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#nesta deserves better

From now until February 16 I am dedicating myself to my ACSF analyses. I have waited too long and the only way to keep myself from tearing down the world to get my hands on my copy is writing about one of my favorite women. Just a warning.

Also, if you don’t like Nesta: I am so excited for you to backpedal.

2 notes

I was painfully rereading ACOFAS and this just… ugh, I just can’t wait for ACOSF to come out and maybe find some redemption for the IC after I truly read it and not only for pleasure.

Nesta deserves so so much better. The fact that she dealt with her trauma alone is just such a statement of her persona on its own, that I just can’t adore her even more for it and hope that ACOSF will truly grant her what she deserves and is owed.

15 notes

Nesta as she is now probably won’t fall in love with Eris but she would Fuck him. 100% she for sure definitely would Fuck him just for Eris being there and available, especially if it’ll piss someone off.

I will not be surprised if they have a very graphic sex scene. I don’t think they’ll end up together, but if the book is as steamy as Sjm says it is, and if the Nessian relationship isn’t rushed, also considering Nesta and Cassian’s sexual tendencies, we will probably have to read through entire chapters of Nessian fucking NOT each other.

47 notes

I first saw it on tiktok and then I dashed to tumblr. I am both surprised but not. Long before I was on tumblr when I had finished Acowar and was waiting for Acofas to be released I had the idea that because Nesta was

  1. A virgin
  2. Had a shit ton of power
  3. Sister to a high lady
  4. The target of Cassian’s affections

That, according to Eris and the middle courts criteria, she made the perfect bride for Eris while also allowing Eris a big Fuck you to Cassian, who took his previous brides virginity. I strongly theorized he would try to steal her away somehow either through kidnapping, seduction, or blackmail. I thought he would be able to find a way to put Nesta’s fate under Keirs jurisdiction because she is sister to the high lady made her apart of the court or something and she didn’t have a father. But then Acofas came out and that theory was crushed.

So the two of them as a couple is something I have thought about if Sjm wanted to make Nesta a villain or If she wanted to spark jealousy and conflict with Cassian, Eris always seemed like the perfect way to do it.

I could see it though. Given life’s circumstances and their background, Eris can be turned into an evil Rhysand and Nesta into the evil Feyre in the narrative.

28 notes

Nessian sexual tension in ACOSF would be great and all but have you considered: Nesta and her new found family going on fun adventures and feeling happy and loved around each other

65 notes

I think because Rhysand is put into either these really high standards of this kinda feminist good guy or people just how right hate him from the first book. Which im gonna be frank, you shouldn’t really, he had his reasons I think. And because Feyre is the main character and we only see things from her POV, I think they get too much hate either for the fact you never liked them or because they did something that didn’t meet your standards.

Here me out. The IC was never great. They were great in Feyre’s eyes, because they had helped her out if this dark place she was in in acomaf. But you also have to remember the IC, most of them were illyrian men who grew up in a rough and abusive life and culture and Rhysand’s family outside all of that going in too, they weren’t exactly amazing either. And I think Rhys knows all this but it’s hard for him to not have that be a part of him and the way he acts and makes decisions. Yes he has made some mistakes but I think he is hated WAY too much just because of something he did and not the reason why. And maybe if someone were to make some points why I should start to dislike him more, I’m not going to and same goes with the IC, because everyone of them has reasons for the way they act but yes that doesn’t mean what they do isn’t bad. I’m not saying they never did anything wrong.

Now Feyre is a little more complicated. Out of everyone in the IC I think she is the worst and at the same time I don’t hate her. I can see why and agree with some points made for why her and Rhys are the same person. But most the time I actually don’t agree with that and I don’t think they should be dragged. Now I think it’s because Feyre isn’t supposed to be a “bad guy” because of the whole main character thing. I definitely think she has done bad things and they are trying not to push it because she is the main character and that’s wrong. Especially because this series would have been great if it went from like a her POV and then into different chapters are a different POV like HOO. Because we judge Feyre and we only of so many things to judge all the other characters for though.

Like we all agree Nesta went through a lot and should not be given so much hate but at the same time. So many of you guys are making it seem like she is better than all of them. No?? If we are picking than I honestly think that would be Elain for obvious reasons. Yea I mean Elain has also had some moments and definitely so had Nesta and most aren’t as bad as some of the things their sister and IC have done. But that doesn’t mean some are clear and others aren’t. And the fact that they acted the ways they did in completely different situations and environments. Maybe if we saw something in one or both of the other sister’s POV or even other members of IC. Like we know a lot about Rhysand but we never truly saw anything he did from his side and I think every character deserves a second chance to prove and correct everything that has happened in the story so far.

I would keep ranting but part of me doesn’t even know how to word all of this especially when I am trying to re read the series to look at things from all of y’all’s views as well as mine because I never really thought about those problems until now because I genuinely enjoys this series and I hope we can get all these characters fixed and start in a new path in just one big book and then move on into the series with everyone comfortable with it.

2 notes

Rhysand once said to Feyre:

“Be glad of your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who don’t feel anything at all.

But that’s totally ironic considering how he can’t do this to Nesta.

Only recalling:

“You still can barely talk to Nesta,” I said. “Yet Elain you can talk to nicely.”

“Elain is Elain.”

If you blame one, you have to blame the other.”

No, I don’t. Elain is Elain,” he repeated. “Nesta is … she’s Illyrian. I mean that as a compliment, but she’s an Illyrian at heart. So there is no excuse for her behavior.

“She more than made up for it this summer, Rhys.”

I cannot forgive anyone who made you suffer.” Cold, brutal words, spoken with such casual grace.

Here we see how unsympathetic and unrelatable he can be when it comes to Nesta. He doesn’t give a damn about her and her grieving, the only reason why he barely tries to ensure she is receiving the money that they give her to the pay the bills and whatever stuff Nesta does is because of Feyre. And Feyre only.

Just to reiterate a thing I will never forget about:

“Nesta loosed a shuddering sigh and slid down the wall until she was sitting against it. Until she drew her knees to her chest and stared into the dimness. Still the silence raged and echoed around her. Still she felt nothing.

So don’t try to convince me that he is sending Nesta to Illyrian Camps for her own sake or even safety, because he doesn’t! Everything he seldom did or even do for Nesta is just because do Feyre and there is no pointing in denying the facts.

128 notes

I really dont want nesta and elains relationship to return to the way it was pre-acofas. Elain dropped nesta very quickly and embraced people that hated her when she needed her most and that’s irredeemable to me. Sure they’re sisters and they can still get along, but I dont want the same “die for elain, whore herself for elain” energy any more. She can direct that amount of love and loyalty to someone who’ll reciprocate.

62 notes

TBH the more I think about what Feyre did in ACOFAS/ the sneak peak of ACOSF the more I hate her.

Listen I know Nesta hasn’t always been the kindest, but in this case the punishment does not fit the crime and honestly when you think about what Feyre (and Rhys) are doing the more you realize it’s fucked up.

Not only are they taking away Nesta’s right of choice (which several of the characters in this series have already done) but their also slut shaming her, victim blaming her, making jokes about her sobriety, ignoring all the signs of her mental health dwindling and her PTSD. But their shaming her for how she’s choosing to handle it when all of them have been there.

Now if they didn’t want her in their life then fine, that’s up to them, but at least give her a choice, instead of saying you’re sending her to the mountains for her own good, because in what world is that even remotely true.

The synopsis itself even says her and Cassian are training in battle together to defend the night court which means that this isn’t about helping her, but because they need something from her (which alright in some cases I can see how giving Nesta a task may help her, however considering she has war PTSD sending her into open battle again when she hasn’t even recovered from the last one seems extremely dangerous)

But let’s look at the camp itself. Now I’m not going to be biased against the Illyrians because I feel like there’s more to them then meets the eye. But the first time Nesta arrived at that camp, her greeting there was not the best, they assume she’s a witch and Devlone even states to keep her away from the women and children, And Feyre has heard about what these camps are like. She’s not oblivious to their issues. But we’re forgetting one major thing that could put Nesta’s life at risk there, besides the fact that they think she’s a witch.

Now in ACOWAR, Nesta had saved Cassian from the cauldron blast. (One of my favorite scenes between them tbh) but when you really think about it there are consequences to every action, yes, Nesta saved Cassian from the cauldron blast, but did not have time to want him about the other Illyrian warriors, almost all of them besides Cassian had died, and there will be people at that camp in particular who will remember that, who will be questioning why Cassian lived and why Nesta gets to keep him/ have him when so many of their loved ones died, (another reason she may be pushing him away, self hatred is a powerful thing) and people may try to harm her because of it…. because she was trying to save Cassian’s life. And you know she regrets the loss of those lives. It may even be apart of her war PTSD as well. So not only do these men hate Cassian, but they’ll hate Nesta as well and they’ll constantly be having to watch each other’s back,

Add all this and the painting thing (Elain, fine, but Their dad who was too little too late, who let them starve nearly to death and was the reason why all this happened to Feure in the first place? I tell you the most unrealistic part of this series is that everyone blames Nesta who was a literal child at the time more than they blame the father and then turn back around and wonder why Nesta doesn’t like them. ) and it’s just too much for me not to dislike Feyre for choosing this course of action. ACOSF may change my mind and who knows maybe SJM has a great story between these two in mind, but if Nesta gets severely brutalized/ tortured due to Feyre abusing her power and exhilibg her I’ll be pissed,

57 notes

I  absolutely HATE the fact that Nesta, our Nesta who never backs down from a fight, who never lets anyone talk shit about her or belittle her, not once but twice was degraded by Morrigan for absolutely no reason. She was soo messed up in Cassian’s love that she didn’t defend herself . She let Morrigan debase her because of Cassian, because of that stupid triangle.

90 notes

You can’t argue with someone’s opinion using your own opinion; you argue using counter evidence.

I see this alot with nesta where they use things like Nesta isn’t a strong woman she is just mean. Like that isn’t evidence to a point it is a point you have to prove with evidence from the text.

I see this alot.

Everyone can have there own opinion and just post it to vent, that’s different but if you’re going to make an argument you have to actually use examples from the text or instances. Then there is when someone makes assumptions about motivations and act like it is fact/evidence when it really is just another point to be proven. I see this specifically when people talk about Nesta’s motivations in the cabin (which is actually explained in the text multiple times).

I also hate when someone acknowledges what is cannon in the text and then goes to say they don’t like that explanation and it doesn’t make sense to them so they create their own.

That is one thing I can say about alot of people in the fandom is that they actually do look for quotes and use examples from things that actually happened in the text. Going so far as too write literature analysis essays.

This is different when it comes to moral debates, that focus on the question Should they have done this? Vs debates that center around the who, what, when, where, why, and how. In these instances, again you can’t use your opinion as fact but alot of these arguments never come to a conclusion because they are debating claims instead of a yes or no question.

Instead of Mor is a bad person because she won’t formally reject Azriel, The argument is Does Mor owe Azriel a formal rejection? Instead of Nesta is being mean to Cassian, Does Nesta owe Cassian kindness? Maybe this part is just a personal preference cause I have to admit, I have gotten into online debates where after a while we both realize were arguing in defense of two related but different points.

51 notes

At this point cassian owns nesta

35 notes

Tamlin not knowing how to deal with Feyres trauma is Feyre not knowing how to deal with Nestas

7 notes

Friendly Reminder

Nesta didn’t have her period ever since she was made fey , and now she’ll endure the most painful experience in the camps.

65 notes

I just read a post that said Nesta and Elain add nothing to the story, and nothing would change if they were removed. Elain I sort of agree with that with, since a lot of her role is a tag-along. Nesta… no, there would be major plot points that would not play out if you removed her, including (but not limited to):

- encouraging Feyre to go after what she believes is right in ACOTAR

- helping Feyre and the bat boys with the human queens in ACOMAF (that took up most of the book btw)

- the entire ending of ACOMAF

- convincing the High Lords to participate in the war during the meeting in ACOWAR

- realizing the wall had fallen in ACOWAR

- using her a scrying abilities to glean information about Hybern in ACOWAR

- killing Hybern in ACOWAR

Listen, I get Feyre is the main perspective, but that does not mean other characters who you personally do not like are automatically less important, especially when there’s clear evidence to contradict it. Your in Feyre’s perspective, but her story is a solely a story of romance as it centers primarily around her relationships and healing from relationships. Nesta’s perspective centers around her being thrust into a world that she doesn’t want to and being forced to help in maintaining peace and her story is a story of war and loss. Elain’s perspective is the story of an observer.

31 notes

I have often thought that Nesta’s power isn’t death

First, because Feyre is convinced it is death. And When has Feyre ever been known to truly get her sister?

Second, it was said at one point that Nesta took from the cauldron everything it had taken from her. It is assumed she got the death powers because it had killed her but in reality the cauldron was also giving her life, a new life.

Third, I think often because if Nesta’s bluntness and brutality in conversation it is thought that she is similar to death. But no we know she is sensitive and caring behind her outer wall. She is life and creation more than death and killing

Fourth, just because the bone carver heard of Nests dosent mean she is death. She could be deaths greatest enemy - life

Nesta is life she is creation she is a new beginning

76 notes

Sit down,” Rhys snarled.

Amren’s silver eyes glowed, a small remnant of the terrible power she’d once wielded.  “They  are  when  you  spend  that  many  of  our  gold  marks  on  wine  and garbage.”

I said flatly, “Come to Solstice and I’ll make sure it’s delivered.“

“Well,  everyone  else  is.  Perhaps  you  can  find  it  in  yourself  to  try  a  little harder for my happy little circle. .”

She snarled softly, “What are you looking at?” Cassian’s brows rose—little amusement to be found now. “Someone who let her youngest sister risk her life every day in the woods while she did nothing. Someone who let a fourteen-year-old child go out into that forest, so close to the wall.”

“ Nesta’s throat bobbed. “Please.” I didn’t think I’d ever heard that word from her mouth. “Please—do not leave us to face this alone.”

Never again would she be weak

Never again would she be at someone’s mercy.

133 notes

Cassian and Nesta were not ready to die together. Nesta was ready to die for him and with him, Cassian was gonna die any ways

Just a reminder.

169 notes