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dr-paint · 7 months ago
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Midnight Mass
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apileoftrash · 6 months ago
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wayward-delver · 4 months ago
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I am so glad this scene from the novel made it in,(with even more emotion too), cause they finally acknowledge Hilda's missing dad and how she's clearly bothered by this. I really hope this is explored in season 3.
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I mean just look how disappointed she is learning that she's fatherless even as a troll. 
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mytvjunk · a month ago
The FBI has been investigating the same people, for 5 seasons, about multiple murders and they've yet to find any of them guilty of anything.
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 months ago
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Man I love the Devil from Cuphead <333
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phabtacular · 5 months ago
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lt-colsolfkimblee · 5 months ago
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fine. make me your villain
well i know that this little piece of shit wouldn’t do it himself but just imagine him searching for those bloody blue irises in the woods
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baberahamlinkin · 5 months ago
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I'm right
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giadin-a · a year ago
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Allison 🟠 (she is THE STYLE!!!)
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darklina-rises · a month ago
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kelpermoosee · 6 months ago
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chainlotus · 7 months ago
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hushhushkitten · 7 months ago
Ngl, Netflix cancelling The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is one of the greatest media tragedies of our time and I’ll never forgive them
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wayward-delver · 9 months ago
I knew this show was going to get dark the moment I first saw it, but damn I wasn’t expecting it to go straight into the Abyss.
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mytvjunk · a month ago
Still the best cast of all 5 seasons!
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bridgerton-bitch · 10 days ago
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I give you, the gorgeousness that is Penelope Featherington.
Pen and Eloise being besties
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noonecares915 · 9 months ago
No one can tell me this isn't the cutest thing ever
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dramaticmotionblur · 5 months ago
my year might not be going so well but at least i have the lesbians from hilda
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vaatars · 5 months ago
Comfort Zone
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Hii !!!! 😁 I’m still obsessed with Baki !!! @y3ager edited this for me like always ! And the ending a bit rushed as I didn’t know how to end it ! But for now enjoy it ! (( I wasn’t inspired by music this time so here’s a random song I like that might fit ?)) (( ps… idk why the spacing is so weird so bare with me … ? ))
Wind brustled through your damn curls, a light sprinkle of rain pattering against the top of your head, effectively leaving you soaked like a dog.
A sigh heaved out of your parted moist lips, your fluffy brows twitching a little in annoyance; “ yknow when I said I’d hang out for a bit…” you rolled your eyes a little at your best friend do some weird martial arts move you’ve never seen before, “ I didn’t mean I wanted to watch you fight the damn air.” You scrubbed the heel of your black school shoes against the lush green grass, watching it flatten and wet up the tip of your shoes. As you shook your foot lightly to get the wet grass off, you didn’t notice Baki approach you.
Baki sheepishly rubbed a rough hand through his fluffy wet hair, a wave of sprinkles splashed against your face. You sent a heavy punch to Baki’s left forearm.
“ S-sorry ! “ Baki stuttered, a hearty laugh spewing from the depths of his throat.
“ Dumbass,” you muttered, rubbing at your fist with your other hand, a light sting from how hard Baki’s body was sat on your knuckles.
Grabbing his discarded shirt and varsity jacket off the wet ground, Baki gave them a few shakes. It proved futile. “ It’s getting late, let’s get going.”
Baki exclaimed, not even giving you a second to respond before you were slung over his shoulder, soaked skirt sticking to the back of your thighs in a terrible itch.
“ I can walk!” Your hits were pointless against Baki’s back as he ran full sprint for the train station. The boy knew you could walk on your own, but you walked slow compared to him. You two didn’t have time to miss the train, who wanted to stay stuck in the rain ? Certainly not him.
The sky darkened as you sat on the train. Baki’s head rested on your shoulder, light puffs of hair heaving past his full lips.
Unlocking your phone, which thankfully didn’t have any water damage, you scrolled aimlessly, waiting for the stop near Baki’s house.
Hearing the train screech to a slow halt, you lightly lifted your shoulder before dropping it back down, making Baki groan, eyes fluttering open.
“ Get up. We’re here.” Sliding out of your seat, you noticed the wet mess you left, and cringed a little, instantly feeling bad for whoever would sit there after you.
Holding your hand out for balance, you struggled a little against the wet ground of the train and the lack of grip on your shoes to pull Baki out of his seat; successfully doing it though, of course with his help, you led the two of you out of the train, making your way towards the route you’ve taken so many times to Baki’s home.
Dragging his feet, a small yawn came from the boy being dragged behind you, his shoulders slumped as he let you led the way, “Will you sleep with me tonight?“
The question wasn’t sexual, nothing you two ever said to each other could have been taken that way. He was like a brother to you in a way, you’ve known each other for as long as you could remember.
You nodded your head but internally rolled your eyes. A good’s night of sleep wouldn’t be coming if you had to share a futon with Baki. He slept like he fought demons in his damn sleep.
Finally reaching Baki’s home, the awful words written on the walls outside always made you cringe. You offered countless times to clean it off for Baki, but he always assured you it wasn’t a matter for you to stress over.
Letting Baki pull a key out of his pocket, you waited patiently for him to unlock the door, giving him a moment since he was maneuvering in the rain and dark.
After a second or two, he finally got the lock to click. Swinging the door open, Baki stretched his arms above his head in a yawn. Trailing in after him, you kicked the door behind you with the back of your foot, not bothering to glance back to lock it. Many people wouldn’t be bold enough to just walk through Baki’s front door while he was home.
“ Are you hungry ? “ Baki called out over his shoulder, throwing you a side glance as he opened his fridge, pulling out some Turkey sandwiches he had made the other night.
Humming in agreement, you held both your hands out to catch the wrapped sandwich Baki threw your way, catching it with easy, it plopped in your hand with a soft thump.
Slipping your shoes off, you tossed the sandwich down gently on Baki’s splintered dinner table, though you’d never judge Baki, you had to admit his life was a little sad, obviously he wasn’t to blame for how it turned out thus far.
Hooking your thumbs in the elastic of your grey plaid skirt, you hiked it down, doing a little extra tug to get it over the swell of your ass.
“ Shower after we eat .”
Baki knew it wasn’t a question, he had no problem showering with you, even if he struggled to keep his hard on down, you showered all the time as kids, but now you weren’t kids, his brain knew that much at least.
Plopping down, sitting cross legged, you didn’t try to hide your black boy short underwear, nor your bra after you threw your shirt off either, nothing Baki commented on.
He couldn’t say much on it regardless, hell he fought grown men practically naked.
Making his way over to you, he followed suit, stripping down and leaving his wet clothes in a pile close to yours, sporting his usual red shorts.
Unwrapping your sandwiches, you and Baki ate in comfortable silence, only the sound of your chewing and crickets outside kept the silence from stifling.
Finishing up with your sandwiches pretty fast, you say up, bringing your hands to press against your lower back as you lent back, a small crack resounding through the small house.
Standing up straight you made your way towards Baki’s bathroom, knowing he’d following after you soon.
Pushing the shower curtain to the side, you grabbed the shower handle, your hand being met with cold metal.
Turning it at an appropriate speed, you jumped a little as the water sputtered to life; retracting your hand you let the shower curtain close itself without your presence keeping it in place, waiting a while as the bathroom slowly filled with steam.
Baki trotted in not even half a second after the water got hot, steam filling up the bathroom mirror slowly as he walked past it .
Avoiding staring at you as you stripped the rest of your clothing off, Baki waited to hear you push the curtain past and step into the shower before he proceeded to strip himself out of his remaining clothing.
Stepping in after you, Baki towered over your form, he wasn’t much tall himself, but he definitely could see miles over your head.
With your back to him, Baki stepped closer to you , pressing himself against your back to inch closer to the hot water, his face being met with puffs of steam.
Standing in silence, Baki ran a hand through his wet hair, pushing the strands that stuck to his forehead out of his way.
“ Ba-“ your mouth flew open, your eyes half lidded to keep the water from smacking you dead in the eyes, his name never fully came out of your mouth, a rough hold was placed on your body, your eyes widening as you were faced with the opposite shower wall.
“Father ! “ Baki yelled out , his cheeks heating up a little as he covered you from his father who abruptly threw the shower curtain open, ripping it from its holders in a few places.
Yujiro grinned wolfishly, his hands resting against his chiseled hips, “ What ? Can a man not visit his son ? “
You could practically hear the sarcasm dripping from his voice, your own cheeks heating up as Baki’s grip on you tightened, his hand brushing past the wet curls of your pubes caused your back to stiffen against his.
His back towards his father didn’t stop Baki from craning his neck to throw a heated glare his way, “ Not in the shower, trying to watch your son get it on old man ? “
Jeering back at his father, though it caused your heart to pound, you kept your mouth shut, sucking silently on your bottom lip. Mortification crashed over you in waves. Baki’s father, with his terrifying size and sadistic ways put terror in your heart. Shrinking into yourself even more, you wanted nothing more than to sink through the floor and disappear. ‘Please go away, please go away, Baki, please make him go away.’
A sick chuckled pulled itself from the world’s strongest creature, “ That bitch better give me a strong grandson “
Turning on his heels, Yujiro excited the house, a hush of air following in his wake.
“ Sorry about him … “ Baki trailed off , his eyebrows furrowed as he let go of you, taking an awkward shuffle to the side to give you some room, a hand going behind him to pull the half hung shower curtain back in place.
Shaking your head quickly, you turned to Baki, shaking your hands to the beat of your head; “ It’s not your fault ! I didn’t know your dead beat of a dad was so abrasive..”
Without even a words response, you and Baki bussed out into laughter, as long as you knew Baki, something as awkward as that sure wasn’t going to make you two see each-other any differently.
The water fizzled out, before running cold, a shiver racking your spine, ruining your small little moment with Baki, with a hushed yelp, you whipped around shutting the water off instantly.
Baki shook his head, laughing at your over dramatic antics before swinging the curtain back open, and stepping out, listening to the water splash from his foot onto the tiled floor.
Following by example, you practically rushed out the shower, wanting to get a towel on you for some much needed warmth.
Snatching a fluffy red towel from Bakis hand, not even giving the boy time to pat his face dry; you wrapped it tight against your body, the apex of your chest feeling constricted against how tight you tucked it.
Baki groaned out to himself, not even bothering to comment on your actions, too sleepy to make a fuss about it, even if he didn’t mean his fussiness.
Opening the bathroom door, Baki stepped out into the surprisingly warm house before you, listening to your feet patter towards his futon in strides with his.
His body air dry by now, Baki fell down to his knees, the plush cushion of his blankets keeping them from connecting with the hard floor.
You squatted down, pulling your side of the blankets down a little more gracefully than Baki did, you both clearly eager to let slumber fill your brains.
Slipping out of the towel you stole from Baki, you let it sit near your pillow, as you laid down, the comforting warmth from Bakis blankets and the plushness of his pillows had your lips curling into a smile almost instantly.
Closing your eyes you scooted closer to Baki, letting your feet brush and rest against his. Baki slung his left arm over your hip, pulling your chest flush against his as he yawned, small tears pricking the sides of his eyes.
Fluttering your eyes closed, a stifling silence took over the room, Baki’s light breathing fanned against your face as he quickly began to knock out.
Bringing your left hand up, you lightly cupped Baki’s cheek, leaning in to give him a small peck on the tip of his nose, giggling a bit as his eyebrows twitched in response.
“ Goodnight Baki… “ your words trailed off into a tiny yawn of your own, your lids heavy as you smiled to yourself.
Even if for the time being, nothing progressed from your standing with Baki, you would proudly admit it wasn’t hard to fall for Baki Hanma.
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viviblack · a month ago
This has got to be their LOVE LANGUAGE.
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It just gets me every time!
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