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opossumfan05 · 2 days ago
guys this is not a drill. stimtastic, the affordable, quality, autism-run stim toy store is permanently shutting down once current stock is sold out. go buy something asap if you were even thinking about it before
edit: it’s actually shutting down indefinitely, so stimtastic may or may not come back, but it looks unlikely
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so1987 · a day ago
imperfect neurodivergent people are allowed to exist. they don’t need to be gifted to exist and not be “fixed”. neurotypicals can have flaws and no one says they need a eugenic cure.
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asdminds · a day ago
When autism spectrum research only focuses on a specific population.
I'm hispanic, I can't really relate to American studies about ASD. Social norms differ vastly bewteen countries and cultures.
Hispanic culture in general is very expressive. It's fairly common in my culture to just kiss someone on the cheek as a form of saying hello (albeit many men avoid it because they don't want to look gay). It's common to talk loudly.
As a result of that, my quirks are more obvious in some contexts. On the other hand, I think exposure to a culture where being expressive is common is why I've never had any major issues about making eye contact when talking to people.
A great amount of studies focus on children from English speaking countries.
I remember trying to find information in Spanish about the autism spectrum, yet most (if not all) had American or UK sources. Even hispanic professionals seem to get their information from there.
I won't go and say that it's only those countries' faults because it isn't, but it's depressing to see that only a few countries have some sort of monopoly over a condition that how it is perceived depends so heavily on social norms.
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yoshimickster · 2 days ago
Honestly outside of the Aspergers jokes that I hope they apologize for, Inside Job was REALLY good!
Seriously though, stop writing stories where characters react angry to being called Aspy, we matter dammit.
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leothepotato · 2 days ago
Just here to say that, if anyone has any hyperfixations or things they get really excited about in general, but has no one to talk to. You can use this posts comments or my dm’s to tell me all about them. I don’t care if it’s about how worms work, you’re cool new edits or how Wanda could beat thanos. Just tell me about it, educate me on the cool facts you have :)
you can also educate me on things like BPD, ADHD or ADD, autism and any other things you can think of. I’m really bad at researching these things myself so I think it could help if I learned from others :)
Have a nice day/night/evening <3
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invalid-request · a day ago
I love how neurotypicals are always trying to be "different" and are so scared of being like everyone else. Like omg. You have no idea how hard it would actually be if you weren't like everyone else
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azuremist · 3 months ago
What’s happening to autistic people right now?
(Trigger warning for abuse, electroshock therapy, torture, and ableism.)
The US court has overturned the ban on shock devices being used against disabled students, predominantly autistic students in the US.
The shock device being legalized is called the graduated electronic decelerator (or GED). This is a torture device that is used to ‘correct’ autistic behaviors / symptoms. Autistic people are shocked for stimming, and for having meltdowns, ect. This device was made popular by a behavioral center (the Judge Rosenberg Center, specifically) that is infamous for its abuse and torture of autistic / disabled patients.
Tumblr media
(Image ID: someone is holding their arm out and resting it on a table, with their sleeve rolled up. Attached to their arm are wires, which connect to a small cube device.)
This is what the device looks like. It sends electric shocks into the victim’s skin; the victim often being restrained and held against their will. This is torture. GEDs have been reported to cause intense psychological trauma, PTSD, and physical injuries.
In March of 2020, the FDA ruled for GEDs to be banned. (Although, of course, they were still illegally used at a number of places.) This ruling has recently been appealed, and today, the US court of appeals has re-regulated the law to stop the use of GED. Sounds great, right? It would be!
... If not for a huge loophole in the wording, which basically allows this torture to continue. This device is going to have continued use on autistic students in order to “correct their behavior.”
“So.... What can I do??”
Great question! You can:
Listen to and boost autistic voices to spread awareness
As-of now (July 7th), autistic activists are trying to get #StopTheShock trending on Twitter, so Tweet out the hashtag if you have Twitter
If you’re in the US, email / call your legislators
Sign this petition if you’re in the US
Follow this case and look out for updates
If Autism Speaks (known ableist hategroup) says anything about this, DO NOT BOOST IT
That’s all! Thank you. Reblogs are very appreciated!!
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haberdashing · 7 months ago
i have a little switch in my head. its two settings are “do everything immediately” and “do nothing at all”. i do not control what the switch is set to, and there is no third setting
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abcsofadhd · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
(Source: me on twitter)
*Though, this really only applies to more smaller tasks (such as doing the dishes). Giving very specific instructions for more complicated tasks can confuse and bewilder us more.
** And yes, ADHDers can take things literally too. Its not much of an issue for us as autistic folks though.
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adhdsoup · 4 months ago
you: i don’t really have sensory issues
also you:
hates your least favorite food because of the texture
wears the same 5 year old bra every day
wearing lots of jewelry irritates you
hates touching wet/soggy things
wore your socks inside out as a kid/always wear the same kind of socks
why won't that ticking noise stop!!
despises shirts with rough tags
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autistic-apple-sauce · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I quit my job! I was shoved into a position I had turned down: but work didn’t care. They assumed I must be a jack of all trades under any condition just because I “looked” capable. I get hired and admired for being one of the best employees because of my attention to detail, organisation, problem solving skills, etc and then regularly pushed over my limits and used as a doormat cos it’s easier for management to ignore my basic needs if it means accessing my strengths and getting their job done “right”. But when you IGNORE my needs, I CAN’T do your job right!!! My work performance goes downhill and they wonder why. And within a year, I’m forced to quit. All because those in charge wanted to force me to be more convenient as they increased workload and hours and got irritated when I told them that was beyond my limits. “UGH! You do so well doing X, why can’t you just do this too??” they seemed to say. Their pushing led to a sharp decline in my physical and mental health. Autistic people deserve better than this. Your “equal employment opportunity” claim is a pathetic lie if you brush the needs of autistic people under your corporate, capitalist rug.
🌻Follow Applesauce on Instagram too! @autistic_applesauce
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paintedpawcat · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Light it up, Blue! happy autism acceptance month, don’t support autism speaks!
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headspace-hotel · a year ago
If y’all have ever shared memes n stuff about being a Weird Little Girl, I hope that includes support of autistic girls with “cringy” special interests, and loud, ‘annoying’ girls with adhd, and neurodivergent girls with ‘weird’ stims and who are socially awkward, because those girls are awesome and being a Weird Little Girl isn’t just about playing in the mud and having complex plotlines for your pretend games
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