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Hands Up If You Can See: A JaTP SMAU
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Part Twnety-Four! :sob: we've reached the end, folks! (well, except for the. many bonus parts that phantom and i have planned) it's been a wild ride!!
as always, any and all texting conversations are written and created by the ever-luminous @sunsetphantom and the social media posts are made by yours truly!
masterlist here!
taglist under the cut!
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julieandthequeers · a month ago
wait we—— we didn’t get your name
it’s julie 😐
cool eheh, i’m luke 😁-
b-by the way 😟 and this is
Reggie☝️! i’m reggie 😄 hey 👋
how’s it… going
ba-da 👐
okay? 😐
👁👄👁 👁👄👁 🙂
🙂julie seems nice🙂
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blush-and-books · 6 months ago
Tumblr seeing the spike in jatp posts like "aw fuck what are they doing now"
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knitsessed · 5 months ago
this gold star goes out to julie molina for managing to keep her performance flawless during stand tall when someone she thought she'd never see again appeared on stage with her. she thought the boys had been jolted out of existence, people, and she not only performed on stage without them, she nailed it, even with the curveballs of them reappearing and also luke flickering in and out for a bit. nice job, julie.
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thedragonemperess · 5 months ago
I'm sorry, but the idea of Ray being dragged into the whole thing with Caleb last minute and having a gay panic over him is just so freaking funny.
And then Julie is like "Dad! He's the bad guy!"
And then Ray, startled out of his trance, is just "Oh, right, sorry."
Caleb smirks in amusement, obviously.
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finally-free-phantoms · 6 months ago
Yanno what.
I’m gonna try and start a clowngate and hopefully it spreads
MARCH 17th. we’re gonna trend and have a JATP fandom takeover day again. HOWEVER we aren’t gonna just trend.
Spread the word let’s do this
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acnhaddict · 6 months ago
I drew some memes in honor of Clowngate™️ Part Two.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I haven’t drawn in a while but I guess memes are the only exception for my art block rn ’\_( •~• )_/` (ignore Flynn’s wonky hands...)
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sunsetcurvesoldout · 6 months ago
Everytime clowngate rolls around:
Tumblr media
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julieandthequeers · 5 months ago
my friend who does not know JATP guesses JATP characters and their personalities
1. Alex:
Tumblr media
“Felix- unashamedly is invested in the Real Housewives drama. threatens to fight sexists and cat callers. poor depth perception. only owns 1 jacket but still gets complimented by strangers for his style”
2. Julie:
Tumblr media
“Madison Reyes, i only know this cause you TALK ABOUT HER EVERY OTHER DAY. her necklace says Julie but let’s ignore that, maybe Julie is her girlfriend because this woman is absolutely not heterosexual. her name is Melany and everyone wants to be her friend. she owns 40 different phone cases. bedazzles all of everything. stuffed animal collector and proud”
3. Willie
Tumblr media
“BOOBOO STEWART OMG. this character is named Henry and if i’m wrong then no i’m not. he does free lance art. is definitely gay. shops at pacsun but tells people that he doesn’t shop at pacsun. people know that he shops at pacsun. he cannot hide the pacsun. stop lying about pacsun, Henry, it’s okay, no one is judging you. probably nice to everyone but will judgementally gay stare at you if you are rude”
4. Flynn:
Tumblr media
“is this Julie? one of them has to be Julie, so i’m guessing that. this is julie. mhm. and do i spot a fellow lesbian??? her earrings confirm my suspicions. my gaydar is ringing. hates everyone except, like, 2 people. those two people are her girlfriend and Felix. her girlfriend is named Melany. Julie likes painting rocks and pinning blankets to her bedroom ceiling. she has 5 different colored converse”
5. Reggie
Tumblr media
“Terrance. Terrance does not know how to flirt with women, but he tries, and we are proud of him for it. definitely gives off the most approachable vibes ever. super open. emotionally competent (?). will bake you brownies without an explanation as to why. likes elevator music and finger guns”
6. Luke:
Tumblr media
“was i wrong? was i wrong and Melany is actually dating this man? because no person looks at someone like THAT without being so obviously in love with them. you go Melany. got him simping as fuck. as you should, queen. his name is Jared and he likes skateboarding and reading. he’s a weirdo. he doesn’t fit in and he doesn’t want to fit in. look at his hat. he’s weird. did you get the reference? please tell me you got the reference otherwise i’m embarrassed”
7. Carrie:
Tumblr media
“this girl would be so mean to me and i would take every last second of it with a smile on my face. she could purposefully trip me to the ground and i would kiss her boot. i love her. she is named Emma and she’s probably very mean to Terrance, poor boy. anyways, she likes glitter, participated in the mustache trend of 2013 and deeply regrets it, and wakes up at 4am every morning so she has time to get her life together.”
8. Caleb:
Tumblr media
“this is Benjamin. Benjamin looks like he’s been through it and smiling through the pain. it’s okay ben, you look fabulous, get a therapist and you’ll be great.”
9. Nick:
Tumblr media
“Emerson. respectful king. he looks so nice. might be straight and if he is i just know that he is SUCH a good ally. he and Terrance are best friends. he probably plays baseball”
10. Ray:
Tumblr media
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blush-and-books · 2 months ago
everyone take a moment and think about the fact that
julie and the phantoms has now won awards from the television academy. a little netflix original show that has only had one singular season and has a target audience of younger people and is a musical has won mtv awards, telltale awards, and literal daytime emmys associated with the television academy.
this show, no matter how it's treated by netflix, is truly a marvel. no matter how frustrated we are, at least others see the beauty in this amazing project and the wonderful people who put their hearts and souls into it!!!
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sunset-bobby · 6 months ago
nothing will ever convince me that Ray Molina was not at the Eat and Beats because Trevor asked him to go for him....he had a photography job and told Trev he’d swing by if he told him her time slot
Was going to be a good uncle Ray cause Trevor is off doing whatever he does for Luke’s birthday
Did not expect to see his own daughter singing really closely to some random boy he doesn’t recognize
They sound good, and he’s happy she’s singing and performing again but he’s upset cause she disobeyed him,
so he takes her home, texts Trev that Carrie was great and that none of the record producers tried anything
(another reason he sent Ray gotta make sure there’s an adult present when his Carrie talks record execs so she doesn’t end up like him)
and because dads don’t fully get teenage girl drama but try he doesn’t actually TELL her that he was originally there because Trev ask
but he will not deny it if you catch him singing All Eyes on Me
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willex-n-waffles · 3 months ago
Renew the show for pride month. Renew the show for pride month. Renew the show for pride month.
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