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#nesta is a queen
vmiae · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
⚔️ Nesta Archeron ⚔️
I’ve been wanting to re-draw the two illustrations I’ve made of Nesta and Elain, and then add Feyre to it since I’ve never drawn the third sister! I think this re-draw looks A LOT better than the original, and I’m so happy with it. 🥺 plus Nesta as a Valkyrie? Hell yeah! 🦋⚔️✨
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junipersuns · 12 days ago
Just finished ACOSF and it’s safe to say that I
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nestaenthusiast · 14 days ago
My general opinions on Acosf
This book really broke my heart. I was really enjoying acosf until about the last ten chapters. That’s when it started to dawn on me that Nesta was never going to learn to love herself. She deeply hated herself in the beginning of the series and deeply hated herself in the end. Except now it was masked by “I’m going to fight to deserve their love”. That is seriously fucked up. In acomaf, Feyre extremely hated who she was but by the end she learned to love all the parts of herself. The good and the ugly. But for some reason Nesta can’t because in the past she made some mistakes and wasn’t an amazing person when she was battling ptsd and depression???? I’m not even gonna get started about the ending with her father. Her father neglected her therefore abusing his children. She had every right to hate his guts even if his sisters didn’t. It just really infuriates me that Nesta spent the entire book hating who she was and in the end she basically just accepted that she was a terrible person (when she isn’t) and she had to earn the love of those around hers. You don’t need to earn or fight for love. And it just really broke my heart because I have always connected so much to Nesta. In fact when I read the first couple chapters of acotar, I recognized so much of myself in her that I started to treat my own family better. And I have struggled with almost the same mental health journey as her, with numbing my emotions and hating myself. So this book really poured salt on a lot of wounds for me because I felt like if Nesta couldn’t learn to love herself, then how can I?
That is just my two cents on acosf. Sorry if I went too deep on y’all.
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sareyesj · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
I made this bitches repost and tag #ginaournesta around social media! we must get Sarah's attention!!
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bookommendation · 21 days ago
I recently finished ACOFS and I am once again totally obsessed with the series. Like everyone else, I am very excited to see what the next book will bring, so I wanted to share a few of my theories.
The book will focus on Elain: 
- I imagine this to be similar to both Feyre and Nesta’s books, with an Archeron having the main POV and the loves interests also getting some scenes. I feel like the secondary POVs will go to Azriel and Lucien (possibly with a bonus Gwyn POV scene).
- I think that SJM would definitely want to finish telling the Archeron sisters’ stories before moving onto any other character. Similarly, the bat boys (who, in their own rights, are brothers) would have their stories prioritized. Now that we have Feysand and Nessian done, the only ones left and Elain and Azriel.
- Now, let’s think about Lucien for a second. I’ve already deduced that Elain and Az would be focused on, but Lucien is also simply too important. He is Elain’s mate, something that should not be taken lightly in SJM’s world. Lucien will definitely need a POV for Elain’s relationships to develop.
- Gwyn might get a bonus scene, like the one we got in ACOFS from Feyre and Azriel (now that I think about it, we might even get another Nessian chapter for the next book!). Already, Gwynriel is becoming a super popular couple. It would make sense for SJM to eventually make the ship come true, especially with the cute scene we got in ACOFS.
Possible relationships:
- This topic is highly debatable, but I want to touch on it. SJM has stated that we have already met Elain’s love interest and that she thinks the next book’s main characters were pretty obvious by the end of ACOFS. I will be breaking down the possible relationships into three parts and analyze how they might work.
- Elriel: Elain and Azriel sound like they would make sense. Three brothers with three sisters. Even Az commented on this himself. But, personally, I am still doubtful. It would feel too convenient for Az to end up with Elain, especially when he still has lingering attchments to Mor. The bonus ACOFS scene showed that he is more in love with the idea of having Elain (or a mate) than Elain herself. He is simply jealous of his brothers, cementing his lack of self-worth. Then again, I understand why people would ship Elriel. They would be that cute, soft couple with beautiful gardens. But I’m still not going to go all the way and claim myself to be an Elriel shipper.
- Elucien: SJM loves mates. Almost all the couples that end up together in her books are mates and have extremely close bonds. But, fundamentally, mates are just used to produce the strongest offspring. Mating bonds can, in fact, be rejected. Lucien has gone through so, so much and I honestly think that he deserves some break and true love. Elain rejecting their bond would be awfully cruel to him, and I could not see her doing so. She is still kind and tries to avoid Azriel whenever Lucien is around. But then again, SJM may want to prove that not all mates are meant to be. I am conflicted on this relationship as well. On one hand, Lucien finally getting excepted by his mate and not being thrown away like he always is would be absolutely wonderful. On the other hand, Elain has shown no interest whatsoever on Lucien. I will say that that I prefer Elucien to Elriel, but I trust that I will fall for whatever ship SJM decides on.
- Gwynriel: Ever since Gwyn was introduced, this has become an increasingly popular ship, and I get why. Many theorize Gwynriel to be mates and reference the bonus scene. It definitely sounds nice, but I would like to see more interactions between Gwyn and Az before actually shipping them. It will be exciting to see new developments in the next book!
Dusk Court/The Prison:
- The Eighth Court, Dusk, being The Prison is actually a super popular theory that I wholeheartedly agree with. Seven is an uneven number, and Dusk is clearly missing from the courts. The visions that Nesta saw with the Harp might have been the court getting destroyed and becoming The Prison. This is further proven by the Pegasus being thought to have come from The Prison’s island (perhaps they would play a role in leading back to the Dusk Court). The whole event would have taken place long before written records and was forgotten over time.
- Elain would be the one to reopen the Dusk Court and save its people (somehow). I personally think that the Fourth Trove, which is heavily hinted to exist, is hidden somewhere within the fallen court. We should not underestimate Elain, especially since she was Made by the Cauldron and still retains her power. Her visions will most likely return sometime during her book and become useful. It would be cool to see the full capacity of her sight, especially after getting back into the right mental state. The plot will only thicken and stakes will only go higher as the series progresses. However, I do not see Elain as the High Lady of the Dusk Court, though it is definitely a possibility to keep in mind.
Nesta the High Queen:
- This is a kind of a crackpot theory, but I really wanted to share. Nesta has been described again and again as a queen without a throne. After learning a bit more about her and seeing her skills being sharpened, Nesta seemed to have had the power to conquer the world. Her powers, however, were sacrificed for Feyre, Rhys, and Nyx at the end of the novel. Only a tiny bit remained, being preserved by the favour of the Mother herself. I still can’t help but wonder, however, what roles Nesta might play with all her talents in the future.
- Once, there was a High King. He was said to have united Prythian and brought great peace. Although Rhys would have been a contender, he immediately refused to even consider the position. But Nesta is a wolf, one that is seemingly born to rule. She has the power of Death. I can’t help but wonder if she could kill the true immortals, earning her respect and an offer to become queen. This is a far stretch, but I hope that my queen will become a true High Queen one day. 
Quick predictions:
- Friends: Like Nesta, I think that Elain will get her own found family! My theory is that she gets close with Nuala and Cerridwen (Feyre’s handmaidens). Maybe she will even find a home with a beautiful garden to call home.
- Portal through the worlds: I remember seeing one post mentioning that only two of the three Night Court peaks had spaces underneath. Ramiel is the exception, and I feel like this could be significant. Perhaps Ramiel is a portal to the other worlds (but to be honest, I just want to see a ToG, CC, and ACOTAR crossover).
- Descendants: There is a small bit about a Fae warrior who confined Koshei (I think?) with only a human line left somewhere. I’ve seen a theory about the Archeron sisters being that human (now Fae) line, and I like this idea.
- Evil Elain: I saw this on TikTok and personally feel like it’s a bit crazy. Basically, someone came up with the idea of Elain working with Greyson, her former fiancee, to wipe out the Fae. The theory stems from lots of people thinking that Elain is overly plain. The possibility of an evil Elain will most likely be slim, especially since Elain is a main character on the ‘good’ side.
- Lightsinger: I haven’t read much on this theory yet, but it is about Gwyn being possessed by Merrill, along with a recreation of Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid. I’m pretty sure this also involves Elriel as endgame as well. Though it does sound like a pretty big stretch, it will be interesting if this actually happens.
- How the book starts: Honestly, this is more of a wish more than anything else. Nessian is my OTP and, unfortunately, we were robbed of their mating ceremony in ACOFS. My theory is that the next book begins with the ceremony!
Tumblr media
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readiajin · 22 days ago
I need ideas, what are names for Nessian’s daughter???
I can’t stop picturing her as looking like Nesta except growing up taller, having darker skin, Cassian’s smile, and rivaling Cassian as the greatest Illyarian warrior while staring her enemies down with her chin raised and her own I will slay my enemies look
Also any artists want to capture this?
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“Seu poder é uma música, e eu esperei muito, muito tempo para ouvir, Nestha”
— Corte de Chamas Prateadas, Sarah J. Maas
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cami-reads · 25 days ago
I just think it’s funny how Nesta is the one to be constantly described to be a „queen without a throne“ and all, but Feyre and Elain are the ones who end up High Lady. I mean, it’s pretty clear that Elain will end up with Lucien, because when has s/jm ever let two mates NOT end up together. And because Lucien is heir to the Day court and will probably be High Lord one day, he would surely make Elain his High Lady. Meanwhile, Nesta lives in Velaris and... leads a unit of Valkyries? FOR THE NIGHT COURT? Yeah... that doesn’t sit right with me.
If you have different thoughts, let me know! I‘d be interested.
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sareyesj · 28 days ago
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Inner Circle when they find out Nesta is pregnant
Rhys: *breaks down crying* I- Cass. Oh my God, I'm gonna be an uncle. Az tell me I'm not hearing things. Cass is gonna be a father. Nyx's gonna be an older brother..... *continues to cry*
Azriel: *silently crying and trying to speak* Cass.. Cass, Nesta she- Uncle me. OH MY GOD!
Amren: About damn time girl. *grinning mischievously* Nyx is gonna be a great older brother!
Mor (has not yet recovered from Nyx): I am gonna die from happiness. Cass, Oh My God Nesta is pregnant.*sits down from shock*
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stardustandpuremagic · a month ago
Tumblr media
I just HAD to share this beautiful fanart of Nesta I found on Pinterest, all credits go to the creator of this masterpiece
As beautiful as a winter sunrise...
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I just realized the whole thing of Rhysand not wanting Azriel to be with Elain is stupid because LUCIENS NOT EVEN BERONS SON! He’s not apart of the autumn court- and rhys knows this.
So what’s with the plot inconsistencies Sarah?
Tumblr media
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I feel like sjm is going pull the wandavision stunt of killing off Elian and cassian. In a way nesta is very similar to Wanda. I think Lucien and Elian are like Romeo and Juliet. Cassian is just a weight. He’s just keeping nesta cage up from her full potential. In a live interview sjm said it’s the beginning nesta journey and that she have an important role in the future. Nesta needs leave the night court because it’s holding her back her true self.
Nesta needs to leave the night court period. She doesn’t belong there, in a good way. Maybe Cassian can like buy them a house and Nesta can be there and live her life how she wants and not by what or what doesnt embarrass feyre 😀😀
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Do you think after this standalone book series. That Sjm is going to write a whole new Book series in the world of a court thorns and roses. Sjm said that nesta will have a important role in the future and that her journey has just begin.
It confirmed she will, it’s most likely gonna be abt Azriel and Gywn and Elain. Ngl ACOSF kinda ruined the series for me- I’ll continue reading it but bitch was way to long, to many sex scenes, and not enough fluff. Nessian didn’t even snuggle? What the actual f u c k
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I honestly this nesta deserved better then Cassian all I saw was lust not love from him
I agree- I didn’t get butterflies from them like I did with Feysand in ACOTAR. It was all rushed and I get it’s new adult, Sarah, but we don’t need fifty scenes of Nesta sucking Cassian dick- like I get it- plus I read that in a church and yes I am traumatized.
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