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reggiesaswiftie · a day ago
Petition to get Reggie the bi colored guitar strap he so deserves
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molinashimbos · 3 months ago
jatp: gets amazing reviews by audience and critics, 8.5 on imdb, 93% on rotten tomatoes
netflix: hmmmmm
jatp: wins a freaking mtv award
netflix: i cannot see 👁️👁️
jatp: wins three telltale awards
netflix: i am looking away 👀
jatp: gets 7 emmy nominations
netflix: i am suddenly blind
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chvrliegillespie · 2 months ago
*pokes netflix with a stick* do something
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sylphrenas · 2 months ago
emmy’s: three
seasons: one
patience: none
@netflix give us a renewal or else </3
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unsaidmolinas · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
safe to say i was very pleasantly surprised
[image ID: there are two panels, both screenshots from episode six of julie and the phantoms. the first screenshot is of julie standing outside the garage with a blank expression. there is text over her reading ‘me watching jatp for the first time and expecting bare minimum or just plain shitty lgbtq representation’. the second is of reggie, luke and alex inside the studio. luke is on one knee with text over him reading ‘julie reggie and luke being heavily implied to be bi/pan’. reggie is on his left with text over him reading ‘likeable canon gay characters whos relationship isnt pushed aside’. alex is on lukes left with text over him reading ‘literally the entire fucking flying solo episode’. all three of them are doing jazz hands. end ID]
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willexx · 6 months ago
doctor: you have 18 seconds to live
me: *watches this*
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jatp-rules-my-life · 6 months ago
Tumblr staff coming to work today:
Tumblr media
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willexxmercer · 2 months ago
Congratulations to Soyon An for her work in helping Julie and the Phantoms win the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Costume Design/Styling
Congratulations to Don Brochu, Dan Krieger, and Austin Andrews (editors for the show) for their work in helping Julie and the Phantoms win the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Multiple Camera Editing
Congratulations to Michelle Lewis and Dan Petty (writers of Unsaid Emily) for their work in helping Julie and the Phantoms win the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song (and congratulations to Charlie Gillespie for being the one to perform it)
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mouse-fantoms · 10 days ago
Events that have happened since Jatp Season 1 released:
Unsaid Emily is the most streamed Jatp song at over 30 MILLION streams
Bright is the most viewed performance video at 36 MILLION views
Charlie Gillespie & Owen Joyner have all become dog dads
Madison Reyes has a dog now
Jeremy Shada has released 9 original songs
Madison Reyes has released her first original song (along with a cover)
Owen Joyner constantly saying how he “can’t sing” and how he “can’t dance”
Two moonings by the cast have occurred on their insta’s
Julie and the Phantoms won Rotten Tomato’s Golden Tomato award for Fan Favorite series (it being “a competition for second place” because of how much Jatp was dominating the votes for first)
Edge of Great won MTV’s Golden Popcorn for Best Musical Moment (was pinned up against Agatha All Along (aka Marvel) and won)
EMMY AWARD WINNING SHOW (3 to be specific)
Has changed people’s lives in so many many ways
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reggiesaswiftie · a month ago
I feel like two whole years could go by without anyone mentioning any kind of confirmation about jatp and the fans still left would be like “woohoo! Second anniversary of Julie and the phantoms! Cant wait till season two” 
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wlwcarries · 5 months ago
after spending many days in the hospital, prince philip passes away. he is old, and it’s just his time to go. 
he opens his eyes, and finds himself in a large room. it’s extravagant, with high ceilings and gold-accented walls. “where am i?” he wonders aloud.
“ah, welcome!” a voice says from behind him. “we’ve been wondering when you would get here.” philip turns around and sees a man with dark hair and a long purple coat.  “where am i?” he asks again. “who are you?”
the man laughs heartily and claps his hands together. “why, you’re in the hollywood ghost club, of course! or i suppose i should say the london ghost club for the time being, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.” he approaches philip and throws an arm around his shoulders, and they start walking. towards what, philip has no idea. 
“i’m caleb covington,” the man says. “you’ve come just in time.”
“for what?” 
“well, you see, prince philip,” caleb says, almost mockingly. “you’re a ghost. when people become ghosts when they die, it’s because they have some unfinished business. but your case is...well, unique. you’re actually here because you’re part of another ghost’s unfinished business.” 
“....oh,” philip says. he’s still incredibly confused. “well, that’s certainly interesting. whose unfinished business am i a part of?”
caleb simply smiles. “right this way.” he pulls aside a thick velvet curtain that leads into a smaller, but still glamorous-looking room. philip steps inside and looks around, eyes searching for this mysterious ‘other ghost’ whose unfinished business he’s supposedly connected to. 
“hello?” he calls out.
“hello, prince philip.” 
philip gasps. he recognizes that voice. he hasn’t heard it in years. slowly, he hobbles around to face the woman who spoke. her short blond hair is immaculately styled, as is the smirk on her face. “i’ve been waiting for you,” diana says.
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unsaidmolinas · 6 months ago
you know that meme of vanya and five from tua driving past and staring at each other? yeah thats the jatp and supernatural fandoms every week when we get our shows trending at the same time
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fiddlepickdouglas · a month ago
Tumblr media
@netflix ....11....months
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