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#nesta x cassian

Guys if i were to write a fic that would be ACOSF but Nesta really DOES go to the Court of Nightmares would you guys read? I’d need some time to plan but honestly… i think it could be really interesting

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Cassian putting in ALLthe labor and effort of pulling Nesta out of the darkness and the IC reaping those rewards irked me.

When Elain only went to see nesta went to see Nests when she thought she was.getting better. Expected to be happily greeted and just get to go back to when they were closer. While Cassian is the one taking her insults, making bargains, and trying to push through even though he himself is upset.

Elain can just cry and sulk away when Nesta gets emotional and angry. She didn’t even try to help her in this book. No on in the IC really did. They just sat back but jumped right back into her life when she got better.

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Aww, that’s a cute idea. I’m sure Mas is just constantly rolling her eyes internally at the two of them 😂 I’ve never thought about how I would write Mas… I’ll have a think!

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Yes! I’d like to say you’ll get it in the next month 🤗 I’ve written about 3000 words so far but there’s still a way to go (read: I’ve not yet written the smut!)

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Sounds like a great way to treat yourself, even if I say so myself 😉I hope the studying is going well! ❤️

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I’m excited for you to read it! It will go up in the evening (UK time) to stop yourself refreshing like a maniac 🤗😉

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thinking about nessian and all their fluffy moments <3 I love them so much

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“Cold power rippled toward them, and as it hit, Cassian let it surge past him, around him, yielded himself to it. Because to stand against it would be to provoke the Mask’s wrath. To stand against it would be to stand against Death itself.

Death herself.”

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All the Words We Never Said


Prompt: “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t leave.”

This one was really fun to write ;)

Thank you and stay safe! 

The day was cold and gloomy. Ice-cold wind whistled ruthlessly around Cassian, and he shivered, pulling his already thin jacket tighter around him. Fitting, he thought. It was almost like the weather could read his emotions. 

Alone, he stood on the doorstep of Nesta’s house, knocking twice before letting himself in. The door swung open effortlessly and dead silence greeted him. The apartment was dark and empty, the curtains drawn and living room lightless. Sighing, Cassian shook off his boots and coat and stepped onto the plush rug. He began picking the clothes strewn carelessly about the house, a hoodie on the couch, a pair of sweatpants hanging off the dining table chairs. Quietly, he wandered around the house, picking up various items of clothing. After separating them into his and Nesta’s, he folded them and mutely placed them on the coffee table next to the day-old mug of drained coffee. Cassian carefully gathered his stack of clothes and taking one last survey around the kitchen and living room, headed upstairs to pack the last of his things. 

They had agreed (well, more like fought over,) that Cassian was to keep the vacuum cleaner while Nesta took the blender and toaster. He could have the car, houseplants, and decor, so long as she could keep the house and its sizable furniture. Most of his stuff was already packed, waiting in his hastily-rented apartment, as he packed the last, and admittedly, the items he had procrastinated packing. His clothes. 

Packing his clothes meant he had to enter the bedroom─their shared bedroom. The place where so many firsts had happened. First kiss, first sleep-over, the first time he had asked her to be his girlfriend, first─

He shot down his thoughts before they could go any further. Quietly padding up the stairs and stopping at the door, he sighed yet again. There was nothing melodramatic about this. Kicking up a big fuss would not solve anything. It was best to get it over and done with. 

Taking a deep breath, he rapped loudly on the door. 

A small voice answered from inside the room. “Yes?”

Cassian was not expecting her to be here. “It’s Cassian,” he answered after a beat.

Everything went silent again. He took it as a sign to enter. 

The room was dark, save for the sliver of light rebelliously peeking out of the curtains. The bed sat right in the middle of the room, exactly in the same place as he remembered it. A human-sized lump lay under the covers. So this is where she’d been the last few weeks. Cassian tip-toed in. 

“Nesta?” He whispered, careful not to wake her.

A soft voice peeked out from underneath the bed sheets. “Cassian?” 

“Yeah. I announced myself after I knocked. Like you always asked.”

“Oh. Okay.” 

Nesta’s voice was unusually small. And hoarse. Guilt dropped like a stone in his belly. He shook it off almost as quickly as it came. 

A minute passed. “Why are you here?”

“I’m leaving.”  Cassian spoke at a normal noise level now. 

“Of course you are, that’s all you know how to do,” she conceded quietly. There was no venom coating her words, no sharp edge to her voice. How uncharacteristic of her. 

Minutes passed, and the only sound in the bedroom was the soft clicking of plastic hangers as Cassian removed his clothes from their shared closet. The clock ticked softly on the wall. Silence reigned ruthlessly. 

After a beat, Cassian asked, “Do you want me to leave?”

Strained silence. Then a whispered, “No.”An honest confession. The hurt in her words was unmistakable. 

Emboldened, Cassian tried to coax another response out of her. He needed something, something, at least, to hold on to, a reason to tell him why they didn’t work out. She had ended it abruptly, not giving him anything, not even an explanation as to why she ended it. Nesta had simply left. He sighed for the umpteenth time that day. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t leave.”

He knew Nesta couldn’t bring herself to say it. They both knew. Somehow, Cassian knew she didn’t need to say the words to know she meant them, and ones she wouldn’t say were the loudest of them all, the words unspoken were left hanging in the air. All cards were laid on the table as deafening silence clanged around the two. 

Cassian tried again. “Is that all?” 



“Okay.” she echoed tonelessly. “What are you doing?” She added softly.

 “Packing up my things. You’ve suffered enough,” he whispered, zipping up his bags and stepping out of the darkened room. The door snicked softly behind him. 

They knew each other well enough at this point; the countless number of years they had spent together proved well enough that when Cassian left, he could sense Nesta’s heart─the one they had worked so hard together to repair─shatter into pieces. He didn’t have to hear it to know. 

The house was dark and silent as he left; its windows closed, the curtains drawn. 

Just the way he had found it. 

Cassian murmured a soft ‘goodbye’ and then he was gone, the scent of him vanishing on the howling wind.


Felt like writing a really quiet but angsty fic since this week has been super draining for me but I’m finally back on Tumblr after 5 months I think?? 

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a like/comment as that encourages me to write and produce more fics from the vast crevasses of my (weird) brain o.0

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