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Hughes or Spielberg? Tell us in the comments below. Read both sides of the story and vote on 4b.

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Me and my dad always watch an episode of a telly show before bed and we just finished the wilds. We don’t know what to watch next has anyone got any recommendations?

I wouldn’t say anything animated cos he always turns his nose up at watching avatar when I suggest it (but we have watched plenty of other animated shows together with my brother so who knows).

Doesn’t matter the rating I’m so over watching things with sex scenes in with my dad like the first 15 I ever saw at the cinema was a screen unseen (didn’t know what it’d be beforehand) and it was wind river which has a rape scene so and I went and saw it with my dad so… We watch basically everything that comes out at the cinema together (got memberships) so nothing really phases me anymore. (Seeing a sex scene in a film I was watching with my grandma though that’s a whole different story. Then again I recently found out she’s seen fifty shades of grey so I no longer know what to think of her).

Should be something that’s available to watch so streaming services Netflix or Amazon Prime (or if you know UK stuff any sky boxsets).

My dad’s a telly addict so he’s seen most of the major shows from 80s, 90s, 2000s aka pre the streaming service boom so ig ideally something new.

Stuff we’ve watched together in the past include the wilds, Supergirl, runaways, killing eve, buffy (actually we have a bit of a gay theme going on I think I’ve made him think I’ll only watch stuff with lesbians in it which is kinda true but like I should show that that’s not all I watch shows for lol).

Some of our favourite films we’ve watched together have been indie films e.g. leave no trace, dating amber, the farewell. And my dad always cries at things about parental relationships so that sort of thing would probably be good.

Foreign stuff is fine too we haven’t watched any TV shows in a foreign language together but we’ve seen a fair few foreign language films (e.g. parasite, your name, les miserables)

If anyone has any recommendations please let me know! Thank you!

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“Screw You!” Watch: Surviving Death @netflix #netflix #GoodWatch

“Screw You!” Watch: Surviving Death @netflix #netflix #GoodWatch

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I’ve watched only one of the six, 50-minute (or so) episodes of this show. That’s enough. This is an important show to watch, but not for the reasons the show advances. It’s important to see how low humans can get. It’s important to see how assholes will take advantage of peoples’ trauma to make…

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Netflix via Instagram

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the fact that netflix took winx, a colorful cartoon filled with magic, fairies, unique/distinct characters and empowerment of girls/female friendships into a weird mix of riverdale/teen wolf/shadowhunters with whitewashing and stripping the characters of their original traits, which was the thing that made us love them so much in the first place is my villain origin story

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Watch “Netflix is producing pure filth” on YouTube

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Jenna Coleman and Tahar Rahim appeared on the BBC’s The One Show this evening, discussing their roles in The Serpent. 

Apparently, The Serpent has already had 23 million views on BBC iplayer alone. 

When asked about what the hardest part was, Jenna responded that Marie-Andrée is such a complex woman with the duality of being both a villain and a victim. 

She also mentioned the difficulties of learning a new language and accent in such a short time, such that she could switch between speaking in French to speaking in English with a French accent momentarily, as this happens all the time in The Serpent. She also reiterated that she was never as terrified as arriving in Bangkok and being entirely surrounded by French actors, who she had to speak in French with for a large part of the show. 

Jenna also mentioned the incredible heat in Thailand, and how she would hurry to get to a fan between takes. 

She also said that she does have some sympathy for Marie-Andrée, despite everything she did. 

You can watch the interview here:

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A sexta temporada de “Vikings” marcou o fim de uma das séries mais famosas da atualidade. A trama baseada na Saga de Ragnar Lodbrok e Conto dos Filhos de Ragnar contou com 6 temporadas ao todo.

Veja mais detalhes sobre ‘Vikings: Valhalla’!

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Super Podcast Ep 154 - Clancy is back! We talk WandaVision, The Mandalorian S2, A History of Swear Words and more!

Super Podcast Ep 154 - Clancy is back! We talk WandaVision, The Mandalorian S2, A History of Swear Words and more!

#Podcast #WandaVision

Super Podcast Ep 154 – Clancy is back! We talk WandaVision, The Mandalorian S2, A History of Swear Words and more!

Welcome back to another episode of The Super Podcast with your hosts Super Marcey and ‘The Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn.
In this episode we welcome back a guest who was a regular back…


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(via La jasette du Barbu #85)

Dedans l'épisode; je vous raconte mes aventures du matin, je vous suggère un film El Camino la suite logique de Breaking Bad.

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probably in the last 20 minutes of the entire series? though by that i just mean she was more cringe than annoying, but some could argue she was both in equal measure. also, stella was suddenly nice??? and their friend??? i mean the only times we ever saw her interact with her ‘suite mates’ was either hostile or judgy but they’re all suddenly ride or die lmao 🤢

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7482747383. sene sonra tekrardan selamlar :)) Burayi gerçekten sınav içinde hevesliyken açmıştım ders çalışmaya da hevesliydim buraya da ama olmadı iste :’) hayat biz planlar yaparken basimiza gelenlwr degil midir zaten iyi veya kötü:’)

her neyse burasi birden aklima geldi canlandırmak istiyorum ama boyle ders blogu gibi değil de okuduğum kitaplardan kesitler paylaşmak istiyorum siz ne dersiniz ? Muhtemelen bir surw sonra yine kalacak ama olsun en azından yine denicem djwhndkw hala takip eden hala tumblr kullanan varsa bana fikirlerinizi söylerseniz sevinirim ama yine de paylasicam ben kalan olsa da olmasa da :’)

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Alex: “So trust me, when I say is a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit. He genuinely doesn’t give a shit”

Relationships are not fairytales or not like the ones we’ve seen in movies or dramas growing up, relationships are not perfect! Everyone’s love story is different. Relationships and true love are hard to find but don’t invest it on wrong person and don’t settle down because of it or don’t think you are missing out ! Because you are not missing out.

“Don’t look for the signs because most of it aren’t facts and don’t have high hopes based on the signs that aren’t facts!”

If you are a girl and you should definitely watch “He’s Just Not That Into You: 2009 Film”

I don’t understand why the ratings of this movie is 6/6.5, I would rate it atleast 8! I had a good laugh watching this film and I actually loved how they’ve tried to keep it realistic and genuine! Really don’t know how come i’ve never watched this movie before, absolutely loved it!

He\'s Just Not That Into You
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