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The Unnatural Geralt x Oc/Reader (Prologue)


When A kingdom was sent ablaze as a surprise attack killed half the royal family, The daughter of the former king sent on a journey to find Geralt of Rivia to help the kingdom as her remaining three family members look for the witch that was the cause of the well know Massacre of Lexon.


Chaos. Chaos followed everywhere they turned as if it was mocking them. Red and yellow flames filled the once peaceful kingdom as screams followed. Running and more running to get away from the ones that invaded their land. A man around 6’3 ran in front of the small crowd he was leading. Throwing wooden planks away from the people and fighting off the ones that stepped forward trying to kill them. His long dark brown hair that was tied into a low ponytail flowed behind him as he pushed open a door leading to the back garden. “Go! You need to go!” People flooded out the door after his call, with only one woman staying behind as she looked up at the man with panicked eyes. “Tyvrick? You’re not coming?” She asked hurriedly as she watched the group she was with vanish into the woods. The man shook his head as sadness flooded through his dark chocolate orbs that watched the woman in front of him.

“Why come when I can help the guards fight off the army?” He spoke. His smooth but firm voice soothed down the woman’s worries only slightly. Her light brown shoulder length fell into a frizzed state as her curls stuck to her sweat soaked forehead. “Tyvrick… Please return safely.” She spoke softly to the man in front of her. Tyvrick placed his forehead onto hers as he smiled. “Take Anastasia and run. Run till you can’t anymore. Please. I won’t lose my youngest sibling.” His eyes spoke words he cannot say. Maeve knew what they meant. She knew that in the words he spoke was a hidden message that made her world fall apart. The chaos now became silence to their ears as they only focused on each other. “You’re not coming back… Are you?” Maeve’s eyes filled over with tears. Tyvrick only smiled as he gently pushed the woman out the door. Slowly closing the door, he spoke his final words to the women he called his best friend and first love. 

“Go, and don’t look back. Run, find Geralt. Find the witcher.” And with that, the door was finally closed and locked. As he closed his eyes in pain, both physical and mental, he ran down the corridor and to his other sisters room. Slamming the door open, he saw the familiar bed of brown and white hair on the covers as she slept. Tyvrick had no idea how she was still asleep until he walked closer. On the body of Charlotte of Lenox, was a deep gash on her juglar. The once bright silver eyes were now nothing but dead, deep, pools of grey. Mouth covered in a deep red substance that can only be identified as her blood. Unable to make a sound, Tyvrick fell to his knees and held the now cold hand of his second youngest sister as he let out silent cries only those who pay attention can hear. 

His little sister was dead, who knew how many of his siblings made it out of the land of living and to the land of the dead. Lifting his head, Tyvrick looked at the corpse that adorned a white and grey nightgown. He sat on the bed and closed his eyes. “My whole family might be dead, so what’s one more to add to the count.” Trembling hands held a knife that would soon put an end to the pain he felt. Leaning his head back as his eyes looked at his sister, he spoke one more time before plunging the knife into his neck. “Gods be damned, I brought my demise before they did.” And with that, black filled his once red and yellow highlighted eyesight as death embraced him just like his supposed dead siblings did.


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En approchant le 27 juin 2020, date de l’apocalypse, la tension monte et atteint un point culminant dans la deuxième saison de Dark. Véritable exercice cérébral, la série Netflix est criminellement sous-estimée. En plus de son intrigue brillante, la cinématographie, le design sonore et la distribution sont excellents et probablement le meilleur de ce que j’ai vu dans le médium de la série télévisée. C’est de l’art narratif et cinématographique qui ne prend pas le spectateur pour un idiot et qui approfondit constamment la prémisse. La troisième saison est prévue pour la journée prophétique du 27 juin, date intéressante par sa nature. Vingt-septième jour du sixième mois, l’addition de 27 et 6 donne 33. Si vous avez écouté Dark, vous reconnaitrez le génie de cette date de sortie.

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Na het bakken, model willen worden of kleding ontwerpen is het tijd voor bloemen en planten. Lees op de blog wat ik van Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight vind.
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A/N: SURPRISE!! Who’s ready for season 2? Dunno how long this will be but I expect you enjoy it! -Danny

Words: 1,492

Warnings: Swearing

First Season // Next Chapter


Originally posted by florencepuhg

[First scene, random Glendale street.]

The place is silent, not a Ghoulie in sight. Some mutant squirrels rummage through the garbage, they’re starving. Not much has changed in Glendale since Principal Burr was defeated, not on the exterior at least. But we’re about to see the real deal: A sound grows stronger in the distance. The squirrels look up, trying to locate the rumbling noise. Then, almost as if she materialized out of thin air, we see our protagonist skate at full speed out of the nearest alley, living her best life.

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