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#nesta stan
simpingfornestaarcheron · 51 minutes ago
Every day I tell myself not to check the Nesta Archeron tag and every day I do it anyway and find stuff that I wish I could unsee..  we have the old “Nesta is abusive” argument that I thought we had left back in 2020..then we have “Gwyn’s story didn’t need Nesta and she already kew Azriel because he saved her”.. honey if Nesta hand’t been there Gwyn would have stayed in the library, she wouldn’t have become a Valkyrie and she never would have seen Azriel again.. and finally “I would have been happier to see Cassian develop a relationship with an Illyrian female, like Emerie”.. umh Emerie is gay.. and Nesta is Cassian’s mate.. 
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notmewrongbitch · 2 hours ago
So... Is court mandatory therapy a real thing?
I saw it on HIMYM and I wanna know if it actually happens cause it gave me an idea for a Nessian Modern AU fanfic
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Only people with taste stan Nesta Archeron.
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feysandandnyx · 4 hours ago
There are people who say Nesta should have left Velaris as if it was really relevant whether she was there or not. Honey, to tell you the truth, she shouldn't even have gone to Feyre's court. I would be better off with this story if Feyre's abusive sisters were no longer part of his trajectory, on top of giving a headache that Feyre doesn't need. And even when Nesta could have left the city, she didn't because she was always a worthless one who always depended on Feyre, anyway. I would be more than happy to see a relationship being built between Cassian and an Illyriana, who could be Emerie. I am sure that Cassian's development and his relations with the Illyrians would have been much more satisfying instead of seeing him as a coach and sex toy for Nesta
Gwyn could still exist, not even her story would need Nesta, since she was in the House of Wind library anyway. Az already knew her because he saved her life and Lucien could be perfectly developed with Vassa. Did he see how it makes no difference? Without Nesta in Velaris, I would still have been spared Feyre's lousy pregnancy plot line, which was certainly something invented only for ACOSF 🤭
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kayla-2 · 5 hours ago
Remember nesta always had the option to leave velaris... the door was wide open. But we know she can’t part with Feyres money and security all her life so why stop now, I guess
Tumblr media
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nehemikkele · 7 hours ago
We're Back (Part 2 of We're Leaving)
Tumblr media
Velaris, River Palace, Morning, One Day After Nesta Returned From Illyria
Nesta and Rhysand
They were all there, in the study where Nesta had dramatically left twelve months ago. She thought to herself, what a difference this time. I don’t hate myself. I’ve got Cassian and we adore each other. We sisters are together. But there is a relationship I need to fix for all our sakes.
Nesta and Cassian stood side by side, resplendent in their fighting leathers, the perfect picture of strength and health. Nobody could fail to see the power that both of them exuded in the room. Yes, his liege lord and her younger sister had more magical power (although in Nesta’s case that was up for debate), but this couple was lethal. A swift slide of her eyes to the right saw Amren and Mor looking at them with respect and perhaps a little awe. The last year had seen Nesta mend and create their relationships in a slow, sometimes painful but completely honest way. She didn’t see herself as part of the Inner Circle and frankly had no interest in joining. The cause on which her mind was most focused was the plight of Illyrian females, and her friendship with Emerie had brought a distinctly personal element to it.
Everyone had visited Illyria since she had moved there, except Rhysand. Nesta had also mended her relationships with her sisters. That belonged solely to them and none of them brooked the slightest interference of others providing opinions as to how they spoke amongst themselves. Which had brought them to this point.
“You’re back and I understand that you both recognise the mating bond but haven’t accepted it,” rumbled Rhys, “I can’t say that I was ecstatic when I realised it wasn’t going away, that you wouldn’t reject him…” A soft snarl emerged from Cassian and Nesta gave a squeeze on their entwined fingers. I’ve got this. “However, it does seem to mark a fresh start for us. Perhaps it’s the end of the beginning.”
Nesta looked him in the eye, “You’re right in that it’s a fresh start. Two brothers with two sisters, one couple officially mated and one not. It’s either a recipe for disaster or something strong can emerge from this.” She paused, “Could we discuss this more privately? We have rather a lot to thrash out, but it’s for us to do this, not anyone else.” Rhys gestured to the window, “Shall we take a walk outside? I’ll put up a sound barrier if you prefer?” Nesta dipped her head in agreement and they both left the room walking side by side.
Outside the sun was shining and it was warm, with a welcoming breeze coming off the Sidra. They walked to a small, iron table which had two chairs with cushions placed next to it. Both sat down and looked at each other. Nesta started, “We’ve never seen eye to eye, largely because we started with prejudiced positions. I hated and feared Faeries and I believe you despised me because of what happened to Feyre in the cottage. I appreciate you always want to protect your mate, and I have started to acknowledge the same feelings for Cassian as well.” A nod from Rhys. “And our positions never changed, in fact got even worse over time. Our actions after the Hybern War, mainly my actions in pushing everyone away, solidified this position to almost a point of no return. But neither are you blameless, you could have done more to understand, or rather I think you understood all too well and didn’t want to look into that mirror again. The dark year in Velaris allowed the Inner Circle to despise me without any prospect of redemption. Except him. If the Cauldron hadn’t been mated me with Cassian, I have no doubt that I would be dead or enslaved in another Court. And I think the savage part of you would have been happy, no matter how hurt my sisters may have been.” Another nod from Rhys, this time slower. “Despite everything, I do love Elain and Feyre even if I struggle to show it in an …..orthodox manner. In a way which is acceptable to the rest of you. I’m not lightness and love, I’m dark, fierce and utterly loyal to those that I give my love to. It’s not easy, not wanting to show how I feel, but it was the only protection and choice I had left. Something which I know you’re fully aware of by your actions to keep Velaris safe when Amarantha had you in her clutches.”
Rhys sighed, “All of us have made sacrifices for those that we hold dear. You included Nesta, I’ve always seen that, especially by your valour in the Hybern War making yourself a target for the King.” He shook his head, “The essential nature of the Fae is primordial. We love and hate to extremes, so much so that the logical part of our mind is swamped by emotions. Even as I know we couldn’t have won the War without your interventions, the pain felt by Feyre because of your actions is something I struggle with. It’s simply how we are, well those of us born fae. You were made and I can sense your desire to hold onto some part of your humanity. It’s the last piece of your identity to the world in which you were born into, and you’re not going to give it up.”
Nesta listened carefully and knew the next part would be hard for her to say. “One of the most difficult things actually does not stem from being fae. My youngest sister is now a High Lady and I am mated to one who has sworn service to her. It’s a humiliation for me, that somehow everyone feels I have to serve her. I don’t begrudge her riches and love that she has found with you. I do hate the fact that apparently I have to do as she instructs me and I can’t fend for myself outside of all this.” She waved her hand at their beautiful surroundings. “I can’t trust the fact that she can force me to do things which have been driven by your detestation of me, and quite possibly enjoyment of seeing me suffer. I can’t reconcile this situation just yet.”
His voice was subdued and eyes were lowered, “And you’re right in that my thoughts and actions towards you have been driven from a horrible place. I don’t feel proud about it, and it needs to change. So I’m sorry for not being a better brother and seeking to help you in the right way. We’re both fortunate that Cassian is the better male and never gave up on you. I’m sorry.”
She could see the genuine remorse in his eyes and words and she whispered, “I’m sorry too.” His eyes glimmered with acceptance of her words.
“I don’t know what I want to do next,” she admitted, “but I know I do need to do something beyond hugely enjoyable sex with your brother and supporting females in Illyria. It’s a start, but there is more out there. I’m a better fighter now, but the diplomatic side,” a shared chuckle between them, “is something I want to explore. Being Emissary to Humans wasn’t really a job, I didn’t want to do it and the Mortal Queens certainly had nefarious intentions which meant the whole thing was set up to fail.” A wince from Rhys. “I need to do something which gives me autonomy and serves the people. I can accept being under the auspices of the Night Court, but not in servitude to it. That’s a hard ask of you as a Ruler, but if you truly want us to create a new future this is how it needs to happen.”
Rhys considered this, “You have power and talents which no-one in the Inner Circle has. I want to give you a role that you want to do. It’s quite possible, nay highly probable, that the Night Court is too small for what you can do. But, take time and steps to reach your potential. Mother willing, you now have centuries to achieve this and with Cassian by your side. Velaris wasn’t built in a day!”
The High Lord of the Night Court sat in silence for a minute and Nesta was content to let him work out his thoughts. “I don’t have anything to give you like that. Yet. And you’re right, it’s an anathema for me to consider this type of role. In essence you would be representing the Night Court but doing what you felt was best in achieving a particular goal. I will need to think on this later and discuss with Feyre if we can proceed on this basis. For now though, I suggest you continue with your current enjoyable lifestyle,” a smirk from Nesta, “and sterling work in Illyria. You can also think of what you might want to do.” He sat back and gave her an appraising look, “I can’t pretend to like you in a day, but I am grateful we’ve had a chance to talk and start figuring out where we go from here. It would do no good to Feyre and Cassian if you and I are shredding each other all the time or just simply not speaking to each other. I think we love them both too much for that.”
“A truce then?” she offered.
“No, that will never do.” came back the answer. Her face stilled and stomach churned. After all we’ve just said we go back to where we were before?
“A peace. A new start. We’ll work this out together. You and I” he smiled back to her.
A thought occurred to him. “Cassian says you’ve become a great fighter, have learnt to harness your passion rather than your anger. My mother was almost clipped until the Cauldron saw fit to mate her with my father. This cause is one I’ve championed for centuries, but are making a difference in Illyria. You have my thanks for that as well.”
He gestured in the vague direction of the House of Wind. “You’re aware that the Library gives home and refuge to some….fractured souls?”
Nesta shuddered at the memory of her experience with Hybern’s Ravens and Bryaxis. “Yes, I remember”, she replied cautiously not knowing where this was going.
“Given your ongoing championing of females, I thought that you might like to split your time between Illyria and the House of Wind. A particular priestess named Gwyneth Berdara has raised some persistent requests to have an instructor they can trust to show them self defence techniques and possibly something more.” He left the obvious question unsaid, the genuine choice that she could make.
Her lightning fast brain considered the technical feasibility and logistics of such a proposal. Constant movement between Windhaven and Velaris, but a cause close to her heart. Being closer to Elain and Feyre and enjoying the finer things that this city had to offer were a definite positive as well. But, she was no instructor, that would have to come from Cassian, as Nesta couldn’t envisage another who she felt could help struggling females without arousing fear and panic in them.
“I agree,” she started slowly, “but Cassian would have to as well as I’m not at a level to instruct. It would feel good to help here and in Illyria, that’s the honest truth.”
Rhys looked over at her, “We have an accord and I’ll let you handle Cassian’s acquiescence to your request.”
“My request……?” she trailed off.
“You wanted an assignment with autonomy? You have it. Pick your team and methods to help the priestesses and let me know the progress.” He grinned at her disarmingly.
Nesta returned these words with a genuine smile of her own. They embraced quickly and walked back towards the River House, straight into a welcome roar of approval by everyone else.
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tailorgenyasafin · 22 hours ago
I lose braincells everytime people compare riceboy to nesta who's literally a traumatised 20-something year old who's rude sometimes while rice is a 500 yr old creep who stalked, drugged and abused fayre. They are not the same!!! They cannot be compared at all!!!
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unhealthyfanobsession · 23 hours ago
The Best Laid Plans: Chapter 4
Summary: Nesta Archeron raised herself on Fairy tales, so she knew how they went. And when she was offered her first real choice, it's hard to deny the facts in front of her. She was locked in a tower, guarded by a dragon, and a prince was offering her a chance at freedom. The prince would never love her, and she would never love him. But she loved her freedom and she loved the idea of not hiding parts of who she was.So she went.And then the dragon huffed and puffed and... well... you know how the story goes.*The Nesta agrees to marry Eris and Cassian loses his mind story that we have all been collectively craving and despising at the same time.   Happy ending planned, but get ready for the A N G S T*
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dreaminginvelaris · a day ago
let me just say one thing. nesta doesn’t love feyre. she never did. her little display of “sacrificing her powers for feyre” doesn’t mean shit. she legit did not like her powers so what was she sacrificing? and seriously, she legit told feyre ily during a moment she thought feyre would never hear, so nesta did not intend for feyre to hear that shitty declaration in the first place. y’all have got to stop with the “Nesta loved her sister's soo much”. no. she loved one sister. elain. she despised feyre. where is the love some of y’all are claiming? get it straight, nesta never loved feyre and honestly, she still doesn’t.
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kayla-2 · a day ago
I loved Acosf Feyre.....
I’ll never understand how Feyre gets called out the ONE time she put her foot down towards nesta. She found a new family that appreciates her and is a fresh high lady still trying to find her place in the world and that one sentence that gets pointed out in the conversation is when she said that nesta was embarrassing her. She even said it after nesta was arguing with her just because she stopped nestas unhealthy spending habits that was hurting herself, rather than helping.
She didn’t blame her, immaturely tell her never to speak to her again. Feyre took the blame herself for NESTAS own spiraling and thinking that space would help. She didn’t spend years berating nesta. She didn’t need nesta at every waking moment and not consider nestas feelings. But the minute she says that she was embarrassed, which is a natural reaction that we all feel, it’s an issue???
She didn’t get mad at Nesta when nesta used her death as a argument point and literally told her own sister that she was going to DIE, just to hurt her.
She kept her anger towards Rhysand, and rightfully so. It was dangerous to dump that aspect of her pregnancy on Feyre, stress is real, what if Feyre fainted or got so overwhelmed. Feyres powerful and She could’ve injured herself and her baby. But no she was calm and made sure Nyx felt nothing and said she would fight for her baby.
Feyre is literally the absolute best, seeing her in nestas point of view really shows how mature she is while being extremely young. Feyre was only thing that kept me reading that damn book.
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nesemryn · 2 days ago
So I get on Tumblr and the first thing I see is anti nestas saying black women shouldn't like Nesta Archeron. (which as a black woman is just offensive) and saying we're all Trump supporters. I don't condone bullying but some of you say the dumbest shit. Its just also funny to me because Sarah had a whole live saying how much Nesta would hate Trump and how much she would fight against his morals and everything he stands for. Babe you're the odd one out.
Tumblr media
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s-atanism · 3 days ago
i saw a Nesta stan on twitter saying Nesta didn't help Feyre while she was risking her life because Nesta was envy of Feyre, 'cause Nesta knew Feyre is everything Nesta never would be and did everything Nesta could not do. and well, acosf did show us how jeally Nesta was from Feyre conquers and her brave personality in general. i can go with it. like, i've never expected Nesta to be a good person anyway, and there's no better reason why Nesta didn't help when she said if it was Elain, she would help.
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feysandandnyx · 3 days ago
I always explain here why Nesta doesn't convince me and every time I see someone trying to justify his behavior at the expense of other characters' traumas it just gets me closer and closer to definitely hating that character. I will not romanticize your toxic personality or attribute your desire to hurt people to your traumas. If I do that, she'll sound perfectly like a sociopath to me, to say the least. None of her excuses as to why she was a useless abusive while they were poor convinced me because the same development that tries to justify it gives me reason enough to think that she would have taken responsibility if it were Elain in Feyre's place. She could still hate her father for doing nothing, but she would have lifted that burden from Elain even though she was not obliged, despite her mother and despite her age.
None of the reasons she or you give her would have stopped her if it had been for Elain. So the problem is not Nesta itself, but Feyre. Nesta never did anything because it was Feyre risking her life, not Elain. I think it is brave who finds this character complex or minimally justified when everything under construction is contradictory. And to think that I don't like Nesta because she let Feyre go hunting, is to totally deviate from the subject. I could be ok with Nesta if Feyre had risked her life with her and Nesta hadn't been abusive to her. My problem with Nesta is much more about the treatment she always offered Feyre than the fact that Feyre went hunting.
As neither his reconciliation with Feyre was written properly. She still doesn't convince me. I also confess that I did not like to read a person who has always been abusive needing to recognize the value of his victim and ultimately save his life. It was never about Nesta loving Feyre or not, she just needed to ask for forgiveness for always behaving horribly with her younger sister.
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vidalinav · 3 days ago
My favorite Nesta Stan is the bitter one. I love y’all 😂
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s-atanism · 4 days ago
the most stupid thing this fandom does is try to invalidate Feyre's point of view. we didn't got a different story in acosf. we don't have two points if view about what happened while Archeron sisters were young, so everything Feyre said is true.
there's no other point of view about that time, even in Nesta's book, so stop trying to justify what happened saying "we only saw it by Feyre's eyes, so there's must be something else". there isn't.
when you say a point of view isn't valid because is from someone perspective, you're invalidating the whole story. without Feyre's point of view there's no Nesta, there's no Cassian, there's no Elain or Azriel or Mor. they were all tell by Feyre.
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I just realized I now have 212 followers! I know it’s not much but I’m so happy 🥰 ily ya’ll 🥰
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sareyesj · 5 days ago
does anyone get mad when someone makes an edit or artwork with feyre or feysand which involves acosf like BITCH
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s-atanism · 5 days ago
it's really funny how Nesta stans feel superior than Rhysand stans, as if they weren't supporting an abuser and as if they had any moral to criticize Rhysand actions.
remind me again why Nesta bullied, slut-shamed and excluded Feyre for all those years? oh, right, there isn't a why. she was cruel without reason. using Rhysand to defend Nesta's behavior is not this great argument you think it is.
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