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perpetuallyfive · 4 hours ago
Reminder to those with a netflix account that tomorrow, October 20th, is the employee walkout in protest against the company’s consistent defense of transphobia and horrible treatment of trans employees who voiced objections.
The employee who originally organized the walkout has been fired. As part of the rally tomorrow morning at 10:30am, organizers will present a list of firm asks to co-CEO/Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, who you might also know as the guy who sent multiple internal memos arguing that media has no impact at all on how human beings see each other and ourselves. (Arguing that you think media as a whole is fundamentally pointless is a really good argument for him not having this job anymore, I guess.)
Please support the trans employees and their allies by not using your netflix account tomorrow, Wednesday October 20th, 2021.
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demifiendrsa · 18 hours ago
Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop | Official Teaser “Lost Session”
Cowboy Bebop live-action series will premiere on Netflix on November 19, 2021.
Tumblr media
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kateknowsdramas · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Nothing can be easier than making a lecturer resign.
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jubilant-ronin · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Look at this distinguished gentleman, look at the way he is standing nYESs very distinguished mhmm i see i see-
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pianovels · 17 hours ago
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hello yes I made these yesterday on 3 a.m. as a coping mechanism towards life :')
all these are inspired by @lydiais-dead 's alignment chart, please check her content out, they're amazing ✨
also I like sangwoo sorry not sorry 😃
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trans-parenting · 6 hours ago
"Mx. Pagels-Minor was a leader of both the transgender and Black employee resource groups at Netflix. Additionally, they have been featured in promotional Netflix videos celebrating the diversity of the staff, with titles like “Netflix Employees Celebrating Pride” and “Netflix Employees Explain What Being Black Means to Them.” Mx. Pagels-Minor, who is 33 weeks pregnant, said they were one of the organizers of the walkout. Within hours of posting about the walkout on Thursday in a company Slack channel, Mx. Pagels-Minor said, they heard from their manager. Mx. Pagels-Minor was fired that day. 'I don’t have any ill will toward Netflix,' they said. 'I want them to be successful, but the only way to succeed is to hold themselves to the values they expound.'"
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animenostalgia · 14 hours ago
News - Netflix released an official "teaser" short to promote their upcoming live action Cowboy Bebop TV series. The short is called "The Lost Session" and is less than 3 minutes long, featuring some music from the original anime. You can watch it on their official YouTube channel above.
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teenwolfmarvel-obessor · 13 hours ago
Beautiful Insecurities
Tumblr media
Request from @maisygd: Y/N has the same mouth as Sarah, but she doesn't think it's pretty on her. JJ sees her looking at herself in the mirror and then comforts her with that, (she and JJ dating).
A/N: Thank you so much for requesting, I love this idea! I hope you don't mind that I added some things to it. Enjoy!!!!
Summary: You've always been insecure about the way you look especially being friends with Sarah Cameron. The two of you had similar facial features, and sometimes you began to think that maybe you were never as pretty as she was. JJ knew about your insecurities, of course being the best boyfriend; he'd shower you with compliments and make sure to tell you that you were one of a kind.
Y/N/N: Your Nickname
Y/E/C: Your Eye color
Your outfit
Warnings: none
Dialogue Prompts (Credits to the original creator):
“I swear, I fall more in love with you every time we see each other.”
“That’s the sixth time you’ve complimented me today.”
JJ Maybank x-reader
Music blared on either side of me as I sat on on the dock at John B's house. The afternoon sun sat in the light blue sky, warming up me and my friends as we hung out. The five of us relaxed, enjoying the nice summer weather. A round of laughter sounded from the group when JJ had pushed John B into the water once he insisted that he'd wait it out. Kiara and I chuckled as John B yelled at my boyfriend for pushing him in. Sarah stood up from her spot next to Kie and I, rolling her eyes at JJ. She slipped off her t-shirt and set it beside her bag before jumping after her boyfriend.
A pattern of curse words floated through my head as the round of criticisms began to seep through my ears, telling me lies about my appearance. I forced a smile as Kiara glanced in my direction, using her eyes to ask if I was alright. My best friend slowly nodded her and looked at the couple in the water as they wrestled one another. "Yo, Sarah! Save some for us!" Pope yelled. Kiara took off her cover up before jumping into the cool water once Pope had grabbed her hand. JJ looked away from the wrestling match (GIF Above) to see me hesitant to jump in.
His expression had dropped when he noticed my change of demeanor. My blonde boyfriend set his fishing rod into the little compartment before walking over to me. I stared at my reflection in the water, despising the way my lips were formed; similar to Sarah's. Don't get me wrong, Sarah was perfect. She seemed to make it work whereas I absolutely despised how I looked. JJ knew of my insecurity, he insisted that it made me one of a kind.
My back faced the fit of laughter in the ocean, hands tucked underneath my bare legs. JJ sat down beside me with his feet resting on the wooden plank underneath the dock. I felt his eyes land on the side of my face as he searched me like a book, trying to figure out what was going on.
His eyes trailed over to my reflection from the water, noticing me glaring slightly. JJ kissed me on the cheek, taking my Y/E/C eyes away from the dark blue waters. "Why don't you jump in?" he asked. He swung an arm around my shoulders, bringing me to his chest. My shoulders rose up and down as a response. I felt him nod as I rested my head against his clothed chest. JJ glanced over at Kiara, Pope, Sarah and John B who had died down and were now teasing one another. "Hey, I think I'm gonna head home," I said, slowly taking his arm off of my shoulders. JJ looked up at me with his face softening.
"Are you sure?" he said, "We were gonna have a bonfire tonight?"
I nodded my head and slipped my clothes back on before strapping my sandals. JJ watched me as I put my hair back, perching the pair of sunglasses I always wore at the top of my head. JJ stood up from the dock and took out his fishing pole. "I'll come with you," he said, "Rather hangout with my girlfriend then fifth wheel with those doofus'." I chuckled at his statement, he broke into smile when he caught notice of my grin. After saying our goodbyes to our friends, the two of us made our way over to my house.
My boyfriend jumped off his bike before turning around to see if was alright. I shot him a reassuring smile before making my way over to the front door of my house. He made sure his adored bike was safely parked to the side. I grabbed the extra key from underneath the welcome mat and opened up the front door to the house. JJ closed the door behind him and watched me as I avoided eye contact down the short hallway to my room. My boyfriend followed pursuit once I opened the door to my somewhat neat bedroom. "I swear, I fall more in love with you every time we see each other," he commented, plopping down on my bed. The corners of my mouth lifted in hopes that JJ would realize that I was 'fine'. However, he didn't buy the act.
His bright sky blue eyes followed me as I sat down at my vanity, brushing out my salt water soaked hair. He sat up from the bed, laying on his side with his hand propping up his head. "You alright? You haven't talked since we got here," JJ said. "Yeah, yeah I'm okay," I replied, staring at my lips. I lightly applied some Chapstick and set it back into the little box in hopes that it would boost my sprits.
JJ stood up from the bed, making his way over to me. He wrapped his arms around my torso with his head resting on my shoulder. "I love you just the way you are. You know that, right?" he said. I nodded and leaned back, kissing him on the cheek.
"You're beautiful."
"That's the sixth time you've complemented me today," I replied. JJ chuckled and turned me around in my chair so I faced him. He knelt down, sitting in between my legs. JJ's hands rested on either side of my face. "And I'll do it everyday until you realize how perfect and breathtaking you are," he replied. He kissed my forehead before bringing me in for a hug.
I rested against his chest as I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. JJ truly was the person that I needed in my life. "I love you, JJ," I spoke with my voice muffled from my face being pressed against his shoulder. My adorable boyfriend's grip loosen as he looked back at me, he tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "I love you too, beautiful," he replied.
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drewsgfduh · 2 hours ago
i’m extremely lucky
rafe x f!reader smut
warnings: 18+, dirty talk, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex and swearing
rafe teases y/n while golfing with friends. let’s just say they are both too horny for their own good. one thing leads to another and they’re back at y/n’s…
unedited because i’m lazy ;)))
rafe grabs ahold of y/n’s hips and kisses down her neck roughly. he then licks a stride up her neck all the way to her ear before biting down gently on her lobe. she lets out a shaky moan placing her hands on his chest trying to stay upright. he teases her by slowly rubbing circles over her fully clothed pussy. she then moves her hands to her shoulders squeezing tightly moaning once again. she rolls her head back sucking her teeth. she grinds her throbbing core against his hand trying to get some friction going due to his teasing.
“r-rafe, stop teasing.. please touch me,” she whines looking into his blue orbs with her wide brown ones. he smirks and pushes her back towards the bed. “your wish is my command beautiful,” he says grabbing the hem of her skirt before pulling it down quickly and rough. y/n leans back on her elbows and stares down at rafe waiting for him to do something, absolutely anything! she was soaking and extremely horny.
if rafe wasn’t teasing her the entire time they were out golfing with topper and kelce they wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place. he was constantly grabbing her thighs and ass throughout the entire time. he just couldn’t keep to himself. y/n just looked so good rafe couldn’t handle it. even after being together for two years rafe was still utterly obsessed with y/n. he was head over heels for this girl and her in that mini tennis skirt drove him absolutely nuts.
“jesus y/n/n, your pussy is sopping wet,” he softly grins taking his fingers and gliding them between her folds. he pecks right above her soaking pussy and winks up at her. she smiles softly looking down at him with glazed eyes. he grabs her hips and pulls her close to him taking her legs and setting them on his shoulders. he then leaves soft kisses down her abdomen before he starts kissing the inside of her thighs. he leaves small hickeys along the inside of her thighs. he continued taking his sweet time as y/n waits in anticipation. after teasing her for awhile he finally places his lips around her clit kissing it multiple times.
she lets out a loud moan grabbing his hand and laces their fingers together. “oh wow rafey,” she sighs toes curling and the sensation he was giving her. rafe keeps sucking and kissing her sensitive clit for what felt like hours. he laps at it for a good while, soon sliding two fingers into her curling upward hitting a spot that causes y/n erupt into a moaning mess. she leans back up on her elbows watching her boyfriend eat her pussy like it’s the last goddamn meal on earth. she grabs his hair with the other hand pulling harshly. she gasps trying to breathe. rafe was good at so many things but he was amazing at giving head. he never failed to make y/n cum when it came down to his tongue.
“you eat me out so good baby. you have the best mouth in the world.” she says breathlessly. “you have the best pussy in the entire world, you know that. could eat you for every meal of the day cupcake. you would like that, yeah?” rafe says pumping three fingers in and out of her pussy at a fast pace. “jesus, i’m going to cum,” she groans her eyes rolling back. she couldn’t take it he legs going numb feeling like jelly. rafe laughs softly before places his lips back on her throbbing clit. y/n’s legs start to shake really hard indicating that she was about to cum. “that’s right baby girl, cum on my tongue. wanna taste you so bad,” he groans finger fucking her faster.
y/n let’s out a quiet whine as she squeezes rafe’s hand tightly. “please, please,” she pants. “fuck rafe, you- you- oh my god!” she gasps at his sudden action. rafe takes his fingers out and replaces them with his tongue. she loved when he fucked her like this. the things he does to her will never be compared. rafe continued tongue fucking her harshly. y/n cums and lets out a load scream before slamming her head backwards onto the bed. rafe cleans her up with his tongue, then climbs up strattling her with his legs. he slides his t-shirt and hers off before attaching his lips to her hard nipples. “shit,” she moans. he sucks hard on both giving her hickeys all over her chest and breasts.
he soon comes up to her face and kisses her softly. she grabs the back of his neck and lets him deepen the kiss. she grabs his clothed cock and he gasps allowing her to slide her tongue in his mouth. they play with each other’s tongues for a good while before rafe pulls away. he flips them over letting y/n sit on top of him. “gonna ride you,” she smiles pulling his shorts down. rafe watches her closely has she pulls his shorts down. he raises a brow as she stops for a second and kisses down his abs licking up and down them. “so sexy,” she smiles.
rafe places his hands behind his head and watches her. she spits on her hand and starts pumping his cock. she stares directly into his eyes as she does this. rafe thinks that he could cum right here watching her stroke his cock. “get on my cock now baby before i cum, i wanna cum in you,” he groans grabbing her hand to stop her.
she moves up on him before sliding down on his long and thick cock. she lets out a long moan. “fuck, you fill me up so good,” she moans wrapping her hair up in a ponytail. “i love you so much,” she rolls her hips in circles. rafe lets off the sexiest moans she’s ever heard. “i love you princess, you’re so amazing,” he moans reaching up to squeeze her tits as they bounce up and down. she leans down and gives him kisses as they moan into each other’s mouths. “i’m close,” he says against her lips. “flip me over,” she pleads. he does as she pleases, he always listens.
rafe flips them into missionary position. he slowly pulls out then quickly slams back into her. “fuck!” she lets out a scream and scratches down his muscular back. “you’re so fucking wet y/n, i wish you could see how well my cock slides in and out of you right now,” she whines squeezing her breasts. “you’re killing me rafey,” she groans. “you gonna cum beautiful?” he questions grinding in and out of her at a sloppy paste. “yeah, yeah, please,” she pants closing her eyes. he knew she was close. “cum rafe,” she she’s squeezing his biceps. “i’m gonna cum with you baby,” she murmers with a course voice. rafe soon cums inside her with a low moan. he continues to thrust into her letting her chase her high. y/n felt her stomach drop and warm up, she knew she was close. she then cums as well and hugs him tightly as they come down from their orgasms.
after they clean up and shower y/n walks out of her bedroom towards her kitchen. she was home alone for the weekend due to her parents being gone on a business trip. she was the youngest of seven and was the only child left at home so she always had the house to herself. she grabs some water, chips and salsa for her and rafe. when she gets back up to her bedroom she sees her boyfriend laying on the bed petting her family dog. she smiles at them for a little bit before slowly walking into her bedroom with the goodies she grabbed.
“hey baby girl,” he looks up from the dog at her. “hi i brought some snacks and water,” she smiles walking towards him. he moves to the edge of the bed opening his legs to allow her to stand between them. “how you feeling?” he asks rubbing the back of her legs. she wraps her arms around his neck and leans forward nuzzling into his neck. “tired, but good,” she murmers kissing his neck lightly. “good,” he smiles up at his gorgeous girlfriend. “but, i don’t think i’ll be able to golf tomorrow,” she laughs pointing to the inside of her thighs and neck covered in hickeys. “oops, nothing makeup can’t fix right?” rafe laughs blushing. “you’re lucky i love you so fucking much,” y/n mumbles before giving rafe a kiss pushing him back onto the bed. “and i love you,” he says between kisses.
“i am truly the luckiest for sure,” he chuckles squeezing her ass and kissing her back.
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ladyauroraborealis · 14 hours ago
rewatching young royals again (as you do) and noticed how in episode 2 when simon returns home from rowing practice and rosh and ayub are just sitting in his room gaming and eating pizza. they were just chilling in simons room without him even being there. that's just so sweet and shows how long those three have been friends already. there are only 2 people i could think of where i would be willing to just chill at their house in their room waiting for them to come home and just start eating and using their video games or smth. like those three are just so fucking comfortable with each other. i love it
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tashataylorsversion · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I lived for 34 years without you,but each day seems to last forever since I've met you. Hye-jin, what's your deal? What have you done to me?
Say it again.
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