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#nesta trash

Imagine Eris Asks Nesta to dance with him and Cassian is all like “no, he’s bad” and she says “well then I guess it’s a perfect fit. I mean, what better match to him than someone whose sister’s love is given despite their best judgment?”

150 notes

“She will never be like Mor,” I said.

“She will never love freely and gift it to everyone who crosses her path. But the few she does care for … I think Nesta would shred the world apart for them. Shred herself apart for them.”

251 notes

“Azriel’s mouth curled up at the corner.

“— I hope you’re not giving my brother a hard time.”

She sat down her teacup

“—Is that a threat, shadowsinger?”

Cassian took a long drink from his own tea. Drained it to the dregs.


Azriel said cooly:

“I don’t need to resort to threats”

The shadows coiled around him, snakes ready to strike.


Nesta gave him a smile, holding his stare.

“—Neither do I.”

817 notes

“She was still glaring at the queens, her eyes lined with tears—tears of rage and despair, from that fire that burned her so violently from within. When she finally noticed Cassian, she looked up at him.”


I watched a tear slide down Nesta’s cheek. And I watched as Cassian reached up a hand to wipe it away.

She did not flinch from his touch.”

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“Your beast’s little trick didn’t work on me,” she said with quiet steel.

“Apparently, an iron will is all it takes to keep a glamour from digging in. So I had to watch as Father and Elain went from sobbing hysterics into nothing. I had to listen to them talk about how lucky it was for you to be taken to some made-up aunt’s house, how some winter wind had shattered our door. And I thought I’d gone mad—but every time I did, I would look at that painted part of the table, then at the claw marks farther down, and know it wasn’t in my head.”

I’d never heard of a glamour not working. But Nesta’s mind was so entirely her own; she had put up such strong walls—of steel and iron and ash wood—that even a High Lord’s magic couldn’t pierce them.”


Tamlin had been wrong when we’d discussed whether my father would have ever come after me—he didn’t possess the courage, the anger. If anything, he would have hired someone to do it for him. But Nesta had gone with that mercenary. My hateful, cold sister had been willing to brave Prythian to rescue me.”


“I looked at my sister, really looked at her, at this woman who couldn’t stomach the sycophants who now surrounded her, who had never spent a day in the forest but had gone into wolf territory … Who had shrouded the loss of our mother, then our downfall, in icy rage and bitterness, because the anger had been a lifeline, the cruelty a release. But she had cared—beneath it, she had cared, and perhaps loved more fiercely than I could comprehend, more deeply and loyally.”

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“Snow clung to Nesta’s hair as we stared at each other across the threshold.

Pink tinged her cheeks from the frigid night, but her face remained solemn. Cold as the snow-dusted cobblestones.

I opened the door a bit wider. “We’re in the sitting room.”

“I saw”



“Nesta watched warily from her chair, Elain’s present—her only present—in her lap. Her spine stiffened slightly. Not at the words, but at Elain, laughing with them. With us.

As if Nesta were looking at us through some sort of window.

As if she were still standing out in the front yard, watching us in the house.”

581 notes

“Had I not immediately spied Nesta curled in an armchair, a book on her knees, looking—for once—very un-Nesta-like. Casual. Perhaps relaxed.

Perfectly content to be alone.


The moment my shoes scuffed against the stone floor, she shot straight up, back going stiff, closing her book with a muffled thud. Yet her gray-blue eyes didn’t so much as widen as they beheld me.

As I took her in.

Nesta had been beautiful as a human woman.

As High Fae, she was devastating.

From the utter stillness with which Cassian stood beside me, I wondered if he thought the same thing.”


(Quick sketch of nesta-not one of my best but I kinda like it )

112 notes

“Nesta drew her attention away from the slaughter enough to add, “Help them.”

For that was Cassian, making another charge toward a Hybern commander. Hoping to spook the soldiers again.

Mor frowned deeply, bounced once on her toes. “Just—be on your guard. Both of you.”


“By the time I strode away, Nesta had already faced the battle once more, rain plastering her hair to her head”

Resuming her unending vigil of the general battling on the valley floor below.”

241 notes

“Nesta was in a gown of darkest blue, no jewelry to be seen, her hair swept up and unadorned as well. I supposed that with her stunning beauty, she needed no ornamentation. It would have been like putting jewelry on a lion.

She strode down the stairs, … (…) “And, (…) just approached me.

And nearly made my heart stop dead with shock as she said, “You look beautiful.”

359 notes

““She gripped the arms of her chair, as if restraining herself.

“Don’t talk down to me. My answer is no.”

I angled my head. “I understand that what happened to you was horrible—”

“You have no idea what it was or was not. None. And I am not going to grovel like one of those Children of the Blessed, begging High Fae who would have gladly killed me as a mortal to help us. I’m not going to tell them that story—my story.”

“The High Lords might not believe our account, which makes you a valuable witness—”

Nesta shoved her chair back, chucking her napkin on her plate, gravy soaking through the fine linen. “Then it is not my problem if you’re unreliable. I’ll help you with the wall, but I am not going to whore my story around to everyone on your behalf.” She shot to her feet, color rising to her ordinarily pale face, and hissed, “And if you even dare suggest to Elain that she do such a thing, I will rip out your throat.”

Excerpt From

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Another nesta art I made in Artbreeder

259 notes

This Girlie made everything click for me

I agree, this is the best explanation


The human land in Pyrthian has no queen, So an alliance would mean the queens get there lands back and autumn gets the land in Pyrthian without the queens having to sacrifice anything.

Nesta may be spiteful about going to the illyrians but she might still feel a sense of loyalty to her former home. Which will motivate her to train and work with the IC.

146 notes

not me reading over the synopsis like 10 times to remind myself what is actually going on. Eris threw me off and come morning I realized my problem might be the fact we saw NOTHING that’s actually Nessian so far and how they will be or anything like that. I don’t mind them bickering and not being soft all the time, I just… with these teasers it seems like it’s about everything and everyone but them.

57 notes

guys, if it will be Nesta who actually sets Elain up with Lucien, I will laugh the hardest at this point. and as we know, if Nesta approves something that can be only a miraculously good thing.

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A/n : this is for @julemmaes because she is my snowflake, and the last fic she wrote for me was awesome at making me cry. So Ire, I hope you like this fluffy Nessian one-shot.

Summary : this is based on the excerpt “ glad to see you woke up ready to play Nesta.”

Words : 3.4k +

Warnings: none

Read on Ao3


“Nesta . Nesta wake up.” Cassian had been shouting for the past 5 minutes from outside of her room.

Nesta shifted in her sleep. “ Go away come back later .” She waved her hand as if he was able to see it from the door in between.

“ No. come out or I’ll break this door. ” He said now pounding on it.

Nesta groaned. Urgh when will she get atleast one day of rest ? She worked for seven days a week ,and that too for atleast fifteen hours. Rest would either be consumed in eating, or talking or sparring.

If only she could have atleast one day off-

“ Sweetheart I am counting till twenty-

” Do you know how to count ?“

She could feel the smirk on Cassian’s lips. ” Go away, atleast let me get dressed.“ She said, as she finally sat up and located some clothes on her armchair.

” Sweetheart, I won’t mind you working naked.“

” Well i would.“ She dismissed him. This was getting too much. If she could just set him on fire, with her flames-

” Well hurry up then .“ He said and went away.

Nesta grumbled something unaudible in response. She got up, and went away infront of the washing basin. And saw her reflection in the mirror above.

Her face was a bit fuller, her cheeks with a tinge of pink. She yawned And then focused on her eyes. Dammit, she had dark circles underneath her eyelids. She was healthy, except for those dark circles.

This is one of the reasons on why she wanted a holiday. With permission From that beautiful fae who was incharge, so that she could atleast catch up on her sleep.

She splashed some water on her face and then went to get dressed. Later, she combed her hair into a braid, that hung up till her waist.

Nesta looked at herself and felt her power thrum under her blood. Within a blink of an eye, she could unleash it and it would destroy her room.

But she only created an aura with it. Where it remained visible on her shoulders , if one looked closely enough.

Nesta went outside and saw Cassian take her appearance in. She took his in. He was was looking so handsome , with his hair tied in a knot. She wanted to hold those beautiful dark locks of hair .

Control yourself Nesta. She thought to herself

A wicked ,taunting smile curved his lips. "Glad to see you woke ready to play Nesta. ” He grinned at her. She ignored him successfully.

“ Sorry sweetheart, but you have your sparring session scheduled today. ”

“ Looks like you have my schedule edged in all over your mind.” She murmured.

Cassian chuckled. “ I heard that. Now go and help other females in making breakfast. ”

“ Why don’t you make your own ?”

“ Now nobody would appreciate a handsome fae male in a kitchen surrounded by females.”

“ Nobody cares about your appearance.” She said boringly checking her nails. And with that she went away from him.

Gods , this was going to be a murderous day. She had to do something.

“ Urgh I can’t live like this .” She murmured to herself. And walked towards the Kitchen.

If she could just trap Cassian in a bargain , which would make him do him do her chores today, which will let her win atleast 1 holiday -

She thought of something ,smiled at herself And went Inside the kitchen getting ready to initiate her plan.


Nesta had been looking so pretty today Cassian thought. If only he could kiss her, and put his head on her shoulders , with his arms-

“ Lord Cassian the breakfast is ready. ” A female illyrian told him. He followed her towards the table.

The females had started serving all of them with food. If only males were capable enough of doing these chores with them. He thought.

Cass waited for his food , and looked infront of him. He had been sitting at a long wooden table, where at the end of it he saw Nesta.

She had been serving food to some males. She saw her hands on one’s shoulder. Slowly trailing down to his back. The illyrian’s hands himself were not on his plate which Nesta had been offering him, but on Nesta’s waist.

Cassian’s eyes went Feral. Before he could shout at him, Nesta was already coming towards him, only two plates in her hand.

Control your emotions , he thought to himself, but failed to do so.

“ We meet again Cassian.” She said meeting his eyes.


Nesta was trying to make him jealous, so that all of his attention was on him and not the food which was charmed, by her magic.

Luckily , when she looked at him for a second , she knew that he was Jealous enough already. Instead of playing along with her little act, she went over to him.

“ We meet again Cassian.” She said. And gave him his food.

Cassian, didn’t say anything and instead of letting his emotions out, he ate them, with every spoon of stew she had served.

“ What do you want Nesta ? ” He asked.

“ I want one day off.” She responded.

“ Not gonna happen.” He grinned at her. But he didn’t know that whatever he just drank , was actually enchanted by Nesta’s magic , with which she would be able to keep very little amount of his powers , from providing him with enough energy .

However , if something important came up, then she could instantly seep her powers in from him-

“ You should try working hard like us females. Maybe then you’d understand how hard it is. ” She challenged him.

“ Aah a Challenge , isn’t it Ness ? Fine I’ll do your chores for today to see how hard it is .” He said gulping down the last of the stew.

“ If you don’t finish your tasks before sundown, then you’ll give me one holiday, in a week-

The male she had been flirting with came to her. She stood up and whispered something to him. He smiled at her and almost hugged her. afterwards, the lllyrian checked Cassian out , and then left.

She looked over at Cassian and saw that the poor male’s condition was worse than before. He was looking at the male going away murderously.

” And if I win ? “ He turned his eyes towards Nesta, clearly understanding that she was playing a game.

” Well, what does baby Cassian want ? “ She swooned.

” You in my cabin tonight. “

Nesta already knew what this flirting would led him too. She had calculated almost all the possibilities where his answer would be this, while she was dumping the bowls on the table, in the kitchen.

Infact what looked like her flirting with her male friend, was actually a favour she had asked him for.

For instance he preferred males, and he was going to flirt with some. Nesta merrily encouraged him .

she knew he would be the best one to flirt with infront of Cassian ,because of how territorial Illyrians could get for their partners.

” It’s a bargain then. “

” Heck yeah it is. “ Cassian said and stood up. Taking his and Nesta’s utensils.

” That’s not much Sweetheart .“ She copied Cassian and told him to pile up everyone’s plates, for they all were done with the food.

” Gladly .“ He said and took them away to the kitchen. And came outside. Nesta merrily followed him.

” I am so going to win this .“ Cassian told her.

” Sure.“ She said, her arms crossed.

” And what will you do ? Now that you don’t have any chores ? “ He asked her

” I’ll guide you .“ She responded.

” Whatever “ he said when he heard a shrieky voice from the kitchen.


Nesta put her hand on her mouth , and gave out a muffled laughter , while Cassian quickly went inside , and came out with a pile of plates on top of which there where glasses and bowls in his both hands.

Nesta stopped laughing. ” Sorry , did I forget to mention that we had to go near the river ?“

Cassian glared at her. ” You are by far the worst guide I have ever known.“

” It’s not my fault !! Besides you never asked me where to go !! “ She defended herself.

They walked away from the kitchen , when Cassian said, ” I bet you can’t hold all of these utensils. “ Proudly.

” Of course I can-“

Cassian almost stumbled by a stone in his path . Some of the glasses fell from Cassian’s hand. Nesta laughed.

” Yes I see how you carry them- .“ She said in between her laughter. God this was so much fun, she thought.

” Shut up.“ Cassian glared at her again and walked away from her.

” Wait let me get that for you.“ She said and quickly picked up those glasses and went towards the river following him.

Why the heck did I make a bargain with her ? I should have known that she had something in her mind , Cassian thought , while walking away from her.

” Ok what am I supposed to do now ? “ He asked her. After he put down all of the utensils below.

"Oh I don’t know , why of all the places they are near the river. Do you perhaps have any idea ? ” Amusement danced in her eyes.

Cassian grumbled something unintelligible, and cleaned all of the utensils for about 2-3 hours. His muscles were sore from this much work only-

“ Aah you are done I see.” She examined the utensils and saw that he had cleaned them all nicely.

“ Nesta where are the other females ? Why am I the only one here washing so many ? He arched his brow on asking her.

” Let’s just say that I told the females in the kitchen to go have 2-3 hours to themselves , and that I’ll do their morning kitchen’s work “ She said clearly disinterested in this conversation.

To do work for one or two, was enough. But to do the work of almost everyone in the camp , was just unimaginable-

” And you made a BARGAIN with me that I’ll do all of your work today .“ He gave her a murderous glare.

” They were so greatful to me for it. “ She smiled dreamly at the sky.

” You bi-

“ Keep your words to yourself . And don’t worry. This was only today’s breakfast and yesterday’s dinner. Besides, after 4-5 hours it will be lunch already” she said.

“ What’s next ? ” He asked her. Already somewhat tired. But he would not give up. Not right now.

“ Now , it’s sparring time. ” She said.

Finally something he knew how to do .

“ Alright , but you won’t use your powers .” On me , he warned her.

Well what If I say I already have Cass, she thought to herself. But then she replied , “ not if you won’t use yours on me. ”

He agreed . They both went to keep the utensils in the kitchen.

Atlast they went to the sparring ring. Nesta chose her two whips, while Cassian chose his sword.

“ Let’s see who wins Nesta.” He said, with a smug expression.

“ We’ll see that.” She said as she charged at him. His sword clashed with her whip in the right hand, while the left one tried to get him off his legs.

He quickly blocked it and stepped away from her, circling the ring. “ Playing aren’t we ?” He murmured.

She kicked his shin, which clearly made an effect on him. She striked her whip at his sword before she moved her second one, he pulled her towards him.

She almost fell on him, but then kicked his arm.“ What happened , no energy ? ” She panted, between breaths.

He stood up , and attacked her. Nesta turned away at the last moment which made him fall again.

Shit , he muttered. He was tired already from the washing and walking and carrying the dishes. Besides, he had never felt this tired before, as if his powers were asleep-

Nesta quickly kicked his sword away , and stood above him. With her whips at her side, her flames visible on her shoulders.

“ I win .” She murmured, when Cassian pulled her towards him. She atlast lost her balance, and fell on him. “ Cassian what the hell ? ”

It was almost as if they were hugging , where he almost felt her soft bre- Cassian Ignored the thought of them.

He came close to her face, which made her still. Cassian bit her ear , and whispered, “ it’s a tie.” Before standing up and walking away.

Nesta stood up , still as death, her cheeks flushed with heat and stared after him. She put their weapons back in their place, and ran after him.


“ Seriously Cassian you remember my schedule ? ” Nesta asked , and saw that he had a bucket in his hand , clearly avoiding what recently happened between them.

“ No, I saw you doing it , on particular days.” He rephrased.

“ So you remember my schedule .” Nesta teased him. She went after him , and instructed him what to do.

“ Now , you must clean only this much of the Area with a broom. ”

“ And where may I find it ? ” He asked turning towards her.

“ Here” she offered him the broom. Cassian took it . His hand came in contact with Nesta’s hand, which gave him a pleasurable shock.

“ The witch and her broom.” He grinned at her, taking the broom and started sweeping the narrow street.


“ You know Nesta , I think you are making me do every single work which can be there in illyria. ” He panted , after he mopped and sweeped the floor.

“ Maybe , maybe not.” She said rolling her braid into a top notch.

“ Anyways, what else is left ? It’s lunch already. ”

“ Back to kitchen, and serve others. ” She smiled at him.

So he did help all the other females in serving the food. Atlast he brought his and Nesta’s where they both ate quickly.

“ Tired already sweetheart ? ” Nesta again mimicked him, teasing him.

“ No , of course not.” He smiled at Nesta , copying her.

Ok then come on get to work!! “ She said enthusiastically, and took him by his hand. Cassian blushed.

She guided him towards the washing area, where she told him to start washing the clothes which were piled up in the corner.

” What ? Why?? You don’t even wash clothes.“ He moaned.

” Sorry to break you heart but you see I told the females that- “

” You’ll do their work for today right ? “ Cassian interrupted angrily.

” Yes angry bat. Now come on you’ve got other chores to do as well. “ She ruffled his hair and went away .

Cassian blushed again . He murmured ” okay" and started doing so.

Cassian was never practiced in this field because of which his shirt was now soaked with water.

He was done , he didn’t want to do anything else. He took of his shirt and washed it as well.

“ I am here- ” Nesta took in Cassian’s appearance.

Clearly he didn’t hear her , and wiped his forehead ,with his arm , to remove the sweat. The rest of his naked body was covered with water.

Glorious. He looked glorious.

She drank his appearance in. And then as soon as he about to stand up, she started laughing , to hide the blush from her cheeks.

Cassian at first made a face at her, but then laughed with her.

“ You don’t know how to wash clothes? ” She asked.

“ Nope, they used to be clean actually. ”

“So what’s next ? ” He asked her.


Cassian spent his evening by filling 20 buckets, giving them to different females for their daily purposes.

“ Cass there is one last task .” She said . “ Which is ? ” Cassian was tired. He was so darn tired that he collapsed.

“ I am done.” He said. The sun was down by now. It was dinner time. Cassian had been sitting on the chair , when Nesta brought him food.

I win .“ She whispered to him, just like how she did while sparring. Cassian blushed again. Nesta noticed the redness of his cheek and smirked at him.

But he was so tired that he didn’t think he’d be able to be with Nesta.

Cassian took a bite and said ” fine you can have one holiday.“ He atlast agreed to her.

Nesta smiled at him. Cassian was bare and shivering. Nesta noticed it , and immediately wrapped her black shawl on his shoulders.

” I am sorry that you are cold.“ She whispered.

” It’s okay, I have endured far worse.“ He grinned at her.

Cassian stood up and was going in his cabin, when he heard Nesta follow him.

” What are you doing here ? .“ I thought you won. ” He arched his brow in Question.

“ Well, i just realised it’s a tie. I mean you said that if you do my work, then you’d want me to come here. So I here I am.” She said her arms wide as if she just surprised him.

Cassian laughed . “ You might be a clever beauty , sweetheart, but you are fair too.” He whispered and took her in.

Cassian collapsed on the bed, While Nesta followed him. She knew he was a strong sweet determined male, and would never touch a female without her permission.

Infact he turned towards Nesta , when she settled herself, and then had laid down on the bed.

“ All the females were asking me to thank you, for doing all the work.” She whispered to him.

“ Well , it was your idea and trust me I am not doing all of this anytime soon, but as always ,I’ll help around. Speaking of which, here’s your shawl."he took the shawl of his shoulders and gave it to her.

She took it , not taking eyes of him, and put it behind her on the desk.

” Your house is pretty and warm .“

” Home".

“I am sorry, what ? ” She asked softly.

This is my home . I don’t have my own property in Velaris, only a room. But this , this is my home. I love it here.“ He said , his eyes bright with memories of his past.

” well it’s wonderful.“ She said and smiled at him. Her cheeks warm.

They both were silent for a minute , when Cassian yawned.

” I have never felt this tired.“ He said.

” Maybe because some of your powers are not giving you the energy.“ Nesta murmured.

” Wait what? ….NESTA what did you do ?“ He inquired .

” Well, I kind of used my powers to keep a tinsy amount of your power to sleep, so that you don’t have the energy" She grinned at him sheepishly.

Cassian gave her a long look, before saying “ Clever, beautiful female.”

Nesta edged a bit closer to him. He was grinning. Once more, They both were silent, when he again spoke up, a break in his voice , and the grin vanished from his face

“ Nesta I -

But Nesta was done with their games . She finally guided his face to hers , and kissed him. It was a soft brush of the lips, and she was about to pull away, when Cassian pulled her towards him.

” You can take your powers away now from me, sweetheart.“ He whispered.

” Oh I had already, when you were on your first task.“ She smiled at him.

"Why were you flirting with that male ? ” He asked her.

“ Why??, were you jealous? ” She asked him , poking his bare chest.

He took her hand from there and put it on his heart.

“ Nah I wasn’- ”

“ Well it seemed like you were, and it’s not a problem, he is gay actually .” She laughed heartily.

The Old Nesta wouldn’t have laughed , wouldn’t be so playful , and would have been stiff and cold, and away from him.

But this New Nesta had been laughing with him, on him.She looked so beautiful in that adorable smile that Cassian squealed.

Nesta stopped laughing for a moment , and then kissed him. His face was red with embarrassment.

Nesta giggled. Giggled

“ I think we should control our emotions .” They whispered to each other simultaneously and then laughed.

Atlast Nesta kissed him again, hard. They went on kissing and cuddling with each other , when Cassian yawned again.

“ Hate to break this, sweetheart but we should sleep now. ” He said.

She agreed. After switching the lights off , he shifted back into his position. Nesta closed off the space between them, by putting the blanket on them, and putting her arms around his chest. With her ear near his lips.

“ it wasn’t a tie Ness, infact we both won.” He Whispered to her. Nesta smiled and whispered back “ Yess Cass. It’s a victory for both of us.” him and then both of them were sleeping, after the wonderful victory, both had achieved.

@sayosdreams @silvernesta @ribhinnog @nestable @perseusannabeth @simping4bookboisngrls @iammissstark
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One of those shitty ifunny ads is using what I 100% think is a Nessian pic for their ad. I can’t make this shit up folks


Sorry I do not know the artist or I would tag them and let them know their art is being used. Tag them please if you know of them?

(Ps I know ifunny sucks, but when I was abroad it was the only app that worked so the trash app stays)

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