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From now until February 16 I am dedicating myself to my ACSF analyses. I have waited too long and the only way to keep myself from tearing down the world to get my hands on my copy is writing about one of my favorite women. Just a warning.

Also, if you don’t like Nesta: I am so excited for you to backpedal.

2 notes

With this new scene coming out for ACOSF I feel like we need to clarify a few things.. please reply with your thoughts!! FYI I’m a Nesta Stan.

- So many of you are saying Mor has CENTURIES of trauma at Eris’s hands- Eris hasn’t done anything to her except leave her in the woods when he found her and insult when he sees her..

- I don’t think Mor and cassian ever really had feelings for each other. Mor had sex with the lowest born fae she could find to soil herself so Eris wouldn’t marry her which is a HUGE insult to Cassian btw .. at least that’s how I read it. Did she deserve what her family did? No. But it wasn’t Eris’s fault. I do think Mor did what she did because she thought it was her her way out of that marriage. Also of course Cass had sex with her when she asked.. what young male wouldn’t!?

- Nesta isn’t a terrible person. Siblings are terrible to each other. Doesn’t mean they don’t love each other and wouldn’t do anything to help one another. We don’t see enough of their interactions in their cottage to actually know how they were together. I feel like most of you who think she’s so terrible don’t have siblings and haven’t had those interactions.

- I can’t stand the whole Mor Az and Cass dynamic. Like what is happening there. Why aren’t more ppl mad about the fact that Mor is leading on Az (when she knows he loves her) for like 100s of years just to cover up the fact that she’s LGBT to her closest friends? I’m not gay so maybe I don’t understand this situation but it seems pretty messed up. We can also see that most of the IC knows that Cass and Nesta prolly are mates and shes straight up trying to prevent their interactions.. idk so annoying!

- Nesta is clearly depressed and doesn’t value herself. I truly think she’s mean to Cass because she feels like her presence in his life is bad for him and like she feels like she’s not worthy of him or the rest of her family and their friends. I have a friend who gets depressed and we have to constantly remind her how much we want her around and how she’s worthy of our friendship.

- Everyone in this book has done awful things. Does that mean they don’t deserve a family, support, someone who loves them!? No!!! Stop saying ppl don’t deserve love just because they are mean to someone. The IC is mean to pretty much everyone but themselves but everyone is happy for them..

-I am not a huge fan of Rhys. The shit he has done is FUCKED UP. Yes He did most of it to survive but it was still horrible. I’m still glad that he and his family are happy and thriving even if he’s an ass to Nesta for her “making Feyre suffer” Nothing Nesta has done to Feyre is as bad as what Rhys has done so why does he get a pass in this fandom? I feel like it’s because Nesta is a chick who happens to be a bitch.

- Nesta hasn’t made Feyre suffer! She was a child when their Mom died and their dad checked out It wasn’t her responsibility to care for everyone! IT WAS HER FATHERS! She wanted to died to make her father care, that’s how messed up she was over it! How can all you be so mad at her for that??

- please tell me we are going to see Feyre stick up for Nesta when Rhys is being an ass to her. I have two brothers and some shit has gone down between us but I would never let my husband insult them. It’s one of those things where I can say WTF ever I want about my brothers but you keep your mouth shut types of things. I’m hoping she feels the same about her sisters.

- Cass said to Nesta he couldn’t understand why her sisters love her. Ouch man. As someone who sometimes struggles to understand why ppl love me as much as they do, this would be really hard for me to hear. Why would you say that to someone who you are in love with and then try to give them a gift!? Wtf Cass!? I hope we hear how that affected her and see how they move forward with that. ( he prolly didn’t mean it and was trying to hurt her but he really hit his mark on that one. Wrong thing to say to an OBVIOUSLY depressed person.)

- that dance scene though!!! Ugh I hope Eris is into nesta. I THINK lady therion has a fic (a court of wind and flame) where he is and I AM HERE FOR IT. Let Cass be jealous. I love it! I am intrigued by Eris and think he is the same as Rhys. Acts like a scary huge dick to protect himself and his fam but really is not as bad.

- I love Helion. I hope we get more of him and hopefully the lady of autumn!!! THEY BELONG TOGETHER.

Wow that was a lot. Rant over. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

2 notes

I know a lot of people are angry because the new teaser has got them worried about Nessian no longer being endgame (they are dw, SJM said this is a Nessian book), I’m actually very excited to learn more about Eris.

I’m not saying I love the guy but his past sounds so interesting. A lot of people are saying they hate him and cannot stand him for what he did to Mor and he is an abuser. That is perfectly valid. However, I think he’s an interesting character and I am excited to learn about him from a new perspective because who knows? Also, I think he can potentially help Nessian find their way together.

Here’s to not judging a book by its cover (even though it ain’t cute) or it’s teasers! Let’s go in with positive thoughts xx

32 notes

The two years of waiting for ACOSF have been so toxic on everyone in this fandom. I know it’s been a really tough and long road, and I think because it took so long a lot of negativity developed. 

People had more time to look really deep into the dialogue of the previous books, deeper than I think even SJM has, because a lot of people realized that many parts of the books were super toxic, which I don’t think was her intention. 

I hope once this book comes out that things will change and we can all be more acceptable and understanding of one another.

35 notes

I honestly can imagine Cassian being speechless after seeing Nesta waltz and complimenting her for hours, thinking (OR TELLING HER) about how beautiful and talented she is and how he didn’t know she could dance so well. And it would make Nesta blush and mutter a little “thank you”.


Please somebody write a one-shot like this. I NEED IT.

20 notes

When the cover was revealed for ACOSF we were all like “this looks like Luciens book cover”

More like


76 notes

Okay so I thought the colors for ACOSF cover were butt ugly (I still do), but I got to thinking about Nesta and Eris. Nesta is silver and Eris is flame. Silver flames. And what was on Nestas chest of drawers?? Flames.

I’m not saying their mates… but maybe they end up being a huge pair in ACOSF. Not romantic or anything but Eris ends up being the unlikely alliance. I think Eris is going to be a huge character in this book.

52 notes

A truly lovely description of where Feyre and the Inner Circle decided would be a wonderful place for Nesta to find “purpose” and “heal.”


If this doesn’t show you how back-handed and self-serving sending Nesta to the Illyrian camps was, then I don’t know what will.

195 notes

Film/tv and books have always made the older siblings the protectors and leaders and selfless. Especially towards the eldest female characters. They are like second mother’s to their younger siblings. And anytime a character steps out of that stereotype, they are hated on. Especially the women. Because women are expected to give up everything for their family. I think that’s a huge reason why everyone hates Nesta so much. She steps out of that harmful stereotype; that women are caregivers and caregivers solely. She didn’t go into the woods where she could die. How fucking dare a child not do that?!?! It’s absolutely ridiculous how much older female siblings are expected to be mothers to the younger siblings. And they shouldn’t be expected to do that. And instead Feyre, the youngest steps into the sexist stereotype. It would be one thing if no sister hunted in the woods. We would all blame the father then. But when the youngest daughter does hunt and provide for the entire family, it’s a shock because it SHOULDVE been the oldest sister. NO!!! IT SHOULDVE BEEN THE FATHER!!!

172 notes

The only reason I’d want Nesta to train as an Illyrian warrior is if she chins Rhys. Absolutely decks him. Otherwise, I would like a heroine that’s more reliant on their intelligence and tactics than physical strength. Or her at least being a cool witch

41 notes

Rhysand once said to Feyre:

“Be glad of your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who don’t feel anything at all.

But that’s totally ironic considering how he can’t do this to Nesta.

Only recalling:

“You still can barely talk to Nesta,” I said. “Yet Elain you can talk to nicely.”

“Elain is Elain.”

If you blame one, you have to blame the other.”

No, I don’t. Elain is Elain,” he repeated. “Nesta is … she’s Illyrian. I mean that as a compliment, but she’s an Illyrian at heart. So there is no excuse for her behavior.

“She more than made up for it this summer, Rhys.”

I cannot forgive anyone who made you suffer.” Cold, brutal words, spoken with such casual grace.

Here we see how unsympathetic and unrelatable he can be when it comes to Nesta. He doesn’t give a damn about her and her grieving, the only reason why he barely tries to ensure she is receiving the money that they give her to the pay the bills and whatever stuff Nesta does is because of Feyre. And Feyre only.

Just to reiterate a thing I will never forget about:

“Nesta loosed a shuddering sigh and slid down the wall until she was sitting against it. Until she drew her knees to her chest and stared into the dimness. Still the silence raged and echoed around her. Still she felt nothing.

So don’t try to convince me that he is sending Nesta to Illyrian Camps for her own sake or even safety, because he doesn’t! Everything he seldom did or even do for Nesta is just because do Feyre and there is no pointing in denying the facts.

128 notes

Everytime I listen to “Feel” by FLETCHER I think of Nessian and I CAN’T HELP IT.


8 notes

I was reading comments in a acotar facebook group, and there were people saying that Nesta owes respect for Rhysand, since she did nothing for her sisters, while he “gave his life and blood to save everyone”.

What book those people read exactly?

7 notes

I  absolutely HATE the fact that Nesta, our Nesta who never backs down from a fight, who never lets anyone talk shit about her or belittle her, not once but twice was degraded by Morrigan for absolutely no reason. She was soo messed up in Cassian’s love that she didn’t defend herself . She let Morrigan debase her because of Cassian, because of that stupid triangle.

90 notes

I have to see Nesta letting her hair down. I don’t know why, but I need it. 

23 notes

The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen is a possible Nessian song. I will not be elaborating

6 notes