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#netflix and chill

So, instead of watching Kpop-lives I decided to continue watching Busted on Netflix. 😎

Mainly because Sehunnie is in it, but also cause it’s mix of mystery, drama, crime and comedy. I’m so hooked with the series. 🤭


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❛ what happens now ? ❜ [Kaede]

Exasperated, he points to the television.


“Just watch.” This is how he’s rewarded for showing her the director’s cut of Blade Runner

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I started watching Zoo on Netflix. I know I’ve seen some of season 1 on TV here but then sort of forgot about the show, I don’t think they showed the next season here. 

Just saw episode 1 and 2 and damn, it’s still good. It does make me look at my dog differently. 🤣 I mean, he’s a  ball of fluff but his teeth are damn long! 

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23 / 03

me and my boyfriend max -the one on the right isn’t he so cute. we are watching elite like a lunatic, i really don’t think it’s healthy. i literally can not stop myself and my eyes are on actual fire.

i know the middle photo is irrelavent but it’s porbably one of my mave pics ever.

p.s. gúzman and i are going to get married soon, there is nothing anybody can do about it.

would you mind - prettymuch

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