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#nesta x gwyn x emerie
imsointobooks · 3 days ago
Emerie: Kiss the hottest person in this room.
Nesta: Cassian?
Cassian: I thought you would say Azriel but i am relieved.
Nesta: Move so I can get to Gwyn
Azriel: That's MY hottest person!
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crowchanblackbeak · a month ago
Azriel: I’m not getting into anymore stupid arguments with you
Cassian: Earth isn’t a planet
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mercurianbisous · 23 days ago
The Inner Circle as parents... yeah don’t touch me
These are my personal headcanons + ships so if you don’t agree that’s fine 👩‍💻🤓
Rhys and Feyre
weirdly enough I think they’d stop at two kids???
for some reason I can’t imagine them having like a huuuuge family
maybe 3 kids max
their second child is definitely a girl
and rhys becomes even more insufferable with his overprotective mother hen behaviour because guys... rhys had a sister once and—- imma need to stop 🥺
nyx as an older brother though??? that’s just pure gold
I can totally see him teasing his sister and being a prankster like his uncle cassian but deep down he’s feysand’s son... so he’s territorial af
if someone even looks at his sister the wrong way, they’d better run
imagine having the most powerful high lord and his son as your bodyguards... yeah, nobody stands a chance
feyre is just like “whatever, she’d rip their heads off before you two even get to say hello”
rhys and feyre are so proud of their little family
their daughter can definitely kick her brother’s ass by 20
and nyx wouldn’t have it any other way
Cassian + Nesta
cassian has girl dad energy
and I won’t accept any criticism on that
so their first born is obviously a girl and cassian is... well, he’s a goddamn mess
he’s never held anyone so tiny in his arms ever
“love, she’s not that tiny. you’re just... huge”
cassian falls in love with their daughter the second he learns nesta is pregnant
he rests his hand on her swollen stomach at every chance he gets
and when the baby starts kicking he loses it, so mesmerised by it
and if you think rhys’s overprotectiveness is over the line... well
cassian is so, so much worse
nesta wants to kill him everyday for it but deep down it turns her on ngl
pregnant sex. a lot of it.
I can totally picture them having three kids in total... all girls
cassian jokes that he has an army of valkyries at home
but just imagine how powerful their daughters would be. their dad is the most skilled general in history and their mom is death herself.
no one messes with them, that’s for sure
his girls couldn’t be more deadly yet all of them are pure rays of sunshine for him
Azriel + Gwyn
az is the last one of the three brothers to become a dad, but he doesn’t mind
babysitting his nieces and nephews is tiring enough
so when gwyn breaks the news to him... he cries
azriel bawls his eyes out for days
he couldn’t be happier
but, as expected, he becomes an insufferable overprotective prick just like his brothers
gwyn goes to nesta and feyre “how did you manage to not kill your mates during pregnancy? cause it’s been two days since I told him and I’m already plotting”
all jokes aside, it makes her heart tingle that someone cares that much for her
az talks to the baby a lot while they’re in the womb
a lot of belly kisses too
he can’t physically wait to be a dad
in the end they have three boys, and just when they thought that was all... gwyn gets pregnant again
and it’s a girl
az cries harder than he’s ever done because he’s having a little girl... a little mini gwyn
his heart can’t take it
all her older brothers are super protective of their daughter, even though she’s a valkyrie herself and could take anyone down with a single kick
Elain + Lucien
I can see them taking the longest to become parents because of the whole “I have to figure out the mating bond thing” stuff
but they do eventually sort things out and Elain gives them a chance
and boy... she should’ve done it sooner
lucien treats her like a true princess
and when she gets pregnant, she’s a bit shocked at first, but overall really happy
lucien is over the moon
they first have a little girl with fiery red hair and soft features like elain
she loves running around in the garden and having her dad chase after her
lucien would pick her up easily and blow raspberries on her little neck every time, making her scream with laughter
elain feels so full of love watching her mate and their daughter play together
lucien never knew he’d have this big of a soft spot for children, but he absolutely adores being a dad
give their children the love he never received
and they can’t stop
I feel like they’d have a lot of kids
like, definitely around 7
I just think both of them are totally thrilled to become parents and they just can’t help themselves
elain definitely teaches all of them how to cook and bake and lucien is big on the training side
I can imagine them living a very peaceful and fulfilling life in a house full of (kinda chaotic) children
Amren + Varian
I can totally picture them seeing all their family’s kids and being like... no thanks
I don’t think they’d want to become parents, at least not for a long time
they’re more than happy to be the cool(est) aunt and uncle and spoiling all their nieces and nephews
also teaching them everything their parents don’t want them to know
amren is definitely set to piss off cassian and nesta the most
but just because she loves them and “your girls need to know everything” “amren I’ll fucking end you” “try me bitch”
and they don’t even like children that much so... why bother
if they do end up having a family of their own though, I think it would be very down the line and they’d stop at one kid
nonetheless they’re so damn happy they don’t have to change diapers, clean vomit stains and chase flying Illyrian babies around
yeah... they made the right choice
Mor + Emerie
coolest aunts energy
although amren disagrees because she’s the coolest aunt, duh
they definitely want to adopt a baby together, but they’re waiting for the right time
in the meantime they’re more than happy to babysit their family’s little devils
but when the time comes, they adopt the littlest Illyrian boy they’ve ever seen
he’s so small and cute and smart and ugh, they’ve wanted their own little family for so long
they’d totally adopt more babies over the years
I think they’d stop at around baby 3 or 4, two boys and two girls
can you imagine how powerful those babies would be?? how deadly??
mor is so here for it
emerie is definitely the worrying 24/7 mom, but mor’s steady presence calms her nerves every time
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lightitup-1989 · 11 days ago
Gwyn: *setting down a card* Ace of spades
Nesta: *pulling out an uno card* 4+
Emerie: *throwing down a Pokémon card* Jolteon! I choose you
Azriel and Cassian: What the hell are we playing?
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catheccino · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Lay down your weapons yall, let’s just appreciate the most wholesome trio that is Emerie, Gwyn, and Nesta.
(Please don’t repost this, thanks!)
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kellyvieiraarts · a month ago
Tumblr media
⚠️ACOSF spoiler ⚠️ #acourtofsilverflames "Water washed his clothes, his hair had been pulled out of the braid, and in his hand, standing there ... A head of Kelpie hung from the sheet of dark hair, his face torn in a scream. Just as the King of Hybern's head had hung from his hand. " Nesta Archeron
ig; @kelly.vieir.a
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lightitup-1989 · 15 days ago
Gwyn: One of these days I'm going to say the F-word and then you'll all be sorry.
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bookprofessor · 5 days ago
Valkryie Headcanons
Tumblr media
I relate so much to Nesta feeling like she owes a debt to those who chose to be her friend, so for the friends I’ve made on this app, thank you and I love you and I mean it.
The sky was gold and pink, the wind was warm, and Gwyn was sure it was the most stunning sunset she’d ever seen. She was braiding Emerie’s hair while Nesta’s head rested on Emerie’s lap. Nesta read aloud from a book she’d found on pirates, and Emerie’s laughter was better than music. The roof of the House of Wind radiated the warmth of the hot day, and Gwyn was happy. How small a word, yet profound in its fickle tangibility. She paused her braiding and leaned her head against Emerie's shoulder. Her smile made her cheeks ache, and in that moment with her found-sisters, she knew not all pain was terrible.
"What are you doing?" Nesta quirked a brow at a cursing Gwyn and smug Emerie. They were arm-wrestling, and by the looks of it, Emerie was the clear projected winner. "Let me rephrase. Why are you two arm-wrestling?"
"Seeing who is stronger," Gwyn grunted through her clenched teeth.
Emerie and her flexed arm muscles didn't seem phased by Gwyn's efforts to overpower her. "We've had competitions all day."
Nesta sat in the open chair and watched as Gwyn's face turned a dark shade of red. Emerie gave a sly smile then shoved Gwyn's hand down.
Gwyn heaved out a breath, exhausted. She leaned back against her chair and wiped the sweat from her face. "I have a stronger core, but Emerie has stronger arms."
"And legs," Emerie added. "I squatted ten more pounds than you did."
Gwyn narrowed her eyes. "I'm faster. You were eating my dust when we raced. And," she jerked her thumb behind her at the salmon ladder, "I can do the ladder twice before you've even finished your first rep."
Nesta laughed at her friends, her sisters. The easy banter that came so naturally to them was not something she'd ever had with her blood sisters. The Valkyries joked and teased and were endlessly competitive, but nothing could ever dim the love between them.
"My turn." Nesta propped her arm on her elbow, fingers wiggling for Emerie.
Emerie clasped her hand, and Nesta liked to think she put up a good fight, but Emerie made quick work of their arm-wrestle.
"Undefeated," Emerie bragged, crossing her arms behind her head.
Nesta shrugged. "You weren't saying that at game night yesterday."
Water sprayed from Gwyn's mouth. Even her cackle was musical and in perfect pitch.
"Damn," Emerie grumbled. "That was cold."
"So was the coin I won from you," Nesta said, without missing a beat.
Even Emerie joined in on the raucous laughter.
"Mmm," Emerie hummed as she looked down at the caravan of Autumn Court arrivals.
The Valkyries were squatting in the shadowed part of a roof, overlooking the train of Fae entering Velaris's border. They were on guard duty, lurking where they could not be seen, thus allowing them to monitor people more closely.
Emerie continued, "I strictly like females, but even I have to admit that Eris Vanserra is hot as fuck."
Gwyn snorted into her palm.
Nesta smirked. "Remember that one time he proposed to me after one dance?"
Emerie bit her lip to keep from laughing too loud. "I wonder what he would have done had you given him a few more."
"Probably swear some undying blood-oath to her," Gwyn said.
"Name several children after you," Emerie added.
"Yes," Gwyn nodded seriously. "Nesta the First, the Second, and then the third's middle name is Nesta."
Nesta had to plug her nose to keep away her howling laughter bubbling in her chest.
Nesta crossed her arms, brows narrowed at the guilty faces of Emerie and Gwyn.
"I'm not mad," she began. "I just want to know who did it."
Emerie visibly gulped. Gwyn stood silent as stone.
"I did," Emerie rose a sheepish hand.
"No," Nesta shook her head. "It wasn't you."
Gwyn's eyes bulged, then she blinked to neutralize her face.
Nesta took a step closer to Gwyn, and her friend nervously licked the corner of her mouth.
"Was it you, Gwyn?" Nesta asked.
Gwyn shook her head, but Nesta was already on her and wiped the chocolate from the corner of Gwyn's mouth. Nesta waved her finger over Gwyn's eyes with the incriminating evidence.
"Betrayal, Gwyneth!" Nesta cried.
Emerie snorted as Gwyn explained, "The cake said it was from Rhys! So I ate it because you hate Rhys's gifts!"
"Not when it's a seasonal chocolate cake, Gwyneth!"
Emerie's breathing was ragged as she tried not to laugh. Nesta sighed as she looked mournfully at the crumbs of cake on the now empty plate. "Was it good, at least?"
Gwyn bit her lip, a smile threatening at her lips, and she nodded. "It was amazing. The fudge was perfect. I'm sure that if you just sneeze in Rhys's presence, he'll buy you another slice."
Emerie couldn't hold back her laughter. It echoed in the kitchen, and it rose even louder as Nesta went so far as to lick the crumbs off the plate.
Nesta had never been able to accept criticism. If someone so much as disagreed with her, she needed to prove to them how they were wrong. She knew it made people afraid to even talk to her, that her personality kept people away, but that was until she met the right people. Those who would look in her steel eyes and not be daunted. A friend who was not afraid to tell Nesta when she was wrong, even with something as small as how she swung her sword in training.
"You're moving your arm too much," Emerie advised as she watched Nesta and Gwyn spar. "Keep it steady, and your swing will have much more force."
Nesta didn't hesitate to nod, to accept Emerie's feedback. It was a small moment that showed the growth in Nesta, but it was also everything.
Gwyn had not shown up to training.
Nesta kept eyeing the doors to the roof, waiting to see her red hair and bright teal eyes, but she had not come. It wasn’t magic that told Nesta something was wrong—it was the love she had for her found-sister. Something in Nesta’s bones rattled, there was a tightness in her chest, and she knew without a shred of doubt she needed to go to Gwyn.
Emerie had felt the same apparently, since she walked up to Nesta with a look in her brown eyes that she was sure was mirrored in her own.
“Something is wrong,” was all Emerie needed to say before they left the training ring without so much as an explanation to Cassian.
When they made it to the residence wing of the Library, it was Merrill—Merrill—who sat outside Gwyn’s shut door.
The female was writing in a notebook, glasses perched on the edge of her nose, when she looked up and saw the shocked expressions on Nesta and Emerie’s faces.
Merrill rolled her eyes. “I’m not entirely heartless. I care for Gwyn. She’s my favorite actually, and if you tell her I said as much I’ll deny it.” She rose to her feet and gave Emerie’s shoulder a passing pat. “She is not well. The mind is an organ and can grow ill as much as any other part of the body. She needs her friends.”
Nesta was the first through the door.
And the sight of Gwyn’s dark room and splayed hair utterly wrecked Nesta’s heart.
“It’s us, Gwyn.” Emerie whispered gently as she came to the side of the bed.
Gwyn said nothing.
Nesta brushed her fingers against Gwyn’s brow and her answering whimper had Emerie and Nesta crawling user the covers.
Nesta didn’t count how long they laid in that heavy sadness. She only counted Gwyn’s breaths. Gwyn’s knuckles were white as she gripped Emerie’s hand.
Gwyn’s voice was hoarse when she whispered, “I think I’m broken.”
“No,” Emerie’s response was immediate and her tone left little room for argument.
Gwyn’s sniffed into Nesta’s shoulder. “Why can’t I fix me?”
It was exactly what Nesta had said to Cassian. She remembered how worthless and wretched she’d felt then, and the fact that Gwyn now felt like she did was a pain Nesta wasn’t sure she could bear.
But she would bear it. For Gwyn and Emerie, Nesta would bear it all if she could.
So, it was not a difficult thing to tell Gwyn. “There is nothing to fix, Gwyn.”
Gwyn didn’t believe Nesta, but that was okay. She one day would, and whenever Gwyn was ready to step into that daylight, Nesta and Emerie will be there having always known that day would come. For the meantime, they stayed in Gwyn’s bed the rest of the day. Cassian brought down a home cooked pasta dish and he made them swear to secrecy not to tell the hungry vultures of the inner circle that he cooked for them, or else they’d come flocking like starved birds to him. They read a raunchy Sellyn Drake book and laughed until the heaviness left Gwyn’s eyes.
Nesta and Emerie stayed with Gwyn until she fell asleep, and they stayed even after that. Nesta propped herself on Gwyn’s windowsill and looked up at the night sky.
Emerie bumped her shoulder. “You okay?”
Nesta wrapped her arm around Emerie’s shoulders. “I just…thank you is all.”
Emerie shook her head. “How many times do I need to tell you that there is no debt to be paid?”
“Once more, I’m afraid.”
Emerie leaned her head against Nesta’s. “I think we find the people we are destined to be with, Nesta. I think we are created to love and be loved, and no matter what world or universe, we would have found each other. You were not understood by everyone, but you are by us.”
Nesta wiped her eyes. “I think you’re the strongest of us, Emerie.”
“I definitely am.”
Nesta’s answering laugh woke Gwyn and she hoped it even woke the stars.
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highladyofdawn · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
morrigan and emerie
“I always forget how beautiful she is. She never comes to Windhaven these days.” Nesta could have sworn pink stole over Emerie’s brown cheeks.
repost because I decided to try and make them gifs!
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lightitup-1989 · 19 days ago
Cassian: You know those things will kill you right?
Nesta, pouring another glass of liquor: That's the whole point.
Emerie smoking a cigarette: We're trying to speed up the process.
Gwyn: *nods while eating raw cookie dough*
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imsointobooks · 19 days ago
Nesta, Gwyn and Emerie give me Manon, Asterin and Sorrel vibes hard.
NESTA: Manon. Is the ice. Unflinching, Miss Barbed-Words, just needs her Valkyries in life, has a bloodlust, witty and sharp. She hides behind a facade of not caring but loves so wholly and deeply. Not easily tempted and unfazed. She can wield words better than swords.
GWYN: Asterin. Is all fire. Passionate, curious, competitive, loving and warm. She's feisty and kind and well HOT🔥 She needs to win and loves challenges. Fierce, smart, perceptive, courageous and cheeky and mischievous and bright.
EMERIE: Sorrel. Is the stone. Nothing in life can break her spirit and she is the rock that comforts her friends and grounds them. She is practical, logical, strong, brave and would go down swinging for her loved ones.
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highladyofdawn · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
azriel and gwyn
Azriel entered the warmth of the stairwell , and as he descended , he could have sworn a faint , beautiful singing followed him . Could have sworn his shadows sang in answer .
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gwyns · 5 months ago
Gwyn: Azriel doesn't like me.
Nesta: Yes, he does.
Emerie: Yes, he does.
Azriel's Shadows: Yes, he does.
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cocoscomments · 2 months ago
We need to know more
Anyone else think we need more bonus chapter to A Court of Silver Flames? Or at least a compilation of short stories 
It would include:
The Inner Circle’s thoughts after Cassian unfroze Nesta with a kiss. Maybe them discussing the mating bond between Cassian and Nesta. 
Rhysand talking to Feyre about Nesta’s trauma after he helped her through her nightmare. 
The Snowball fight! 
Azriel being the “chaperon” but really just trying push them together
Nesta talking to Cassian about why she was scared to admit that he was her mate. Cassian discussing how he feels bad about the way he treated her in the beginning, pulling away whenever the IC was around. Cassian telling her he too felt unworthy being her mate and at times still does
Everyone's thoughts on seeing Nesta dance for the first time, complete with Rhyand and Feyre yelling at Cassian for cutting in
Cassian tracking down the musicians and asking them to play their favorite songs. 
Gwny’s first impression of Nesta
Emerie’s first impressions of Gwyn and Emerie
Gwyn’s POV cutting the ribbon
Feyre and Rhysand discussing Nesta and Cassian and the mating bond between them
Cassian confiding in Az that he screwed up with Nesta after winter solstice and now he needs to leave
Bonus Chapters: 
Azriel constantly telling Cassian he screwed up and taking Nesta’s side
Rhysland’s POV having to “ask” Nesta to dance with Eris as well as his POV asking Nesta to track down the dead trove after experiencing her trauma
The House getting mad at someone for saying something disrespectful towards Nesta
Gwyn and Emerie discussing the mating bond between Cassian and Nesta and how Nesta seems to be unaware of it or avoiding it
Mor teaching Cassian how to dance and maybe having a conversation about Nesta, the mating bond and how she and him haven’t always treated Nesta the best. 
Mor’s POV finding and taking Nesta to Emerie’s 
Azriel’s POV on Nesta’s nightmare and having to hold back Cassian.
Gwyn waking up in the Blood Rite 
Rhys’ POV on Nesta inviting the priestesses, resurrecting the valkyries, her slaying the Kelpie/Lanyths, Nesta giving back the sword or him comforting Feyre because her sister is in the Blood Rite and they can do nothing about it.
Rhysand’s POV of Nesta wielding the dead trove objects than giving up her power to save his son and wife. Anything to show that he realized that he had been wrong. I mean considering the amount of times he was in her head, did seeing the world through her eyes change anything
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