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i can’t believe that we never got to see this vcr
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jimin wearing his self-designed merch ♡ (”with you” hoody & “red carving” earring)
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y’all are just too cute ok
+ smack
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i'm a massive fan of the minty hair on him ↣ for @taee
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7FATES: CHAKHO+ Official Story Film, the first reveal
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MAKE ME CHOOSE ↳ wings or love yourself era? — anonymous
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Queen of Ice | 07
Tumblr media
; Bodyguard!Jungkook x Princess!Reader
; Genre: Angst
; Warnings: Character death, violence
; Word Count: 2.6k
; Synopsis: Jeon Jungkook is the best water magic user of his generation, so it made sense that he was given the prestigious posting as a royal bodyguard. His position puts him close to you, the Crown Princess of Sejong and the only ice magic user in history. Jungkook is great at protecting you from danger, but not so much at protecting his own heart.
; A/N: So, I’m not used to writing fight scenes and it’s been a while...I hope you enjoy this! A lot happens in a short amount of time so...please reblog if you enjoyed it! Please also leave a comment or send me an ask with your thoughts about the plot and the characters, I can’t wait to read it :D
; Previous - Next
The kingdom was in mourning.
Your father, the man who had ruled over the land and the people within it for over forty years, had finally succumbed to his illnesses. For a man who had often ruled with an iron fist, his end had been remarkably quiet, passing away to his second life silently during his sleep. One moment he was alive, and the next he was gone.
Unsurprisingly, you hadn’t shown an ounce of emotion upon finding out the news. Part of it was because of the fact you’d known he was slowly dying for years now, another part was the antagonism you’d engaged with your father and the final part was simply that you weren’t a hugely emotional person. Not that Jungkook had ever seen, anyway. 
The two of you had butted heads repeatedly over the years, so Jungkook wasn’t surprised at the lack of reaction. He knew it unnerved people around you, though. But when did you not make people feel uncomfortable, even if you didn’t mean it?
Either way, the king’s funeral procession was today and you were expected to lead it. The plan was simple; you would walk somberly behind your father’s coffin as it was carried towards the necropolis where all royalty and those who could afford it were buried for the last few centuries. 
You walked with your head held high, the traditional mourning colours of white and purple adorning your funeral clothing whilst the sun shone down through a clear sky. Jungkook’s only experience with the funerals of royalty was when your mother, the queen, had died. People had sobbed behind the line of guards as they’d watched the coffin roll by, the sound of the carriage horses hooves drowned out by the grief of the people.
Your mother had been beloved by the people whom she’d ruled over, her warmth almost visible alongside her kind smile. She had helped to soothe the ragged edges of the king, calming him into something that almost resembled a normal man. It was the only time Jungkook had ever remembered hearing your father laugh and smile. That had all ended when she’d died.
For Jungkook, he’d already been thinking of all the things that could potentially go wrong. Your coronation would be soon and you’d finally hold the title of queen instead of crown princess. He felt pride for you, but also worry and concern. You were in a vulnerable position, about to take on the rulership of an entire kingdom by yourself.
No family to rely on, no backup in case something was to happen to you. The kingdom was weaker than it had ever been, whilst also being stronger than ever. It was an odd dichotomy but something he was sure you would rectify.
Despite your protests to your father, Jungkook knew that you would eventually take a husband and produce an heir. 
His stomach twisted at the thought of you full with child, the future of the kingdom resting within your womb. A child that had been implanted by a man worthy of you and your time. The two of you hadn’t discussed what had happened in the library, though he had noticed that you liked him to spend time with you inside a room instead of standing guard outside of it.
He would almost consider you friends, though that felt a little presumptuous. 
Jimin's hand flew up suddenly, pulling Jungkook’s attention immediately as he spun to face the direction Jimin was facing. His eyes were already tracking for whatever threat his fellow guard had spotted. There was a brief flare of fire, burning so bright that it was a blue-white instead of the more familiar orange-red and Jungkook realised that it was an arrow, burning up so fast that it became ash before it could even reach the group.
The clatter of the metal arrowhead hitting the floor was muted against the overall noise of the crowd but Jungkook could see the superheated metal as it melted out of shape on the floor. Someone was firing at them, or more importantly, firing at you.
A sudden flare of light brought his attention back and Jungkook searched for wherever the attacker was. Somehow, Jimin had spotted someone and was actively defending you. There’s no time for Jungkook to curse himself for not noticing, but it wouldn’t matter anyway. The whole point of Jimin also being there was to protect you.
"Down!" Jungkook hissed, his hand pressing against your shoulder and pushing with his weight. You've spotted the burst of flame as well and stumble forward from the pressure he applies, hands reaching out to stop yourself from falling too harshly.
Whilst he’s pushing you down, his head swings around to look at Hoseok. The other guard is automatically scanning around for other threats and his arm swings up suddenly, causing a geyser of earth to erupt from the ground and send a man flying through the air. Screams from innocent bystanders begin, some of them showered by falling dirt that Hoseok can’t avoid.
“Jungkook!” You scream, bringing your hands up to cover your head as dirt falls on you as well. Given how he’s practically crouched over you, he would’ve expected to be almost deafened by how loud you’d been. But at the exact moment you scream, another burst of flame roars from Jimin’s hand toward the original attacker, the sound so loud that Jungkook swears his eardrums have just burst.
“Stay down, don’t you dare get up!” He hisses into your ear, leaning so close that his nose is gently brushing against the delicate skin of your temple. Maybe he’ll think about this moment later, maybe he’ll remember how you smell so close. But for now, all he can think about is protecting you.
Pressing a hand on your shoulders, he pushes once more to keep you firmly on the ground before rising and shouting out Hoseok’s name. He looks over immediately, his black hair remaining out of his eyes as they glow a rich brown from his power use. 
Jungkook points down towards you.
“Cocoon, now!” 
A brief nod from Hoseok is his only reply before his hands move in an intricate motion and Jungkook feels the ground beneath him begin to soften. Backpedalling away, he keeps a close eye on you as you begin to sink into the earth. You howl in protest but once you’re far enough below the road, Hoseok causes the ground to arch above you in all directions before sealing. 
It’s something they’d practised many times before and Jungkook feels a moment of pride in his friend for how well he’d done under pressure. The new walls surrounding you are solid, but he spies the strategic holes along the floor that provide you with air to continue breathing. Protection was the goal, not accidentally suffocating you.
“Jungkook! Get over here!” Jimin calls, his voice strained from the effort of using his magic so intensely. It’s only then that Jungkook realises that the attackers have given up using traditional weapons and are instead fighting with their magic. Which would be fine, except Jimin is in an intense fight with another earth user. His sparring with Hoseok over the years has helped him, but fire isn’t strong against earth.
Jimin’s feet have sunk into the ground, his opponent destabilising him and not allowing him to move efficiently. It was a tactic that Jungkook would approve of if it was his guards doing it. He didn’t like it being done to one of his own though and he frowned in annoyance.
Narrowing his eyes, he concentrates on the ground around Jimin’s feet and increases the amount of water. Some people thought that magic users created their element out of nothing, but it was more a case of taking the element out of what was already there. Whilst the ground itself appeared dry, there were tiny molecules of water hidden deep within and it was that Jungkook pulled forth.
Within moments, the ground was muddy and Jimin managed to stagger out, almost falling backwards until a gust of wind from a fellow guard kept him upright. The carriage with the king’s coffin had already disappeared, the horses being encouraged to run towards the necropolis instead of walking calmly as before. Many of the general castle guards had moved to evacuate the civilians whilst some had gone with the carriage. A few had stayed to help Jungkook protect you, though it annoyed him that so many had left.
His attention is once more on the attackers when he feels the air around him change, the fine hairs on his arm rising and causing him to shiver whilst his nose twitches. The scent of the air is different, overwhelmingly sweet and Jungkook knows what that is. He doesn’t even get a chance to call out a warning though, a flash of light so bright that it blinds him momentarily and then it sounds like the world has ended.
Crying out, he falls to the ground with one hand covering his eyes and the other blindly reaching out for…something. He doesn’t know what. It’s only then that he realises he’s not reaching for anything, but that his hand is spasming, his brain unable to make it work properly. The electricity from the lightning strike that’s just hit has managed to hit him too, though he’s thankful that he doesn’t seem to be suffering anything worse than a cramping hand right now.
Laying on the ground, Jungkook groans out loud and notes that he can’t hear himself. Blinking a few times, he brings the sky back into focus and notes how clear the sky is. There are no clouds, so the only answer was an extremely powerful lightning user. Stronger than Jungkook had ever seen. Electricity was a secondary magic, an off-shoot of fire and usually quite weak in comparison.
That didn’t mean it couldn’t be lethal though, the weakness of the magic was directly related to the user and electricity could be deadly with even a small voltage. Someone who could create a lightning bolt as strong as this one on a clear day was far deadlier than he liked.
Rolling over, he manages to stagger to his feet and feels oddly vulnerable. The world sounds muffled, and a hand to his ear brings back blood. It’s then that the pain sets in, causing him to wince.
A sudden touch on his arm has him spinning around, his senses reaching out to all the water he can find nearby to protect himself but it’s only Hoseok. The man he’d been fighting is lying on the floor a few metres away, clearly dead. Hoseok’s face is full of concern for him, but Jungkook’s eyes slide past him to another man who has suddenly appeared, his hands visibly sparking with electricity.
Grinding his teeth, Jungkook simply stares at the man and watches as the sparks disappear. Unlike when he’d done this with your father, Jungkook doesn’t let this man go, instead holding onto every molecule of water in his body like a vice. Instead, he twitches his fingers and the man…explodes. It’s the only way to describe the forceful expulsion of water from his body, but it’s fast and efficient.
Coughing harshly, Jungkook moves towards the cocoon of earth that still holds you, hoping that you’re just as safe as he’d intended. A movement from Hoseok has the earth retracting slightly, letting him see your furious face that quickly transitions into concern at the blood leaking from his ears.
He doesn’t hear you properly when you talk, and Jungkook feels so vulnerable at being unable to hear. Twisting his lips, he places a hand on your shoulder and looks back towards Hoseok, tilting his head in question. His fellow guard gives a nod back, indicating that there are no more attackers. It had been a quick blitz attack, obviously hoping to kill you fast. They just hadn’t anticipated the Jimin would be so quick to spot them.
Soft skin presses to his cheek and he turns back to look at you, noting the worry in your eyes as they scan over him. His hand moves to cup yours, his disorientation making sure that he’s reacting in a way that he would normally be mortified over, before giving you a tense smile. He tells you that he’s okay, though he guesses that he was being a little too loud given how you wince slightly.
Then you look away from him, towards where Jimin had been engaged in his fight. His attacker was dead, half of his body burnt to a crisp whilst another two are in much the same way. Jungkook feels a sense of pride at how well his guards had responded, how they’d succeeded in protecting you.
But then your hand tightens slightly on his cheek, fingers suddenly ice cold and he flinches away from them. Following your gaze, he sees a fourth body lying on the ground. At first, he assumes it’s another attacker, yet another victim of Jimin’s lethal fire but then he realises that they have electricity burns instead. Maybe the electric user had accidentally killed one of his people?
But then he spots the familiar uniform, the hair he’d grown so used to seeing over the years. His head is turned away, giving them the grace of not having to see him in death, but Jungkook knows that it’s Jimin. That his fellow guard, his closest friend, is dead.
Hoseok is knelt next to the body, gently pressing two fingers to his throat before he looks over at Jungkook and yourself with grief on his face. A slight shake of his head tells you both what you already knew; Jimin had given the ultimate gift. He’d sacrificed himself to protect you.
Now Jungkook isn’t shivering from pain or electricity, but from how cold the temperature has dropped. His breath comes out in puffs that you only see on the coldest of days and his fingers almost ache with the temperature. Glancing down, he notes how the ground begins to shimmer as frost spreads across the ground with the speed of fire racing along spilt oil. 
Your fingers are dug into the loosened soil, clawing at the ground uselessly whilst the expression on your face makes his heart tighten. Not in awe or anything romantic, but in fear. Because your lips are almost non-existent from how firmly you’re pressing them together, eyes a cold white with just a tint of blue and your brows furrowed together. There are so many emotions crossing your face, and it takes Jungkook a moment to figure them out.
Hoseok is moving towards you now, his movement obvious in the corner of Jungkook’s eyes but he slips on the icy floor and almost goes flying. It’s then that Jungkook realises that your magic has reached the nearby trees, their branches tall and delicate. Ice drips from them now in deadly icicles, each branch bowing down from the weight of your anger and grief at the loss of Jimin.
For the death of your father, you had shown no emotions. But for the death of Jimin, a simple guard, you mourned and raged as Jungkook had never seen. Not a single tear fell from your eyes though, but as the tree became heavier and heavier with ice, he knew that the ice on the tree was the tears you couldn’t let out.
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yoonji and the boys (1/6).
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i am that earring shaking because I can't jindle this man anymore
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season’s greetings 2018 yoonkook for anon ♡ (cr. dwellingsouls)
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dna era tae gifs (4/7)
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one thing hobi and i have in common is being head over heels for jin
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Kim Taehyung as Howl Jenkins Pendragon | Studio Ghibli 
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his beauty is out of this world.
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BTS makes history at the 49th American Music Awards!  
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BTS | AMA’S 2021
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it's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time it's tricky... it's tricky
+ bonus: he's got backup!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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