtesy of Truth-Teller, had done the job, and Cassian had found himself tensing at the sight of that little bead of red. Its scent.
It was an effort of will to tell his body there was no threat, that the blood was willing, that she was fine. But it didn’t stop him from grinding his teeth loudly enough that Feyre whispered to him beneath Nesta and Helion’s conversation, “What’s wrong with you?”
Cassian muttered back, “Nothing. Stop being such a busybody, Cursebreaker.”
Feyre shot him a sidelong glance. “You’re acting like a caged animal.” Her lips curved upward. “Are you jealous?”
Cassian kept his voice neutral. “Of Helion?”
“I don’t see anyone else in this room who’s currently holding my sister’s hand and smiling at her.”
The bastard was indeed doing that, though Nesta remained stone-faced. “Why would I be jealous?”
Feyre’s laugh was a rustle of air.”
Tumblr media
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tog x acotar x cc shipping (going by compatibility not sexuality)
feyre x aelin-look I know. but hear me out. at first they think they should get a long but they don’t. and eventually they just are “I really don’t want to spend time with this person literally ever” but they are forced to get to know each other. find out they work really well together and fall in love
rhys x fenrys-they’re the couple that starts out as friends but are constantly flirting with each other so that you can’t tell if they are a couple or best friends. they both accidentally fall in love with each other but refuse to do anything until a mutual friend helps them out
nesta x manon- (they won’t all be gay. or maybe they will) they both need someone to match them in ferocity and wit. and well this would be the rivals to lovers match from heaven.
elain x choal-introvert meets introvert. the dancing around each other. the blushing. the softness. but the sex is not nearly as soft as their relationship
azriel x lysandra-lysandra is going to flirt the shit out of azriel. she’s going to tease and make him blush and enjoy every minute of it. eventually he’s going to semi aggressively pull her in for a kiss and she’s going to be surprised and then smirk like took you long enough
cassian x hunt- cassian would flirt and hunt would be like shut the fuck up. but then eventually hunt will flirt back to cassians delight. and the rest is history
mor x fury-every lesbian couple looks like them. light/dark mother fuckers. also definitely enemies to lovers.
gwyn x dorian-they would have the most shenanigans to every exist. like they would be cece and winston (bishop) if they were a couple. gwyn and dorian mess around. and the sex would be hot
gwyn x bryce-what I never said I couldn’t do more then one for each person. feisty golden retriever gf meets flirty bold gf
emerie x elide-idk I just have a feeling it would work
rowan x lucien-what? we know rowan has a thing for people with fire in their veins. sly fox meets broody warrior. and let’s be honest rowan definitely needs some fire dick
lorcan x hypaxia-why not🤷‍♀️
eris x fenrys- I see this going as eris would be doing his sneaky shit and eventually fenrys would make him choose. but obviously eris is going to choose him over power
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valkyrie-shadow · a day ago
FBAA meets ACOSF pt2
Pt1 here
PoppyCas meets Feysand + more Valkyrie ones
⚠️ ACOGB and ACOSF Spoilers⚠️
We’re gonna assume they’re in Prythian for a few months or smth
Don’t ask me how they got there because I also Don’t Know lmao
- casteel and rhysand are kinda bros but at the same time super protective of their wives and Lowkey abt to kill each other cuz stranger danger
- their stories have a lot in common so there’s some mutual understanding
- feyre and poppy bond over threatening their husbands to back the fuck off and play nice
- cas and Rhys bond over being frustrated but lowkey turned on by said threats
- poppy is obsessed w nyx and his little wings for like a day
- poppy likes feyre but prefers the Valkyries mostly because reading is more her thing opposed to painting (she does compliment feyres paintings in the river house)
- she also just loves the vibes of an all-girl friend group because she’s never experienced it before
- her and feyre mess around w empath and daemati powers because they can
- feyre is surprised that poppy has such strong mental walls for someone who isn’t daemati
- poppy let’s feyre in her head so she can see what others emotions taste and feel like
- feyre is showing her some of her other powers and starts glowing accidentally
-“woah you glow sometimes too??”
- poppy tries to get herself to glow by using her power and call to the wolven
- Kieran appears out of thin air in his wolf form and freaks them out, getting a dagger chucked at him
- “Poppy?? You aren’t dead??? Am I dead?? Where’s Casteel??” “Oh look who’s asking all the questions now” “what the fuck is going on???”
- feyre is Concerned, poppy is Curious, Kieran is glad they’re not dead
- Kieran tackles Casteel when he sees him in the hallway
- “If you disappear on me again I swear to the gods I’ll let Poppy stab you next time” “Like you’ve tried to stop her in the past”
- The Valkyries are all kinda wary of Casteel until they see how soft he is for poppy and they collectively decide he passes the vibe check
- they love Kieran
- poppy recounts some of her adventures to the Valkyries during a sleepover in the House of Wind library
- “-And then I stabbed him in the heart and ran away” “haha yeah I bet you wish you did” “no like I actually stabbed him” “wait what-”
- Cassian hopes and prays Poppy’s violent tendencies don’t rub off on Nesta
- when poppy shows up and bonds with the Valkyries Cassian is just “yep she’s my little sister now I’m adopting her”
- poppy ships gwynriel
- poppy figured out gwyn had a crush on azriel when she almost choked on gwyns emotions when he smiled during training
Tumblr media
Some of you asked for a part 2 so here ya go :D
There were a lot of them so I cut it down for a part 3 if anyone wants that,, it’s mostly House of Wind squad + FBAA squad
Let me know if you guys want interactions between FBAA squad and some of the other ACOTAR characters and which ones <3
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worldsnotsaid · a day ago
Also, I don’t get the hate on N/esta at the point it’s at. Like I know people don’t like her, which duh, but like the extreme hatred just kind of...surprises me? I guess?
Like this series sets everyone up as morally grey, and literally starts with the protag killing a man in cold-blood, and it’s leading love interest is introduced mind-r*ping his mate. F/eyre gives up an innocent girls name, and R/hysand is like a lieutenant to a tyrant. I’m just confused on people who hate N/esta or E/lain with violent fervor. Like yeah, it’s understandable to dislike them, but the moral system is just so unbalanced with everyone.
When is bad, bad? When is it good to be bad? What are the qualifications for redemption?? I just don’t understand the hate blogs on N/esta or E/lain that kind of just hate them. Maybe in another novel where everyone’s pretty cool. But in this series?? Even Jurian. Like why is he hated at all? Graysen? Like what makes them bad? Why aren’t they able to be morally grey? Or just straight up heroic for standing for humanity?
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