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Callum’s name is not random— it is symbolic of his connection to the sky arcanum.

The name is based on/ close to the Latin word for sky— “caelum”. Seeing as the entire magic system is based in Latin on the show, this is not a coincidence.

In Scottish Gaelic it also means “dove”, which I love. Not only does it work on the obvious level in that can he grow wings, it being a Scottish Gaelic word almost seems like a connection to Rayla.

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My friends asked me to recommend them a lot of series on Netflix, so i thought it’d be nice to post it here as well😊 each category is ranked from best to less good (in my opinion). The ones with a 👑 are part of my absolute favorite series, so you should definitely watch them if you haven’t already!! Enjoy😊

Based on true stories, with an important message, bringing a problem that isn’t shown enough into the media:

  1. When they see us👑
  2. Unorthodox👑
  3. Unbelievable
  4. Caliphate

Dramaseries mixed with diversity, activism, important messages but also fun to watch (some of them are really funny, some more serious):

  1. Orange is the new black👑
  2. Cable girls (Las chicas del cable)
  3. Hollywood
  4. On my block
  5. Pose

High school/ teenager dramaseries:

  1. Control Z👑
  2. Sex education👑
  3. Elite👑
  4. The end of the fucking world
  5. Never have i ever
  6. Atypical
  7. Baby
  8. Blood and water

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