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#netflix my name
in-yeop · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Park Hee Soon as Choi Moo Jin
MY NAME (Episode 1)
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callaawrites · a month ago
NFWMB | cmj.
Tumblr media
NFWMB | spicy headcanons
Pairing: choi mujin x female reader
Request: what would sex be like with choi mujin?
Genre: smut headcanons, nc-17!
Word Count: 1.5k lmao
Warnings: lots of filth (because why not???), explicit sex, dirty talk, unprotected sex, aggressive sex, slight impreg kink, foul language, sentence fragments + my scattered train of thought lmao, etc. DO NOT READ AND DO NOT INTERACT IF UNDERAGE.
Recommended Listening: Track 1, Track 2
Author’s Note: ty for the request, anon! this was a nice lil exercise to get into the right headspace to come back to writing heh. please enjoy!
If I was born as a blackthorn tree I’d wanna be felled by you, held by you Fuel the pyre of your enemies Nothing fucks with my baby Nothing, nothing, nothing
Mujin doesn’t let just anyone into his bed. He’s extremely picky about partners. He knows what’s at stake, he knows what he has to lose. Dongcheon has always come before anything and everything else.  
And so when he eventually (jfc) chooses a partner, you can bet that it’s going to be a long-term, exclusive arrangement.   
Here are the facts: Choi Mujin does not share. Choi Mujin calls the shots. And, lastly, Choi Mujin does not half ass anything. If he’s going to fuck you, he’s going to fuck you.
Once he sets his sights on you, he knows he has to have you. It’s weeks in the making. His team is intent on gathering as much intel as possible. It kind of ruins the mood for him tbh but he knows the organization comes first. He could never let anything dangerous potentially enter their midst.  
But once you two have passed all the hoops and obstacles, you are together. Just a man and a woman.   
Choi Mujin always burns hot, this uncontrollable fire of a man, but he is nothing if not patient.   
He will take his time with you, especially in the beginning. He will pick you apart, piece by piece, until you fall apart -- and then will painstakingly put you back together again with the same attentiveness too. He will want to know every freckle, every birth mark. Will memorize the spots that make you keen and shudder.   
(This initial process may take days, maybe weeks. He will seem almost possessed, in the moment, intent only on learning every single inch of you. He denies himself sex and simple pleasures so often. He has a lot of pent up energy and lost time to make up for lol. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat when he tells you to. You’ll need the energy to keep up with him tbh.)  
You’ll learn quickly that oral sex is an artform with him. He will lay you out on his bed, on his desk, on his couch, on his bar. Will have you sprawled out, legs over his shoulders, back arching off of the floor of his hotel executive office suite. Will eat you out anywhere and everywhere. If he’s craving it (and lbr, when is he not?) and your legs are parting, willing, he will take you and eat you out like a man starved.  
Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with oral sex before. Maybe your lovers haven’t enjoyed it nearly as much in the past. Whatever the case, Choi Mujin will destroy every single preconception or insecurity you may have had around it. Pussy is a delicacy. There’s no place better than having his face pressed between your legs, nose pressed into you, breathing you in. Mouth sucking noisily at your clit. Jaw dripping wet and your thighs burning from his stubble dragging along the soft skin there.  
The noisiest pussy eater ever tbh.   
Likes when it’s messy, likes when it’s wet. Likes coming away from between your legs with his entire mouth and face dripping with your want all over his chin and jaw. Shows him just how much you wanted this -- wanted him. He lives for this shit.  
Overstimulation to the max. Will drag out orgasm after orgasm just with his mouth and fingers alone. Probably hasn’t even taken off his dress shirt yet, when you’re already shivering and shuddering and twitching on his floor.   
Expect lots of dirty talk. He’s not one for degradation though. He isn’t here to call you a bitch or a slut. No, no, no. That’s all wrong. You’re the one he chose, the one he wanted, the one he craved. He’s going to treat you like a princess. He’s going to treat you like his queen.  
Fuck, baby, you’re beautiful. Look at you. Perfect. Gorgeous. Look at the mess you’ve made. Such a messy, messy girl. Do you want my cock? Tell me you want it. Tell me exactly what you want. I’ll give you everything you need.   
The size difference is extreme. He’s a big man. Big hands, big feet, big chest, big cock. And even if not for the sheer size of his person, his energy is even bigger. It wouldn’t matter if you were a foot taller than him, he has a remarkable talent for making everyone standing in front of him feel unfathomably small.   
(Side note: His cock isn’t some monster porn cock lmao. Maybe slightly longer than the average man. But it is t h i c k. Wide and thick and heavy in a way that you probably aren’t used to. Good luck.)  
It’s interesting to see him unravel during sex. He remains firmly in control for the first few sessions, I think. Is still testing the boundaries. Still seeing how far he can push you, how much you’ll take, how much you want him. Is gentle when he first slides into you, knows he may be too big. Presses his fingers into your mouth so that you have something to cry into and comforts you in a low, quiet murmur.   
Is soft, that first round. Slow. Thrusts are unhurried, almost lazy. Lets you feel him, inch for inch, until you can adjust to his girth. Takes his time fucking you until you think you may become wild for it, fully adjusted and slick and desperate, your own hips lifting up off the bed to meet his. Tell me what you need, baby. Be a good girl and tell me what you want.  
After that, all bets are off the table. I hope you have your seat belt on.  
Mujin is animalistic during sex. Once he’s fully comfortable with you (and you with him), he will fuck you like a man deranged.   
Loves wild, desperate sex, your fingers clawing down his back and his hand pressed to your throat. Loves when you buck against him, desperate for his cock, all inhibitions gone and thrown away. That’s it, sweetheart. Take what you want. Let me give you what you need. Expect tons of growling and tightly gripped hands and wet, sweat-drenched skin. Will plow into you like there’s no tomorrow.   
Will also mark the shit out of you. His teeth and mouth will be everywhere. There won’t be a piece of clothing out in the world that can hide just how much he’s marked up your neck and back and thighs. Is extremely possessive. Needs to know that the world will know you belong to him. Needs you to know that you belong to him.   
Honestly, a few sessions in, when he’s barely lucid and already completely safe and comfortable with you, his dirty talk will probably get even filthier. Want me to fill you up, sweetheart? Want my come all over you, inside you. You belong to me, baby. Honey. Let me fill you up. Fuck this cunt. Fuck this pussy. My pussy. My good girl.  
Is almost always barebacking, I think. Especially once you two have that kind of established relationship. There’s just something so animalistic and satisfying, for him, to be able to cum inside of you. To watch it dribble out of you after. To know that you will walk around in the world, on the streets, past strangers -- all these men and women -- who will not know that he is leaking out of you.   
Or maybe they will? Maybe they’ll be able to smell him on you? Maybe his scent, all wood and leather and cigarettes and sex, will be so deeply embedded into you by the time he’s had his fill.   
It’s shit like that that gets him off most tbh.  
Oh god I’m already past 1k LMAO let’s wrap this up... THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SIMPLE EXERCISE CALLA WYD  
Okay but after everything is said and done, he will hold you and let you curl into him. Will smile when you fold yourself to fit against him, your flushed, red face pressed thankfully into the expanse of his sweaty chest. Enjoys when you let him care for you like this. He is as protective as he is possessive. Let him protect you, let him hold you.   
You will be sore all over and Mujin’s chest will be heaving from the effort. Who knows how long you two have been at it? How many days has it been? How many times did he feed you by hand, when you were too dazed and barely lucid to feed yourself?   
He will press a glass of water to your mouth. Will swipe your sweaty hair away from your face. Kiss your temple. Probably draw you a bath.   
...And bide his time until he can do this all over again. And again, and again, and again...  
So... what would sex be like with Mujin, you asked, anon??? Expect to be destroyed. He will ruin you, in the very best way possible.
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thesadpartwas · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Han So Hee as Yoon Ji Woo, My Name episode 1
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mynamefreak · a month ago
Heya! So glad that you write for My Name! 😍
What would you think about a Choi Mujin x Taeju's sister story? I don't know how you stand on older man x younger reader, so if you don't feel like it that's fine. :)
If you do, pepper in a juicy bit of smut? That man just does things to my head and insides that's absolutely blasphemous, haha!
He doesn't need to know
Pairing: Choi Mu-jin x f! Reader
Genre: smut
Summary: Being Tae-ju's sister didn't have to mean being part of Dongcheon. Even so, one day you finally met his boss. As time went on, you began to enjoy Choi Mu-jin's company more and more. One day trying to cool down his harsh behavior, things go further than you might think.
Requested?: Yes
Warnings: smut 18+, dom! Mu-jin, oral sex, unprotected sex, spanking, creampie, age gap, daddy kink.
A/n: I need holy water.
Tumblr media
Tae-ju. Your older brother always seemed so serious. However, looking at his position, could you really be surprised? You thought you didn't know anyone as serious as him. You realized how wrong you were only when you met his boss.
When you first came into contact with Mu-jin, you had mixed feelings. Honestly, all you could say about him was that he was a serious guy with a high reputation. Always with that dark, serious expression. However, despite his older age and... weird hobby, you couldn't deny that he was damn attractive.
With few years, you saw the man more and more willingly, and he reacted more willingly to your presence. One day your conversation was interrupted by his important matters. He told you you'd be done with the conversation when he got back. So you waited.
- Shit!
The loud sound of the door opening made you twitch with fear. Silently, you watched as Mu-jin burst through the door, tearing his shirt aggressively, grabbing his alcohol and starting to drink. Soon after, he threw his glass down and started talking to your older brother about something. Soon Tae-ju left the room, leaving you alone with upset boss.
You watched him pacing aggressively around the room, snarling. You walked slowly towards him.
- Mu-jin...
You put your hand on his shoulder and he pulled away nervously from your touch.
- Mu-jin, I know you're nervous, but-
- You don't know shit!
You fell to the floor with pain in your cheek. The man walked over to the desk and leaned against it, sighing.
- How the fuck am I supposed to be calm?
Maybe there was something wrong with you. You may have been a complete freak, but... the thought of a nervous, wild Mu-jin with his shirt unbuttoned casually and a strand of gray-black hair falling over his forehead made your spine shiver. And the way he slapped you like animal... Something weird made you want more. But in a more... intimate way. Something always made that older man drive you crazy.
He sat down at his desk, sipping alcohol, nervous. You got up from the ground and walked over to him again, turning the chair towards you. Unsure, you tangled your fingers in his hair, making him look at you immediately.
- Maybe I don't know, but I've been faithful to you for so many years... I want to help you somehow.
You looked blindly at each other with a strange mixture of feelings. In his eyes you could see the aggression and anger associated with... desire.
Hurriedly, he pulled you closer, causing you to drop to his lap.
- Mu-jin-
- Have you always been so faithful? Huh? Just because your brother is a trusted helper doesn't mean you are, kid. How do I know it's not you reporting me to the cops?
Nervously and decently, he tugged at your hair, bringing your face closer to him, so that your gazes were as close as possible.
- How do I know it's not you who want to destroy my whole organization? - he whispered with a fierce look, bringing your face to his irritatingly.
You swallowed hard, not knowing what to feel.
- My brother trusts you and you trust him. During this time, I tried to make you trust me too. If I wanted to do something to you, I would definitely not be here anymore.
You got up from his lap, moving to the window, pretending you were watching the view. In the reflection you watched Mu-jin get up impetuously from his chair and tearing off his shirt completely coming towards you.
You turned to look at him with a haughty look. He has seamlessly crushed your confidence by grabbing your thighs, lifting you and wrapping your legs around his body.
You quickly folded your hands on his shoulders to keep your balance. With slightly widened eyes, you watched as Mr. Choi, with his chest pressed against yours, was now inches from you. He placed a hungry kiss on your lips, causing you to gasp lightly in his. Slipping his hand under your shirt against your back with a cool hand, he made you twitch, sinking even farther towards him.
He moved away from you, leaving you hungry, infecting you with his lust.
- I can only guess how dirty your thoughts are at the moment.
You wondered how pathetic you must have looked now, a horny twenty-year-old overwhelmed by her brother's boss. Now you have a mental picture of how the man in front of you is fucking you against this wall.
- Fuck... - You whispered delighted with the view you had before your eyes.
He slipped one hand under your shirt again, rubbing his hand against your soft skin.
Without waiting any longer, you placed a hungry kiss on his lips. He followed your rhythm willingly. Your tongues dancing with each other with passion and desire. Small grunts leaving your mouth as your bodies grew hotter and hotter by friction.
He pulled away, bringing his mouth to your ear.
- How is a girl like you interested in someone like me, huh?
You put one hand on his chest, examining his muscular shapes.
- You're the hottest fifty I've ever met.
He immediately pressed against your mouth as you began to unbutton your shirt. The buttons seemed to be teasing you, making them harder and harder to undo, feeling Mu-jin's greedy hands on your body.
Finally you felt the man's hand slide out from under your shirt. With aggression he tore off the rest of the buttons and threw the shirt off of you, making you gasp. He tried to undo your bra with one hand, but with all his drive he was not doing very well. You helped him a little by unfastening your bra quickly, and he tore it off of you. A chill passed through your body as your back touched the cold glass.
You covered your chest quickly, tearing your mouth away from his to breathe. You looked down in embarrassment, panting slightly. He looked at you, slipping his hand between your arms, placing it centrally between your breasts.
- Look at me, little one.
Your eyes dutifully wandered up to meet a slightly calmer gaze.
- Don't be shy, show daddy how beautiful you are.
You slowly pulled your hands away, resting them on his neck for a little support.
You noticed how he gently licked his lip admiring the view in front of him.
- Beautiful. - he said in a low, hoarse voice, pushing his head a little lower. You flinched feeling the gentle kiss he placed near your breastbone. Teasingly, he looked up at you, passionately licking one of your hard nipples. A little moan left your mouth and you were pleased to tilt your head back against the glass.
He unbuttoned your pants with your help, taking them off you. Now you were only wearing your panties.
The man unexpectedly knelt down, throwing your legs over his shoulders. You looked down at him in surprise, and he just started to kiss your thighs.
- So fucking beautiful. - he muttered, sliding his finger under your underwear. You flinched at the sudden sensation of his cold finger.
Out of nowhere, Mu-jin took a knife from his pocket and impatiently slit open your panties, throwing them off eagerly. You looked with some regret at your favorite underwear, as he apparently noticed.
- I'll buy you a better one.
Your eyes focused back on him, staring mostly at your lower parts.
He placed a gentle, teasing kiss on your clitoris, making you moan gently as you instinctively moved your hips.
- You're impatient. - He laughed shortly and kissing the place again, looked up at you. - You want daddy to eat you out?
You nodded quickly, keeping your eyes closed.
- Answer me, princess.
- Yes please!
You felt his gentle smile on your inner thigh.
- Whose pussy is this? - he asked with an unyielding expression on his face, as if he could watch your pleas for hours.
- Yours!
- All mine.
Without holding back any longer, Mu-jin stuck his wet, warm tongue into you, causing you to bend your body forward.
- O-oh shit! - You bit your lip as you braided your hand through his hair.
Moans left your mouth at the feeling of his tongue wandering over your folds.
The sounds you made, your fingers in his hair, fueled him even more. And the way he looked at you while he licked deeper was making your toes curl.
- Shit- feels so good, daddy!
You tried to hold back loud moans so that no one outside the room had any thoughts. Feeling his tongue hitting your spot, you groaned as he sucked your clit with hunger.
- Fuck! - You moaned, feeling the coming orgasm, tightening the grip on his hair. Uncontrolled with your hand, you pushed his face deeper and clenched your thighs.
He slid his tongue out between your legs, swallowing your fluids.
- You're fucking delicious.
He placed a short kiss on your thigh, then let you slide off his shoulders.
You were panting with pleasure, leaning against the wall, still sitting on the floor. You were surprised by the sound of an unbuckling belt. You looked up as you saw Mu-jin unbutton his pants, sliding them down with lust.
Surprising him a little, you knelt quickly in front of him, grabbing the corner of his boxers. He gave you a curious look and you were just fluttering your eyelashes trying to look as inviting as possible.
- Why are you looking at me like that? I just want to suck your dick ~
He briefly raised his arms in a helpless gesture in agreement.
- So desperate for Daddy, ain't you? - He lifted your chin for a moment, looking at your almost pathetic stature. - Go ahead, princess. Do what you need.
Encouraged you slipped his boxers off, not too fast to tease him a bit. However, not wanting to upset him further, your goal was to de-stress, you did it reasonably well.
You licked your lip as a hard, big cock slipped out from beneath the fabric, dripping with precum. A smile formed on your face as you placed a soft lick on the tip of his member. You wanted to see that he really wanted it. But you weren't expecting a man's reflex to dig deeper into your mouth. You realized that it was not your role to tease.
You obediently let his cock slide deeper, finally feeling it against your throat. Thinking how much you wanted to show him that you weren't weak, you started moving your head. Good feeling and encouragement passed over you when you heard the growl leaving his mouth. Your mouth around his member, listening to him groan at you.
Unable to hold it, he threaded his fingers into your curls, firmly digging deeper into your throat. You felt little tears form in your eyes. You continued taking his big cock in and out. Your tongue further stimulates his cock, feeling the grip on your hair tighten. Despite your closed eyes, you could feel his eyes on you. You felt him looking at you, your face taking his cock so good.
- Mgh- doing so good for daddy. That's my good girl. - He said making you whimper around his dick as you drooled it while moving your head back and forth.
A panting mixed with little growls and groans was heard in the room. Each of his words making you feel hotter. With each subsequent move, you could feel his member sticking in and out. As you were moving your head, you felt his cock tremble. With a final loud groan, he jerked his hips against your face, making you whimper again. You let him cum down your throat. You felt a warm, spicy liquid in your mouth. Without hesitating, you swallowed the sperm, slowly slipping his dick out of your mouth, slowly sucking every inch of it one last time.
Aggressively he put his thumb in your mouth, opening it wide to make sure you swallowed everything.
- Good girl.
You got up, looking at him, waiting for his move. He didn't keep you waiting long.
He turned you over, pushing you against the glass. You shuddered at the re-contact with the cold glass, in addition to feeling his hands begin to move over your body. Warm hands, caressing your skin, traveling from one point to another. You twitched at the feeling of his breath against your back. He placed a gentle but hungry kiss on your shoulder as he moved closer to your ear.
- Something wrong, princess? - He asked, groping your ass, reaching your breast with the other hand.
- Please daddy~ you groaned feeling his tip rub irritatingly against your ass.
- What do you want?
- You. - you said softly, biting your lip from the feeling of his hand on your butt.
- Louder, darling.
- I need you!
You hissed with pleasure, feeling the mark on your ass.
- Teasing me? Not nice, princess.
You knew that he will take advantage of your previous behavior.
- You need to try a little harder.
- Please, daddy! Fuck me until I can't walk!
You were spanked obediently, waiting for you to deserve to be fucked.
- How bad do you want Daddy? - He placed a kiss on your neck, making you tilt your head.
- I want you so bad! Please daddy fuck me! I've waited so long for this!
Your breath stopped as you felt his length filling you. His fingers soothingly tracing your back. He gave you a brief moment to assimilate his cock, finally starting to move, making you gasp at first. The thick and slippery length began to dig into you, and he tightened his hand on your butt, making you moan.
- Daddy, fuck!
His hips hitting your ass.
His actions maked your breathing faster. Pulling out, he slammed back in roughly, making you moan his name with pleasure. He felt like a god. Having a woman like this wrapped around his cock, moaning and choking with every thrust. Every now and then he hit your ass, squeezing it tight.
- Ah yes! Right there! Right there!
The harder and harder thrusts made you loud and you couldn't hold back your noises anymore.
- Please, touch me, daddy. - you groaned pleadingly. Eagerly his hand grabbed one of your tits, groping it passionately while his dick was still stretching your walls. You panted against the glass, making it steam. The beautiful view outside the window was not even half as interesting as seeing Mu-jin fucking you from behind.
- Agh- Shit princess, doing so good for daddy. Taking my cock so well.
His words maked you whimper as you felt his hand start to stimulate you further, rubbing your clit.
- Yes, yes, yes! Oh fuck!
You looked over your shoulder at what he was doing to you, wishing you could have seen him fuck you better. Those sexy, disheveled, gray-black tufts of hair falling over his forehead, perfectly sculpted body, handsome features. Shit, you shivered at the thought that this was the man who was fucking you in his penthouse, treating you like a deity. And he looked at you with such passion and love. The way your tits bounced with every thrust, the way his name left your mouth.
He began to feel you starting to tighten around his length.
- Shit- Are you close, princess?
- Yes daddy! Ah!
You could feel the coming orgasm when you finally felt the climax. Bliss and pleasure burst out in you suddenly as you let out your last moan. You could feel he was close too.
- Cum inside me. - you breathed encouragingly, continuing to follow his rhythm.
After another more sharp and careless thrust, you felt a twitch and waited for him to reach his peak.
- Ngh- fuck- he gritted his teeth, and you felt him letting warm cum into you. You groaned at the last thrust as he gripped your hips, resting his forehead against your back. You both panted, enjoying the event. He finally slipped out of you, dripping a little on the floor. You turned to look at him and he moved closer to you, closing the gap between your bodies.
He kissed you passionately, rubbing his thumb against your cheek. You smiled as you felt his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck to prop up yourself. Pulling away, he looked at you, brushing your hair back.
- My good girl.
Making you gasp, he picked you up and walked quickly to the couch with you. He sat down, with you on his lap looking at him in shock.
- Ride me, princess.
You widened your eyes, feeling the red spread even more across your face.
- W-what?
- Ride me. You deserve it.
You leaned your chest against him so that your tits were against his chest and you looked at him pleased. It might take a while.
And you, deep down, hoped your brother wouldn't find out about it. After all, he doesn't need to know.
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exocist · a month ago
you want your favorite characters to have a happy ending, i want my favorite characters to maim and kill. we are not the same
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code-x · a month ago
Not people being like "omg Moo Jin and Jiwoo had chemistry".
Please he was so in love with her dad!!! I can't be the only one seeing it, like hello, he followed the dad after thinking he got himself a girl I- ??? Queer vibes idc what you say💃
The man kept a picture of the guy round for YEARS after his death despite everything, the betrayal and killing him. COME ON CISHETS COME ON
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in-yeop · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Park Hee Soon as Choi Moo Jin
MY NAME (Episode 3)
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longlostinanotherworld · a month ago
Dongcheon’s Dagger [Choi Mujin x Reader] - DISCIPLINE [규율]
Tumblr media
scene: DISCIPLINE [규율]
pairing: choi mujin x reader
word count: ~2500 words
warnings: weapons, smoking, aggressive behaviour, implied assault, implied drug use, violence, blood, alcohol, death of minor character
further scenes: Dongcheon's Dagger - Masterlist
disclaimer: please do not copy or translate any of my work, thanks!
The miniscule shift in the atmosphere of the room got to you every time, no matter how many occasions and variants of it you had already witnessed. A presence so subtle that it took individuals with a sharp mind and presence to grasp it before it sunk into the already static air. The whimpering mess of a man currently kneeling on the expensive flooring of Hotel Liber’s executive penthouse suite was clearly not perceptive to the narrowing of your boss’ eyes that brought on the uptick in aggression. Not even the sharper than usual drag of his cigarette gave the cowering man any more of a hint to the fact that he’d just made his situation and thus outcome worse to a degree. What a moron.
Even if you had had your back turned to the entire room, you would have been able to pinpoint the exact moment the fate of your visitor was to take a turn for the worse. While you were currently standing behind the man seated at the beautiful desk dominating the room and you could have caught a view of his profile, you already knew exactly that his brows had drawn down just slightly. You knew the tilt of his chin and exhale of smoke through his nose as his jaw was tightly set so as not to explode instantly.
So it was not unexpected when he signalled to you, the small flick of his wrist, a gesture that could have meant anything but was so familiar every man in the room knew he meant you. The sheath’s fine material felt cool against your fingers as you took a step back to gently take the katana from its holder behind you. When you arrived back at your boss’ right side, the utterly beautiful weapon exchanged hands. Another practised move that made your guest shift back and panic to tinge his wide-eyed gaze was the fluidity and sheer dominance that your leader exuded by getting up from his seat.
His half smoked cigarette went to you as part of the exchange. Even after so many of these kinds of meetings, the majority of the other henchmen in the room expected you to put it out or rest it in the crystal-cut ashtray in front of you. The act of smoking in a tense meeting such as the present was usually strictly reserved to the head of the organisation, everything else an insult to his influence and reputation. Only a few of the many men in the room truly knew how much of Dongcheon’s status extended to you, hence the diverse eyes that snapped to you instead of your boss when you raised the smoke to your own lips, savouring the harsh flavour.
The click of his shoes against the floor brought them back to the slow saunter, you could exactly mentally picture the small smirk tugging at his lips while he made his way over to the real star of the show. The amusement was lost to most as they were more transfixed by the still murderous look and brooding rage that made his steps' echo just that little bit more intimidating.
Stopping on the other side of the desk at the top of the few steps still separating him from the increasingly frightened idiot of a man, he gently unsheathed the katana, studying its intricate forged structure in the warm light of the suite. A stark contrast to the utterly cold aura that just barely managed to cover the heat of anger beneath.
“Please, Sir. I didn’t mean to insult anyone. Please forgive me!” the kneeling man tried to talk his way out of what you knew was inevitable anyway. The long laceration on the back of your left hand and arm throbbed as to remind you of its presence beneath the soft gauze covering it. You tucked your arm behind your back to distract yourself from the feeling, instead focussing on the taste of the tobacco you inhaled.
Languidly, as if disinterested, your boss lifted his gaze from the glinting blade and zeroed in on the man opposite him while sheathing the blade momentarily.
“You should have thought about that before acting foolishly. Were you raised by animals or where is your sense of manners? Never heard of loyalty either, have you?” he spoke calmly, descending the steps slowly.
You must admit, the man still had some balls left, actually snorting at the leader’s question.
“Loyalty to Dongcheon, yeah.” he grumbled under his breath, narrowing his eyes in your direction with a curl to his upper lip.
The clear and sharp sound of the long blade being pulled from its sheath abruptly widened his eyes almost comically as the tip of the blade came to rest directly underneath his chin, forcing the son of a bitch to pull his head back in fear, almost losing balance. The blade remained steady as stone, the outstretched arm holding it not moving an inch.
The wide eyes followed the smooth metal to focus on the real danger in the room again but now not as ballsy as to meet the other man’s eyes.
“Loyalty to Dongcheon includes every. single. member.” he seethed, punctuating the last words by tapping the soft underside of the bastard’s chin with the flat of the blade.
“Which you have irreparably broken by choosing to assault another member. What do you have to say?” the calmness had returned to his voice.
“I barely even touched her!” the kneeling man exclaimed in desperation, gesturing in your direction.
“Only because you’re too stupid to dose your drugs.” you spoke calmly, stubbing out the cigarette in the ashtray.
“Who do you call stupid, bitch?” your attacker seethed, making a move to get to his feet but only managing a low crouch due to the katana following his movement, this time pressing between his collarbones, slightly drawing blood. Frozen in place, the idiot’s breath came in short, furious puffs.
“It’s easy to see that you don’t think before acting. We can’t have irrational actors in our ranks, can we?” your boss mockingly asked, tilting his head in your direction all while still holding the man at knifepoint. You took the second clue, picked up the glass of liquor from the desk and slowly made your way over to where the two men stood.
When he was nudged to a standing position, the perpetrator instantly copped that he had probably sealed his fate by acting out against you again.
“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, Sir, I really am. I swear!” he wailed. Almost believable, but as you reached your boss’ side, it was clear to see that he didn’t truly mean it. You let out a small sigh, he wasn’t the first to disrespect you and probably wouldn’t be the last. The risk of being one of the few women in a male dominated industry, it being criminal at best on top. Being underestimated could be of use in your position but you were quickly getting more than sick of it.
“You shouldn’t apologize to me. I’m not the one you attacked. You can be glad that she didn’t just kill you on the spot.” the man next to you spoke.
There it was again, that glint in his eye that meant he’d try to humiliate you again and again, pride hurt so bad that it overruled every bit of common sense. It wasn’t only you that noticed.
“Apologize and I may spare you.” their eyes met and when your attacker opened his mouth to speak he was again reminded of his manners.
“On your knees.” your boss instructed.
The gesture of truly apologizing on his knees seemed too much for his small brain to process, defiance rising up again at the thought of kneeling to you in earnest. None of his muscles were moving and with a small sigh, the man to your left raised his leg to savagely kick the other man's chest, sending him tumbling onto the floor. Scrambling onto his hands and knees, he didn’t dare move again.
“You shouldn’t have gone against one of Dongcheon’s own. You have not only tried to harm the organization but have insulted all of us with your actions.”
“I will do anything, I will kneel before her. Just spare me, please, Sir!” his pleading got more desperate, bowing deeply repeatedly.
“You had your chance. Now it’s not me you should be afraid of.” The finality of his tone triggered another exchange, his eyes meeting yours for a few seconds while you placed the crystal tumbler into his hand. The leather-wrapped hilt of the katana was warm from his touch and the weight of the weapon settled comfortably in your hands.
Dual smirks tugged at your lips while he gave you a small nod. At that, your eyes settled on the scum of man in front of you, frozen mid-bow.
“Unfair when you’re the one without the knife, isn’t it?” you jested, hinting at the unfairness of your prior encounter. He truly was lucky you didn’t have your knife on you when he tried to assault you as in that case you could only do so much damage with your bare hands until other members had separated you.
It was clear in his body language that he was still not convinced he should fear you, the same as it had been in the past, even though you had beaten him to an inch of consciousness. Looking into his eyes, the message in them was definite without leaving his mouth. You’re not made for this, you won’t kill me. You haven’t got it in you. You are nothing.
In contrast to the man in front of you, you weren’t an irrational person, there was anger that simmered beneath your skin but it crystallized in a distinct coolness that almost made you look bored. Only the small lift of your lip that you let show on your features indicated the vengeful spirit in you.
“Please, don’t. I beg you.” It may have looked as if he was pleading with you, but his eyes had gone back to the man beside you, still not acknowledging his guilt to you. With a scoff, you quickly stepped towards him, snapping your knee upwards into his chin before he could even shift his eyes back to you. With a cry, he stumbled backwards on his knees and brought his hands up to his face. The breath left him when your foot collided with his chest, sending him onto his back, so you could straddle his waist.
“Look at me, fucker.” you growled, grabbing his hair to pull his face to yours. “Didn’t you say you wanted me on top of you? Look where that got you.” you mocked him with narrowed eyes, your hair framing your face in shadows, almost hiding the fake-bored expression you wore, as you bent further over the man.
The katana felt reassuring in your grip, the blade nicking the skin beneath the man’s chin. His Adam's apple bumped against it with every heaving breath. The tip of your nose gently touched his in what would look like an almost kiss were it not for the long blade sticking out against your opponents neck. A true kiss of death.
In that moment you felt his fear sink in, legs beginning to struggle behind you as you pressed the blade further onto his neck. Finally you got at least a little sense of respect out of the bastard. You didn’t care for an apology in the first place, you wanted to see the widening of his pupils as terror creeped into his bones.
With a satisfied smirk, you felt his fast breath against your face and leaned back up. The man almost had time to be relieved when you pressed the blade down, lacerating his neck. The gurgle of blood invading his throat and lungs was almost lost to you as you drew back the katana, transfixed by the rich coloured blood coating it.
A hand appeared in your peripheral, the ring on its pinky finger indicating the owner as your boss. You took the offered help to get up and stepped aside to let the remaining men take the corpse away. The rest had silently left the room when the situation was resolved.
When his hand left yours you pulled a handkerchief from your pocket to wipe the blade down where it was stained with the man’s blood. Only then did you return the blade to its sheath so that the last remaining man, Taeju, could take the blade to be properly cleaned.
The door to the suite closed with a soft sound, leaving you alone with the man that had brought you into his organization.
He lifted the glass still in his hand, offering it to you and brought out another cigarette, placing it between his lips. The flame of his trademark lighter glittered in the fresh blood splatter on your face, neck and hair, as well as the glass of whiskey you took a sip of.
The liquor felt pleasantly warm on its way down your throat and you closed your eyes and inhaled deeply when your opposite exhaled the first breath of smoke into your face slowly. As you opened your eyes again, his studied the intricate pattern of deep red against your skin.
“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you like this.” he rumbled, eyes unreadable.
“Only a matter of time until it will happen again.” you replied plainly before gently reaching for his hand, bringing the cigarette to your own lips and inhaling slowly. His fingers lightly rested against your jaw in this short moment while your lips gently touched the skin of his hand. The nicotine and alcohol felt good in their combined race though your body, the familiarity of your situation further calming you back down.
For a moment you silently studied another, him smoking and you emptying the glass in your hand. The rings on each of your right pinky fingers glinted softly in the dim light of the suite, yours a smaller variant of his. The most visual representation of you being his trusted right hand.
“The organization will always have your back.” he broke the silence. “As will I.”
The affirmation had been spoken many times before between the two of you, a ritual to bring the other back down after an altercation.
You nodded.
“As I will yours, Choi Mujin.”
Tumblr media
A/N: There it is, the first part! :) I hope you liked it so far and I'm looking forward to feedback!
Maybe a little something about how I'm going to go about posting. The "parts" are all individual scenes that could be read on their own but they will paint a bigger picture in the end. Also, the order will be mixed, so it is NOT chronological. Please consult the timeline I will post with the next scene. :)
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takemurahoe · a month ago
Tumblr media
Welcome back to I make a shitty diagram to explain how I ship these ppl together at 3am. Also this isn't the best explanation but it's the best I can do at 3am
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callaawrites · a month ago
HEAT WAVES | preview.
Tumblr media
Pairing: choi mujin x female reader
Request: mujin doesn’t usually engage in affairs with bored housewives but the reader is different.
Word Count: currently 2.5k words and only a third done jfc.
Genre: smut with some pining/angst, i'm not even sorry.
Warnings: no warnings in the preview. but full work will contain: infidelity (married reader cheating on her husband with choi mujin, other characters also cheating on their spouses), manipulative behavior, possessive behavior, jealousy, explicit sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up!!!), older man and younger woman, my name drama spoilers, dirty talk (he has a filthy mouth tbh).
Author's Note: i had no idea that this would be the first thing i posted on this blog but here we are. here's a quick preview (quick, she says, for 600+ words lmao) to what i'll be posting next week. please like/reply if you'd like to be tagged when i post the full piece! lyrics are from glass animals' heat waves. 
Sometimes, all I think about is you Late nights in the middle of June Heat waves been faking me out Can't make you happier now
The first time you meet him, you're twenty-one. 
You're in over your head, then. Surrounded by leering men who seem convinced that they have too much money and too much time to burn. Let me buy you a drink, sweetheart. Who are you to deny them? Wasn't that the point of this entire charade anyway?
You're dressed in your friend's dress — a size too small — and your roommate's shoes — a size too big — knocking back the drinks they buy you, one after another. Your friend is already gone, eyes hazy as she slumps against her catch for the night. A younger gentleman from the crowd, with a round, boyish face and sweet eyes. You know not to trust them, though. His wedding ring glints from where his hand sits, draped casually over your friend's thigh.
You drain the rest of your wine glass.
And then... he steps into the bar.
His entrance seems to suck the air out of the room like a vacuum. You're pulled into his gravity, wine-drunk and helpless. You never stood a chance. 
His suit is impeccable, stretching over broad shoulders and cut at the waist. Audemars Piguet hangs off his wrist. It shines when he raises a tanned, golden hand to rub at his jaw, thumb smoothing over the neat stubble at his jaw. 
He is single-handedly more expensive than all of the men in the room combined. 
Even your friend is roused by his entrance, stirring awake against the young married man at her side. He seems relieved when she doesn't stray any further. The rest of the men in the room seem to go one of two ways: either scrambling to greet this new guest like royalty — or aggressively shifting their weight to shield him from view of their own ladies for the night. Do you need another drink, my dear? Should I buy you another?
"Who's that?" you murmur under your breath. 
Your friend hums, lacing her fingers with the young man now, gazing up at him through her lashes even as she replies to you.
"President Choi," she smiles coyly, voice drowsy but far too confident. "Liber's sole owner and CEO. Owns seven hotels and three resorts. Forty-six years old and one of South Korea's most desirable bachelors…"
She pauses, raising the young man's hand up to her mouth. Presses a kiss to his wedding band and laughs when he flushes at the gesture.
"...who is single and has never married," she wraps up her thought with a grin, tittering behind his guilty fingers. Her gaze sweeps from his red face to your own distracted one, raising a brow when she sees the way you stare.
He's being led away by a waiter, flanked by several men on either side. A private room, probably — to the relief of all the other weak men in this godforsaken bar. There's no reason why royalty needs to sit here. His eyes never meet yours. You press your thighs together and wish your wine glass was full, still. Your mouth has gone dry with want.
"He's never taken a woman," your friend adds on, shaking you out of your trance. Her voice is firmer now, just in the slightest degree. Just enough for you to catch on. The man at her side doesn't seem to notice. You turn to look at her and her gaze has gone steely, lips pursed as she studies you intently, a warning clear as day in her voice. "He doesn't mess around like the others."
Somehow, this fact only fans the flame beginning to start afire in your stomach even more. 
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iamthemoonsdaughter · a month ago
After finishing My Name I need emotional compensation in the form of fanfics. If anyone has any recs pls leave them in the comments. (I know the show aired like 3 days ago but pls I need it)
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mynamefreak · a month ago
Dating Jung Tae-ju hcs (SFW and NSFW)
Tumblr media
- He treats you like you're made of glass.
- He's worried about you as fuck until he realizes you can take care of yourself.
- He's definitely more smiling next to you.
- He loves to kiss your forehead. Imagine him comforting you as you sit against him while he rubs your back and kisses your forehead with love.
- He likes taking you to expensive places to impress you, but prefers a nice evening with you, wine and some good book.
- He also loves to do a kind of picnic with you in the evening time, in a secluded, nice place.
- He's always amused when after hurting yourself somehow, you start treating him like he's made of glass.
- Loves to lie with his head on your lap.
- Whether when he is in a bad mood or when he is in a good mood. He just loves doing it.
- He likes when you have your little moments and you can talk calmly and honestly.
- You feel proud whenever you manage to make him laugh, it's really not easy considering his life and his everyday position.
- He can be top, he can be bottom. It's important that you feel comfortable.
- He prefers when you dominate and likes to see when you take control.
- Very passionate, soft sex.
- But he also has days when he prefers to go a little crazy.
- He can beg you to ride him. He loves it when you do that.
- He loves praising you. And tbh he likes to be praised too, hearing how good boy he is.
- Totally into shower sex.
- Your fingers in his hair drive him crazy.
- After sex, he loves it when you lie on his chest, drawing little circles on it.
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