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silverflameataraxia · a day ago
Nesta never knew what it meant to be loved until she Made the House of Wind.
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daybreakmusings · 3 months ago
So tired of the “Nesta has hurt and wronged so many people” narrative because who are they talking about? 
A case can be made for both Feyre and Cassian, sure. While a similar case can be made for their treatment towards her. But that’s literally it. 
Rhysand? Please
Morrigan? Get over yourself
Elain? Out of the question
Azriel? Of course not
Amren? I. Wish.
Nesta isn’t the monster you all have made her out to be and she always delivers what she has been served. Treat her with respect and she will treat you accordingly. 
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faeriebambula · a month ago
“Rhysand really gave this sword to me of his own free will?” Nesta asked Cassian the next morning as they hiked the mossy, rock-strewn side of the towering mountain known as the Prison.
The sword is literally hers. The fact that she even asks this is ridiculous. You can't read this book and say everything was for her own good when she was just being controlled the whole time. She shouldn't be shocked that she can have the sword she made. She shouldn't have information about her own body kept from her. She shouldn't be forced to train or work in the library.
Rhysand isn't allowed to have a say in anything concerning her or her belongings.
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belle-keys · 2 months ago
hey yall remember when tamlin locked feyre in the mansion and it was correctly acknowledged as abuse and then when the inner circle locked nesta in the house of wind and that was suddenly not abuse cus same
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too-manybooks · 3 months ago
Ok but…when Eris makes Nesta high lady the power of the ‘high lord’ also slams into her because she is truly his equal and their court respects her independently of her relationship to the high lord…unlike a different couple 👀
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a-court-of-messy-break-ups · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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generalpeachyboots · 3 months ago
Everytime I start liking Cassian I remember he gifted freaking lingerie to m/or and no I don't care if she requested that gift not to mention he already suspected Nesta was his mate. AND THIS WAS NEVER ADDRESSED.
Oh and he considers m/or his sister now. Quoting Eris here "that they have tradition of f*cking their sisters" like what the ewww
Screw cassian.
I am salty about Acosf all over again.
Nesta deserved so much more 🤧
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an-angrygod · 3 months ago
Court of dreamers? More like court of brainwashing depressed women and changing their personality because you didn’t like who they were before.
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worldsnotsaid · 3 months ago
I am going to rant about the intervention for the thousandth time because I've seen some horrible takes on it, and I literally cannot believe I even have to debate the topic as much as I do.
To start, what Feyre and Rhys did to Nesta (locking her up in the House of Wind) is the same exact thing Tamlin did.
I've already covered this in this post and I compare the two scenes here.
But I feel like this insistence on trying to justify the same exact action is almost crazy. And I'm tempted to say that Feyre's variation of this is much worse than Tamlin's scene.
In context--not assumptions, not the conclusions drawn via said actions--but the actual context of the scene in which Tamlin is locking Feyre inside of the mansion is that he's literally going to fight Hybern at the border; Feyre wants to go, is even thinking about sneaking out after Tamlin leaves.
Feyre is untrained, mentally unstable, and can barely stand the presence of other people--so Tamlin deems his opinion as more "valid," and makes the decision to lock her up after she declares, against better judgment, that she's going to go and fight despite all of the factors against her. Now, is Feyre acting rationally, prob not, but is she entitled to her own opinions, actions, and bodily autonomy—yes. I say this strictly as a basis on the comparison--Tamlin is still a dickbag, but he didn't just decide to lock Feyre up when he woke up in the morning. Rhysand/Feyre had plans to lock Nesta up and had said plans on file for months, even though Nesta literally did her best to stay away from them. That doesn't sound crazy? He Rhysand threatened and used magic on her????? That sounds like love to yall??? We would have Tamlin's balls on the stake if he even remotely tried anything even close to that during his similar scene. I also think that Feyre should have had the right to chose to be able to train or not to train. Her choice is the thing being taken away. But, Rhysand having a “plan” to control Nesta for months, to “control” her to make Feyre happy is wild. It is abuse. Nesta has not been in contact—has repeatedly made clear she does not want to be part of the court or family. And If Feyre didn’t want Nesta using her money, cutting her off would have been fine. No one argues that—everything that follows is not. If Nesta is doing court business, risking her life—she should be paid. If she is working in the Library—she should be paid. And if Nesta is in rehabilitation, she should not have been repeatedly gaslit and asked to go on life-threatening, triggering missions because the head monarch decided to get knocked up on the verge of another war. That’s not Nesta’s problem. Rhysand planning this undermines the entire purpose of the intervention, because it proves that he was just waiting for the opportunity to “tame” her.
But fast forward and we have Nesta, in the same exact position. She's mentally unstable, untrained, and can barely stand the presence of other people. But Nesta does not want to fight. She does not want to be around Feyre or her family and makes the point of staying away from them. Feyre deems her opinion as more valid and makes the decision to lock Nesta up in the house of wind. More concerning--the context of the scene, of the actual intervention, not the conclusions being drawn-- is that Feyre finds Nesta embarrassing and hard to control. That is the reason Nesta is given. Not that she is loved, but that she is an embarrassment. Nesta saying she does not want to train and Feyre forcing her to do exactly that is the same thing as Tamlin. Also....Nesta never actually trains her powers. The whole intervention is staged under the guise that Nesta needs to train her magic/control her magic.....but she never actually does that. Cassian just teaches her how to be a warrior. But no tine is actually taming the very thing she was locked up for. Then, after putting no effort into training, they continuously make her go on missions where she has to use the power. And all three times, it triggered her. Say what you want—but those nine months Nesta stayed away, she did a good job of controlling her power. She never had an accident, and worked through her trauma of the tub ALONE. But again, Nesta is never trained with her magic. Feyre and Rhys just send her on court-mandated missions where she is sexually assaulted, nearly murdered, and unpaid. Like....I can't even make this shit up. Nesta is not a part of the court, nor does she want to be, how the fuck is she the one risking her life? They do this knowing she cannot control her magic and there actions literally make Nesta triggered to the point where she almost destroys herself.
And...Feyre is given the same kind of "choice” as Nesta :she is given the option to go on a ride with the sentries, or to go with Ianthe. None of those choices are what Feyre wants. Nesta is given the choice to die in the mortal lands, or go to jail (using a law that doesn’t exist as Nesta isn’t even a paid member of the court). The problem in Feyre’s tactics is that they truly aren’t choices. At the very least Feyre’s options are viable, normal options. If she chose to around the Spring Court with sentries..she would have had that option. If she chose to go with Ianthe and travel with her she would have had that option. Feyre literally tells Nesta that she’d tie her down and ship her to the HOW—she literally undermined any idea of choice. Because Feyre reveals there’s either her way or no way.
It's shitty, but the way stans try to differentiate between Nesta and Feyre's situations by pulling the "Feyre gave Nesta a choice and Tamlin didn't" bullshit forget that just because there is an illusion of a choice happening doesn't make it any less abuse. Nesta's choice was a prison, death in the mortal lands, or submitting to her whims. Even Cassian admits that Nesta would most likely face death in the mortal lands and doesn't even consider that a choice. That's...crazy.
Both situations are bad and abusive. But, I’m literally sick to my stomach at the arguent that Feyre’s actions were somehow different or justifiable against Tamlin. That “they might seem different on the surface but they’re really not” because the ARE the same. I’d argue that Feyre’s is even worse from a narrative standpoint, because it’s a breaking of her own values, of the core lesson of her own experiences.
We can argue that Tamlin and Feyre love the ones they locked up—but their actions manifested in the same, abusive manner. Love isn’t a explanation or justification for abuse.
Both are done under the guise of love and protection--but both scenes are written nearly exactly the same. Even then the intervention is more so done under the reason of public image than protection.
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nestasgalpal · 4 months ago
Emerie x Mor is for me the worst ship of all. In the first place, what's the point of introducing new characters to give Nesta a place in the world and a found family of her own, if they are all going to end up mingling with the IC?
But the biggest problem for me comes from the implications relationship-wise for every character. Because Mor and Nesta not only don't get along, but Mor has insulted her unprovoked, and literally wished death upon her. Mor has compared Nesta to her abusers and claimed that Nesta deserved to spend the rest of her life suffering what she went through in the Court of Nightmares. We are talking about an experience so traumatic, Mor is still suffering from the aftermath of it.
And she did everything in her hand to make sure Nesta was put in that spot. When she didn't get what she wanted, she still went ahead and told Nesta she had tried, and that, if it had been in her hands, that would have been her destiny.
Mor is obsessed with Nesta and with harming her.
Throughout the entirety of ACOSF, Nesta had to deal with accepting that the people who allegedly loved her were simultaneously friends with people who got as far as to threaten her life. Feyre gave Rhys a reprimand for that, but it was all forgotten after they had sex and Nesta accepted that such behavior from him would have no real.-life repercussions, she would have to deal with it.
Same thing with Cassian at that exact point. Cassian has heard him trash her, threaten her life multiple times and use his power over her. But he never draws a line in the sand and lets him know that it is unacceptable, he never defends her. When she calls Rhys an asshole, Cassian snaps at her, as if she had no reason to despise him.
The IC is supposed to have this ideal friendship dynamic going on, but in reality, they are all the type of friends who won't cut off people who straight-up bully you because "well, they haven't done anything to me." They are the kind of friends to make you feel that you have to stand this behavior, and refusing to is toxic. Like you are the problem.
And it doesn't affect only Nesta. Even Mor, who is part of the "dream team" suffers the consequences of this dynamic: Azriel has been a creep with her, not really engaging in conversations, not being an actual friend to her, only waiting for Mor to fall in love with him because he wishes it oh so dearly. It's come so far that she had to develop this weird sex-atmosphere with Cassian, although none of them feel that type of interest in one another, so Az will keep his distance. She has been so desperate to push him away that, according to her own confession to Feyre, she sometimes sleeps with males to keep Azriel away.
She owes him no explanation, she very clearly doesn't want to give him one, and nobody pushes her to. But everyone in the IC knows how she feels, sees what he does, and allow his creepy behavior to happen. Because that love Az just as much. So for them, it doesn't matter that Mor is being forced to build her life and relationships around Az against her better interest, they won't help her and call him out... because he is a friend of them as well, and he doesn't bother anyone else with his obsessive crush.
The Valkyries have such a great friendship, such a strong bond that we saw be forged, that I need them to do better. Nesta deserves better than the friendship quality Emerie x Mor can offer her. I need Emerie to find out what Mor has said about and to Nesta, what she has done t her, and call it quits. I need someone to actually have their loved ones' back and stand firm.
Maybe they can be the example for everyone else.
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amchapel · 19 days ago
i hate people who use their own sibling relationships to justify hating nesta because "me and my siblings would never treat one another like that"
like bestie. i hate to break it to you.
but some families... (wait for it) are dysfunctional (surprise!) after being wracked by poverty and grief (surprise again!!) and mental health issues and addiction (surprise!! again!!)
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silverflameataraxia · a month ago
I don't understand why this fandom thinks the characters who were abused as children and grow up to suffer from depression and self-loathing somehow need to be "redeemed".
Chaol, Nesta, Azriel, and Eris don't need redemption. This fandom just hates them because they actually show symptoms of abuse and signs of mental health issues. God forbid.
These characters don't need a redemption. They need to heal from the abuse that no one shielded them from and learn to love themselves.
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daybreakmusings · 2 months ago
Very confused as to how Nesta supposedly failed Feyre when Feyre was never her responsibility?
 How was Nesta supposed to protect Feyre when she couldn’t even protect herself? Why isn’t this acknowledged? Why is Nesta expected to take on the role of Feyre’s father or mother and why is Feyre letting this narrative continue?
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faeriebambula · 4 months ago
What did Nesta ever do to Mor to make her so bitter?
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belle-keys · 3 months ago
sjm connecting all of her separate fantasy worlds through portals and shit and making cc3 a "crossover story" is literally the most obnoxious and half-assed form of storytelling I can think of
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nestaswhore · 4 months ago
when nesta ends up with cassian who has barely had any nice things to say about her ever but helion spell-cleaver, high lord of day, practically shimmered with golden light when told that nesta was waiting for him✨
we could’ve had that day court thousand libraries nesta healing arc and mr spell-cleaver himself teaching nesta to control those deadly powers of hers but … at least we got cassian saying nesta’s boobs were big and perfect even when she was starving herself!
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acourtofhottakes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
me every time i see anyone post nesta content in general acotar discussion groups
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lyzriel · 4 months ago
“At the sound of Mor’s voice, Cassian snatched his hand back and pivoted.”
my villain origin story🔪🔪🔪
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xstarlightsupremex · 4 months ago
Can you imagine how different ACOMAF would have felt if Rhysand told Feyre that not eating wouldn’t bring back the dead fae she killed UTM.
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rose-in-a-graveyard · 8 days ago
Nesta COVERED herself over Cassian when Hybern was about to kill him. She was prepared to die with him. Defends Cassian whenever any one talks down to him cause of his bastard born status.
But my man can’t defend her when Mor said she belonged in the court of nightmares, Amren calls her a waste of space, or Rhys saying he is going to fucking kill her. I thought males were protective of their mate, so clearly Cassian should have beat the shit out of Rhysand??
Cassian was kind to Feyre when she needed help. Was patient and listened to what she wanted and needed. With Nesta, it was the complete opposite. He was cruel to her. Not to mention he literally said he was shackled to her?? Really those are the words that come out of his mouth?
When everyone in the IC was mean to Nesta, he did nothing. He just stood by and even agreed?? He acted like a big baby when Nesta wanted space and threw a tantrum. She owes you nothing.
Nesta deserves better
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