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#nesta x cassian
books-read-in-nooks · 2 years ago
Cassian: *poking fun and stirring everyone up about their love-life*
Anyone in The Inner Circle: “Nesta-”
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cassielwinchester · a year ago
Cassian: What’s the first thing you notice when a man approaches you?
Nesta: The audacity
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unseeliemaiden · 2 years ago
Feysand kid: Can I go out tonight?
Rhys: What did your mom say?
Kid: She said no.
Rhys: Then why would I let you?
Kid: Because mom’s not the boss of you?
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house-of-galathynius · 5 months ago
Things from the SJM online event
Sarah started the book years ago
When she was writing ACOTAR Sarah realised that there was more to Nesta than just the “bitchy older sister”
ACOWAR was meant to be the end of the series, but Sarah wanted to explore Nessian more and she wrote aorund 200 pages and couldn’t get it out of her head and drunkenly pitched it and they went for it 
Sarah didn’t want her to be the perfect loveable sister, she wanted her to have baggage to then explore how she can grow as a person and heal 
Each of her characters get a part of her, but she thinks Nesta got the biggest chunk out of all of them, she got a lot deeper into the head of Nesta compared to any other character
She loves writing about the IC as a group and as individuals and loves writing about their histories together 
There were lots more parts of the ACOTAR world she wanted to write, including different characters and different courts 
Even though she loves Rhys, she sort of loved writing Nesta’s hatred towards him, she liked showing his actions through someone else’s eyes who isn’t going to swoon over him 
She was going to have Rhys and Feyre perspectives throughout the book but because they were in 1st person not 3rd so it was confusing to read. But also her editor said it was a distraction from Nesta’s story
The friendship between Gwyn and Emerie is one of her favourite friendships she’s written in all of her books 
Their friendship was also just as important as the relationship she had with Cassian
Sarah’s best friend was lot of the inspiration for the friendship between Nesta, Gwyn and Emerie
She doesn’t think Nesta’s story is complete, and she could’ve written another 1000 pages on Nesta just doing stuff. She will also have a major role to play in the future 
She was with a physical trainer (pre-covid) and she asked him to give her some basics on how to use and train with swords and so she drew from a lot of that for the scenes where Nesta is training 
Ever since release day she’s been trying not to think of any of her family reading this book because of the “steamy parts” 
Before the book came out she would explain that ACOSF is in the vein of ACOMAF, in so much they’re both healing stories in their own way 
The House of Wind came from her middle school days where she wanted Cher’s house from Clueless and took inspiration, and that she wanted a house that could cater to her every need and that’s where she got the ideas for the House of Wind from 
She loved the idea of Nesta connecting with something that isn’t actually alive, but making that connection nonetheless and knowing she isn’t alone
She wants someone to make art of Nesta’s black dress because she loves it. She was partly inspired by the Black Swan for that dress. 
The whole scene of her wearing that dress was her coming into control of herself again
Tchaikovsky does inspire some of the book, various movie scores
Stay Together for the Kids by Blink 182 actually helped her get into the head of Nesta- that song gave her the inspiration of how Nesta felt about her dad and family 
Sarah has to write at home because she get’s so into her scenes and characters she needs the privacy. But now shes a mum, she kind of writes wherever she can
She thinks Clare from Outlander would get along with Feyre and Nesta to some extent, and wonders what it would be like if Clare and Jamie fell through into the ACOTAR world 😂
She’s currently in edits on the second Crescent City book, and rivals ACOSF for sex scenes and steamy moments
She knows who’s story she wants to write for the next ACOTAR book, but doesn’t want to give anything away just yet 
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wishfulimaginings · 5 months ago
Okay but hear me out.
I think Elain likes Azriel. But Azriel, I mean he's clearly attracted to her, but I think his feelings stem from 2 reasons
1. Elain's sisters are mated to his brothers. And he wants what they have. Her sisters chose his brothers! Mating bond or no mating bond, This male has been alone and aloof for 500 years, he just wants someone to want him forever. That brings me to my second point
2. Elain shows interest in him. This added to the first point makes him think she's the one.
But. BUT.
I do not think Az's shadows disappearing infront of Mor or Elain is a good thing. They are a part of him. And these 2 females are someone their master has feelings for but (I think) they make the shadows uncomfortable.
And that's nooott a good thing. When we read the parts with Gwyn, there's just soo much chemistry there.
Point number 1. Az is hella competitive and so is Gwyn. Her challenging him is something he finds amusing.
2. Say what you want but I think unknowingly Az is comfortable around Gwyn. His humour comes out around her. She makes him feel lighter.
3. Shadows! His shadows literally touch her breath. And when he leaves her, they're singing. Singing!
On a side note. It's been repeatedly mentioned how Elain doesn't fit well in the Night Court. She's literally described as a Ray of sunshine. Sunshine belongs in the day court!!
Okay. Rant over.
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
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romaisamaria · 3 months ago
Cassian: “I see. I get a little too close and you shove me away again. Back to where it’s safe. Better to marry a viper like Eris than be with me.”
Nesta: “I am not with you, I am fucking you!”
Meanwhile outside the bedroom:
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maryberry · 2 months ago
One of my favorite things about ya/na fantasy is probably that the maturity levels of a several hundred year old man is finally enough to match that of a 16-20 something year old woman and I honestly think that's the most realistic thing in these books.
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acomaflove · 10 months ago
Bloomsbury: Releases the cover design of “A Court of Silver Flames” that DOES NOT match the original series covers.
ACOTAR Fandom: We don’t like it. It doesn’t match.
Bloomsbury: Does it matter? You’ll buy it anyway.
ACOTAR Fandom:
Tumblr media
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